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Sky review

 Review: January 2013  

Last updated August 2016

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: Sky TV is a monthly subscription-based service. It delivers premium content, unmatched ease-of-use, and more bonus features than a Blu-Ray boxed set. Sky also provides home phone and broadband bundles.

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Sky box and connections

To access Sky TV you'll need a Sky box and a satellite dish. Both of these are supplied and installed by Sky, so you don't need any technical expertise to get this set up. The Sky engineer will fix the satellite dish in a suitable position on your property, and will get the Sky box connected to your TV. You should get a good signal from any location in the UK.

You'll need to ensure that there's a spare power socket to plug in the box, a phone line too, and an ethernet cable if you want to make use of the Sky box's internet-based features (more of that below).

The Sky boxes are very easy to use. We'd say that of all the different satellite TV boxes available, Sky is the easiest to use, thanks to its simple, well-designed menus and remote control.

The Sky Q Multiscreen option lets you install additional boxes in different rooms of your house, so you can watch on more than one TV.


All Sky boxes now include Sky+, which is Sky's name for it's built-in video recording feature. This lets you pause, rewind and record live TV. You can record two channels at once even while watching a recording, or watch one channel live while recording another.

Sky+ is just as easy to use as the normal Sky menu. For example, you can simply use the Series Link option to record an entire series.

Sky+ boxes are available with a range of hard disk capacities - up to a massive 2TB (2,000GB) or 185 hours of HD recording. Costs vary according to your monthly subscription option.

Sky Q

The Sky Q box comes in a choice of 1TB or 2TB storage, can record up to 4 channels simultaneously, and is UHD-ready. It comes with a special Sky Q touch remote and uses dual-band wireless Wi-Fi for fast streaming.

Sky channels

Your monthly subscription depends on which package of channels you choose. The Oirginal Bundle includes over 30 channels, such as Sky Atlantic, Sky1, and FOX. You also get Catch-up TV, Sky+ and Sky Go. Other options include the Variety Bundle, Box Sets Bundle, Cinema Bundle and Sports Bundle.

Monthly costs vary considerably depending on which option you choose.

On demand TV

Connect your Sky box to a broadband router via an ethernet cable or an optional Wi-Fi connector, and you can download and watch shows from up to 60 channels.

Sky's On Demand service is included in the cost of the basic package and gives you access to the past week's Sky shows plus BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and Demand 5. There are also series "box sets" of popular shows from the TV Library. Sky Movies 1 & 2 subscribers can also select from a library of hundreds of movies.

In addition, premium movies can be rented through the On Demand service.

Sky apps

The Sky+ app is available for smartphones and tablets and lets you control your Sky+ box remotely. You can see what's on, set recordings and manage your box on the move.

In addition, Sky Go lets you watch your Sky TV channels at no extra cost on your iPad, iPhone, laptop, Xbox 360 and some Android smartphones.

Broadband & phone

Sky is also a provider of home broadband and phone services, and you can choose to bundle these into your Sky package if you want.

Conclusion - the ultimate TV package, but expensive

We love Sky, and so do more than 10 million customers. The key benefits of the Sky package are:

But there's a price to pay. Literally. Sky can be expensive, especially if you choose all the bells and whistles. And you have to put a satellite dish on your roof, which not everyone's happy about.

However, if you can afford it, we think it's the best. And it keeps getting better - those Sky guys definitely aren't resting on their laurels.

Sky features include:

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Venera from GB on 26th Nov 2017
It is the worstttttttttt service I have ever had. The internet sucks, the servicemen screwed up my wires very badly and costumer service made me wait 1.5 hours just to hang up on me and not call me back. The instant messenger service is useless- waited two days for response and then got told to talk to phone reps!

Reviewed by Mark Donachy from UK on 30th Oct 2017
For a communication company SKY are dreadfull.After a month of trying to get technical problems resolved I am no further forward.
I have found it impossible to talk to the same person twice - every time entails starting again from the beginning -
Incompetence is rife. I feel sympathy for those who have to work on the frontline for SKY, they are given a line to follow and it’s not their fault.
I have spent a great deal of time listening to the usual ‘blandishments’.I got no where on this  hideous machine. I’ve found it lmpossible to leave
these comments on any Company site - wherever SKY pop up it is usually bad news for them. Surely they must know the extent of the terrible oplnions expressed, one can only assume they are happy with their ‘bottom line’ and don’t have to bother.

Reviewed by Carmel Deakin from United kingdom on 26th Oct 2017
Dreadful, absolutely dreadful, customer service.
I wish there was a MINUS STARS option.

Reviewed by Lee from England on 17th Sep 2017
Total rip off
Get about 20 2 star box sets
And they blame people for using kadi

Reviewed by Dominic tidmarsh from Wales , UK on 11th Jul 2017
I have been using the 'My SKY ' app, which to start off with was a very good service! I upgraded to sky sports using the sky messaging service which was a breeze. Now trying to cancel my subscription- I'm on day 11 of trying to talk to somebody. My messages say they have been read but no response for hours on end- when I do get a response I'm passed from Yusuf to Arraf who convieniently are coming to the end of their shifts and being passed on to another random employee ..... terrible company . I'm ringing to end my relationship with this pile of faeces!

Reviewed by Alan from GB on 24th Apr 2017
Steer clear if you can. The subscription is pricey and their service is awful.
From programs that don't record to On Demand programs that don't work (I once had a situation where an On Demand program looped through the first 10-odd minutes of the show for the entire 40 minutes! Sky's solution: watch it on your laptop through Sky Go. Nice).
Even some of the On Demand programs (that you pay extra for, by the way) have adverts in them.
Not what I'd call a customer focused company or product.
Buyer beware. You have been warned.

Reviewed by pete brady from uk on 6th Apr 2017
I rented an apartment 8 years ago I got sky, my housemate and I paid up and on full, 7 years ago I bought my own place, I told sky that I was leaving and wanted to shut my account down but that my housemate would be happy to keep sky. I was told that was ok, and now 7 years later Im getting some debt collecting company based in Scotland sending letters to my new address saying I owe money relating to the old address, sent them the one document they asked for relating to my new house. Told them Skys phone records would confirm my assertion, just getting generic emails from the debt agency, one after another, bullyboy tactics and refuse to engage in solving the problem or understanding the issues, Ive asked them for the documents they want,they refuse to say and just keep sending the same drivel generic message back they keep claiming Im still the contract holder despite them being informed I was leaving years ago and me shutting down my direct debit, all this for £66.15 for services I know nothing about. I always pay what I owe on time but am I paying a penny for something nothing to do with me and because Sky didnt shut my contract as requested 7 years ago. Stay away, money grabbers whose customer services cannot be trusted to do their job.

Reviewed by A Ahmed from UK on 26th Jan 2017
In spite of Sky TV making a profit of over £10m every year they still try and cheat their customers by billing them twice for Sky Box Office (for movies)over and over again.

Sky should give a two year rebate of 100% of the bills of customers they have tried to cheat by billing them twice.

Reviewed by Sukh Bal from UK on 9th Jan 2017
I’d like to make you aware that I have started to live blog my sky chats to show the world what I’ve had to put up with. Details of how to find the blog will be put here soon.

I’ve had sky broadband problems for the last 20 weeks and counting and sky just keep prolonging it. sky claims to go above and beyond to satisfy customers but in my case that doesn’t seem like it includes me.

I was speaking to Ashley the so called sky expert this morning who refused to log the poor customer service as a complaint and went on to say that what I consider a complaint is not something that sky consider to be a complaint.

Reviewed by Matt from United Kingdom on 25th Dec 2016
Where do I begin? Let's start from the very beginning, when I was still with Virgin Media.

Back in November of 2016, I moved home and I was hoping to bring Virgin Media with me. Unfortunately, Virgin Media were unable to reach my location. As much as I was saddened by this, I was left with a choice; to have Internet and media services or not, so I chose Sky. While in the process of speaking with a salesman, I was told that I would only pay a £10.00 fee and I would not have to pay any installation fee. So, I selected the movie package, with documentaries, and any multi room service, as well as Internet and phone line. My incentive gift was any television, as I selected the multi room service. Half an hour after speaking with the salesman, I received a phone call and was told that £89.00 was taken from my bank account from Sky and it would be reimbursed immediately. Unfortunately, I had to wait five to six days for the money to be placed back into my bank account and by then, I received bank charges. I spoke to a customer service member of Sky, and I was told that my charges would not be considered but, they will give me and a £10.00 gift voucher for Tesco.

Moving forward to installation day. I received a phone call a Sky engineer and I was informed that the Sky dish was unable to reach both rooms of my property. This disabled me of having the multi room service, rendering my incentive gift useless. I contacted Sky again and informed them of this, I requested to change my incentive gift. Due to the circumstances, I thought Sky would of been a little more forthcoming but I was wrong. Apparently, Sky take no responsibility at all.

Moving on to my second months bill. My Sky bill should be approximately £77.00 per month and on my second month, my bill was over £93.00. Again, I called Sky and asked why my bill was so high and their response was "the second month is usually higher. Was you not informed of this?" No, I was not. I asked if Sky could reduce my bill slightly due to the constant mishaps from Sky and I was told no.

If I can give anyone any advice, please do not use Sky. Their customer service is terrible, their prices are ridiculous and they are absolutely unwilling to help their customers. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, Sky give incentives to encourage new customers. Clearly, their services are not good enough, so we have to be enticed with gifts. Just for the record, I was unaware of the incentive scheme, I literally used Sky as Virgin Media could not reach my location.

Leave Sky and go with Virgin Media. You will not regret it.

Reviewed by a viewer from england on 24th Dec 2016
I see sky has put the same old films on this chrismas all romcom dramar and kids films do the kids pay the bill i think not . Why dont sky sack the person resonseble for the rubbish that is on and once put on some good films i expect 2017 we will have to put up with more harry potter or star wars whats the matter sky run out of films or do you like flogging a dead horse what a con sort it out and stop playing same old same old.

Reviewed by sean campbell from ireland on 28th Oct 2016
Technical fault all night with channel waste of money.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 5th Aug 2016
I have been with sky for a no of yrs.. They are definitely not worth the money. I just have offers from them to keep the prices down. But if those offers didn't exist, I wouldn't touch them.
My father inlaw has been with them since the start and he's 86 yrs old. All he wants is sky sports. But he has to pay for the sky package anyway, its a complete rip-off.

Reviewed by Fahad from Uk on 23rd Jun 2016
I had sky Hd and It was perfect!!! Since upgrading to the new sky q everytime it rains even a little shower i loose signal!!!! There engineer has come out and supposedely changed something on the dish and should have fixed it but no!!! It still the same its so annoying and i advise do not upgrade to the sky q!!! Never had this issue with sky hd box never even if it was thunder storms whatever ther weather!!!! A very unhappy customer!!!

Reviewed by Jayne from UK on 20th Jun 2016
Just left sky after 10 year's, sick of their constant price rises, also the fact that if you need to replace sky box, router etc, they will charge you.
We still had the original sky + box and router, (10 year's old) both were giving problems, kept having to switch box on and off to try and reset it, took over half an hour to come back on.
For the last year I have been telephoning sky... only to be told I would have to pay (even though my bill was 82 a month, Have also cancelled HD etc.. to try to get the bill down.
So two weeks ago we cancelled...and guess what!...today I get a letter telling me that I can get my existing package at half price for 12 months if I decide to stay... so, out of curiosity (and annoyance) I decide to call the number...where I was also offered a new sky box and router..........I didn't take their offer as we are going elsewhere......but why couldn't sky do this last year and show some loyalty to it's existing customers.

Reviewed by Debra joice from United Kingdom on 15th Jun 2016
Sky is nothing but liars making promises then don't but still steal your money I only went back to them because they made all these promises don't trust them so I've cancelled with them going elsewhere as they gave me false/wrong info and told lies to me over the phone SKY should be fined for what they doing to customers what horrible customer service bunch of liars.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 1st May 2016
Terrible service, I have to wait nearly 2 weeks for an engineer to replace my Sky TV box as faulty after only 2 months of use. I would love to cancel but they will not let me.

I will in 8 months time. Sky TV not worth the money.

Reviewed by Magda from Engand on 17th Mar 2016
Im new customer but i will quit as soon as my contract will finish.
I'm so disappointed with Sky.
Terrible customer service. Don't expect you will get any help from them.

Reviewed by Mike hunt from England on 4th Mar 2016
Just left sky after 12 years wen i first joined sky i was payin 30 4 everythin now am payin 80 4 sports pakage and broadband wat a rip off it is they put the prices up every other week can never get through to them wen u do no one nos anythin u just get passed about which is costin u a fortune i think sky have lost there way and dont care about the customer just about ripping people off going to look at another provider get a better deal wud never ever recommend sky to anyone.

Reviewed by D Barrett from Uk on 18th Feb 2016
Tried to take advantage of the half price 12 month offer on box sets/50 HD channels. They took the full normal 6, and when I rang them to sort it out, they were actually incapable of making the correction. I am now waiting for a call from a manager. Wasted about 2 .5 hours of my life getting nowhere on the phone, so far. Sky are expensive and frankly useless. Frankly, the original offer as advertised, is starting to look more and more like a scam.

Reviewed by Darren from Brent on 28th Dec 2015
I'm absolutely pleased with my service with sky I've been with them since mid-November and had no issues The only ones I've had were faultts with my sky dish but that was due to bad weather I had an excellent offer where I could get sky TV for 10 a month on the original bundle but I decided to go one step further and get the variety pack for 20 Best of all I got a free 32 inch LG TV fantastic stuff I don't know why people are moaning and groaning about the service you get what you pay for if you don't like them leave I hope sometime in the future with my subscription I get great deals but will see how it goes from there.

Reviewed by Leo from england on 11th Dec 2015
I would never choose sky again, no customer service skills and not helpful.

Reviewed by Nicola from England on 1st Sep 2015
Sky is the worst company to go with! They mug you off and customer services are useless! Definitely won't be staying with them.

Reviewed by Kerrie from England on 24th Aug 2015
Terrible terrible do not sign up nightmare service terrible customer support would expect much more from a big company very very disappointed try to con customers beware and check your bills regularly for hidden charges. You have been warned.

Reviewed by Tihomir from London on 13th Jul 2015
This is my second time I decide to give SKY Broadband a chance after moving address. Strength of network is extremely weak and eve a glass door would block the signal entering the next room. Customer service extremely unreliable. Spent over 45 min on the phone being transferred from one to another department as no one could track where my Sky Booster is. Waste of time, money and nerves. Would not recommend their services to anyone!

Reviewed by Andrew from U.K on 13th Jul 2015
Poor service. Long waiting on hold for over twenty minutes and then was put on hold again for half hour!
Rubbish service!

Reviewed by Stephen Dobson from UK on 6th Jul 2015
dreadful company to deal with. Shocking customer services. Call centre staff either can,t or won,t help resolve a simple issue.

Avoid this company like the plague.

Reviewed by Jp from Uk on 1st Jul 2015
Just found out when u cancel sky they stop access to sky store because it goes on next months bill. Due to them cancelling your DDebit they cannot collect therefore they stop your access to any purchases. 12 years been with them ......

Reviewed by Gillian from England on 16th Jun 2015
What a waste of money and time is sky tv, i have been trying to get onto the live chat for about 6 hours, absolutely rubbish, we have no signal, tried phoning, all i got is, there is a long waiting list to speak to an operator please hold. If you are reading the reviews and thinking about joining DO NOT. Why bother having the services if no-one is there to reply to your problem.

Reviewed by Amanda from Uk on 28th May 2015
Sky viewing card was replaced with one that did not work. Called to speak to an advisor who was rude throughout the call avoiding questions instead giving me sales pitches. Eventually I was told I would be transferred but was hung up on. Appalling customer service.

Reviewed by Lynda from Uk on 11th May 2015
Getting sky was the worst decision i made in life! I have not had any tv service for 6months and i have called customer serive over and over yet nothing has been done. GUESS WHAT THOUGH!!!!! THEY HAVE NEVER FAILED TO CUT OFF THE BILL EVERY MONTH EVEN THO I HAVE LOGGED A COMPLAINT!! God forbid me deal with criminals again in my life.

Reviewed by John from Scotland on 4th May 2015
Very poor service. Need to switch tv off at mains about 4 times per day to re boot system and obtain signal. Regularly can't receive certain channels. Lottery whether programmes set to be recorded will be. Would switch to Virgin, but not available in my area.

Reviewed by Tracey from York North yorkshire on 5th Mar 2015
I honestly don't have any issues with sky. I've been a customer since 2009. Customer service have been polite n helpful to me always. They've always offered me new deals on my TV package. I just don't understand how peeps have had bad experiences with them. So far so good for my experience. Outstanding!!

Reviewed by David W from UK on 9th Jan 2015
Lousy service
Our aerial was fixed in July, cost 65 and now Januray it needs doing again. We have to wait 10 days for an engineer-
That;'s not service- that's taking customers for granted

Reviewed by lee from uk on 13th Nov 2014
Decline in service within the last 6 months, generally movie
listings which you pay for anyway then pay again if its newer.
Not recommended

Reply by Maria from Great Britain on 16th Nov 2014
after being with sky for many years , how disappointing there after Service Is because my premiums keep increasing I have now decided to use another provider They are charging me a full months premium but have decided to cut the service to my home half way through the month ,how spiteful is that to charge you for a service they are not providing They just try to make it difficult for you to leave , but that makes you more determined not to use sky products

Reviewed by simon from uk on 8th Sep 2014
really bad customer service..no complaints number..and staff wont give/ or transfer to the complaints department they miss sell land line products and refuse to deal with it till you scream at them..this is the worse company I ever being with...will be leaving soon as

Reviewed by BA from UK on 15th Aug 2014
Absolutely clueless technical service, the company itself operates a very poor CRM system which lacks coordination across the various offerings.
I reported an issue with my broadband service - rather than resolve the issue, they kept referring to a non existent provisioning order on my account. They pass the problem to everyone including BT because they are clueless.
They offer multiple services under a single account, but you are better off engaging different companies for your TV, Phone and Broadband - cos that's exactly what you are getting with SKY - different companies disguised as one.

The next time they offer you half price for 6-months to renew your contract, just remember you are paying for it in poor customer service and poor technical support.

Reviewed by J. Downing from UK on 18th Jul 2014
I have been a customer of Sky for over 13 years, during that time I took on the whole package, and i mean all the bells and whistles. A lean time came this year and I had to cut my cloth to suit. I took the basic TV, broadband and telephone. I have two sky digital boxes and cards were mixed. The result was the basic TV (still not operating) was fashioned to the upstairs bedroom (blame multi-room) and in a childish move stopped me using my paid for internet on the Android tablet that I once could use. Many calls and talk to assistants were fruitless. Sky is good, expensive (I paid up to 117 per month) and very childish when you cut your monthly account. I await cable to my area. Sky will never see me again.

Reviewed by John Smith from England on 22nd Jun 2014
When you press TV Guide on your remote, instead of taking you to the TV Guide, it takes you to a homepage where 90% of the features require a broadband connection. A very annoying update to the EPG and no way of changing it.

The Sky package deals are overpriced, HD is not HD and most of the programmes are repeats.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by Kris Keenan from UK on 5th Mar 2014
I have never experienced the ineptitude and sheer lack of customer service with any company than I have with Sky.Sky have broken the law by breaching data protection legislation. I have had a senior executive advisor call me only where she inferred that the reason I received such poor service was because I was dealing with their overseas call centres and English is not their first language. I find this appalling quite frankly. Data Protection is universal and such offensive excuses are deplorable. I have missed several days work on the back of being promised call backs that never came. My account has been accessed without authorisation numerous time and the reprobates I have dealt with have only managed to worsen the situation. I have now been censored on their forums and blocked on facebook for publishing what I have experienced. NB, I have proof of every statement I make, which I will happily show on request. I have reported them to ofcom and ombudsman services and will be forwarding my findings to watchdog. The appropriate legal action is being sought as well. Do not deal with Sky.

Reviewed by Jo S from UK on 24th Sep 2013
Absolutely appalling customer service. I have just moved to a new flat and used their 'Home Move' service and it has been farcical. Engineers not turning up, wrongly equipped ones turning up, having to wait weeks between visits. I have spent hours on the phone to customer service and they are inept - Sky just don't care about customer service. Interestingly, they have told me that I can't even cancel my contract until I have the dish put up - which of course they are too inept to organise. Five weeks I have been without it since my home move - they're a joke.

Reviewed by Mary from Northern ireland on 12th Jul 2013
Stay away from sky tv, after calling to downgrade my account I was kept on the phone repeating myself to dan, he didn't listen, he was rude, he called me a liar, I ended up using all my credit so got cut off, after such shocking customer service myself and rest my extended family will be cancelling our sky! This guy dan needs be given his P45, he was just so rude, arrogant, intrusive, didn't listen to me, talked over me! Just so shocked

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 5th Feb 2013
I love sky. We've had it since yonks. Only problem is they never contact old customers to say we can do a good deal for u. M still happy with their service just think they should look after old and loyal customers.

Reply by Maria from Great Britain on 16th Nov 2014
I agree They should look after long loyal customer Regretfully they don't I have been with them many years, they have let me down, and to finish , because I have decided to use a new provider because of the high costs of sky products They have taken a full months premium but have decided to be spiteful and halfway through the month cut my service off

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