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Sony Ericsson K508i review

 Review: May 2005  

Last updated September 2006


In a nutshell: An excellent phone with camcorder, 65k colour screen and MP3 player.


The Sony Ericsson K508i is exclusive to T-Mobile and is very similar to the K500i. The keypad of the K508i has been redesigned and is easier to use, and the phone has an integrated speakerphone, which is very welcome. On the negative side, the phone is slightly thicker and heavier.

In terms of specification, the K508i has all the features that made the K500i so popular: a good quality 65k colour screen, a digital camera capable of recording short video clips, an MP3 player, polyphonic ringtone composer, 3D games, and a user-friendly interface. It also shares the same limitations (limited memory, short video clips only, no Bluetooth), but for the price you can't expect more. It's a great phone priced somewhere between entry-level phones and mid-range camera phones. An excellent all-rounder with a great range of features! Now replaced by the K510i.

Sony Ericsson K508i features include:

  • LCD display: 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera & sound recorder
  • Media player (MP3 audio, MPEG4 video playback)
  • Voice controls
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Joystick, menu shortcuts, camera button
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • MusicDJ™ MIDI ringtone composer
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email
  • Predictive text input
  • Java™ games / 3D games (embedded & downloadable)
  • Animated wallpapers & screensavers
  • cHTML web browser
  • Picture Phonebook
  • Personal organiser functions (clock, stopwatch, alarm, etc)
  • Connectivity: USB, infrared
  • Memory: 12 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 103 x 46 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Talk time: up to 7 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 300 hours

Sony Ericsson K508i user reviews

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Average rating from 130 reviews:

Reviewed by vishal kotagiri from UK on 22nd Mar 2010
i want to just say that i love my mobile sony ericssion k508i

Reviewed by asfah from UK on 30th Dec 2008
i have sony ericsson it is worse mobile the joystick doesn't works i bought it in 2006 and in 2 yrs its not working properly allthough it kept it in good condition but its worse to use it hangs up for hrs

Reviewed by shandev from UK on 18th Oct 2008
very good.

Reviewed by mannu from UK on 14th Sep 2007

Reviewed by HATE from UK on 28th Aug 2007

Reviewed by Kumail Hassan from UK on 24th Jul 2007
this phone is great! but the memory was only 12mb. i hope that someday s.ericsson will be inventing extra memory 4 this mobile.. it's ok if the bluetooth is not available. i dont like the bluetooth coz it gives me viruses..grrrr.. nways, im content on this celfone. Sony Ericsson is the best company, for me.. thanks 2 dem!

Reviewed by Enny from UK on 13th Jul 2007
i own the phone, and it is pretty good.i love its organisation, which is functional and convenient.the good thing you can get for low price, and i doubt that any phone in its category can outmatch it. yes, it has some lacks, like no bluetooth, low memory. personally, i didn't like the joystick, it becomes less precise over time.the sound played when taking picture cannot be turned off. and one more thing: if you accidentally drop it,pray to God it won't fall flat, but on side. it happened to me and my speaker broke.what a pity.now I have to buy a new phone, but I am certain that it would be sony ericcson again, because of its funcionality and those little options which are not so important but if they don't exist, they can make your life harder (motorola is an expert in doing that!!)

Reviewed by wk from UK on 24th May 2007
After a while,the joystick don't work anymore...

Reviewed by degala srinivas rao from UK on 19th May 2007
i had a k508i series but at present i lost the display of my phone so i missed it very much

Reviewed by Reiyumi from UK on 25th Apr 2007
NOt bad at all!!! only need 150us already had this stong cell phone!!!

Reviewed by Rumana this fone smells from UK on 3rd Apr 2007
this phone sucks!!! i bought it and it has no space on it its the worst phone i ever had :/ i dont think anyone should ever buy it...i recomend the lg chocol8 :D looool :P

Reviewed by edqe from UK on 17th Mar 2007
Good's in it: Small,fast working Bad's in it: No bluetooth,Short memory,no memory card and thats it...Im using this phone at the moment

Reviewed by Marlo Brandon from UK on 16th Mar 2007
Oh, this phone is good. Great to type in, light. Just hate the minimal memory space. can only store up to 110 messages, nothing more! Camera pretty much sucks, unless lighting is awesome. But it's good, it's durable. I've had it for 2 years already, dropped it multiple times and still works like a dream. Currently eyeing K800i ;D It's total L-O-V-E.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 8th Mar 2007
i loved this phone!!

Reviewed by ROLI from UK on 19th Feb 2007

Reviewed by krishna from UK on 16th Feb 2007
not satisfied with battery backup, very poor

Reviewed by buuu from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
exellent phone

Reviewed by kamlesh from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
i is so attractive....having all functions i want

Reviewed by JAWAD from UK on 1st Feb 2007

Reviewed by fawad ahmad swat from UK on 30th Jan 2007
its the best and good phone in useing.i like its sound system.so i like it very well.

Reviewed by arm from UK on 18th Jan 2007
very good

Reviewed by xxxdarkish000 from UK on 12th Jan 2007
real cool phone nice function but no t zones bluetooth and short memory ilike play now though..........-=--=-=-=haha.....

Reviewed by Sabin from UK on 7th Nov 2006
Once it touches the ground this phone is dead...this phone is very delicate...once it fell from my hand and thats it..display gone..i had to spend around 70 $ for new display and the second time it fell my ear peice not working..this is pathetic phone.

Reviewed by Holt Yuen from Australia on 17th Nov 2005
As you can see this phone has many features. for the amount of money that you pay for this phone you get alot but if you are buying this phone for its camera and video capablities....well dont because this phone has one of the worst cameras ever. You can see all the pixels and everything is so squarish. Besides the camera it is an exelent phone but when you buy it keep in mind that you will need to get a data cable if you want to transfer images or anything from the phone to computer or vis versa. peace out guys

Reviewed by Nidhi from India on 14th Nov 2005
The phone is quite good It has got everything including best audio quality to attract among all other phones. The display is quite big but it becomes short when the photo is displayed as the LCD reserves some space(default). Viewing of photoraphs become very slow once it is accumulated with many photographs. Camera quality is not so good and in night even in night mode the image quality remains very poor. It has a very strong Irda but it is short of Bluetooth. But But But...... apart from these things,the phone is very good. Even if LCD reserves some space u can have a greater surface area than other phones.go guys compare it..... The irda is very very powerful so need of bluetooth is not that much. The audio quality is just outstanding..yummy yummy....... The looks,u see,is great....u can make ur friends jealous absolutely The space is 12 MB that is ok types And once u play some MP3 u are gonna love it like anything so as a whole it can be rated as neibhour's envy ,owner's pride. Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nick from Australia on 12th Nov 2005
An interesting phone, nice colour (especially in black), big screen, meet my entire requirement and beyond and last of all it is cheap. It got so many features like Video Camera, Live TV (Deepness on what network), Organiser, Cool games; MP3 Compatible and the list go on and on. It also lack some feature like not enough Memory, no blue tooth and sometimes when I receive MMS (Picture text) I cant opened it straight away but who care because I donít use it that much. Nevertheless, I made a right choice It a fantastic phone for $229 AUS. If you want, a camera phone look at the Sony Ericsson K508i first. 10/10

Reviewed by Monsinee from Thailand on 8th Nov 2005
I would like to tall you this phone is perfect. But!! Now!! it lost... It's a pity that.>o<

Reviewed by Arun Abraham from India on 5th Nov 2005
very good phone to us

Reviewed by sarvesh from india on 30th Oct 2005
it a magical phone having all the features of modern age

Reviewed by X2 from InDoNeSiA on 26th Oct 2005
Great phone for its value. Never think medium-level phone can be this great! I've owned it for 6 months and still fits me up! Although it doesn't have 'gigie biroe' a.k.a Bluetooth (almost all my friends use Nokia phones) and low memory (12MB is really sucks) but much better than NGage at the same price (in Indonesia). I prefer K508i than NGage mainly because the camera, also almost all my buddies' NGage seem to crash a lot (even two got totally dead). But that MyFriends menu is useless (in Indo) because I don't understand how it works (manual doesn't help). Also I hate those 'click' sound (really disturb). Many menus similar to K300. Great value, buy it!

Reviewed by Sarkan from romania on 25th Oct 2005
i have this phone for 3 mounths and i'm very proud because is a small phone and has louts of facility like the vga camera wich you can uset like a foto camera or like a mouvie camera and you also have gprs and email so you can comunicate all time with your friends

Reviewed by zeus from greece on 25th Oct 2005
i fink dis fone iz great ill admit its not da best but its still good. i know people wit better fones and dey fink mine iz better da only fones i would swap mine 4 is da nokia 6230i or da sony ericsson w800i dey both r sick.

Reviewed by DiAnNe from UK on 24th Oct 2005
this phone is great! but the memory was only 12mb. i hope that someday s.ericsson will be inventing extra memory 4 this mobile.. it's ok if the bluetooth is not available. i dont like the bluetooth coz it gives me viruses..grrrr.. nways, im content on this celfone. Sony Ericsson is the best company, for me.. thanks 2 dem!

Reviewed by muhummed from arabia on 24th Oct 2005
the k508i is a magnificent phone. i've even got it myself because it's so small and can fit in my man bag. if you want a phone that has wap and camera and video camera + java, the sony ericsson k508i is the perfect phone for you at a small payment of $229. GET IT NOW!!!

Reviewed by Seray from london on 23rd Oct 2005
yh i fink its a really gd fone d only prob iz no bluetooth n d stupid camera noise..(how annoyin!!!) its d best fone i'v had so far. but ova all i fink its a really really gd fone.........its got infrared red anywayz so its all gd!!

Reviewed by jackie from bulgaria on 20th Oct 2005
the organiser sucks!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jaani from pakistan on 15th Oct 2005
its a great phone.i am using it now for 5 months no problems at all.but there is one major problem in all sony ericsson phones that is the battery life.it has great features a good camera,great mp3 player,it also has gprs,downloadable games and not to forget it plays video songs as well in a TFT screen.but it has a poor battery life if u keep on using it it will switch off in 2 hours because of its battery................otherwise its a great sony ericcson production.

Reviewed by Renji George from India on 12th Oct 2005
I think this fone is pretty good for the price u pay...not outstanding though, but pretty much a lil of almost everything u need, except for the low memory capcaity. I wish it could play regular MPEG files, not sure if it can!! The recording pic qualify is also very average. Sometimes, I need to hold the fone a lil away from my ears to hear the other side... not sure how/why ?? The shutter sound a lil annoying also & I also wish it had bluetooth ... but overall I'd say - this fone is kool enough to kick the other fones in its class ... ;-)

Reviewed by oana_pepe from romania on 5th Oct 2005
i love this phone ! it is all i ever wanted ! i don't want to make it an MP3 player to have so much memmory and i don't care about the blootooth... the IR are enough at this price. i must admit it was not so cheap for what is has inside. I needed a phone to fit me, a phone to have my personality and i found it in Sony Ericsson k508i phone ! I love it !

Reviewed by bala from india on 4th Oct 2005
the cell is super with many features but if there is bluetooth it will be wonderful and also the memory must be expanded

Reviewed by Jason from Malaysia on 29th Sep 2005
I personally thinks that k508i wasn't that outstanding because the phone memory is too low. Perhaps it should be higher or more functions such as bluetooth should be available. The price was reasonable but too bad for this phone had low memory. One thing that i love about this phone is the shape of it, it looks cute and simple..just suited my style!! Lastly, the thing that i hate is the label at the bottom of the keypad but anyway this phone worth of keeping it for myself!!

Reviewed by Javeria from Pakistan on 19th Sep 2005
I got this mobile 2 days ago & I love it.It has all the functions I wanted which are superb including the CAMERA (having great picture & Video quality) & SOUND Quality ( wid nice tones & nice sound recorder).This is my second mobile, I had one of Nokia before & I used to hear from others that Nokia mobiles are of the best quality & sony ericsson mobiles are just ok wid not much good quality but I personally think its really lovely as today on the second day unfortunately my mobile fell down very badly when I was with my friends but thank's to ALLAH it was safe as it was of great quality at the price of only Rs.10,000 giving me all I wanted.It's colour & shape is also cute, a small one with a screen big enough.So I will recommend this mobile to all who want a good camera ,ringtones,sound recorder etc.

Reviewed by Leslie from Philippines on 15th Sep 2005
I just bought my K508i 2 days ago. I returned a malfunctioning T630 and got this instead. I didn't want this initially mainly because it isn't as pretty as the T630, but once i got to try using it and realized that the K508i is superior to the T630 in every way i was hooked. This is a practical, functional, affordable, quality phone.

Reviewed by Hassan from Australia on 14th Sep 2005
I purchased the phone 2 months ago, and for its price range, it is the ultimate entertainment mobile.

Reviewed by Ahmed from Pakistan on 12th Sep 2005
i got this phone about seven months before and still now i want to keep this set .it is an excellant set with wounderfull camera and lovely mp3 player.But now this fone is giving me little problem because its joystick is no working properly and secondaly its memmory is not enough for my large songs.but in last it is a brilliant fone in a price of ur range .i recommend this fone for every one...am_eagle@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Raaj Sharma from India on 10th Sep 2005
Its a great phone with its price of 8100 bucks but it has some problems like sound while clicling images from camera, no after zoom of images after clicking. It claims that K508i has 1.9" TFT screen butit comes tobeonly 1.6".withall itsdrawbacksits a cool phone.

Reviewed by mad customer from Canada on 10th Sep 2005
i only use the cellphone for TWO DAYS and the screen when blank white! sony ericsson you disappointed me!!!!!

Reviewed by Dido from Bulgaria on 23rd Aug 2005
This phone is great this is the best phone I have ever seen.The only problem is that I dont know how to switch off the camera click sound.If you know how to do that please write me - onopko@abv.bg The battery is not the best but what is the difference between charging your phone after two days and three days.For me this isnt a problem. The memory is the only problem for this phone but this isnt a big deal. Afterall I dont think you cant find better phone for this low price.

Reviewed by Becca from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
An amazing phone. For those of you who are complaining about bluetooth, if you want a phone with it then buy one. If you dont need it then who cares. And the camera click is there because of people taking pictures without others knowing and so you dont accidently take one. A great phone for school or work and play. Easy to use and great if you have a computer!

Reviewed by billy from england on 22nd Aug 2005
i`ve had dis fone 4 a few months and it has proven 2 b the best i`ve had so far, but the faults of it are theres no bluetooth and u cant get rid of the carmera noise.overall i like it

Reviewed by NicholasJosephLeen from Kerala, India on 20th Aug 2005
Its been 1month since i bought this phone. Its the best in its class. Nokia3220 sucks and its camera is horrible. only prob is that it doesnt have bluetooth

Reviewed by weslietje from Netherlands, Holland on 19th Aug 2005
This fone is da b0mb dudes. Lots of people say the camera has'nt got zoom, but surprise: he has!Only not on highest quality, on medium he has 2x zoom, and lowest 4x... SeE yA aLl lAteRR.

Reviewed by Shaon from Bangladesh on 17th Aug 2005
I dont have this phone right in my hand now. But i will go for it. cos, this phone is batter then k300i or k500i. i think there is some proablems in k500i, buttones are so small, and pc 2 phon 2 pc having some proablems too. Yes few things is not in this phone, is bluetooth and flash light for cam, and no fm radio. But around $170 to $200 cheap prise, its the best, it have all function you need in the low prise, even its given much in its prise, Cos, about nokia3220, around 10000tk (bangladesh money) have only 2.mb memory and only few things to do, and Its better to bue ths SE K508i its the same money needed like others low mobile, but there is nothing batter like this phone. My friend live is Sawdi arab, he has this phone , and everything is going fine and cool. Its rocking. Someone says there is no way to connect ph 2 pc!?!! Well yes there is a way, use USB or Infrad(wairless network with pc) not bluetooth, but same as it. and use this software to connect your ph 2 pc 2ph a nd do download ot upload pic, mp3, ring tons, etc, it is possiable, Belive me, my friend did that. the software is here, this is the link, http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/FileManager_2.6.6.0.exe And some says memory only few. hell them, if you want more memory like 32/64/512 then you need to cost 70%+ money! around 600$usd. but this phone is around 200$ usd and its cool rocking, kick ass nokia and others! I said 12 Mb memory is enughf for a mobile in its prise! There is battery problem, u need to charg betowin 2/3 days.1.5/2.5 hours. but tell me, wich phone dosent need to charg? even some cell phone need to charg every day, in thos types to this one, this one the best. keypad rock, 3d game bang boom! Mp3 rocking shockin danching! MusickDJ is super cool. video recoder is low but its enughf for a cell phone, If you want to record very good Quality video, the i sugess to buy a Handy cam DIg 8. hahaha! All i say this cell phone rock, good network for sim and talking clear. And everything thing is superbbb! All you need is to bue some extra thing, like USB data cable, and headphone, and cover, etc, And then this phone will be more rocking! Trust me and dont be hazitet , buy it , if u want some cool fun in low prise, this is the best in its class. From me. 100 over 100. 100/100. want to know more or have any sugess or anything to tell, Email me at this address: mdtanviralam_shaon@yahoo.com bye, see you soon with this k508i phone in your hanmd!

Reviewed by ben turner from britain on 16th Aug 2005
this phone was a very good deal because i bought it on pay as you go on t mobile for £59 and with all the features u get it was a bargain but me being a big txter my battery seems only to last me a day and the charger itself is a nuisance because you are having to fiddle with it for ages for it to actually charge but overall the phone is easy to use and stylish.

Reviewed by hello from austalia on 14th Aug 2005
This is the maddest fone ever!!!!!!!!!!! I have the Nokia 6230,6230i samsung D500 sony ericsson S700i and the Sony ericsson K700i but this fone is the coolest!!!!! The camera is very good quality and video camera is mad too. I reccomend this fone to anyone that wants a sick fone!!!!!!

Reviewed by Montu from india on 8th Aug 2005
Things i like : low cost for playin video mp3 cooool camer - can take photos at 1mp- on comparison with my friends nokia 6600 camer mine seems more better 12mb is enough fr me battery charging time is jus abt 1.5 hrs i used siemens b4 sony , the phones navigation seems to be cool with lot of options etc exp the sms typing seems to be very good for me some problems : some IR connectivity problems now and then sound output seems to be low compared to nokia i have to charge the phone daily once after storing huge ammounts of pix smoe pix will not be displayed properly , had to restart each time that happened THE CAMERA CLICK SOUND - u can shut that off only by takin the shot when ur on a call to some toll free number i miss most : expandable memory slots FM bluetooth connectivity Symbian feature well what is miss is the stuff wich is left out, but still whats i miss can be got only with MORE money fr now ,, its an awsome mobile fr sure

Reviewed by Nicholas from India on 6th Aug 2005
Superb! Just bought this phone 3weeks back and its GREAT

Reviewed by Santhosh from UK on 5th Aug 2005
Hi guys I am santhosh, from hyderabad. I am using this mobile sine 3 months. I am enjoying lot of with this mobile. This is nice mobile for all guys and has good features.

Reviewed by Rhys from Australia on 3rd Aug 2005
Yeah i think this is a pretty good phone due to all the features it has compared to the price. Mine only cost me a couple of hundred and for this i get a camera, video, ringtones ect. The battery life was a bit of a problem for me cause i brought it and charged it for the 4 hours the book said. I went out that nite and in one nite the battery had run out. So all i did was charge it for an entire nite. When i went to bed i charged it and when i woke up took it out. Doing this gave me like 4 days worth of battery (if i didn't use any features like testing ringtones or taking excessive video) so in my opinion i think this is a very stylish and easy to use phone. 8/10.

Reviewed by bad boys from pakistan on 2nd Aug 2005
this is the wonderful cell phone i ever had i adivce to buy it especially for those who are buying the mobile for the first time

Reviewed by mel lang-ay from philippines on 25th Jul 2005
this phone is fit to all music lovers, mobile phone gamers and mobile phone camera users

Reviewed by CHEMICAL from Romania on 24th Jul 2005
This is a great phone for me. I like it very much

Reviewed by Muhammad Fareed Yousaf from Pakistan on 23rd Jul 2005
Most of the people ask me to buy nokia 7610 i agree when i go to market to buy when i see K508i the cell give complete my all requirments its camera result is very true ,slim,sumart,amzing so i get decision to buy this cell because it complete all my requirments

Reviewed by UMAIR from KARACHI on 23rd Jul 2005

Reviewed by richard from canada on 19th Jul 2005
this is the worst fone in my life dont buy that mobile

Reviewed by Devil from Hell on 16th Jul 2005
Hi to the ppl who r reading this man wat a fone this is it rocks wat speaker quality much better than the nokia smart phones like 6670 and 7610 the java games are so real and u can get 20mb by deleting the tones u have from before man it rocks i v got more than 10 mp3 s on my fone by reducing their bitrate its awsome man it is the best fone ever to be made......so don think just buy it

Reviewed by Janani from India on 16th Jul 2005
Hello frenz, this phone is really very good except for its battery life. I was a user of Nokia and I feel a bit uncomfortable with some of these features. Like there's no one key exit from menu, organising calls etc. and some small features. But that is all hidden out when compared to the MP3 voice clarity, pic clarity etc. This phone is one of its kind. It is also trendy with those orange backlight displays and that metallic and black colour. Speaker phone is a great advantage. It has been jus a week that I've bought this mobile so I've still gotta explore a lot about this. Hope this performs well. :-)

Reviewed by Muhammad Ali Ramay from Pakistan on 16th Jul 2005
Wow.superb set..i wen to mobile shop and got confused that which one set is best.but Sony Ericsson K508i was best in all from all sounds like price wise,picture,sms,Video,recording,speakerphone,java games and much more stuff wise.infact i found all the qualities except one.it has no FM Radio and no Bluetooth.anyways Sony Ericsson K508i is nice one....

Reviewed by Zahid Mumtaz from Pakistan on 16th Jul 2005
On 13 of this month i baught this fone. its a very nice slim n smart fone n the main thing is thats its in my fav color black, so i looks a great. main problem with this fone is the battery time, everyday i charge it but never the less its a great. its sound a great quality. i hope u will also buy this so go quickly n explore it. Bye

Reviewed by Manoj from india on 15th Jul 2005
nice phone pic and video quality at this rate is gud ! well till now some features i am not able to find like switching off camer clik sounds and call speaker volume increase , only ringtone volume option is availabe ,, well this is my first camer color phone and is great ! i like the easy camery button. well any one who know the question to my ans please post

Reviewed by Vlad Petrescu from Romania on 11th Jul 2005
This phone is great.The camera kicks ass.I don't like the fact that the battery doesn't last long.For the others that said the camera has no zoom: it has zoom but you have to change the picture size so it can take effect.On 640x480 there is no zoom,on 320x240 it has 2x zoom and on 160x120 it has 4x zoom.Also on extended mode you can make pictures with a resolution of 1280x960 but they take a lot of memory(around 200kb). If you don't use this phone for mp3s it is great.It's a perfect choise,especially the cheap price comparing to its specs

Reviewed by Dr. Sonia Dudeja from UK on 9th Jul 2005
Excellent phone! That's all I have to say. Don't think twice Go and buy it. Though memory is less, but still!

Reviewed by Samus from Australia on 9th Jul 2005
I baught this phone today and am extremely satisfied with it. For what it does, it is very cheap and i recommend it over over other brands because of its quality. It is fully compatible with my Pocket Pc and plays all Midis, mp3s, mp4s and most .jar java games. Like everyone says, the only setback is that it has no bluetooth and limited memory, but at least it has infrared for connectivity. it is very light and the camera quality is very satisfactory for a phone. I was deciding whether to buy this or the motorola e398 and i believe i made the right decision in purchasing the Sony Ericsson K508i.

Reviewed by Mazza from UK on 7th Jul 2005
my bro has it. its a kik ass phone!! he over rates it tho!!! joking. its good

Reviewed by andrew ferguson from england on 6th Jul 2005
i think this is 1 of the best fones i eva camraz gd da only thing i hate about it is dat u cant zoom on da camra only da video but still 10/10

Reviewed by javeria from Pakistan on 6th Jul 2005
hi i m a bit confused , although the fone is awsome but to be very straightforward its central button (main control) is not satisfactory it should be wider,like a ring it will allow an easy access to the button thanx

Reviewed by masacru from romania on 6th Jul 2005
this mobile is very,very,very,very,very,very,good.it has a lot of intresting things on the screen . I , like , it has a lot of games

Reviewed by SoRiN from ROMANIA on 2nd Jul 2005
I like very much this phone...it is fantastic.

Reviewed by BANDAH from pakistan on 28th Jun 2005

Reviewed by srikanth from INDIA on 27th Jun 2005
hi friends...most recently i bought k508i. its awesome...i like it very much...i got amazing battery back up which i thought only NOKIA will have... and its so cheap in INDIA with all those features...its costs only 8155 indian ruppees including 4% vat tax. May b around 190 US$. And with all the features it got it costs only 60% of what nokia costs with similar features....I really love my cell....i recommend u all to have it....

Reviewed by Vikki from United Kingdom on 25th Jun 2005
Only Brought this little phone this morning and can't stop playing with it! love it to bits and that's saying something from someone who has always gone for Nokias! couple of queries though: can you turn off the click the phone makes when taking pictures? How do you download mp3's from the computer? can you add simple free new tunes that give you numbers to enter into the phone? any answers would be great: contact:labblyloodle@ntlworld.com

Reviewed by kid from UK on 25th Jun 2005
great phone. its the best in its price range.

Reviewed by Ady Comman from Romania on 24th Jun 2005
This is the perfect phone for mee.I like it very much

Reviewed by Kranthi from India on 23rd Jun 2005
Hi guys, this mobile is really cool with all features for low cost. But lack of memory to store mp3 is a major setback. The joystick gives a problem now and then when dust accumilates. I dont understand why bluetooth is not present though lower cost mobiles T610 & T630 have it. Overall a great mobile!!! Go for it if u need a great screen in low cost.

Reviewed by irfan from uk on 19th Jun 2005
i really like this new phone although i dont think t-mobile are very good.they are expensive.Also if anyone knows if u can send songs from your computer to your phone via usb cable etc. thanks very much email me 2 irfanakhtar585@hotmail.com

Reviewed by RAZA from PAKISTAN on 18th Jun 2005
It has excellent camera. Its works in the night very well. The camera is much better than Nokia 6600.. Love it Play it ENJOY if u have!

Reviewed by Umair from Pakistan on 18th Jun 2005
This is the excellent and a very very good phone in very reasonable price. Picture quality is also very good games are also exiting.the only negative it has is a less memory and otherwise it is the one of best phones of sony ericson

Reviewed by Raphael from UK on 18th Jun 2005
hmm... hi guys.. I think this Mobile is rubbish because of the bad connection. I often can't hear other guys one phone. They say they hear me as bad as I would speak in the mic like from 10 metres or so. Can someone help me? Otherwise I'll change it. Otherwise I love it. Damn cool features etc. plz HLP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by dAN from Auz on 17th Jun 2005
Yeh, its a great phone. Battery life is...alright. Kinda bad how u cant change the time for the screen-saver to come on..it automatically comes on after like 10 seconds? But...Has anyone found how to mute the noise it makes when taking a picture? Because it is really...bad..email me: who_ar_ya@hotmail.com

Reviewed by nathan from uk on 14th Jun 2005
This phone is da best.

Reviewed by james from UK on 13th Jun 2005
a warning people, do not buy this fone! i bought it a couple of months ago and its already broken down. the video recording quality is rubbish and why doesn't it have Bluetooth!youv'e been warned

Reviewed by akbar ali from pakistan on 10th Jun 2005
its a great phone with every thing.it is much better than nokia 6600.i have also use nokia 6600 but it is more good than that.its size and weight is small as compared to other phones of nokia and sony erricson.its games are wonderful like pc 3d games.it is a great phone of 21st centurey

Reviewed by Anonymous from Aus on 8th Jun 2005
a fantastic fone much better than the nokia 6610i i previously owned. I love the music DJ feature and the mp3 tones een thoug h there isnt much memory for mp3's. the camera exceded my expectations from a camera fone and the videos arent to bad

Reviewed by Anoop Chathoth from India on 7th Jun 2005
Well i had 2 phones previously but this is one phone which has given me the maximum satisfaction.I dont want to change this in a long long time .Pretty good features and its worth the amount I spent on it.Awesome!!!!

Reviewed by Nikhil Dewan from India on 7th Jun 2005
Absolutely amazing phone. Yes i agree that nokia is still the no 1 seller but this phone kicks nokia in the ass big time with ultra cool features and finally a good looking model. Guys who are reading this review and have not yet purchased this phone i am sure your options are either the k300i,k500i,k508i and some competitive nokia phone(chuck motorola it sucks).Beleive me among all of them this is the best. Shell out the extra cash(not to much only a 1000Rs in India) ie 25$ or so more than the k300i. This has got a larger and much better screen(TFT as compared to LCD). The camera is quite decent for a cell phone and the mp3 functionality rocks. nokia wont have this feature. another thing to note is that it has 12 mb which no other company barring ericsson provides for this price. Buy this phone you wont regret it.Kudos Ericsson. Keep up the fab work. Only regret is not having bluetooth and probably no possibilty of memory expansion.

Reviewed by Sanjith from India on 31st May 2005
I bought it yesterday. Its a very good phone. The screen resolution in this phone is very good when compared to other phones.The only disadvantage with this is that there is no blue tooth in this.But that is ok as I can do the downloading using a data cable. Can any one help me by telling how can i mute my camera sound. Its very awful. Send your response about this to mundamattam@rediffmail.com

Reviewed by Guy from Austria on 29th May 2005
I love this phone. It's intuitive and easy to navigate - I've explored all the main features and haven't even looked at the manual. You can set your own shortcuts to make navigation even easier. You can set up e-mailing to work with your existing pop3 e-mail account. And the camera click CAN be disabled with just a single key press (phew!). The mp3 player means you can have any sound you like as a ringtone, even your own sounds (but with just 12MB fixed memory I guess I'm not likely to use it as a normal mp3 player for listening to collections of songs). The MIDI player is surprisingly good, especially if you like dance music ringtones - check out Barcelona and YourMind (free download). The only thing I miss on the phone is the ability to store more than one e-mail address per contact, but I can live with that. Classic phone for the price - great job by Sony Ericsson!

Reviewed by Ridge from Finland on 27th May 2005
I bought this couple days ago and its superb. And you can take your photos silent if you mute phone first. No big prob to do. just hold # for a while and then take pic. And voila. No sound.

Reviewed by SuperAdeel from Pakistan on 24th May 2005
Excellent phone.Graceful look. Nice menu and so on .. I have downloaded the software and purchased datacable for it..but didnt found any means to install applications/games on it..i am just able to load mp3,midi,jpg and 3gp videos.. How can i install applications on it .. superadeel@hotmail.com

Reviewed by amit from india on 23rd May 2005
this is the worst phone a person can buy it is full ov problems it has very less memory+does not support blue tooth .the sound of its clicking of the cammera cannot be switched off. its mp3 player also sometimes hanges up and does not respond u cannot connect this phone to ur computer as it will keep on saying optimized charging and hang up the phone as well as the system if any one knows how to connect this phone to the pc please mail to amit_2791799@yahoo.co.in

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