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Siemens SL55 review

 Review: August 2003  

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: Slimline slide phone with plug-in camera.

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The Siemens SL55 is a phone that looks fabulous, but unfortunately its beauty is only skin deep. As you can see from reading the consumer reviews below, it comes with a host of reliability and reception problems, which is why we have awarded it a one-star rating.

Siemens SL55 features include:

  • Colour screen
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • MMS & EMS
  • Java games
  • Email client
  • Works with Siemens plug-in QuickPic camera
  • Phonebook capacity – 500 + SIM
  • 1MB user memory
  • Infrared modem
  • Voice control and voice recorder
  • Picture ID
  • Vibration Alert
  • T9 predictive text
  • Internal fax modem
  • 2 Games plus Java downloadable games
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • 10 Polyphonic ringtones (16-voice) + facility to download more
  • Tri-band
  • Weight: 79g
  • Size: 82 x 45 x 22 mm
  • Standby Time: 200 hours
  • Talktime: up to 3 hours

Siemens SL55 user reviews

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Average rating from 145 reviews:

Reviewed by DC from UK on 23rd Aug 2014
Nice form factor but really unreliable, in 18 months I had to get 2 screens and 3 keyboards.

Reviewed by jim from Uk on 20th Jan 2014
Got rid of my iphone 5c for this little Siemens phone....
Only £250 on ebay..

Reviewed by ian cooper from UK on 5th Nov 2010

Reviewed by plpl from UK on 14th Aug 2010
good phone

Reviewed by Bess from UK on 19th Apr 2010
It is now 2010! I've had my SL55 for years now. Not a single problem. Does all I want from a phone. I've got a camera, I don't play games except with live people. I text a lot, speak a lot. I am now terrified that my battery will turn up its toes, although all these years it has been perfect. Phone is on all day, so charging as often as needed, say once a week. Ringtones not up to much, but I can live with that.

Reviewed by rhys from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
well i got this phone reconditond for 18 but the battery will onley hold a days worth of a charge and half the next day but this phone is good apart from that issue

Reviewed by Ludo from UK on 17th Aug 2009
Hey, I paid 400 in 2003 the day it was out on market, used it 1 year without pb. Screen resolution was ok when it came out, later that year new hi-res screens came out on samsung and other mobile phones making the sl55 outdated. The first pb I had was phone switching off by itself. There is an easy fix, screw a bit more the torx screws inside and you're back to business. We are now 2009, I still use that phone, (just to call) still working great as long as you know how to rescreew the inside. I love it because it is good at calling and lot smaller than I phone. Ludo

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 8th Feb 2009
I loved this phone because of its design and size but had so many problems with it - kept going dead - needed constant recharging - wouldn't ring. My friend got so fed up with not being able to contact me, that she bought me a new cheaper one which works all the time. I feel I was ripped off as it started having problems virtually from day 1.

Reviewed by Abiola Olatubosun from UK on 19th Dec 2008
I like this phone but I like to know the unlocked code for it.

Reviewed by star from UK on 27th Mar 2008
I have had this phone 4 ages and it is appaling it keeps frezzing thescreen gets scratched really easily and it does not ave bluethooth! Also it keeps turning its self off!:O[

Reviewed by nabila from UK on 25th Jan 2008
its good

Reviewed by Theresa from UK on 20th Jan 2008
I had this phone for 1 year. I find it very good and it looks also very great, but my problem is, I can't get MMS with it, only SMS. Now I'm thinking to buy a Nokia, because with that phone I have looked for you can take pictures and get MMS. But if you don't need that, is that phone fantastic. :)

Reviewed by Ivor from UK on 7th Oct 2007
Well my girlfriend bought me this phone and it only cost her EC$150. I found a rather interesting phone, very cute i thought to myself but one of the keypads isn't working ,well i ignored that cuz it was purchase at a reasonably price. After a month or so the phone battery was dead n the piece of thing never came on, had to bring to service it took a whole 2 weeks for the guy to fix it. Jus recently it fell and one of the keypads came off i had to stick with a piece of tape. Now am still stuck with it, dont have a choice but am going to get myself a new phone. When i got the phone back all the tones and pictures were deleted. Seriously if u just want a phone to make and receive calls u can purchase this one.

Reviewed by Daman from UK on 26th Jul 2007
this is one of the best mobile phones i have ever used because of its sleek look and beautiful shape.never had a problem related to its reception or something.

Reviewed by dean from UK on 31st May 2007
i brought a very expensive phone, sony erikson w300i, for 200. it's only been 5 months since i bought it, it stopped working and i cant get it fixed. i only downloaded 50 games and the phone has a virus now, my advise will be, if you want to buy a phone, dont get one with mp3 player or video recorder, buy siemens sl55.

Reviewed by - from UK on 29th Apr 2007
i actully have this phone, and have had it for 3 years. Its been dropped off a 3 story balcony & been put in a wash-a-machine. This phone is pretty strong even though you people think it's bad. [mines in black & looks better]

Reviewed by MichaelCee .. YaBass .. from UK on 28th Apr 2007
A Used To Have This Phone :D Its The Bomb .. :D:D:D

Reviewed by Christoph from UK on 31st Mar 2007
What can I say... It`s over priced, annoying to live with, and is not one that I would recomend to a friend. BUT... When it is working well, there are few phones that have the style and sophistication of the SL55. Overall... Like an Alfa Romeo; it has SOUL. The right time, the right place, there is no other phone I would rather own.

Reviewed by KATY H from UK on 30th Mar 2007

Reviewed by Parris from UK on 1st Feb 2007
This phone may be rubbish, but it has a great look and can fit almost anywhere

Reviewed by temi from UK on 1st Feb 2007
i have this phone know and it is the worst phone i have ever had in my life.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 29th Nov 2006
this phone is just rubbish. we should all sue siemens and get our money back! this is a hustle. I cannot make a call because the damn thing keeps switching off everytime and there is never reception.anywhere.no way I could use it. is cute and pretty and looks a bit fragile to be honest, but doesn't work! so dont even bother. U cannot call people!! u cannot receive calls! doesnt work! I took it back and the assistance charged me 50 to "repair" it, but the point is that still: doesnt work.switches off everytime, and the screen always freezes.just rubbish.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 21st Oct 2006
Love this phone! Have had it for nearly 3 years with no probs. Unfortunately it is starting to get a bit tired. Will be sad to replace it.

Reviewed by james from UK on 23rd Jan 2006
this phone is not worth rating, but i there is no option for a zero so had to give it something. Where shall i start, firstly screen resolution sucks, my watch has better, brighter resolution. Secondly the siemens keeps crashing, and thats really annoying. I cant seem to access my message (keeps showing "drive error" on screen), when i do have access to the msgs (once in a blue moon) i suddenly realise that all my msgs have been deleted, including the ones thati saved! After all the hassle that this phone gave me, i decided to send it back to the supplier & get it fixed, but then stopped as i was going to get charged, but this charge is not to get the existing phone repaired, but to have it replaced with another sl55. The dealer enlightened me on a few points of interest, first of all, the siemens sl55 has so many common faults (as mentioned earlier), secondly, he advised me that this phone was a complete failure & that i should get rid of it as soon as possible.........

Reviewed by Daryl from UK on 19th Dec 2005
Here writes a very happy sl55 user. On account of me reading such reviews prior to purchase a year ago, I thought I should make my year long experience clear to people who had it for a day. I was very happy with this phone and its functionality for an average user. No buttons fell off. It did freeze, but soon enough it returned with all records previously there: SMS, picture messaging, voicemail, voice commands, phonebook, addressbook etc. As a previous Siemens user and future Siemens user, there is nothing effectively to complain about this phone as much as some reviews might make you think. Reception was fine, quality was fine, the slider lasted - which I had a fear of before purchasing. "dis fone is gr8" is not much to go on, but they speak more of the truth in my opinion than the too quick to mouth off and send something back after a day or two or amyb even a week. I've used this phone perfectly in South Africa, at home in Ireland and all over Europe and it beats me how I could do that for a year if some of the reported failings here and elsewhere were "soooooooooo" terrible. It has lasted numerous bouncings off solid concrete, tarmac and floors. Must be more sturdy than one might think, eh? As a result of Siemens consistent products to me, I am going to get another one with a bad reputation it seems, the sl65 as an automatic transition from the sl55. I have no doubt my belief in Siemens will continue.

Reviewed by danni from UK on 21st Nov 2005
buy this phone well worth it so fast and brilliant camera

Reviewed by cat from UK on 8th Nov 2005
Oh dear lord, whatever you do, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE! I'll give you my reasons: 1) No camera, bluetooth, mp3 ringtones, mp3 player 2) Very slow reactions, the games often take up to 2 minutes to actually load, and they aren't exactly worth the wait either... 3) Smalllllll! I admit, it was cute at first ("Aww your phone! it's so diddy!") but soon the novelty wore off, and the small buttons are pretty damn hard to text with. 4) The buttons tend to ... well... stop working. For instance my number 5 button frequently dies on me in the middle of an important text so i cant use the letters 'j' 'k' or 'l'! Come on people, that means I can't say hello! But if that isn't enough for you I'll put it this way. If, indeed, you are willing to pay over 100 for a phone that has very limited technology, is incredibly unreliable annnnnd slow (especially when you reeeeeally need it, I think it's actually programmed to be evil) then my dear, more fool you.

Reviewed by Lou from UK on 5th Nov 2005
This is the worst phone i have ever had. A it has no camera, b it is ssssssssssoooooooooo slow and c the battery runs out so fast mine only lasts for 2 days and i hardly use it. I can't wait to get either the Motorola V3 or Nokia 6170 for Xmas from Mum + Dad. GGGGRRRR

Reviewed by MC Mikey D from UK on 2nd Sep 2005
The SL55 is da best phone Ive ever had. Ive had five fones and Siemens are da bestest. Nokia suck. Slips nicely in me pocket and it impresses da females. Need I say more, man?

Reviewed by Shaun Crowther from UK on 16th Jul 2005
Total and utter rubbish. Software kept crashing and I ending up giving the phone away to a friend as I got so fed up with it. Complete and utter waste of #180 (could have had a week in Spain for that and I'm wishing I had !) Since found out that the friend I gave it too has had countless problems with it. Sorry, Siemens, but the best place for this model is in the bin. Avoid buying this phone. (And Siemens can sue me if they like).

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 9th Dec 2004
The wife and I both bought this phone when it was launched last year. What a mistake !! Within days they both had to be sent back for reprogramming because the WAP didn't work. Sent back again because MMS didn't work. Had buttons sticking, had phone shutting down, screen freezing, losing texts, losing numbers, went to Thailand one phone worked one couldn't connect to network ( identical phones !! ). Just ordered new Samsung D500 :) Can't wait to accidentally run over my Siemens .... oops ....

Reviewed by CPS from UK on 16th Nov 2004
It's pretty obvious that there is something wrong with this phone, and it's probably the software. The design isn't bad, but I can only guess that there are either bugs in the OS or memory fragmentation problems. I replaced my first handset after eight months because of creeping problems, and the second is following the same pattern: after a couple of months, the phone starts to become very unresponsive, failing to register key presses and taking a stupidly long time to access different functions, return to menus etc. Regardless of any of the phone's other features, this starts to render it an annoyance to use. It also crashes regularly when entering a new item in the organizer. It feels like a rush job with inadequate quality testing having been done. Shame, because in other respects it's a reasonable phone.

Reviewed by David from Germany from UK on 16th Nov 2004
This phone is rubbish. i had it 4 one day and then i had probs with it

Reviewed by bongofoz from UK on 1st Nov 2004
Just read the reviews below with much interest. I've had the phone for a year now and havent had any 'major' problems. Admitedly the phone takes forever to boot up in the morning when i switch it on and then again once i've entered the password. I took to deleting most of my texts and some of the pictures on my phone but this doesn't seem to help. It can occasionally freeze too, but not to the point of distraction. I had problems with MMS i.e. could'nt receive any. It took 1/2 standing in an orange shop for it to be sorted. havent even tried to send an MMS yet! it can last a while if you arent making/receiving any calls but i do find that the battery gets low pretty quickly after even a short call. Other than that, the phone is aesthetically pleasing, fits in my handbag and is very lightweight compared to some of the bricks i've carried round in the past. i mainly use it for texting and phoning so i can't really comment on the other bits.

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 18th Oct 2004
I don't use my phone for anything other than the phone calls or the odd text. The reviews I have read about freezing, etc., seem to be people who are heavy users and want it for games, etc. Can someone tell me if this phone is OK for the simple-minded basic phone user? Thanks.

Reviewed by Chang Lea from China on 5th Sep 2004
This is simply the worst phone i have ever bought. There is no camera, and i bought the camera that you attatch to it and it was of very poor quality. The slide on the phone got very annoying, and i do not advise that you get it. Just dont get it.

Reviewed by tom from susex on 5th Sep 2004
its a brill phone

Reviewed by mishul from england on 31st Aug 2004
i think this phone is not that good but if i had to buy a phone it would be sl55 becasue it is a stylish phone it is small and it can fit in ur hand but if u are texting someone then i would choose nokia because it is a user friendly and u can write text in a minute because its keys a much better but at the end nokia would win the grand price becasue nowadays more people text then calling other people so i would choose a nokia phone but as far as it goes nokia make one type of a phone in one style whereas siemens they make different phones in in different styles but i would say buy a nokia if u are a person who would text alot rather callong people.

Reviewed by Hannah from Wales on 29th Aug 2004
SOOOO not worth the 350 I payed for it, what a waste of money. Several times it froze then switched off deleting every single message stored on the phone, although the sim messages remained. The picture quality could be much better. The top part of the phone came off the bottom part once or twice. Takes ages to load many things such as games. I really wish I'd seen reviews before buying, what a waste of money.

Reviewed by Guy from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
Without doubt the worse phone I have ever owned. Received this via a free upgrade on O2. Keypad fails to work properly, navigation keys dont urrm NAVIGATE! Phone randomly switches off. NEVER EVER AGAIN will I own a Siemens phone or will I recommend and of their handsets to friends or foe.

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 21st Aug 2004
This phone is the worst, I gave it to my little sister it was so bad. Oh, if I'd read all the bad reviews before buying it, I'd never have got it in the first place, don't buy it, I said DON@T EVER BUY IT!! Reception is so bad, even in places where other phones can make calls, the Siemens drops them. After one month the backlight no longer worked, so you can't see the screen at night or in sunlight. When it started freezing and deleting text messages at random, I knew that it was time for it to go. Funnily enough, little siss thinks it's OK, but what does she now.

Reviewed by Haley from UK on 20th Aug 2004
Not a bad little phone had its good points these being the size of the phone and you can read messages without having to open the pro slide. Bad points being i could not find a way to turn off the vibrate even when it was on silent. Also it has a habbit of turning its self back on. This is not good when you are doing exams had to result to taking the battery off the back! The ring tones are rubbish so my phone spent nearly all its life in silent mode. Do not have this phone anymore as it had a small collision with my car tyre. Now have Samsung E800 classy phone!

Reviewed by fi57yseven from england on 20th Aug 2004
Got this phone now, i think its a lovely phone, only probs i got with it are the poor graphics, and the non up to date ringtones to real music, still at carphone warehouse the handset is only 159 and most of the bugs have been taken out, its a all black and is helping me wait for my motorala v525 to come back from being repaired, sexy little phone but i dont think its really worth 159 more like 99.99p.

Reviewed by Glenn from England on 10th Aug 2004
I got this phone given to me, it was well used had loads of numbers in the memory and the call and zero button wouldnt work. I paid 5 pound for a charger and 10 quid for a sim. I took it apart, cleaned it, bodged the buttons so it works, charged it, superglued a button back on that i broke (cost 1.30 for tube of glue, ripped of there, should of been 99p) yeah, it has crashed, when i was marking and deleting all numbers from the phone book, it is slow but for 16 quid hey! im not arsed about games and stuff, had loads of phones from nokias to motorolas and the best i had so far was the 7650 but it weighed a ton. if you want a small phone to make calls on this will do you. if you want to spend 5 pound a game, when you could probably be doing better things with your money thats up to you. it works, its a phone ok, and as for camera phones i had 3 of them and i found that they are blody pointless. get a digital camera. yep. 10 stars...

Reviewed by BJ from Australia on 9th Aug 2004
Upgraded to this phone 11 months ago after owning an S40 and several Motorolas. Needed the triband as I travelled a lot. The S40 developed a habit of turning itself back on while I was travelling so arrived after long flights to find the battery dead. Upgraded the software and the problem disappeared so I was aware of the need to keep the software current. Am a heavy phone user. Love the size. Love the voice quality and the reception is very good compared with others I have had. I have had the phone into the shop to replace the keyboard after 7 months and upgrade the software but this was one day and came back better than new. Great phone, none on the market I would swap it for.

Reviewed by michael from England on 3rd Aug 2004
well where can i start?? after only five minutes of having this fone the screen froze,if this wasnt bad enough i couldnt get a reception at all and i live right next to an O2 mast!! the shop had the cheek to say it was because the area i lived was in an area reknowned for bad reception!!! then when i thought it had sorted itself out i dropped it in some sand and the light behind the screen no longer worked. a day after this the key pad started to slip and the keys started coming out. this was the last straw, i took the phone back to the shop and had it changed for a Samsung. since then no problems at all!!

Reviewed by Vicky from England on 24th Jul 2004
Oh how i wish i had read this review page before i purchased this oh so sexy phone. Before the phone started playing up i was really happy with it, just the size is pleasing, but when it started turning off, deleting messages and generally taking the P*** i wasn't too happy. I'm sat with it now wondering what to do, service concerning this phone doesn't seem all that good, and i'm only glad i pain the 99 for it, compared to the starting price which was way higher. I now know where to look for reviews on mobile phones! And also know where to put any SL55 crossing my path - in the bin.

Reviewed by tony from england on 21st Jul 2004
this fone is rubbish!! all i did is washed it in the washing machine, dropped it off a building, let it get ran over by a lorry and now it wont work!! my advise dont get this fone

Reviewed by Rob from England on 9th Jul 2004
3 stars as I've only had it a couple of weeks. It was free and I'm delighted with it so far.

Reviewed by tashie from n.ireland on 7th Jul 2004
as with most people on here, i wish i could have given this phone zero stars! this is possibly the worst phone i've used. I have had 5 different handsets now. The first few, the screen froze and didn't unfreeze! Others have switched themselves off during calls, or just when sitting on a table! one one occasion, when the phone was switched back on, all tones, graphics, logos, text messages pictures etc etc had been deleted. so when my phone rang, it just lit up, made no noises whatsoever. all the factory settings had just deleted themselves!!!! also, every time i had to change the phone, i had to pay a silly admininistration fee, even though i had insurance (though this is more a problem with orange 'care' than the phone itself) finally, i could take no more of this phone, and have upgraded - back to a nokia, the only phones i've never had a problem with. thinking of buying this phone??? STOP THINKING!!!!!

Reviewed by Bazza from Spain on 5th Jul 2004
Great phone. Had it for six months - no problems.

Reviewed by Oliver Licari from Malta on 22nd Jun 2004
I bought my SL55 because it looked compact- however i was in for a very bad surprise 1) very slow mobile - takes ages to load games and also message screens - and this with no installed software ! 2) the mobile has no resistance to shock whatsoever the slightest impact and the display is ruined 3) parts and repairs are extremely expensive

Reviewed by emma from england c'on on 16th Jun 2004
Review: I bought my fone 6 weeks ago and im in the process of taking it back althought the link r saying they havent had any other problem like this but they should look at this web-site anyway dont buy this fone it turns its self off, the front cover freezes now and then and well when i put the fone up it goes onto key lock and also sending and recieving msg's is really slow i wud av rated it as a 0 but there wasnt a0 so deont buy this fone coz u'll regret it i know i did

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 15th Jun 2004
This was my upgrade this year and gave it to my wife because it looked a neat and compact phone, how wrong i was! From new the signal strength and volume was very poor compaired to my Nokia 8310 which is over a year old and has been great. After 6 weeks the phone packed in, it had been switched off and would not switch on. O2 sent the phone off for repair and the result came back Beyond Economical Repair through water damage. Realy great as it never rains in this country does it. Very poor backup from O2 and Siemens. Do yourself a favour don't buy this one.

Reviewed by STUART from SCOTLAND on 15th Jun 2004
I love the look of this phone, It's light, small, makes a cool wee noise when you open it... sadly that's where the plus points come to a sharp halt. can't get a signal anywhere, cuts you off all the time, hangs up constantly, Dodgy reception hello.... hello.... heloooooo... I can't hear you....hello????? It just makes you want to rip your own arm off and beat yourself to death with it.

Reviewed by Vicky from UK on 14th Jun 2004
I have a few things that I would like to complain abut with regards to this phone. 1. The Alarm - the alarm system on the phone rings appropriately but shows the alarm time instead of the actual time, thus making it difficult to know whether to snooze or not. 2. Last Number Dialled - There is no time structure on this, I am not able to tell what time I made the last call. 3. Text Messaging - Do I start a new text or continue with the old one? I sometimes do not get the choice of continuing. 4. The Group System - This is very difficult to sort, assigning ringtones to certain groups is nigh on impossible. 5. The whole phone keeps crashing. This happened to me last week and I lost 24 text messages. The functions on this phone make it very slow, it is irritating and embarrassing. NOT A GOOD PHONE AT ALL.... SWOPPED IT FOR A NOKIA 7210!

Reviewed by Ryan C from Northern Ireland on 13th Jun 2004
Looks good when u get it, nice and small... But then when u try to use to it, all you see is "Network Search" 24/7 - what use is a mobile fone if u can contact anyone? The reception is awful - its never connected to the network - whereas fones like nokia's are almost always connected. First noticed the keys started to stop functioning after about 5 months - firstly the left menu key had to press pressed so hard it hurt your thumb then the keypad started to loose its control. Then comes the actual caseing - didn't have the fone more than a week or two and it was as scratched as my old fone (which is a couple of years old) - these scrapes destroy the display as they appear very easily when trying to read txts etc. so the screen scrapes easily. then comes the camera and display - the fones graphic display itself is awful - my watch has higher graphic capability than the fone - bad performance there - then the Camera which costs a good bit of money - promising you high quality pictures which are better than most - which in reality, the only reason you have a camera fone is to have pictures on ur fone - and what use is that if the display is poor. The camera again comes with a "good" feature - its flash, ok, well the firstly the camera can't "see" anything beyond 1 meter or else its just a pixel on the display - with the flash activated people look like ghosts - really. you have to charge up the flash before its ready which isnt really that good at partys - you can't exactly say "oh wait to my crap fone charges the flash!" All in all, bad camera. Another problem i noticed - i dont know the reason for this, but as i carry my fone in my right leg pocket, about 3 months after doing this, i noticed a very heavy pain in my muscle, which i wasn't to happy about. I'm a 15 year old boy, like to talk to people, my fone dosen't allow me to do that, i like to play sports, but my fone does stuff to my leg which actually can make me stop playing.... any way, if ur intending to buy this fone - the Siemen SL55 - DON'T Ryan C

Reviewed by Graeme Yule from UK on 12th Jun 2004
Received an upgrade at the begining of March which I gave to my wife as I was very happy with my Nokia 8310, so foolishly chose an SL55 because it looked neat and compact. She complained of poor reception and volume on the phone and after 6 weeks it packed in altogether; it had been switched off prior to a meeting and would not switch back on. I took it back to O2 who sent it off for repair but only to be told it was beyond economical repair due to water damage! My wife cannot recall at any point when the phone got wet (apart from rain). All i can say is very poor responce from O2 and Siemens. The Carphone Warehouse tried the other day to offload one onto a friend of mine until one of my children put him right - a lucky escape for him. I'm sorry that I hadn't seen this site just after getting it or it would have been returned. (1 star rating too good for SL55's!)

Reviewed by Hugh from Scotland on 3rd Jun 2004
I have to say bought it cause it was free on contract and it looked smaller than the Nokia. But it developed a fault on the keypad. I sent it to Siemens (via Hays tech repair in Banbury Oxon). They had it for 21 days and sent it back unfixed. Great service from them! Don't buy a Siemens phone, buy a Nokia, they are the best!

Reviewed by cj from britian on 2nd Jun 2004
a real girly toy,but it keeps turning off heyho might send it back when i get around to it

Reviewed by discostu from united kingdom on 1st Jun 2004
Dont let the one star fool you, this phone is worse than the minimal rating. I have had six replacement phones from Orange within the last eight months and each time within four to six weeks the cursor has stopped responding completely. My latest replacement constantly cycles through the settings menu and all you can do is receive incoming calls!.I darent turn it off or I wont be able to use it again!. When i originally purchased the phone the signal was so poor and i thought it may be the reception in my area, ITS NOT! eg(if you were sitting in doors and chatting to a friend all the speech was broken up). The phone turns itself off, even when using the pro-slide lock and the screen freezes when receiving incoming messages when your on a call. Im currently waiting for delivery of my seventh phone and as soon as my contract expires in a few weeks time, i am never never ever having one of these phones again. Nice looking phone but thats where the buck stops. Email:-stuart.farnell@nig-uk.com

Reviewed by simon charles west from United Kingdom on 31st May 2004

Reviewed by D from Australia on 27th May 2004
10 for looks, 2 for personality. If you wanna buy this phone get it because it looks stylish because it will break down in about 6 months.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 27th May 2004
Wow, this phone has been slated. I am a consumer who has previously changed my phone almost monthly but I have had the SL55 now for 9 months and, overall, I am very happy with it. I use it a lot and the battery is fine, the odd call gets cut off and, at the beginning of the year, the screen froze and shut off a couple of times but generally it has been great and still has the 'wow' factor as you hardly see anyone with them. It could certainly be better but theres room for improvement in all of us !!

Reviewed by Matt from England on 18th May 2004
Couldn't give the phone 0/5 stars, so had to opt for 1. Ironic seeing how the number 1 key on the phone doesn't work, oh and nor does the central menu key (left works though!) oh yeah and the Green key with the little phone logo on it, yeah the key that you kinda need in order to call a number? Texting is great, not that texts make any sense at the best of times, but seeing how the navigation button doesn't work I can't put any punctuation in them anyway. All in all I regret buying this turd of a phone, wouldn't have another Siemans if my life depended on it (and if my life did depend on the phone, you'd be sure you I call anyone anyway).

Reviewed by samui from uk on 7th May 2004
small, but rubbish.

Reviewed by tijen from london on 30th Apr 2004
my phone keeps swithching off and freezing. a some points i cant even swithch it back on. the phone is small and compact but that is all its good for. im not impressed.

Reviewed by Darryl from Glasgow on 29th Apr 2004
The SL55 is a stylish phone though it has a lot of problems with it. I had the phone 2 days and it kept crashing every half hour, after 4 days the screen just stopped working completely. This is a very poor phone. I took my phone back and got my money back and bought the new Samsung E700. This phone is outstanding!!!. It is so good you cant even compare it to the SL55!!

Reviewed by MiSSy from England on 26th Apr 2004
This is the most horrific creation I have ever known, and that includes Geri Halliwell. I got this phone for my 18th birthday off my parents and I'd wanted it since my friend got one. It does look fantastic, but when u actually get one, it is plasticy and crappy. MY MAIN GRIPE IS THAT AFTER ONLY 6 MONTHS, THE PHONE SWITCHES ITSELF OFF EVERY FEW MINUTES, AND IF I USE EITHER THE PRO SLIDE OR A BUTTON. The first one had to go back within 3 weeks because the buttons had fallen off, and the ones left on didn't work well. The charge also ran out particularly quickly and I can't stand the 'please wait' message whenever I try to do ANYTHING on the phone. I recieved a new phone straight away from 'Phones 4 U' and they sent my old one back. The new phone wasn't much better. When I try to text it moves so slowly, I've written half a message before it even shows up on the screen. Then I have to go back and correct the mistakes I made because I couldn't see what I was typing!!!! Th e phone froze and lost all my msgs, some of which were very important. I struggle to get a signal. The charge runs out sooooooo quickly. When I talk on the phone, it's crackley and rubbish. The screen is scratched just from every day use, I havn't even dropped the phone!!!! It takes AGES to do anything. I hope this time when I take it back to phones 4 u, they give me a new model altogether as I cannot face having another SL55. DO NOT BUY IT. The people on this site who have praised it will soon be dissapointed because the phone does not last long. IT IS USELESS!!!!!! My parents paid 329.99 my phone, and then put my own genie sim in it. It is the biggest waste of money ever. I am disgusted and OUTRAGED and I think siemens should refund every1 who is unhappy with the purchase of this phone as they should never have distributed SUCH AN ATROCITY!!!!! I am absolutely fuming over the whole thing as I cannot be without a phone for a day and now I will have no choice. NO1 FAL L FOR THE GOOD LOOKS, it's a pile of junk.

Reviewed by IAN from ENGLAND on 24th Apr 2004
The sl55 is total rubbish i have had four phones in as many months problems from it switching off to deleting all my phone numbers.This lastest time phones for you refused to exchange the model although it is a known fault and one of there staff have had 16 off them. my advice is to avoid this phone and phones for you i shell be going back to nokia as my 8850 has never given me any problems after four years of use.

Reviewed by frankie from northern ireland on 16th Apr 2004
ive only got the phone 3 days now .unless ive been in mars for a while this wee phone is going 50/50 on the popularity stakes , i think seimens should start defendending themselves or hold their hands up and say ....whatever.....anyhoo the phones is great im a light user and the only qualifification i have is i passed my cycleing proficency test... and 25metres free style swimming....which makes me over qualified for most jobs,(tee hee)nice one seimens.............frankie

Reviewed by tracey from wednesbury on 16th Apr 2004
my dad has just brought this phone 4 me its small and just what i wanted bad phone

Reviewed by Glynn Jones from Old Blighty (UK) on 5th Apr 2004
Now I know what it feels like to be fish... The bait looked so tasty and once I took it I was well and truly GUTTED! All I wanted was a small compact phone that would happily sit in my pocket rather than carrying round a half a house brick, and when I saw the SL55 I fell hook line and sinker!!! Oh the regrets! Poor signal reception, turning off on using Proslide (which turned out to be a battery problem, replaced by Siemens no qualms 5*!), Sticky non-functioning buttons, made out of plastic that "Kinder Eggs" rejected through poor quality, and performance that plummets through the floor when you install anything beyond the capabilities of a Spectrum z80! And to think I handed back my O2 XDA2 for this... Once you get over the fact it's the sexiest phone out by far you realise it has more in common with Page 3 'stunners'... All cheap plastic and very, very, very SLOW! This only gets a 1 star rating for it's looks, and definitely not it's content...

Reviewed by marna from uk on 3rd Apr 2004
have my phone now for a while, and nothing has gone wrong, it is a great thing, and easy to use, (just read the booklet) hope it last for ever

Reviewed by JULIE MCLEAN from U K on 1st Apr 2004
Purchased SL55 from O2 mobile first time i've ventured to a siemens phone,(always had panasonics no probs for 10 years) within 1 week it began to freeze mid text then only way to unfreeze was to detatch battery, then begin texts all over again. On the third week it began switching off for no reason at all, just sat on my desk one minute on next off, had next week problem free, then for my fifth week (this week) my SL55 is switching off an average of 15 times a day untouched then on almost every occasion I have to answer the damn thing. Contacted 02 very helpful(not) so forced to contact Siemens directly. They reccommend highly that I return the phone and get it repaired and give it another chance(of course) however on reading other reviews I think the only place I will be sending this phone will be to my local rubbish yard. Anyone considering buying this phone! yeah it looks good, sounds great, but is in fact C**P. Save Your Hard Earned Dosh!!!!!!!! All I can say is come back my panasonic phone all is forgiven..

Reviewed by jed from uk on 1st Mar 2004
Keeps turning off. Trouble with text failure.Memory too small to download poly ringtones.Apart from that great , so great in fact i'm going to smash it with a hammer and put it out of it's misery. Ah bliss.

Reviewed by Andy Pap from Greece on 19th Feb 2004
Great phone to look at.....stylish and good size. Haven't met anyone who hasn't said it isn't a fantastic looking phone. If you're a 16 year old girl then that should be enough......but if you want it to actually make and receive calls frequently, then read on........ Unfortunately its looks aren't matched by its build quality. Within the first month it was switching off by itself, or switching off when using the ProSlide to answer calls. Sent it back to Siemans and that problem was fixed within 10 days. 4 months later and I wasn't able to make outgoing calls. Back to Siemens again. Used to have an 8310 and the SL55 battery life and signal reception are poorer then the Nokia......although battery life isn't a problem if you're not a heavy user. Screen resolution isn't as good as other makes. Also froze on me once and wiped the phone memory and the screen scratches easily. All in all.....looks fantastic but very poor build quality. Proof of the pudding....I'll be switching back to Nokia when i get my upgrade and won't be buying another Siemens again. That new Nokia 6230 looks a bit tasty.......

Reviewed by Emma from England on 3rd Feb 2004
I think this stylish little phone is Brill i also have it in pay as u go as lots of people have been saying they cant find one u can get it online at carphone warehouse

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 2nd Feb 2004
Cute looking 'phone but a swine to use. The menu is nowhere near as easy to use as other makes. And after less than 6 months the keypad is being to fail - the central joystick key will not operate downwards. If it was a Nokia I could strip it down but with this ...no chance. Really cann't recommend.

Reviewed by SIMON WEST from UK on 1st Feb 2004
This phone promised so much but fails to deliver you are taken in by the good looks but its about as practical as a brick. The build quality is poor it looks and feels cheap and plasticy. Constant network searches due to the internal ariel not being able to pick up a signal are really annoying. The leather case is pointless as you have to take it out of the case to do anything with the phone.im trying so hard to think of any plusses about this phone but if there are any i havent found them yet. Do yourself a favour get a samsung

Reviewed by ken from uk on 24th Jan 2004
Purchased the phone on contract with O2 in November 2003. It worked ok for a month, and then had major signal strength problems (constantly searching for a signal), also the battery was lasting less than 24 hours from full charge to empty...on standby! Took the phone back to shop and it was sent for repair, got the phone back 10 days later,the engineers report stated that the phone had "electronic problems". Took the phone home and the signal strength problem was still there! Took the phone back to O2 who have sent it back to Siemens again. I am hoping that I will get the chance to change the model of the phone if and when it comes back. Yes, it looks good, but whats looks if it cannot make or recieve calls or messages? 2 STARS FOR THE PHONE, AND 1 STAR FOR O2. THEY ARE CLUELESS!

Reviewed by Courtney from Australia on 19th Jan 2004
well i've had this phone since Christmas of 2003, and i have had no probs, yer its fab and all ma friends r jealous of its good looks, i absoulutely love how it plays mp3, i've got some of Guy Sebastian's songs on it, and i absoulutely love it, im very protective of my fone and i love my mum 4 gettin it 4 me, and yer wot can i say its great, i think i've spent about 200$ on it soo far ok thnx buh bye I SUGGEST GETTIN ONE FOR URSELF ITS MAD

Reviewed by Stanley Edwards from UK on 19th Jan 2004
Like others I fell for the looks of the SL55. I returned the first when the software started to deteriorate. I have had the second for just a week and already the problems found with the first are beginning to show. The build quality is not good enough. Buttons have been falling off on many phones and the casing fades quickly. The main problem is serious bugs in the OS software. The phone switches itself off for no apparent reason, often when trying to answer calls. Received texts cuase the system to freeze. Ringtones don't behave as they should. Siemens answer - send the phone back to them and they will load new software (5 working days when I last asked, but I would imagine this will very soon be weeks!) Or, download the software from their website. I tried, but the software was not Windows XP compatiable. Totally fed up, but really want the phone to work because it does look and feel lovely. It's like having a smooth pebble in your pocket - very tactile. This model is going to do serious damage to Siemens reputation. Think I'm ready to go back to Motorola, or Nokia. Sorry, I know you really want to buy it, but don't - it will seriously raise the stress levels in your life! Stan

Reviewed by ste from england on 15th Jan 2004
i dont no wat u lot r going on bout. dis phone is wel gd so i dont konw why u are all slating it. ye mayb it might freeze but i have had my phones for at least 7 months now and it has only froze once. as for da keys stiking dat has only ever happened once to nd it was da number 3 key but after about an hour it works fine again so i dont konw wat everyone is complaining about

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Jan 2004
I have had the phone now for 3 months, i didnt want to write until now ( just to give the phone a chance). I was not very sure if i should buy the phone (with the bad reviews) but i liked the look and finaly got one. The phone is great i love all the things is can do. it stores loads of message and and phone number which i really needed. Up until now i have no problem with the phone. The other day i received a text message and my phone froze. i thought nothing of it until i switch the phone back on and it had wiped all my texts messages (the ones saved to the phone not sim card). i hope this does not carry on beacuse i love this phone so much, i dont think i would change it even if it doesnt work, besides this problem this phone is the best i have ever had.

Reviewed by gabes from liverpool, england on 7th Jan 2004
not worth getting. it has major problems, that need fixing. i regret buying it, totally. good luck pressing those minature keys on the keypad. this problem should be fixed otherwise take it off the market.

Reviewed by Mobile Phone Guru from UK on 7th Jan 2004
don\'t bother getting it... i regret buying it. its slow, has so many problems, hard to mantain and it shouldn\'t have even been released on the market in my opinion. good luck trying to press those extremely small keys on the keypad. its just not worth considering

Reviewed by ADAM from SOUTH AFRICA on 5th Jan 2004

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 30th Dec 2003
I have had the phone for a month and am fed up with it. It does keep turning itself off and it is nothing to do with the auto turning off timer. It also freezes when I recieve texts, and the other day it froze, then turned itself off and wiped everything in the inbox. These are problems that should just not be happening!

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 30th Dec 2003
wife purchased me a siemens sl55 for xmas via virgin it is now 30/12/03 and am on my second phone which is being returned. the looks are fabulous but unfortunately the phone is very ordinary the slider tones work when they feel like it the graphics for a phone of this price are very ordinary there is no support for graphics or ring tones on siemens own site so either they cant be bothered or they are getting rid of it already. the battery is left to rattle around in the box so both were already scratched on arrival. all in all for a phone of this price not good

Reviewed by reg from G.B on 30th Dec 2003

Reviewed by Stan from Hong Kong on 26th Dec 2003
Pros: Size is major deciding factor for me. I dont like a phone that is always in the way when not in use. I dont find the keypad too small but then probably have fingers to match. Has an English manual which is sometimes rare here. My last 3 Motorola's had no english manual. Had to d/load from the net. I can see most of important screen info without having to put on glasses. Inf/red function is great and compatable with most other phones, also use it for PC/phone data exchange. Havent had any quirks yet as other reports discuss. It did shut off once but since using keypad lock no more problems. I suggest that other users may try that. Battery life is marginal although being marked good but I find I fiddle with the phone a lot, showing fotos etc. but the batteries with proper charging are getting better life. Photo quality is very good but memory for good quality is not great. Cons: Menu until mastered is a nightmare. Data program took a bit of sorting out. Data lead was not liked by any computor that I use (work, home)ended up buying inf/red adaptor which works perfectly. Initial cost is a bit high, camera price is ridiculous. Dreadful ring tones but maybe Im in the wrong age group. Sum up great little phone very happy with it. No problems so far and looking back at some reports I would say that the manual has not been read by many for good reason maybe, not easy to follow. Out of 6 phones Ive owned in 5 years this would be my pick but the second is an old original flip motorola.

Reviewed by Mike Young from England on 22nd Dec 2003
This phone is far to expensive for what it is. You can get camera phones for less than this. I got my T610 for free on contract yet the SL55 is 80. FOr the ammount of money you have to pay you would have thought it would be a descent phone - no. The coulour screen is terrible it looks like a black and white one, but with a slight pastelly hint of colour. The ringtones are good but apart from that its rubbish. DONT BUY IT i even think the Nokia 3510i is better than this and you need to be pretty bad to beat the 3510i!!!!

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 17th Dec 2003
i used to own a nokia before getting this phone, and as i was sick of nokias i was quite excited about receiving this phone. when my phoen arrived for the fisrt week i was very pleased with it, then some problem started cropping up, fisrt of all it kept freezing and cutting off, but i thought nohtign of it and kept it, then as time went on my buttons stopped responding particulary the up arrow and the left arrow on the key pad. this is very very annoying and vexed me completely! however i thought it may just be a slight glitch so i kept the handset, few weeks later i was sendign a txt and the phone froze, i couldn't even turn it off so i had to take the battery out, after doign this i turned my handset back on only to find out to my horror all my numbers had gone! i thought however they were saved to my sim card but i realised later u had to individually do this using one of the menu buttons which i cudnt get to as the buttons weren't working! i am now currently waiting for my replacement handset in hope this one will be an improvement but if it is not i will without hesitation be gettign another phone, and certainly not a siemens one!

Reviewed by Tich from UK on 15th Dec 2003
This is a stunning looking phone and I've not experienced any problems with "freezing" or "switching itself on/off", or even "bad audio" which others have moaned about! Why only 1 star you may ask... They keys - they didn't design the keys to last more than a couple of months :( I am on my second SL55 - on the first within 2 weeks the "3" key was getting pretty impossible to press (required lots of force - meant typing txts was impossible). After getting it replaced everything seemed OK but here I am 4 months later and the left/right cursor keys are pretty difficult to press (require pretty strong force so you nearly always hit the "soft" keys by accident). Typing txts is nigh on impossible without typing v-e-r-y sl-o-w-l-y and deliberately - partly because the keys require very deliberate pressing and partly because the OS is so slow - you can see it thinking! Absolutely no use at all - at the end of the day I much preferred my old Sony Z5 which kept up with my typing just fine (but whose battery life was awful!). In short - stunning phone - useless keys. Avoid unless you are really taken with the design :( Oh well - only 8 months to go on my contract - gonna stick with Sony next time...

Reviewed by exlaval from israel on 10th Dec 2003
had this for a month now, only one problem so far, it didn't ring on calls - somehow cleaned records- checked the version and it all came back as new No problems whatsoever, love it, reception is great compared to my cdma phone, it's 1000 % improvement - screen not as flashy as motorola v720 but reception to reception - the sl55 leaves the v720 in the dust 0 what good is the screen, when you have to scream to be heard. Test of fire is elevator communications, the v720 was useless in ANY elevator, it would die 0 this one you talk and talk and talk and hardly notice where you are noise compensation feature is just great 0 you got to learn how to use it, this is not a tv whereas 1 2 3 and away you, set it wrong and it'll drive up the wall and the book is there for something not just to climb on it the change a bulb

Reviewed by Les U.K. from UK on 9th Dec 2003
Had phone 2 mths, it\'s going in the toilet.T-Mobile and Siemens admit to probs, like no Internet access and no useable MMS.Great phone if all you wanna do is call and text, otherwise, buy anything but an SL55.Be warned eh?

Reviewed by xqzme from Australia on 8th Dec 2003
A Good phone, stylish, small. But the menu is hard to use, and I keep losing my AddressBook!!! Anyone else have the same problem? All the settings get lost, however it retains any files downloaded to it.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 5th Dec 2003
Ive had this phone for a week now and im still in awe of it. It raises many "oohs" and "aahs" when i show it to people for the first time. I feel that it has been unfairly slated by people on this site. You are expecting too much from such a small phone, and if you had read up on it then you would have known what you were getting. As for the phone freezing, i havent experienced too much difficulty. Ive found that if i press the keys too fast then this may slow the phones response down. Now i know at what speed to press the keys to make sure this doesnt happen. I found the menu easy to navigate. Its on a par with my previous nokia's menu, if not easier as I didnt need to look in the manual when first trying out the phone. I love the unique features of the SL55. Especially the dictating mac, what fun have i had with that! Also the wonderful voyage, its a shame this cannot be used as a screen saver. I chose this phone over another Nokia as i dont like the "squareness" of the cur rent models. I wanted something more stylish and unique. All in all i am very pleased with this phone. I feel that it have the looks as well as the personality. If only it was a man!

Reviewed by Kevin from Ireland on 2nd Dec 2003
Had the phone for about a day when it started to randomly switch itself off. Sure it looks great, nice size etc. but that's useless when it won't work most of the time.

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