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Siemens SL65 review

 Review: February 2005  


In a nutshell: Slide-up camera phone with video recorder.


The SL65 is the replacement for the Siemens SL55 slide-phone. The SL55 promised a lot but failed to deliver, so we were interested to find out how the SL65 stacked up. From the outside the SL65 looks even more gorgeous than the SL55 with its two-tone body and compact slide design. However, with the SL55, the beauty was just skin deep, so we need to look further to find out what the SL65 is really made of.

The first thing to say is that the SL65 is larger than the SL55 and is 20 grams heavier! That's a huge increase for a phone whose principle selling point was its small lightweight design and was bought mainly by young women. The design is also a lot more masculine-looking than the SL55. We can't help wondering who this phone is really aimed at, and whether Siemens even know.

Having said that, the SL65 compares reasonably well with its rivals in terms of features. Its price places it at the top of the mid-range camera phone sector, so we'd expect it to have all of the features that are present in its competitors, and it mostly does. Its screen is a high-quality 65k TFT display, although at just 130 x 130 pixels it's smaller than many. It has a VGA camera with video recorder, although the resolution of the video is coarse and the maximum length of video clips is 30 seconds. It lacks Bluetooth wireless connectivity and high-speed data, but does include a digital voice recorder and integrated handsfree speaker. Overall its specification is good but not outstanding, especially when you consider the price. In fact the cheaper Siemens CX65 has greater functionality than the SL65, so it is clear that what you are paying for is the "cool" slide-up design and the looks of the phone.

It's certainly a lot better on the inside than the old SL55, but once again, the best bit of the SL65 is the outside!

Siemens SL65 features include:

  • Display: 130 x 130 pixels, 65k colours
  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 5x digital zoom and video recorder (128 x 96 pixels)
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS (with T9 predictive text), EMS, MMS, email
  • Programmable softkeys
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • Screensaver
  • Picture phonebook
  • Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, reminder list, calculator, currency converter
  • Synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook
  • Connectivity: IrDa, USB, RS232 cable, fax modem
  • GPRS class 10
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 90 x 48 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Talktime: up to 4.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 290 hours

Siemens SL65 user reviews

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Average rating from 124 reviews:

Reviewed by poopoo head from UK on 21st Mar 2010
the screen is rubbish

Reviewed by rena from UK on 7th Nov 2008
very good

Reviewed by Juliano Horta from UK on 25th Feb 2008
Don't buy a Siemens. I bought a SL65 and SL75 and it didn't works for more than 3 month. Run away of the company.

Reviewed by kraisoft from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
This fone has realy dissapointed me to the bone. i loved the design but overlooked on the other issues like battery life and so on.seems the saying which goes DONT JUDGE A BUK BY ITS COVER is indeed true.the fone simply sucks!!!

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 19th Jan 2008
Hate it, the outside looks good but the rest of it looks cheap, tacky and very very basic

Reviewed by Angus from UK on 25th Nov 2007
This is my second Siemens phone. It was purchased to replace my SL55 that broke after about a year of use. This one, not surprisingly, met a similar fate. Being constructed of lamb's wool and Elmer's school glue, this thing isn't meant for longevity. Internally, it has Benq's marque, so they haven't improved the build quality since purchasing Siemens electronics. I'm very gentle and careful with my phones, so I can't accept the blame for its malfunction. Two of the SL55's integral buttons stopped working, turning the phone into a brick. The SL65's screen is on the brink, and I can't read much. So, time for a new phone. Guess which brand I won't be buying!

Reviewed by Eleanor from UK on 28th Oct 2007
It's OK. Unfortunatley it doesn't have bluetooth or MP3 wich is dumb. The cameras OK better than a couple of phones. The screen scratches easily though which is not very good.The worst thing is that the battery goes down after about half an hour. I have to charge it up just so I can text on it! I do like how every time you ring or text somebody the amount of money you have left on your phone comes up. It's OK for a first time phone but thats about it. I can't wait to buy my new Samsung E900 though. It'll be such a nice change.

Reviewed by Aaron Redmond from UK on 15th May 2007
i thought it was going to be a brilliant phone but it was just the design that caught my eyes. there is not enough memory, bluetooth and the camera is useless. The way it slides is useless I have looked at other slider phones and they function a lot better than this does. I am disapointed with this phone so I will never get a siemens phone ever again.

Reviewed by pats from UK on 30th Apr 2007
ive had this phone for jus 6 months and is expericing basically the same faults,,my screen display is all white,can't see anything else,theres no sound ..when a person calls ,its no point bcoz nothing happens to the mob...WHY invent something like this when it doesnt function well... VERY POOR... jus hope that i could get a refund frm the manufactures n that they can do better>>>

Reviewed by tony from UK on 21st Apr 2007
i had two sl65's and both of them the flexicable snapped so there was no connection to the screen

Reviewed by Amanda Oliva from UK on 1st Mar 2007
I've had this phone for about two years, but it will not receive or send emails or picture texts. I've taken it back to an O2 shop to have it sorted out but they couldn't do anything with it either! Unable to get on to the internet with this one as well. Wouldn't buy another Siemens, the phone switches itself off all the time. My last Siemens phone did the same thing (old model, can't remember which one)

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 25th Feb 2007
**** thats all you can say about it really

Reviewed by tom -uk from UK on 18th Feb 2007
totally &^$ - turns off nearly all the time in my pocket - had 'battery faliure' 2 times which caused me to give it up for a week at a time had it for a year and just fed up with it. tip - dont ask in store salesmen for advice on phones look at the reviews coz there all a bunch of ^%$"$

Reviewed by Abby, Dorset from UK on 7th Feb 2007
Good Points: looks great, easy to use...and that seems to be it! Bad points: The slide up feature has already broken twice despite the very careful handleing (had it for just over a year), it scratches easily, the buttons sometimes become stuck, it crashes a lot...many other people also seem to have experienced this. All in all a let down really-not reliable at all.

Reviewed by donna from UK on 16th Jan 2007
this review is actually for the sl75 siemens phone thats just come out . DONT BUY IT . ive had it a year and its complete rubbish it switches itself off,video dosnt work properly, its never sent a picture message yet,the ringtones keep turning off among other things.

Reviewed by michael from scotland on 22nd Sep 2006
it is just horrible buttons break turns its self off no bluetooth worst camera ever!!!!

Reviewed by Andy from England on 6th Sep 2006
I have mixed feelings about this phone. The camera was broken from the day I bought it, and the plastic scratches quite easily. This is a gorgeous phone, though, and I loved some of the features it offered. The photo editor, I thought, was superb, in particular. But, about a year down the line, the phone developed a weird blemish in the bottom right corner of the screen. I must have knocked it or something. But the real reason why I chose to get rid of it was because it developed a fault where it would just cut out at random intervals, once during a call, so I bought a V3X instead. All in all, a decent phone, but not too reliable.

Reviewed by Kim from Scotland on 3rd Sep 2006
I've had this phone for over a year. Experiencing the same problems as others. First sign of a problem was that the phone kept craqshing and nothing would happen when I opened the slider. Now the phone won't even turn on properly, and when it finally does, I have no sound and blurry lines on the screen, then it switches off again. Not best impressed!

Reviewed by lauren from england on 2nd Sep 2006
ive had this phone about a year now and its getting worse and worse as the days go by. I have to charge it up every night and then the battery still doesnt last the day. also when you flip the phone up and back down again it sometimes turns itself off and crashes all the time, it takes ages to load. the camera is quite good and video. poor phone!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by moh from england on 31st Aug 2006
this fone is absolutely rubbish. the battery life is poor, doesnt have a good memory. i dont reccomend this fone to ny 1 and its not worth buying !

Reviewed by PV from UK on 5th Aug 2006
Just over one year and my phone now is dead.

Reviewed by JORDAN MCBAIN from SCOTLAND on 27th Jul 2006

Reviewed by cam from uk on 22nd Jul 2006
well wud this fone eva stop freezing......NO.could it record sound and play bk......NO it comes out all fuzzy and you cant her it.plz dnt by this fone coz it looks good but rubbish wen you get in to it.by a k700i,k750i,k800i.the best fones iv ad.

Reviewed by Steven from Scotland on 30th Jun 2006
Purchased to replace my ageing SL55. This phone is a step backwards as it's a LOT bigger. Everything everyone moans about is true; poor battery life, random switching off, sometimes doesn't switch on. After 3 months it just died and wouldn't switch on again. At least I can use the battery and charger with my "old" SL55 that I'm still using.

Reviewed by sohaib from UK on 26th Jun 2006
this is the worst phone ever. i urge everyone not to buy this good looking junk. i read some comments posted earlier and laughed my heart out as my cell has all worst qualities you can think of.my decision to buy this mobile turned out to be my biggest mistake ever.battery life is bad, it turns off and then cant be turned on.no sound when u make calls, the only good thing about this cell is the alarm clock that never fails to disturb me even when the phone is without a battery. it is amazing isnt it? there u go guys, phone which works without a battery.

Reviewed by John from England on 24th May 2006
This phone is TERRIBLE. I've been stuck with it on a 18 month deal, and I've had to have it sent back four times now. The screen will freeze, it switches itself off, and the battery life is terrible.

Reviewed by Phone Girlie! from England on 13th May 2006
This phone is awful! i had it for a year, had to send it off 4 times, it turns itself off all the time, it doesnt always take calls, its jst rubbish!! DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!!! take it from me!! i have now thrown it in the bin, its a piece of trash!!

Reviewed by Sam from England on 10th May 2006
i got this fone at christmas 2004 and its been bk to the manufacturer once and its going bk again today, wen i receive calls or try to call other people i cant hear ne thing there is no sound and now i cant even switch it bk on! this phone was the biggest mistake i ever made the battery life is so bad its unbelieveable.

Reviewed by Tanja from Singapore on 4th May 2006
I loved this phone when I first bought it but then it kept switching off for no reason everytime someone called or i recived an sms or when i closed/opened d slider. Finally one day when someone called me or I called someone the phone had no more sound as in I couldnt hear anything from the phone... then it switched off and it never went on again.... i went to siemens to get it fixed and they did that for 40 singapore dollars. Now I got it back since a week and it switches off about every time I close the slider or I recive an sms or for no reason... I love the design but seriously I paid 40 sing dollars and It stil doesnt work....

Reviewed by Brooke from USA on 21st Apr 2006
This is by far the best phone I have ever used. There are so many wonderful features on this phone, I have yet to figure them all out and it has been a year since I bought the phone. I receive great reception and the only downfall to the phone is that the talk time is only 4 hours, but the phone charges quickly. All I can say is that I love this phone and all of my friends and family want this phone!!!!

Reviewed by Jenni Herbert from UK on 20th Apr 2006
Both my boyfriend and i purchased this phone on contract in oct 04, withing 2 days the outlook was not good, as the phone made an awful rattling noise, took it back and the new one did the same, got another replacment, which was ok, until oct 05, both phones simultaneosly stopped working (at first there was no response from the keys, then it totally switched off when tring to open the slider) naturally had both replaced, now six months later, both phones have done the exactly the same again!!!!!!!, luckily our contracts are up and we have two new phones (not siemens) i will never have a siemens again!!! TOTAL RUBBISH!!

Reviewed by Mark Hopkins from Scotland on 19th Apr 2006
I bought this phone a good wee while ago, but it is not the phone's age that is it's problem. As soon as i got it its battery life was rubbish, like 2 days and its off. And that not only when it goes off, it switches itself off all the time. the camera is also v.poor, and so is the slide, witch has no spring, there is only one good thing about this phone, and thats it's size, it is q.small. dont buy it but. its rubbish XxXxXxXxXxX

Reviewed by Eric from Kenya on 18th Apr 2006
I've had my phone since december 2005 and its already acting up, with the screen not lighting up, then one minute its like the screen has become a negative, ie it doesn't show all the colours

Reviewed by rachael from scotland on 11th Apr 2006
i have had this phone since christmas but i dont understand what everyone is talking about because i have not had any problems with it i think it is a really good phone!!! the camera is excellent n there is loads of memory. my one fault is the menu is quite boring but that is not that important. i think everone is havin problems with the charge time because if u dont charge if for long enough the first time then the battery doesnt work properly. i would recommend this phone to any one who wants a phone at a good price but still want a good quality phone so go and buy it !!!

Reviewed by Tanz from England on 9th Apr 2006
I had this fone bought for me by my brother and i was happy at getting a new fone, as the fone i had bfore i got it was a SAMSUNG T-100, it was my second camera fone. The quality of the cam was ok, but not brill. The battery had to be charged everynight and sometimes the fone would find it way on to the internet and cost me quite a bit. I had this phone for 3-4 months until i got my Sony Ericsson W900i. About a month ago the screen on my SL65 started blinking and the batery kept running out so quickly. Then the infrared died and it wouldn't send or recive incoming files. The screen is now permanlty blck and the keypad all ways lights up. It would have been a good fone if Siemens had upped the batterylife and added flash.

Reviewed by Wilma from United Kingdom on 9th Apr 2006
I have only had this phone since Christmas I have treated it with care. But, it all started to go a bit wrong, at fist the screen kept randomly dissapearng and then the joy stick stopped working now it wont switch on at all and guess what Siemens wont do any thing about it! what a suprise, left phoneless I suppose!

Reviewed by Caitlin Findlay from Scotland on 7th Apr 2006
THE BATTERY ISNT GOOD it last for 3hr befor turning off to chunky it doesnt fit in some pockets

Reviewed by Jamie from Scotland on 7th Apr 2006
Having read through the last comments made me laugh, as i realised i wasn't the only person stuck with this terrible phone. As somebody previously said, it grabs you in the shop, all great on the outside, but after a while u get to the problems. Had to take my first one back as it shut down by itself, even with charging it for aaggggessss. It also crashes a lot, very slow system and the camera is shockingly bad. You try and take a picture and you can't see anything, its reaction to light is poor, and its bad quality. Not worth buying!

Reviewed by sophie from england on 29th Mar 2006
my mom brought me this phone in january and already, the screen has broke, it turns off by itself and on by itself. it doesnt send message and im on contract so it cant be that i dont have credit. I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS FONE 2 NY 1!!!

Reviewed by Musa from England on 23rd Mar 2006

Reviewed by rachael from UK on 22nd Mar 2006
i ave had more problems wi this fone than every other fone i ave had put together. any1 thinkin bout buying this fone....dont bother!!! it crashes, it freezes up the sim is a pain t get out once u got it in!!! its the worst fone i ave ever had!!

Reviewed by Vicky from Wales on 18th Mar 2006
:'( i am soo disapointed, this phone was my treasure when i bought it from italy, i took care of it very well, lol, however it started to do random crashes now and then, i hate it. i cant take it back because i put gems all over it and personalised it...well gutted! NOTE: Do not buy this phone...total waste of time!!

Reviewed by HALO2GOD from USA on 15th Mar 2006
the first time you get the phone it must be charged for 12 hours i am not lying.first day i had it it showed icon on mobile that phone was charging then after an hour the icon would dissapear i thought the phone was done charging.WRONG the icon goes off because the phone is completely dead and not until the 12th hour the phone will display the battery icon as fully charged.NOW on your next charge it will only take a couple of hours but this phone will not stop shutting down byitself unless you do this otherwise your phone will last for about a hour and half if you dont do the 12 hour charge. ONLY NECESSARY IF YOUR ICON ON MOBILE DISSAPEARS AFTER HOOKING IT UP TO CHARGE PEACE OUT STAY BLACK.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 10th Mar 2006
This is a poor example of a Siemens phone. This was meant to be the updated version of the SL55. For starters they took away the voice dialling (this is a MUST for anybody who drives any distance in this day when fines are imposed for not using a hands free or headset), made it bigger, made it less pleasing to look at and handle and added a new band around this middle! They've also added various errors, random shut downs in the middle of texting/calling/using online, and in my case, a total shut down and failure to start up again resulting in return to retailer. Took 3 weeks to get it repaired and had to use my old SL55 in its place - and realised how much I miss it! Come on Siemens, you're really letting yourselves down with this phone. I've ordered the SL75 and if it's not up to scratch I won't be happy. The things that Siemens phones DO have going for them, however, are that they are very sturdy, can withstand being dropped down stairs, on pavements, in baths, down toilets and into buckets of bleach! And with a small person about, this counts for alot. All in all, not a bad phone but neither is it a fantastic one!

Reviewed by Emily from Uk on 5th Mar 2006
i have had no probelms with this extraordinary siemans mobile phone that i had boutght for me for christmas 2004. The camera is alright but not the best!x anyways im off for sunday lunch xxx cya soon fanx

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 4th Mar 2006
I think this has been a pretty good phone for me, it has good sound quality and a large memory. The pictures are not high res quality but I didnt expect much from 0.3M. It occasionally blanks out for no reason but has never interrupted a call. Overall it has not given me any serious problems at all and it is a good phone, I think undervalued by a lot of the other reviewers here.

Reviewed by SHARON from UK on 2nd Mar 2006
I really hated this phone when I got it in Dec 05, always had a nokia. But after dropping it in the bath and it still works it is now a favourite of mine!!

Reviewed by Emma from uk on 25th Feb 2006
this phone is the worst phone i have ever brought!! its always crashing and the screen goes blank. they dont sell it anymore, i wounder why that is.

Reviewed by Raghu from UK on 25th Feb 2006
Not a recomonded phone. It got lots of problems, not good sound quality, batter & charger are horrible, new phone but need to charge two times a day

Reviewed by Jill from UK on 22nd Feb 2006
I was recomended this by Virgin as Im on there network, the price of the phone it should at least be hands free but no you have to pick it up to dial a number whilst driving only then does it become hands free, but thats no good to anyone you need a phone with voice activation and thats just for starters I regret buying this phone now

Reviewed by Michael Flynn from Ireland on 13th Feb 2006
I bought the SL 65 for Christmas it is now 6 weeks later and the phone has been back to the shop twice for repair..problem 1 was that it kept crashing mid call and mid text..now last week the screen has gone completely blank..the battery life is rubbish I was just about getting 2 days out of it in normal use ive always had siemens phones this one looked the business but failed miserably i wont be buying another one..it cost me 440 euro here in Cork and i got nothing with it no free credit no phone holder zip ...bigger fool me..if there was a no star rating this phone would be getting it...shame on you siemens

Reviewed by Hayley Bell from England on 12th Feb 2006
I urge everyone to not buy this phone!!! I have had problems with it form day 1. The phone would crash when you opened or closed the slide mechanism, the screen would fade constantly. The battery only lasts max 2 days. I am awaiting a replacement but I am not expecting much and cannot wait until I can get rid off it. BRING ON JUNE. My last bit of advice is for the owner of Siemens, Stop making this phone it really is ruining your reputation and I will never buy anything made by siemens again!

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 9th Feb 2006
This phone is the definition of RUBBISH!! I just spent 129.99 (pounds) on this seamingly brilliant little phone but all I've been getting is random shutdowns & freezing. I really beg you all to never buy this phone or any other siemens models. They obviously dont bother to check for any faults. I just got a repacement sent to me but that mobile has shutdown twice within an hour of its delivery. i think thats proof of how unreliable and crappy the Siemens company is at making the kind of quality phones we all expect as standard......IT SHOULD ACTUALLY WORK SIEMENS!

Reviewed by Jen from Uk on 7th Feb 2006
when i first got the phone i loved it, it looked great and did practically everything but a few months after getting the phone it became the most annoying thing ever!! The end call button started sticking, it took about 20 tries to get the menu up! Now when i slide my phone down the screen goes fuzzy and it turns itself off!!! As for the battery i have to charge it every 2 days!! THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!

Reviewed by mark from uk on 3rd Feb 2006
Absoulute rubbish this phone, had 3 replacements so far as it keeps losing power to the front screen, and it's latest problem seems to be that it shuts down every time you slide to open or close. Not much good when trying to answer a call. Message for Mr Siemens, test the things properly before you sell then. Cheers!

Reviewed by David from England on 27th Jan 2006
The phone looks good but i find it has a tendency to crash from time to time. The sliding mechanism can also become clogged up with little bits which cause the sliding to stiffen up.

Reviewed by Alix from England on 23rd Jan 2006
Brought my phone from Vodafone about 6 months ago. In the last couple of weeks the battery has been running down on a daily basis and the phone also keeps shutting itself off! Just spoke to Vodafone - who told me to buy another battery - which they don't sell! Even though the phone is under warranty - it doesn't include the battery - absolutely rubbish! They are not prepared to replace the battery or the phone free of charge. Would never buy another Siemens again.

Reviewed by kayleigh from england on 23rd Jan 2006
the sl65 is a good phone for features but the battery life is rubbish i have to charge it near enough everday. I also find the phone crashes from time to time

Reviewed by Barry Trotter from France on 22nd Jan 2006
its da brill in da world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by olly from england on 19th Jan 2006
da battery lastd for under a day ringtones r rubbish dah slider fing is stiff its a waste of money buy a nokia ani day dnt eva buy a siemens

Reviewed by lauren from uk on 16th Jan 2006
ive had this phone for about a year now and to be honest i dont like it. It doesnt have a bluetooth and a phone that cost 229 when it was new isnt worth it at all. Also with this phone it freezes on me all the time and then it crashes. Im hopefully getting a new phone soon because i cant have a phone that just freezes anytime. the camera is good and video but im also having a problem with the battery its always going down for no reason. Now i have 2 charge it every night and then it still goes down in the day. its just stupid !!! like this fone is cute and compact and yes it would be ideal for some people !! BUT NOT 4 ME !!

Reviewed by Andy from England on 13th Jan 2006
Had the phone 6 months intermitent problems now died.In the shop 3 weeks still do not know what is wrong.

Reviewed by Jen from Scotland on 8th Jan 2006
I think this phone is amazing. its handy to carry about, fab pictures, video recording, its got everything you need, you name it, its got it! I got this pfone for Christmas and found out that it had an everlasting battery, well not quite, but i bearly have to charge it! This is an amazing phone!

Reviewed by rtkw from Singapore on 7th Jan 2006
Agree with the general review about how great the Siemens SL65 looks. I was taken by it and bought two - for my wife and myself. They died within 6 months after giving intermittent problems. Mine is still in the shop - I was told there is a ONE MONTH wait for parts, and I wasn't even asked what was wrong with the phone (they must all be failing)! Guess who will never buy another Siemens phone?

Reviewed by carl from uk on 24th Dec 2005
i ave got the sl65 n there is not 1 problem i ave had with the phone it is a real good phone and i would invice u to get 1 cuz its real good.

Reviewed by Raheel Saleem from England on 15th Dec 2005
This phone is outstanding.

Reviewed by qwertiop from UK on 3rd Dec 2005
Ive had this phone for a year and its the best phone i've ever had! Its durable, takes very good photos, reliable, has good polyphonic ringtones...and to make it even better looks good! Get it...it will be possibly the best choice you've ever made. I know it doesn't have bluetooth but it comes with infrared which is almost as good.

Reviewed by dani from uk on 2nd Dec 2005
its an or8 fone der is sum dwnfalls.... duz ne1 no if u can buy a bluetooth ead set 4 it

Reviewed by Umaie from Pakistan on 17th Nov 2005
This is the worst mobile on earth! If you buy this mobile u will be the silliest person born on this planet ever. In the beginning u will be amazed and satisfied but when the begining is over u will be shocked and u will feel yourself in hell! You will damn yourself and thought of being the foolest person ever. I SINCERELY ADVICE EVERYONE NOT TO CHOSE SIEMENS MOBILES. THE SIEMENS MOBILES JUST ATTRACT YOU IN THE BEGINNING BUT WHEN IT COMES TO WORK THEY JUST STOP START SUCKIN LEAVING U IN HOT WATERS.

Reviewed by natalie akiens from england on 8th Nov 2005
i think this is a really good fone its a really good peice of work for a small price

Reviewed by sourabh from india on 30th Oct 2005
its very bad ph. if u buy this ph. u waste u r money

Reviewed by kk from england on 29th Oct 2005
this phone has umf its excellent a brillant phone frm siemens

Reviewed by Heather from Scotland on 10th Oct 2005
I got this phone today, and I'm quite satisfied. The only things I dislike about it, is its basic looking menu, and I cant find out how to get the vibration alert to work. As far as I know its switched on, but its not vibrating when someone calls. Anyone know how to turn it on?

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 9th Oct 2005
Compared to other phones on market this is very poor, complete let down, will never buy a Siemens phone again! too many problems to mention.

Reviewed by deepster from UK on 6th Sep 2005
This fone is amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing, it is easy to use and the camera and video is goos. there are no faults since i bought it and thAT WAS THE DAY IT CAME OUT

Reviewed by Danni from UK on 27th Aug 2005
i hav just got this phone and i think its amazing, i have the all black versions which looks so sexy and stylish. The memory will hold about 1300 photos on the medium (which is the lowest quality but is still really good) and still 200 on the premium. good quality video, good features like photo editor and fitness instructor. overall is an amazing phone and i couldnt ask for more for the price. great phone...but it!!! :)

Reviewed by Ian Hutson from England on 24th Aug 2005
I purchased this phone about 5 months ago and at the beggining was quite satisfied. After about 3 months of use the phone started to show problems. 1)the off/cancel button is very sticky which makes it difficult to exit menues, resulting in the phone being turned off. 2)locks up frequently when writing a message, also it sometimes lets me write the message but does not give the option of sending it. The phone then locks up and i have to remove the battery to turn it off. 3)the slidig mechanism is very flimsy and sounds like its on its last legs.This should not be happening after only 5 months of use!. 4)The camera is terrible on this phone. The video recorder is even worse. The camera makes very poor pictures and if there is any difficulty in lighting the pic usually turns out to be unrecognizable. The video recorder is poor because the sound is unrecognisable when played and the actual video is jerky and unclear. 5) The battery life of this phone is the most annoying thing i have encountered. I charge the battery fully and then the phone lasts two days maximum on standbye. This is rare the phone usually only lasts a day max. 6)There are not many sounds either that can be attributed to the slide and other functions. The preset sounds are terrible and sound annoying! The games are also terrible! overall this phone is the biggest let down i have ecountered with a mobile phone. I expected great things but was sold short. If you want a run of the mill camera phone that looks cool then this might b for you. Although saying that the looks of the phone do become boring after a while. The phone has not harmed me and has allowed me to contact people in tricky situations and i have not encountered any problems with signal or calling features. The main reason why i am hanging my mobile phone is because i have this phone on sim free and this costs me a lot of money i credit a month. I am going to buy a contract phone to save on credit. I am going to purchase the sony ericsson k750i in a few weeks and i am looking forward to ridding myself of siemans forever. ps this is not a rant and rave but constructive criticism, any one from siemans who reads this feel free to curse me to the heavans. Frankly i do not care!

Reviewed by alex from england on 20th Aug 2005
This phone has a nice sleek, cool look and feel to it. But do not be fooled. It has a slow loading menu, low pixel quality camera-video, poor lighting in BROAD DAYLIGHT, and VERY easily exhausted battery! Goes withought saying that the lack of bluetooth is useless and it takes forever to swap data via the IRda port. However it does have a nice set of tones, good sound when speaking and all in all isn't as bad as some say. I would not recommend this phone to a friend however.

Reviewed by Emma Odell from UK on 6th Aug 2005
When i first got this phone i thought it was amazing. Im 13 and i thought this is a totally stylish phone and it is stylish i cant argue with that but there is 2 things i would like to point out: 1. It switches off all the time 2. It freezes quite often The camera is fairly good the video is average. I cant make my mind up if i like this phone or not?:? :S

Reviewed by Mark Hopkins from Scotland on 6th Aug 2005
This is great. The camera and video are good and for the price this phone is the best purchase eva. The menus are not very colourful and are a bit boring, but who cares. The slide up design is cool and fashionable and with not many people having this phone everybody wants to have a look. GR8!!!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 6th Aug 2005
This phone may look good but it has been the worst purchase I have made. After having if for two weeks it would no longer charge and after getting a replacement phone and charger exactly the same thing happened. Siemens do not issue faults on their website -after taking to someone in the CPW they listed all the problems with this phone.I have since cancelled my contract and got a phone I can actually be sure will work. I strongly advise anyone thinking of getting this phone not too.

Reviewed by salvado mothoa from united kingdom on 23rd Jul 2005

Reviewed by Roz from UK on 21st Jul 2005
Ive had the SL65 for about a month and a half now, and i think it is brilliant! It has everything i want in a phone: its stylish, it has camera, video, infrared, handsfree, calendar, notes, confidential notes which has a password, good ringtones, takes realtones, and more! I would recommend this phone to anyone, my friends are all jelous. Ive had no probs with it at all. Hope this helps!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 17th Jul 2005
I had this phone for 6 months and it was great, but now it wont turn on, and vodafone wont fix it :(

Reviewed by Krislover from England on 15th Jul 2005
This phone is absolutely brilliant. IM 13 years old and i wanted a stylish small phone with video and camera and thats what i got. It amazing. It was so easy to get used to. I reckomend this phone to anyone younge and stylish. Good Graphics, good ringtone, good camera, good video recorder, GOOD EVERYTHING!!!! If i were you i would go and buy it!

Reviewed by Chris from England on 20th Jun 2005
This phone is quite frankly awful. Although my dad had numerous problems with his old SL55 I stupidly thought the SL65 would be a great improvement and decided to change from Samsung, I only have myself to blame. First of all my phone turns itself off at least 5 times a day leading to many arguments with people complaining I ignore them and never turn my phone on. This appears due to the fact that dust seems to collect within the horrible little plastic battery cover and gets in the contacts. Its unreal how quickly dust gets into it. Even more frustrating is the fact that 8/10 times I try to answer the phone it either won't answer or just crashes. This leads to me having to ring people back and hence use my minutes all the time. The phone is very slow and always gets stuck on the unlock phone message. The off/cancel key is very sticky and has to be pressed very hard to leave menu's leading the phone to be turned off completley. All in all this phone is rubbish, my first ever phone, the Nokia 3210 was a millions miles better than this and how phones have come along since then. When the opportunity arises I will be going back to Samsung. All my friends now appear to be getting the D500 and how I wish i had remained loyal to that brand now. Proving bluetooth and a unbelievably better camera, it is a much safer bet.

Reviewed by Laura from uk on 15th Jun 2005

Reviewed by Stuart from u.k on 14th Jun 2005
i got this phon at 25th of dec 2004 and sold it on 1st of january 2005 it is just very poor. DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by laura from england on 12th Jun 2005

Reviewed by joppa from england on 1st Jun 2005
About the sl65 well what can i say nothing realy but the phone is JUNK. i have only had it for about 4 weeks the phone belongs to my daughter she told me it was a good phone to have so i swapped her for my sharp gx25 what a mistake that turned out to be have asked her to give me it back but nat the moment there is no chance do not buy or swap the sl65 rubbish

Reviewed by matty from iraq on 31st May 2005
looks so sleek and stylish. camera very good and so is the video.

Reviewed by bob from bobland on 30th May 2005
video is rubbish

Reviewed by george stobbart from america on 20th May 2005
it looks nice but the rest is junk

Reviewed by matthew potter from england on 17th May 2005
its a good phone to show off to your friends but it becomes very borring. i really dont recommend this phone spend your money on BETTER things

Reviewed by benita from england on 16th May 2005
anybody who has given this phone average or poor needs to get their head checked out! this fne is the best it cute and stylish and has lots more things than the other slide up fnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very quik and easy to use !

Reviewed by David from UK on 5th May 2005
Can anyone actually write in the English language here? As with any siemens phone it will be prone to software problems, and as such all siemens phones should come supplied with a data cable as standard. It's slightly slow, but apart from that it does the job.

Reviewed by james from england on 30th Apr 2005
well bouught this fone about 5 months ago and now the screen has stoped working and if i rang ne1 they cud hear me but i cudnt haer then so personaly i did like thiis fone and now ive found out that its a commmon fault with them

Reviewed by NAZ from UK on 22nd Apr 2005
This fone iznt as gud as i expected,firstly its real slow at times,especially when callin/answerin calls,it switches off randomly when its fully charged,the battery runs out after 1 day,it doesn't record the call list properly so if u call someone it'll hav someone completely different on the call list&the camera doesn't work properly sometimes&the focus on it is real bad even if its on a high setting! so overall it aint all dat!Never gettin a siemens again, nokias the best!

Reviewed by dale from wales on 17th Apr 2005
i reakon the siemens sl65 is a great phone

Reviewed by sarah from leeds on 15th Apr 2005
Rubbish! The screen on this phone is absolutely horrible. My old S55 had a better display than this. This is such a poor upgrade and it is sooo much bigger. My friend has the samsung e800 and that has such a beautiful display and the camera is so much better. I've already taken this back and am now thinking of getting the e800 or e630. Dont think i'll be buying a siemens again in the near future.

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