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Sony Ericsson K330 review

 Review: September 2009  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Sony Ericsson's K330 is the one of the lowest spec mobiles currently on sale. But it's one of the cheapest too.



It's very cheap, compact and lightweight. If you need a phone that just makes calls and you don't use it very often, this may just be the right phone for you. If you need more from your phone, look elsewhere.

Yes, this phone does have a camera and a radio too. But the camera is the lowest resolution in existence (VGA, or 0.3 megapixels) and the video is even worse. Besides, there's no memory to store anything anyway, and the screen is awful. It's dual band too, and we haven't reviewed one of those in a long time - don't plan to take your mobile abroad. It's one of the lowest specs phone currently on the market. But then, it's in the very bottom price bracket too.

Sony Ericsson K330 features include:

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Sony Ericsson K330 user reviews

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by BJH from UK on 22nd May 2011
For what it is, and for the price this is great. It is a simple phone with bluetooth and 4 day battery life which I keep as a backup; yes ,the camera is next to useless but as a basic cheap communicator its great; and although its only 2G the web browser lets me check my mail etc. Its not a smartphone ,iphone, htc etc. and doesnt pretend to be, but its a great simple cheap backup phone.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 20th Aug 2010
Paid about 20 for this phone 6 months ago and had no problems with it - but then I only use it as a phone. Best selling point is bluetooth so I can use it in the car. Never tried the mp3, radio or camera features. Alarm is too quiet & soothing to be any use for waking up. If you want a fully featured phone then look elsewhere but this is great value for money as a simple phone.

Reviewed by tina hewer from northern ireland on 9th Jul 2010
my friend has this phone and it is rubbish

Reviewed by matty from uk on 27th May 2010
the phone is alright to text and phone but if your wanting more from it go somewhere else. it is light and cheap will only hold 1 song for me but the battery last for about 4 days until it goes dead which is quite good

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 1st Feb 2010
Good phone. Bought it for only 15! Comparable to more expensive SE phones. Looks nice, Feels nice, Enough features and ability to add more apps if you want them. Only problem is that you cannot change the volume of music when playing them. Arrow keys don't do this and there is no volume key on the side. (Note to previous comment about lack of memory - Use a MP3 Compressor to put up to 25 MP3s on the 10MB of memory)

Reviewed by Laura from Luxembourg on 12th Jan 2010
I have that phone and by the looks of it and what it said on the information, it seemed like one of the greatest phones ever, but then i bought it and tried it at home and found out it's actually tripe! I expected more space on it than only just being able to download 1 song on it.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 29th Dec 2009
my friend has it and it seem okay. it doesnt have a volume button along with bad features , but its style looks nice

Reviewed by GeeGee from UK on 12th Dec 2009
Phone won't unlock at all... and hangs hard when i start a message and try to delete it all :/

Reviewed by Kudo Shinichi from Japan on 5th Nov 2009
Lousy phone automatic switch off and on if there is alarm and calendar reminder. Battery drain by itself. Not enough memory storage at least can they add USB plug in, we don't need lame games, ringtones, themes, alarm tones, message tones, radio. We need is USB plug in increase memory storage or stereo earplug and music player.

Reviewed by Kudo Shinichi from UK on 5th Nov 2009
Well, the design I love but one problem is I wish if there is more memory storage and USB plug into for bigger stereo. But it switch off sometimes by itself. Moreover, the battery drains out by itself and alarm or calendar reminder may on by itself to wake you up.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 21st Sep 2009
I wonder how much research the guys her ACTUALLY do?? This is NOT the lowest spec phone on offer, the LG GB102 and the Samsung E1120 are, both of which are 9.99. the closest phones this resebles are the Nokia 1680 (24.99) and the LG KP170(19.99). This phone will outsell both cos of kudos that Sony Ericsson currently enjoys. Its basic and simple but it costs little, has a good battery life and Bluetooth for use in the car. It has no music player of video playback or even memory card support cos its not built for that. my advice, go for the 9.99 phones seeing as they are 10 cheaper and do the same as this, minus the pathetic camera.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 21st Sep 2009
Fair cop, Nick! It's the lowest spec current phone on this website. We don't review the very very cheap ones! And it should be obvious that this is not an in-depth review, but a quick overview!

Reviewed by evan from UAE on 6th Sep 2009
I love my Sony Erickson K330 I have just bought it and it is the most use able Phone that Sony Erickson has to offer!!!

Reviewed by Louise from australia on 31st Aug 2009
lasted about 5months then the key broke

Reviewed by Lilly from England on 14th Aug 2009
I was bery disapointed with this phone. So get the Samsung Tocco Lite like me...

Reviewed by jake from UK on 1st Jun 2009
i had one of these, it depressing

Reviewed by Marcin Wolcendorf from Germany on 21st Feb 2009
The phone is OK as long, as... you don't try to correct your SMSes. There is a critical bug in the software, that makes phone hang hard (you have to remove the battery to make it run again). It surfaces if you follow these steps: Open sms editor, T9 turned on, language English. Start writing. Write two words (any), but DO NOT make any corrections, deletions etc. Move to the very beginning of SMS. Write "." (one dot). Now delete it. Phone just hanged. I've informed SEMC of the bug. The first answer was "you are in Germany, go to the German site" (impolite "f*** off"). The next answer was "We have tested the software throughout, there are no bugs" (polite "f*** off"). Well, SEMC, check again. The phone gets "1" because of the bug and because of a way the SEMC handled the issue.

Reviewed by bob from england on 13th Dec 2008
this fone is the best sony eva!

Reviewed by bb from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
i bought that phone. i`ll bring it back to the dealer. after few hours of operation it switches off automatically. i think probably a bug in software.

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