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Sony Ericsson C903 review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated October 2009


In a nutshell: Sony Ericsson's C903 is an entry-level 3G slide phone.


The entry level class of 3G phones is already flooded with Sony Ericssons, and here comes yet another one! Sony Ericsson are very hit and miss with their phones at the moment, so we almost dread reviewing the C903.

This looks like standard slider fayre from Sony Ericsson. It's very glossy and is an obvious fingerprint magnet, and the build quality doesn't feel up to the job. At least the keypad is better than your average Sony Ericsson. The display is exactly the same kind that SE have been churning out for years now, although this one does benefit from an auto-rotate feature.

As a Cyber-Shot phone, we are anticipating a good camera, although experience tells us that these cheap Cyber-Shots rarely meet expectations. Although this one is rated at 5 megapixels and has autofocus, face detection and an image stabiliser, we can't help feeling that the Sony Ericsson K800i from 2006 was at least as good. The video camera isn't really up to much, with a maximum resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and 30 frames per second.

The other features include an MP3 player, FM radio with RDS, Java games with motion gaming, web browser, etc. There are two features that set the C903 apart from the many other Sony Ericssons in this price range: assisted GPS and the Walk Mate. The a-GPS comes with Google Maps and a 3-month trial version of the Wayfinder Navigator software. This is very much a budget GPS system, and you'll struggle with the small screen, but it's one of the few phones in this price band to offer GPS, so it's a nice bonus. Another nice bonus is the Walk Mate, which acts as a smart step counter, and is a nice feature for the health conscious among us.

The memory of 130 MB is certainly better than average, and the C903 supports memory cards up to 16GB. Connectivity is average, with Bluetooth and USB. Why do Sony Ericsson find it so hard to include a 3.5mm audio jack in their phones? HSDPA is available for fast internet access, although to be honest this isn't the kind of phone that will need a lot of fast downloads.

When we first reviewed the phone in June 2009 we wrote that it felt flimsy and we doubted that it would prove to very durable. A few months on and our user reviews confirm that indeed the C903 is about as durable as a cube of sugar in a hot cup of tea. Frankly, we're fed up with Sony Ericsson at the moment. They keep churning out run of the mill handsets, or handsets that look great on paper and then self-destruct as soon as you take them out of the box. The C903 has turned out to be one of the self-destructing kinds. As well as this, the user guide is rubbish and the battery life poor, and we think that you deserve something better than this. Thumbs down for the C903!

Sony Ericsson C903 features include:

  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, autofocus, face detection, BestPic, image stabiliser, 16x digital zoom and geo-tagging
  • Video camera with video stabiliser
  • Display: TFT, 262,144-colour, 240 x 320 pixels with auto rotation
  • Media player with MegaBass
  • FM radio with RDS
  • MP3/AAC ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • 3D Java games with motion gaming
  • a-GPS with Google Maps & Wayfinder Navigator (trial)
  • Walk Mate step counter
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Internet: Web browser, RSS feeds, blogging, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps)
  • Memory: 130 Mbytes plus support for Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) (up to 16GB)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage, modem
  • Quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) plus 3G (UMTS 2100)
  • Size: 97 x 49 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 96g
  • Talktime: 4 - 10 hours
  • Battery standby: 350 - 400 hours

Sony Ericsson C903 user reviews

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Average rating from 209 reviews:

Reviewed by iqbal from afghanistan on 26th Feb 2012
this is very good phone wich ever i have seen, it have 5mp cemra and shot very high resulation video with acc sound, the acc sound format is better than amr. And have havy deuty bettry.

Reviewed by Upekha from Sri Lanka on 21st Feb 2012
I bought the Sony Ericsson C903 after having a positive experience with my Sony Ericsson K770i phone which my husband is still using. 1 year and 8 months later(few days ago), the Sony Ericsson C903 started exhibitting problems. The middle button stopped working. It started working occassionaly and now yesterday, when I slide the phone, the screen went blank and I had to restart my phone by removing the battery. I am dissapointed with Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Buster from Australia on 31st Jan 2012
Beware - I have two of these phones for around 20 months and both started to exhibit similar faults after a year or so (after the warranty ran out), so I suspect that the faults may be common to the breed. You need to be patient to charge them. Each time they are plugged in, the charging works for a minute (or an hour) then throws up a charging error. If you persevere, you can eventually charge them up (bit by bit). I have developed the distrustful habit of checking them every few minutes while charging (easier at night because one of the side buttons flashes a faint red light when in fault). Of course, I tried the usual recommended corrective actions such as cleaning the terminals, etc. Both phones also occasionally fail to recognise an incoming call, preferring instead to kick it to message bank. One of the phones also occasionally receives a call but doesn't permit the call to be taken! No keys work when this happens so the only way to restart it is to take the battery out. That same unit also occasionally scrambles address book numbers, assigning the wrong number to an incoming or outgoing call. Tried the SE upgrade service. It seemed to add some camera functions but didn't help with the faults.

Reply by Ahmer from Pakistan on 7th Feb 2012
plz shut down the mobile & then charge it.(Fully Charge.....)

Reviewed by khurram from greece on 25th Jan 2012
no signal

Reviewed by t.r.c. from england on 28th Dec 2011
excellent phone,no probs after 2 yrs. would recommend to anyone

Reviewed by Andrea from UK on 6th Dec 2011
I have had the Sony Erricson C903 on O2 pay as you go for a year and a half with NO problems at all. the sliding mechanisim is really good, calls are really clear and the key pad is really good to use. i would reccomend this phone to anyone who wants a good canera phone with a 5mp canera this phone takes a really good picture.... best phone i have had ever

Reviewed by tata from UK on 10th May 2011
its not working when i try to put it on

Reviewed by Taj from UK on 2nd Apr 2011
Lovely Phone! In Another 5-6 Monthes I Would Have Had This Phone For 2 Years! Only A Few Scratches On The Front And Ive Droped It ALOT of Timesz! Hasnt Broke Yet! Still Working Fine! Love The Phone! Getsz A Full 5 Out Of 5 From Me! <3

Reviewed by Paul UK from UK on 1st Apr 2011
Here we are, 2011, and you'd think the software upgrades would have sorted out the "phone turning itself off" problem years ago. But no, every day my phone switches off for no apparent reason. It did a 2 hr turn on the other day, took that long to get to the main screen, and then turned itself off about 4hrs later. I hate the phone, the pics are not as good as my K850i, I wish that phone hadn't blown a fuse, I'd still be using it and the video resolution is rubbish in my opinion, compared to other phones of the same specs. Thank goodness i'm near the end of this contract term, I'll be getting an HTC desire next and steer clear of SE's for a long time.

Reviewed by Donna from UK on 4th Mar 2011
Great looking phone. Great features to get you into modern technology and easy to use. The case is a bit flimsy but only when you take it apart which isn't often for me. Sadly microphone has gone after a few months of use which was aparently repaired but problem not solved. Don't think I would choose Sony Ericsson again. This is the first sony ericsson I have had I normally have nokia or samsung which are my favourite.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 4th Mar 2011
I bought my phone last July/August(2010). From I have bought it, it switches of randomly and disconnects my memory card. At the moment I have three buttons which I need not working! I do not recommend this phone to anyone!

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 4th Mar 2011
Terrible phone. Paid 150 for this last year, Had so many problems with it. When i slide the phone up and down to open it my screen went black and switched off. Dont waste your time on this phone.

Reviewed by M from UK on 21st Feb 2011
I got this phone as an upgrade to replace my ageing K800i, which I had been happy with but it was worn out. The C903 simply doesn't ring or make a text alert noise when someone tries to contact it. I have even put the phone on maximum volume with every possible profile selectable from the menu; nothing. The phone's been off for repair - they sent it back saying that it needed its software updating and that there was nothing wrong with the phone. Lies! The phone has some fault that means that even restoring it to its factory setting has no impact. It's a rubbish phone with a fault that it seems once you get it, that's it.

Reviewed by Love from UK on 18th Feb 2011
had this phone for more than a year now... and it's broken now. didn't do anything but the screen suddenly blacked out. grrrrr.... must be the problem of slider phones. never again!

Reviewed by Ady from UK on 17th Feb 2011
I've had my phone for about a year and a durin the last 2 months it has gone for repair twice!! Same old problems " incorrect usim and Incorrect battery" the battery only lasts about 16 hours off a full charge on stanby NOT GOOD!! nothing like the 16 days claim by sony erricson

Reviewed by gummy from UK on 16th Feb 2011
i bought this phone. It's easy to use and nice camera and i'm very lucky because i don't have any problem with it. love it so much >3

Reviewed by TOM from UK on 8th Feb 2011
Well i had this phone for a month with no problems until i turned it on and it came up with the usual "insert sony ericson battery" rubbish, sick of sony phones DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE -it will work for a while before crashing!!!

Reviewed by Sup! from UK on 5th Feb 2011
I have had this phone for over a year! And all I can say is that it has lasted! I have dropped it so many times and it just keeps going. The camera is great for the day to day use. It's really easy to us the keypad, and the screen is big enough! So yeah, I like it!

Reviewed by stace from UK on 17th Jan 2011
bought c903 sound gone two weeks after must be common fault

Reviewed by Gina Harrison from UK on 3rd Jan 2011
I was happy when I bought this phone but a few weeks into using it stopped reading my memory card and I would have to keep taking it out and inserting it again. 14 months later my phone came up with the error message: Insert SIM Card. I went to the shop and my SIM card was fine - soon after this I charged my phone to get the error message: Use Sony Ericsson battery. It is sad that only 14 months in I am phoneless...

Reviewed by Emily. from UK on 19th Dec 2010
I had my sony ericsson for the whole of three days when it decided to die on me, I find it a great little phone and love the camera on it however the battery is absolute rubbish, I charge my phone when needed and I do not over-charge yet the battery died all by itself with full phone life. After an arguement with O2 for a refund and sending me the same phone as a replacement my phone then amazingly lasted two months, this time stating that my phone had no service, thinking there was something wrong with my SIM card I took it out and put my SIM into another O2 phone and it worked perfectly, when I went to put my SIM back into my sony ericsson the phone would again not switch on, nor charge and showing no life what so ever.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 17th Dec 2010
It's an OK phone - does what I need it to do - but, as other reviewers have found, it is irritating that it keeps losing connection to the memory card. I got the phone for free, so I can't really complain, but if I'd paid money for it, then I'd be slightly disappointed!

Reviewed by william from UK on 15th Dec 2010
phone is a total pile of rubbish it wont let me charge it puts messages in randam places speaker dosent work i will never buy a sony ever again and they wont even fix it and its under warranty

Reviewed by danny from wigan from UK on 28th Nov 2010
bought this phone re-boxed from 3 shop for 50, no complaints at all in the year ive had it as in that year ive dropped it around 10 times on concrete and not had to repair it once, plus its not affected performance. in that time ive had friends with i-phones and other smart phones complainin and taking phones in for repair numerous times. old fashioned i maybe but cant fault the c 903 for price and performance it provides. not sure about the plasticy comment someone wrote, its a phone???

Reviewed by Joanna from UK on 26th Nov 2010
Worst phone I've ever had... Broke 3 times, I got a replacement phone - Nokia in the end!

Reviewed by Amy W from UK on 21st Nov 2010
Well I am not sure what the poor reviews are for, yes the software needs updating, but SO DO COMPUTERS!?! If you want it to be ultra quick you have to have the latest software, which you can find FREE on the Sony Ericsson website! I love this phone, wouldnt change it for the world!

Reviewed by Claire Reid from UK on 20th Nov 2010
I received the C903 in Dec 2009 as an upgrade on 3 network. Within 20 minutes it appeared on screen insert correct USIM. I called 3 who advised it was my sim & to go into the shop & buy a new one. My sim worked in my old phone & other peoples phones so obviously not the sim & even the man in the shop agreed it wasn't the sim & advised to get back on the phone to 3 & request a replacement. Eventually they sent a replacement and it worked fine (apart from occassionally not reading memory card)until yesterday when the message insert correct USIM appeared again. I can now do nothing with the phone and am hoping when I contact 3 tomorrow they will send me a completely different phone.

Reviewed by vinod from UK on 20th Nov 2010
this is good set and sound effect is good

Reviewed by elle from UK on 7th Nov 2010
This is the best phone ever. I love the 5 mega pixel camera. It's awesome. The design also suitable for me as a student. A very nice small phone. I've got this phone for my 18th birthday on the last April and until now, it works very well. Though, I think it's hard to look after this phone as the cover is quite easy to scratch. But overall, nice having this little awesome phone. Way to go Sony Ericsson! :)

Reviewed by dunc from UK on 5th Nov 2010
bought this sony c903 from argos, 3 weeks later sound broke, back to argos, they refused to exchange it and it went for repair. 3 months later its gone again. what rubbish, can't hear rings or texts coming in.

Reviewed by ch tahir sagri from UK on 27th Oct 2010
i love c 903

Reviewed by John Price from UK on 16th Oct 2010
Sony Ericsson C903! BUYER BEWARE! Don't even consider it! I have owned Mobile phones from various manufacturers since 1989!.. Without a doubt the S.E. 903 is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to own!.. I purchased it from the "3" Network, It had a habit of doing exactly what it wanted to do without any help from me.. Even though it was locked it still connected to the internet.. The Keyboard went out with the Sinclair ZX80 Computer. Every time I received a call as soon as I picked it up to answer it dropped the call!.. Three times it went back to "3" and three times it continued to do exactly the same!.. If I didn't know better I would say the damn thing was haunted!.. What an absolute load of RUBBISH!.. p.s. The Camera worked well and photo quality was good!.. But I wanted to use it as a Mobile Phone not a ******* Camera!

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 10th Oct 2010
My Sony Ericsson C903 has just suddenly died and I am not impressed considering it cost me 200 and I haven't even had it a year. I have loved using this phone but it has had a lot of faults, mainly design faults and is not durable at all. My next phone will most certainly not be a Sony Ericsson. My last three phones were sony and they have all died quite quickly. Yes, they look pretty but are pretty rubbish

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 8th Oct 2010
I agree with this, i've just been given one as a replacement after an earlier song ericsson kept breaking on me and this is looking like it might be just as annoying. The battery life is the real problem. It struggles to last a full day even with VERY light use, by which i mean 5-10 minutes talk time and sending and receiving a few texts. Not impressed. I've turned off all the the internet and GPS settings to try and boost the battery, but that basically means i've got a useless phone and an alright camera in one thing. I should have got a nokia brick for calls and texts and a separate camera.

Reviewed by rebecca from UK on 6th Oct 2010
worst phone I have evr had it has been for repaid 7 times in 4 months and three have still refused to replace it. I have just got it back now after two weeks - it worked for about two minutes now wont switch on - do not buy. iv had every issue iv read about others having with this phone truely terrible

Reviewed by m.sunil from UK on 4th Oct 2010
(Sunil- India, kerala,palakkad,pattambi,Naduvattam) Great little phone but terrible battery life!!! - to all those who have said that there are no delivery reports - there are!! just look a little harder. Feels slightly flimsy but apart from this and the battery, Ive had no issues

Reviewed by Ash from UK on 29th Sep 2010
I've had the phone since march and most of the buttons have almost broken and I have to press really hard. However, the camera is quite good and allows direct uploading to facebook, which i quite handy. I don't really use the phone for music as much as i have an ipod, but i'm sure its capable of music. The battery is quite good - lasts me about 3 days before i have to charge it. And its quite pretty.

Reviewed by noe from UK on 21st Sep 2010
the phone is alright but the battry is teh worst l've ever had to deal with. i've had to buy an extra battrey because it lasts less than 4hrs so when lm not at home struggle because my phone is constantly off. l wouldnt recommend it for texters like me because the battrey is terrible.

Reviewed by shabz from UK on 20th Sep 2010
i like this phone goos 5MP CAMERA nice and slim ok battery life but i wish it had shke control

Reviewed by asela from UK on 15th Sep 2010
I think that is the best phone in the world-for me. because it is very beautiful and useful

Reviewed by simon baker from UK on 12th Sep 2010
Do NOT buy this phone, whilst it looks good on paper specwise and feels ok in your hand (though a bit plasticky) I am now returning my third one in a row in the space of a month and a half to 3 . This handset seems to have a serious issue/ design fault regarding any damp or moisture in the air, you could probably breathe on it and the water content in your exhaled breath would be enough to freeze it into a frozen/crashed won't turn on won't turn off useless unuseable state. I look after my phones, and am not careless i have never known any handset i've ever previously owned to be as consistently appallingly bad as this ! STEER WELL CLEAR - and don't let anybody from a network c0 fobb you off with one !

Reviewed by naresh from UK on 10th Sep 2010
it having excelent features so if u wana take mobile prefer it

Reviewed by Edward Moss from UK on 8th Sep 2010
Quite a nice phone, but rather flimsy. Keeps sending busy tones signal unless I answer it when it's laying flat on a table. We have two other Sony phones in the family, and frankly, this is the least reliable of the lot. The screen is a beggar to read either in sunlight or without glasses. I really don't see whay Sony produced this on bearing in mind it is predominantly given free on contract. Anyone who actually buys one is nuts.

Reviewed by Spartacus from UK on 4th Sep 2010
This is the 5th Sony Ericsson Ive had and it will be the last! This phone isnt even 6 months old and already the keypad has a mind of its own. A beuatiful looking phone, excellent camera and easy to use but fragile, flimsy and unreliable. I'll never buy another SE again.

Reviewed by Nixster from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
Very anoyning!!!!! I got se c903 5 months ago from insurance company as my phone got ran over by a stupid idot going to fast round the corner in his tarted up shed on wheels in my area, trying to get kids across road before he ran us over yep my phone dropped out my pocket, anyway insurance company (02 insure) sent me se c903 in black, had also been promised 8gb memory card if one not supplied as my last phone had 8gb internal memory so they agreed like for like, the phone arrived but no memory card so called them and as agreed they saidd they would send me one when they had one in stock. after 2 weeks i contacted insurance company as i had not heard anything again none in stock said they would ring me, after another few weeks went by tried calling insurance company could not get through so rang 02 customer services instead explained the problem and they agreed to sort this matter as i have been with them for 5 years on contract. few days later i recieved a 4gb card so called 02 and they said they had none in stock either and when in town i asked in the 02 shop and they said they weren't stocking them anymore explained this to 02 and said that i found it stupid that neither them, the insurance company or their shops had one in stock, 02 then promised to call me within 48hrs regarding this 8gb memory card. few days went by and no calls recieved from them, then the real problem started my mum called me and the phone did not ring it just vibrated, thought this was odd so reset phone checked all settings and then asked my partner to call me, again my phone did not ring it just vibrated so having to ring 02 regarding the memory card issue i told them that my phone was now faulty so they agreed to repair it and as for the memory card i had to by one myself and then they would refund me, so my phone went in for repair recieved it back around 1st of august brought 8gb memory card faxed receipt to 02 and they refunded me . happy days so i thought!!! after 3 and a half weeks my phone again decided to just vibrate and not ring i found out that the problem was the external speaker had gone meaning when somebody rang me it did not ring just vibrayed or if you put loudspeak on when making or recieving calls you could not hear anything or trying to play music the track will play but no sound . so contacted 02 on weds 1st sept 2010 agreed to send me new se c903 black as this was the second time this fault happened with my handset, after waiting in all day apart from school run the new one finally arrived at 5:45pm as i was doing tea so after i put kids a bed i started my new phone up spent an hour charging (as no battery power at all, could not even turn phone on) and puting music, photos ect back on my phone then decided after less than 24hrs of having phone it would do the same again!! externl speaker gone, after contacting 02 again they said that they were surpised that this had happened to the new one so quick and i said me too!! so they agreed to send another se c903 black again to me but not til tuesday, hope this is not a common fault as i am already pretty hacked off as you can see this will be my third se c903. Anyone else had this problem as i have read in the reviews other problems but not the one that i'm having please let me know if anyone else has t he same problem with their se c903, Thanks.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 31st Aug 2010
Hate it. Have always bought from SE in the past but after this last effort I am deserting them. Keep on losing signal. Been back to SE for repairs but still no good for 3 network. Paid 3 15 to unlock and guess what! still have same trouble on o2

Reviewed by Edwin Stoker from UK on 24th Aug 2010
I'm Sorry to say I do not yet understand how to use the C903 and cannot get onto the interne the instructions are so few. I really should have been given a disc with it but there is nothing to help me. All I have done since buying is make ordinary calls and take pictures, the latter is vey good. But thanks, I shall not buy sony erisson again.

Reviewed by Teleigha from UK on 19th Aug 2010
I have had my phone for almost 3 months now. It was recommended by a mate. The phone hasnt given me any major issues yet. It does me well and I send about 200 text messages a day and with my memory card in, I dont have to delete my messages for about a month, when the phone becomes slow. Other than the obvious loss of speed due to all my messages, the phone is a great phone.

Reviewed by Rachy from UK on 17th Aug 2010
I'm on my third sony ericsson c903 and I'm sending this one back tomorrow too.. Same problem as previous reviewers, it told me to insert correct sim ( it did this over and over) then asked me if i wanted to copy sim contacts so i selected yes and it asked me to insert correct sim again, doh!! Oh and it wont let me charge it, telling me i need to use a sony ericsson battery (hello!? I'm using the the battery it came with which low and behold is a sony ericsson battery, so it's going to be no good to me when it runs out of charge. This is the third c903 I've had and I'm not getting another one. It's a shame as I love the look and pretty much everything else about it. Oh well, better start looking for another model. I had the sony eric k800i before this one for about 3 years and had no problems what so ever, until it fell down the toilet.

Reviewed by shell from UK on 17th Aug 2010
i have had to send the phone back o o2 twice within a year........ and the phone will need to be sent back a third time as screen is freezing when texting sometimes

Reviewed by Loocie from UK on 15th Aug 2010
Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhh! I can concur with everything above. Hideous piece of kit - and hugely fortunate I had my W595 to fall back on. I used the phone for three months before recycling it. One week until my next upgrade which will be to the X10 or mini pro :)

Reviewed by Hayzz from UK on 12th Aug 2010
I have this phone, Have had it about 6 months now. And when i send pics via message, it sends and delivers. then keeps resending it without me even doing anything, and wastes my credit!!! Someone help me!!

Reviewed by weelizzie from UK on 11th Aug 2010
This phone is fairly good and has some useful features. The camera takes good quality photos but I can't seem to work out how to email them (my pack was missing the data cable). Wouldn't recommend the phone to anyone who wants to use the email function a lot as there is an odd quirk which frequently deletes everything you have written when you click 'send email'. Contrary to what other reviews say the battery life is pretty fair for a phone with all the features this one has - it's worth manually closing applications that are not being used to conserve battery, but the battery life compares pretty well to a blackberry for example.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 7th Aug 2010
Had this phone for a about a month. Great to start with but now the cancel button keeps sticking which is a pain when texting if you make a mistake. Also when texting it takes about 20 seconds once you hit reply before it opens the screen! Battery life is rubbish too. y last 3 phones have been SE but this one is such a let down. Think its time for a change

Reviewed by rob from UK on 1st Aug 2010
just got the c903 now iv read the reviews on this phone and i dont agree with some of them now i think its a must buy phone and iv not had a problem with it

Reviewed by dave from UK on 19th Jul 2010
the phone is a little flimsy and certainly wouldnt stand a lot of man handling more so when the slider is up.also the memory card slot is a bit difficault to get a card into.the slider for the camera is only a very thin piece of plastic that could easy snap.the good points basically it does what it says on the box.a good first phone to buy for a 10-12 year old

Reviewed by Me from UK on 17th Jul 2010
i hate this phone, it use to work fine apart from the phone loosing connection with the memory card and having to re-insert it a number of times till it connects. its been fixed once cause i broke the screen 3months after having it. took carphone warehouse 1 1/2 months to fix it which was stupid, and it cost me 65, when it was bought for 130. ive had it back just around a month now and all of a sudden its playing up. my camera now doesnt work atal, neither does the flash when i go to video call to use it as a torch. sound doesnt work atal, so i cant use message tones or play music or anything like that. is fuzzy when i call someone. this happened yesterday. it was working one minute then the next its stopped working. its gone slow. takes a while to lock and unlock. its very flimsy. apart from all that the rest of the features work fine. not recomended.

Reviewed by Saaim from UK on 17th Jul 2010
It is not playing videos via tv output. if it can play than kindly let me inform the way how i can be able to play video on tv via c903.

Reviewed by vikas from UK on 5th Jul 2010
I purchased 1 week back, It is not good as SE Brand, Poor Speaker, Poor battery life, highly unreliable.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 2nd Jul 2010
I have this phone and its worked perfectly up until now, when i try to set wallpapers it just says "Picture too large to use in this context" and i am not sure what to do to fix it, any ideas/help?

Reviewed by Matt. from UK on 2nd Jul 2010
I bought the C903 from 3 an had nothing but problems with it. First of all there were pixels missing from the screen, in the top left and bottom right. The customer advisor thought that was acceptable! The battery didn't last more than a day so I replaced the battery after 3 days. Still, the new battery only lasted 18 hours (standby) I had problems with the memory card. The phone would erase pictures constantly. It would be a pain transferring them back on so I took the phone back instead. Other problem is the package didn't come with any accessories. I bought a 2gb M2 memory card, USB cable, plastic screen protector and a C903 CASE. ALL are now obsolete as I have now bought a LG phone with an SD slot! Good points. It's got a nice camera!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 28th Jun 2010
My C903 has died, along with my girlfriend's and someone else I know. A phone with decent features, but reliability that would shame a Chinese startup.

Reviewed by Muzdahir from UK on 26th Jun 2010
So far so nice except that the battery hardly last a 24-hour day even when all features except for making and receiving calls are unused.

Reviewed by casey from UK on 17th Jun 2010
had this phone since around christmas time and served well until it kept freezing and loosing connection to either the sim card or battery. i usually swear by sony ericsson but this is the second phone in a row which started to have problems ive had from them within 6 months, and yes i do take good care of my phones! absolutely lovely to look at and use though its just a shame you constantly need to update it to keep it running

Reviewed by Janice from UK on 13th Jun 2010
Whilst it looks and feels good, and the camera is much better than my old Nokia, I cannot recommend this phone - the build quality is very poor and the battery life only average. The screen on mine died after less than 3 weeks and the supplier refused to replace or repair it. Back to my old Nokia for 18 months before I can replace it. I would have given it a zero star rating if that was an option. I only wish I had read the reviews on this site rather than listening to the sales pitch in the shop. Lesson learned.

Reviewed by Arun from UK on 8th Jun 2010
Hi guys,a great little 4n. very nice cute luk, i like da camera side nd da slid model,but da downloding side is poor. i love ma 4n.

Reviewed by Tyson from UK on 8th Jun 2010
I have only ever had one slight problem with my phone, which is sometimes the sim card won't work, it'll say that there is no sim inserted, when ofcourse there is. Usually i just turn my phone off for a bit, then turn it back on and its fine. This has only happened about 2 - 3 times in an 8 month period. I treat this phone horribly, i drop it, i throw it, i kick it, yet it has never broken. I frequently text and call people, the battery life is amazing. Judging by the reviews of other people, maybe i just got lucky and ended up with one of the best of them? Either way, i'd recommend this phone to anyone who just wants a cheap phone for general use.

Reviewed by rashed from UK on 7th Jun 2010
excellent phone good camera picture eveything is high quality on this phone and i rated it is the best out of the other like c902,c905,c510.it is much better then these one.i rate this a 10 star phone.

Reviewed by maz, yorkshire from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
Recieved the phone today as part of a contract upgrade and im deciding whether or not to keep it or send it back, judging by my options of other phones offered this one appears to have a better review. Was suprised to see the nokia n97 with such bad reviews, guess thats what becomes a phone trying to be a 100 in 1 gadget.. Hoping this phone is good, will check it out a little more before making my final decision.

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 31st May 2010
After about a month of owning this phone I began experiencing problems. First startup soon got slower, often taking over two minutes and navigating the menu became very sluggish, often freezing temporarily or permanently. At times it froze at random without warning, even if I was doing something as simple as going through the main menu. I was unable to save notes, as after writing and trying to save, I got the prompt 'You must enter some text'. I tried deleting my inbox and sentbox which I thought might be causing the problem, however the problem remained. A further small gripe is that you cannot turn off camera sounds, making photography at a theatre or musical performance impossible, what a joke. Also, this is the only phone which has ever consistently failed to connect to my computer via bluetooth. A very, very poor phone.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 31st May 2010
Little information C903 though its plastic, its sturdy and robust! Bigger screen, better camera and outstanding call quality and music player. With the new firmware its simply superb!

Reviewed by dee from UK on 31st May 2010
just bought it for abt a week,photos keep missing,n always prob wit the memory card,suck man!!i regret buying it

Reviewed by kate from UK on 29th May 2010
My advice is to NEVER buy this phone i had 2 in 2 months 1st one broke cos it wanted something updated on it so updated and crashed the whole system, and fella at shop said he never seen anything like it. and 2nd one i was on phone whilst it rain and it completely fried Now we no most phones can handle a bit of rain and its fine but this one has be the worse phone so far !! so i give it ONE STAR !

Reviewed by keith from UK on 28th May 2010
know one told me how hard texting was on this phone , not to please with it and i,ve only just got it , anyone got a phone that they like , which i can change it to ,

Reviewed by John T Rostron from UK on 26th May 2010
Sony Ericsson C903 Very poor phone poor battery slitest touch on the side brings up various things for too complicated for a 68 year old. Unable to sort out how to transfer saved numbers to sim card.

Reviewed by daveb from UK on 26th May 2010
Absolute rubbish. Completely unreliable. Constant software issues. Build quality is awful. Loses info and photos all the time. Memory cards do not work despite multiple fixes. Do not go near this phone.

Reviewed by MekQuarrie from UK on 24th May 2010
Such a conundrum. A great, great bundle of features (GPS has helped me out on many occasions) and a top quality camera for the money. However, after eight months the battery seems to drain itself after even a few minutes on Hotmail and a few seconds on Youtube (previously I got over an hour on Youtube). The 'screen save' after thirty seconds seems to jump to doggedly dormant for several minutes before deciding to come back on of its own accord. Battery charge drops straight to red then later creeps up to 2/3 before shutting itself off exhausted. Now hangs for an age (like an ageing PC) when sending a basic text and often trips the screen-save-dormancy too. Very frustrating. (Third star only for the wealth of features.)

Reviewed by Hanna from UK on 23rd May 2010
I've had this phone for about 9 months now but only because i have to wait for my contract to re new itself in November. When i first got the C903 it wouldnt charge at all and i had to go back to the shop and get a new one. The actual phone is very plasticy which is annoying, but it has lasted well which is a surprise as I dont treat my phones very well but it only has a few scratches on it. It is extremely slow! I send a lot of texts and it is almost impossible to have multiple text conversations at the same time. After sending a text the screen will randomly black out for at least 30 seconds. I have also experienced problems with the memory card, at various times the phone will just not recognise the memory card and i'll have to remove it and put it back in. The camera quality isnt as good as i expected it to be either which was a disapointment, and the cover for the camera is very flimsy and will open itself in my pocket which means that the camera switches itself on. The battery life is also a disapointment. Overall i am not impressed by this phone and wouldn't recommend it at all.

Reviewed by Ange from UK on 20th May 2010
my first thought o n getting the C903 is it sucks coz it doesnt come in purple, it's a slider and its not as good as the k770i. the battery life is poor as the phone slows down when it gets "tired" I'm with 3 and my idea is that slider phones are not as durable as straight phones. (or in another case flippy phones are good too, I was hit by a car while holding onto the LG U300 and it didnt get damaged at all) I thought I'd like the phone coz they said I get 1000 free mins and its 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, autofocus, face detection etc., howeverso far I'm just finding it confusing to use and really annoying!

Reviewed by David from UK on 18th May 2010
AVOID THIS MOBILE... Suffered what I now know a common fault on this phone, Rejecting sim , rejecting battery, Refusing to charge !!! After contacting Sony and expecting some product support, I sent it back to them only for them to E-mail a week later saying the phone is unrepairable , and if I want it back I must send a cheque for 10.00 to cover postage ! VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. Always had a sony mobile but really considering a switch. BE WARNED.... Nice little phone, full of gadgets, but if you do your homework and check the net lots of problems like mine are common, and no support from SONY !

Reviewed by Ingrid from UK on 17th May 2010
My phone also goes of network and when I restart it, it also changes the theme and there is no photo's, I found that if I clean the memory card (physicaly take it out and wipe it) it stops doing it. This is the worst phone I ever had, my previous phone was also a Sony Ericsson but it was an awsome phone, no problems there. Apart from the theme resetting, the slider is wobbly, and my speaker is not working and the phone is now only 6 months old.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 11th May 2010
Got the phone at the end of January on an 18month contract from 3, have had Sony Ericssons before so i didn't think twice about signing up to contract. For the first month of so this phone has been great, did all the things i wanted it to. only slight problem was that is lost internet connection after a short time saying i needed to contact my provider (i'm guessing this meant it had nothing to do with the phone) However, when i'd had the phone about 5 weeks things started ot play up, it would reject my memory card,freeze, and had a significatn time delay between pressing a button and it actually carrying out the action, I have been able to get used to this and didnt bother me too much. lately when i have plugged my phone into charge it has been turned on, however, i then turn the phone off, after turning off the phone decides not to recognise that it is on charge. I have also had times when i have been doing a simple activity such as going from menu to my photo alb um section and the phone decides to shut down, then it wont restart and requires me to take both my battery and sim card out (this is awkward as the back is rather flimsy). All of a sudden yesterday my phone decided it would not send messeges, (possibly a provider problem, not phone) but then in the evening i was on the internet, it froze, i went to reboot it and it wouldnt turn back on, so i plugged it in and it was saying i have the incorrect battery in, so wouldnt charge (impossible seeing as the battery came with the phone) and then eventually it turned on saying i had the incorrect usim (impossible again), I cannot use my phone now as it will not work unless i 'insert correct sim' (I know its not my sim as it has worked fine in another phone all day). My phone is now sat here without any battery in it nor a simcard however it still contains all my details etc, which i cannot retrieve and it is going to be repaired, however, when i get my phone back I will be very skepti cal to use it properly incase it does the same thing again and i find im wasting my money, i still have over a year on my contract left and can't afford to get out of it now. Overall i would say great phone while it works, however this isnt for very long and so i really would say stay clear of it!

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 10th May 2010
GUTTED...Since Xmas i have had 2 of these phones and both say no memory card..I bought a new sony M2 card as i thought it must be faulty but the new phone is doing it again. All in all i have spent 280 on phones since Xmas as i have just had to buy a new phone (nokia this time). I dont see the point sending it back as its not a constant problem i know i will get the phone back saying they cant find a fault..All in all very disappointed as i loved the phone and i like SE phones.

Reviewed by RedRose from UK on 26th Apr 2010
I bought this phone recently, and it surprises me everytime I go along. I usually go for LG's and since my brother owed a sony e, I was convinced the pictures were amazing! But a 5 MGP??!!! I'VE GOT TO GET IT! Had it for 2 weeks now, and no faults so far. The batteries are long-lasting, the screen doesnt get scratched so rapidly and the internet-messenger is quick. I also like how I can minimise whatever I'm doing, and play around with music, pictures and my videos (new to me beause I never bought a Sony E)The camera and video quality IS INSANE!(in a good sense). I diffo recommend anyone to purchase this phone. It's very reliable, smooth looking and clever. Not disadvantages! Trust me. If it makes you feel any better(and you may be clumsy like me-however not suggesting you should bang it on the floor), I dropped it..twice on the floor(not ground)-floor. No issues.

Reviewed by Dilan from UK on 25th Apr 2010
I had this phone from a month. I was very happy until today. The problem with battery, no charghing, requiring SE battery, but it's SE. Also I've charged my phone in 2 days.I hope Three will fixed that problem and no more repairs because i really like this phone. It's my first time when I change Nokia for other brand and now may be I'l sorry

Reviewed by David from UK on 22nd Apr 2010
i've only just bought my c903 and like you said no USB cable, i've been on the net and am finding it very hard to find one, even the place that sold me the phone doesn't sell them, how conveinient

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 21st Apr 2010
I previous had the SE C510 except had the same problems with the message please insert correct USIM and it rejects the charger because it is not SE but it is, i got no help what so ever with 3 so went back to using my old phone, brougt a C903 a couple of days ago and found from this page i dont appear to be the only one with these problems. So have decided to send the phone to envirophone, at least i can get something for it whilst it still works! i will be staying well clear of SE in the future!

Reviewed by Hayley from UK on 12th Apr 2010
This phone is the absolute worst phone I've ever seen. I Signed up for an 18 Month contract with 3 and it was freezing up constantly that same day with very low network signal. After the first month, it completely broke over night whilst charging. I sent it away and they had told me the screen was damaged and that I would have to pay. When I received the phone again, the freezing had not changed and now it switches itself off, it does this approx. 20 times a day. I put a lock on it in case it was lost or stolen and when putting the code SIM code in, the code would not work now it requires a PUK code. Not impressed, I do not recommend it!

Reviewed by Chad from UK on 9th Apr 2010
Camera wonderful, crisp pictures aint interested in music but its a gem when making/receiving calls, easy texting I HATE Nokia fones and would not EVER have one, to me they are hells creation. SE are much better built, feel solid to the touch. One criticism they do attract finger marks. Hey, try one, i think you'll like it.

Reviewed by Tanith from UK on 8th Apr 2010
awfull, awfull phone. my first c903 was repaired 3 times, needs a sony ericsson battery, full memory (even with empty memory card) applications all over the place, turning itself off etc etc. got a new replacement and 2 days later, you've guessed it, same problems again! still got 14 months left on the contract, think my phones have spent more time being repaired than being used, aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!

Reviewed by clare from UK on 7th Apr 2010
Worst phone i have ever had. Speaker went and had to be repaired then the cancel button broke !!!!!!! wont be having a sony ericsson again !!

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 5th Apr 2010
I disagree with the review to be honest, i think its a great phone, great camera, great for texting, great look and just a all round great phone. It is as much a finger print magnet as other phones. only downside is wheni dropped it on concrete (my bad) the sound has gone a bit dodgy, sometime works sometimes doesnt. but i dont really use it for the music and normally have my phone on silent so doesnt effect me that much. A very good phone though especially if you want a good camera :-)

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 29th Mar 2010
I have had my C903 for 3 months, in a word, its rubbish.. I have had to change it as the screen went funny on my first one, got this one, battery life is 36 hours at a push with not really using it, the keyboard has now started to fail, and its so slow when texting its painful.... I am now already thinking about changing it at my own cost as it really is a bad phone to have, in my opinion anyway.

Reviewed by zara from UK on 25th Mar 2010
To be honest, this phone has been more problems for me than it is worth. Over the past year, no matter how much customer support i've had, the bluetooth doesn't work, neither does piture messaging and some settings are dodgey, like delivery reports don't turn off. This has been the worst phone i've had to date and i'm really disappointes because i was looking forward to having it. Good points are battery life and picture/video quality, but i still prefer my trusty Nokia 6131 - even though it's camera and battery was rubbish!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
SE phones are very well built and if you look after them they will last for years. The C903 is my 4th SE phone in 6 years having just upgraded from the K800i. I've never had any problems with them. My mate always gets the latest SE phone as soon as it comes out then after 3 months he says it's knackered. It doesn't help that every time he gets drunk, he drops it! I've seen the state of his phones and more often than not, they look like they've been run over by a bus! Build quality really isn't an issue with the C903 or any other SE phone so long as you're not an ogre and can actually keep the thing in your hands! Only complaint I have with the C903 is the battery life. I have to charge mine every other day. SE's 10 hour talk time and 400 hour stand by time is way off the mark!

Reviewed by peter from UK on 22nd Mar 2010
when i first bought this fone i was really excited, everything worked, until the next day i was with my friend and he asked me why i was callinng him. so basically my fone was unlocking itself and then sending messages and calling random people!!!!

Reviewed by Dean from UK on 20th Mar 2010
I got the sony ericsoon jst about 2-3 months ago and already it doesnot switch on for some reason. i have been buying sony ericsson fones for years and this was the quickest one to break that ive had, It is a good fone and looks good but i just wish they had took a bit more time with it.

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 14th Mar 2010
Bought the phone in Nov 09 and have returned it 5 times to Sony Ericsson to rectify a problem with the headset disconnecting. This problem occures when listening to the music player or when using the hands free during a call. I have also had problems with the data cable disconnecting when backing-up the phone. Some great features on the phone such as camera and walk Mate, but let down by poor customer service from Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 13th Mar 2010
This phone is not good it has 5 pix but takes forever to focus. can someone help me where does the memory card fit

Reviewed by whitney from UK on 9th Mar 2010
phone freezes all the time. only had it 4 months and its been for repair twice as it says it has no signal and says battery isnt a sony ericson battery even though it is the one that came with it. has well known software problem which people in the 3 shop admitted to me but however will still not change phone or cancel contract and say they will only keep sending off for repair everytime it does this. DO NOT BUY!!!

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