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Sony Ericsson K500i review

 Review: September 2004  


In a nutshell: An excellent phone with camcorder, 65k colour screen and MP3 player.


The Sony Ericsson K500i is a compact and lightweight phone that incorporates a great range of multimedia features: an integrated video camera and a big colour screen are top of the list. The screen has 65,000 colours, which is more than most comparable phones, and using TFT technology makes it very bright and vivid, even in bright sunlight. The screen has a 128 x 160 pixel resolution and is nearly 2 inches across, so it does justice to the photos and videos taken with the camera. Compared with the more expensive K700i, the screen is not quite as sharp, but it's still an excellent screen.

The camera can be activated in one click, with one more click to take a picture. Sony Ericsson's QuickShare™ technology enables you to easily share pictures and videos with your PC or other phones, using email, MMS or data cable.

The user interface has been redesigned to use animated icons, which look cool and aid navigation. The quality and size of the screen help to make navigation straightforward. A five-way joystick is another welcome feature. The speed of the user interface has also been improved since the T610/T630 and now shows no signs of delays or pauses.

The K500i comes with a built-in media player for playing MP3 music and video downloads. Another fun feature of the phone is 3D gaming, using the joystick control and MP3 sound to add oomph to the gaming experience. The 40-voice polyphonic ringtones are better than those on the T630, which uses 32-voice ringtones.

The memory available is 12 Mbytes, which is acceptable but not oustanding, especially for a phone with both video playback and and MP3 player. With no option to expand the memory, 12 Mbytes may prove to be a limitation.

The K500i can be viewed as the "little brother" of the K700i. The K700i is an all-singing, all-dancing phone that is better specified than the K500i. The K700i benefits from an even larger screen, Bluetooth™, an FM radio, and a speakerphone. Nevertheless, the K500i offers a lot, costs less and weighs less. Compared with other phones in its class, the K500i excels! Now replaced by the K510i.

Sony Ericsson K500i features include:

  • Screen: TFT display, 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • Built-in video camera with VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) digital zoom
  • Sound recorder
  • MP3 player / video player (MPEG4)
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Ringtone composer (MusicDJ™)
  • Embedded & downloadable Java games
  • 3D games
  • MMS (multimedia messaging) with MMS templates
  • E-mail
  • Predictive text input
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Picture phonebook
  • Organiser
  • Connectivity: USB, Infrared
  • Sync ML
  • Synchronisation PC
  • Memory: 12 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (GSM 1800, GSM 900, GSM 1900)
  • Size: 102 x 46 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Talktime: 7 hours
  • Battery standby: 12 days

Sony Ericsson K500i user reviews

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Average rating from 184 reviews:

Reviewed by Arvin from UK on 25th Feb 2011
The memory is to small. It only can store up to 5 songs or less. But the camera was good. Memory was just the problem.

Reviewed by Ashish from UK on 22nd Oct 2010
excellent featured phone having all the functions at this price. Limited memory (12 MB) & lack of bluetooth are its drawbacks.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 15th Dec 2009
It is nice and durable. My phone was drop from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. However, its case broke. But the unit is completely okay. The only disadvantage is its small memory and slow browser.

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 27th Oct 2009
Four years after buying mine, it's still going. All the writing has worn off the buttons, it's been left on a beach overnight, covered in superglue, had the on button fall off (now has to be turned on and off by touching the contacts on the board with a piece of metal), been dropped in a toilet. Insanely durable phone. If I could go back to 2005 and recommend people a long lasting phone, it would be this one.

Reviewed by noob from UK on 29th Sep 2009
phone great worth it really good condition i luv use guys xd

Reviewed by Alica. from UK on 12th Dec 2008
my samsung is in for repair. meanwhile iv had to have this, the camra dosn't even have a Mp and will not take a decent foto at night. also you can only fit around 2/3 songs on. its Rubbish .. :|

Reviewed by spear from UK on 13th Sep 2008
really this phone is awesome. but, we can't download any single file exceeding 2mb..

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 1st Apr 2008
I had a K500i back in 2005 and I absolutely loved it! It was my first camera phone and I was sorry to see it go. My stepdad has the k800i and he really loves it. I have a G600 but have just bought the k8ooi as i much prefer it! Sony Ericsson will not let you down!

Reviewed by Ghazali Zuberi from UK on 19th Dec 2007
This is the best phone ever. It's low on memory & doesnt have bluetooth, but for normal net & multi-media use it's perfect affordable and stylish comparatively to other brands and models. And speaker/woofer is gr8:-)

Reviewed by dedo from UK on 11th Dec 2007
i just bought this phone not on it i think it is goooooooooooooood

Reviewed by Johnny Diggle from UK on 6th Dec 2007
I had this phone and (before it was stolen from me)i loved it! I had it for about 2 years and it was really handy plus alot of space for my contacts, but not much space for music or videos etc. Plus i got an Infrared adaptor for my PC for it which enabled me to send and transfer files. The camera was okay but not good enough for taking high quality pictures, anybody who wants to get a good camera on a phone, don't get this one. But another problem was that I wanted to use mp3s as my ringtone, it only allows midi files (polyphonic ringtones). Overall, a very good phone.

Reviewed by DHRUV TARA from UK on 4th Dec 2007

Reviewed by prakash khanal (nepal) from UK on 23rd Nov 2007
thats amazing phone model k-500i

Reviewed by mhine12 from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
i think you need to install the bluetooth for the phone sony eriocsson K500i.

Reviewed by mary rose from UK on 17th Sep 2007
i love this phone even from the very first time that i saw it...when my father asked me if i want to have a phone, i chose k500i without any doubt..it is simple yet beautiful.. i love the themes,games and the sounds..i'm proud to have this kind of phone..very affordable..

Reviewed by spacey from UK on 13th Aug 2007
Really nice phone but battery life on mine dosnt seem that great. One annoying thing i have just found out on this phone (as all new phones apparently) you get charged more per text as you go onto a new page, which no one told me about and i think is bad.

Reviewed by wren from UK on 5th Aug 2007
I have the phone. I hate it to death! I bought a USB cable for $80 and it doesn't fit in it! Why cant it just be normal like the rest!!!!!

Reviewed by Caz from UK on 4th Aug 2007
this phone is amazing i only ot a new one because the sound went on it but apart from that it is amazing

Reviewed by Jimmy from UK on 26th Jul 2007
Beware - once the joystick breaks (and it WILL!) the phone is rendered pretty much useless. and it ocassionally crashes. and dont buy it unless you have a bluetooth compatible computer or you'll have to email yourself the pictures/videos/recordings, which can get pricey. and when you try to talk on it during a windy day, the wind gets in the back and makes a horrible noise and the person on the other end wont be able to hear what you're saying. but apart from those incredibly sucky things; its a good phone with some good features. its got a nice big screen too. ...now I'm off to buy a new phone. RIP K500i

Reviewed by bhanodaya from UK on 15th Jul 2007
i love my sweety mobile....its my,,,,,

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 13th Jul 2007
I have been using it for more than two years so far.It's the best phone one can have at least for that price..

Reviewed by alex from UK on 10th Jun 2007
i have had this phone for 2 months now and i must say it is awful the camera is rubbish it doesnt even have bluetooth! it does not look attractive. I have also found that it keeps turning itself off on its own accord and freezing whilst texting please do not buy this phone u will be wasting your money!

Reviewed by goal from UK on 8th Jun 2007

Reviewed by jay from UK on 31st May 2007
its a good fwn but sellin mine any ways so but is an excellant fwn

Reviewed by Eman from UK on 29th May 2007
I had one of these... but gave me a little trouble like pressing li bookphone for calling someone doesn't call in straight as i ordered. and the joystick doen't work properly .... now accidentally i dropped it and with the bump the screen craked and the link inside it came out. I don't know what I am going to buy for a phone. this is *** !!

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 27th May 2007
The k500i is a very good but the 5 way keypad gets on your nerses as it sometimes it get suck as well as it hasnt got bluetooth

Reviewed by sonny from UK on 18th May 2007
This phone is amazing, it's got a great camera (even though that it will go fuzzy in dark areas but the phone's too good to hate). The games are great, the themes are great, hmmm, anything else i have not mentioned is probably great too!

Reviewed by anuki9 from UK on 11th May 2007
i love my mobike sony ericsson k500

Reviewed by z1gl3 from UK on 20th Apr 2007
Oh the battery is so poor . But the telaphone is one of the best.

Reviewed by Pradeep from UK on 31st Mar 2007
A really top notch phone! The game Super Real 3D Tennis is so addictive that you forget about going to work or even putting in those much needed oven chips...um...into the oven. The screen is really superb, good photos too (VGA quality). The fact that this phone is the same price as the T630 on Virgin should make you launch yourself out of a canon to the nearest Car Phone Warehouse immediately. Got get it tiger!

Reviewed by sachin from UK on 17th Mar 2007
hmm i thnk tht k5ooi is not so good . if u want to take new mobile then k700i is the best

Reviewed by Vivek from UK on 11th Mar 2007
I agree that this phone is a class apart and I hope the Sony Ericsson fan gang would love it-but be practical.What's the use of the mp3 player in a phone that has just 12mb memory?This is the only fault I find with this phone. Around the world Sony is known for its quality of sound.If there was an option for expandable memory in this phone, it would have been great and portable music would not have been the same before. Anyway Sony means 'Value for money' and you are surely assured of that regarding this k500i.

Reviewed by vicki from UK on 10th Mar 2007
i had this phone for 2 years its good and exciting but when i got it i thought the camera would be good but it turn out rubbish lol the video is good though i haven't got it now tho it fell down the toilete lol now i have the sony ericssion k750i which is sooooooo much beter and the camera is just like a didgital camdera get that in instead

Reviewed by noob from UK on 28th Feb 2007
the phone is excelent

Reviewed by KIERAN from UK on 25th Feb 2007
I thought it was great but i suggest that u get a screen protector to stop it breaking because it has a bit of a weak screen. Anyway i hope u enjoy the great and simple phone

Reviewed by jiss from UK on 17th Feb 2007
bad phone

Reviewed by deepak negi from UK on 10th Feb 2007

Reviewed by shadi from UK on 6th Feb 2007
hi im shadi from bahran but im egypgen.hi hade this mobile 2 yars ago ad i stle have it and this mobile is the best mobile EVER and it SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER.

Reviewed by shadi from UK on 5th Feb 2007
hi this shadi from egypt I got this phone 2 years ago, it is working fine, and the sound is very good, realy love this phone. it is worth more money than any other mobile.

Reviewed by jamal from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
i think this phone is best of all sony ericsson,s products.thanx to sony ericsson.i think those who rated it below five,they are senceless and non sence again thanx to sony ericsson

Reviewed by CONFUSED from UK on 18th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Shakti Singh Rathore from UK on 4th Jan 2007
I Have a S E K500i Since to last 2-3 years it so good and So working and so functioning and NO any problem BUT MEMORY is very FEW FOR SAVING Items THANKS TO ALL SE Industrialists

Reviewed by Muzz from UK on 2nd Dec 2006
i like the handset verymuch, but the major problem is BLUE TOOTH AND KEYPAD LOCK(with security code).

Reviewed by Chaztheman from UK on 22nd Sep 2006
Ok this phone has wiked software, the menus are REALLY easy to use and has cool functions, like ringtone makers and u can edit you pictures a bit like paint. Unfortunately the outside of the phone was made by a 3 year old in about 30 seconds. The whole thing creaks and the paint chipps really easily which really shows around the screen, also the joystick is just a joke, after a year it works fine and then it just completely stops working and when it does it does the opposite of what you want it to do, and lastly, it is seriously ugly!! so if you are looking for a short term phone it would be worth getting, maybe, but long term - run away now!!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 1st Sep 2006
I've had this phone for a year and a half and I'm having trouble leaving it to get a new one. I'm only changing because its covered in scratches, which considering what its been through is my fault, its not badly made or anything. The sound on it is great, the photos are really clear, especially outside, the videos are everything you could want from a phone, the menus easy to use, the display is lovely and big. The only thing is that after a few months the little joystick thing gets a bit hard to use. Apart from that I couldn't think of a word against it.

Reviewed by tony from UK on 30th Jun 2006
liked the phone but didnt like some its features, the camara and video recording was rubbish it was very blury, im buying the samsung phone next can anyone tell me if the quitity in good

Reviewed by nay from UK on 19th Jun 2006
well wat can i say? dis fone is da best!!!! iv had it for a year nd a half nd i still love it. it also has gr8 stuff

Reviewed by David from UK on 29th Apr 2006
i've had this phone for about 16 months now and i still love it. a lot of people say the joystick is broke but thats what happens when you throw a phone around yes you break it. the best things about this phone is that its price, its great polyphonic ring tones, its games, the compact and light design and the ease of use. also this phone has 12mb of memory which may not sound much but can hold alot of stuff. the only thing i am dissapointed by is that it dosent have bluetooth, which is a setback but it dos have infrared. i would reccomend you to buy the sony ericson k700i as it is a better phone than k500i. happy phone hunting bye xx

Reviewed by Catherine from UK on 21st Mar 2006
Ive had this phone a year now, and for the first few months everything was great. Then the joystick kept getting stuck, meaning I couldn't access certain features of the phone. This has got so bad that I'm now only using the phone for essential calls, as nothing else will work! Pity, because I really did love it before it started messing up! I owuldn't advise anyone to buy this phone now, there are lots of other phones out now which are better value and won't break as easily.

Reviewed by bob yang from UK on 27th Feb 2006
i have had this phone for a month and the joystick has completely broken. it randomly selects things and is of no use. also it is ey temperemental as it sometimes rejects my sim card. But when they work the are a very ood easy to use mobile. only thing lacking is bluetooth. maybe i have been unlucky with my phone so don't let me put yo off.

Reviewed by James from UK on 11th Feb 2006
This phone is top class, it has everything, videoing, mp3 etc etc best buy. loads a memory as well!!!!!!

Reviewed by Steph from UK on 30th Jan 2006
I Like this fone, happy with it except the joy stick thing doesent go down it broke within weeks! And the mp3 can only hold 3 song (whats the point of havin a mp3 on this fone if it takes up all the memory) and it does mystrey fone calls all the time, in your pocket it will unlock its self and rings the first person on ur fone book!!!!! dont buy it you will regret it

Reviewed by Shadow from UK on 20th Dec 2005
I had bought this phone one week ago and I'm very pleased. At it's quality, I think it's very cheap. It has MP3 Player, MPEG-4 Player, VGA Camera, and suports 3D Games. It's a good choice, because you have 3 in 1 at a low price and size. The memory is the weak thing at this phone (only 12mb-and the fact that doesn't support a memory card), but you can download a music converter and you can make smaller MP3's (I have 5 mp3s, ~1.2mb at 48kbps and 32000khz and it sounds perfectly!). If you buy a data cable, you can completly customize your phone. You can make photos or clips and put them on your computer. (the size of a picture is 128*160, and supports JPEG, BMP, GIF formats). The suported sound formats are AMR, WAV, MP3, MID. I didn't have problems with the phone like the others. It's a entertainment instrument : when I'm bored at school, I listen my favourite music while I'm playing a game. Could someone tell me if you can delete protected files? Because I have a game (Splinter Cell - 196kb) wich is a demo, and I have also the full version of the game (347kb). The Infrared speed is very low and I don't have patience. If it would have Bluetooth, FM Radio, and a memory card, it would be much better. It's a good phone at a cheap price, and I recomand you to buy one.

Reviewed by Catherine from UK on 30th Oct 2005
all great, except for the current lack of email on virgin mobile, and the screen resolution was a little disappointing. however, the K500i is a great robust little phone, very light and compact. quite good camera, but not as good as the k700i. very nice phone. simple to use with chunky buttons and joystick. would recommend to most people!!!

Reviewed by David, YORkSHIRE from UK on 19th Sep 2005
This Phone is definatly worth it's money in gold, BUT, yes thats a but, my middle key which controls weather i go UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT, won't let me go down sometimes and it is really annoying, when i press down it select's, so when writing a text message it's terrible, or browsing for somebody through my phone book, other then that it is a top phone, and i would recommend it, maybe i've been throwing mine about to much,or maybe it's a fault, this only started to happen after about 6months, Next week im goin to get a Samsung D500 or E720. REGARDS x

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 12th Sep 2005
I've had the phone for a while now and I find the joystick gets stuck a lot. It's annoying as I often cannot scroll down.

Reviewed by r from UK on 17th Aug 2005
I really wanted 2 buy the sony ericsson k700i but the cost was too much for me being only 14. I then discovered the K500i and bought it immediately. It is an amazing phone with good screen, games, camera and voice recorder. Ignore bad reviews. It's the best.

Reviewed by X-Men from UK on 16th Aug 2005
Great phone with outstanding features. Easy navigation, excellent polysound. The VGA camera and video recorder are at par with the more expensive phones. Simple but elegant styling, the only drawback is the battery which lasts for only 3 days at average use. But what the heck, feature for feature this phone rocks! Grab it now.

Reviewed by vineeth from UK on 16th Aug 2005
cool fone...iam really happy that i bought this mobile juz by seeing the reviews in the site..and not only that it has got a gud clear and sharp display which makes this model far better than any other fones of this range...go cool going....

Reviewed by Hazz from UK on 3rd Aug 2005
Dis Fone is like totally wicked, its got a decent camera AND a video recorder which allows you to take your own movies. The memory is a bit poor though, only 12 Kilobytes!

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 29th Jul 2005
Jenna, turn off the ringtone and the camera click will be off also. The phone is OK, even the video quality is not good. But he photos are OK in sunlicht especially.

Reviewed by Jenna from UK on 24th Jul 2005
This phone is absolutely brilliant. I love it. Great picture quality and good video recording. THis phone is easy to use and after having it for half a year a dropped it into the bath and had to pay #45 to get it repaired and was offered a different phone but I am addicted to this phone I had to keep it. BRILLIANT FOR ALL AGES. 7- 94 (from experience, my younger sister and my grandmother)

Reviewed by jenna from UK on 8th Jul 2005
this phone isnt the best around...its a good style n got infered but the camera quality and vid is rubbish and you cant turn on the LOUD camera click!!!!!!! but if you dnt use the camera or vid much its a gud phone!

Reviewed by Mark Anderson from UK on 20th Jun 2005
Y can't peepl rite proper english it m8kes th3m look bloody stoopid n as if they dont av a brain. I on the other hand do have a brain and do not insult the English language. Grow up you adolescent morons! On to the phone; It's simply wonderful. I upgraded from a Vodafone branded F500i to an Orange branded K500i, it was one of the best things I ever did. Lovely screen and software interface, good positive buttons, nice weight, good battery life, very rarely lose reception. What more could you ask? Did you say Bluetooth? From what I read, the lack of Bluetooth is a negative for a lot of people, but not for me, I use IR and get on fine with that. The reason I upgraded from the F500i to this phone is so I could have MP3 ringtones. My major dislike about the F500i is the lack of MP3 ringtone ability. Now I'm a happy bunny.

Reviewed by Zaid from UK on 17th Jun 2005
THIS IS THE BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD!!! Great unlimited video recording, MP3 player, and 3D gaming! Get this phone at Phones4U 4 only 60 quid on 02 or Orange or Virgin!!!

Reviewed by Martin-Poland from UK on 13th Jun 2005
I bought that phone, it's great ! Few advantages like mp3, camera, and nice 3D games, and few disadvantages like small mempory - 12mb ^^ and low time using a battery :/ I must load down it after about 4days... I recommend You that handy It's great and for good price See yah

Reviewed by Helene from UK on 5th Jun 2005
I got the phone 4 months ago.. in the beginning it was a great phone, but now i thinks they should get rid of them. The navigation pen, is broken, so it takes long to get in the menu. Also I can't hear when it is ringing. and sometimes it just goes black. hate that phone..

Reviewed by khoaidenthui from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
i bought one 5 months before and have to go to fix it many times. At last, they can not fix my problem.Now i will change to use nokia. it is maybe better.

Reviewed by Vicki from UK on 31st May 2005
this mobile is fantastc and well worth every penny!!!!! its got a great camera (even though that it will go fuzzy in dark areas) but the phone's too good to hate. the ring tones + MP3 is call to. this phone is the best phone i have had so far compared to the O2X2 which is the worst phone i have ever had. i had to take the O2X2 back to have it fixed and it still wasnt right, when they SAID they had finished fixing it! WAT A WASTE OF MONEY! DONT buy the O2X2 BUT DO by the Sony ericsson K500i! its great honest:)

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 16th May 2005
Great,great phone. Excellent screen, screen quality comparable to that of a much more expensive phone- recently used a Siemens SL65, which costs #200- quality not even close to the K500i. Interface realy easy to use, even for a previously devout nokia user! Camera great, loads of memory for videos/photos/sounds/themes/games 12mb, still havent used it all! Quickshare works perfectly, Sony Ericssons development of Infrared- can transfer videos/games/tones/themes. Great speaker, good organiser, comfortable keypad. Easy to customise the compass button, mines allows me to write msgs, read inbox, access camera and access phone bok instantaneously. Unbelievable phone for the price, a bargain @ #100. No Nokia comes close. However after 8months, the compass button has began to lose its responsiveness, which is rather irritating. Trying to find out whether a new fascia with new cantre button would solve this problem?? Also if you buy this phone because of the MP3 player- dont- its a gimic that in real life doesnt exist. 12 MBs for photos videos games etc is plenty. If you intend to use this for MP3s then ur wasting your time. Buy a real MP3 player, save the 12MBs for what the fone is good at!

Reviewed by Stefan Zumberovic from UK on 1st May 2005
K500i is realy great. But if anyone knows what program is needed to play video clips from k500i on the computer, please let me know - stefan22@verat.net

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 17th Apr 2005
I've probably broke the record.... i've spent 2 weeks looking for a new phone .... finally i decided i want to buy motorola v620 ... however, i came across this site and i was put off by the comments people have made about it ... after reading the comments made about k500i it seems this is a phone with alot of good features and and it only costs #99 ... so you can't go wrong ...i'll buy it!!!

Reviewed by ethan from UK on 13th Apr 2005
this is an awsone phone to have. it bets every phone i have ever seen. the buttons look small but you always hit the right button. the camera is real clear and same with video. its easy yo access the internet and the joy stick makes it really easy to move up, down, left and right.

Reviewed by frederik drost from UK on 13th Apr 2005
i love that mobil, it's great

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 12th Apr 2005
I recommend this fone to all!!! It is great!!! I had it for some time now and it is amazing. It has a lot of features, lightweight and its camera is amazing. It does'nt have a bluetooth though but it is still great value for your money.

Reviewed by SARAH from UK on 21st Feb 2005

Reviewed by Glynnie from UK on 18th Feb 2005
i am going to buy this phone, and frm all i haveread about it, it sounds FAB! but i am just hoping that u lot r right!!!!! :-)

Reviewed by R-J Woods from UK on 23rd Jan 2005
This phone is gr8, it kicks the hell outa ma previous Moto V500 which cost more, weighed more tuk up more space n ad less functions! For #80 ur getting a real bargin! n manufactured by Sony u av no worries bout poor quality! I recomend this phone to every1 sane! Its small, lightweight, cheap n has a hell of a lota functions! Only down point is the fact it doesnt have bluetooth!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 10th Jan 2005
2 words - Absolutely outstanding!

Reviewed by Tone Loc from UK on 9th Jan 2005
I have to say that I think this is a super little phone, and well worth every penny. My son has bought himself one ( he's 11 years old ) and he picked up straighaway. I went with him to look at phones as he orginally wanted a flip phone, but looking at what was on offer, what each phone could do, the price etc, this was by far the best one out there. At the time, he bought on PAYG on Orange for 80gbp, which was a gret deal. For his age group, which want flashy gimmicks, its got the lot, and it makes and receives calls fine. I've sat anbd played with it, the screen size is great, as well as the functionality. Its aslo much smaller than I imagined it to be, very light, easy to use and at that price - a real bargain. If you're int he market for aphone in that price range, you can't go wrong with this, highly recommended.

Reviewed by poopy face from scotland on 9th Jan 2005
This phone is amazing, it's got a great camera (even though that it will go fuzzy in dark areas but the phone's too good to hate). The games are great, the themes are great, hmmm, anything else i have not mentioned is probably great too!:D. Anyone giving this phone 3 stars or under, i will personally come and put you in a wheelbarrow, take u to a nut house, ring the bell and run!!!

Reviewed by aaron from england on 8th Jan 2005
this phone is the daddy of all phones

Reviewed by RAHUL from INDIA on 6th Jan 2005

Reviewed by avid merrion from czech rep. on 6th Jan 2005

Reviewed by ellie from england on 6th Jan 2005
Heya i got this phone for xmas its really gd although the video picture isnt perfect but its is ok, the camera is pretty good i like that you can record your own ringtones which is a bonus i like how colourful the actual phone can be! i really recommend this to beginners as it is really easy to use and to younger people because it is great for them

Reviewed by matthew from england on 5th Jan 2005
its a brill phone the feutures are great but its buttons are small the video recording is as long as u want its sexy

Reviewed by shaun from england on 5th Jan 2005
this phone was a 100.00 pound and i thought it was the best value for money phone ive ever seen.it only has 12 megabytes of memory but once you go through the picture files and sort through the ones you dont want,all you have to do is delete them which frees up your memory.ive deleted lots of unwanted clips,sounds and pictures and i have about 25-30 mbytesof memory.EASY

Reviewed by anna from rainy ol' england on 4th Jan 2005
i got this phone a week after xmas, so far i am very pleased with it. being a young person, image ment everything of course, lol. i had to have the best lookin phone, obviously! but not just the look appealed to me, a few of my friends have the T610 (i think)and that is better than most of the ** new ** nokia, motorolla phones out! the only down side to this phone is the small battery life and the texting, it takes a long for a letter to come up, but maybe because i'm not used to it! all in all however i am v. please with this phone and for 90 i'd say it's worth it! gudbye xxx

Reviewed by leanne last from england on 4th Jan 2005
I really like this phone, i got it for christmas. The only problem is that I don't know how to download MP3's onto it. Other than that it is a mega brilliant phone, it's everything you need in one tiny space.

Reviewed by Garry from England on 3rd Jan 2005
Agree with da rest of the reviews.. this fone is amazin - it has a camera, which gives u gr8 photos and vids, 3D games, an MP3 player (wuld sum1 tell me how to get mp3s on2 it please lol .. not wrked it out yet lol,)and PLENTY more stuff! What more culd u want, and u can get it all for a v low price!?!

Reviewed by Iain from ENGLAND on 3rd Jan 2005
Hello i got this phone for christmas and i havn't stoped playing on it, its so good has video and the camera quality is outstanding! its small and fits in my pocket it sounds and looks better than the K700i so im happy if people i looking for a cheap good looking easy phone i reccomend this one because its fantastic!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by georgeoid from uk on 3rd Jan 2005
jsut an update. the camera is much better than a samsung e700. good to know isn't it.

Reviewed by mati from england on 3rd Jan 2005
had anybody got usb cabl for a k500i that works i need to know wer to get 1 frm has any1 actually got real songs on ther phone (mp3's) i really wanna use the mp3 player some1 tell me plz or leave there msn address so they can explain in full thanks great phone by the way

Reviewed by George from England on 2nd Jan 2005
i got this fone for christmas and have loved it since. Have plenty of pictures and still have 10 meg space. so stop moaning cause it aint got bluetooth and by it its one hundred squid where i come from. so what have you got to loose.

Reviewed by georgeoid from uk on 2nd Jan 2005
this phone is amazing. the loudspeaker is very loud and sound recording playback is amazing. the camera is one of the best in this sector. my only problem with the phone is its tiny memory. ive already used up half or it and ive had it for about 2 weeks. othe than that its great. it looks so much better that the k700. i would advises u to buy one. i really would.

Reviewed by John from UK on 2nd Jan 2005
I got this phone in about the beginning of december and it is great! The video is good and the camera! It has MP3 ringtones and a big screen. The camera lense has a shutter to protect it. The ringtones are fab and It has 12MB memory so you could fit about 5-10minutes video altogether and you can record sounds and make them as your ringtone. You can store lots of poctures probably about 100! its grrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaaaattt!!!!! But if you are rich and want superb camera quality get Sony Ericsson S700i (1.3 megapixel camera), or Sharp 902 (2 megapixel camera) or if you want perfect camera quality get Samsung S2300, it has a 3.2 megapixel camera with optical zoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

Reviewed by fred from UK on 30th Dec 2004
i cant believe wat am readin.......ur all fools. this phone is great, i didnt know wat to get at first but wen i saw this fone i read tht it had video and camera and the screen looked brilliant!!! the k700i looked too good if u know wat i mean so this fone was jst right. i got it on christmas and it lived up to its features. all of u ppl who are thinkin "i will get a nokia or a motorolla...." are diseased. the only bad thing i can say bout this fone is tht wen the light in the room changes to dark the camera goes all spotty even if u put night mode on but i dont really care, i dont need a totally amazing fone. the games are great. tennis, fighting, darts and even the demo of splinter cell pandora tomorrow. if u ask me, this fone is great but if u dont think so, be my guest and get the k700i.

Reviewed by MEIRION from ENGLAND on 21st Dec 2004

Reviewed by Homer from U.K on 20th Dec 2004
IO think that this phone ius really good the camera is excellen and the video is great. I got it on O2 and I think that this is the best deal around. 120 for 20 credit and the phone with new number it is great get or be ashamed.

Reviewed by Hesham from Egypt on 19th Dec 2004
Actually , it is a very good phone if you compare it to other brands from the performance , capabilities and the price. You can consider it as the last step before Symbian phones as it has MP3 player , cool camera and video and you can to it applications , themes and ringtones. I think I should share this info with you , The specs in the site say that it doesn't contain a speakerphone as the K700i.It is somehow hidden. You can activate the speakerphne while the you are having a call by pressing the Navigation key and choosing the speakerphone from the menu opned

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