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Sony BDP-S1100 review

 Review: March 2013  

Last updated November 2013

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: This entry-level player in Sony's 2013 Blu-Ray range has a premium, stylish design, and is highly recommended.

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Design & looks

The BDP-S1100 may be the entry-level offering in Sony's Blu-Ray player range for 2013, but that doesn't stop it having pretensions to be a design icon. The wedge-shaped box won't necessarily be to everyone's taste, but it certainly can't be accused of being boring!


While the entry-level Blu-Ray players from LG and Panasonic support 3D playback, the Sony handles 2D disks only. It does, however, support playback of DVDs and it will upscale DVDs to 1080p HD. It also plays audio CDs.

The player supports the 16 bit deep colour standard and also Sony's new Triluminos LED backlighting system, so you should choose a Sony Triluminos Blu-Ray player if you plan to buy one of Sony's new Triluminos TVs in the future.

BD-Live 2.0 enables you to download additional content via an internet connection.

Sony Entertainment Network

The Sony Entertainment Network gives you internet access to online movies, catch-up TV, music and YouTube videos.


The player connects to a HD Ready TV via HDMI and there's a coaxial audio output for connecting to an external speaker system.

A USB port lets you plug in a USB drive and access music, photos or videos on your TV. DLNA access to PCs isn't supported, however.

For internet access, you must use the ethernet cable, as there is no built-in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi option.


The price of the Sony BDP-S1100 has fallen since launch to a rock bottom £50, and at that price it probably offers more for your money than any other player on the market. The designer looks of the device are an added bonus, and it stands out as a top choice among entry-level models.

Sony BDP-S1100 features include:

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Sony BDP-S1100 user reviews

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Average rating from 5 reviews:

Reviewed by BD from UK on 6th Mar 2014
What do YOU expect for £50.00???? or the money it is excellent value for money. it is stylish, sounds good and gives a better then average picture. a good boy!!,

Reviewed by Bjarne from Faroe Islands on 4th Mar 2014
very bad, almost not worth writhing about. even trying to play
dvds with another region than the player is sold for fail.
internet connecting, but not even youtube showing up. even
unable to do internet video update. best used as a Paperweight
on the desk :-( bad buy.

Reviewed by Olga from The united Kingdom on 1st Dec 2013
In general this is a very good little player with amazing picture quality and it is very easy to use,lots of apps available( you need to connect it to the internet which is quite easy to do). The main disadvantage that although it is advertised BBC iPlayer amongst other applications-this does not work after firmware update and currently there is no way to fix it.

Reviewed by James Kane from UK on 12th Sep 2013
I purchased this product today and was very pleasantly surprised. As well as being a Blu-Ray DVD player it also doubles as a Media player too. I plugged in my external Hard Drive and can play all my AVI & MP4 movies straight from my External Hard-Drive. An absolute steal at £55 from Sainsburys. A definite Recommend.

Reviewed by jesus cabrera from mexico on 19th Jun 2013
for my personal taste I prefer a samsung because I have the sony bdp-s1100 and samsung and samsung has much better quality imajen addition to movies that look with black bars above and samsung eliminates down without removing the imajen definition and sony not. [Editor's note: translated from Spanish by Google Translate]

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