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Sony Ericsson G700

 In a nutshell  

3G phone with 3.2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, radio, memory card & Bluetooth.


The G700 was never fully released in the UK. Please see the user reviews below for more information.

Sony Ericsson G700 user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it. This is a review site, not a forum, so please don't just ask questions. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 52 reviews:

Reviewed by manish from india on 3rd Aug 2013
very irritating in operation...dump file..emergency calls..whats all this

Reviewed by Akhtar from pakistan on 25th Mar 2012
its nice but having little bit slowly.

Reviewed by Rajasekaran from India on 25th Dec 2011
Language option is poor. can't load new language

Reviewed by loga from india on 25th Dec 2011
put better speker

Reviewed by vishal from india on 4th Nov 2011
this handset is the worst creation of SE. ii am astonished that why there is no any action taken by SE about its malfunctionality.

Reviewed by eriol from Philippines on 8th Jun 2011
it is definitely a unique kind of phone but i have using it for the past days and this problem occurred no network coverage im working on a tower and usually i have a network with my other phone but this phone really sucks when i need a txt or call i cant received it because of network failure....

Reviewed by DI from Indonesia on 30th Dec 2010
never buy this one.. it so laggy phone, not smartphone too many application its not supported to this phone

Reviewed by Wayne Van Mesia from Philippines on 20th Dec 2010
I think this phone is not intended for our country(Philippines). If you browse the the date settings or area you can't find Philippines but rather use China or Hongkong. Another problem there will be no network signal is if you turn off the 3G and use GSM only. If you are going to use GSM and 3G it will just give you a very low network signal. Your signal will be lost inside buildings. This phone is not recommended.

Reviewed by BHAVISH from Oman on 14th Nov 2010
Good phone.

Reviewed by Angel from INDIA on 30th Oct 2010
it's not perfect but very useful but my advise is that dont't bye this product

Reviewed by Anu from India on 22nd Oct 2010
Never buy this one..

Reviewed by Prasath from India on 23rd Sep 2010
Stupid phone. The touch screen is not working. Too slow. No update services for this phone and there is no support at all from sony ericssion.

Reviewed by R.D. from India on 18th Sep 2010
G700's a nce. Phone...especially its camera...plays many kindz of formats used for offices...sound'z gud...past 1.5 year seems no problem in d device, but its touchscreen malfunctioned but automatically got well in 3 days...i tried to find out wat happened? Its seems dat the device is moisture-sensitive...so keep ur device dry..........its awesome...!

Reviewed by Ian JOhn from Malaysia on 25th Aug 2010
G700 is a good smartphone. I been using it since 5 mth ago. The phone is really good indeed. BUT, I already sick and tired with this phone. The main problem that keeps annoying me: 1: Task Manager, pop up whenever i was texting or calling someone. And also, its so annoying while browsing the internet. 2: Touchscreen malfunction. I think UIQ3 system in this phone is uselees. I can't write any note, even to scroll the main menu 3: Camera doesn't work properly, I use different size of M2 card from 256MB to 1GB but still, i have to pull it out and re-insert it again. That all i have to do whenever i wish take a photo. I have tried some different brand of M2 card and Im still facing the same problem..:-( 4:Dump file created, should I have this kind of useless thing? and how about my internal memory? I wish this phone was built with advanced technology but it seem like i have to turn myself to others...totally S@#$k

Reviewed by emad from iran on 4th Aug 2010
the best of mobile is G700. I love G700 and sony ericsson mobiles.

Reviewed by GSP from India on 11th Jul 2010
Never buy this phone. Ever. Stupid thing shuts down by itself atleast 5 times a day on average. The net connection is always slow. Now the loudspeaker has stopped working. If I could, I would throw this phone down and stamp on it till it is smashed to tiny little pieces! Trash. That is all this phone is.

Reviewed by poorna from india on 29th Jun 2010
worst phone, failure model touch screen never works , i changed it 5 times my friends phone also smae story, sony has to announce this as failure model and buy back all the G 700

Reviewed by Subhransu from INDIA on 13th Jun 2010
after using this phn for 6 mnths i've to admit dat dis is a piece of junk and it was my worst mistake to buy this phone being tempted by its touchscreen without knowing anythng abt it.just a couple of mnths later it stopped working.i rushed to se care and aftr 38 days i got my phn back! now the touchscreen again refuses to work-anywhere i tap the screen,it opens task manager.besides this it has an awful speaker.music is loud but sounds husky at top volume with xtra treeble.it runs on the useless UIQ3 system which puts the phn to hang a lot.every now and then it restarts sayin dump file created or application closed etc.phn memory gradually increases without utilising it anywhere.so i have to reset it every month losing all msgs stored(i have the back up of contact or notes on d mem crd).through hdphn music is mediocre as it belongs to sony and should have a better quality.the only good thing about dis phn is it has a good camera and the flash is also very powerfull.without 3 g network net is very slow as it doesn't have edge.sound of earpiece is so low that u may not even hear what d caller is sayin.one of my friend also has this useless creation and he faces the same problems too as i stated.i was a die hard fan of sony but after using this it will be a long time untill i buy sony again.with a big smile i want to smash ths phn by thor's hammer for wasting my money and time.

Reviewed by peter from varna,bulgaria on 6th May 2010
aaaaaaaaghhhhhhh i hate this phone.It's showing me no network or emergency calls only , and i'm unable to receive calls, just nothing..!*(%$#^(@#_ and i have problems with the speakers, my touch screen stoped working (it works time to time)

Reviewed by Martin Gruber from Austria on 22nd Feb 2010
I like this phone but am not happy with the clarity of the speaker. Often sounds like poor reception etc. Have had it in to the supplier several times but no real improvement. Otherwise phone can be slow but I like the diary and write mode. Don't need a lot of the facilities but what's new, this applies to probably 80% of phone users! Anybody had the same speaker problem?

Reviewed by Keziah from England, London init famalam on 30th Jan 2010
this phone is good, but you might as well get the SE g900. better design, 2 different colours, better features. (e.g. a 5mp camera and touch autofocus) However, both phones are really good. i like the fact they both have the option of using the touchscreen, or using the phone like a normal non-touchscreen phone. Great value (:

Reviewed by jess from Malaysia on 26th Dec 2009
never regret bought any SE phone before this but this time i am so regret to have this G700 model. touchscreen not even function. so slow & i can't even hear voice clearly when talking on the phone. i hate this model. i prefer my previous SE K530i... i am so disappointed with SE..

Reviewed by Grace Ho from Singapore on 25th Dec 2009
Do not buy this phone model. I had only bought it for 1 year and the touchscreen is malfunctioning. It was still working until it suddenly stop having the touch function. After reading what can be done to "unlock" and "re-enable" the touchscreen, I realised alot of people are having the same problem as me and they had a worse experience as their phone are less than a year old and Ericsson took forever to get the touchscreen repaired. If you are to avoid any heartache regarding a newly purchased phone being spoilt, I suggest you avoid the phone until Ericsson managed to find what is wrong with the phone's touchscreen and get a new batch of lasting phones out.

Reviewed by Amir from CANADA on 20th Dec 2009
My mom got this for my birthday and it was fantastic at first, i got a lot of attention but now it spontaneously restarts, sometimes it just wont start and i've notced before that the camera wouldnt activate or an application would freeze on me.. it lags, its slow, camera was good, and i loved the notepad application. if it was flawlessly engineered and had no mehanical problems it would have been my last phone.

Reviewed by Nina from NORWAY on 5th Oct 2009
Not a big fan. Touch screen stopped working after only a few months. And the keys get scratched very easily, making it look old and tattered and cheap. Also it is quite slow.

Reviewed by Dr.Kusumakar Pandey from India on 28th Sep 2009
Very good mobile phone but touch screen is not very robust and stable .I 've sent my phone to service center and it have not been repair from a month, that is ,poor service , but overall it is perfact. Love this phone.

Reviewed by Suhas from India on 18th Sep 2009
It is a very nice phone.. Very easy to use.. Excellent music and camera.. And am in love for it.. Features are superb.. But somehow it brings with it a lot of problems.. 1. Touchscreen stopped working.. Where ever you point task manager opens.. Got it repaired once.. Now again.. 2. Some prob with bluetooth.. Sometimes you just cant send anythin.. If these probs can be fixed its a really amazing phone.. Now even with my touchscreen malfunctioning, its comfortable to use still.. Gotta see wat the sony pple ll do this time.. Finally the advice is dont buy this phone.. Think its production is also stopped by now..

Reviewed by Des from Indonesia on 19th Aug 2009
I just bought this phone 4 day ago,it has great feature but yes,its very very slow phone..

Reviewed by Rajneesh Raina from India on 10th Aug 2009
The phone has excellent features with the worst touchscreen.I purchased one started facing problems with its TOUCHSCREEN in 3 months of very normal use,hardly 10 calls per day....got it repaired under warranty.. Now again the touchscreen has become very erratic, when I click on an icon something unpredictable happens,Again I will be rushing to the service centre as the warranty period in about to end.

Reviewed by din from malaysia on 23rd Jul 2009
two words ---> luv it!!

Reviewed by Rajeev from India on 26th Jun 2009
sometimes gets bit slow otherwise really nice phone.

Reviewed by payal from India on 19th Jun 2009
its a good phone i dint find much pblms in it

Reviewed by Zubair Alam from India on 3rd Jun 2009
I am not able to stop the BlackBarry Service in my G700 Mobile. when i click on the blink BlackBarry service mobile stop functioning and service did not closed from the main screen. Then i have to switch off and switch on again. This service is still running on main screen.

Reviewed by Oviado from England on 1st Jun 2009
This phone is released in the UK on several networks. It's ok, but lacks touch screen effects.

Reviewed by tom from england on 29th May 2009
quite a good phone, not recommended my touch screen stopped working dont no why great features but lots of problems

Reviewed by peace_courage from sinagpore on 22nd May 2009
DO NOT BUY SONY ERICSON G700. IT IS A PEACE OF JUNK. I BOUGHT THIS AS A BIRTH DAY GIFT TO MY WIFE, AND ENDED UP WITH RUNNING AROUND LOCAL SERVICE CENTER. ON VERY FIRST DAY WHEN I OPENED BOX IN HOME, CAME TO KNOW SPEAKER IS NOT WORKING, WHEN I RUSHED TO SERVICE CENTER THEY TOLD IT DOESN'T COME UNDER WARRANTY. So i had to pay S$25 to replace speaker. After 7 days it is getting restarted. Every minute it gets restarted. I may have to bring it back to service center. DON'T BUY SONY ERICKSON G700. IT IS PEACE OF JUNK. THIS WAS Fist time i had switched to Sony Erickson from Nokia. and this will be the last. I am going to switch over to NOKIA again. I am going take a heavy hammer and break this handphone in to pieces peacefully... and smilingly... I hate sony ericson... who manufacture a peace of junk and sold it to me. Mean while if anybody have any idea to overcome this problem quickly post te solution before i smash this G700 phone.

Reviewed by jewel from Philippines on 17th May 2009
this phone sucks. i just bought it last week and bought a 8gb memory so i can download stuff. i plugged it on the usb of my laptop and it won't stop restarting ever since! i don't know what to do with it anymore. even if i unplug it, take the battery off and return it, it's still restarting automatically after a few seconds. i'm gonna return it to the store now.

Reviewed by Mariana from Philippines on 6th May 2009
The phone's great. Very awesome features. Just that my g700's touchscreen now isn't working properly. I dunno what to do with it. The screen clicks when tapped but still, it doesn't work. Great phone though. It's still manageable with its touchscreen feature malfunctioning. LOL. I love Sony! The Best products!

Reviewed by blue from philippines on 14th Apr 2009
hi im a SE user bout a week now i bought g700 and its really great its awesome great functions feature and so easy to use i havent facing any promblem with this unit.

Reviewed by Deiva from India on 1st Apr 2009
Hi, I have also the same problem. Especially the stand-by memory is increasing around 90-95 kb for every photo taken. Even if u delete the photo, stand by memory wont decrease. Once stand-by reaches 1MB, after that it will be increasing in the range of 2MB, 3 MB and so on for 10 photos taken. U just check it whether is it increasing like this for u also. When I surrounded my handset in SE service center they couldnt solve ;-( Regards Deiva

Reviewed by umer from malaysia on 5th Mar 2009
its outstanding, better than clumsy n series nokia.

Reviewed by disappointed23 from Philippines on 10th Feb 2009
I just bought my phone 2 months ago. At first I thought it would probably be my last phone, I thought it was because of its candy bar make, the large toughscreen, properly set-up keys, 3.2MP camera and the notepad. I got greatly disappointed when this mobile phone suddenly restarted without me clicking anything. what made it even worst, was that it would never stop restarting. it had been open for several seconds then restart again. It says, Application Error e_sock_smswap; reason code: User; 21. If you guys there know anything on how to troubleshoot this.. please please help (also to those from Sony Ericsson). This is a far worst experience ever with a Sony Ericsson phone.

Reviewed by somya from india on 30th Jan 2009
Hi No doubt the mobile phone G700 is excellent But I am facing a problem in my cell phone Sony Ericsson G700. The problem is that it is showing wrong memory..the phone memory is getting used up day by day as i'm using my cell, whether i listen to songs or i click photographs or use any other application!! There are different areas where the memory is used up in the phone memory like: Media files Camera Messaging Contacts Standby etc.. The camera memory is used up when i click photos and with it Stand by memory also fills but when i delete those photographs camera memory becomes zero but Standy still shows the same incremented value!!! The problem in my cell is that this standby memory fills. I'm not able to figure out where is this memory utilised?? The memory fills up gradually and consequently the whole 160 mb (phone memory) gets exhausted within no time. Kindly solve this problem.

Reviewed by Michaela from England on 19th Jan 2009
My mate has this and it is ace for music and camera BUY IT NOW!

Reviewed by Soon from Malaysia on 19th Dec 2008
Poor coverage and lagging. not recommend to buy this phone.

Reviewed by edceldran from phils on 9th Dec 2008
This is such a delightful gadget... you would always look forward to holding it again and again. I like personally the itouch feel and user interface and all other Sony Ericsson features we have been enjoying eversince. For function and style - G700 is a must-have!

Reviewed by ledgee from uk on 2nd Dec 2008
grear fone . and easy to use

Reviewed by sathya from india on 18th Nov 2008
Nice and cute mobile.... simply superb...

Reviewed by Levior from India on 29th Oct 2008

Reviewed by niyati from india on 16th Oct 2008
sony's best. Music and Cam is outstanding.

Reviewed by nicky from ireland on 16th Sep 2008
music is simply a joy,go get it!

Reviewed by bubsy from ireland on 13th Sep 2008
if u like gud cameras,go 4 dis!

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