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Sony Ericsson C510 review

 Review: March 2009  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: 3G phone with 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video calling, music player, radio, memory card, Bluetooth™, GPS & HSDPA (3.5G).

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The C510 looks like the perfect phone for these credit crunched times. You want a high quality Cyber-Shot camera? You want the latest gadgets like geo-tagging, motion gaming and YouTube videos? You got it! And all this in a mid-range phone, available free on a £15 per month contract! No wonder that the C510 is proving to be so popular.

The phone is a traditional Sony Ericsson candybar, available in a choice of Black or Silver. The keypad is nicely designed and easy to text with. It's a standard size phone - not large, not ultrathin - but surprisingly lightweight. The display is compact at 2.2 inches, but has a nice high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and 262k colours, matching the display on Sony's high-end phones such as the SE C905. The phone has a built-in accelerometer, which enables the display to rotate automatically between landscape and portrait modes when you turn the phone. The accelerometer also powers motion-based gaming.

This is a CyberShot phone, so the quality of the camera matters. The camera in the C510 is rated at 3.2 megapixels, so it can't match the latest 5 and 8 megapixel phones such as the C902 or the C905. But then it's half the price. Compared with similarly-priced rivals, it offers an excellent camera, equipped with face detection autofocus, an LED flash and digital zoom. With care the C510 can produce print-quality photographs. And if you're more of a happy snapper than a pro, the C510 has plenty of features to help make snapping easier. The Smile Shutter™ automatically takes a shot when your subject is smiling - you just have to point the camera in the right direction. We'd say that for this amount of money, this is probably the best camera phone you can buy. The camera offers geo-tagging too. The camera can also record video clips, and video calling is possible too.

The C510 is equipped with Sony's usual excellent music player, and the C510 features MegaBass (for enhanced bass frequencies), PlayNow (for downloading ringtones and other premium content) and TrackID (music recognition software.) An FM radio with RDS is also included. The C510 comes with a SE headset and you can also use an optional Bluetooth wireless stereo headset. With 100 MB of built-in memory, the C510 compares well with other phones in this price range, and has enough space to store a few CD's worth of music. You can upgrade this by adding a Memory Stick Micro™ giving up to 4 GB of storage.

The C510 is a 3G phone with HSDPA for high-speed internet access. It can also be used on a GSM network, supporting GSM 900, 1800 & 1900. Connectivity options are Bluetooth and USB. Battery life seems to be pretty good.

We like the C510 a lot. In its price range it's definitely one of the best featured phones currently available. A cheaper option would be the old Sony Ericsson K770i. Similarly-priced alternatives from other manufacturers would be the Nokia 6600 Slide or the Samsung Soul. A few people have reported firmware-type errors, such as the phone refusing to accept their sim cards, or freezing / shutting down, so this phone clearly isn't 100% reliable, but it's better than most Sony Ericsson phones of recent years.

Sony Ericsson C510 features include:

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Hi, my sound on my phone won't work and I don't know why.

Asked by natalie from england on 21st Jul 2016
Its set on loud volume but isn't making any sound. My music won't play or I'm not getting sound from calls/texts. I've tried re-setting the phone but no joy.

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Average rating from 317 reviews:

Reviewed by Cosmo from Bulgaria on 10th Oct 2015
I've been using one since 2008. It's great phone, the battery still holds up to 6 days, depending on the usage. I've had dropped it probably more than 100 times and the phone is still in 1 piece with a couple of minor scratches.
I won't change it until it dies, which is probably long time from now, based on my experience.

Reviewed by Vasko from Macedonia on 4th Jun 2015
Probably the best feature phone of all time. Build quality is solid. Quality photo @3.2Mp that can beat almost any phone with a 5Mp camera. Very handy and practical. Google maps. Accelerometer. Java Platform 8.4, file menager, AccuWeather...
Easy to setup MMS, email.

Typeing of SMS is a little bit slower and not as responsive as any other Sony Ericsson model i have tried.
I have a C905 also, but the C510 i more practical.

Reviewed by Rashidah from Malaysia on 15th Mar 2014
Almost 5 years used it. Suddenly just now, it didn't working. I try to charged it, but sadly its turn on an something wrote on screen " Battery could not be charged. Please use a Sony Ericsson battery". Its kind annoying.

Reviewed by Chuck from Australia on 10th Nov 2012
For anyone upgrading from an older phone you will be very impressed.

Download apps, use Google Maps to find your location, install mini Opera if you are not liking the current browser, loud speakerphone, movement sensor (can tell you how many steps you did in a day). Can upgrade memory through a card slot... however

Small keys! Excellent accuracy with your fingers will overcome this. The top right one is a tricky one though. The Cedar J108i is much better for this IMO. Camera is good if you can keep it really still otherwise slight movement will blur shots. Uses M2 memory slot.

Reviewed by James from England on 7th Sep 2012
Three years on still working great... Still looking great... Two days battery life with heavy usage... And far more reliable than any modern smart phone. It really was an awesome phone

Reviewed by anurag from india on 29th Nov 2011
Using it...not a bad phone....atleast not for the price...you can perhaps call it a good bargain....features are all pretty usual...the phone survived a dip in the pool as well:p.. So water resistant:pkidding.... U can install .jar file apps ... Well you will certainly miss out on the others that work on other platforms such as android.... .3gp video files are the only ones that work on 2 streaming basis and .mp4 on download....the best past .....volumes is simply gr8...it is considerably loud;)

Reviewed by stef from UK on 13th Jul 2011
this is very excellent !!

Reviewed by Gourab from UK on 10th Jul 2011
Horrible cell phone. Had got it in Nov 2009. After using for 2 months had to buy a new cell phone in Jan 2010. After using this cell phone I will never ever again go back to buy any cell phone from Sony Ericsson. Horrible service, much horrible after sales service. Memory card stops detecting, charging point not stable.

Reviewed by atul from UK on 5th Jul 2011
i have bought sony ericsson c510 in 2009, camera is good in light but in dark its bad, its flash not working properly. Excepting this phone is gud.

Reviewed by hawkeye from UK on 4th Jul 2011
Generally the c510 is a good cell, except for it's disadvantages, which are not few : 1. 3 months after the purchase it stopped charging (neither power nor the USB connection) - completely no indication for a charge is shown, I had to unplug and then plug it in for 5 minutes, after cleaning the connection. 2. several firmware updates problems. 3. slow on start-ups and when switching to the cyber-shot. 4. the volume could be higher, but then again - I might be living in a noisy environment...

Reviewed by Max from UK on 28th Jun 2011
an excellent cellphone with plenty of usefull features. I've used it for 1,half year and still using. All this period I've not had any kind of problem. Buy it without doubt. From Uzbekistan :D

Reviewed by Laila from UK on 16th Jun 2011
This phone lasted me almost 2 1/2 years. It was only very recently the screen started going haywire (multicoloured, split, distorted, just plain black) and the speakers went a bit dodgey which meant hearing people on the other end difficult. However, it was in for the long haul and it really did the job. I could never figure out how to actually get the internet working but I was never particularly interested in that anyway. I found it very easy to navigate, I thought it looked smart and clean, the system for browsing through photos/music/etc was smooth and a little different, and the set out of 'conversations' (sent/recieved messages) was nifty as well. The camera was great, though not very good for taking pictures in dim light, the 'flash' was USELESS, but in clear daylight it took nice pics, albeit the shutter speed was slow. I really liked this phone, it was very durable - i can't count the number of times it was dropped, thrown, trodden on, soaked - and it did the job, simple as.

Reviewed by Jade from UK on 14th Apr 2011
id personally say 0 only cuz yestarday my settings changed to another language on its own then when i took my battry out and out it back in a has no network coverage and it has lost my messages and my contacts AND calander dates!!!!! :(

Reviewed by molly from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
AWFULL phone. always mucks up, the buttons constantly fall off and th=e screen always turns backwards and rotates. don't buy it i'tll cost you more money that it's worth in the long run.

Reviewed by jakesh from UK on 12th Feb 2011
i love my mobile c510 and i feel proud to use it

Reviewed by Jhon from UK on 8th Feb 2011
This phone is quite impresive...after my brother upgraded the software to the last one all my problems has been resolved.

Reviewed by Tarsem Lal from UK on 8th Feb 2011
you tube not working

Reviewed by Albert from UK on 2nd Feb 2011
I have this phone since was out in the market.Besides the laggy camera and the battery life ( two and a half days lasts on a moderated usage ) no problems so far.

Reviewed by Olivia Lennon from UK on 21st Jan 2011
this phone is unbelievable ! my phones usually break in a day ut ive this one for a year ! its been dropped in the bath, out the window & left outside overnight & its still da finest (:

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 15th Jan 2011
Rubbish phone, dies out very quickly compared to my other phones. Its absolutley boring, nothin interesting about it to be honest

Reviewed by Charles from UK on 12th Jan 2011
Hey Sumit, try updating the software from the sony website..the network problem and the battery chargin problem will be sorted out for sure

Reviewed by darren from UK on 12th Jan 2011

Reviewed by Sumit kumar from UK on 11th Jan 2011
today its saying NO NETWORK COVERAGE even though my sim card is working well in other phones. on top of it, i cant charge it. it says BATTERY CANNOT BE CHARGED. YOU MUST USE A SONY ERRICSON BATTERY. i'll rate negative for this phone. i dont trust sony ericsson any more

Reviewed by c510 from UK on 11th Jan 2011
I have for 1 year now and its a good phone

Reviewed by Olivia from UK on 26th Dec 2010
Do not get this phone! After a couple of weeks of having it my messages, music and photos kept deleting. I sent it back and they replaced it but the same happened a couple of months later. My mum and one of my friends had this phone as well and the same thing has happened to their phone as well. And to top it off, after just a year of having the Sony Ericsson C510, my 'down' and 'number 5' buttons do no longer work. So save yourself the hassel and do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by E from UK on 8th Dec 2010
I have found this phone great, it works, has a great camera (that why i got it) and has only broken once which was fixed immediately, and has worked fine ever since. It is remarkably resilient and has a tough exterior, which means that it has stood up to the many times i have dropped it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a small, sturdy phone with a good camera that is easy to use and navigate.

Reviewed by HAMZA from UK on 30th Nov 2010
worse mobile

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 17th Nov 2010
bought this phone a year ago...within 3 weeks it broke because of a software issue where by, nothing opened and it wiped the phone completely! Then I got it replaced and that broke on me 5 days ago with exactly the same problem...might have just been unlucky? don't buy one. I will admit was a great phone but the software problems let it down a lot.

Reviewed by jubz from UK on 17th Nov 2010
stunning phone!!

Reviewed by David from UK on 12th Nov 2010
I've had this phone for about 9 months. It has always been difficult to switch on (button does not work) and freezes up regularly. Even when I know that I am in a strong signal area the phone only shows one or two bars and the signal then disappears with no warning. Most recently I have been getting a message "Insert Valid Sim" when the card is actually installed ok. This completely locks the phone and I have to take it into the local Vodafone shop to sort out the problem. The phone is back there again today and I've had enough of it now. I would not recommend anyone to buy this model and I'm now coming to the conclusion that Sony Ericsson phones (any model) are probably best avoided!!

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 9th Nov 2010
yeaa this phone looks good in the spec, price but have this phone on a contract for a while and you really doubt your buying... i sent this phone off for repair 3.. possibly 4 times in two months..! now how on earth can you call that an "excellent" film..! :P. i do though... love the fact you can type someone's name in then there number instantly comes out! :D the msn on it though never seems to work, and this is partly due to my network.. (3) but also the phone.. :/

Reviewed by DAN from UK on 5th Nov 2010
It's a great phone got it on 3 network i unlocked it and debrand it straight away and now on T Mobile all the problems are with the 3 network as most features are locked this is a great phone Camera good and texting good and Battery last me for 8 Hours without a charge a will give it 9 out of 10 that's when it's Debranded from 3 or Vodafone.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 1st Nov 2010
Laggy camera when you move the phone,battery life is poor (it last only 2 days on a moderated usage)

Reviewed by black161 from UK on 1st Nov 2010
Sony C510,An Excellent phone I have ever seen.A slim phone which includes treasure of features,really i liked it.But the problem which i have faced is poor battery life,its co-operable...Overall,Its a small phone consisting extreme features at least price!!!

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 28th Oct 2010
I've had it for 10 month now and no problems for me.I've installed the last software on it and it works just fine. A black ball is the lagy camera.

Reviewed by ragul from UK on 11th Oct 2010
very excellent that i have ever seen

Reviewed by Ralph from UK on 8th Oct 2010
I've had it for a year now, and it has to be the worst phone: the sound quality is bad, it looses signal (it has been back for repair under warranty, and since then it has been a bit better, but still poor), internet access is a waste of time and the camera is disappointing. The zoom won't work in 'normal' quality (only for very low res pics) and the software has a habit of freezing. As it doesn't work well as a phone, I gave it a one star (and now use a cheap phone rather than put up with this one).

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 2nd Oct 2010
got this to replace iphone 4 and it is much better!!

Reviewed by Tush from UK on 26th Sep 2010
dont buy this phone. i bought it a year ago and within 6 months the keypad started giving problem. and today its saying NO NETWORK COVERAGE even though my sim card is working well in other phones. on top of it, i cant charge it. it says BATTERY CANNOT BE CHARGED. YOU MUST USE A SONY ERRICSON BATTERY. i'll rate negative for this phone. i dont trust sony ericsson any more.

Reviewed by Nikki Brewer from UK on 24th Sep 2010
Last christmas I got this phone and straight away it kept crashing and freezing when i got a text so i got it replaced, and it was fine until around 6 months later when it just keeps crashing when i get a text or typing a text, its always at the end of the text too! which makes is 10 times more frustrating. Other than that its a good phone, i have always relied on Sony Ericssons, this phone is the worst one i have had from them but its still a pretty good phone. It just doesn't match to my previous ones!

Reviewed by nicki from UK on 23rd Sep 2010
Why are you rating this phone 5/5 after having it a short while. Ive had this phone since may 10 after my old phone was stolen, its been away for repair twice and has come back with more problems than when I sent it away with, it freezes, screen goes blank, and if people phone me, the phone still says its ringing with no sound and when the other phone aint doing anything, when they ring me again it goes to voice mail. plus its very slow *******DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE*********** Waste of money, get a nokia at least they work proply (thats my bext phone) deffo 0/5

Reviewed by alex from UK on 9th Sep 2010
i like itttttttttt

Reviewed by BigT from UK on 26th Aug 2010
this phone it's awesome!

Reviewed by Chris Walker from UK on 25th Aug 2010
dreadful, 2 handsets, 8 repairs. Poor laggy software, bad camera - only works in daylight. avoid

Reviewed by Georgia from UK on 21st Aug 2010
This is a good phone, I would recommend it to be honest, i prefer full keypads but thats me, it has lasted me a long time, i dropped it down the loo and after a week it still worked! i drop it all the time and its still fine, very good phone, lots of themes, has easy text themes, so you can see conversations, and nice media, and a good camera except it turns a bit yellowy but I think that's because i put it to the wrong setting? overall its an outstanding phone, very simple and easy, and i am very impressed it has a sleek look so can be used for all ages.

Reviewed by Aryani from UK on 19th Aug 2010
I've bought the C510. But now, all simcard not detected to it. So I can't use it. Anyone can help this problem?

Reviewed by J C from UK on 12th Aug 2010
Cannot fault his phone, reminds me of a more compact k800i, very smooth, no complaints from me,

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 12th Aug 2010
I got this phone when my old one got stolen......to begin with i thought it was a decent phone to use but then my down key went, after a while it started to work again.....now the screen goes fuzzy.....turning the phone off then on again makes the fuzziness go....now the mic seems to go......people on the other end say they cant hear me when i ahve perfect signal.....plus it doesnt keep its charge......do not get this phone!!!

Reviewed by hitesh chouhan from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
dont even think to buy this phone i have this c510 it is worst phone neither it has battery backup told by the company and it has a faulty structure. i am owing it from past two months and having problems all the way and sonyericsson service centers are useless they know nothing they wont help you on any thing..

Reviewed by bob from UK on 31st Jul 2010
As a phone, its ok but keys to small for a man with hands larger than a childs. Camera is by far the worst I've ever used. UNUSEABLE. You take a picture it looks perfect initially then you view the actual picture you've taken and its just a blur you can hardly even make out. took this on holiday to Florence only to have to give up taking photos & use my girlfreinds iphone. RUBBISH

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 28th Jul 2010
Have had the phone for 10 months and there are now a variety of faults: back button doesn't always work, phone switches itself off and won't come back on, buttons don't always work when I'm tryin to write a text and today the speaker phone kept coming on and off during a call.

Reviewed by rraaachhheel from UK on 27th Jul 2010
I've had this phone for almost a year now, got it last september and it's lasted me ages. Never had a problem with it, battery life is great and the phone looks great too. The only thing that annoyed me with this phone is the fact you cannot zoom at 3mp, 2mp, or even 1mp. If you want to zoom, you need to set it to VGA, which of course, would dramatically reduce the quality of pictures at blown-up sizes. The effects are good and the video recording quality is great. Photos are automatically organised into folders, e.g. photos you've taken in March would go into a folder called 'March'. Very nicely set out. Music is great as well, the volume is great and of very good quality. Overall, a very good phone :)

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 25th Jul 2010
I own a silver c510 and i had it for about 2 yrs and the only thing i like about it is its cyber shot camera.

Reviewed by robert from UK on 25th Jul 2010
best phone ive had no problems at all fast internet fast everything its fantastic open to all networks even 3three its brill

Reviewed by Razzles from UK on 20th Jul 2010
I've the SE C510 for nearly 7 months now and it's proved to be an outstanding phone time and time again, but last night I encountered a problem. I was texting on my phone and as the text was sending I went on to 'media' to view my pictures, after I came off 'media' my phone read the message 'insert sim card' my sim card was already in so I thought it was a bit odd, I took the sim card out and put it back in making sure the inside of my phone was clean. After I put the sim in my phone had 'no network covereage' but I had full signal. So now my phone cannot send messages or call anyone. Also when I go back onto 'media' the menu screen there is in black and white when it should be blue and black I've turned it off for the night and deleted alot of files but nothing seems to have improved. I've been reading the reviews here and I've seen a few people have had the same problem, is there anything I can do to fix this or will I have to get a new phone? I think the SE C510 is a good phone overall, it's the best phone I've every had! It's just a shame how something like this can stop you enjoying it. :(

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 16th Jul 2010
Bought fone from a 3 shop,kept resetin itself from the off and came up with message sayin insert usim(when was in it already)took back and replaced with same model 4 times all with same faults,1 had a fault sayin 2 insert a sony battery,when it was the sony 1 the came with the sealed box,last 1 died b4 even had it 24hrs,finaly gave up on getin 1 that would work proper n got me money back,and bought a different model,shame bout that 1,loved the style of it,think sony should do more too make sure they dont ship so many faulty fones

Reviewed by Vlatko from UK on 16th Jul 2010
Slugish phone For only 4 months use keyboard start to lose color camera is poor especealy in night mode and blic it dosen;t work sinhronous with the camera :) I am very unsatisfied customer with these phone :(

Reviewed by scott pearce from UK on 7th Jul 2010
excellent phone for the price only £80.00 was very good and very reliable until i tryed turning it on one day and the screen went blank and before that my battery died but despite all that i got another one trully brilliant

Reviewed by mystvearn from UK on 25th Jun 2010
After 15 months with it: Pro: 1. Ease of use. Does what it says on the tin. 2. 3.2 mp Camera is quite good actually. It comes with face recognition and it replaces my SLR for a compact camera almost all of the time. 3. Myphoneexplorer (a free software) works great with all symbian based SE phones. Cons: 1. "Slow" processor. This is just me but I type and use the keypads very very fast and this is not blazing fast. It will be enough for normal everyday use. 2. There is sand in the unit! I only place the phone in my jeans almost 99% of the time. I can see some small white dust/sand like particles underneath the screen. No idea how it got there. My GF has the same unit, but she keeps it in her handbag, so no dust in it. Overall, this is a great no frills phone for people who only need to call, sms, and take photos. Internet is there, but the screen is small. You will be better off getting a Dell Streak if you use your phone to browse internet. I use this with myphoneexplorer and google calendar for an organiser. Saved money by not getting a smartphone

Reviewed by Chantelle from UK on 24th Jun 2010
i love this phone but.. I have a 3g pay as you go sim card and i also have a sony ericsson batry in my sony ericsson c510. the problem is everytime i try to turn it on it dont work. when i try to charge it the phone starts up and then says you cant charge beacause its not a sony ericsson batry. But is is a sony ericsson atry so whats the problem. it also freezes Alot. Its gd but now that i have these problems ...

Reviewed by Sophia from UK on 18th Jun 2010
I got this phone on contract a few months ago, it is one of the worst phones i have had, the texts come up in a conversation type thing (a bit like msn) i frequently recieve texts i can't view, they are somewhere in the conversation i have to scan the texts and try and find the recently recieved text, which is usually somewhere in the middle. i am often recieving text saying i have missed a call and my phone has not even rung, i would say this happens on average twice a day, which is alright if the phone call is just for a chat but not in case of emergency. my phone frequently freezes and i have to turn it off and sometimes take the battery out in order to get it working again, i am paying 15 pounds a month for this phone which is a very reasonable price for a phone that works, but i find this un-acceptable if the phone is as faulty as mine, my friend has the same phone as me and complains of the same problems, i strongly reccomend that you do not buy this phone, it is a waste of money.

Reviewed by Cary from UK on 10th Jun 2010
Better than all previous Sony Ericcson models I have had, and at a great value!

Reviewed by Yam from UK on 1st Jun 2010
It is a good n cheaper phone in sony..but the battery using more than another phone..

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 31st May 2010
I don't know how people rate a phone like this for "good quality". To be frank, the build quality sucks! It creeks every time you press a button, this happened after removing and putting back the battery cover numerous times. Also the two lines which goes over the side of the phone which looks very classy can make your phone look cheepo at a certain point! one of those linings started pumping out of my phone and that too on the top..this happened in just two days after buying! When try to push it back in, it creeks! Ohh plasticy!!! Motorolas are the best in build quality. But for this OS, music and camera! Im in love with this phone! Its got one of the best music players! After a firmware update, the volume has been increased and it sound fantastic!! I uses Denon ear plugs and they are simply superb!! For the camera, im not a great fan but it has got a hefty lot of features.. also it takes decent pics... overall for the software part, this phone is one of the best for call quality, music and other stuffs... For the build quality, it sucks big time and also heats up badly during a call.. thats another annoying thing! I returned this phone for a reimbursement and have got a C903, which I feel a lot lot better than the C510! C903 thought its plastic, it sturdy and robust! Bigger screen, better camera and outstanding call quality and music player. With the new firmware its simply superb!

Reviewed by neil.gp from UK on 24th May 2010
Good phone when it works, software is really bad errors all the time, split screen, odd text, crashing you name it.

Reviewed by Creative70 from UK on 22nd May 2010
One of the most decent phones! Bought a SE Naite which is also a low end fantastic phone but had to claim for reimbursement due to the quality of service. Now that I have got C510, to me its like an upgrade.. Everything is up to the mark. best deal for a low price!

Reviewed by Sadia from UK on 20th May 2010
By far the worst mobile phone I have ever owned. Got the phone from carphone warehouse only 7 months ago. It kept crashing and then sony ericsson stated I needed to download some software. After downloading all my pictures, music, telephone numbers and texts have been wiped out - better still the phone still keeps crashing! NOTE: Dont ever buy a sony ericsson!

Reviewed by ady from UK on 19th May 2010
finding the phone ok, but somthing is really widing me up! and thats that chat option when receiving a message..is there any way of switching it off??

Reviewed by roisin from UK on 19th May 2010
I'm giving it average cos I'm on my 2nd model, the first time it broke in the 28days but sadly I couldnt get a different phone :@ That time all my contacts got messed up with chinese characters and és replacing their names..luckily I save my contacts to my sim. The phone did not recognise my sim or any sim for that matter, so could not make/take any calls, text or recieve texts.. so pretty useless!!!!! You cant zoom, I could do that on my old brick of a walkman phone, and theres no flashlight either, which was soo useful. Also you cant turn the flash on which I think is terrible, its a camera phone, a cyber shot and it cant do that!! Also it keeps losing reception, happens at least once a week, and I dont live in a blackspot I live in London! My friends sister also had this phone and she experienced the same problems. Its got its good points, but I'd rather my old phone back :( but its broken!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 11th May 2010
I have had my sony erricson c510 for nearly a year now. I have had no problems what so ever with mine apart from the camera being a little laggy. It has a great easy to use music system and is overall easy to use. I get a sony ericsson every time i get a new phone and think this is the best one i have ever had

Reviewed by kellie from UK on 9th May 2010
Have had my C510 for 5 months now, and although battery life was poor, seemed to be charging phone up every other day, I was happy. Until 3 weeks ago when I have now 'NO ACCESS TO NETWORK' with a full signal. Unable to receive and send messages and phone calls. Vodafone usless no help!!! Would not recommend.

Reviewed by terry rendall from UK on 4th May 2010
had my c510 since febuary and it has caused forever problems. ive had 2 replaced already and its just giving the same problem it freezes and all it says on phone no network coverege i lost all my telephone numbers and you could never use facebook. they have refused to refund me the money back and replaced it with a different phone...

Reviewed by Nick Ciesco from UK on 30th Apr 2010
I hate this phone. After an update was installed the phone became usless and irrepairable...be warned.

Reviewed by uzart from UK on 29th Apr 2010
why my se suddenly turn off itself....

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 28th Apr 2010
Rubbish constant Inactive USIM errors random resets unstable in phone calls im afarid to answer the phone in case it cuts off apart from that great phone on 3 P&G free skype free MSN free internet unlimited texts for £25 for 3 months!!! BUT i cant use any of it because it keeps dying!!! been in for repair 3 times now still no joy wish SE would give me a new one to see if a makes a diff

Reviewed by Lara Maskell from UK on 24th Apr 2010
Do not buy this phone!!! Sony Ericsson customer services don't care about their customers at all. I bought this phone from carphone warehouse for my partner as a present, he is a surgeon and uses it for work. It switches itself off randomly so when he's oncall no one can reach him putting lives at risk. So far its had a problem where it would not ring, the screen kept freezing and distorting and also the keypad kept sticking. We have sent this phone back 3 times already after having it 10 months, it takes an average of 2-3 weeks to get it back after repair. Carphone warehouse will not replace the handset unless it has had three different problems within 3 months. When we rang Sony Ericsson they said no-one else had this many problems with the phone therefore they were not interested in the reliablity issues we were having with this handset. Basically tough luck!!!! Disgusting service!! They of course would replace the phone on my insurance! I bought this phone because it had good reviews as a reliable phone, i will never buy from carphone warehouse or sony ericsson again.

Reviewed by Andrew Kennan from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
When I bought a Sony Ericsson C510 it was a smart phone then just like that it started to freeze and the display goes in 2 a split screen and the display and writing is round the wrong way, it's bad, the freezing is terrible, it could be a good phone but sony ericssons software is getting the same in every phone it makes, come on Sony ericsson get real, you do make really nice phones..

Reviewed by stephanie c from UK on 12th Apr 2010
had it for 12 months. nice tactile buttons - i can text REALLY fast on this! camera is a little laggy but the picture quality makes up for this. just don't take pictures in dim lighting. i don't use much of the functions. just texts, calls, pictures and calculator. it performs well for a midrange phone, IMO and i'm happy with it.

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 11th Apr 2010
well i`ve just got the phone this week it`s average to my standards well, they should have made a much stronger mechanism, for the metallic, that protects the camera. i don`t need the camera on a daily basis, but after a time it might open "by itself" when you take it out of your pocket but there`s something odd too. after my battery discharged, i have plugged it with the original charger, but nothing happened. the battery was dead. so i tried with the usb cable, the phone turned on and was recognized as usb stick. i had left it for several minutes and after that i have turned it on, the phone responded, plugged in with the charger and surprise, no trouble at all. then i tried to shut it down, while charging and the phone "forgot" to charge itself, even though the power source was still on. i theorize that this problem might involve something with this so called "energy star" compliance, because SE is on the path to create a green company image, meaning this phone tries to conserve energy, but there`s a glitch somewhere in the firmware, so let`s assume it, there will be a fix for it someday :))))) the music is loud enough, if you push the volume all the way, it will distort it a little, but you get headphones, so never mind that the signal is stable, i have the same service provider and previous phone models, from another major company had very weak signal in my area i think this phone would have been better of with wi-fi, but it`s a possibility, that it`s lack makes it slightly cheaper, then other phones in its class so in the end it has a nice design, has average quality and maybe it was intended for female users, because some of the buttons are quite small

Reviewed by Joerg from UK on 10th Apr 2010
I bought my C510 a year ago in Germany and am using it since then in Mozambique. And after one year: It is a great gadget. Battery life is still good after a year in African heat. Yes: sometimes it freezes but usually I can get around that problem by switching the phone off once a week. And the upper half gets quite hot after a few minutes talking. Still, I would buy it again. Fair price for what it does!

Reviewed by pat troy from UK on 7th Apr 2010
the sony ericsson c510 has the worst battery life, i am sorry i bought it and it was not cheap.

Reviewed by scott from UK on 6th Apr 2010
A terrible phone - the keys are too small and the centre button is sticky and dosn't work properly. Camera very poor in low light and cant force flash on. Sreen back light now broken. Will never buy SE again!

Reviewed by A J Norris from UK on 5th Apr 2010
I've always gone for Sony Ericssons. But, I am wondering why? The downside of this phone is its very slow turning on and off and I am having really bad problems with the signal on my phone. Other members of my family are with the same mobile phone provider, Orange, and they have no problems with the signal on their phones - Nokia and Samsung. Don't know if I would choose a Sony again. However, if I was going to say something good about it, its very easy to use and light weight but the key pad is small.

Reviewed by idrees from UK on 5th Apr 2010
this phone is a wicked phone but sometimes dosent work properly so i give it 4 stars

Reviewed by Hab from UK on 31st Mar 2010
What can I say abou this phone I had it for atleast for 9 to 10 months.but now it has became faulty because it is too slow.before I got it.which is the Sony Ericsson c510.except from that it is a good phone.for £116.

Reviewed by Cobbydaler from UK on 25th Mar 2010
Had the c510 for 3 months taken loads of pics in the yorkshire dales and i would say the camera is excellent (as good as the k800) the battery is not the best but i can live with it.

Reviewed by G from UK on 22nd Mar 2010
I have had 2 replacements for this phone and all have the same fault "Insert SIM Card". The phone will recognise my SIM only intermitantly and inbetween times the phone is useless and will not allow access to the phone book for numbers!! I have also had 2 new SIM cards from the service provider (Vodafone) and this has not solved the problem. I liked its camera while it worked and the sony ericsson operating system but I just can not get past the technical faults and I am very disappointed. I am changing to a different handset (W595). Vodafone were very poor at solving this problem and would only offer a replacement C510 until I managed to convince them to change the model. At this point they offered me a range of old models they would have had laying around and that are no longer on sale in their shops. The W595 was the only current model they offered me as a replacement. Poor Vodafone service.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 15th Mar 2010
I got this phone on a 10 pound a month contract from vodafone, I had no huge expectations but I liked it because it looked so very good in the photo.. the phone is excellent, it's worked absolutely impeccably for me and it's very reliable and it's pretty to look at. I also like the fact that it does not look cheap. Messaging is easy, the camera is easy to use, with good flash and takes good quality photos. The MP3 player is very good, very solid sound and the phone always works well, good sound quality, good ringtones, durable, good battery life. I have never had any complaints whatsoever.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 15th Mar 2010
I bought this phone to replace my K800i which gave up its ghost. For those who are used to the K800i/810i, the C510i has quite a few changes in the interface i.e Message Settings are not in Message anymore but in Settings > Connectivity. Screen is definitely better than the K800i i.e colour saturation but the camera is the biggest let down here with no xenon flash. Without the Xenon flash, you need a steady hand to get a sharp picture. Didn't happen to me with the K800i...audio is superb compared to the K800i and video is better too. Another thing I don't like about this phone is there is no Clock Sleep Mode. Used to seeing the time display in idle mode, it's quite a scum to press on any button just to see the time...oh, and it sometimes can't read my memory card too. I think I wont be sticking to this phone long and will go for the C905...

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 10th Mar 2010
I have had the C510 for almost 8 months and I hate it. The camera is dreadful due to its useless LED Flash. The buttons are small and it has been back for a firmware upgrade to sort out the sticky/non responsive buttons and it ability to switch itself on and off. Alas it made no difference whatsoever. I also have to charge it every night the battery life is so dreadful. I text a great deal and I find the T9 infuriating. It always offers words that don't exist, the REAL words, you know the ones you use daily are always bottom of the list. I am on 18 month contract with this phone and am considering buying another before I end up in a mental institution. PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by akmal from UK on 10th Mar 2010
just bought it a few days ago..i love everything about it except for its short battery life..i dont sms or go online as well as listen to music but still the battery is quickly dying..

Reviewed by RD from UK on 7th Mar 2010
i love ma Phone vry mch....thnk u sony for givin sch a nice phone...!!!!

Reviewed by Johnny from Ireland from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
My first mobile was a Philips and since then i have always used Nokias and always liked them. With my last Nokia i could'nt get a signal inside the house ( I was with o2 } and i started trying other phones. One of my mates had the Sony E C510 and i decided it was time for a change as i thought it was what i was looking for. Well i wanted one in black and spent ages lookin for one, but no luck. So two weeks ago i got the silver model in the Orange shop, only £69 .00 and its easily the best phone i've ever owned. Reception is awesome, the radio is clear, and its great for music.The camera is good enough for a phone,especially in good light, if i want better pictures in low light i use a camera,and the lens cover is class. The screen is a great size for showing photo's. Am awaiting delivery of a 4GB cards for my pictures and photos, £10 45 from Play.com. All in all avery good phone at a reasonable price.Although i only have it two weeks i have no problem giving it 5 st ars

Reviewed by patrick from UK on 27th Feb 2010
this phone is totally class it has lots of feauters but the camera is not so good but its alrite i love it ye all should buy it

Reviewed by patrick from poland but im in ireland from UK on 27th Feb 2010
the sony ericsson c510 is a very good phone the camera is very good is well it should had 4 stars and im giving this same thing i had sony ericsson k770i and it was rubbish dont buy sony ericsson k770i but sony ericsson c510 is a way better thing please buy it if you can its class

Reviewed by Jeni from UK on 21st Feb 2010
Quick question, is anybody else's phone IMPOSSIBLE to hear during a phone call ? ever since i got this phone i can barely hear the person on the other end even though speaker is on full volume. please let me know via email cus i probably wont come back on this! Jenmorris92@aol.com thanks :)

Reviewed by zahir from UK on 21st Feb 2010
All the models, are good and economical, sound sytem is good.

Reviewed by Daniel Jones from UK on 20th Feb 2010
I really dislike this phone, it had to be taken back to the carphonewarehouse to have software reloaded back onto it. Then the navigation button wont go up. The phone is extremely slow at times and half the features do not work on it. 1/10 :(

Reviewed by mohan from UK on 20th Feb 2010
Hi viewers i got this mobile on Jan 2010. It is having an fair personality in all the things and there is drawbacks in my view 1. The name cybershot doesn't fit for this mobile 2. Zooming is not available in 1,2&3 mega pixel 3. Flash is just ok in this phone. 4. The cam is having night blindness even when the light is on immmm, only in day light its ok. 5. If headset is like w810i it will be more better......

Reviewed by Glenda. from Bristol from UK on 18th Feb 2010
Very good for a small slimline phone. I find the camera is excellent. So pleased I returned to using a Sony Ericsson. Well done!

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