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Sony Ericsson G502 review

 Review: October 2008  

Last updated November 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A lightweight 3G phone with a classic design, user-friendly keypad and a good range of features.


Sony Ericsson have a lot of mid-range 3G handsets that all look pretty much the same, and at first glance the G502 seems to be just another one. Its specs are very similar to the K660i, for example, and it looks quite similar to the K660i too. But the clue to the G502's purpose is the G in its model number. The "G" range is PDA-flavoured, and G series phones include plenty of tools for organising your life.

The G502 is good for mobile emailing, with a nice functional keypad, push email (messages are sent directly to your phone as soon as they arrive) and support for Exchange ActiveSync®. This allows you to synchronise the phone with Microsoft Exchange on your PC, so you can manage your email accounts whether you're at the PC or on the go. With HSDPA giving you download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, you can easily send and receive emails with attachments.

The G502 is also a good platform for accessing the web. As well as a web browser, the phone supports RSS feeds via handy RSS widgets. There's also a built-in weather application that shows you 3-day weather forecasts, wherever you happen to be. With Google Maps, blogging support, and easy access to Google search, the G502 provides a rich environment for mobile information access.

The display is of high quality, but we would have liked a larger screen than the 2.0 inches provided. This would make the web access just a little easier.

As well as the mobile internet and messaging applications, the G502 has a 2 megapixel camera. This produces acceptable results, although it cannot compete with the cameras on high-end phones. The phone also has a good media player and an FM radio with RDS. Memory is limited to 32 Mbytes, but the phone can also accept memory cards up to 4 GB. Connectivity is by USB cable or wireless Bluetooth. Finally, battery life seems to be excellent.

The G502 is not an expensive phone, being priced at under the £100 mark, or free on contract at around £20 per month. It's a good phone for anyone looking for mobile email & mobile web in addition to other standard features, but like so many Sony Ericssons, it has a tendency to switch itself off or to report errors such as "inactive sim card."

Sony Ericsson G502 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Video capture, 3G video calling
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.0 inches)
  • Music player with PlayNow™, TrackID™
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Speakerphone
  • Polyphonic ringtones / Music tones
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, instant messaging
  • 3D Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro support (up to 4 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Internet: WAP 2.0, Web browser, RSS feeds, HSDPA
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900) plus 3G (UMTS 2100) HSDPA
  • Size: 103 x 46 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 84g
  • Talktime: 4.5 hours (3G) - 9 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 330 hours

Sony Ericsson G502 user reviews

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Average rating from 102 reviews:

Reviewed by sethunya from botswana on 10th Jul 2014
my sony g502 phone is not working it switches on then off after giving me the sony sign,what could be the problem

Reviewed by naveen kumar.p from india(visakhapatnam) on 14th Jun 2014
It's light weight but very problems i have ever seen .battery back up was too worst within 1hour i phone was shutdown.youtube was not support anyway it was too worst phone i had.

Reviewed by nithyananda km from india on 17th Sep 2013
i love my phone very much I using my search engine through opera mini next and UC9.2

Reviewed by dr muhamad sheen kakande from uganda kampala.kyazanga on 11th Dec 2012
G502 is very good in every thing thank u sony company

Reviewed by Ruth from Uk on 13th Jun 2012
I have this phone it didn't switch off... however its ok.. i want a new phone though all my friends have I phones, blackberry's the works and im left with this brick cos i cant afford to buy a decent phone. -_-

Reviewed by Pain from Bangladesh on 21st May 2012
Good phone

Reviewed by Raja from India on 19th Apr 2012
Xlent phone in its range but only drawback is it restarting frequently.. while making call you could be screwed.,,

Reviewed by Saurya from India on 28th Jan 2012
Dis is 1 f da greatest fones i've ever used... I had bought it in '08, nd its wrking xcelntly till now. Its only prblm is its auto restart issue!!

Reviewed by sal from india on 2nd Jan 2012

Reviewed by Dilshad ahmad from india on 15th Dec 2011
good i like it

Reviewed by Jeffery from Taiwan on 7th Dec 2011
This phone really sucks. It reboots at least once a day and lags like crazy when preforming simple tasks such as making a call.

Reviewed by nas from uk on 21st Nov 2011
it is a rubbish phone.

Reviewed by Sachin from India on 17th Nov 2011
I am using G502 from last 2 yrs. Its frequenty get hang. When call is going on it gets restart suddenly. Also many times it gets restart even when its on stanby. Sony ericsson sholud test their handsets carefully before launching. As I have seen many reviews on this site stating that many people facing the same kind of issue with this handset.

Reviewed by PRAMOD from India on 3rd Nov 2011
this phone works xlent!

Reviewed by Narendrs Rajput from India on 22nd Oct 2011
Superb mobile .

Reviewed by Jhon avery from United kingdom on 22nd May 2011
I found this phone easy to use and great for my social life, the keypad is great for emails and messages and the speaker offers very good quality for conversations, the mobile internet is great for when you're out and about as it offers great speed and supirior connectivity. This phone also has track id, i like this because im a music person and if i hear a song i don't know i can find out who the artist is all in all this phone is great and i would recommend it to anyone,

Reviewed by Charan from INDIA on 28th Mar 2011
I have been using this phone for the past two years...It has got good features good camera and display clarity...But it hangs very frequently and many times...The speaker has got very low volume level...I strongly recommend not to buy this phone....

Reviewed by pratap from india on 19th Mar 2011
sony should be banned for looting people

Reviewed by vivian Dbritto from India on 18th Mar 2011
I am using sony G502 from last 3 month. All features of these fhone are really exellent, but main problem of these fone is screen going blank at any time.

Reviewed by emanuil todorov from bulgaria on 25th Dec 2010

Reviewed by Brendon from Australia on 19th Nov 2010
The sont ericsson g502 is the most useless ph i have ever had my last 3 ph have been all sony ericsson's and never had a problem with them till the g502 came along freezing, turning off, heating up and screen goin blank i wouldn't recomend it to anybody discusted with sony ericsson this might make me change my make of ph from sony ericsson to another brand

Reviewed by Sandeep singh from India on 8th Nov 2010
I am using thir phone from last year (This phone is Best phone) If anyone want the best phone than this is the "BEST+ONE+PHONE"

Reviewed by tejas from INDIA on 31st Oct 2010
very good phone. once you get the newer firmware that is r1fa037 or rifb001, no freezing problem. I use it to connect to internet continuously for 2-3 days (for downloading files upto 4-5 GB), it works great without disconnecting or getting freezed even once.

Reviewed by Dr. Prakash from India on 10th Oct 2010
I am using this phone since last couple of years. Freezing problem can be solved. 1. Insert bigger memory card (>2 gb). 2. Move all data on memory card 3. Remove memory card. Do Master Reset. 4. Insnrt memory card. Dont keep any data on phone memory. Phone will not freez.

Reviewed by arturas from lithuania on 6th Sep 2010
the SONY ERICSSON G502 is absoliutly usless. the worst phone I ever had.then u vanna do something on it its doesn works. I strongly wont recomend to anyone.

Reviewed by salilankk from India on 4th Sep 2010
This is an awesome phone for internet&emails other than calling&textmessaging regardless of its freezing.

Reviewed by ramesh from india on 5th Aug 2010
sony e G502 not display

Reviewed by Anna from NZ on 1st Aug 2010
Haven't reached 4 months I encountered problems of switching itself off and can't send messages. I won't recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Victoria from New Zealand on 30th Jul 2010
I like it and don't like this phone. It does the job most the time. I don't use it for much else but texting. I have the same problem as everyone else..freezing and switching on and off by itself. Usually when receiving messages, it takes about 5mins before it's up and running again. Usually after stateing it doesn't have a sim card in it. This is very annoying. Be a good phone if you don't want to use it for anything overly important such as a business phone.

Reviewed by Charlotte from United Kingdom on 17th Jun 2010
THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD. When i need to use it it switches off. When i need the sim card it says there isn't one. when i put in a memory card it doesn't work. ANYTHING I DO ON THIS PHONE DOESN'T WORK.

Reviewed by matts khojim from Indonesia on 2nd May 2010
I bought this phone about 3 month ago. If restart automatically, upgrade your firmware to R1FA037 with A2uploader. It can fix your restart problem.

Reviewed by Sangeetha from India-chennai on 12th Apr 2010
24 dec 2009. Model G502. Wen i 1st first bought it. It was awesome. Later a week, my phone restarts automatically. I had gone to sony service centre, they install new software. After 2 weeks starts restarting again. This s good and I like the picture resolution and clarity. Very compact and weightless. Check other comments when you buy any phone.Dont buy this phone.

Reviewed by Smellie Wellie from Uk on 9th Apr 2010
Have been in love with my G502 since i got it, if i lost it i'd feel like i'd lost a limb. The only drawback is it does restart itself from time which can be annoying depending on what you are doing. For this reason only it gets four stars.

Reviewed by Joanna from UK on 6th Apr 2010
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! If I could give it 0 stars I would, it has to be the worst phone I've ever had by miles. It is constantly freezing and restarting, sometimes multiple times in a row, putting it out of action for a good 10 minutes which is especially annoying when I am trying to make an important phone call or reply to a message (as seems to be it's favorite time to do it). On top of that now I can no longer access my inbox. Whenever I try a message will say 'Operation failed' and the phone will restart, again. Sony Ericsson has lost a long-standing customer through this appalling phone.

Reviewed by Parasmk from India on 27th Mar 2010
This is a VERY UN-RELIABLE phone. It re-starts abruptly and when I dial a number manually, it takes 50-60 seconds to come back to life, i.e. freezes. The sound quality is ok, but not as loud as advertised. In general it seems very slow. Won't buy for anyone!

Reviewed by patrick from poland now in ireland on 2nd Mar 2010
this phone is very bad it has no good features it is a t totally disastr phone please dont buy it if ye are preapering a phone but dont buy this phone like sony ericsson k770i or c510 or c902 are very good phones not like this phone lads if ye are smart well dony buy this phone if u want to buy good phone i would even put 0 stars

Reviewed by pramod from india on 19th Feb 2010
Worst phone I ever had,do not buy this. Its a erraic phone which got lot of technical problems like,freezing,restarting & hanging for no reasons. Poor battery backup...totaly unfit to be a simple phone atleast.Company will not provide good service too. I faced all above problems after one month of the purchaging G502. It waste of money.

Reviewed by prakash from india on 19th Feb 2010
Worst Phone I ever had.It does not server the basic functionality like making call. Waste of money.Dont go for it.

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 17th Feb 2010
I've got the same issue as everyone else here, this phone just retartsw itself when it feels like it, and especially during important phone calls, used to love SE, but now, i'll never buy one again.

Reviewed by Findus from Ireland on 15th Feb 2010
Worst phone I've had. At the beginning it was great. Great calls and skype worked fine, but after one month it started rebooting automatically many times. Some times it says inactive USIM and restart itself two or three times. It restart also when you are calling. Very dissapointed.

Reviewed by Rakesh from India on 30th Jan 2010
Worst phone I've had. Got a terrible lag issue. Restarts automatically many times and though Mine is 1 month old. When recieving or making a call, the phone hangs, making it impossible to switch between calls etc. Memory is mostly free. Software update doesnt solve the problem either. Totally useless piece of junk.

Reviewed by Ivan from Norway on 26th Jan 2010
Worst phone I've had. Got a terrible lag issue. Mine is 1 month old. When recieving or making a call, the phone hangs, making it impossible to switch between calls etc. Memory is mostly free. Software update doesnt solve the problem either. Totally useless piece of junk. Nokia rules.

Reviewed by Lee from England on 13th Jan 2010
Had this phone about one year now. Absolute work horse! Use for Internet with opera 4.2 have downloaded hundreds of Mp3 and video. Would like bigger screen but for fifty sheet no complaints.

Reviewed by ArrGee from UK on 12th Jan 2010
Got this phone about 12 months ago for £9/month on Three (along with a £20 voucher to buy a 4GB memory card) as I wanted a phone where my calls from Ireland were taken off allowance. Three months later they stopped that but gave me a £5/month discount, so it now costs me £4/month (and 10p/min when in Ireland). As for the phone, it has a fair amount of functionality, but the best parts for me are a google mail application, skype and half decent browsing given the screen size (£2.50 for 10MB/month). The MP3 player is OK, though there can be a lot of flutter at times, and you will need to accessorise to get an adaptor so you can use proper headphones (the supplied ones are rubbish). Also all the chrome has come off the keys and casing, so it hasn't aged well. It does occasionally freeze and requires a restart, though it is not a regular occurance. Camera is ok for snaps, and resolution was good enough to get me off a parking ticket! I would recommend this phone if you get a cheap contract and want something to read your emails and check the news on the internet, which sums up what I use it for. There are better phones out there, but you will pay more for them than I do.

Reviewed by Beng from Singapore on 7th Jan 2010
This phone just hangs there for no reason sometimes. In the beginning, it was not so frequent. Now, it occurs on a daily basis. Even when I take out the battery and powered the phone on, it cannot start up properly and shows "Inactive SIM card". At first, I thought it is a SIM card problem. This is not true. I have already exchanged for a new SIM card with my phone service provider. The worst phone I have ever owned because it cannot fulfill even the basic function of making phone calls. I will miss important phone calls if the phone hangs intermittently. Sony ericsson has lost a customer PERMANENTLY. How could they permit this phone to be sold in the market in the first place??!!!

Reviewed by akhtar from India on 22nd Dec 2009
I did one of the biggest mistake by buying this phone. Some of the great features 1) I have around 200-250 contacts, now if i receive/make/missed any call, it doesn't show-up i.e, it shows only those contacts which are already available in contact list ( it shows dialled/missed/received ), but any new number..... no way. 2) From last one-and-half month, i am facing one more excellent feature.... once you are in call, suddenly the call drops, after around 8-10 swconds, the great G502, vibrates, and then it shows "Searching".... ( network is lost ), in the same place where i was using this phone, when it comes back... it works fine. Now imagine, you are attainding important call, may be an "interview", imagine the pain..... Hope you understand my pain, and never-ever buy this phone. rather buy nokia's 1200 rs phone, or any phone other than sony ericsson may be chinese made also should be better than this junk phone. Sorry, i could only find "Poor" category, i was looking for worst.

Reviewed by John from Greece on 16th Dec 2009
Worst phone i have ever owned. Shuts down whenever it feels like it, sometimes even on a daily basis. Cant believe Sony Ericson would ever put an inoperative phone such as this one on the market. Never buying a Sony Ericson again. Very dissapointed.

Reviewed by Arif from Indonesia on 10th Dec 2009
I bought this G502 in March 2009... I thought it's going to be good... Just 1 month after purchase,,, It love to restarts by it self... It can 7 times in a day... I had put it in Sony Ericsson for maintenance twice... It needs software troubleshoot by Sony Ericsson... if you have better budget,, forget G502...

Reviewed by Katy from New Zealand on 9th Dec 2009
I decided to buy this phone as it seemed to be a good deal. however it restarts itself OFTEN. will no longer send pictures, will occasionally stop sending messages (until you delete all messages and resart the phone) also more recently (iv had it for 7 months) the recently texted contacts list randomizes itself and text messages will appear in random places in the inbox among texts i recieved weeks ago. Most recently however, the phone turned itself off and will not turn back on, unsure of why this has happened and hopefully Sony Erickson will replace it. Another thing that bothers me is that if you dont lock the phne it easily enters the internet and wastes credit. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PHONE!!!! many of my friends have had the same problems

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 6th Nov 2009
Ive always been a Nokia fan they are cracking phones but I was getting bored with the same old and my 3120c was forever locking up or restarting so I decided to try the G502. This turned out to be a good move, the phone is nice has the usual features good camera and TrackID which I think is a great addition - something sadly missing on Nokia phones! Battery life is good and the music play is great. All in all Im very happy with the G502..

Reviewed by Paolo from Philippines on 4th Nov 2009
I thought I got a great phone when I purchased my g502. Great features and affordable price. However, as mentioned by others, it suddenly started to turn itself off and on for no reason. I've never had such problems with my previous nokia mid-range phones. As a matter of fact, I am still using my Nokia 6151 which I got 2 years before my g502, and it's still running perfectly even after I dropped it in water. Stay away from this phone.

Reviewed by Naveen from India on 3rd Nov 2009
Awsome mobile superb picture quality in night Merits- 1.good speed internet 2.user friendly keypad 3.3G facility 4.and much more...... Demerits- 1.no infrared 2.no flash lite as k550i and other k series... Other than this every thing is great

Reviewed by Kate from England on 2nd Nov 2009
A great phone with many good facilities. Suitibal for kids and adults. I would advise this phone to anyone who is looking for not a flashy phone or a cheap phone but a good standard one to use everyday. Some of the facilities ur the internet,Fm radio, bluetoot,music player, track Id and loads more

Reviewed by Pradeep from India on 29th Oct 2009
I like the phone except it universal problem of going to sleep very often....It gets restarts every now n then...and you dont have any control over it.... my suggestion is to buy other better phones except this..

Reviewed by anjali from India on 22nd Oct 2009
This phone is really good...I have been using this from the last 3 months and i did not face any prob till now... Internet access is good.. and i play with my phone all the time...It really suits me .. Its simple, short and sweet and awesome.. :)

Reviewed by Adrian Gibson from UK on 19th Oct 2009
Yeap had it 2 weeks and it continually restarts and comes up with the message inactive sim!!! This seems to be a common thing with Sony Ericsson phones just recently as numerous contacts of mine have had different Sony handset and are all noticing the same problems!! One even had her entire phone book rearranged. I only bought this phones as a cheap one to keep me going til my contract is due for renewal in decemeber but it certainly has made my mind up to stay clear of Sony - Good old nokia all the way

Reviewed by jordan from new zealand on 19th Oct 2009
This phone has great features and is easy to use but it all stops there. It restarts automatically and says inactive sim 2/5

Reviewed by van Hulzen from Netherlands on 14th Oct 2009
The phone's functionality is excellent, I love what I can do with it. But sadly there it stops. It supports a 4M extensio ncard, but once you start filling that with data the phone's startup time becomes annoyingly long. And as reported already, every once in a while it turns itself off, and the only way I manage to switch it on again is by removing and reinserting the battery (after which, also annoying, I have to set the time and date again). This is getting worse- at present even this trick fails for the moment and I have a dead phone lying on my table. However good the phone specs are, it is too unreliable.

Reviewed by Jayakrishnan from India on 12th Oct 2009
Hi, I am jayakrishnan from Chennai, India. I bought Sony Ericsson G502 on April 2009. I had faced a lot of problems in that mobile. It often get restarted. Headset is not fixing properly after one or two month. No Flash player. Is "Alarm" is more important than "File Manager". Glass of the Screen looks like cracked since i bought it. Since the lowest rating is 1 I am giving that to Sony Ericsson G502 otherwist my rating will be 0 (Zero). Please reply if there is any other way solve this problem. my id is jayakrishnans.mca@gmail.com

Reviewed by chris sevvas from uk on 23rd Sep 2009
this phones software is really bad

Reviewed by Nitendra Sharma from India on 8th Sep 2009
i bought this phone in nov-08.since than it has been restarted many times automaticaly.also it's not work in some network like in jaipur city where phone continue to restarting. therefore it's not good idea to buy this phone.

Reviewed by manjunath from india on 27th Aug 2009
i ve one poroblem this actually it is turn off itself at any time so it is very bad and sound effect is very bad b4 this i'm using k530i but thtat is good compare to this

Reviewed by vivek gv from india on 18th Aug 2009
the best mob... till now i.e for a mid range mob..

Reviewed by Inga from Iceland on 6th Aug 2009
It keeps restarting, "no simcard" displayed, shuts down again. Sometimes when I am talking it happens and that is really frustrating. I have taken it in for repair, gotten updates but it is just getting worse. I am giving up on it.

Reviewed by Dani from NZ on 2nd Aug 2009
i am also having problems with my phone turning off. when they send it back they cant find a problem with it. they have given me 2 and i thnk i am finally getting rid of it. other wise its an awesome phone if is didnt kep turning off

Reviewed by Rochelle from NZ on 29th Jul 2009
This phone is really great and suits me perfectly except for this annoying problem that other people have stated below. It restarts itself for no reason. I have just taken it in today for the 3rd time since I bought it. They update the software and then it is fine to use but after 2-3 months the problem starts up again. I have friends with the same phone and they have also experienced the same problems.

Reviewed by Mm from Ireland on 24th Jul 2009
Great phone

Reviewed by Amanda from New Zealand on 28th Jun 2009
Hi I have had my phone for a couple of weeks now. It is a good phone. Fast internet, clear pictures, good mp3 player. Only thing that bothered me was that it don't have a second camera/video calling. Oh yeah, my phone has restarted a couple of times which was annoying at the time. Overall it is a good phone, I will eventually change to a 3G phone that CAN video call in the future though.

Reviewed by Ayleisha from UK on 17th Jun 2009
Great phone, does everything useful, reccomend it

Reviewed by Ross Thompson from United kingdom on 17th May 2009
Hi have had my G502 for about a week now and i bourght as an upgrade from my k550i. Inisually i bourght it so i could go on the internet whilst out and about but i have now realised that i can also get gps on it by adding an extra HGE-100 add on. All in all i think this phone is absoulte brilliant. And passes the other more expensive phones with flying colours. Especially when you can get the G502 for about £80-£115 its absoulte brillll. 5*

Reviewed by Steve mcgrath from U.k on 14th May 2009
My k530i bit the dust sadly so,i purchased the g502.at first i found it very slow browsing the net but,it has a mind of its own+turns itself off.it also displays 'inactive usim'+turns off again.i'm going to try+return it as,i'm not at all happy.the k530i never did this to me,i used it for 16 trouble free months.its a shame the g502 cant compete.

Reviewed by Kojo from Canada on 3rd May 2009
I`m having problems with this phone...the screen turns black anytime I put it on then it goes off again...

Reviewed by Sam from New Zealand on 14th Apr 2009
My phone and my friends constantly restarts, it really gets annoying because it usually happens when sending a txt message, also, im not sure if its the networks fault, but skype, ebuddy and palringo applications cant access the internet and dont work, but the mobile web browser works fine, otherwirse, appart from the constant restarting. great phone and good value

Reviewed by dhivyadharan from india on 11th Apr 2009
the phone is quite excellent to use

Reviewed by winstonbadoy@yahoo.com from philippines on 26th Mar 2009
awesome phone! so impresive! keep it up!

Reviewed by Mark Javier from Philippines on 24th Mar 2009
with the old software, the phone always restarts. After the update, everything is great

Reviewed by Edi Imanto from Indonesia on 16th Mar 2009
Great phone! Great Internet Access! Love this phone.

Reviewed by Imul from Indonesia on 7th Mar 2009
I have used Sony Ericsson since the first, from T100, K500i, K530i, and G503. G503 have sofware problem, which sometimes can turn off or restart it self. For anything else, compare to it price, its nice

Reviewed by lee from England on 6th Mar 2009
Good phone. Swapped from nokia 3120 classic cause the battery was abysmal. Battery much better on sony. Mp3 Sound not as good as nokia though even with sony ear buds. Sim card locator not good enough. Come unregistered twice now in two months. Top phone though!

Reviewed by madesh from India on 6th Mar 2009
Nice looking mobile. But there is a software problem. Try to clear it.

Reviewed by Pinku from India on 1st Mar 2009
Simply outstanding. I suggest the best phone b'wn rs 5000-10000 range & fully paise basul.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
Music fault must have been fixed as mine is fine – I also had a memory card thrown in WOW what value at only£9 p/m. I have the hazel colour and am really pleased, Worms and pool have been downloaded and they are great, the speed of the internet is fantastic I am really pleased (even though I don’t live in a 3 area……. yet) so I have to put call onto divert as I arrive home) Only down side is the screen saver trips in too quickly when playing games.

Reviewed by sabari from India on 18th Feb 2009
Dear All, Nice phone with futures Budget phone with sexy look With regards Sabari.S 9345201715 Madurai India

Reviewed by Aryan Mann from India on 18th Feb 2009
No regrets buying this.Best phone the range 7000-10000

Reviewed by WmK from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
Fantastic phone, ergonomically fantastic, fantastic high resolution screen (at 240x320 262,000 colours) which very good contrast and brightness on the LCD, good video recorder (at 320x240 15fps) fantastic Walkman 3.0 player, fantastic CyberShot 2.0 camera interface, hard to understand why it's marketed as a low-end phone. Only downside is the camara which could have had autofocus otherwise no regrets on upgrading from a W810i, yet) still does not make it a low end phone (W910i has the exact same camera, common faults and is double the price...)

Reviewed by karthik from india on 2nd Feb 2009
ilove this phone at the same time i could not found any games which is supported by this phone

Reviewed by MS from UK on 24th Jan 2009
Bought this on PAYG for my son. Music player has a software fault on Three which means it can't play music unless it's at a slowed down speed. SE apparently finding a software fix. Useless and has been sent back. Apart from that, a nice looking little phone. Giving it 1 star. Had music player been working, phone would have got 3.5*

Reviewed by TC from Somerset UK on 20th Jan 2009
Just received this on contract renewal. Nice looking phone with lots of useful features. That's all well and good, but it's as a phone and as such I expect it to send and receive calls which it doesn't. I can only make emergency calls within my house whether 2G or 3G, whereas my Nokia using the same SIM has good connectivity.

Reviewed by Praveen Muttikkal from India on 15th Jan 2009
I am praveen here ,I have brought this cell with 7350 rupee. Disadvantage : 1.No flash on cell 2.auto focus on camera is not there 3.Inbuilt memory is 24mb only 4.earphone is not good 5.cell getting heated up while speaking long time causing head ache 6.for catching the range ,it is poor Advantage : 1.It is value for money 2.camera is good in clarity 3.music clarity is also great 4.display clarity is also good 5.menu options are excellent 6.weight less,good looking 7.I will suggest if u are looking for low coast good mobile with all facility go for g502

Reviewed by kamal hamdi from indonesia on 7th Jan 2009
i love this phone and i love sony ericsson,and easy to mod

Reviewed by Rahul Mehta from India on 1st Jan 2009
Outstanding phone with all the latest features.Really impressed with the camera resolution,bit disappointed with the sound as compared to walkman series phones.

Reviewed by Josh from New Zealand on 25th Dec 2008
Awesome phone!

Reviewed by Danu from Indonesia on 19th Dec 2008
Great overall phone, my only regret is chipped paint on the keypad (I must be touching it too often, because it's soooo useful).

Reviewed by Haidar sadat from Sweden on 19th Dec 2008
Hi, i was searching for a mobile set with full function. But they were so expensive finaly i read a ad. That i find the one i was looking for. So now i'm using my sony ericsson g502 and i really like it. It is full of fun and functions it is best choice. Bye and happy new year 2009

Reviewed by NDIBAZ from Indonesia on 9th Dec 2008
Never regret with this phone. Nice music,nice java games & HSDPA network. Best price for a pretty simply smart java virtual machine and HSDPA phone.

Reviewed by HAWK from MALAYSIA on 4th Dec 2008

Reviewed by muthupandi from india on 27th Nov 2008
i really pleased with the design and the music...... atmost it is cheaper than other phones with this specification.camera is decent and music menu was really a treat to watch and move around..

Reviewed by king from india on 19th Nov 2008
it gonna b 1 of d execellent set,dat grab all attention of market.

Reviewed by thomy from uk on 2nd Nov 2008
I bought this phone it is very good, it got internet, 3G, and with a 2mp camera.

Reviewed by H from UK on 21st Oct 2008
Really nice wee phone, simple to use and lightweight. Not had a problem with it, and its been a week now since it popped through the letterbox. Very happy. The only thing i would check though, is that this review says there is a flash. Unless I am particularly dim, there doesn't actually seem to be one...

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