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Sony Ericsson C702 review

 Review: July 2008  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: 3G phone with GPS satnav, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video calling, music player, radio, memory card & Bluetoothô.


The C702 is the second release in Sony Ericsson's new "C" for Cyber-Shot™ range (the first was the flagship C902.) The C702 is not as expensive as the C902, but it isn't simply a budget version of the C902. Instead, the C702 is a new kind of phone from Sony Ericsson - it's a rugged outdoor kind of phone, designed to be splashproof and dust-resistant, and equipped with Assisted GPS satellite positioning.

The phone is a good size and weight (not too big or too small), and has a good-sized screen. However, we don't like the joystick / navigation key, and the buttons are quite small too. Sony Ericsson say that it complies with the IP54 (Ingress Protection) standard, but the reality is that the screen and paintwork easily scratch and the phone seems to have a shorter lifespan than most.

This is a Cyber-Shot phone, so we're expecting a good camera. At 3.2 megapixels, it isn't up there with the 5 megapixels of the C902, but it compares well with previous camera phones such as the K800i. The camera is equipped with face-detection autofocus, a digital zoom and an LED flash. It's as good as anything currently available in the mid-range of phones.

The star feature of the C702 is the Assisted GPS. This will find your location and show you where you are on Google Maps™. This isn't a system that will replace the satnav in your car, but is ideal for personal use. This is definitely a great feature for any outdoor activity, and will be useful for anyone wanting to find their way around the city too. Previously GPS has only been available in top-of-the-range phones such as the Nokia N95, so it's great to see this technology starting to filter down into mid-priced phones. The GPS includes a geo-tagging feature, so it records the location of where each photo was taken. Personally, I have no trouble remembering where I took a photo ("This is me at the beach", etc) , but this feature may be helpful for some.

The phone is fully equipped with all of life's essentials for the 21st century. Music-wise it may not be a Walkman phone, but it has a fully-featured music player and FM radio (with RDS). You can listen to music with conventional headphones or an optional Bluetooth wireless stereo headset. We're delighted to see a full 150 Mbytes of internal memory, which is very generous, and is enough to store around 40 songs. You can add a Memory Stick Micro or Memory Stick PRO to increase storage to 4 GB. Fast "always-on" internet access is available via 3G HSDPA. Battery life seems to be good too.

The C702 doesn't have all the features of the high-end phones, but when you consider the price of the phone, it compares very favourably with other mid-range phones. However, it's been put together rather shoddily. We have deducted two stars because of the keypad/joystick, battery life, poor durability and a tendency to freeze or switch off.

Sony Ericsson C702 features include:

  • 3.2 megapixel camera with face-detection autofocus, 2x digital zoom and photo light
  • Video recording & video streaming
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Music player & FM radio RDS
  • PlayNow™ music download service
  • TrackID™
  • MegaBass™
  • Polyphonic ringtones & MP3 / AAC ringtones
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • 3D Java games
  • Picture wallpaper
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Internet: Modem, EDGE, HSDPA (3.6 Mbps downloads), web browser
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 150 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) compatible / Memory Stick PRO compatible via adapter
  • Quadband GSM plus 3G (UMTS 2100)
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 106 x 48 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Talktime: 5 hours (3G) - 7 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Sony Ericsson C702 user reviews

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Average rating from 143 reviews:

Reviewed by jerry okpomor from Nigeria on 1st Sep 2014
I love the phone for its ruggedness and quality production except charging system is poor

Reviewed by Marwa Kisiri from TANZANIA on 18th Oct 2012


USE MY EMAIL ADRESS WHICH IS marwackisiri@gmail.com

Reviewed by rajeswar anant from UK on 31st Mar 2011
c702 cyber-shot is very bad mobile because the main reason is that his camera pixal is 3.2 but his zooming is not done in 3 or 2 or 1 pixal.............

Reviewed by Hameed from UK on 20th Mar 2011
I used several SE phone but 702 its amazing 3.6 mbps modem amazing good features

Reviewed by Kiran from UK on 2nd Mar 2011
I've had this phone for about a year and recently it has started to randomly switch off, which is HUGELY annoying! The tiny keys also take some getting used to.

Reviewed by jkvenugopal<> from UK on 26th Jan 2011
i have se c702.It restarts repeatedly..i dont know the reason..if anyone know give me the solution...my id is jkvenu@gmail.com

Reviewed by Su-30FlankerC from UK on 18th Dec 2010
My C702i crashed after installing a 4GB genuine M2 card.

Reviewed by keshav lal joshi from UK on 3rd Nov 2010
i had buy this mobile about 2 years ago. and there is problem in phone that it is hang again and again. and today i done master reset of my phone but still it is showing "please wait" it's i think since two hours and still going on and on. so tell me what i have to do with my phone?

Reviewed by stevo ellis from UK on 22nd Sep 2010
what a load of rubbish !!!!! despite several o/s reboots and visits to the o2 store (who sent it away to "cure" it) this phone still switches off randomly !!! not good when you use the alarm function to get up for work in the mornings .......honestly , how do they get away with selling this ?!! , they should be hauled through the courts or something ..............WILL NEVER EVER EVER BUY A SONY PHONE AGAIN , apple here i come !!!!!

Reviewed by g6g from UK on 3rd Jul 2010
i love this phone . its great. i am looking for c 902. may be there will be something more great.

Reviewed by david from UK on 1st May 2010
I hate your phone i can not even unlock to install the battery the phone is made in a way not user friendly

Reviewed by BPL from UK on 15th Mar 2010
You are talking about the C702? I've had mine for 18 months now. The phone goes everywhere with me: house, garden, beach, etc. Wherever I am, so is the phone, as I'm on 24 hour call seven days a week for a friend in critical health. It's still in excellent condition with a tiny amount of paint wear on one corner. That could be because I take care of my things and the phone lives in a soft pouch when not in use. After 18 months of use, the battery is still in good condition. I have no trouble with texting, phoning, using the camera, radio, etc. My only gripe with the camera is the lack of zoom except on VGA mode. Otherwise, it's done well for me as a keen photographer. I don't expect great results from a 3.2 megapixel phone camera but it's been a perfectly adequate back-up camera when I've forgotten my 'proper' camera. I've never used the GPS, so I can't comment on that.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 7th Mar 2010
OK, I bought one of these from Malaysia in Dec 08 and 14 months later it is still soldering on. Yes the paint is terrible and is worn through all over the place, yes I have to polish the screen once a month as it scratches very easily, and yes it does lag like most SE's, but if you clear your message in box and don't fill the phone with rubbish it works fine....as is the case with every SE I have owned. The camera isn't great and the zoom only works in VGA but it does have a decent flash and its a phone not a camera, so fine for nights out and places where I wouldn't take my SLR. Its very unusual for a phone to last more than 10 months in my care, I don't take care of them, they get pocketed with my keys etc..... If you accept that the phone is cheap (try and find HSDPA internet on a cheaper handset, I run my laptop from it on the train and overseas) it works well, IS dust and water proof, Its been in the sea in my pocket and in numerous pools and not leaked, and its a pretty decent phone. By far and away the best SE I have owned.

Reviewed by Sasu from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
Kinda good phone. Faults occur often though

Reviewed by C from UK on 6th Feb 2010
Had this phone for 18+ months. Good sturdy piece of kit, never let me down. True, paint has worn on the corners but I can live with that. Gets full signal, even in the darkest depths of my local supermarket & I've never had another phone do that. Time to change for changes sake but I'll be keeping hold of this as a reliable spare in case whatever I replace it with is a dud.

Reviewed by KTP from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
Indeed, I found this phone to be OK until I owned it for a few months - by then I'd experienced the full force of its known faults: bad battery life, freeze ups and general bad connectivity... the fact that it's difficult to lock (mostly after a call) meant that i was spending £5+ a month on unwanted internet browsing and the buttons etc are fiddly... It's now Feburary 2010 and I've been using a friends old sony ericsson since august last year.... forget it. Get a better, more reliable model.

Reviewed by Narayana CP from UK on 4th Jan 2010
phone is very good, features also very good but pannel color is shaded and new pannels are not avialble and another one zooming option is only in VGA mode.

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 26th Dec 2009
this is by far the worst phone i have ever had!! it keeps turning itself off and also freezes when you try out the various applications. My advice is stay welll clear from this piece of junk!!!

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 26th Nov 2009
I've had this for almost 15months now, and I've had to basically live with a colour screen, real ring-tone Nokia 3410, yes my main reason for buying the phone (The Cyber-Shot camera) is now defunct because I can't get the photo's of the phone, it wont connect to my pc and I've tried different cables and the same thing, nothing, so any time I make a vid or take a photo they languish on my phone doing nothing. Can't wait to get of the contract, so I can get rid of the thing and get a Nokia or Samsung or infact any other phone than a SE.

Reviewed by dspratomo from UK on 14th Nov 2009
Bought this phone 2nd hand for a week. Definitely an upgrade from my previous phone (Sony Ericsson G502). I'm quite satisfied. Since my main reason for the upgrade is camera, I'm quite happy except for the ugly pictures taken at lowlight condition, but excelent on suficient light :p. Plus it got some scene mode to be a little bit more creative with the effect. Another plus point is unexpected GPS unit inside (bought this phone without knowing this feature). The GPS is quite helpful, although not excelent, took long time to point precise position (however it already saved me once for unfamiliar road direction). Music is ok, the only minor complaint is stopped music everytime an events occur (sms, alarm, etc). Sound quality thru speakerphone is great. Software never freeze after upgrade to the latest firmware (still on warranty, so free upgrade :). Netfront browser is excelent for browsing mobile websites, but power user may want to upgrade to Opera Mini (which is an excelent browser). I rarely play games these days, but the built in game is good to pass times, Brain Juice to crank up your IQ, and FotoQuestFishing (a proper game for camera oriented phone) This phone also support third party apps (I mentioned before opera mini), I installed mobyToday right away, and give a usefull idle screen for my phone. I also suggest to install third party file manager (I use BlueFTP) to manage your files.

Reviewed by Stevo from UK on 9th Nov 2009
Had this phone for 6 months+ and have subjected it to relatively heavy usage. I would recommend the phone to anyone who just wants a good no nonsense & easy to use phone (once set-up properly i.e. shortcuts, menu's, settings, themes, internet etc. etc.). My thoughts on the features of the c702: - GPS very useful if have navigator (sat nav application) installed, which is comparable to a bespoke satnav unit. Otherwise of little value - CAMERA a bit dissapointing compared to previous (lower spec) SE models. Autofocus can take an age in dim conditions. Quality is also average at best, but.. if you want to take 'proper' photos, you would use a real camera - MEDIA this phone has a very very good media player for mp3, photos, and video. No headphone jack just the usual (rubbish) earphones in the box, but I notice SE have released a remote bluetooth unit that you can plug your fave headphones into - INTERFACE using this phone once fully set-up is a easy & enjoyable experience. I dont like words like 'intuitive' but if like me you have owned SE's before, there are no real supprises, just many more features. I imagine if your not used to SE's or is you dont take the time to set-up the phone to your own prefferences, then I imagine you would be perhaps a little frustrated / dissapointed with how it looks and responds. There is a nice big & bright screen which whilst small compared to modern smartphones, is still a good feature - BROWSING this should be good with a fairly large screen for a phone of this type, however the built in browser is woefully slow and not very compatible with most websites. A shame inasmuch as the phone sports HSDPA. This is easily fixed however by downloading OPERA. There are also some downloadable apps available but not many seem great in truth. E-mail, Facebook etc. are all easy to set-up - FUNCIONALITY no complaints whatsoever. I use nearly all the phones features to their full capability with no problems encountered aside from a few minor niggles. I also have not suffered the phone freeze or significant lag issues which seem to have affected others. The phone is still looking 'box fresh' aside from a few scraches (dropped it... all my own fault!!) - CONNECTIVITY all as you would expect with device syncing easily done via Bluetooth and the SE PC Suite. No Wifi though! In summary then.. a good (although basic) looking handset with great funcionality and functions. You do however have to give this phone some time to get the best out of it. You will then be rewarded with what it can offer. Lots of features, none of which necessarily shine, but as a package I find it hard to fault

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
My old K750i was great compared to the C702. It looks good on paper but I have so many dislikes about it I will only mention the main ones- Poor picture quality; Buttons far too fiddly and small; No dedicated in-car holder; Over-fussy functionality; Time lag when functioning; and... Don't buy it from O2 as they have intruded on the operation of the phone with too many branded applications and removed the GPS function.

Reviewed by Aawesh from UK on 31st Oct 2009
ADVANRAGE:It is really durable in my context.It fell many times,but nothing happened.It fell in water for 2 times,nothing happened.I'm very happy and proud thai i have it. DISADVANTAGE:This phone gave me problem throught the years,after few hours of buying,music used to freeze.Automatic restart also took place throught the year.What to talk about housing?it is very very worst,All got discoloured and became ugly.No durable battery

Reviewed by Grumpy from UK on 27th Oct 2009
This has to be the worse phone on earth. I concur with all the other remarks made below. I recommend you never buy SE again. The old phrase about commitees and camels comes to mind when you have this type of product from SE. Bluetooth is a nightmare dropping calls and not working correctly.

Reviewed by Vijay.P from UK on 12th Oct 2009
C702 is a good phone with nice looks. I am using it since 3 months. The good points are nice display & torch to use in dark. The bad points are small keypad, very average camera & video recording capability,(you must have rock steady hands to get a clear picture as the camera speed is very poor & shaky), poor body paint durablity. GPS is good but is a lifesaver ? can't say. Conclusion- Not worth having as there are many other worthy SE phones. Also to mention, it did froze twice in 3 months but its not so unreliable. Only that, its an average splashproof & dust resistant phone with GPS & a disappointing camera.

Reviewed by alika from UK on 30th Sep 2009
i truely hate this phone. i used it for one month, then it started randomely turning off and now it doesn't even turn on, or charge. i wish i could find a way to fix it.

Reviewed by madala from UK on 11th Sep 2009
Love the phone its great just had a charging problem but an update fixed it otherwise a great buy

Reviewed by Tony Carroll from UK on 2nd Sep 2009
Do not buy this phone. Keeps freezing and switching itself off. Cuts you off in the middle of phone calls and the GPS is not supported by O2. The keypad is fiddly and if you are a man with only average size fingers you will find texting very difficult. Cannot wait to get rid of it.

Reviewed by Phil Heap from UK on 17th Aug 2009
This is the most appallingly awful phone I have ever had. It constantly reboots - tonight was the last straw when I was unable to make an emergency call with it. I am not paying another day for it! Stay away from it.

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 11th Aug 2009
I've had this phone for 6 months now, and to be honest, I don't see why everyone's putting it down! I'm almost 16, so I'm forever texting and calling. Those of you who complain about the keypad being fiddly, yes, the buttons are really small, but you do get used to them. Also, calls are of a high standard, I have had no problem with the sound cutting out at all. All the applications and features are really good, though I'm not too sure about the GPS as I've never really used it, seeing as I don't need to use it. Track ID's a genius invention as well, though I wouldn't completely recommend it if you're on PAYG, it costs me 50p per go. However, if I am to complain slightly about this phone, it would be that it resets itself. It doesn't do this often as such, but it happens at really random times, sometimes inconvenient. But it's back to normal within 30 secs, so seriously, stop making such a fuss about it. Also, the paintwork is definitely not the best. It scratches pretty easily, but let's be honest - it's not entering a beauty pageant, it's primary use is to make calls and texts - and this phone does them brilliantly. On the other hand, the camera, is mediocre - neither good nor bad. It has a decent flash and autofocus - and takes pictures to a good quality. But it shouldn't be used to replace your digital camera. The video cameras a slight letdown as well, but that's only a small problem. I'm due for a new phone in a couple of months, but I definitely don't regret ever having owned this phone. I wouldn't say SE have outdone themselves either though, it's not amazing. But it does the job. And it's lasted as well, with me. That's saying something - my phones go through hell, and this one's lived to tell the tale. So if you're looking for a regular phone that'll last and do what phones are SUPPOSED to do, then this isn't too bad of a buy. But if you're looking for a fancy phone that has billions of fancy features then I suggest you look elsewhere. (: I wouldn't say I'd recommend this phone but I definitely won't tell you to avoid it or anything.

Reviewed by Nav from UK on 31st Jul 2009
So far THE WORST phone i have ever owned. freezes alot, shuts off randomly, losses signal from full strength to no signal standing at same spot. Will not recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by 999 from UK on 27th Jul 2009
i have one its terrible it always lags the camera is too slow therefore is very hard to take night pictures.also the pic taken in low light is always fuzzy.battery life is not that good.i would rather top up money and buy the n82

Reviewed by adam from UK on 27th Jul 2009
pants, pants, pants the worst phone ever

Reviewed by xtashx from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
this phone is the worse phone ive had it freezez tiwce a week the cmara is to slow and the keys are to small the only good thing is that you can use it in the bath and ive droped it so many times it downst break

Reviewed by neil from uk on 19th Jul 2009
This is the worst phone I've ever had the misfortune of owning. You need fingertips like chopsticks to type on the ridiculous keys. Whoever thought of the navi-key joystick thing should be taken outside and shot. Cybershot?? You can only zoom in VGA mode! Who wants a photo that would look better if painted by a 3 month old baby. The paint was applied in micro-thin layers as its rubbed through EVERYWHERE. There are absolutely NO good points to this phone as the usual SE software is on it. Which at best is buggy. hang on..there might be something good about the GPS......no wait, even thats poor. Thanks for letting me know where I am SE I really had no idea where I was. I've had SE phones for years. I recommended them to all my mates. I apologise to them now. I might switch to LG. Coz I'll never look at SE again

Reviewed by Human from USA on 10th Jul 2009
I really like the phone, especially when i first got it.First couple of month was great. It has lot of features but I didn't expect that even I'm taking care of it, it freezes and lag. I though it was me who did that, I mean if you're not taking care of your phone, it would collapse. The camera was good but not in the darkish area. The paint on the edge was faded already.The keypad could be better. But to think that it was water resistant was great. It's kinda balance. But what i think about this phone is kind of a scum or something. "maybe" the company made it like this intentionally so it would be a extra income. They will not made this product till it's proven. They should've tested it first. But I think they did. But what just I said is that that's their plan.That's what I though. This could've been a better phone if it doesn't lag, paint only eventually fade or not even more, camera quality on darkish area, good light, no lag nor freeze. It could've been better if the phone's prize is more cheaper. I mean the prize should be equal to the phone. high prize= high quality. the problem is this phone is >>>pretty high prize but the quality is only average or even lower.

Reviewed by Jarrod from Australia on 4th Jul 2009
Hate it, useless all the problems listed below, been in repair 3 times and the warranty is almost up with the same issues popping up with smart phones getting as cheap as they are i should have just got myself a blackberry. Worst phone i have ever owned i would give it 0 stars if there was an option. AVOID!!!!

Reviewed by ?????? from ?????? on 1st Jul 2009
Nice phone

Reviewed by Lauren from Northern Ireland. on 7th Jun 2009
i have hade this phone for 6 months, the paint has only come of the top corners. It ALWAYS freezes, and its relly annoying. Nearly everytime i am going to reply to a text message it freezes, also when i am having a conversation, the sound gos away & i cannot hear or speak to the other person. Sometimes this last for maybe 2 minutes. Its got so annoying i am definatly thinking of buying another phone.

Reviewed by Chris Davis from South Africa on 1st Jun 2009
I got this phone 5 months and the paint is peeling off. Is there no gaurantee on the covers.I am trying to get new covers but it seems impossible to get. The key pad is one of the worst key pads I ever had. I don't think I will buy sony ericcson again.

Reviewed by Amaury from Jamaica on 27th May 2009
ATTENTION, after 2 month of use the phone loose it paint, it looks like a TERMINATOR MACHINE, all looks like rotten!! UGLY!!!, i'm downlouding the software update to find out if the freeze problem stops. While i'm talking it stops for 3 to 5 seconds and the it recovers back the life. The keypad is complicated, but you'll get used to it. The best thing is the camera, is good for outdoors (turn the lights off) and is easy to handle in computers (just plug and get access to the memory of the phone). THE PHONE ALARM IS A MESS, it changes the hour with no advice. BATTERY good, CASE STRENGHT is very hard, after i abandon it because of the freezing problem, my daughter was playing with it and it works still!, THE MOST DISSAPOINTING PROBLEM IS THE PAINT AND THE FREEZING PROBLEM. IT's a fast phone IS ONE OF THE BEST POINTS OF IT.

Reviewed by Northern Brian from UK on 27th May 2009
Pulling my hair out over this phone - worst one ever owned. Freezes then switches off after almost every call. Camera cover refuses to say shut. Can only hear part conversations when making calls. Unreliable and frustrating - love to use swearwords but can't!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 23rd May 2009
I've had the c702 for about a month now, and I have to say that while it's not the worst phone I've ever used, I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Pros: - Solid build quality, fairly attractive - Does calls, texts, contacts, and all the basic stuff you'd expect to a reasonable standard. Nothing else comes to mind. Now, cons: - Very bulky - Looking at the screen will cause it to scratch. I had a Nokia 6300 for two years and it picked up 1 tiny scratch on the screen. One month with this phone and it looks like the screen has been sand-blasted. - As many people have pointed out, the keypad is fiddly. I have pretty slender fingers, but texting is still a chore. - Battery life is poor; not crushingly bad, but I do find myself charging the phone more than I'd like to. - "GPS" is not really included. What they mean is "TSA-GPS", or "Two Streets Away-GPS". Using an ingenious combination of Cell towers and stupidity, the C702 can always pinpoint a location two streets away from you, and then tell you that's where you are. As you can imagine this makes it almost totally useless for navigation. Perhaps useful if you ever wake up and have no idea where you are, but I can't say that's a regular occurrence for me... - The camera is fairly high resolution, but don't be fooled - it's nothing to write home about. - The way the phone handles media seems, to me at least, horrendously unintuitive. The number of times I've taken a photo, then spent ages rotating the image and fiddling with settings to get it to fit as a wallpaper... It just seems like that sort of thing should be very easy to do. - The menus are slow Right, rant over... Unfortunately I'm contracted in to using it for a gajillion years. Time to head on over to ebay methinks!

Reviewed by Juan from Peru on 22nd May 2009
Well, the cell phone is good for many reasons.For instance, it is very resistant and has a good photo camera.It has a camera of 3.2 megapixeles, also its design is well,the sound of the music is good enough in spite of the fact that it is not a walkman.But if you are the kind of person who likes to film some videos, this cell phone is not the right for you since the quality of the video camera is very poor.

Reviewed by mr jolly from UK on 13th May 2009
Had freezing problems when I first got phone updated software cured the problems, also had problem with camrera cover which was cured by re gluing the little magnet in side the camera cover. Other that that it is good phone I use Amaze gps and have google earth on it as well and both work well.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 6th May 2009
What can I say. Had it one day, the thing died on me during texting; now it won't power-up or recharge. Back to the shop tomorrow.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 4th May 2009
I have had a number of Sony Ericsson phones in the past and always been pleased with them, however the C702 is probably the worst phone I have ever owned. It constantly freezes, is very slow to respond, the display screen was scratched within hours of having it and you need to have fingers the size of a babies to use the buttons on it. If you have blue tooth in your car and try and use this phone on it - forget it, it just can't cope. It freezes, the car display will tell you one thing yet the phone says something else, people can hear you but you can't hear them, the list is endless, previously had no problems with the blue tooth connections in the car with previous SE phones. As for the satnav, that also constantly freezes and one journey using it will more or less drain the battery. All in all useless phone and sadly I am stuck with it on contract for another 12 months. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by Luis from Venezuela on 2nd May 2009
I have this phone and is cool...That's it!!!

Reviewed by GamesMasterLive.co.uk from UK on 20th Apr 2009
Had this phone now for 3 days, I got it though O2 on contract, so far Iím very impressed, lol at them moment Iíve been hammering it wipping cables and memory cards in and out of it as well as playing high bit rate videos, music and god knows what and Iíve had none of the problems below with freezing or switching off. For me this is quite a leap forward in phone technology, Iím not really a phone fanatic my old Nokia 6630 has always been a good phone and has severed me well for the last 8 years, but it is ď8Ē years old now and looking like a banger with extreme high mileage so I thought it was high time to get me a new one. This is the first Sony Iíve had and being a bit of a Sony buff anyway I thought I would give this phone a shotÖ.. Iím glad I did! Iíve heard many reports of O2 flashing these phones leaving the Wayfinder and Google maps left outÖ.well on looking in the Location Services both are present and working, also every site states this phone goes up to a max 4GB M2 card which is strange as mines booting an 8GB one with no probs. The phone on a whole is brilliant, I was a little worried reading reports of peopleís views like (This phone is ridiculously rubbish bla bla!!! OrÖ..This phone is so pants I wouldnít give it the time of day even if I was stood in front of BigBen!!) hmmmm lol but personally Iím pleased, it has excellent features and loads of bits and bobs that I still havenít played with yet, but the ones that impress me the most are the video player and the mp3 player, I mean to get settings like an adjustable 4 band Equalizer, Surround sound and Bass boost ďON A PHONE!Ē is really good, other stuff like battery are good, Iíve been using the video and music player a lot and the battery holds up well, this phone is so good that Iím considering giving up my bulky PSP in favour of this, itís just nice to have something really small I can carry around and watch the old thing when I want to and this phone is small enough to do just that and considering I travel and get board on the long hauls itís ideal, also one thing I forgot to mentionÖthe camera!! Yea itís 3.2mp which is more than my old 6630ís 1.5mp it takes good pics and the camera flash is good, you even have a setting in there to use the flash as a small touch which insolently I used last night when the house lights went out, it lights up the whole room!!, oh and one last thing, connecting the phone to a pc is a walk in the park, as soon as you connect the phone through USB your phone comes up with a menu for how you want to connect, the Mass Storage feature is handy as windows will recognise it and install the drier automatically so it gives you instant access to the phone and memory card which believe me is much more easier than nokia and their stupid (you can only connect though nokia pc suit but never works) system lol. If I had to come up with a fault (and this is nit picking mind) is the menu screen on the media player section can be a bit slow, I donít know why Sony opted to use a moving background there as it slows your ability to scroll down quite a bit, but apart from that itís a fantastic peace of electronics genius it has to be said, it will certainly do me for the next 8 years lol. Just a quick note to anyone unsure how to convert videos for the c702 or c902, itís quite easy really, just download an older version of PSPVideo9 (you need one that converts MP4 standard not MP4 AVC as I think the new version converts in AVC only which wont work) (itís free by the way), this converts videos really well and works flawlessly without any jumping or slowdown, these are max setting to use with the converter for this phone (Video res: 320x240) (Video Bitrate: 400kbs) (Audio: 44000HZ Ė 128kbs) (Frame rate: 30 NTSC or 25 Pal)

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 19th Apr 2009
Rubbish phone- -Impossible to text with (keys are fiddly) -Camera quality is poor -Gets scratched VERY easily -Is VERY fragile -Drinks battery power -Keypad breaks easily New sony ericsson phones are appailing in quality, looks and ruggedness. What happened to the good old days of the t68i? Will not be buying SE EVER again.

Reviewed by JC Supastar from Uk on 16th Apr 2009
Had this phone for a few weeks now, i first had the c905 and was very upset by how poorly built it seemed, so i went for this one after a while of thinkin and i cannot fault the phone, its compact but even though i haz big fingers it seems just right, again a good basic phone, not at all fiddly and very reliable, and the back i can get off with my big fingers so no real issues here, love the phone but still not quite a k800i.

Reviewed by zamsprop from malaysia on 3rd Apr 2009
verry good model

Reviewed by neil raymond from england on 31st Mar 2009
3 month old phone is rubbish. constantly freezes or switches off. fiddly, very unreliable. in for repair at moment for 7? days. help said try update software but can't even get phone on and no explanation really given. no replacement given. in all my yers of a cheap old nokia no problems ever like this. will go back to nokia next time as a reliable phone is essential to everyone. oh by the way the shop could not even get the back off and had to lever it off!

Reviewed by Smallseb from France on 27th Mar 2009
It's three months that I've this phone, and I found it really usefull. I don't like Sony's apps, so I took a small free independant program called "MyphoneExplorer". So I have My google agenda updated by BT, my contacts always good, can keep pics, vids & co. on my computer. For the use of the phone itself, I know the pad is small but I was the owner of an old K555im, I had time to deal with it.now, it's all good. The 3g+ is good, Gmaps really nice, I've also put Opera Mobile bc the SE browser is not ok with me. The battery is ok, better when you shut down the 3G service, and turn down quite fast when using the GPS. Mail reader, java apps, water/sand"proof", I like it a lot! For the Cam, the quality is nice, you just don't have to move when you take pics... but a phone will never be a Camera! I never had any rebbot/freezing like it was said, and what I've seen so far, SE is still good to me!

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 23rd Mar 2009
Bought this phone 2weeks ago and i am already onto my 2nd phone. 1st one after a few days kept freezing and displaying the wrong cotnact details in my contact list. The SMS notification didn't work correctly - i ended up only getting the envelope symbol no idea who the message was from etc until i went into messages and looked in inbox. Find the phone is slow to catch up when browsing the menu options. 2nd phone now 10days old is doing exactly the same. Previosuly been V Happy with Sony Ericsson. 2phones in a fortnight - not good - seems manufacturing fault to me!

Reviewed by alex from UK on 23rd Mar 2009
Atrocious phone - continual crashing, freezing and turning itself off for no reason. Very disappointed, as i was previously quite a fan of SE phones. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by xing from malaysia on 23rd Mar 2009
i agree with u jennifer, its totally lag... PLS DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE otherwise u will be lik us...

Reviewed by Jennifer from Australia on 19th Mar 2009
DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. PHONE. You will be like me.. happy at first, but very disappointed after the first month or so. It lags TERRIBLY and I don't even have that many files. It has a VERY bad tendency to freeze and turn itself on and off so it becomes unusable for at least 3 minutes, which is a nuisance because it does this mainly whilst I'm in the middle of sending an SMS or in a call. Please, save yourself the disappointment and take my word for it.

Reviewed by Siegfrid from Romania on 17th Mar 2009
Great attention to this phone! After 2 months of normal use, the silver color on the case is going... And you will not solve anything if you use the service as solution, will say: because of normal wear take paint! SonyEricsson not want to admit that it was a manufacturing defect ...........

Reviewed by Jipper from UK on 6th Mar 2009
the C702, is the worst sony erricson I've owned. the camera lacks a xenon flash so picture inside turn out dark and redish. The buttons are to close together and I am forever connecting to the internet by accident. The phone seems to suffer interference in 1 call out 5. I totally hate this phone!!!!

Reviewed by Copycat from Somewhere! =P on 5th Mar 2009
I bought this phone based on a few reviews including this one, I'm a bit disapointed with how it turned out. I think that a much greater emphasis should have been put on just how miserable the keypad is. It turns what could have been a good (but not excellent) phone into something of a turkey. Even after having it for 6 months, I still can't get used to it. Writing text messages is exhausting. Then the menus are very sluggish and so is video playback. Everything the phone does seems to lag terribly.

Reviewed by David Halliwell from UK on 3rd Mar 2009
This is my 3rd SE phone, the previous K810i & W810i were brilliant; What a mistake with the C702. Bought in Oct 08, GPS is rubish, doesn`t work and eats batts. If you want GPS get a Garmin. From day 1 phone freezes at least 2 x weekly. Freezes for about 2 mins. then comes back on. Occassionaly turns itself off completely and needs much pressing of the on / off button to re-boot. Finally crashed 3.3.09. Now completely dead & won`t respond to charging or pressing of any buttons; Sending back but will NOT be having a 702 replacement. I`m reluctant to give it one star as it doesn`t deserve any stars. Avoid at all costs;

Reviewed by Andri Hlynur Bjarkason from Iceland on 27th Feb 2009
I bought this phone based on a few reviews including this one, I'm a bit disapointed with how it turned out. I think that a much greater emphasis should have been put on just how miserable the keypad is. It turns what could have been a good (but not excellent) phone into something of a turkey. Even after having it for 6 months, I still can't get used to it. Writing text messages is exhausting. Then the menus are very sluggish and so is video playback. Everything the phone does seems to lag terribly.

Reviewed by Sandy from UK on 27th Feb 2009
Too good phone....

Reviewed by john from england on 25th Feb 2009
had this phone for about 5 months now. its ok once you get used to the small stiff keys. also had the same problem as everyone else with the freezing and inacvive sim also yes you guessed it your conversation is lost for 10 seconds at a time. but since updating the firmware from sony ericson`s website it`s been fine. a nice little robust phone and the layout is easy to get around very much on the nokia style. i can`t comment on the camera as i never use it. prefer to take pictures with a conventional camera.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 24th Feb 2009
Awful Switches, freezes off, slow menu system, keylock activates / backlight goes off too quickly and most annoyingly of att the bluetooth can only handle 1 connection at a time so when I am talking on my bluetooth car kit and the satnav connects to the phone to retrieve traffic data, the handsfree disconnects and cuts off my call. VERY annoying!! Hate it hate it hate it DO NOT BUY ONE.

Reviewed by Henry from Estonia on 23rd Feb 2009
I just bought that phone and i thing this is an exelant phone.

Reviewed by Wojciech from UK on 13th Feb 2009
phone is good - ti's easy to use , after software update it's even better. worst thing in this phone is key pad especially pick-up and put-down keys - they are jus too small and very often i cancell call insted of answering. numerical keys are also bit to tiny. othe thing it's case: it feeling good in hand but its very easy to scrach it or make marks on it. i've got phone for about 4 months and now it looks like 3year old handset. the camera is very good and taking very good pics. and media centre it's veeery good application - very easy to surf around stuff.

Reviewed by rj from india on 10th Feb 2009
Few downs abt this.. frequent hangs small keys and fiddly navigation key no keyguard code poor battery paint removes of quickly alarm shifting to a different time call registry not upto nokias.... nice abt... gps cam

Reviewed by ali from england on 8th Feb 2009
I got my 1st C702 nov'08 and within just a week I had to return it as the screen had scratched and the camera was terrible...it had a delayed shutter. My 2nd C702 switches itself off for no reason, I have checked for updates as suggested but it tells me that it is fully up to date oh and the screen has scratched worse than my 1st. I am actually looking for another phone now as I have had enough and it won't be another sony ericsson

Reviewed by scott from england on 6th Feb 2009
this is a good phone but after a while everytime it turns itself off u just cant help but lose ur temper lol.

Reviewed by TIN from UK on 4th Feb 2009
Got this fone for over a month now and so far no problems at all. No freezing, no switching off ! Key pad a bit awkward at first but as you get used to it within two three days, everything works just fine. Camera is excellent for a 3.2, video ok and connectivity is really outstanding in a country with a weak gsm network. As for all SEs mobile network search should be automatic and gsm only. Great fone!

Reviewed by Pe from Burma on 3rd Feb 2009
Got it for a month now. No problems so far. Reception is extremely good. No "freezing" yet. 3.2 megapixel camera is great. Key pad is a bit inconvenient but once you get used to it, there is no problem. Battery life is acceptable. Works best if network connectivity is set at gsm only and automatic network search. Great for a weak gsm network country. Well done SE !

Reviewed by George from England, UK on 27th Jan 2009
This is a good phone.. ive had mine since september and have got along with the phone pretty well.. but it has problems. if i put the phone down on its back, the battery becomes dislodged and comes away from the battery terminals resulting in the phone switching off.. also the "automatic lense cover" on the rear of the phone is meant to turn on the camera when its opened. However on mmy handset it no longer works and the camera is unusable because when you manually switch on the camera via the menu, the screen displays "open the lense cover" even if its opened!! Its ridiculous really! carphone warehouse say 6 weeks to repair!! RIDICULOUS!! would reccomend the phone though because it is fairly robust.. dropped it in puddles and even the bath and the phone has been completely unaffected! its a very good phone!

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 16th Jan 2009
Never had any problems with mine, so I suspect its got the latest firmware. Buttons are a little on the small side, but didn't take long to get used to (I'm a big bloke and can manage just fine) Battery life not the greatest but vastly improved by turning off GPS until required.

Reviewed by Webbie from Scotland on 10th Jan 2009
if its any help to anyone, I have the C702 and had lots of problems with it, including the alarm not working and the phone switching itself off all the time. All prblems were resolved with a new SIM card from O2 as mine was too old. Phone now works great with no problems

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 7th Jan 2009
A good phone on the whole, you can solve the freezing/turning off problem simply by updating the software in settings. After this no problems. Would be a 5 star phone if the camera lived up to the cyber shot status it's been given. Awful camera, all images blurry unless used on the sport scene setting which is totally useless in low light. No zoom unless in VGA mode which is shocking on a cyber shot model with a 3.2mp cam. Also the paint wears off very quickly. All in all a great phone once the software is updated and if you're not worried about a camera (which you probably are if you're buying a cyber shot model) I wanted a good cam which is why it only gets 2 stars.

Reviewed by sean from UK on 5th Jan 2009
absolutely rubbish. run a mile. two separate phones totally froze within 7 weeks of purchase

Reviewed by stuart from uk on 27th Dec 2008
Hard to know where to start. After owning a k750i which never missed a beat for about 3-4 years, I thought I'd choose another Ericsson. First the paint started wearing off around the edge of the screen (paint has started to rub off the keys now too), then I found the keys are too small and fiddly to anyone with hands bigger than a child. The joystick is cumbersome, the camera is terrible (paricularly in low light) and like many others have found on here, it switches itself off frequently. Now it won't switch itself back on - so down to Phones4u today to get it sorted (luckily I still have my old 750i so won't get palmed off with some old junk!) Sadly the site won't allow me to rate the phone as no stars (as I con't see it had any redeeming qualities). One star it is then

Reviewed by kristian clements from United Kingdom on 13th Dec 2008
Right, i had a w610i for around 3 years, before this i changed phones every month as i got bored easily and found they irritated me. however the w610 was diffrent and done me proud, so i wanted an updated phone and after searching i found the c702, looked good, had the specs i fancied and almsot most important for me is it retained the "light" feature which enable you to use the camera led's as a torch. So far yes it has crashed and restarted and been a bit laggy, but this will be fixed in firmware updates. the screen is gawjus and a great size the phone and battery cover feel super solid (yes its a pain to remove first time round) all in all very happy it's exactly what i was waiting for.

Reviewed by myyysha from Czech Republic on 12th Dec 2008
This is like the seventh phone I'm having in my life and the first one where I don't mind a single thing. Yes, when playing music, the other interface (such as writing messages) gets kinda slow, but who cares, the phone still accepts all my keystrokes, only displays them slightly later. Otherwise, perfect, nice GPS, messages administration, diary, and as far as I know the first SonyE where I could assign special sound for an incoming message to particular numbers (before, it was only incoming call).

Reviewed by lingx from Malaysia on 3rd Dec 2008
I got mine few days back. I choose it because I was using SE T610 (I used it for 5 years and I'll label it as the most durable n reliable mobile phone on earth). C702's interface n navigating are easy (maybe because im used to SE). The menus', font n color and other GUI's are very fine to see n use. It takes sharp pictures for its kind (3.2MP with all standard digital camera function)in day and at night it takes decent images for LED kind flash. No compalain about the camera features unless we expect to take proffesional photos. It has all 3G features and GPS makes it cooler. Some review says that this phone lags. From what I found, it only lags slightly when you open main menu and media menu. This might because these two menus had some animation kind of menu popping, so obviously it requires more codes and algorithm (so no wonder it lags). The music functions and sound quality are as equal as some of Walkman series with same price of C702. But the earphone that comes in box is out of the way. I just don't know how SE can approve this ear piece for this phone or any other mobile phone. But if you could find a walkman series earphone, I bet you have both cybershot and walkman series in one unit. Finally, as a cell phone; making calls, sending messages, e-mails, browsing and etc are smooth and easy in C702. And it has such firm grip, won't fall from your hand so easy. And i think C702 doesn't suit for girls for its design n size. It looks tough and manly. I give C702 8/10. Pros: I like: display (screen size and colour), GUI, the design and grip, keypad, wrist strap (it gives C702 youth feel), water splash resistant, camera, and sound. Cons: Dislike: earphone that come in-box, battery life(last only 2 days under normal usage).

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 30th Nov 2008
Feel really sorry for those people that have got faulty ones cause this really is an awesome phone. Prob my favourite ever. Have been using mine happily since summer 2008 & it always works perfectly. Superb operating system. Lovely screen. Fabulous gps tracking software. Nice keypad. Only minor complaints are weaker than average gps reception indoors, so-so camera quality & screen is easily scuffed.

Reviewed by Mike from Chelmsford on 30th Nov 2008
Yeah, but seriously people. This phone isn't ruggedized. All it's got is extra protection against dust / water. So, sorry dude, but your phone WOULD look like it's been thru ww3 after 2 weeks in your pocket with your keys cause it's not scratch resistant or shockproof :') Also gps seems inaccurate cause civilian gps is inaccurate. GPS is run by the US department of defence and they deliberately put position errors of 50m or so in the civilian version. Only the military get the accurate stuff! Apart from that top mid-range phone with way better features than equivalent Samsungs or Nokias at the same price mark! I'm well happy

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 30th Nov 2008
So that's why the GPS in my car thinks I'm actually driving down a different road 50m away. It takes me hours to drive to the nearest shop! But Mike, did you know that it's not the US department of defence that intercepts our GPS signals - it's actually a secret organisation within the department of defence that is controlled by aliens, who also secretly write misleading product reviews on the web.

Reviewed by Si Robbo from Halesowen on 30th Nov 2008
I have always had Nokias. My last was a 6300 which was brilliant. I upgraded to a 6500 slide which was not - a lot of faults as described on these pages whereby the settings keep defaulting - I got through two in a week with the same fault. I reluctantly accepted a C702 as an alternative. It has not taken long for me to realise that I made the right decision. On the plus side, the C702 has so far proved to be a worthy opponent. The camera has numerous settings and is easy to use, and takes a clear picture - especially when it is not too relaiant on the flash which also doubles as a light. I purchased a 4gb card which is a good replacement for my ipod and can hold loads of jpeg/mp3 files etc. The phone still responds relatively quickly and doesn't seem to get bogged down when retrieving files like the 6300 seemed to. The screen is very clear and the display is excellent. The menus are easy to navigate. The alarms can be tailored and set up to chime on alternate days etc - be careful about this as I once thought I had set it for the morning, but hadn't ticked the day for it to go off so if I hadn't double checked, I would have been late for work. Luckily my C702 is unlocked and has all the software. The build of the phone feels very sturdy and it feels good in your hand. It is also a very well designed phone in terms of aesthetics. The niggles (and they are only tiny ones) are that the screen seems easily scratched - buy a quality cover for it is the answer and don't chuck it in your pocket with your keys. The calender which holds numerous entries (not limited to 100 entries like some phones) could have a better layout and does not have the option of displaying the current days info on the front screen which was a really useful feature on the 6300, N70 etc - but hey, I just have to be more organised now. The speaker is not as loud and as clear as my 6300 but this could be down to the bitrate that the mp3 files were downloaded at.I have yet to encounter some of the faults as mentioned below although it has frozen once, and when I tried to make a call, it went through the motions but there was no sound - it does however say in the manual to switch the phone off and back on every so often to re-boot it which is no hardship really. The battery did seem to drain very quickly on one occassion but this could be down to the new phone cover I got which kept pressing the buttons while the phone was locked casuing the screen to illuminate all the time. All in all, I am very impressed with this phone and i have 'connected with it'. If you were a Nokia snob like I was, try to think outside the box a bit. I appreciate that some phones are 'Friday afternoon jobs'and shouldn't have passed quality control. Saying that though, some phones operating systems are quirky and you need to reads the instructions to use them properly. I hope you find this review helpful.

Reviewed by natasha from uk on 30th Nov 2008
sikk fone wa yhuuz on

Reviewed by Tristan from UK on 28th Nov 2008
Think dan must have had a faulty one. I have been thoroughly testing this phone for a few days now, everything about it is either good or excellent. if u get o2 version then u will need to flash the firmware on it to de-brand it, u can do this at places like www.wotanserver.com - if u do this then u will get google maps and navigation back, flashing the firmware with a new version also can get rid of freezing issues, mine has none. I tested the sat nav in my car today and was amazed, no faults atall and could easily be used in replacement of a basic stand-alone sat nav unit. I have taken loads of full 3mpx photos on mine without having yet installed an additional memory card, 150MB is a fair few photos. the battery is very good even with vigourous use, the screen is a very good size for this type of phone and bigger than the c902's (which i sent back). Its pretty solidly built, isn't to bulky and not very heavy either, i am very impressed with this phone indeed.

Reviewed by King from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
C702 is great! I'm fond of it !!

Reviewed by Hadden from Australia on 21st Nov 2008
Operates slowly sometimes - very annoying for a salesman! Cant understand why a phone sold in 2008 wouldnt have enough ram in it... anyway it is hardy and takes knocks. Also speakerphone isnt loud enough for on road use.

Reviewed by dan from eastman on 19th Nov 2008
at first (once could get the battery cover off and the battery in!) really took to this phone: easy to use and some useful features. however hasn't taken long to have a lot of the problems creep in as jas has mentioned. keeps freezing/switching off only to come back say sim inactive, alarm not going off (which has caused me to miss a few vital appointments), cannot take any more than a vga pic unless you have an m2 memory card (which is very costly for a memory card), and if you are on vodafone don't bother with the gps as its at least a good 2miles out evertime (though gps for google is pretty accurate). worst thing is have lost a lot of important calls because of phone, which considering i use it as a business phone is not good. sent off for repair and put sim back in an old samsung d900 and wonder why i bother upgrading! did actually get this phone after trying the omnia which was problematic too. can't these phone companies just make a phone that does the basics well (i.e . phone calls/texts)? also i decided on this in first place because of battery life but i'm having to charge it every 12 hours after 6 weeks ownership.

Reviewed by Jeff from Philippines on 15th Nov 2008
Im disappointed with the memory card reader of this phone,its not reading the files in it although its detected by the phone. I already updated the firmware,still the same.

Reviewed by Jas from UK on 13th Nov 2008
I bought this phone to replace a k800 after a long line of excellent SE phones and i have to say i'm very dissappointed, it looks like SE have finally lost their way with this one. I'm on my second one now, and number 3 is due tomorrow. As many people are finding, my C702 regularly switches off, tells me my sim card is inactive and goes silent for aroung 10 seconds during calls, not good for a business phone! Other gripes are that the alarm sometimes fails to go off, the keypad locks up and is often very slow to react and the camera definately isn't as good as previous efforts. Also the GPS doesn't seem very accurate and battery life is pretty poor. I chose this phone as i wanted a fairly basic rugged and reliable phone and now wish I'd had another k800. To cap it all, after just a couple of weeks use, this "rugged" phone looks like it's spent 10 years in a war zone, scratched screen, paint worn off the corners and the markings worn off the keys. On the plus side, it has SE's usual user friendly interface and on paper, at least, should do exactly what i want from a phone. If the next one is no better, i will be looking elsewhere!

Reviewed by Gill from England on 11th Nov 2008
Was told this was a good phone - and I believed them!!!! It only took a cuple of weeks b4 it started to go wrong. The camera is not as previous model.If you use the flash all pictures turn out strange colour. The phone itself is rubbish. In the middle of calls it freezes so i cant hear the other caller. the phone freezes and switches itself off for fun. The key pad itself freezes and the buttons dont always work - when u can get ur fingers on them because they are so small. The alarm doesnt always go off in the mornings. I need the phone as i am always outdoors and need it for safety reasons but i cannot rely on it at all. the battery life is a joke. It is the worse phone I have had and i resort to using my 4 year old nokia because it is much more reliable!!! I would not recommend this phone to anyone. What a shame because it looked so good. If i could give it no stars I would.

Reviewed by Kalimin Akhman from Indonesia on 11th Nov 2008
SE C702 is ok!

Reviewed by James from Essex! on 10th Nov 2008
Very nice phone. Def one for the lads tho! ;) Mine's been a trusty friend for a while now. Solid, reliable and prob the best Sony Ericsson I've ever had. Watch out for the o2 version tho cause o2 have taken out the special version of Google Maps from the phone so *cry!* you can't use the gps to actually find out where you are! (Why o2, why?!) And you can't install it later either! In answer to Paul's question the black H on a light blue background means you're in a high speed 3g reception area you lucky sod! ;)

Reviewed by Jim from UK/Sweden on 9th Nov 2008
Ok- I'm beginning to suspect that the last few reviews must have been written by Nokia and Samsung's press-sabotage teams! This phone has just been awesome for me. I've had mine for a month now and it's extremely reliable and stable. I moved from a Samsung D900 to a Nokia 6500 slide to this and this is so much the best of the 3. It's like moving from kids toys to a proper professional tool. Note- some people clearly think this phone is meant to be shock resistant and extra tough. It's not. It's a standard mobile which has extra rubber seals to stop water and dust getting in when you're using it for gps outside. Best bits for me- awesome screen, lovely user interface, great gps for route tracking and training, really good LED flash (try using it at about 1.5m from the subject), bright torch, decent camera quality (no it's not as good as the K800i, but get over it, that was one of the best camera phones ever made and this phone is still better than most of its competition!), fantastic web browser and excellent support for all of the essential java apps you need now like Google Earth and Opera Mini. Gripes- watch out for the main screen- it scratches easily (but it's no prob if you invest in a good screen protector), back is a bugger to get off until you learn how, the hang up and call keys are way too small and for some reason not all of my calendar appointments come across properly from Outlook. Overall though, it's easily been a 5 star phone so far. Very well designed and superb at what it does.

Reviewed by paul from england on 8th Nov 2008
i've only had SE phones but this one has pushed my faith in them to the limit. the freezing,going silent mid call for 10 seconds,shutting off for 1m 20 times a day,pausing mid song etc etc etc all "appear ro have been cause by having a VERY old sim card,which since i've replaced it (and d/l'ed the update),seems to have been rectified,at last. i find the buttons fiddly and am considering a C905 or possibly an X1. i've got a query too though if anyone can help,i've got a black H in a light blue box permanently in the top corner next to battery......what is it??

Reviewed by sean from england on 6th Nov 2008
this phone is useless!! iv had two in the space of three weeks because of it always freezing and turning itself off!! :@ i thought it might jus be a faulty phone, but now my recent one is starting to do it aswell!!.. it looked good in the shops.. so i was stupid enough to buy it. i think it looks quite gd tho. but still dont buy it!!!!!!!! i love you all xxxxxx

Reviewed by Andy from England on 4th Nov 2008
Upgraded to this phone from k810I, and went straight back to it. had problem getting batt cover off (stupid screw idea) camera is nowhere near as good as the k810i have sent it back to O2 do not buy this phone!!!!

Reviewed by C Polson from N. Ireland on 1st Nov 2008
Bought one yesterday, unable to get back off to fit battery & SIM, camera cover broke within 3hrs and only took 1 picture. Quality poor phone appears ok. Taking it back this afternoon.

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