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Sony Ericsson K530i review

 Review: November 2007  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: A lightweight 3G phone with a classic design, user-friendly keypad and a good range of features.


The Sony Ericsson K530i is an attractive mid-range 3G phone available in a choice of Thunder Black or Warm Silver. The specification and design of the K530i is almost exactly the same as the Sony Ericsson W660i, and so we would refer you to our in-depth review of the W660i to read more. Really the only differences between the K530i and the W660i are that the K530i is not Walkman-branded (but it still has a music player and FM radio) and is missing the MegaBass™ feature.

You may read on the web that the K530i is also the first phone to support Sony Ericsson's new GPS accessory, the HGE-100. The HGE-100 looks like a wired stereo headset, but also incorporates a GPS receiver. This lets you find your current location, monitor your speed, distance, route and calorie burn, and also control the music player on your phone. However, the HGE-100 is compatible with most current Sony Ericssons, including the W660i - not just the K530i.

Sony Ericsson K530i features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Video capture, 3G video calling
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Music player: PlayNow™, TrackID™
  • FM radio
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Polyphonic ringtones / Music tones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • 3D Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Internet: WAP 2.0, Access Netfront™ Web browser, RSS feeds
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 16 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro support (up to 2 Gbytes)
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900) plus 3G (UMTS 2100)
  • Size: 102 x 46 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Talktime: 3 hours (3G) - 9 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: up to 395 hours

Sony Ericsson K530i user reviews

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Average rating from 167 reviews:

Reviewed by bebopro from cairo egypt on 28th Jan 2015
I like it

Reviewed by pralaynaxak from india on 24th Sep 2014
I like it

Reviewed by Nagarjuna from India on 8th Aug 2014
I have been using since August-2008. It is very user friendly with fantastic features. Still it is working fine.
But, Recently it got virus so some times it showing screen(display) and sometimes not showing screen(display).
(I want to update software).

Reviewed by nand kumar from india on 19th Mar 2014
i am purches 2nd hand its my friend sell it is asome sellphone

Reviewed by rajib singha from bangladesh on 28th Dec 2013
i thik it is no1 phone any java quality phonds..bcz its sound quality and internet speed vry good.i use this phone 2011 to til nw.

Reviewed by bablu from india on 18th Dec 2013
This thing is darm Owsome thing

Reviewed by Mrigank Mongia from India on 28th Oct 2013
I miss this phone so much ! This was my first phone !
I would've had it forever , but then it got washed up with my jeans :-/
Best Phone one could Ever have ! <3

Reviewed by Prashant from India on 27th Oct 2013
This phn is gud,bt dnt give 3g speed,,if we recharge 3g net then it gives 15kbps only..is there any way to improve it??plz tell me,,my email id is-simmichauhan61@gmail.com

Reviewed by thiravidarajan from india on 28th Sep 2013
No use

Reviewed by juristmirza from India on 19th Sep 2013
I lv this phone tooooooooo much......!!
bt unfortunately I lost my phone.....
but 'm wanna purchase this phone again.
'm requesting to Sony Company to introduce this mobile again. definitely I'll be the first to get it.
this time 'm using Xperia Go and this smartphone is also outstanding.....
thanx Sony

Reviewed by Hasanka sonal from Sri lanka on 28th May 2013
Its good but battery is not enough for me

Reply by king from warangal on 19th Jun 2013
yes i to got a that problem battery was not enogh to me

Reviewed by vaibhav kaushik from delhi on 16th Jan 2013
Mobile is good but battery after some time become bad

Reviewed by ashish from india on 25th Dec 2012
I like this phone 2 much.bt the prblm is that i cant get 3g network in it.

Reviewed by bharath09032545230 from ap.india on 21st Jul 2012
Not bad

Reviewed by Manikandan from India on 1st Apr 2012
I love so much K530i...its user friendly...i got the K530i on 2008. Till i dont get any problems...now i am waiting for upgrade version on K530i...

Reviewed by Navya from India on 24th Feb 2012
I love this phone..:)

Reviewed by Rajat from India on 18th Dec 2011
Sonyericsson k530 is very fantastic mobile

Reviewed by yasanga layan from sri lanka on 11th Dec 2011
i love it.

Reviewed by Thala from UK on 24th Jun 2011
I like this

Reviewed by manu from UK on 20th Jun 2011
This is a good 3g mobile which i think is better than nokia c5 and others i ve been using this since 2 yrs and is the best mobile

Reviewed by Pixie from UK on 4th Jun 2011
I've had this phone for 4 years! I love it and even though it's getting a tad scratched and scruffy, I just don't see the point in getting a new one. It does everything I need it to do and a whole lot of other stuff. It's reliable, very user friendly, great battery life even after so long, and very good as a personal organiser. Well worth buying if you can still find one.

Reviewed by Footballtutorialduo on youtube from UK on 30th May 2011
Brilliant i love it. Fun, good battery, good keyboard and fun photo DJ when photos have been taken 5/5 for a 40 phone

Reviewed by Deku Benjamin from UK on 26th Mar 2011
perfect phone in all spheres but just as with most sony ericsson phones, the charging jack easily gets loose and thus fails to accomodate charger and the handsfree. Also it tends to heat up with the least browsing.

Reviewed by Sim Bing Chen from UK on 12th Mar 2011
Love this phone, easy to handle and quite durable. Just that the earpiece area is alittle too loose. But drop once, twice or even trice it just won't spoil. Nice

Reviewed by M.KAVIN RAJ from UK on 11th Mar 2011
I love to use this phone as it is very friendly to use .I never got any problem with this phone...sony ericsson rockzz...

Reviewed by devil07 from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
the SE K530i is a excellent phone. It shows the software engg. And other good minds in sony ericsson is always working to give best out of out. IN INDIA THERE IS ALWAYS 'NOKIA' BUT I HAVE TO SAY SONY ERICSSON IS IMPRESSIVE B/C THEY WORK ON QUALITY NOT ON QUANTITY

Reviewed by Arjun dinesh from UK on 30th Jan 2011
hiiiii,,,,, friends I use Sony Ericsson brand model no K530i phone.This phone is the best ever I used, SE phones are smarter and smooth with their functions.My only advice is only use SE brand phones.

Reviewed by P S R from UK on 20th Jan 2011

Reviewed by Cheekyton from UK on 4th Oct 2010
It was real pleasure owning this lovely 3G phone a couple of years ago. I particularly liked its classy look (especially the warm silver version), compact size, and perfect weight that all in all made it feel really great to hold. I believe that its premium finish from attractive contrasting materials made it look and feel much more expensive than it actually was - a bargain no less. The only drawbacks I could think of at the time were that it lacked HSDPA (3.5G), and that its screen remained completely blank during standby such that you couldn't tell at a glance whether you had missed a call or received a text without needing to activate the screen first.

Reviewed by L.AMZ from UK on 25th Sep 2010
i have a silver and black one it really worth your money and it has cool games should be same price as blackbery

Reviewed by Utpal from UK on 25th Sep 2010
At first Thanks to Sony Ericsson K530i. Its a excillent Phone. Very very comfortable TO use. I love it. Every ONe can use this phone. Thanks.

Reviewed by arun mathew from UK on 24th Sep 2010
cannot open game and application folder.i tried switching off,,battery removing,memory formatting,resetting settings... it is not working...when try to open it says operation failed.i cannot install any other game too. really screwed up

Reviewed by sabari from UK on 17th Jul 2010
this mobile charging holder is failure. internet is too slow in umts mode. some internet settings are not supported by mobile.

Reviewed by Irene Lim from UK on 1st Mar 2010
when u r using the camera n u wan to put the night *something*, the night camera is so bad that it's too slow to focus on. plus i had this SE K530i for 2 years already. plus i had dropped it so many times that it's still usable (I mean even u dropped it too many times, the phone can still b used.) cool !

Reviewed by Vaidy from UK on 25th Jan 2010
I bought the phone and was using for some months, subsequently I started experiencing the hanging problem. Suddently the phone will hang and restarting the phone was the only option. The problem got agrivated and to resolve everytime I had to swithch off and remove the battery and restart. One day the phone completly went dead, I had to take it to the sony service center. They took almost 6 months to fix the problem and even after 3 try they could not resolve it. Finally the declared that the problem with phone board and I had to go for chaging new board which is 80% of the phone cost. I am really unhappy that the issue could not be resolved and had to replace it with some good Nokia phone like 5800 or 5130 But otherwise it has lot of options which will not be useful when u got this problem in your hand set.

Reviewed by sudarsan from UK on 9th Jan 2010
this model is excellent, features superb and none can see this in middle range phones. thank you sony ericsson.

Reviewed by Tonski from UK on 14th Dec 2009
Nice, simple, and STABLE. I'm still using this for more than a year... , and as mentioned by others, it hangs but I discovered that it is because of the files I've stored in it. So, I reformatted the m2 card, and It's not hanging now. Best phone I've ever had.

Reviewed by Sap from UK on 11th Dec 2009
I bought this phone last october and still i keep my phone shine and clean because it is so cool . although here in india most of the networks providers doesnt support 3G service ,i bought this phone because it has a vibrant display that covers you at first sight . The net connectivity is also good while browsing in phone . But it lags in music compare with W660i . i modded my K530i with some light effects and acoustics now my rangershine is up ahead .go K530i :-*

Reviewed by dipak patel jasdan india from UK on 24th Nov 2009
i have use about 20 types mobiles of dif.company from 5000 to 19000. but this set is finest from all of them

Reviewed by Sreejith s h from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
i love this phone more than any other.

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 7th Oct 2009
I am very fond of this phone. I'm on my fourth now - upgrading and realising the new phone was not as good and getting another etc. And note that number four is exactly like the others. Solid, reliable and everything works sooo efficiently. I haven't had a dud one. I tried a k800i and acknowledge the better camera and high-res screen. But it's a lot chunkier. This phone is a little beauty in the hand. The photos I get from the k530i in normal daylight are excellent. Honestly. I was surprised. I don't use the music functions, but bluetooth works excellently as does the 3G video calling. A highly recommended phone, in my view.

Reviewed by Yo from UK on 6th Aug 2009
The k530i is a great phone has everything you really need on a phone. Nice simple design that is attractive to many people.

Reviewed by Cathy from UK on 5th Aug 2009
Thought this was a decent phone at first, but have had it for less than six months and already it is starting to break (switching itself off every few hours). Also the battery has become really weak. Would have hoped for a longer shelf life, especially as it is a relatively basic phone.

Reviewed by Varad from UK on 5th Jul 2009
Its the Best mobile phone as it contains all features.....

Reviewed by Tharanga from UK on 24th Jun 2009
This Phone Is Best, & Great Camera

Reviewed by kis from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
otherwise i feel feel this phone are so easy to use it n more comfortibality hang on..nice

Reviewed by kishore from UK on 6th Jun 2009
the phone is good with smart features and i've been using it for 1 1/2 yr and now the phone started up with bad battery problems. it only lasts for 5 hrs. which is useless...

Reviewed by P.Sokkalingam from UK on 31st May 2009
It has many shortcuts available. It is very slim nd light weighed. I love its appearance nd is fast in download. Its camera takes pictures with clearty than in other phone. It plays music very clearly. Its marvelous. :-):-D

Reviewed by James from UK on 28th May 2009
Great Phone ! Great Camera ! Great Music !

Reviewed by bhanwar from UK on 8th Mar 2009
This good & nice mobile set i get this set so i m very happy.

Reviewed by Ravi from UK on 6th Mar 2009
Got this phone about 1 year ago,nd just luv this phone The internet is fast,sound nd camera clearity are marvellous,nd shortcuts,menu nd everything z great!! N0w v come t0 the main part..m0st ppl say that sony erricson is a kinda delicate brand,but belive me..this cell is quite tough,it has fallen many times off my hands nd pocket..but no pr0blem has 0ccured,though i hav broken evry bit of this cell's body but still it works lightning fast...nd n0w m just waiting for 3g t0 launch in my country overall 5/5

Reviewed by Atif from UK on 28th Feb 2009
Hi This phone is extremely rubbish from what i know i had to have it repaired from 3 repair centre 3 times and 3 times they gave me a new one extremely rubbish!!! i wont buy a phone like this again!!!

Reviewed by Nimit from UK on 24th Feb 2009
No comments i like this model it is fully loaded with many features.

Reviewed by mahesh from UK on 16th Feb 2009
nice phone smart look camera is also too good

Reviewed by Sumit from UK on 15th Feb 2009
Simply outstanding phone we should have this phone

Reviewed by bob from UK on 12th Feb 2009
I like the k530i because it is not a walkman phone but it is still loud

Reviewed by karan from UK on 1st Feb 2009
nice phone

Reviewed by Ricky sf from UK on 30th Jan 2009
I was like k530i..this phone.couse after I use it..i felt better to talk and 3G,k530i very useful to me..thanks to sony ericksson k530i.

Reviewed by kbob from england on 28th Jan 2009
I got rid of my nokia 6500 slide for this phone as the nokia had awful signal. I find this phone has much improved signal, love its appearance and is very slim and light. Excellent all rounder, love it!

Reviewed by Lauren xx from ireland on 27th Jan 2009
i love this phone so much ! great camera great music x

Reviewed by Roshan from india on 20th Jan 2009

Reviewed by Ian F from England on 5th Jan 2009
I had a Nokia 6500 contract phone which I damaged after a coupke of months. I bought a K530i as a cheap replacement but it's by far and away a better handset than the Nokia. I love it and will keepway past my next upgrade. It's easy and simple to use. Durable and stylish. Sony Ericsson 1 Nokia 0

Reviewed by LK from Malaysia on 1st Jan 2009
Not bad..i have it almost 6 months..no problem at all..never stuck in middle of using..perfect..but jus 1 disadvantage in my opinion..the camera is so bad at night..it should have a flash or auto focus ..but overall this phone for me is OK....which is mid-range 3G phone..so nice when video chating with my love 1..haha.

Reviewed by Omar from UK on 1st Jan 2009
I bought this phone as a replacement for a broken Nokia N73. Even though the N73 was packed with stuff and was a much higher spec than this phone I really like the K530i. The camera's basic (fixed focus) but I don't take many pictures on it, so I'm not so bothered by it. The phone's really easy to use, I don't really have any problems with it. It's small and light, even though the back does not feel completely secure it's a good solid phone. The battery life is not great but all phones are like that these days. It needs charging every couple of days depending on use. The keypad is a bit too small for my thumbs but it's only a minor gripe. I'll give it 5 stars and it's a simple phone to use and just does what I want it to do.

Reviewed by JT from UK on 30th Dec 2008
I've had it for a couple of months, it does the job, is tough (dropped it loads), clear - easy to use.. and the main thing is, u can make calls on it - plus it looks cool ;-)

Reviewed by Jay from Qelate on 30th Dec 2008
It is an excellent phone,Stylish look and feel even if plastic body. The keypad is a bit fiddly with the keys a bit too close together for my fingers.For personally I really like this phone

Reviewed by toni from Bamtrylyly on 28th Dec 2008
I like

Reviewed by pat bhattacharya from India on 26th Dec 2008
Every time it hangs and goes to coma.Updating software didn't help me at all.Sometimes i think if i can throw this set towards a wall.Its a third grade mobile and fifth grade software inside the set.Don't buy sony ericsson K530i. Beleive me its a hell.

Reviewed by Amila from SriLanaka on 20th Dec 2008
I Like K530

Reviewed by Varad from India on 18th Dec 2008
K530i Rocks.....

Reviewed by Sjay from Yemen on 13th Dec 2008
I bought this phone a coupla months ago but within the first 2 weeks i have already got a blue dot on the screen, and i dont even put it in my pockets and is also in a mobile protector which covers ever part of the phone including the screen. yes its a good phone and yes it has a lot of functions, but the speaker is not as good as expected, the buttons are too close but other than that its quite okay. the prices differ from country to country but all in all, its an okay deal. but on either cases good or bad, i am still going for the better and more impressive W595.

Reviewed by MATHIALAGAN from INDIA on 12th Dec 2008
It's a nice phone .................

Reviewed by angelo from nigeria on 8th Dec 2008
this phone is the best i have it and i have never had a complaint about it all you people who think this phone is bad know nothing if you use the phone properly and reasonably your phones would never brake down once again i say this phone is the classiest off all time

Reviewed by tva from india on 8th Dec 2008
amazin phone, having it since past 4 months... not yet tired of it...pros: has almost all features of a high end one, great looks... cons: no self portrait feature despite having an auxiliary video call camera.

Reviewed by Billy from EnglanD on 29th Nov 2008
GooD phone Definitly worth the money but camera isnt gooD Ive got it in silver anD it is ugly small keypaD anD coulD Do with a bigger speaker Apart from that gooD phone anD its compact [smallish]

Reviewed by Tristan from namibia on 27th Nov 2008
The Sony Ericsson K530i is a exlent phone in functions and battery lasting.

Reviewed by victor from nigeria on 22nd Nov 2008
its simply the best

Reviewed by girish s from india-bengaluru on 21st Nov 2008
good phone for its price. cons- no flash for camera, no megabass effect, small keypad. pros-lot of things

Reviewed by ashabari from India on 20th Nov 2008
not the best

Reviewed by anuj from india on 13th Nov 2008
a stylo 2 hav....gud muzic on headfonez.... nice camera ...or i shud say wrth d mney

Reviewed by Josh from Barley on 8th Nov 2008
tottaly amazing just one fault a quite poor camera battery dosent make diffrence cause i carry a spaer around with me in emergancies just great but anyone know how to fast forwars and rewind on it plz email me at joshbarleybarley@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by Nitin from India-mumbai on 6th Nov 2008
Sony ericsson k530i is good looking phone which suport nice web.

Reviewed by Dead Ringer from UK on 4th Nov 2008
Just got the SE 530i today. Impressive for the price. Very clear, bright screen. Familiar, smooth SE menus. Mine is all silver, which looks much nicer than the two-colour version in the image above. The handset is lighter and thinner than I expected compared to previous SE 3G handsets. Stylish look and feel even if plastic body. The keypad is a bit fiddly with the keys a bit too close together for my fingers. The joystick is gone, replaced by a 4-way button (shame, I must be one of the few people who actually prefer the joystick). Can't comment on the battery yet. I agree with previous reviewer that the camera has some limited features, it's still good for 2M though. Main let-down is volume which is not very loud for phone calls (music seems to be ok). This may be due to the network rather than the phone. Overall a solid buy.

Reviewed by davo from australia on 4th Nov 2008
signal is bad

Reviewed by neo from india on 31st Oct 2008
i dont think the battery backup is not that good...

Reviewed by Elvis from India on 30th Oct 2008
K530i A Perfect phone in less range of price, am lovin it.

Reviewed by CARLY from UK on 28th Oct 2008

Reviewed by george from england on 28th Oct 2008
i love the phone it is great it has everything i ever wanted

Reviewed by jamie from uk on 28th Oct 2008
I like the phone so far and is good value for money ,but underneef the batery the simcard holder makes i really hard to take the sim out .And im not sure how to get it out . Can anyone help ????

Reviewed by abdimuhamadali from somalia on 17th Oct 2008
very good phone.

Reviewed by Mustafa from Pakistan on 15th Oct 2008
This phone is a nice phone but it just looks so ordinary it dosent have looks but features are good

Reviewed by Hasan from England on 13th Oct 2008
This phone is amazing, i have had it for 4 days now and i just want to say how good this phone is. One of the bad things is that on the 2 mp camaera mode you can not zoom you can only zoom on the VGA mode. Doesnt realy make a difference amazing phone. RECOMENDED.

Reviewed by Mubashar from Pakistan on 13th Oct 2008
Cute phone, Clear voice, Soft disply but battery life is a bit lower.

Reviewed by Rico vd merwe from Namibia on 11th Oct 2008
It is an excellent phone, it has given me nothing but enjoyment up till now.

Reviewed by Tobi from Nigeria on 10th Oct 2008
I love this phone. It has everything apart from an outstanding camera. It's definitely a good phone. I recommend it

Reviewed by Ekansh from India on 9th Oct 2008
good phone ... should buy this phone ... if you are going to spend this much amount of money.... yes...,, you get worth of your money....

Reviewed by Tre from England on 21st Sep 2008
Cannot get the email to work!!! Despite umpteen calls to Orange (service provider) I cannot use the function for which I bought the phone. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong please email me at : chcthor@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by Rafal from Poland on 20th Sep 2008
Very good indeed. I like its design and outstanding battery life.

Reviewed by chuky from ireland on 20th Sep 2008
good phone but music player is pretty bad

Reviewed by waleed from pakistan on 8th Sep 2008
nice phone.fast and good.it is faster than nokia n70.nokia sucks.

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