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Sony Ericsson C902 review

 Review: June 2008  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Sony Ericsson's flagship Cyber-Shot phone is looking rather dated now, but it's still a good camera phone with a 5 megapixel camera with face-detection autofocus, LED flash, and easy to use camera controls.



The C902 was the first in the "C" for Cyber-Shot™ range of phones. Previously all Cyber-Shot phones were part of the "K" series.

Physically, the C902 is very much old-style Sony Ericsson at its best. It's a classic-style handset, but ultra-slim at just 10.5mm. The keypad is an old-fashioned one that has good-size square keys giving tactile feedback and enabling fast texting. It feels like a quality handset too, with a combination of metal and plastic, and an elegant finish.

The screen is small by today's standards. This is partly because of the touch-sensitive shortcuts added to both sides of the screen. These are used to activate the camera and switch between still and video. They can also change the autofocus mode, flash and other camera settings.

Let's take a peek at the camera next. The camera is actually concealed beneath a mini sliding cover. When you slide the cover open, the phone switches to camera mode. The camera is a 5 megapixel beast with autofocus, image stabiliser and flash. The autofocus uses face-detection software, so it will automatically focus on a face in a picture. The image stabiliser software we're less convinced about, but it may help to avoid camera blur in low lighting. The camera also has the BestPic™ feature which can automatically take nine photos in a second, so that you can then choose which one to keep. An Accelerometer feature senses which way up the phone is being held, and will automatically rotate your pictures into portrait or landscape mode. The LED flash used for the C902 is more powerful than a standard one, but isn't as good as the xenon flash used on some Cyber-Shot phones. Video recording is comparable with the best of the K series phones, and video calling is available too, on a 3G network. A new "Storyteller" application lets you create presentations from pictures and show them on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Although its a Cyber-Shot phone, the C902 has great music capabilities too. The media player is fully featured, with support for album art. Sony's MegaBass™ ensures that you get rich sounds out of the small speaker. The PlayNow™ feature lets you personalise your phone by downloading an MP3 ringtone (you have to pay for downloads, however.) MP3 and AC ringtones are supported. TrackID™ can identify a song from a few seconds recording. An FM radio with RDS is also included. You can plug in a stereo headphone, or use an optional Bluetooth stereo headset. The memory is average by modern standards at 160 Mbytes but the phone supports Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) cards up to 4 GB, which is enough to store 1,000 music tracks. For some reason though, there's no support for microSD cards.

Connectivity is adequate, with support for Bluetooth and USB. The USB connection enables the phone to act as a USB mass storage device, so moving music and images between phone and PC is drag-and-drop simplicity itself. As already mentioned, this is a 3G phone, with HSDPA support enabling an "always-on" internet connection with download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps - comparable with a home broadband connection. As well as being 3G, it's a quadband GSM phone, so should be usable anywhere in the world.

Battery life is adequate, but ultraslim phones tend to have shorter battery lives than conventional phones, which isn't surprising. The smaller screen size does help to reduce power consumption, and we don't think that the battery life will be an issue for most users.

We had hoped that the C902 would be free of bugs, but a number of users have reported problems with the phone freezing or crashing occasionally. It's not the best camera phone around, for example the Sony Ericsson Vivaz comes with an 8 megapixel camera and can record HD video too.

By the way, a couple of people have asked us what the difference is between the C902 and C902i. There's no difference. Just Sony Ericsson confusing everyone by calling the same phone by different names in different countries!

Sony Ericsson C902 features include:

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How i do location track my friend from my mobile?

Asked by Emran from Bangladesh on 20th Aug 2016

Battery problem?

Asked by Farida from Pakistan on 17th Apr 2016
There is battery problem. I have to charge it very quickly alternate days.

Reply by S21 from UK on 17th Apr 2016
Probably just an old battery. Try a replacement?

I can't send or receive messages on my C902. What can i do?

Asked by kofi from ghana on 9th Mar 2016

Sony Ericsson C902 user reviews

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Average rating from 790 reviews:

Reviewed by df from uk on 16th Jul 2018
I still use my C902 as a simple phone and it is going strong to this day. It's survived many newer 'smart' phones I've had more recently on other networks. The battery still lasts a good few days on standby. The only criticism is the keypad which got loose. I had to stick it back and as a result the buttons are rather stiff.

Reviewed by Angie from Uk on 27th Feb 2018
I have sony erricsson c902 everything was working fine but when I went on my phone to make a call I noticed that my contacts had all disappeared I reset my phone but I cannot enter my contacts to the phone it saying that I cannot add any more contacts which I don't have any please help.

Reviewed by gelo from philippines on 27th Dec 2016
how about.,my c902 just shut down all of the sudden, i try to charge it asap but the screen doesn't turn on, only the led light of camera button and white lights of keypad.

Reviewed by lwazi from south africa on 8th May 2016
Have but now it give me problem it say "insert correct sim card" when I change sim card what can I do because I still love my Sony Ericsson 902... Please help me? Send message here 0818589350 southa africa.

Reply by Josey from Kenya on 5th Aug 2016
You should take your phone to the technician to replace the sim card holder so as to recognize inserted sim card..the current one one might be exhausted.i think this can help.

Reviewed by Beer singh Sajwan from India on 5th Jun 2015
Very good mobile phone. I want to update my mobile with new software. Pls help me. my Mob No:+919463269471

Reviewed by Smythe from England on 19th Aug 2014
got it early in 2009, still going in 2014. just will not die, at all. the charger is awful, the signals not incredible, but has survived everything from 15ft+ drops, total submersion in seawater/beer/soup, dog maulings and etc.

Reviewed by Dilesha de Mel from Sri Lanka on 24th Jul 2012
The best ever phone i ever used. As soon as i bought the phone i had occasional crashing issues but i gave for warranty and got a new one this was in 2009 December. Still using the phone loving it much more than my X8. Battery holds for one complete day for me. But for my friends it stays up to 3 days. Sadly CyberShot series is discontinued

Reviewed by prosper from zimbabwe on 7th Feb 2012
its a nice phone but got one dislike,if you enter a new number and call it freez if u dnt save the number

Reviewed by Elle from UK on 19th Jan 2012
had this phone about a 6months ago, had it for a few years but broke(my fault.) i now have a touch screen phone but want the c902 back! only thing is it doesn't have wifi and although i get internet data on my contract, it's so much slower!

Reviewed by ike from ghana on 20th Dec 2011
i like the phone but my only problem is,how do i make video call?

Reviewed by meenu from UK on 1st Jul 2011
incoming calls are not heard by me. there is no voice heard by me of caller.

Reviewed by Ani-Jo from UK on 4th Jun 2011
Camera= Excellent, hard to better, which is why I have stuck with C902's for the last 4 years. On my first C902 the camera button broke, but you can also take photos with the central select button, on the front of the phone. Folders for photos etc logical, though scrolling through photos can be slow. Over the years I have taken well in excess of 6000 photos with my C902, I will miss the camera when I upgrade. Reception= Not great, not as good as my SE W810i, this has been a disappointment and frustration all the time I have had the C902. Internet= A joke, not worth bothering with, cannot really be compared to more recent phones as does not stand up to comparison. I accessed an email once, it was enough to put me off. A genuine internet search is impossible. Radio, Calendar, Alarms and general organizational tools all work well. I like this phone for the camera and its toughness, it has flown across the room, been dropped etc many many times, and still carried on working. I have to replace soon, my eyes can no longer cope with non-zoomable print, but I will keep my C902 as my first reserve for extreme outdoor activities.

Reviewed by muhmmad umar khan from UK on 27th May 2011
cuet mobile fone

Reviewed by Erick from UK on 11th May 2011
This mobile is outstanding and a triumph of design and functionality. If you aren't bothered about apps and just want a quality feature mobile device this is recommended. Snap one up whilst you still can.

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 5th May 2011
Dont know why mobile phones uk org uk has updated this phone as 2 stars in march 2011??? which is pretty unfair when the handset came out in 2008 and got a decent 4 stars btw in the year 2011 people use smart phones so i dont know why they are updating on the topic of the c902? this is one of the best phones ever made along with the k750i its the kind of phone what will last years and years without breaking unlike new phones which break very easy and have very poor battery life !! the c902 has a good battery life a nice 5mp cam and a solid feel about it shame they dont make phones like this anymore

Reviewed by thambi from UK on 24th Apr 2011
C902 has a big problem like signal and switch off

Reviewed by Sarah R from UK on 18th Apr 2011
My Husband and I both have this phone and while mine never crashes, takes fantastic pics (as long as you don't zoom first you can zoom in on the PC and the pic quality is amazing),the battery doesn't last long and considering that I rarely use it I've been surprised. On the other hand my Husbands crashes all the time, and the picture quality just isn't as good as mine, however the battery lasts 2-3 days longer and he uses it quite a lot. the only difference between our phones is the colour, his being red and mine being silver. How is it possible that two phones, of the same model, behave so differently?? It's got me stumped!

Reviewed by Mike gray. from UK on 24th Mar 2011
Well, basically a poor phone. I've had it for 2 years. Limited now obviously. Poor phone generally. Outdated. The pan and zoom are poor. Internet 3g is a joke. It's as slow as a carthorse to connect. Poor.

Reviewed by louise from UK on 5th Mar 2011
had this phone for over 2years until i thought it was time to upgade. amazing little phone aslong as i dont care not having apps like all these new phones out now id suggest this phone. ive thrown this phone at a wall and still worked, cant do that now with the new phones out as they will break. love it! C902 = awesome, best older phone, one for the none high-tec xperia x10 mini pro = amazing, best new phone, good for the ones who know how to work fancy phone. blackberry curve 8520 = alright

Reviewed by loverguru from UK on 3rd Mar 2011

Reviewed by PeterPics from UK on 2nd Mar 2011
Sony Ericsson has been my favorite mobile phone since my first camera phone the K700i, I must say that the K700 was a marvel way back then in 2005/06 An all rounder! Next was the K750. No words to explain the abilities of that model.I switched to K790 and K800/810 and went back to a K750 as it was much better and all round phone. (K790/800 & 810 did not have "MegaBass") Then wanted to upgrade to a K850 but quite by chance Got a C902. Same comment as for the K750... No words to explain the superb features on the C902. The Camera is a true Cybershot. MP4 Video with AAC sound recording is Superb! Music player has "MegaBass". Speaker tone is crisp and clear. The phone is exteamly user friendly model. Also since Red is one of my favorite colours, I was lucky to get a 'Crimson Red" model and sleek enough to get in to my crowded shirt pocket too. However I did have some problems when taking photos in the night and sometimes the video player has problems with the Audio going out of Sync. Batt life is not an issue for me. The best ever SE phone yet. All the best Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 28th Feb 2011
Great phone, I have had two, but they have both suffered software issues at around 20 months old which involves the start up screen freezing,I am awaiting it's return from repair. It is pretty tough that a quality phone can't make it through a 24 month contract!

Reviewed by Anza from UK on 18th Feb 2011
well, I have completed 1year with my sony ericsson c902. I had already exchanged 3 phones from different brands..but what i need was Phone protected by metal but not by plastic.The cam is perfect with 5mp and Im happy with it.one of my frend carries blackberry with 11mp cam..but my cam clicks betta pictur than his.I am so impressed by its battery power, it lasts for 3days if u use rapidly.if u dont use rapidly..it lasts for 1week also. and..my phone has several times fallen on cement,carpet and bricks.but still it's okie..I have it in Black color..and It's awesome!! + I love the touch style wen i click the cam section.more,i adore its memory.. :) Love my C902 :D

Reviewed by bluedog from UK on 5th Feb 2011
big mistake taking this phone on contract. Keys are too small and the software is very clunky. Avoid

Reviewed by Fone Phanatic from UK on 24th Jan 2011
This is one of the best phones I have ever had. That's not an exaggeration - it really is an almost perfect phone. I have had it for 2 years now, and NOTHING has EVER gone wrong with it. I use it for work and so it's hardly ever turned off. As a result battery life is always a big issue for me, and at first the phone seemed to struggle to last more then a day. I read online that turning off the 3g helps, and since then 2 or even 3 days is no problem! If I had to sum it up, BUY THIS PHONE - YOU WON'T POSSIBLY BE DISAPPOINTED!! Don't listen to the drama queens on here - there's nothing wrong with the phone at all. This is the only phone that has lasted me more then a year without dying a death!

Reviewed by nwanokor victor from UK on 8th Jan 2011
the phone is ok

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 27th Dec 2010
I have had the Sony erricson c902 for a year now has not failed me yet and I don not think it will for atleast another 12 months. I have drop it in my daughters bath she also plays with it at some point in the day basically everyday and drops it a good couple of times I would recommend this phone to anyone I think it is by far one of the best phones I have ever had I have nearly 300 photos on my phone and nearly 700 tracks which I think is pretty good so I would say this is an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 21st Dec 2010
Great when it works. I had five of these over one year. The first two had keyboard and power problems. The third worked well until I lost it. The fourth and fifth had keyboard problems. The worst thing was that my phone company insisted that these problems were rare ('not heard of that happening before'). The above problems are well documented on the net so, think carefully. Are you feeling lucky? I really liked the phone that worked but I can't go through all the hassle again. I now have a Nokia X3.

Reviewed by Constantin Sime from UK on 18th Dec 2010
A stylish looking expansive piece of junk. I've bought one a week ago and after hours and hours of trying to connect it to my desktop PC or to my laptop (via Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6.0 and Sony Ericsson Update Service, using THREE USB data cables designed by Sony Ericsson, and all the USB ports of my PC) I'm still not able to connect it to my PC/laptop. My worst Sony Ericsson buy since the disastrous K750i with its design faulty navigation key (Meanwhile I bought a NOKIA X2-00 as well. What a real gem!)...

Reviewed by OMAR MUNYAMBU from UK on 17th Dec 2010
The c902 is generally perfect. Its more than just a phone. I like it so much.

Reviewed by Amie from UK on 26th Nov 2010
right, first things first im very stubborn and generally do not listen to a word people say and i had read loads of bad reviews about this phone but because there were a couple of good ones i decided to ignore the people who told me it was rubbish, and i wish to god i would have ignored those people who lied and said it was good. i now cannott use the phone, i have had it for 11 months and it was fantastic untill id had it about a month. it started crashing and gliching and wouldnt turn off so i had to take the battery out of it, which then took me about 5 minutes to turn it back on, which is not good when you are late for work and need to ring a taxi! any way, i cannot fault the camera for long distance shots but short distance are not very good quality attall. my phone no longer turns on properly, it gets to the screen that says normal mode or flight mode, then turns off.. turned out the bloody thing zapped all the power out of the battery, so i brought a new batt ery, charged it up in my brothers phone who also has the same phone, when the battery was fully charged i put it back into my phone and within 2 seconds it zapped all of the power out of the new battery aswell, im gutted because i have all of my contacts on that phone, dates in the calender of important events, text messages that are really special to me, im absolutey appauled at this phone and if you are like me - stubborn and will not listen to the bad reviews then please please for once just take my advice, if i still haven't convinced you not to get it then, well, what a waste of money is all i can say.

Reviewed by chaz clifford from UK on 18th Nov 2010
had this phone for a while and stoped useing it as i gt a i phone. but now iv gone back to useing it and my nefu blocked it by putting the code in rong 3 times .. any 1 no the over ride code ? thatnks

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 14th Nov 2010
This phone has been the bane of my life for the past 2 years! Had to stick with it due to contract, didn't fancy paying money to shell out for another new phone. Crashes all the time, camera quality is rubbish for something which has been hyped up so much - rubbish software and terribly slow performance. Battery life quickly deteriorates, can't use it for more than 2 hours without battery life almost running out. Generally rubbish.

Reviewed by dan from UK on 13th Nov 2010
Love the phone but hate it just as much! o2 keeps sending me reconditioned phones, been sent off for repair for the millionth time it seems they want it more than i do. I think personally its the model or maybe its just me being mega unlucky. Try the c903 heard thats much better

Reviewed by aqib from UK on 11th Nov 2010

Reviewed by mushiana khwthisani from UK on 8th Nov 2010
i have a sony ericsso c902. .damn. . .i th0ught it was s0 g00d,well it looks good,but its a different story when you posses it. . . .freezing and crashing is what it is best at.

Reviewed by julie from UK on 4th Nov 2010
I think the phone is good. camera is good but not as good as the k800i if you take photos outside it good but not so inside it would have been a big winner if the camera had been as good as the k800i but the phone is a good all rounder very good to use i think sony phones are the best to use anyway

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 30th Oct 2010
Rubbish all cracked the slide up is dodgy and half the buttons crackle...always turns off do nit ge this I am now getting an iPhone should be a good improvement

Reviewed by Mike O from UK on 30th Oct 2010
Had this phone for nearly 2 yrs now. It has been a good work horse ,Good battery life, easy to use, very good camera ,tho' I couldn't get the flash to work. If you just want a phone without all the gimics then this is a good choice , Mine is now a bit worn and freezes up when canceling calls so opt for 18mth contract max .All in all not bad. I wish they would bring back the 750i that was best phone I have ever had :)

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 24th Oct 2010
Hi! So its like this... It freezes and turns off often,when the camera is used too,when you are talking,and whenever it feels like.thats it.be well and be smart if you know what i mean.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 21st Oct 2010
I've owned a C902 for two years now. In general, I've been happy. It's slim and robust and I like the way the camera is switched on without using menus by sliding the body open - neat, stylish and relatively quick. However the touch-sensitive camera controls around the edge of the screen are a pain - they reduce the size of the photo display and are easy to activate by mistake - which can mean a missed photo. When I ask friends who do not know the phone to take a picture they usually touch the camera controls by mistake. This said, it was my phone and camera for a winter of climbing and skiing in the French Alps - it had no problems with the cold, humidity and neglect and took some good pictures. However, the top section of the keypad has peeled off on every C902 I have seen. And the keys require such a firm press to operate - this is embarassing - I have strained my thumbs! So if you text a lot or like to play games on the tube, this could be a problem for you. Come on Mobile Phones UK, please give us a review of the Nokia N8! My thumbs need a touchscreen quickly! Is this the camera-smartphone I always wanted!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 13th Oct 2010
Love this phone. Had it 18months and struggling to find anything to replace it with. Love it's compactness, ok camera (although flash is poor) and decent video. It has NEVER once frozen on me or crashed.

Reviewed by Ratzone from UK on 13th Oct 2010
I think this is a good phone. but there is a small trouble in taking photos in the low light.. because the flash is not much powerful.. but I love it!!

Reviewed by ethan from UK on 11th Oct 2010

Reviewed by Man from UK on 10th Oct 2010
Why my phone always jem

Reviewed by amanda from UK on 30th Sep 2010
always had a nokia phone with no problems except picture quality so decided to try sony ericsson c902 ,never again 2wk after 6 month phone provider guarentee ran out phone froze lost all numbers and had to send it away, slippy phone and easily dropped chips easy and camera phone though a 5 meg pixel take a pic in the eve and even with flash on picture comes out dark. back to nokia for me.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 21st Sep 2010
Great Camera, when you get it to do what you want it to without accidentally pressing the ill placed touch settings dotted around, drives me mental. The buttons are awkward, however the interface and ease of locating it's functions are good. All that is completely irrelevant however, due to the fact that yet again Sony Ericsson have made a phone that breaks in just about every conceivable way at the drop of a hat. Having had it about a year, it freezes, has trouble turning on, throws regular wobblers and takes ages at the slightest implication of asking it to do something taxing like say, look at my photos. Oh and don't even think about dropping it accidentally, as it will explode into a thousand different pieces. Mine is now currently held together with an elastic band (Which has actually stopped the whole exploding problem), and it decides when it wants to do things and what information it wants to hold at any given time, not me. New phone tomorrow, i couldn't be happier to see the back of it! Absolutely pathetic, i can't believe how poorly built this is, mind you so was my last Sony Ericsson phone, that was discontinued forcing me to have this heap of junk as a supposed upgrade to replace it. Technically it was an upgrade, but total nightmare of a phone SORT IT OUT SONY! - Too long you've been building flakey phones. STEER CLEAR! You have been warned.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 19th Sep 2010
I have had to repair this phone 5 times and I have had it for under a year.The repairs were initially because the phone wouldn't even turn on, then there was something wrong with everything about it. By the end of the repairs they gave me a new handset also a C902, not as bad as the first one but I really could do with a different phone. Not recomended for anyone. DO NOT BE tempted by the camera because you could get the same quality of a 3.2 megapixel camera on a nokia. The video calling is not very good and you cannot even use the front camera for taking pictures.

Reviewed by John Pettinger from UK on 18th Sep 2010
I am on my second C902 as I thought the problems I had with the first was due to dropping or something, not that I was aware that I had dropped it. Anyway, the second one I have had for 3 months. Awful problems with hands free, just wont answer sometimes, then cant make calls. But yesterday, all on its own, it deleted my entire address book, changed the ring tone,and froze up. Even removing the battery cannot get anything more than the Sony E logo on the screen. I join all the others here in saying,DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE MODEL. It is my 5th Sony Ericsson and the only one I have had problems with.

Reviewed by rukmal bandara from UK on 18th Sep 2010
Becuse of high qulity my k 750i, I've buy c902 phone. It is working properly about 2 month, at once phone say "stop charging your phon. serious dammage happen" . and sms is not working, all phone contact delete. phone contact not open. Then problem can manage after re instrall software. after that work it properly. after about month again that software problem com. I NEVER BUY SONY ERICSSON. rukmal.bandara@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Mya from UK on 14th Sep 2010
Absolutely awesome mobile. Good picture quality, friendly user functioning, funky slide out touch screen camera design, slim and light and battery life is alright. only problem that other users have too is the top row buttons peels back slightly after 1.5 years usuage and like other reviewers say...it does sometimes freezes and cuts you off calls. BUT weighing it all up it is worth buying.

Reviewed by Darko from UK on 13th Sep 2010
I had my c902 for 2 years.It had problems with overheating in about a month.I took it to the service and they've changed the motherboard.Since than it is working great.I even fell of my bike, directly on the phone that was in my pocket and it just bend a litlle.Still working.

Reviewed by Lindsey from UK on 12th Sep 2010
Had my C902 A while, and this is a replacement of my origional one. Whilst charging my phone today, serious error message came on the phone now I cant sent or receive text...what do I do..tried the down load, that didnt do anything what so ever, it just downloaded the photos off my phone onto my computer..which is no use what so ever..what can I do, i tried a different charger- same message, switchied it off and on, took the batterey out...still nothing ??

Reviewed by julie from UK on 4th Sep 2010
THIS Phone is good but abit on the small side camera very good as well but not as good as the ericsson k800i that for me was the best phone

Reviewed by steve from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
shame about the smaller screen,and texting is awkward.i loved my k850 more. but its new'so give it a chance i guess.

Reviewed by Vinay from UK on 1st Sep 2010
Hi Guys... today after 1 and half years... i upgraded the Firmware of my C902... i did it just bcoz i needed a firmware upgrade. i have a 2 GB mem card with it since day 1 and i have found not more than 1-2 percent problem in it. just that the cam quality seems to be going weaker... but today after the firmware upgrade, it is back to NEW state. i love its flash, display quality, sound quality... everything. i have used W810i before, P990I, w550i.... but i love this the most in more than anything the older phones had. i love it.

Reviewed by qemaa from UK on 26th Aug 2010
i just used my c902 since 4 month ago. but now i cant to send message n recieved any message then my phone always tag this message.. serious error, stop using your phone and contact sony ericsson call centre.. what happend to my phone..

Reviewed by aaaaa from UK on 16th Aug 2010
the battery life isnt excellent, but everything else is! camera's excellent and so is the mp3. fast and easy to use. recommended phone

Reviewed by SERE from UK on 14th Aug 2010

Reviewed by atif zaman from UK on 11th Aug 2010
this is good mobile but button is dimage

Reviewed by Paulo from UK on 9th Aug 2010
The phone drives me nuts. DO NOT BUY ONE. Continually freezes, drops out during phone calls, then has fits of turning itself on and off again - continuously. Sony Ericsson's answer is a firmware update - only available to Windows users! USELESS. 5 megapixel camera is worse than the 2 megapixel camera on my previous k800i. Touchscreen is woeful, and completely frustrating. Surely a candidate for worst mobile phone ever? Only reason I haven't trashed it is due to lack of finances for a new one.

Reviewed by Anthony F from UK on 6th Aug 2010
Had the phone a couple of years, recently started shutting itself off, normally when trying to text or answering a call. Does it at least 1 in 10 times, have emailed Sony Ericsson on several occasions asking for advice/help, nothing. I have the latest software/firmware and a charged battery. Before it failed loved it now it really makes me so angry have binned it and bought a Nokia. Unless you replace your phone every year do not get one, for a long term investment it is rubbish

Reviewed by richard from UK on 5th Aug 2010
this phone is just excellent

Reviewed by adam from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
good phone recently got it but there are so many updates for it its been 4 hours since i started updating it and it keeps saying that there are more good phone good battery life would recommend to anyone

Reviewed by Pieter from south africa from UK on 28th Jul 2010
To everyone,and jeff from the uk-im a HUGE SE FAN-had 8 different models over many years so far and for the last 1.5yrs ive had the c902. Ive spilled 3 full drinks on it,dropped it hundreds of times and so far all is well as day 1! It did freeze and or restarted at one time and i found out it was an application i downloaded that caused it. No freezin anymore. Batt life is wow-7days and with a lot of cam/internet use 5-3days. I use a phones camera alot thats why i like S.E and so far ive taken almost 6000 photos/videos with the c902. Xenon flash of k -series is better than led though. So basic all i wana tell everyone is MY C902 IS GREAT AS WAS THE CASE WITH ALL THE OTHER SONY PHONES I HAD. And they all got wet and got dropped alot and always kept working. I will keep buyin S.E in future and a few of my friends/family members that was nokia/samsung lovers has also switched to S.E and they swear by them now aswell. Go SE Go! :-)

Reviewed by Samanda from UK on 15th Jul 2010
My previous phone was SE K790i. had it for a year wid no problems. Suddenly the phone would stop catching network. Found out that fixing it would cost more than the phone value at that time so I bought SE C902. I've had it for over a year. Problems started developing about 2 months back. First the keypad started peeling, then it wont charge properly unless i keep the phone at a certain angle, the battery life goes down rapidly...got it checked from a shop and they say battery is fine, it may be the phone. Also sometimes the phone overheats even when on a call. And yes the switchin off of the phone by itself is annoying as sometimes i do not realize that the phone is off and i may have missed out on imp calls. Camera is good only for daytime pictures.The flash is irritating as you cannot switch it on when needed. the flash is also not effective anymore but that could be due to the battery problem..maybe. I'm very dissapointed as I otherwise love the look and features of this phone.I expect it to last for at least a reasonable time period. However with so many ppl having the same problems SE should look into this and do something to rectify these problems if they want to keep their customers.

Reviewed by becci from UK on 11th Jul 2010
helo guys, well i got this phone as a gift, i had it a meer 3 months , in that space of time it had started the hole freezing and blacking out and rebooting, but i didnt take any siveer notice of this, i also blamed myself becuase when i went for showers it turn my music on and blamed it on the miosture in the air, but now i no its not my fualt its sony erics fault, i have not sent mines away and im not going to now after readnig these reviews as i know i will have the same problems again, this phone would be an awesome phone if it worked, now my mobile doesnt even turn on its permenantly died, .. i have rated one star becuase what use is a phone that wont even turn on.. ? x

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 10th Jul 2010
Saddly, having looked at these posts, my experiance is much the same as many of you. Got my C902 in Oct 2009, the first one was replaced about 6 weeks later when it constantly said 'no network coverage' even though my partners SE on the same network had a full signal. Now this one is displaying the 'serious error, stop charging' message. I can make and receive calls, but can only send messages, not receive them. Called the Sony helpline who said to use the update service. Followed the insturctions several times, but at the point you hold the 'C' button & plug the cable in, it does nothing, so no joy there either. Just about to call them again, they didn't seem to have heard of the problem when I called them the other day, which having seen all these posts I find hard to believe! It is a nice phone, but I wouldn't expect any phone to give the problems these obviously do within such a short period of time. I switched from Nokia several years ago because of these kind of problems & I have to say I am now very put off having another SE because of this. I doubt I will get an acceptable response from SE having seen the problems users have been reporting on the SE page of facebook which is a great shame. I always vote with my feet and will do so again if I do not get a satisfactory solution to this. I will never have another nokia because of the problems I had a few years back, it's a shame, but it looks like SE are about to join them on my 'never again' list.

Reviewed by kiddykins from UK on 7th Jul 2010
i love this phone it's really good the camera is amazing . i've not had one problem with it and ive have it for a year and a bit .....

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 25th Jun 2010
well where to start, when i first bought the phone opened up the box, and the keypad was already off, so sent it back got a new one. couple of months down the line my second 902, kept freezing. so again i sent it back to the shop. the 3rd one came had no problems with it for months, then out of no where it stopped charging whenver i put the charger in i have to hold it at a funny angle now + put loads of pressure on it to charge, even then i still cant switch it on. Recently just bought a new battery for it so i know its not that!. dissapointment tbh:(

Reviewed by Poodlefairy from UK on 20th Jun 2010
To be honest.. reading some of the reviews bellow, i honestly do not see the problem with the C902? This is my story anyway.. and NO i do not work for any SE related firm or own it on any buisness contract etc.. well. were to start? I have always had sony ericsson phones, as i believe they last longer, there durable, good battery life, easy to use, and obviously the memory expansion avaiable, as these are good for photos and music, which i use a lot. Having the W910, i wanted an upgrade. I liked this phone, best walkman yet, but,only downside which made me want a different model, was the switching off when lost signal and the 2.0 MP camera. So.. i then got a W705 on contract. Great phone overall! 5/5! This didn't give me any problems.. never switched off.. fully responsive didn't crash.. but downside to this was the keypad, i found my buttons easily peeled off.. and didn't slide down smoothly, it got stuck occasionally.. so then! I recently purchased a C902.. as i wanted a cyber shot, owning previous walkmans. And i have had this for quite some time now! I dont think its a bad phone in generall.. i guess its like the same with all sony phones.. you either have a superb working model, or you get the dodgey prone ones. But, all sony ericsson phones switch themselves off once lost signal. No updates stop this regardless of what you read or what sony tell you. It's just generally to much hardware in a small copasity. It cant take the technology.. But. I have had no problems what so ever. I do have the occasional rebooting once lost signal, but generally i have excellent signal from o2. The phone is very responsive.. but i must admit, if you have a lot of files being deleted all at once it does take its time.. You must also keep this phone updated. I found when i had this phone on the version 1.8 the photos and the screen seemed very dark? But i have just updated to 20.1.. " etc.. I reckon the photos and screen are a lot more brighter!! Havn't had any problems with sms, mms, all works fine :) I love this phone.. really, again as i said, do not see why people have been unfortunate in recieving the dodgey models? I would recommend people this se model :) if you wanted an upgrade from the K series.. its not as bulky/fat. Only downside really to this phone is its a bit slippery and prone to scratches a lot, as i take great care with my phones, and also the downward keypad, very stiff and slippery.. prefere the rubber solid ones, and the battery is a nightmare to get out!! had to use a stainless steel ruler!! hope this helps :)

Reviewed by Miaa from UK on 13th Jun 2010
i bought this phone about 9 months ago and it constantly freezes and i never ever seem to have a signal i have had it replaced once (exactly the same thing happened with the new one) and had to have it looked at twice i hated this phone and would definately not recommend it

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 11th Jun 2010
This model is good, BUT... several times I have had problems, including 'Emergency calls only' so I cannot receive or send text messages or calls. The problem is not easily resolved. Once when charging, the phone flashed up 'Serious Error, stop charging immediately' then wouldn't turn on or anything so I had to take it to the T-mobile shop to have the software reinstalled (which lost all my text messages etc). Also the battery does not last terribly long. Apart from that, I enjoy this phone but think it is shocking that so many of us are experiencing these problems. Sony Ericsson should do something about it!

Reviewed by ayub ghonto from UK on 11th Jun 2010
great phone but sightly pricey as i could have got a better upgrade from my k750i i dont really use the camera much either.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 9th Jun 2010
got this phone the other day from ebay. and i really liek it. u got 2 update it before u use it tho but once you do that its really really good. cameras relly good but i dont use it that much

Reviewed by p3t3r egerton from UK on 6th Jun 2010
this phone just isnt good enough the battery doesnt last and my bluetooth doesnt work half the time camera is good but not very good for texting on

Reviewed by AMIR from UK on 26th May 2010

Reviewed by Dissappointed from UK on 18th May 2010
The phone is good. The battery life is terrible. usually lasts a day, two days at most, especially if you need to use it alot. Developed problems with my phone's software. First none of the applications or bookmarks didn't want to work. Then i upgraded the software. It looked fine initially. Then i realised with the upgrade the bookmarks can still not be used. Restarts the phone each time you enter bookmarks. Then the phone completely froze on me. I had to take it in to a phone shop where they reloaded the software. I couldn't, it was giving me all kind of weird messages when trying. 48 days after the software upgrade, my phone is in again... Doesn't want to start up. Now they apparently did a new software upgrade... I would not recommend that anybody buy this phone. As it is not reliable. My previous SE the K800i, was a much better phone compared to the C902.

Reviewed by Ethan from UK on 18th May 2010
I have the C902 limited edition red. At first the phone was very good, the camera was good and taking videos and other applications worked brilliantly. But then the handset started freezing and malfunctioning. It would restart randomly whenever it wanted to and the keypad started to disconnect from the actual handset. The camera also broke for an unknown reason. I had left it to charge and the next day the camera had several black blotches on the screen so the pictures i took were always ruined. Overall its a nice looking phone with good applications and features but the build quality is very poor. I would recommend that you do not buy this handset because of the poor build quality that is was produced with.

Reviewed by teresa from UK on 18th May 2010
having been a loyal nokia user for many years i got the sony because i wanted a better camera and i have to say i love my phone but it is now awaiting its second repair. first time the loud speaker wouldnt work this time the internal speaker doesnt work they can hear me but i cant hear them. i am sadly missing the camera the nokia is no match. shame the sony isnt as reliable as the nokia

Reviewed by G Z from UK on 16th May 2010
Worked without any problems for about 1 year. Then it started to get problems, it started freezing and restarting at random times. Also it didnt recognize my memory card anymore. I brought it back to the store and got a new one. After a couple weeks this one started to have some of the same problems again. Didnt recognize my memory card and at one moment my phone just restarted and after it restarted my whole memory was wiped. All my photo's/video's, games and applications were gone. After searching the internet i found out i wasnt the only one with this problems. Pfff how can SE sell a phone like this one with so many problems?! I totally lost trust in SE after this experiences..

Reviewed by sok chhorn from UK on 16th May 2010
i have bought this phone a few months ago. i love it because it is thin and good camera. the problem is small screen not zenon flash, and unknown memory all the times. i still love music phone. if you need camera phone please buy it.

Reviewed by C M from UK on 14th May 2010
Second C902 Ive had. First one had incredibly stiff buttons and also in areas where my previous samsung phone had full signal now meant I had none with the C902. The phone also randomly won't let me call out, this may very well be the network Orange. Though nobody I know with orange has this problem ONLY people who have C902. The phone also freezed alot. The would need to be turned off and then on again to rectify. These problems were bearable, a bit of persistence and it would eventually work. My phone was replaced with a new C902. This was a couple of months ago. The second C902 didn't have stiff buttons and much easier to use. Still problems with no signal in areas where with my Samsung I had signal. Phone would freeze more frequently and wouldn't let me call out on a more regular basis. Also with both C902 phones, charging is an issue. Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. The major problem I have had was when i went to contacts and it wouldn't open. So I turned off phone to turn back on. Turned back on to say incorrect sim card, and then tried to charge it with an error message of please insert sony erricsson battery. Majorly Unreliable. Only good point is that the camera is good, but whats the point if the phone doens't turn on.

Reviewed by Eamon from UK on 13th May 2010
Anyone who says this phone is good value are either working for the company or on day release. Worse phone ever! As others suggest persistently crashes. I know alot of ppl who have had this phone and not one of them liked it.

Reviewed by Norman from UK on 10th May 2010
This mobile is abs useless. i have had the phone for nearly 1 year and it has messed up so many times on me! normans the snorman

Reviewed by Neha from UK on 7th May 2010
Please dont buy C902. Software is not working properly. Key panel comes out in every 4 months. Its not worth spending on C902. It was my 1st and the last experience with Sony Ericsson. Never gone buy Sony ericsson Phone. I am really disapponited with the Service and the phone of Sony Ericsson. All the problems occured in phone Within 1yr and 4 months.

Reviewed by Jodie .. UK from UK on 6th May 2010
I Got Mine At Christmas, Which As You Know Is Only 5 Months Ago && Its Already Been Back To The Shop To Be Repaired Once Because The Number 7 Button On The Keypad Stopped Working, And Twice Now My Numbers && Texts Have Been Deleted Off The Phone So I Had To Find A Way To Get The Numbers Again, And Now When I Charge It A Box Pops Up Saying "Serious Error. Stop Charging. Stop Using Your Phone And Contact A Sony Ericsson Call Center" .. I Wouldnt Recommend This Phone To Anyone, Nothing But Trouble, Its Definatly Not A Reliable Phone

Reviewed by Bethan from UK on 30th Apr 2010
I have had my mobile for over a year and it's fab. I took kids to Disney with school trip last month and only took my phone for pictures and video footage. Makes life so much easier than having to take a phone, camera & video. Can easily download picture and video onto PC. Love this phone. Has frozen a few times but once switched off then back on it's fine. Music on phone is great 2 only probelm the ear phone don't fit brilliantly. I bought a bigger memnory card so that I can get loads of pics and music on the phone.

Reviewed by Julie from UK from UK on 30th Apr 2010
I have had my phone for over a year and it has never been a problem. I loved it at first and it has a decent camera. Overall I am glad that I had the experience of having a c902 :) tehehehehehe

Reviewed by Eileen from UK on 24th Apr 2010
I think this phone is too 'clever' for it's own good. I'm on my second, with Orange, and it started the freezing/crashing tricks of the other one before too long. I've just put up with it and it seemed to improve for a long while but now the phone is refusing to send texts! Finally sent one to my sister after about 25 attempts. I dread to think about this phone crashing on someone in an emergency. I'm phoning on Monday and this is going back. I'm going back to the Samsung model I had before.

Reviewed by Charly from UK on 14th Apr 2010
I've had this phone for a few months now - I didn't really want it but my old phone broke and this was the only decent replacement avaliable, however I was quite surprised by it. although the features are good, I still haven't compeltely got used to the kepad and buttons, and find it really easy to accidently press the wrong button on the keypad as the keys are angled and hard to press - my fingers end up sliding all over the place unless i use my nails. Also the main navigation button in the middle is quite tempermental - sometimes I think I have pressed it when i haven't, sometimes I don't think I have pressed it when I have and sometimes it takes a few goes to press it because it doesn't seem to go down. I think it is a good phone, but the keypad and buttons are really annoying, which let's it down.

Reviewed by Natalia from UK on 12th Apr 2010
I've had this phone for 3 months, and it is already broken. the up button on the 5 way navigation keypad has broken, and will not work, as well as the touch sensitive shortcuts around the screen. Also, my phone will no longer go into normal mode, and every time i select this, my phone freezes on the sony ericsson screen, and i can only select flight mode for my phone, which is useless as i can't call or text. Just recently my phone has also started to over heat to a point where it burns my hands to hold the phone. Good points though, the camera is extremely good, and the sound quality is pretty good too which made me like the phone, but the last 5 phones i've had have been sony ericssons, and this is one of the worst and i wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by tjallstaruk10 from UK on 11th Apr 2010
this phone is really exciting once you first get your hands on it but TOO many problems: -after a while (lets say 3 months) when you use the phone for media/internet/games for a long period of time the battery of the phone gets hot and starts rebooting and freezes -CHARGING is a major problem as after 6 months the sony ericson charger doesn't work effectively as it starts charging then charging mode switches off so you have to put in effort and correctly position the charger into the slot so that it stays on charging mode which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING -the Speakers have a crisp sound when you first buy it but after a while the Speakers Cackle and it gives you a headache -The Headphones are ridiculous, I have brought 4 pairs already because they keep falling apart and the sound level is very cackly, they are stuck together with almost dry glue lol Apart from these setbacks it is a decent phone but DO NOT BUY IT NOW as there are many phones that are much better than the C902 and will last long without the problems. I have had this phone for 1 and a half years it works but you have got to live with the problems I discussed I am finally getting a replacement next week,I only ever had sony ericson phones so Im going for a Samsung make this time Hope this helps

Reviewed by steve from UK on 8th Apr 2010
do not get this phone... Keeps crashing and Freezing. Worse is you have a contract with 3. They say its down to physical damage and wont repair it and send you a 19.99 bill on top of it. Desppite it having a 2 year guarantee. In fact choose someone other than 3 I will in future

Reviewed by CARL from UK on 7th Apr 2010
Please please do not buy! As with most sony ericsson phones bugs everywhere! Turns itself off regularly; freezes frequently and caller sometimes not heard. Had it replaced and low and behold few months done the line and doing pretty much the same.v Avoid at all costs as even the camera isn't user friendly and..yes...it too freezes!

Reviewed by jan from UK on 5th Apr 2010
had this phone for 12 months on orange network in black when ready to upgrade will have an other but in red this time great phone all round love it

Reviewed by nia from UK on 5th Apr 2010
have have the black c902 and absolutely love my phone had it few months now at first the keypad was quite stiff and a little hard to text is totally fine now music player is fairly loud the camera is fantastic andd has lots of different settings to suit you its light weight and stylish very easy to use and goood for games too also the Internet is pretty fast would definitely recommend this phone !

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 2nd Apr 2010
Have my c902 5 months now. I like it's style and ease of use - thats when it's working. Only problem I have with it is with the m2 Sony micro card - keeps coming up as 'No Files' when you go into the File Manager. I know that there are photos saved on the card as it worked only for a few days when I bought the card along with the phone. Also, sometimes it goes into 'Emergency Calls Only' even when others in the home who are on the same network have good strong signals, so be aware of this possibly happening to yours. The question is, would I buy another one? the answer would be NO. Not with the niggly troubles that I have had with it. You get the feeling of throwing it through the nearest window when it plays up.

Reviewed by pat, from UK on 31st Mar 2010
think i must of got lucky with mine, i love it!, yeah it does have a few bugs, but im a hugh SE fan, didnt want tp part with my well used and loved more k800i, but was real please with the c902, im more for a camara fone myself, so this is just right for me, never had any probs, other than a few times when its froze, ive had mine for about 6mths, and im gona try the c905, i did want the statio, but its still out of my price range, im constantly used mine and battery can last for 3-4 days, camarea has never played up, nice and loud, all in all im very happy with fone, 5*****'s to SE again, another happy customer, ;)

Reviewed by a1driver from UK on 30th Mar 2010
Absolute rubbish. The phone freezes and u cannot use key number 7 on it which is difficult to use when textin and calling. This is my 5th SE phone and I have had the same bother with each different handset (not all C902's). i dont know what made me return to them after such bother (probably the name thing) I will never buy SE again and tomorro I am going to buy a Nokia which has far better features and doesnt freeze etc. I well hacked off as I have 2day had to take the battery out of my phone 18 times and its still under warranty. I will not be sending it for repair as i cant be bothered with the hastle. Good bye SE, HELLO NOKIA

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