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Sony Ericsson K300i review

 Review: May 2005  

Last updated September 2006


In a nutshell: Candy bar style phone with VGA camera, video camera & music player.


The Sony Ericsson K300i offers the functionality of the K500i at a lower price, pushing Sony Ericsson's hugely successful "K" range down to the top of the budget camera phone class. The K300i has virtually the same features as the K500i, so read our K500i review for more details, but the only real differences between the two are that the K300i is chunkier (thicker) and slightly heavier and has a smaller screen.

Highlights of the K300i include a built-in camera and video recorder, MP3 player, 3D Java games, a good 65k colour display and a decent 12 Mbytes of memory.

If you can afford a little extra, the K500i is a better phone, but for the price the K300i is very hard to beat. What other phone in this price range can offer these features? At present the K300i is the best in its class. Now replaced by the K310i.

Sony Ericsson K300i features include:

  • Screen: TFT display, 65,536 colours, 128 x 128 pixels
  • Built-in camera with VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and 4x digital zoom
  • Video recorder
  • Sound recorder
  • MP3 player / video player (MPEG4)
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Ringtone composer (MusicDJ™)
  • Voice controls
  • Embedded & downloadable Java games
  • MMS (multimedia messaging) with MMS templates
  • E-mail
  • Predictive text input
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Picture phonebook
  • Organiser
  • Connectivity: USB, Infrared, RS232 cable
  • Sync ML
  • Synchronisation PC
  • Memory: 12 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (GSM 1800, GSM 900, GSM 1900)
  • Size: 100 x 45 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 7 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Sony Ericsson K300i user reviews

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Average rating from 234 reviews:

Reviewed by Omiel Denis from Uganda on 1st Nov 2012
i have used this phone for more than 3 yrs and i have among other things had trouble with the battery and the joystick. Otherwise it's a phone i recommend anybody to use.

Reviewed by UTKARSH from INDIA on 9th May 2012

I am a 18 years old a young boy in my opinion it is a very good handset .its function is like k500i i want to suggest all friends zeba . Sameer hashim owais azam zenub marhaba zeny rehan etc to buy this set .love you zeba shehbab ali

Reviewed by abdulit from UK on 21st Aug 2010
Sony Ericsson K300i. is the best Phone and powerful for eg. you can download Java games and applications like opera mini 4.2 which work fine

Reviewed by Shehbab Ali from UK on 12th Aug 2010
in my oponion it is good handset. but it will more better with a bluetooth support

Reviewed by Erica from UK on 8th Aug 2010
I have a Sony Ericsson K300i. It is awesome- i can take pictures and videos which are all quite good quality and i can listen to music and make my own music as well as recording sounds which is great. But recently i can't send pictures because there is a communication error. I don't think i can send texts either. I tried turning on infrared but it did nothing. What should i do???

Reviewed by attaullah from UK on 31st Mar 2010
This is very GOOD and EXCELLENT mobile

Reviewed by hovsep from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
i lsve sony ericsson

Reviewed by NADEEM ALI from PAKISTAN from UK on 18th Dec 2009
this is the good mb for poor people..it is gava games, applications..camera..also thems..i like it..you like it..

Reviewed by Binny from UK on 22nd Oct 2009
I had this phone in 2006. Due to some keypad problem i sold this phone. But now i want this phone again,because i love this phone. But now the sony ericson has stopped this mobile. Can anybody help to buy this mobile ?

Reviewed by kashif from UK on 18th May 2009
i like this set very much and i have use more more more jani

Reviewed by Macky from UK on 16th Nov 2008
This kind of phone is nice and have a function in each number . . . But it is lock bluethooth. . But the most important is we can communicate other people by using this device. . .

Reviewed by Katherine Swift from UK on 9th Nov 2008
Got my K300i from a friend who got another phone Dec 07. The joystick sticks a lot making it call out and scroll down, to stop it I push it up. On Internet many error pages and "Communication error please contact your service provider," my friend gets this too, the hour glass is on screen for ages b4 this message. Very often photos are blurred. When there are 2 many files it won't charge. I've got a lot of photos, can't find a way to get them on my PC. Phone's 3 yrs old this Dec. 9 Nov 08. Liz Swift

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 15th Oct 2008
Very Good Company. I like Sony Ericsson. Ahsan Ali

Reviewed by spudhead from UK on 31st Aug 2008
the only bad things i have to say about this phone are the memory is to small it doesn't use bluetooth and i experience some problems with turning it on and charging occasinally apart from that its brilliant the camera is fantastic the design is great and you don't need to charge it for about 5 days !

Reviewed by jat from UK on 17th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Ravesh from UK on 14th Aug 2008
K300i has serious display problems. It cannot re-size any image correctly to fit as wallpaper. Its has any zoom function when reviewing image. Too big phone for only sooooo little functions.

Reviewed by francine from UK on 19th Jun 2008
Don't buy it, it's no good. F.i. file transfer via a cable, it's a hassle. Worthless.

Reviewed by DONOVAN from UK on 10th Jun 2008
if your a game love the phone 2 buy its se k300i becouse it is capeble 2 download 3d games n what i hate about it it doenst have a bluetooth

Reviewed by JAZZO from UK on 10th Apr 2008
it iz a sik as phone like seriously ive had it for bout 2 years and its still workin perfect..:)

Reviewed by marek94 from UK on 18th Mar 2008
when i bought this phone i was very excited about it but a few month later the paintings came off and the crowbar didn`t work and ect. Sorry i have got bad english.

Reviewed by sony enterprises marketing manager from UK on 4th Mar 2008
When I bought this phone, I thought I was smart by choosing a cheap phone with a lot of features. What a foolish decision. Its the little things that count..the 'hidden' aspects. Firstly..no USB port/cable, and the infrared plays up too much, and its too weak. Theres no bluetooth, so connectivity is appalling. There dont come any headsets, nor is there a port for standard headsets..u guessed it..u gotta buy the 'sony ericsson headsets'..sheesh. Buttons are too small, and the joystick is a joke. Stereo is ok.Software sux big time...very user-unfreiendly. Vibration is not even noticeable.Camera doesnt even look like 1.3mp. The battery adaptor for recharge has a jack thats made out of plastic...again non standard, and it broke...bloody useless crap...new adaptors are expensive, and u gotta get the "sony ericsson adaptor". The phone gets scratched far too easily. The camera doesnt even have a glass slip or an alternate covering so be extra extra careful with ur phone. y ada yada yada the list goes on and on and on. final thought: if ur getting this phone, only think about using it as a phone..nothing more, nothing less. i think ill go and buy a motorola e398..only $25 more expensive, and it comes with a super cool surround stereo, bluetooth, powerful flashlight, headsets etc etc. i thinkk thats enuf from me lo

Reviewed by will from UK on 16th Feb 2008
this phone is terrible within 2 months the toggle broke, extreamly bad camera quality, do not but it if your going to get a phone make sure its not a sony ericson because the toggle always breaks its happend twice

Reviewed by Hamza Lutaf from UK on 14th Jan 2008
for me k300i is the best mobile and would be until i buy the new one

Reviewed by Bumblegoo from UK on 16th Dec 2007
This phone is the best, i got it a few years ago and even though it did play up abit I LOVE ITT!! Unfortuantly it passed away yesterday but about 2 years is enough. I think there is something wronge with the charger. But anyway i recently bought a LG Chocolate. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. After a day it started messing up. And my first and last resort was my chunky yet magnicent Sony Ericsson. So i used that and yesterday it wouldnt charge and the battery died. So i did what anyone else with a k300i would have done. I cried. And im currently using the LG. Rubbish phone. I cant wait to buy another phone. And something ive learnt from experience. S.e & Nokia. They are actually the only reliable companys when it comes down to phones. Take my advice. NEVER buy a LG chocolate. Put me through soo much trouble.

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 11th Dec 2007
I've had this phone for over two years with no problems at all. The camera quality i quite poor but holds alot of pictures. I have about 15 videos on at the moment which are all quite long in lengh. The keypad takes a bit to get use to but if you've had a S.E phone before you'll get the hang of it. Everything else is average. If you like the phone get it. It'll last you for ages!

Reviewed by LINDA BBE from UK on 5th Dec 2007

Reviewed by Japhal from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
Its a very nice phone , keep up the good work.

Reviewed by ???????? from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
It's a fine phone, APART from a very, very disturbing bug with its contacts: on an incoming call, it doesn't always display the corresponding name even if the name is in the contacts with the correct phone. Example: Contacts A, B, C, D with their phone numbers A1, B1, C1, D1. I get a call from D1, and it displays just D1 (the number), not the name. When the call ends, it asks me whether I want to save the number. I save it again in the same spot, and in the call register I now see D, but then the C-C1 correlation is lost. The firmware probably has some very idiotic hash algorithm to match numbers with names. There isn't any upgrade, since the phone is old now.

Reviewed by Chewy from UK on 12th Oct 2007
This phone is very low quality and has a very bad microphone and speaker. Plus the USB cable is sold sepratly.....

Reviewed by sush from UK on 29th Sep 2007
good phone but the problem is it doesn't hAve expandable memory............

Reviewed by nicole from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
I've had two of these 'phones now, and both have had the joy-stick break. Shame, because otherwise, its really great.

Reviewed by _-_-_-_- from UK on 17th Sep 2007
Nice 4ne, multimedia utilities needs improvement. FFWardin in music player missin Screen not bright and clear enough

Reviewed by entity from UK on 16th Sep 2007
it's a great phone but just because of it's shape it failed in the market

Reviewed by moi from UK on 14th Sep 2007
This phone is absolutely amazing for the price I got mine two years ago and i have never had a problem with it. The MP3 player Is SIK. I can honestly say that i have never in the two years that i had it had to read the manual. It is sooooo easy to oprerate. Yes we all know that the memory isn't that good but hey which phone do you know that is this cheap (in price) and does all of the things that the k300i does Truly an outstanding phone Word of warning: NEVER GET ANY KIND OF MOTOROLA *Peace*

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 6th Sep 2007
I've had this phone for one year now, and I should have spent my money on a better one. I have to recharge my phone every day, the cover slips off every time I put it in my pocket, the camera and sound are very weak... Also, the noise of the keypad! You won't go unnoticed if you decide to text someone with this phone.

Reviewed by Toni from UK on 16th Aug 2007
Its a good phone but after a few months the analogue stick starts going funny. the sound and picture qulaity is also very poor. it is however virtually indestructable! i have dropped my phone so many times and even left it in my pokcet when i went swimming in a lake(i forgot it was in ther!) It has excelletn internet though. The phone would be better if it had more memory so i could hold more than 3 mp3s!

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 31st Jul 2007
Ive had a k300i for a few years and its never broken or anything. its really good!

Reviewed by Vita from UK on 18th Jul 2007
I love it!

Reviewed by katie from UK on 16th Jul 2007
it is a good phone but there isnt very much phone menory on it

Reviewed by Nahum from UK on 15th Jul 2007
This Fone is the best cheap fone that you can get. I had this phone for 3 years and I think it is fantastic!! Nowadays you can get it cheap as well and it isnt that far behind the times to make it obselete. If you want a cheap but great fone, this is the one to get!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 6th Jul 2007
This is a rubbish phone DO NOT BUY IT. It is hard to use and has useless features. I got it for 50 pounds and it is not worth 10. It was a waste of money and i would strongly urge you not to but it. IT SUCKS, i would give it less than one star if i could.

Reviewed by Ravi from UK on 1st Jul 2007
The biggest disadvantage is we are not able to see the phone numbers saved in SIM and phone book together

Reviewed by cicinho from UK on 1st Jul 2007
beatifull k300i

Reviewed by Tilanka Wanasinghe from UK on 29th Jun 2007
When i saw this phone on the market, i was amazed by the features it had in comparision to the low price. When i bought this phone and got to use it i found out that the camera quality was very low and the space was not enough, and the analouge was disabled after 6 months or so. I do no recommend the phone, i regret buying it.

Reviewed by swaminathan iyer from UK on 28th Jun 2007
it is exelent

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 26th Jun 2007
This phone's screen is no good outdoors in the sunlight, you can barely see anything. Also, the vibrate mode is so weak that you can't feel it even if you are walking around with your phone in your pocket and get a call.

Reviewed by ed ashwell from UK on 24th Jun 2007
would be an awesom fone if it had bluetooth and more memory or a memory card slot!

Reviewed by monir from UK on 24th Jun 2007
thise model is good and i happy for your prodect sony ericsson k300 is good for iran students's.

Reviewed by nitin mathur from UK on 19th Jun 2007
i m using this ph these days, i want to tell you that these ph has only main problem of JOY STICK. THE joystick of this ph is not reliable. joy stick usually fail to work.

Reviewed by Nayeem from UK on 18th Jun 2007
Its speech quality is good, ring tone, graphical displays are good,slim mobile. The mobile is good with compare to price. But it has some limitation , it doosnt have bluetooth & network problem.

Reviewed by Bayar Tripura from UK on 10th Jun 2007
I am reading claas xii .I love very much sony ericsson mobile.

Reviewed by Dan Matthews from UK on 9th Jun 2007
it is a good start up phone and is best for getting people who have never used a phone started. it is quick and simple to use but as i am now a expert i need a phone with a bit more!!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 4th Jun 2007
had this phone a long while now and the thing that really bugs me is the joystick. It never works. I try to push it downwards and it clicks the button beneath so if i'm trying to scroll through menus it just selects the first option all the time. Very frustrating.

Reviewed by Ajith from UK on 22nd May 2007
Very nice model. Easy use

Reviewed by suhas from UK on 11th May 2007
yaaaa this best mobile phone for me. currently i am using that but one problem i had seen in this model is its joystic. it doesnt work properly after 1 year approximate

Reviewed by nah from UK on 2nd May 2007
i bought this phone in easter 2006 for the bargain price of 39... and i still have been disappointed, apart from the fact that it doesn't have bluetooth. i've even dropped it down the toilet (don't ask...) and its managed to survive!! the only thing is that the toggle key has started to wear a bit but for a phone that is a year old and has been used constantly i am yet to be failed by it.

Reviewed by Gilbert from UK on 26th Apr 2007
i think D k300i is great but d joystick is giving me trouble and this disappoints me a lot and i'm only 15. with this i would prefer a nokia

Reviewed by Lazakostas from UK on 26th Apr 2007
this mobile is the worst mobile phone i have ever seen.But i like its camera[VGA].

Reviewed by yogesh from UK on 25th Apr 2007
hate it

Reviewed by Baby from UK on 24th Apr 2007
All I want to say is "PERFECT". I love it . Keep up the good work Song.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 20th Apr 2007
no memory space and not the best camara

Reviewed by abdul rehman from pakistan from UK on 17th Apr 2007
i think it is great phone...it has very good camera quality...easy to use...it is outstanding phone but there is one problem in the phone is that we cannot stick memory card otherwise it is outstanding phone and very cheapest of his great qualitys and strength against other mobiles.....among his quality,strenghts and price i forgot of his weakness....

Reviewed by Ammar from UK on 9th Apr 2007
I promise that this phone is good to be used. I would really like you to have one of these phones, but the problem is that the memory of that phone is a little bit low.But i think it will do and it is a small light phone and easy to hold in a hand not like a brick like p910i and a p800 and and my old phone razr v3 with a rubbish 5 mbytes phone which its rating is good but to me it is 1 star.Im giving this great possesion a 4 star only because of the memory, but the other things are brilliant. It will be good if you get a k300i.The price is worth it around 50/60 quid,a good bargain. Thank you your sincerely Ammar (13)from Bolton but now in pakistan for a little holiday. Bye

Reviewed by prankster from UK on 9th Apr 2007
with my battery, i only be able to talk about 7 minutes only not 7 hours.... the sound effect of the camera is noisy and cannot changed it....

Reviewed by man from UK on 5th Apr 2007
it is really lousy but it survived a fall from e 7 floor of a hotel and survived "swimming"in a pail fll of water for 10 seconds but after dat it jammed and ports handsfree profile kept appearing onscreen. im due to buy a w850i phone now

Reviewed by UMARU MOHAMMED GARBA from UK on 4th Apr 2007
i appriciat k300i so much thanks

Reviewed by ages_devil from UK on 30th Mar 2007
this mobile is great for its price, i'm having it now for 2 years, the only problem is the joystick.

Reviewed by magesh from UK on 23rd Mar 2007
I hate that mobile because its low memory (12 MB).

Reviewed by misterpirat from UK on 14th Mar 2007
i hav one like that it is very good phone but the problem is that there is not memory card

Reviewed by :) from UK on 5th Mar 2007
I've had this phone a year or two now? But it's still managing to just about keep up with my friends phones, plus it's a much better price. It can take just about any level of bashing about, as with just about all S.E and has been thrown and dropped many a times and still works fine. It does everything expected of it and more for the price. Love it! One thing I would change though, are the buttons - too clicky! Just about everyone in the room knows if you're sending a text...But apart from that it's the BEST!

Reviewed by adrian bailey from UK on 3rd Mar 2007
this phone is one of the best phone u can fine it mp3 player music system sound very clare and it have alot of memory

Reviewed by x x Jenna x x from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
this fone is fantastic but i have to say that it has not got enough memory. i can only hold 2 songs on it and the camera is not very good. i cant wait to get my new fone this weekend!!!!!

Reviewed by syazwan from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
add memorie please

Reviewed by Debz from UK on 19th Feb 2007
I have had this phone for over a year and its prety cool for the low price. But it could have bluetooth and bigger memory 12mb goes quickly lol. But now my little sis has it and i have a sony ericsson W300i

Reviewed by sucky fone from UK on 13th Feb 2007
this fone is dump

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
I have problems alwasy that I want to connect to radio, I have to plug and unplug the antena(earplugs) several times to make the conection. I hate it I like the phone but htis is bad

Reviewed by Rahmathullah from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
i used this phone.not bad. but when i was using this phone the joy pad broke.so please do something about this phone. And i almost like 2 this phone. thank u

Reviewed by j from UK on 31st Jan 2007
g8 phone i have it myself i find it very useful and i love it its g8

Reviewed by GOURAV SAHNI from UK on 22nd Jan 2007

Reviewed by srinath from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
this is good mobile to the people who love's music bcoz it's audio is clear and it has fine headset that exactly fits to our ears the only drawback is that it's camera is not low pixel resolution finally it is a good mobile

Reviewed by Moktan from UK on 20th Jan 2007
Indeed, it is the best deal to go for K300i cellphone as it has got all the required features at low price. The sound quality is superb and far far better than any other costly fone.It is really worth buying.

Reviewed by Andee from UK on 17th Jan 2007
This fone my friend for last one and half year. Very user friendly and good battery time. I rating this fone in this price range tottaly outstanding

Reviewed by frank mgunda from UK on 17th Jan 2007
the phone is well equiped but need a more space in its memory and enhacement multimedia

Reviewed by Tomek from UK on 16th Jan 2007
It's a lovelt phone. Ilove it becouse its small and cheap. now my friend lost it so I'm trying to buy a new one. I have not seen it for almost 1 year.

Reviewed by mayur from UK on 16th Jan 2007
ya its good, but we have to face some problems in its keypad & joystick!!!

Reviewed by GEM from UK on 15th Jan 2007
SO cool

Reviewed by dusan from UK on 15th Jan 2007
I like my SE K300i very much,this is the best mobile you can get for a small amount of money.By it and use with joy

Reviewed by helllo from UK on 14th Jan 2007
sony ericsson k300i is a good phone its easy to use and long last battery

Reviewed by asad from UK on 13th Jan 2007
i have it some months earlier n used 4 only 2 months..... but as my point of view its not too good fone!!!!!!

Reviewed by Niranjan from UK on 11th Jan 2007
K300i is a good fon. If you ask any problem with this fon then i will tell you only 2 problem which i have noticed: 1. The camera is of low resolution, but it is better for those who need camera only for fun. 2. The inbuilt12 MB memory which cannot be increased and 12MB is not enough for fon which have MP3 player, Video recorder etc. But still i love my K300i as it has other exelent functions.

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 10th Jan 2007
I now have the Sony Ericsson k300i.It worked well for me.It's small size and all the other features are great.I loved it.I had it about two months and then I was really upset to find out that it had battery problems and it was always freezing up.Of course that might just be my phone,it has a small memory,so thats not too good.I am now looking for a new Sony Ericsson phone.I'm thinking about buying the 610i.I'M KIND OF SAD ABOUT REPLACIONG IT.Well the point is the k300i has nice pictures,ok sounds but kind of dull games,and you should buy it!!!

Reviewed by Sonja from UK on 10th Jan 2007
I think the phone is great!Even though I had some problems with the battery,that does not mean that it's not a good phone.It has a nice camera,but small meory.Alltough I think that it isn't important.you should get this phone because it's really worth it.

Reviewed by George Fordham from UK on 7th Jan 2007
this phone is great i have had it for about 4 months now and it really suits my needs. it has a long battery life and lots of feutures. not having bluetooth is a downside and if you think your going to put music on it then your wrong! it has a very small memory for an mp3 player but it is fine for texts and phonebook. overall i would say this phone is great value for money!

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 20th Dec 2006
This is the second Sony Ericsson I have owned, and the directional controller eventually fails (after 13 months on both). The power connector for the charger also get quite flakey. Since this is after fairly moderate use, I have to wonder about the quality. The 12Mb memory really isn't enough either. You go get decent games though. Overall I won't be getting another Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by the lone emperor from UK on 13th Dec 2006
I've had this phone for over a year, it was very good for value, okay it didn't have good memory, but i was able to install 3 songs( if i had lose i wouldn't have time to listen to them all), it's sought of wared down now, it likes to turn itself of or doesn't want to turn on if it is charging so i'm upgrading to a d600

Reviewed by Senuwan from UK on 7th Dec 2006
This fone is great for use! Actually this is my First Fone I was surprised with some of the features on the Fone Especially Internet! It can browse Web Site More quickly Including WAP and HTML sites. I use Fone for Check My Emails Daily instead of My PC. But Fone have a little bit of memory 12MB It's too less. If It's can attach Memory cards & Bluetooth, It's may become great However it's easy to use. its look nice and handy! Another Problem of this Fone is, its camera Especially Night mood isn't clear at all And It's has low resolutions However Video is great! Great! Yep Of course..I really like to use this Fone instead of thinking a new fone! So I'd like to Give 5 Rates for this Phone!!!

Reviewed by heny from UK on 6th Dec 2006
too bad no slot for additional memory--but overall it's really a good phone. wise to buy, not expensive but basic and intermediate features are available. one more, the buttons are too small. my fingers not used to click on it. the good points: mp3, mp4, infrared, usb. ok.

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 10th Nov 2006
I think that this little fone is amazing!! infared connectivity, vga camera, 65k screen, mp3 player!! ive had mine for 1 year and im not changing it for a long time! It is such a good price for such a good fone!! im glad that I got it. I would highly recommend that you purchase this fone soon!!

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 9th Sep 2006
yeah dude ive like had this fone for bout a year now, ok well like a year and a week and yeah its lasted me, but ive now got to go out nd buy a new fone, cos out of nowhere it just randomly started crashing on me. like the screen keeps freezing for no reason. and all this dust and stuff has gotten inside the little joy-stick thingy and now when i try and move it down, like to read the rest of a txt message it ends up thinkin ive pressed it in and thefone starts ringing the person that sent the txt, i was like oh no and had to hang up, but it wudnt hang up cos it had crashed out again, and i didnt perticularly wanna tlk to the person hu had sent the txt, so i had to take out the battery as a last resort. im sooo sick of its little crash attacks, this fone is evil EVIL. but hey wen i got it it was amazing, i was like ooooh pertyness i love it, for about 11 months, its only started acting up recently, so yeah buy it, cos its good for the price and everything, but dont expect it to last you for more than a year, cos the stupid little buttons cant handle all the dust and stuff...but hey if you live in a bubble i guess that isnt a problem :D

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