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Sony Ericsson D750i review

 Review: July 2005  


In a nutshell: Candy bar style phone with 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video camera, music player, radio, memory card & Bluetooth.


The Sony Ericsson D750i is the same as the K750i, except that it is available exclusively on the T-Mobile network and comes in a choice of two colours: silver or blue (the K750i comes in a choice of black or silver.) All of our comments in our K750i review apply here too: in short it's a milestone in the world of camera phones, with a 2 megapixel camera and auto-focus. Other key features include a video camera, digital music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, memory stick and triband. Read the K750i and the user reviews for more information.

Sony Ericsson D750i features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 4x digital zoom & photo light
  • Video camera & sound recorder
  • Display: 262k colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Music player
  • FM radio
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Polyphonic melody composer (MusicDJ™)
  • Speakerphone, voice controls, voice mail
  • Messaging: SMS (with predictive text), EMS, MMS, Instant messaging, email
  • Java games (embedded & downloadable)
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Picture editor and effects
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Picture phonebook
  • QuickShare™
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Infra-red
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Memory: 34 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Duo™
  • Triband
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 100 x 46 x 21 mm
  • Talktime: 9 hours
  • Battery standby: 400 hours

Sony Ericsson D750i user reviews

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Average rating from 153 reviews:

Reviewed by Sunday from UK on 27th Oct 2008
Diz phone xtra ordinary good

Reviewed by Afsar from UK on 5th Aug 2008
Ive had this phone for about 2 years now, i loved the music player, i upgraded the memory card to 2gb, however the headphones broke, not only once but twice and exactly on the same part. So now im looking for new headphones, however the phone is great, it isnt compatible with many games, and doesnt play mp4s but i find it very stylish and it is quite rare

Reviewed by chris griffith from UK on 12th Jun 2008
I have had this phone for 3 years it is without doubt one of the best sony ericsson models to date. the camera is excellent the mp3 player sounds great with mega bass. I have a 4 gig memory card installed and it has lots and lots of space for videos pictures and music. this phone performs very well.

Reviewed by dkr from UK on 6th Jun 2008
very good reliable phone had to change the keypad because it was a bit messed up put it only cost 2 its very strong when you put a case over it its so good i still have mine

Reviewed by hk from UK on 11th Apr 2008
weel the only problem so far is that the speakers are'nt loud enough

Reviewed by derrick from UK on 7th Apr 2008
Am totally in love with D750I. I was given as a present from England by a friend. i've been with it for 13 months. It has been uniquely of No Equal. Oh My! Yesterday, it fell from 3rd floor and was shuttered completely. Now i feel like if am chopped off part of my organ. deevirgoh@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Zaman from UK on 27th Mar 2008
like this D750 Phone it so cool

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Jan 2008
This is the perfect phone for any one. with an amazing camera. Its is amazinglly easy to use and control. I've had it for over a year now, and I still think it is irreplacable. It has everything.

Reviewed by Lan from UK on 15th Jan 2008
Out of all the phones ive had, this is by FAR the best! Everything about it is perfect, theres no other phone I would want in my lifetime and ive had this phone for nearly 2 years (longest ive ever had a phone). I also think that looks wise its great! Love the colour! The camera is amazing aswell! I use it a lot during gigs, the flash comes in very handy! Unfortunately, because my this phone was a hand-me-down, it was already faulty - the microphone doesnt work. But because i love it so much ive been using it for 2 years this way! Recently though, my phone has been turning itself off even though i always have it on lock.. this worries me a lot but i have yet to find out why. I reckon its an age thing because it used to belong to my sister before me so nothing to worry about.. all phones get old! Overall this phone is amazing, worth every penny!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 24th Dec 2007
I've had my k750i for 2 years now and up until lately it has been a good phone. I love the colour, pictures are pretty good quality & navigation is easy. My one problem with the phone is the memory, which i could've upgraded but haven't - not a major problem. I love T-Mobiles pay as you go price plans and the new Top-Up Friday (unlimited free texts all Saturday and Sunday). No problems with this phone at all. Lately my phone has been freezing quite often and the middle joystick button has become hard to work but that is due to extremely extensive dropping - i'd be rich if i gained only a penny for the number of times i've dropped this phone. I'm getting the Samsung G600 for Christmas on 02 but will be going back to T-Mobile once the credit has run out =]

Reviewed by Shiv from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
"girlie" phone? right...anyways i put this phone to great extremes on D of E expeditions, all of them, still alive, brilliant musioce, greet screen decent camera. recommended!

Reviewed by Russ from UK on 20th Oct 2007
Quality phone, and great camera. It is actually a camera with a phone built in, rather than vice versa which makes it flawless, the MP3 is great, the Bluetooth is great. I know there have been a few negative reviews, but like all technology, you do get the odd dodgy one. Like a TV, car or washing machine. What people must remember is: it's designed,programmed and made by man, so like all technology it can go wrong, It's only as reliable and good as the creator, it's not the phones fault if they go wrong occasionaly. It's by far the best phone I've ever owned and beats all other makes.

Reviewed by max from england from UK on 17th Oct 2007
i got this phone for free 2 years ago and it is a BEAUTI! im tellin ya its one of the best sony erissons

Reviewed by princess tahmina x from UK on 18th Sep 2007

Reviewed by Matin Turner from UK on 16th Sep 2007
I have had this phone for about 1 year now and i can not getrid of this phone i does what i want it to do any way LOVE THIS PPHONE Thank You Martin Turner

Reviewed by Zahid Khokhar from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
Had the phone for 18 months now and still considering keeping it as it has been great for me. I'm not a gamer or even a heavy phone user so the battery lasts for days and generally signal is very good. I personally need an even slimmer phone than this but this doesn't feel bulky though. Memory card more than sufficient for my needs. Got loads of pictures on it and a few bits of music, so I have to admit that it is a very good phone. It has made me want a Sony Ericsson when I do change my phone.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 13th Aug 2007
I have had my D750i for about 3 years now it is an excellent phone the camera is brilliant and the video is good. Recently though, it ha been turning its self on and off and when it is in the car it stops working for a few hours afterwards. I guess it is because i have had it for so long and it wont last for ever. I would recomment this phone to anyone it is easy to use and very reliable and looks great. So all I have to say is Go And Buy The Phone x x x

Reviewed by elliott from UK on 30th Jul 2007
The phone was fine the first few months but i began to dislike the phone i thought. I would buy it because it was a sony next time i will not make the same mastake.Because of the colour when this phone is dropped it looses its sexyness.The screen easly lets dirt through and scratches easy. I bought the phone for 100 which was over priced DONT BUY THIS PHONE gud camera though not enough memory!!

Reviewed by khama from czech from UK on 29th Jul 2007
This is satisfication...i dont need any other phone for now.i always do almost everything with this D7520i..it is my first best product in my life. im not recommending it for anybody...unless if/else they try it on their own...to me it is my secret to everything thus i dont wanna anybody else to discover my key to my treasure....GOOO D750i!!!!

Reviewed by money from UK on 14th Jul 2007
the dd7501 is a wondefull phone for its battery life.

Reviewed by ayesha x from UK on 4th Jul 2007
heya i got this phone a month ago as it was my sisters when she was on contract but then bought the k800i x this lil phone is wicked the memory is really good but there is summink wierd when i put music on my memry stick its fine nd then it says my memoy is full up but then when people send me songs i can still fit around 20 or 15 on it lol x

Reviewed by xNx from UK on 27th Jun 2007
This phone is the best i have had it for a year and a half and theres nothing wrong with it. If any of you say that it keeps switching off by its self then its just ur phone, because there is nothing wrong with mine so if any one wants to buy this phone u should cos its fab. And to sort out the small memeroy stick buy 1 on line cos its cheaper thats wat i did. If your not sure if u want to get it i am an exepert and so i no about this phone!

Reviewed by vasanth kumar p.s from UK on 21st Jun 2007
it is similar to k 750i but at as great digital camera in it so it is to good then the k750i i love d750i i love caputer the nature in my eyes so i love add this phone

Reviewed by vicky from UK on 21st Jun 2007

Reviewed by Tragic from UK on 19th Jun 2007
The phone is OK. When I got the phone it dropped a few times. The sound of the music is fuzzy and when its on loudspeaker it shakes if you shout. The phone is good but I really want a Sony Ericsson W610i. Overall its a good quality phone.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 31st May 2007
i've had this phone for a year. i havnt had one single problem!! the camera is amazing, and all the people saying about the joystick sticking? i havnt experienced that. i think this is altogether a fantastic phone and i recommend it.

Reviewed by ryan from UK on 27th May 2007
Not enough specs. Bad Cam , Memory etc.. terrible phone not worth the money

Reviewed by aaron bones from UK on 22nd May 2007
dont like it i would perfer nokia 3310 than a d750i

Reviewed by Becki from UK on 21st May 2007
ive had this phone for over 5 months now, i still keep finding little things that i didn't know about. Its an amazing phone and hasn't let me down yet, its a good looking phone and is very pretty! i would recommend it to anyone! its great for its price and you get alot out of it! its great

Reviewed by lucy from UK on 13th May 2007
omg..i totally love this fone..after i bought a bigger memory card it was amazing..this phone is reliable easy to use and fashionable i think that it is great!!!

Reviewed by Becki from UK on 6th May 2007
this phone is the best one i have had yet! i have had around 7 phones and this one is the best one i have come accross!! it has alot of usefull features such as camera and video to catch those unforgetable moments! it is a great phone and i will be keeping it for some time!!

Reviewed by neeraj from UK on 5th May 2007
at first i thought that the phone was good but then after a few months it went bad. everything was slowly stooping to work and then the phones signal went and the phone was broke. i was very disaapointed that i wasted so much money on such a rubbish phone which did not last 4 months and looked very gay

Reviewed by luke from UK on 29th Apr 2007
this phone is nt that gd you dnt gt a lot of memory i dnt like it

Reviewed by Jenna from UK on 26th Apr 2007
Aaaace !! But I do need to do something about the buttons.. the joystick is reli awkward, if you press 'down' it says you have pressed select which is pretty frustrating at times!

Reviewed by katie from UK on 20th Apr 2007
ive had this phone for almost a year. i havnt had any problems with it so far, its easy to use, and would recommend it very much!

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 10th Apr 2007
Absolutely fabulous phone, and it's good value for money. i can't beleive the phone is this good for suvh a price. halleujah and praise the lord a pfone that is an all rounder!

Reviewed by George from UK on 31st Mar 2007
bad phone! don't buy, i've been through 4 now, All broke.

Reviewed by gboyega adeniyi from UK on 13th Mar 2007
its a wonderful phone despite the fact that i did not use it for long

Reviewed by me from UK on 11th Mar 2007
this fone is amazin.

Reviewed by waqas from UK on 8th Mar 2007
the fone is amazinnnnnnnnnn

Reviewed by debs from UK on 5th Feb 2007
pretty good fone all round, but when i delete stuff from it (eg pics) they stay on the memory card and use it all up. does anyone know how to delete the memory card?

Reviewed by Emre from UK on 31st Jan 2007
Camera : 10/10 Looks : 7/10 Easy-2-use : 8/10 Sound recorder : 4/10 (very weak and poor quality, best mic. range is about 20 cm) Display : 10/10 (like most of the new generation Sony phones) Value for money : 7/10 The only thing about this D750i is the joystick. It is not durable and broken easily and I think these particularly made for women or guys with small fingers (D750i, K700, K750i, W800, etc..). This is the only issue in these phones. Apart from the recording quality, I think all of them are great phones. But of course, as long as you don't overpay for them (I bought my D750i from Ebay UK for 45 quid). Do not pay this phone for more than 50.

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 25th Jan 2007
dis fone is sikkkk

Reviewed by l3l from UK on 25th Jan 2007
this is a class fone cant beat it

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 19th Jan 2007
This phone is fantastic! It holds absolutely loads of memory. All the memory I need to use for my songs (from the computer), my pics and my videos! I think one of the best parts is bluetooth! Fabulous phone! The only problem I would point out is that the video quality isn't very good. The sound is exellent.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 4th Dec 2006
Got it for about half a year now. No complains.

Reviewed by Amirsehhi from UK on 17th Nov 2006
Sick phone, recommendated to all my mates. Sick..

Reviewed by POP from UK on 10th Sep 2006
I just buy this phone. Phone is great but the battery is very bad it hold 10 hours!! PS sorry for my bad english

Reviewed by me from UK on 10th Sep 2006
Looks like a brick, works like a brick

Reviewed by Daz from England on 1st Aug 2006
OK so i've had this phone for a year now and about to upgrade...1st thing i did was buy a bigger memory card. found the phone 'pretty' reliable which surprised me for a Sony phone, although its showing a little wear and tear now with the silver buttons showing it the worse. during the year the joystick navigation button has stopped working (expected) camera is pretty good - D600 is better video play back is not as good as you would think and the sound quality is 'OK'

Reviewed by natalie from glasgow, scotland on 26th Jul 2006
This Phone is absolutely fabulous !!! All you who say it has broke and stuff.....well all phones are the same if you don't take enough care ! The camera on it is amazing and the colour scheme gives it a girly and sexy look....Also for the boys out there....you can change it to a boyish red colour scheme....The phone looks sleek and sexy.....and feels good to hold in your hand ! It makes people feel very expensive because of it's look but it's rather cheap for monthly bills and pay as you go....which is yet another great thing about this outstanding handset..... Well thats about it..... Folks I would strongly urge you to buy this phone IT'S SIMPLY AMAZING !!

Reviewed by Seba from Poland on 23rd Jul 2006
It`s a very very good phone,good camera and sound but bad color.

Reviewed by mc zee from uk on 20th Jul 2006
the d750i is a good phone but if u drop it really hard your 2.0 mega pixel camera iz gona be broken and there really iz no point putting on a fake cover becoz there will scratch VERY easily and if must put on a REAL COVER ,get it done by A PRO ,dont do it urself

Reviewed by matt from UK on 12th Jul 2006
very good phone, amazing camera with flash, auto-focus, expandable memory, good quality speaker, MP3 player, nice bulky feel to the phone, built in radio the only bad points i have of the phone is that it has frozen on me twice maybe due to the large memory card (2GB) and the phone doesn't support that many video formats such as AVI, MPEG4 or REALTIME like nokias do. but overall a cheap and outstanding phone

Reviewed by Sam from England on 9th Jul 2006
Ive had this phone six months and up until now, i was very impressed. Recently the joystick has started to stick and not work, and the phone is continually getting slower and slower. At the time when I bought the phone, there were many positive reviews, but now, looking back over this time, I should have aid the extra 50 so i could have bought the actual walkman phone instead of a cheap knock off. Oh, and the colour scheme looks a bit gay. Camera is very good though.

Reviewed by ----------- from United Kingdom on 7th Jul 2006
This phone is excellent no faults with it what so ever! it has the best camera nd it doesn't bore me at all. This phone WIKED

Reviewed by Peter from Great Britain on 6th Jul 2006
I have had this phone for about 6 weeks at first it was brillant but in the last couple of weeks it has started to lock up on the blue tooth function the only way to clear it is to take the battery out. Also people are complaining about the sound. Quality is poor when trying to hold a conversation. The battery life is good,but I am returning this phone and going back to nokia who always seem to be reliable.

Reviewed by Piers osborne from uk on 5th Jul 2006
this phone is very very good . i only got it because the w800i was out of stock. however when i got the phone it was no different to the w800i and if you get the walkman theme its no different at all.i have no bad things to say about this phone its every thing you need.

Reviewed by Lexi from England / Hampshire on 3rd Jul 2006
Not as good as I thought this phone was going to be. But there is no faults with this phone at all. Also may I add 'y do ppl tlk lyk dis' ? Makes it very hard to understand when you are trying to ACTUALLY READ THE REVIEWS!!

Reviewed by MADMAN from England on 2nd Jul 2006
dis fone is too too good! i love the mp3 on it! its so loud! i think its amazin!

Reviewed by Chris from Poland on 27th Jun 2006
An absolutely All-In-One that actually isnt a compromise of a camera, mp3 player and a phone, and even a flashlight! 2 MPix makes nice photos, and autofocus does its job nicely, though some people dont like the camera mode for rotating the screen(including me, but I got used to it) - sure, you can rotate a pic, but can you rotate a clip? As the mp3 player the phone dose good, though I only chcecked the radio to find out if the headphones are so good as I hear people saying - yes theyre superior to other companies like nokia and even Motorola! As a phone it has all the things it should have, like speed dial and an advanced phonebook - the only thing that I didnt like was copying contacts to the SIM card, leaving an "/N" on the end of the name. For example if you write a contact "Henry X." and copy it to the SIM it appears as "Henry X./N" in the SIM catalogue or on other phones. It can be annoying but only if you dont backup the phone on your PC which you can because you get a USB cable with the phone(brilliant idea to give a PC cable with the phone, other companies give calbles only if a phone is also marketed as a MP3 Player) My opinion? If it nhad 3G it would be my phone for life, because it has everyting you require from a phone, maybe accept for OpenOffice packet :)

Reviewed by uzair from uk on 19th Jun 2006
this is the best fone i hav eva had. i luv da camera light.camera quality is perfect and easy to use.its a really advanced fone with good sound quality then any of my other fones. battery life is one of thew other things i like about this fone,it lasts for ages.this is a unique fone

Reviewed by Mehreen from ENGLANDD! on 18th Jun 2006
i got this fone for my 14th birthday and i luv it! it's mp3 is toooo good!! yu can loadsa cool picture with this phone...i used to have v3 and it was good too but i still recommend sony ericsson, because no matter how many times i dropped it on the floor it still worked!

Reviewed by tash from england on 12th Jun 2006
this fone is so good.i jus cant get my hands of it. the camera is so sexy

Reviewed by Mindy from UK on 9th Jun 2006
I love this phone! It has a great camera, and simple features for making calls & texting. I use it as a second phone, as I have the Sony Ericsson K750i as my main phone - Can't complain!! Nice colour too - and the picture quality is superb. Get this phone if you want a Sony Ericsson - you won't go wrong! :-)

Reviewed by billy from england on 8th Jun 2006
this phone is fantastic!! i have had it now for 8 months and there has been no falts with it at all!! i recomend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 6th Jun 2006
Amazing phone iv had it now since christmas and havnt had one problem with it the colour isnt all the good bt it soon grows on you but who cares about the colour its a great phone does all the things you want it to do nothing sticks or is loose. Its just an outstanding phone wich is why i give it 5 stars you should all get ths phone if u want somthing decent to take pictures of ur mates the only ppl who dont like this phone complain about the camera only because they have no friends to take pics of lol

Reviewed by thomas gibbons from england on 5th Jun 2006
a fantastic mobile i would advise to buy it i liek the coulour and i prefer it then a w800i and a k750i, i brought a w800i and it keept frezzing

Reviewed by Steve from England on 31st May 2006
I've had sonyericcson phones for about 3 years now and i have always upgraded when technology did. The d750i is the best phone i have had by far, for data transfer speeds and memory capacity you can't knock it. There is just one problem with the d750i and that is reliability with the camera, although it did take very good quality pics i had to send it back to the manufacturers as it wouldn't take photos. I got a replacement and the same thing has happened!!! Time for an upgrade and all the other sony's are the same really just more memory so it is time to break the habit of a lifetime and go for the NOKIA n91.

Reviewed by holl from australia on 27th May 2006
alrigt phone but i can tell u there r about 100 phones that is better then this one 1.the pad always stuffs 2.the camera got ugly pictures 3.it has an ugly colour 4.ill rather a w800i or a w810i 5.the music sound is junk 6.cost abot 400euros that should of convinced you that this phone is junk

Reviewed by Carole from Graet Britain on 26th May 2006
I,ve always had nokia phones but after reading the reviews I decided to go for the D507i and I am really glad I did. The phone is amazing many more features on it than the 6230i the camera is excellent and the photos load to the computer really easily and the quality of them is outstanding. The soft ware that comes with the phone is really good and easy to use. I've never had a phone with a joytstick but have found no problem with it. I would strongly recommened this phone to anyone I have had no problems with it what so ever and give it 100% rating

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 25th May 2006
I've not long had this phone.. it was bought as a replacement for a Samsung E720 because I found making calls on that very difficult because the volume was a bit weird.. Anyway, its a great phone.. the camera is excellent as is the sound quality. Its pretty easy to use as well, though took a little getting used to - probably just because I was used to a different phone. I can't use the PC suite that came with the phone because my OS is compatable with it, but I can still transfer music and photos between my computer and the phone easily using either bluetooth or the USB lead. Overall, a great phone.

Reviewed by ruben cravid from Portugal on 22nd May 2006

Reviewed by Josh from England on 14th May 2006
Very good phone. Reliable and easy to use. mp3 feature could be better no track sorting but that is its only fault. Has all the knobs and knockers you could want.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 7th May 2006
Phone is fine but it is not compatable with Tom Tom Sat Nav and given the quality of the phone should have a fix to the problem immediately. At least publicise the fact as Tom Tom with an incompatable phone is only 30% useful !

Reviewed by Muffy from SIngapore on 6th May 2006
Very awesome phone!i would really recommend ppl to buy this phone...itz functionz are very well planed,battery life very long! SUPERB!

Reviewed by Hammad from Pakistan on 2nd May 2006
This is the most outstanding phone i ever had. I can think to go back to some phone less then 2.0 MP becuz of its awesome quality.

Reviewed by SARAH from UK on 1st May 2006
I LOVE IT! i had it for about three months know and its excellent. i am 14 and i would reccomend it to the younger users. if you thinking of getting a phone this is the ONE!

Reviewed by Matt from England on 29th Apr 2006
This is the best phone I have ever had. It has eveything that you want from a phone. Camera is much better than the cameras from the nokia n series. Mp3 player sounds really good with the w800i headphones that you can get from the sony centre. 1 more thing, whoever said you can't hide your number is talking rubbish - YOU CAN!!!

Reviewed by Boyan from Bulgaria on 21st Apr 2006
The phone is a good choice! Buy it now!

Reviewed by bob from UK on 20th Apr 2006
I'm afraid that although this is an excellent phone I too am experiencing similar problems to Gem from UK, review (8th Jan 2006). The camera on my phone started turning itself on, so I took the phone to the T-mobile shop and their in store repair man loaded new software onto the phone, took it to pieces and rebuilt it. Unfortunately this did not rectify the problem. So I telephoned (using my mobile) T-mobile and they requested that I send it in. I have now received the phone back with a note saying that as it was water damaged and not covered by warranty. On powering up the phone I discover that it is now locked up completely and unusable. The water damage was not identified by the in store repair man, but has been identified after I sent it off for repair. hmmm. Shame 'cause when it worked it was very good.

Reviewed by Michael Ogbonnaya from London on 8th Apr 2006
This phone is phenomenon! i can't think of a better phone out there at the moment. Fantastic piece of multi-technology gadget.Downside! Hasn't got call setting to hide identity.

Reviewed by Mushtaq Khan from Pakistan on 7th Apr 2006
what an excellent phone.the features on it is great and the camera is quality.the memory on this phone enables me to use my phone to its true limit. easily the best phone ive had. If some one is facing of short video just switch on the cam and then Setting, Switch on Video recording Select Shoot Mode and then do select High Quality Video. Your is Solved.

Reviewed by JPKane from Ireland on 6th Apr 2006
I have had this phone for nearly 7 months now and what a find it has been. The phone is great to look at, not to mention the vast features which it displays. Everything about this phone has a positive feel about it, the quality of pictures that you can take is second to none and the mp3 player is pure quality. Anyone wishing to get one of these phones should not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Joey from UK on 5th Apr 2006
Best phone i have ever owned and ive gone through a few! the camera is the best ive seen on a phone and the media player is just brilliant. if you want a phone that can take photo's, video play MP3 and radio then this is the phone for you. Amazing!

Reviewed by JOHN from SCOTLAND on 3rd Apr 2006
Previously had the samsung D600, but did not like the slide too much so sold it and bought the D750i, was not dissapointed has all i need and is nice and lightweight only small drawback is it feels like cheap plastic,but then thats why its so light in weight, so advice is buy a good quality case and ENJOY !

Reviewed by Dayo Ojeniyi from Nigeria on 27th Mar 2006
Infact, this is a very good,fatastic and the best mobile phone I've ever seen or use in my life. All the function are up to date for me here in my well beloved country Nigeria. Thnks very much and hope tohear or read from you. Thanks Oludayo from NIGERIA

Reviewed by 'H' from England on 26th Mar 2006
This Fone Is Proper SIK!

Reviewed by KDP from England on 16th Mar 2006
This phone is excellent it is wel fast nd it is nice nd compaq, its exactly like the walkman nd i luv dis phone to bits neva wna get rid of it!! :D

Reviewed by Toby from UK on 12th Mar 2006
Great photos! But this phone has serious bluetooth issues! Crashes all the time and hates connection

Reviewed by jay from england on 11th Mar 2006
ive jus got the fone on contract but now iam thinking to change it because its not what i expected, i previously had k700i and i think thats better then d750i its the buttons they look cheep and tacky, the colours good, better then the orange and cream but thats all i can say really.

Reviewed by Rnich120 from UK on 3rd Mar 2006
Its a good phone but as a number of other people have noted it has a few faults... Bad Points: It locks on me after going in the screensaver which is annoying as u don't know until u look at it and it say the time is something like and hour ago. The phone doesn't support hands free dialing through my sat nav and its the only make that doesn't (sony ericsson)which is very annoying when i am on my bike and try to make a call. Good Points: Well the camera is one of the best on the market although a number of other companies have decided that they need to offer something as good and are now doing better. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, i used my digital cam and my phone and i really couldn't tell the difference...Really good shots. Its very easy to pick up and use which has always been a feature of Ericssons. Overall I have been with ericssons since i was a kid and i still think they are good phones but my last 2 (k700i and D750i) have all had faults and i am getting annoyed with them... I am gonna try the Samsung i300 next....Will i ever come back to sony???

Reviewed by Samuel from UK on 24th Feb 2006
I am so stoked to have this phone. This phone is the best!!!!

Reviewed by Rob from Scotland on 22nd Feb 2006
Amazing phone, can anyone tell me how to change the length to which the video capture works, mine only goes for 9/10 seconds... any help wud b greatfully received!

Reviewed by Stitched from uk on 22nd Feb 2006
The phone is great and the facilities are wonderful, it falls down because its made cheaply and poorly. The slide to open the camera soon fell off seeing as i used it often, the volume button became sticky and wouldn't work effectively, the phone would crash for no reason, normally when resizing a picture to be sent via mms. Its great in theory but it'll just let you down hence only 2 stars from me.

Reviewed by darren from middlesbrough,england on 21st Feb 2006
what an excellent phone.the features on it is great and the camera is quality.the memory on this phone enables me to use my phone to its true limit. easily the best phone ive had.

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 17th Feb 2006
Overall it is a great phone, with lots of key facilities like voice record, video and camera. it is ok to look at but i can't help but think that the buttons look a bit plasticy making the phone look cheap and tacky, which, judging from its facilities it clearly isn't. It is a great phone but if its appearance was changed then they would probably sell a lot more!!

Reviewed by tonyx from uk,berks on 3rd Feb 2006
i had a fon that used a memmory stick duo then it was too big and and i had to get a card reader to download my music and vedios, wen i learnt on the seD750i i was just delited this fon is the best i have known of so far, it gives me that pleasure i have ever looked for i havent had any problems so far with and dont expect any , i can now post my vedios on the net as well as email them to my mates , and also use the fon to stores downloaded software.. i love this fon...

Reviewed by Donky from U.S. on 1st Feb 2006
I like this phone man,i bought this phone from last week, i am very happy with it, that phone has the same function as the W800i, it has the walkman, the picture very clear when it come out.........

Reviewed by Chris williams from England on 26th Jan 2006
What a phone!

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