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Sony Ericsson Aino review

 Review: October 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson Aino is a touchscreen phone with a slide-out alphanumeric keypad.



The Aino is clearly a phone that Sony Ericsson expects to do well. They've put a lot of trouble into the design of the phone, and even more effort into the advertising. So why give it such a stupid name? We have trouble saying the name of this phone without sniggering. But that probably just reflects the level of maturity in our office.

The Aino combines a touchscreen user interface with a slide-out alphanumeric keypad - rather like the Samsung Tocco Ultra. Cleverly, the navigation buttons have been placed on the lower slide, which means that there's space for a big 3 inch touchscreen on the top half of the phone. It does make the phone rather long when extended, but that adds to the sleek looks. And it certainly does look good. The Aino is tactile, with a weighty feel and a lovely smooth finish, and looks every bit the high-end phone that it is. However, the keypad is not the most responsive and is frankly the kind of keypad that you'd find on a budget phone. It's a "couldn't be bothered" keypad that is very much at odds with the high quality look and feel of the rest of the phone.

The Aino uses a combination of a conventional alphanumeric keypad and a touchscreen. This is a good design form, but in this case the keypad does let it down somewhat. But the touchscreen is good. It's a nice bright display with 16 million colours and a larger than average resolution of 432 x 240 pixels, due to its lengthened aspect ratio. At 3 inches across, this is a good size screen for a compact phone. The touchscreen user interface is limited in functionality, with some functionality available only through the keypad, but what it does, it does well.

The Aino is the first phone to feature Remote Play support. This lets you control and access media content on your PS3 from your Aino using the HSPA or Wi-Fi connection. So, from anywhere in the world you can now turn your PS3 on and off and control and access the HD Drive’s media content.

Camera-wise, the Aino is equipped with an excellent 8.1 megapixel camera with flash, 16x digital zoom and face detection. We love the touch focus feature that lets you tap the image in the viewfinder to focus the image. It works well and takes great pictures. The camera can also be used for recording video at VGA resolution and 25 frames per second. Although the Aino is configured for making video calls, the camera is rear mounted, so your caller can see you, or you can see your caller, but not both at the same time! Duh!

Music-wise, again the Aino delivers the goods pretty well. It's packed with every technology that Sony can throw at it: stereo speakers, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and MegaBass. But the lack of a 3.5mm jack in the device is a shame. You'll have to use the headset supplied by Sony instead of your own, or use an adapter. Apart from that, the music player is excellent, with full touchscreen controls and excellent sound quality.

As you'd expect from a modern high end phone, you can do a lot more media stuff than just take pictures and listen to music. Easy access to Facebook and YouTube is included, as well as a built-in web browser that can download at high speeds using the 3G HSPA network connection. The Aino also supports DNLA, which lets you share media between DNLA certified devices in your home, e.g. you can view video files stored on your Aino on your DNLA-compatible TV. The Aino is also equipped with assisted GPS and Google Maps. You can use the GPS to geo-tag your photos too.

When you buy an Aino, you don't just get a phone. The box contains a specially designed charging stand and a Bluetooth wireless headset. When the Aino is inserted into the charging stand, the built-in Media Home software automatically pulls new content from your PC via WiFi. The content is organised on your PC using the Media Go software, which automatically formats all content on the computer to be compatible with the Aino.

With all of this multimedia functionality available, the built-in memory of 55MB is pitifully small. However, the Aino does come with an 8GB microSD card, so we're not too concerned by that. Battery life is average.

We like the Aino, but it's not perfect. Gripes include the keypad, the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack, and the general feeling of the phone being overpriced. Looking at the positives, you get a great looking phone with powerful multimedia features, remote Play support for your PS3, and plenty of extra accessories for your money.

Sony Ericsson Aino features include:

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Sony Ericsson Aino user reviews

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Average rating from 64 reviews:

Reviewed by James from Scotland on 25th Nov 2017
Nearly 2018 and my aino is STILL going strong. Had a new battery and use it alongside a modern android. It's much nicer to use for calls than a modern phone and the onboard sony walkman is still my go to music player of choice. It's proven very tough and reliable despitet numerous drops and bumps. It never crashes, always works, always has plenty of battery life for the whole day and is just utterly reliable no matter what.

Reviewed by Yusuf from South Africa on 12th Jul 2013
A good camera, slow internet, bad on games, no jack, overpriced piece of junk

Reviewed by Tiffany from France on 10th Apr 2012
Aino is not a stupid name, you are may be stupid reviewers! Well then everything depend on people!!

Reviewed by Leon from Newcastle, South Africa on 5th Apr 2011
I had my Sony Ericsson Aino since 25 Oct 2010, hated it so much that I shot it last weekend with my 1862 Colt New Army!!! It was the most fun ever!! Now I'm back with my old trusted SAMSUNG G600! What a Phone!

Reviewed by Rani from Dubai, UAE on 27th Jan 2011
This is one of the worst phone I have ever had from SE. I am a fan of SE phones and hence ended up buying this too. Touch screen is useless, the phone hangs every now and then, especially when we need to pick up a call. I'm planning to replace it.

Reviewed by Jorge from Portugal on 14th Jan 2011
Update from my 03/01/2011 review. After software update, the phone gains a new life. Although has a few thinks i don't like, the touch screen should be more sensitive and more responsive, the camera should be at least as good as k800i camera (3.2 mp), it has many positive things, the screen colors, the sound are great, and it continues to be, by far, the most beautiful phone i've ever seen. So now i'me very pleased with it, and i only give it 3 stars, cause my previous experience.

Reviewed by hello from england on 9th Jan 2011
rubbish rubbish rudish phone

Reviewed by Jorge from Portugal on 3rd Jan 2011
After having an SE K800, for three years, the best phone i have ever had, i thought that Aino will be a huge step forward, but i was wrong... The camera, althouht it's a 8.1MP, it's by far worst then the 3.2MP that the k800 has, the SO, it's slow, and has few mistakes. Aino it's just a very beautiful phone, all the rest it's a mistake from SE.

Reviewed by Chrystabelle from Singapore on 17th Nov 2010
The Aino is an awesome phone! :D

Reviewed by zeeshan from india on 6th Nov 2010
i got my phone 2months back and i love the love to its extent

Reviewed by Koctac Mwraitis from Greece on 24th Oct 2010
well i'm from greece and i bought aino due to the "kit"and of course the key features...i have to say aino is just a LIE A FAKE "MASTERPIECE"...it's slow it shuts down itself the bluetooth doesn't connect anymore and the camera is only good at night...autofocus is not worthwile cause sometimes it blurs the picture especially when u use the flash which also over exposes the colours and over blur the image...colours without flash are ok...i think that s.e created a much promising high priced phone without succeeding it...save ur money...go for w995 or idou(satio)the worst phone i've ever had...

Reviewed by Rana Pars from Saudi Arabia on 19th Oct 2010
Sony Ericssion is a very beautiful mobile onle handfree sound is not good and no bass this is a great proble in this model.

Reviewed by Tim from Malaysia on 23rd Aug 2010
It seems that i can't connect to opera mini or googlemaps using the wifi. It keeps on saying there isn't any local connection. Only can use 3G for this.. ain't it a little dumb. Does anyone has any solution for this? pls share.. thanks a bunch

Reviewed by Adnan Akhtar from India on 18th Aug 2010
bought it a week ago.......for me it is a perfect handset with lots of multimedia features. Shake control simply rocks and battery life is awesome where the samsung wave miserably fails. camera quality is superb 2. So between the wave & aino, aino is far more better and recommended since its a sony product....

Reviewed by tatianna from australia on 27th Jul 2010
had this 6 months, rarely loads pics to facebook (although it surfs it somewhat slowly compared with my iphone too) and has never sent or recieved emails even with loads of time on the phone with customer support. they had no clue. if those workd be awesome phone

Reviewed by The Wizard from UK on 14th Jul 2010
This is the worst SE phone i've ever owned. At first I thought it was a superb looking piece of kit but that's all it is. Eye candy and nothing more. Right where do I start. Well for a start when you open it up you notice it's extremely top heavy and if your texting for any length of time make sure you use 2 hands cos it will make your arm ache. The texting buttons have been swapped around from other SE phones and even after 6 months of owing it I still can't get used to it and despite having saved words in MY Words list like place names it insists on puttting everythign in lower case and you have to change it manually. The annoyong pop up words list which on previous phones was an option, is now a permanent feature and the keys are ridiculously too close together. Some numpty thought it would also be a great idea to put the clear (Backspace) key next to the Back (power off) key. The ammount of times i've been texting or writing something on Facebook and accidently hit the back button and lost my entire message and had to start again. The dictionary is worse then previous SE phones which I think you'll agree is pretty bad anyway. It hardly recognises any words and the learn function doesn't work. No matter how many times I type and retype the word it still keeps putting other less common words before the one I actually want. The touchscreen doesn't display half the photos in your photos folder. No idea why, still not worked that one out but it only seems to display some of the photos so you end up going in via the old folder route to view the rest. The camera is good but slow and the touchscreen buttons are fiddley and pretty unresponsive and it takes ages to change settings which is not something you want when your waiting to capture that all important moment. The GPS tagging is useless cos it only works via the built in Geotags application and doesn't display the location info in the file information so once it's transfered to your pc it's pointless. I'm pretty disappointed they bothered to include a docking station but failed to alter the pin configuration to allow it to play the radio when in the dock. This is a simple case of adding the extra missing pins on the powerport but instead they didn't bother so really the docking station is just a fiddley charger and nothing more. I used to love being woken up by the radio or listen to radio in bed but not anymore. Previous SE docking stations had this function but not the Aino. It's difficult to clip in and out and won't locate easily. Usually it takes me 3 or 4 attempts to find and locate the position before it clips into place. I have a docking station with speakers from my previous SE phones that this works with but unfortunately since they decided to move the powerport from the bottom of the handsets to the annoying side position it won't fit anymore. Text messages don't pop up anymore. When alerted you have to go in and physically open the message up to see who it's from which is miles more inconvenient. I always keep my phone on vibrate and I have to say the vibrate function is the weakest on any of the phones i've owned and I've missed countless number of calls by not being able to feel it going off in my pocket. I have to say on the plus side, the camera is good and alot better than the Cybershot range but the really annoying feature is that if you accidentally touch the screen it will take a picture and trust me it's pretty easy to do especially if your trying to take a portrait shot with one hand. They have also removed some pretty good apps like the remote control feature and replaced it with the remote play function which only works with the Playstation (if you happen to own one). I found the remote control handy when doing presentations at work on my laptop or even when i'm at home listening to my music on my pc and didn't want to get up to change tracks. It no longer comes with the converter app which I also used loads and for some weird reason they decided to rename 'Light' to 'Torch' (eh??) Also some of the menus have been shuffled about unecessarily. I've also found that GPS doesn't function when Wi-Fi is turned on so if you lose your Wi-Fi signal or it stops working which mine does from time to time, you have to switch off wi-fi in order for the GPS to connect. For some reason it won't swap over automatically mid internet session. Many times i've been on Facebook or writing an email and been connected with my wi-fi then half way through writing someting i've lost the connection and it it won't go on to GPS to send the message. So I have to minimise the window, go to turn Wi-Fi off then go back in before it will connect using GPS. Occasionally i've known this phone to switch itself off when someone calls me. Although in the 6 months of having it I think it's only done it 3 times but it's still annoying when you've been waiting for that all important phonecall. Overall this is a good looking phone but badly designed and has too many small niggley faults for my liking. Good camera, excellent loud speaker for music but should have left everything else as it was on previous SE handsets. Someone has been allowed to do too much tinkering and has ruined what could have been an excellent handset. Instead it's the worst SE i've ever owned and i'm even seriously thinking of sticking it in the drawer and going back to my old C702.

Reviewed by Jonny from England on 4th Jul 2010
i have one, swapping it for a jet. keeps dying and glitches, stupidly rushed phone and extremely overpriced

Reviewed by adam from Australia on 30th Jun 2010
personally i dont not recommend this phone. I do not own this phone, but a close friend of mine does. Comparing it to my Samsung S8300, i find that the SE Aino has a clean and user-friendly interface, but when the keypad is up, the touchscreen becomes meaningless. The size of the phone when extended is enormous, even compared to my Samsung. I would say the only feature on that phone which would surpass mine, would be the 8.1 megapixel camera, however, this is only 0.1 megapixel more than the better phone.

Reviewed by Eloise from UK on 29th Jun 2010
Absolute rubbish Constantly turns itself off and on again internet hardly ever loads starts vibrating constantly for at least a minute for absolutely no reason, no incoming calls or texts pointless touchscreen as well

Reviewed by Rossiunleashed from India on 19th Jun 2010
What a poor phone by SE!!!Please don't buy this.Constantly keeps crashing the only thing good about this phone is it's camera apart from that it's absolutely rubbish.

Reviewed by Thea Kakouli from Cyprus on 17th Jun 2010
Great mobile and all, One thing bothers me, I got this one so I can listen to, and watch my favourite pod-casts and it is prefect for that.But when the blue-tooth is not charged it is useless. It works as any cheap $50 phone used only for calls. Not to mention that 3 days after I bought it the blue-tooth wouldn't charge or turn on Finding out that it wasn't included in the guarantee of the shop I got it from since it excludes everything except the actual phone device wasn't pleasant. My suggestion to the Sony Ericsson team, the phone is great and the fancy blue-tooth that can do a million and one things is too, but give us a choice, a jack output on the device would solve a lot of problems

Reviewed by DAMO from AUSTRALIA on 2nd Jun 2010
I have had this phone for 2 months and I must say I am a little disappointed with so I give it 3 stars.

Reviewed by ^^ from somewhere on 2nd Jun 2010
Aino? I don't know lol too expensive for a semi-touch screen phone but the camera is nice

Reviewed by Loobyloo from UK on 1st May 2010
I purchased the Aino as I have previously loved sony ericsson phones and like the loud volume for music. I have to say seriously disappointed with this model, the battery being the primary cause, maximum life is between 6-7hrs, seems then pointless having all the multimedia functions when you cannot use them whilst out and about for fear of losing battery life. The overall volume on this model is also poor in comparison to other sony phones. The camera is average in daylight but again poor quality pics after dark. Facebook and You tube are wasted on this phone as it takes so long to load, refresh, and I haven't yet been able to load a video on you tube, end up giving up with frustration! The phone has now started turning itself off for no apparent reason. Not happy with the overall performance especially as it cost me 300, Sony should really do a recall and sort out all the basics!

Reviewed by Adiel Dalwai from South Africa on 29th Apr 2010
I purchased a Sony Ericsson Aino a few days ago but i have to charge my battery every single day. Is there perhaps a setting i need to change to improve my battery life?

Reviewed by nofeeling from malaysia on 24th Apr 2010

Reviewed by Michael Salib from Egypt on 13th Apr 2010
i got my hand on the Aino week ago after the k750 & k810...i have read allll the comments worte down here which honestly made really not sure at all about but i got it and I DoN'T REGRET IT at all & i was shocked by the ppl who wrote these things about it why i'll tell u(this is just 4 clearing things up 4 the ppl who wanna buy it .. 1st thing: the touch screen senstivity: i put ma hand on the omnia HD & nokia(iphone killer :S)...comparing 2 these phones it's much much better almost it's like the iphone...if the Aino was 3.5 inch it would just like the iphone & it's not tempting like ppl commented 2nd thing: the touch screen limitation: answering & ending calls + media + browsing full screen touch(after installing Opera 5) are all by touch...only the messaging and menu navigating are by keypads...seriously is that an annoying limitation?! it fits perfect for persons wanna type a msg while driving for example. 3rd: the hardware....yest...i sync it & moved 5GB media while i was browsing the net and modifying the settings and it didn't freeze 4 a sec. & that also btw after updating its software which means it works perfectly.[4th]: the acessories....the aino simply come with AMAZING ACESSORIES....for ppl who said the Aino just missing 3.5mm output!! the aino come with a wirless stereo streaming BT headset WITH 3.5MM OUTPUT jack.. last thing honestly don't expect much from da camera...it's a media phone. The Aino is simply one of the best phones in market right now

Reviewed by hiralgangar@yahoo.com from india on 12th Mar 2010
it is a good phone,but its battery is very poor and does not last even a single day .it is a very serious problem.it even hang sometime,when we use slider.i have been using this mobile since a month.the worst thing about this phone is the touch is not at all good.it should be smooth but it isnt.when we lock this phone,it automatically gets unlocked because of very soft button of lock which shouldnt be.this disturbs me when i m out in the college.the music automatically starts because of soft lock button.it all happens when i keep my phone inside my jeans pocket.this is a serious concern .i hope this problem gets quickly dealt off.

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 24th Feb 2010
I've had this phone for a few weeks and will be returning it. There is so much potential there, with the touch screen and keypad, and I'm a big fan of SE. But I just can't get over the appalling planning and design that have gone into the device. The touch screen only working in certain modes is ridiculous! Also there seem to be three or four different ways to access, for example, your photos - and each of these gives you different options of what you can do with them. It's really annoying having to work out which method you need to use to do what you want. The omission of SE standard features such as Photo DJ, Video DJ and Bluetooth remote is a puzzle. Plus points would be the camera (although surprisingly few features/settings - it seems to be "dumbed down" from previous SE camera phones), the large screen (great for viewing media, messages etc), the "Conversations" message feature that allows to to view sent/received messages together for a contact, GPS seems to work well with Google Maps. I've not really used the music player so can't comment on that. It's basically a standard SE phone, with a load of nice things taken out and a few nice things added in. I will never get over the stupidity of only allowing the touch screen to work in special media viewing mode! It works with Opera Mini web browser, so why they couldn't just make it work for scrolling messages etc I've no idea.

Reviewed by Dean Brown from England on 22nd Feb 2010
Well there seem to be good aino's and bad aino's and mine is definitely of the latter. I originally purchased the phone primarily for its advanced media applications. The touch screen is temperamental and requires more than just a 'touch' and now the volume control on the headphones has packed up, and with no jack point has rendered this phone nearly useless. To date customer support has simply been non-existent. My advice to all is be very wary of purchasing this phone

Reviewed by Dontbuyaino from Norway on 18th Feb 2010
I bought the aino, I shouldnt. The touchscreen had problems, and after getting the sowftwareupdate in January the touchscreen stopped working entirely. Contacted SonyEricsson, they told me the hadnt heard of the problem. Well, was this true? SonyEricssons primary service center told me that the entire first shipment of Ainos was frought with touchscreen problems, and that they were swamped with Ainos. SWAMPED.. And SonyEricsson doesnt know about this issue? My phone has been in to the service center for about a Month now. Aino would have been a good phone for me, if it had WORKED. But when you get problems on the SonyEricsson products your absolutely lost. They dont admit the problems, they give poor customer care. Look at the problem here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OnhVmRkzAg Buy something else ;)..

Reviewed by emmanuel from india on 15th Feb 2010
ya ainos feature is better than samsung tocco ultra,its touch is great feelings like i-phone

Reviewed by oleg from russia on 15th Feb 2010
The device good combinations of the price and functions.

Reviewed by Abhinav from India on 8th Feb 2010
After reading about software troubles in UK market i waited for Aino with update and as having excellent experience with W810i and w550i i always prefer sony ericssson n found out aino excellent n fun i've been using since 2 months n stretched to every limit a lot of media both audio, video n movies actually m having so much load that looking for 16gb card purchase complete touch screen opera mini browsing qwerty works good here unlimited video browsing on youtube onscreen facebook update 8.1 MP good but lacks xenon flash video recording is superb n it has got sleek n glossy look n deskstand charger n MH100 are enough to rate it aces

Reviewed by Danny from England on 5th Feb 2010
This phone looks good and the screen is big but that's about all that is good about the aino, with everything else there is problems. It's ultra slow alot of the time, it crashes and shuts down it's self. The touchscreen is an absolute joke. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It plays music an videos on it's own whilst in your pocket even if you put it on lock. The camera is terrible it only works in broad daylight. Even though it has a flash you cannot see anything when taking pictures in the dark unless you stand about half a metre away from the lense otherwise the picture comes out pitch black. I would say this phone is terrible and definitely not worth the money. You can get better woking phones than this for 100 quid when this is like 400 quid. I have this on contract and paying alot for this phone but cannot wait to get rid of it for a better model. Stay away from the aino bad choice go for the w995 or any other phone really. Poor excuse of a phone sony i'd be ashamed. There's always someting wrong with it.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 2nd Feb 2010
Got this phone a week ago. Like all mobiles it has it's niggles, the touchscreen isn't the most accurate, but I'm hoping a future software update will fix that, and the keypad does feel a bit cheap, but it's by no means unusable. However as a media phone I am very chuffed with it, it syncs and streams media over my network via Windows Media Player 11 (no need to bother with the Media Go software), plays all audio media I can chuck at it (inc WMA DRM) and the sound quality is excellent. If you want to touchscreen surf the web, just install Opera Mini and you can do it that way. A particularly nice touch is that if you sync a WMP playlist onto the phone, the playlist itself is copied over too and listed in the phone's playlist menu. An IPhone it certainly is not, but if you're after a good walkman phone and you fancy having a bit of fun with a touchscreen with a keypad as a backup, this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by matt corns from holland on 2nd Feb 2010
i've had my phone 1 month and i love it. it does all it clames too. the headset is cool the earphones fit super tight, which keeps out other sounds, super for watching films on, and you get a load of free films to download. i had a glofiish x650 before, and the aino is a breath of fresh air. setting up the phones internet was simple unlike other phones. sony ericsson can be proud of this little baby.

Reviewed by ben from usa on 1st Feb 2010
great but key pad is useless

Reviewed by xlainiex from scotland on 1st Feb 2010
i love sony ericsson phones and thought this phone was going to be amazing......wrong. worst phone i have ever used. it really shouldnt be called a touchscreen phone because the only time you used the touchscreen is to take photos look at photos or music etc - the media side of things basically. i obviously didnt read about the phone properly before ordering it but it was never clear where i read - it went back the day after i received it. i agree with all the negative reviews below. no point in repeating everything.

Reviewed by giorgi from UK on 24th Jan 2010
not to bad

Reviewed by Kelli from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
When I first got this phone I was quite impressed as it looks lovely and I had never owned a touch screen before. I bought it to replace my old sony ericsson which i loved so much, but I have been very disapointed with the aino, so much so that I am looking into replacing it with a more basic handset. The internet is slow and doesnt even connect half the time, the facebook app takes aaaages to update to the point where I gave up on it completely. I dont see why it has youtube loaded onto it, as no matter how many times I try, I cant get it to play a video :S so this seems totally pointless and a complete letdown. Texting is impossible and so frustrating, I am quite fast at texting normally, but now it takes me three times longer, the buttons are too close to the bottom edge of the phone so my finger keeps slipping off the edge. To add to all of this it keeps randomly turning itself off (even after updating the software) and it takes forever to send messages. The touchscreen can only be used for multimedia, which is disapointing as I would like to have the option to use the touchscreen for other features. The only thing that I really liked about this phone is the way that text conversations are displayed in bubbles so that you can see what has previously been said (as I often forget). I have actually been using my old sony ericsson instead because I was on the verge of smashing this phone, I wouldnt recommend that anyone buy this! Save your money!

Reviewed by jack smalley from UK on 20th Jan 2010
its a gd phone but needs a bit of boost in the music player not gd for music if your a kind of person who loves the music do not get this phone if your thekind who likkes great cramara then get if but over all its a very gd phone i like touch but it dnt really give as much touch it more of a button phone but abit of touch to but still great phone i do like it and also .

Reviewed by Meecah from UK on 15th Jan 2010
phone aint as great as advertised...poor performance and sad cam the shake control works only if shaken vigorously

Reviewed by eric from england on 12th Jan 2010
my 5th se in a row and best by far everythung it does it does well.great headset and docking station.only let down is fiddly keypad

Reviewed by Hazelnuts from england on 7th Jan 2010
plus points clear screen great camera and video easy to use fast access to facebook easy access to internet negatives really really awful keypad - so much so i'm swapping it for a different phone as i can't get on with it hangs on the facebook app and doesn't update your friends statuses after about 6pm unless you turn it off and on doesn't tell you who has texted you - just get an envelope to say you have a text couldn't find any free games - seem to have to buy them for 5

Reviewed by ananthu from india on 7th Jan 2010
its simply super.......................

Reviewed by Mandy from UK on 14th Dec 2009
No way is this worth the 370+ I paid for it. I did lots of research and bought it mainly for the camera as I loved my old Sony Ericsson Cybershot, but all my photos come out blurred, too dark or odd hues. It's top heavy and I have to text with my thumb nail and need other hand to balance it. The touch screen is temperamental and I often fight to turn the alarm to snooze by tapping the red bar on the touchscreen. Also difficult to end calls or flip photos to/from landscape using the touch screen. Agreed the predictive text is often irritating nonsense. Too many more gripes to list right now, but not recommended. I love the weight and look (mine is white), but that's where it ends. Hoping to get my money back or sell it.

Reviewed by Niiru from Malaysia... on 9th Dec 2009
Well...i would say itz an awesome phone with a poor camera... i was expecting the camera to be 8.1 mega pixels as it is...but it worse than my 3.2 mega pixels sony cybershot old camera... great DISAPOINTMENT....

Reviewed by aino don't trust from uk on 5th Dec 2009
i bought this like 1 week ago and within 2 days the keypad broke then got it fixed but the screen broke. GOING BACK TO GET IT REPLACED GOING TO GET N97

Reviewed by toby from wales on 5th Dec 2009
lovely fone no probs with it apart from wont load youtube got it on o2 any one help me on this cheers

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 25th Nov 2009
I have had this phone for over a month now - when I initially got it I was expecting it to be more like the samsung tocco ultra with full touchscreen and an optional slide... so was slightly disappointed that you barely use the touchscreen. (I guess I didn't read the description thoroughly enough) To be perfectly honest I am considering selling it and buying something else - I am finding it incredibly slow at loading up everything from messages to contacts. It freezes too which is annoying. It also takes so long to save a photo it's ridiculous! ... plus that if you or the subject moves even slightly it comes out blurry... for an 8MP camera it's not terribly impressive (I've seen better cameras on phones that are only 5MP) oh and if you use the flash the colour comes out totally weird. I also think that due to the lack of any buttons on the front the slide is quite big, making the phone a bit difficult to text on - I find I need both hands (which when you have a kid isn't always possible) I do like the fact that it stores messages in a type of conversation form so that they are displayed as speech bubbles and you can reply to someone whilst still having their message up (excellent if like me you forget what they had asked) and it's good for calls - took me a while to work out that I could answer them without actually sliding the phone open. It's a nice looking phone, but I'm guessing I was expecting more from it and have been disappointed. I bought it mainly for the camera and it is definitely lacking features that other brands have - considering it's new to the market you think you would be able to at least rotate your photos after, or use features such as smile recognition. I think if you want a phone to use for calls and texts then it's fine but for other things I think there are better options on the market.

Reviewed by Phoner Today from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
I recently brought this phone and as soon as i felt it i thought it felt a bit odd and peculiar it is similar to the lg kf700 with a 3 inch screen and seperate keypad plus i wish it would support up to 32gb memory because i enjoy my music but this phone is a mediocre but i must admit i have owned worse still a dissapointment to me though

Reviewed by ????????? from ??????? on 15th Nov 2009
love it

Reviewed by Ant from Balloch, Scotland on 12th Nov 2009
Got the Aino on Monday and I'm really pleased with it. Had thought about the Satio, but having experienced a full touch screen phone in the past (Samsung Pixon) and detested everything about it, I thought I would go for the partial touch screen option. I've been a big Sony Ericsson fan since the K800i and I think the Aino is one of the best of the breed so far. Brilliant functionality, quality camera, and a very polished user interface as you'd expect from a Sony Ericsson. I use Opera Mini to surf the web on my phone and it works with the touch screen which is pretty good. On the downside, the 3 inch screen when slid upwards to reveal the key pad does make the phone feel a little top heavy in your hand, but I soon got used to it. Overall, a great phone (and I'm loving the Remote Play feature for my PS3 too).

Reviewed by Ryan from Bury , UK on 3rd Nov 2009
And to think i nearly swapped my iphone 3gs for this rubbish.....this phone is clearly designed by an idiot , the text keys are too close together and the lip of the screen make pressing the upper keys so difficult , anything over 2gb stored and the phone slows dramatically , the touchscreen is abysmal , predictive text has been revamped and the words it comes up with are never even heard of , cool applications like Voice Transform have been deleted and you can no longer have text messages just pop up its now part of the activity menu/shortcut menu that cannot be turned off so when you get a text you also get about 30 other options too its a Sony Ericsson mistake thats recognised by themselves but not been dealt with. Videos are played back in small sizing and its not actually a loud phone..........pants really.

Reviewed by Nick from England on 1st Nov 2009
I had a play on this in phones 4 u but then decided to buy the tocco ultra Its just better for the money i have had it 6 months and it is still brilliant Buy the tocco ultra you wont regret it

Reviewed by ANUJ from UK on 22nd Oct 2009

Reviewed by Arak from Cyprus on 20th Oct 2009
its great phone with rich features, and the slide mechanism is just fantastic with great look , the camera is just fine and the functions are just standard se . overall great phone to pourchase

Reviewed by Vladimir from Uzbekistan on 20th Oct 2009
Good phone, but can't help snigger at the name. 'Aino' sounds like something else. hehe.

Reviewed by Mike from Germany on 19th Oct 2009
Aino has all the features that you find in W995, additionally it has touch screen, screen size is bigger with better resolution compared to W995. It has really cool bluetooth headset which is much easier for listening to music. its 8 MP camera can do more than what W995 can do.. so just go for it..

Reviewed by venkat from india on 19th Oct 2009
i just got this amazing phone..awesome sound quality..i love this phone....

Reviewed by vivek from india on 12th Oct 2009
i actually thought that the sony ericsson aino would be a super hit in the mobile world but my hopes were put into fire when i saw the reviw videos etc about the phone.the phone has a limited touch screen function in the sense the touch screen works only for media player only again we have to use keypad for normal use and the touch screen is poor in functioning it is not fast.lastly i got to say that i s not worth buying this phone instead of this u can opt for nokia n97 mini

Reviewed by Sunrise from Romania on 10th Oct 2009
I love it! For me, it is perfect.

Reviewed by fabrizio from united kingdom on 6th Oct 2009
The Aino is just out on the market, its look is defenetly good, not too heavy and the slide-out keypad it's small but the bottons are clearly separate and seems nice on touch.It defenetly a good option for people who text a lot.The screen is 3" so quite big for this kind of mobil phone and it looks clear on vision.At a first impresion Sony Ericson seems it finally is back with a top mobil....and its big brother Satio will be soon available!

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