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Siemens S65 review

 Review: October 2004  


In a nutshell: Top-of-the-range phone with megapixel camera & Bluetooth™.


The Siemens S65 is the top-of-the-range model in the Siemens xx65 series. The S65 comes in an austere black and sliver finish, and gives a feeling of solid technical superiority. The phone is a traditional candy-bar design of medium size and weight, so it feels solid and purposeful.

The display is large, although not so high resolution as competitors like the Sony Ericsson K700i. It's a good quality screen, using TFT technology and 65k colours. Overall a very good screen, although not the best in its class.

The camera is one of the few megapixel cameras currently available, with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, making it nearly as good as anything else available. However, it cannot match the quality of the Sony Ericsson S700i, the Nokia 7610 or the Sharp GX30. There is also a video camera and sound recorder. The video camera is capable of recording short clips only.

Connectivity includes a Bluetooth™ option, and the phone is easy to sync with a PC. Memory capacity is good with exchangeable 32 Mbyte memory cards for storing data, in addition to the internal memory.

The S65 could have been a fantastic phone but it is badly let down by software and reliability issues. We have deducted marks from our score for this reason. Read our user reviews below for an idea of the sorts of problems to be expected from the S65.

Siemens S65 features include:

  • Display: TFT, 65k colours, 132 x 176 pixels
  • Integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera (1280 x 960 pixels) with digital zoom
  • Integrated video camera and video playback (MPEG4)
  • Sound recorder
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity & Infrared
  • PC synchronisation
  • 3 games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Internal memory: 11 Mbytes, plus exchangeable 32 Mbytes MultiMediaCard
  • Tri-band
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 109 x 48 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 98g

Siemens S65 user reviews

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Average rating from 111 reviews:

Reviewed by Abraham from UK on 7th Jun 2009
I own this phone. It can compare to Nokia 6600 but S65 doesn't have an OS. Even this phone has a megapixel camera but the photo is poor quality not like SIEMENS C75 the other SIEMENS that I have. It doesn't have MP3 player but you can still listening some songs. You should converted the file from .mp3 to .wav files. It's sounds good but not like a music phone. The feature that I missed in this phone is the FM radio. too bad that it doesn't have it.

Reviewed by Andy C from UK on 22nd May 2009
With the *latest firmware* it's perfectly stable and has some really nice interface features. I've been using it for 4 years and it's always worked well, tho the OS is fairly clunky and java apps run quite slowly.

Reviewed by aqif from UK on 11th Jan 2009
its disgusting in softwares but i like the style of the phone....Its quite good for a new mobile user....

Reviewed by Carol from UK on 6th Oct 2008
I have had this phone for 5.5 years now, having bought it in the Netherlands. I have always had a great time using this phone and have found it to be most reliable for reception all round Europe. I have a small business now, and just wish the battery life would last forever!! My trusty partner is dying and although I do not want to upgrade, I feel that I will be forced to soon. However, I have to add that I will not look for another brand until I have explored my new Siemens options :o)

Reviewed by Gemini from UK on 6th Feb 2008
Well the s65 is really a nice phone actually this is the second time im buying one . its got some issues though ,which are speed , video quality and sound . The camera is a but manageable in good lighting , it has a very high resolution but in poor lighting its so unacceptable. Its not an mp3 phone , and wave sounds are poorly produced except with handsfree device. It also hangs from time to time . The main reason i like the siemens s65 is its ability to display graphics like high resolution walpapers and animated gif , its really good with stuff like that . If you are looking for a stylish phone then look else where. :)

Reviewed by bappy from UK on 27th Nov 2007

Reviewed by andonuv from UK on 17th Nov 2007
I’m an user of Siemens Mobile S65 with a nice visual looking just as your Advertisement and your integrate global famous benchmark, .I bought one, cost me more than 3000 MRB, on the famous street HuaQiangBai Road, Shenzhen, China PRC on Mar. 9, 2005. But unfortunately, it had been often down after one year’s using, while I pressed “confirm KEY” it just dead, the 1st maintenance costs me 120 MRB on Apr. 09’06, saying by the repairing agent in Shenzhen, “the Keyboard was damaged and had to replace new one”, and then it’s happened for several times, at Sept -14’06 and Nov. ’06 and so on, wasted me a lot of money and time! (once per 120 MRB & total more than 1,000 MRB, it equal a new S65’s price showed on web market that days …it’s SO Crazy!!!). However the key problem was not be solved, at the last, to be send to Shanghai Siemens Manufacturing Factory, after then (More than One Month Waiting) some problems were often appeared, such as the picture on the screen will moved from left to right when I touch operation Keys, it can still work until yesterday Oct 29,’07), it was dead again without any single, not be opened anyway! I was so upset by now and so hopeless because I have no time and no money to do this Same Unreasonable Things as those procedures below: Siemens mobile S65 disordered--->Complaining--->Go to Repairing Agent ( Often changed in address)--> To be told Sth. wrong-->Pay Maintenance Money ( Once per 120 MRB and material fee added if necessary)---> Siemens mobile S65 disordered again--->Complaining--->Go to Repairing Agent ( Often changed in address)--> To be told Sth wrong-->Pay Maintenance Money ( Once per 120 MRB and material fee added if necessary-->…… it’s seemed not be end!!! ( It’s So Worse Crazy!!!)….. Dear Sir or Madam: this is my miserable story about my Siemens Mobile S65. I wan to end this unacceptable strange Cycles now, because it brings me so much inconveniences during my business or traveling. Hope you will investigate this serious case and help me to solve problem thoroughly, and save my money, saving my time and your time. On the other hand, my Nokia 71--- an old type mobile, bought in 1999 was still in use, when S65 down, it can be used at once without any repairing, extra money and worry about, as a miracle!!! So this truth leads to a conclusion that you should replace a new one--- Siemens mobile S65 to me or Pay back my money 3000 RMB in turn and returned this bad one for further research & study, thus keeping your sound famous and benchmark continuously in this competition world marketing. I will keep on this Complaint until this problem perfectly being solved. Thanks!

Reviewed by ross from England on 8th Jul 2007
Can't take mp3 and it's rubbish but it does have blue tooth

Reviewed by boris from Serbia on 14th Jun 2007
software!this phone deserve much better software.I guess people from the siemens gave the advantage to it's look and acessories over it's usage cappabilities,speed and stability.LAZY,wery lazy phone,so are and his constructors,I guess.

Reviewed by Migs from Egypt on 1st Jun 2007
I have had this phone for 2.5 years ! Can you believe it ? This is a great phone for most business men, if you are after a flashy on the go phone then the Siemens S65 is not the phone for you. I will try to discuss the pros and cons of the phone although I doubt people still buy this model since it's considered ancient in the mobile world. Pros: Customizable Themes: By using the theme editor provided by siemens you can customize your themes down to the smallest details. And by that I mean you can control the backgrounds, ring tones, font color, highlighters, animations, progress bars, every single detail can be changed. I've even heard that you can change the icons ! I haven't tried to do that because it seemed a bit complicated. Stylish: This phone has bold colors, black and silver lining work great together. Siemens really improved their telephone designs. The size of the phone is comparable to most of the phones that were on the market when the phone was introduced to the market; 2004. Durable: This phone fell on the ground a few times and is still working, I have never had to reset the phone or adjust software. I still have the original cover after 2.5 yrs. Definitely a keeper and has long life. Connectivity: BT, Infrared, GPRS, PC Sync capability (I havent been able to figure it out yet). Screen: Although the resolution on this screen may not be the best but it's size compensates for it very well. When lit to the max this screen provides excellent visibility and contrast to the stylish body. Games: Really nice games, they take games to another level. A race car game, worms for mobile phone and battleship. Extra applications: Those come at no additional cost and are standard in this phone. Unit converter that consists of every unit an avg would need; Length - millimeters to light years, Temp , Energy - Cal, watt, Kj, Velocity - Mass - Area - Volume - Power - Time - Pressure. Stopwatch, Countdown, Survival Dictionary (I'm not kidding, this guide has enough prewritten sentences to get you by on a trip abroad in several languages including spanish, french, german, english, italian, portuguese). Calculator, Sound Recorder, Organiser, Cocktail manager, Picture editor. Organiser: It is full of options ! Dates, tasks, bdays, memos, alarms, to do list, calender and they are all divided by time. You can add several entries to a single date at different times for a variable period of time. Charger: Can it get any smaller !!! Smaller than any nokia or motorola charger in my household and I'm talking about 10+ chargers ! Cons: Not many but one should mention them to guide buyers that need such specifications. Camera: This phone comes with a 1.3 digital camera, but I am obliged to say that it is equipped with one of the poorest lenses I have ever seen on a phone. VGA cameras have quality similar to this camera but the only difference is that this image will be larger in size. The color saturation on the images is utter rubbish, in order to attain an "Acceptable" image you need a tremendous amount of light. Not to mention that the camera does not have flash or a mirror - If you fancy camera phones this is not for you ! There is a way to set video clips to record longer clips by changing the settings from MMS video. No MP3: But there is WAV and by using the SOX GUI converter that is on the internet you can put your favorite melodies on your phone but the sound quality is not as good as MP3. I only use them as ring tones, listening to WAV files is.... bad. Sluggish: Not all the time but when you are doing certain tasks the phone can take an extra second or 2. The pages don't flip fast like a 6 series nokia. 11mb of phone memory can be frustrating at times since this phone is quite complex. In my country Siemens don't have a decent resale value so that's one thing I don't like but it varies from one place to another. I'm thinking about buying a new phone but there actually is no excuse other than the fact that I want a new one. This phone satisfies my everyday telephone needs and does not need to be replaced, I'm just bored of having the same phone for so long. I've had alot of phones before and this phone is tied with a motorola timeport that stayed functional for 3 yrs but was sold because I was the only one around with a mono screen ! I would suggest this phone to buyers that are looking for a good heavy duty telephone that don't care about Camera or sound quality. Im giving this phone 4 stars because of the poor camera and acceptable sound quality.

Reviewed by Robo from England on 2nd May 2007
I have had this phone for over a year and it is the worst i have had!it constantly crashes after you have sent something by bluetooth and on a normal sceensaver.it has the processing power of a slug, it has a screen which is slow and ancient.the games are good but it has a lot of lllaaaaggg,no mp3,playing recorded vidio's is unfortunate and lllaaaggg is realy anoying.the battery works best on standby.i got this phone expecting the best but i got the opposite.Don't get this phone ,its a waste of your money ! :( :(

Reviewed by liam from wales on 23rd Mar 2007
i lost my samsung d600 so i used my dads old 1 wich is a s65 and its good but it hasnt got a mp3 player

Reviewed by vasu from India on 19th Mar 2007
currently using it .........like to have more features like softwares installment and better screen quality and looks . very handy cell..........

Reviewed by Pulikkottil James from India on 7th Mar 2007
siemens s65 is a nice but not get any parts here

Reviewed by Uzochukwu from Nigeria on 6th Feb 2007
This is an excellent phone, I've had it since July last year and my friends still "trip" over my phone. Dosen't play mp3 though but still a good phone. Plays compressed videos in very stunning quality, even better than the Nokia 6230i. Picture quality is also excellent (in bright light). Organiser features, "splendid". And pc Syncronisation, superb with bluetooth. I've even connected the s65 to my pc and connected over gprs and the speed is just ok. I guess I'm just lucky. I have about 24 games installed on the phone and a couple of applications. The only problem I have is that i want to ugrade to fw58 and don't know how to do it, also I'd like to use patches. How does someone use patches. my email addy is mcwayne@blackplanet.com or be_mcwayne@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Preston from uk on 2nd Feb 2007
this phone is good but not the best you might buy this for a younger person lol

Reviewed by jeton kadiri from kosovo on 1st Feb 2007
siemens s65 is very best :D:D:D::D

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 24th Jul 2006
I was given this handset as company phone over 12 months ago and it has been nothing but trouble. You need toothpick sized fingers to correctly press the keys - I find it almost impossible to dial the correct number first time. Battery life is rubbish: 2 days standby with screensaver. I have trouble bluetooth synching - only works 5 out of 10 times. Voice quality and reception seems to be really poor and I lose signal much more often than any other phone I've used. I'd avoid this phone like the plague.

Reviewed by Seba from Poland on 23rd Jul 2006
It`s the worst phone ever made.It`s switching off all the time,bad camera,poor battery,no mp3. Don`t buy this phone. No more Siemens...

Reviewed by Cem Botasun from Turkey on 18th Jul 2006

Reviewed by Karlo from Croatia on 13th Jul 2006
Outstanding mobile,i got it wit 2GB of memory and software version 50,it doesn't crash at all.

Reviewed by Mentletv from UK on 10th Jul 2006
Very unreliable. Don't bother.

Reviewed by Stretch from England on 4th Jul 2006
Poor battery life, shuts down when it wants to, poor reception and navigation through the controls is like doing a MENSA test. If you want a phone that you can connect to your PC then forget this one, the software is the worst I have seen on any piece of electronic equipment and I have never....never been able to connect and use it successfully with any PC. May be some use if you have one leg shorter than the other.

Reviewed by meco from jamaica on 27th Jun 2006
ive got the s66 which i read on the internet is the Americanized version of the s65. the only difference america made to the s65 is replacing the internet button below the joystick to a one push access Camera button which gives me absolute great access to taking pictures and video recording. this phone has superb frequence and signal n strength. GPRS is super fast, design and feel is excellent. only two problems: NO Mp3 PLAYER and the CAMERA has no night mode so recording and taking pictures can only b viewed under brightly lit areas. wonderful phone Siemens

Reviewed by Gurjit Singh from England on 23rd Jun 2006
Ok, let’s just make this as simple as possible. Siemens has stopped manufacturing this phone so if anyone offers a manufactures warranty it’s most likely they are lying. This phone looks sexy as hell and that’s one of the reasons why I brought it, it also comes with a memory expansion slot which I thought was amazing (I brought my s65 from ebay.co.uk for £73 sometime in February 2006. Not many people have this mobile so it will certainly make heads turn when you pull it out. The problem with this phone is that because of a manufacturing problem with the insides of the mobile, it won’t last very long hence the reason why this phone didn’t sell so well. Mine has started to switch itself off and according to a reliable source there’s no point in trying to simply replace the screen as the whole phone is at fault. The software on the siemens website won’t do any good as it’s a hardware problem not a software problem.

Reviewed by Tom from England on 21st Jun 2006
This phone is very good as far as the features go, the menus make sense, camera is good in proper light, good sized screen, etc, but it is let down by relyability issues. I got a S65 five months ago, but after a month problems started (error messages, freezing, switching off, flashing keypad, buttons not working), so I took it back to the carphone warehouse and they sent it off for repairs under warranty(which took 3 weeks!) and they replaced the mmi board and upgraded the software. This fixed the keypad problems but it still had the other problems. I went back again and they said that they would order me another phone. When I got my replacement S65 I realised that it was second hand, and the carphone warehouse said that Siemens no longer make the S65 so they were unable to get me a new one. When I started using the replacement S65 I found out that it had the same problems, so it has been sent off to be 'repaired' again! I am dissapointed about the problems with my S65 but I am more annoyed at how useless the carphone warehouse are.

Reviewed by Andy from Australia on 14th May 2006
I would provide a negative reading if the drop down boxes would allow. Purchased Siemens S65 Dec04, less than two weeks I was on my second handset, then third in less than a month. The faults ranged from screen freezing, very poor reception, delayed calls/messages, etc. I had my wifes old Nokia receive calls from the same location and same service provider when mine did not. I then had my third handset fixed twice, once approx Mar 05, and mid 05. The third handset then failed again late Nov 05. The features were good but this item was not as its primary function as a phone did not prove worthy. I have had to go through the Ombudsman twice and have now just purchased a new phone Sony Ericsson w810i that has excellent features and you can also use it as a phone an important function the Siemens s65 could not conduct.My faults were found to occur in many different places throughout Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, etc.

Reviewed by stavros from greece on 7th May 2006
i have bought this phone for only 110 euros and i believe its the best phone someone could buy so cheaply...it has already fallen from my hands and nothing has happened to it...i wonder about the quality of the battery though...as it seems after a few photos it looses plenty of its stamina...

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 30th Apr 2006
First of all, *update your firmware* people. I took a gamble and bought my S65 2nd off someone who was complaining of constant crashing, after updating to the latest version it's worked perfectly. Phone itsself is pretty good, nice menus (how can people not like them?) excellent organiser, able to assign any function by holding down a number (very handy for quick access to functions you use). Only really trouble I have with it are the keys are slightly too small. As for lack of mp3 player it'll play 16khz ADPCM wav files that are smaller then mp3s and probably sound just as good on the tiny speaker.

Reviewed by mindy from USA on 12th Apr 2006
shuts off on it's own. numbers are hard to dial. bad resolution. snowy pictures. poor menu set-up. short battery life. no MP3s.

Reviewed by doctile from germany on 11th Apr 2006
its allrite !

Reviewed by dave from UK on 6th Apr 2006
Firstly, I've always had Siemens mobiles I bought this S65 phone brand new - still in box etc the screen went blank after a week. Its been back to BenQ (its still under manufacturers warranty)they sent it to their service people. They are not doing anything -saying its not a manufactures fault ?? believe me the phone was well looked after, never dropped crushed etc. looking at other postings here there is obviously a problem with Siemens screens in general (check out the SL65 feedback as well.) I'm never having anything to do with Siemens again, they seem incapable of making the smarter phones or taking responsibility for the rubbish they are dishing out just bought a Sony - Spot-On Bye-bye Siemens DF

Reviewed by jabbar khan from karachi , pakistan on 14th Mar 2006

Reviewed by bess koliqi from ireland on 23rd Feb 2006
this fone is rubbish,i paid 320 Euro brand new... the screen failed one week after i bought it,had to send away for repairs... also battery is very bad.. for this scrap wich has useless camera not worth it to carry around in ur pocket even one day,i still have it but i never use it..Nokia 5110 is 100 times better and useful than this so called Siemens s65.

Reviewed by Spiller from england on 20th Feb 2006
This has been the worst phone I ever had. This is the second replacement phone and it constantly turns itself off. I would not recommend this handset to anyone and think its a pile of rubbish. Oh and the camera is terrible as well.

Reviewed by nima from iran on 8th Feb 2006
goood camera is outstanding in daylight (in mobile camera's).but it haven't (Night Mode) so you can't see anything in night !!! video capture files is too small because BitRate is low so you cant get very good quality video (specialy in premium mode 176*144). it crashed many times. but with upgrade firmware from SW25 to SW50 it work hard for me without any crash. Realy Nice Design ,big screen , available java programs ( such as Word,Exel,Pdf viewer , MobileZip & ....). No Mp3 Player ( but can play Wav & amr )

Reviewed by Doc from England on 26th Jan 2006
I got the phone after my siemens SF65 has crashed and after revisiting the shop 14 times the ,anufactuer sent, me the siemens S65 and i had no problems at first until i used the bluetooth function and the phone frooze on several occations.

Reviewed by Matija from Croatia on 22nd Jan 2006
Siemens S65 is a great Phone! I owned s25,35,45,55, and now 65 i have software V12 What will hapend with SW version 50????

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 22nd Jan 2006
I think that this phone is great! I got it not long ago for £60, I couldn't believe it! The screen is bigger than on D500, W800, K700, etc, it has removeable memory so that you can add huge amounts of memory to it. The camera is very good is normal light but it won't cope in the dark, I have also had the "snowy" picture problem, it was caused by dust on the lens, so I wiped it and it was cured. the video recording is also good except that the recording time is quite short. I like the joystick because it is fairly light but not too light. Video playback is very good. Pictures can be diplayed to fill the screen when you look at them. There isn't a MP3 player in the phone, but you get some software to convert MP3's to AMR or 3GP files to play on the phone, plus when you have coverted the MP3's they are quite a lot smaller, so you can get more tunes on your phone if you want. The sound quality though the loudspeaker is not that good, but it is the same as most other phones. It is quite cool to have one of these because it never took off so not many people know that they exist, and I has impressed everyone I know. The only problem with them being uncommon is that it can be hard to get accessories for it from highstreet shops so you have to get things off the internet usually.

Reviewed by vff from ltu on 21st Jan 2006

Reviewed by Azizbek Qurbonov from uzbekistan on 17th Jan 2006
S65 is the perfect choice by price/efficiency when you tune it up!!! Update it to the latest firmware and you'll be excited with your phone!!!

Reviewed by skyporter from Latvia on 15th Jan 2006
It REALLY SUCKS! It was switching off all the time and I got mad and smashed it on the street! Now I got Razr V3i and it is outstanding!

Reviewed by bob l'eponge from France on 10th Jan 2006
i found this phone to be a big pile of plastic junk. dont buy it, it's rubbish! WORST PHONE EVER! actually, siemens are just rubbish in general! GO SAMSUNG!!!!

Reviewed by sarjitsinghkhalsa from england on 9th Jan 2006
siemens is high quality company they always make quality products look at www.siemens.com s65 is very good phone

Reviewed by virgilx from austria on 7th Jan 2006
Ive had this phone for several months now, with SW-version 50 running on it. The only issue that remains is the really slow response, as other software problems seem to have been eliminated and the phone is relatively stable. I have dropped it over a doesen times including in a staircase, and the cool thing is that when i picked it up the call was still active(there were some dents in the aluminium frame though). I also relly like the good quality handsfree + the keypad, cos the numbers dont get scratched off. Overall i find it to be a robust, very Siemens phone... which just happens to be slow, and you have to live with it if yu buy one. Its also one of the last Phones that will ever be made by Siemens.

Reviewed by samku from india on 5th Jan 2006
top class phone.buy it or you will constantly moan about it.

Reviewed by Kofi Apraku from London, UK on 21st Dec 2005
Having read some of the reviews here I realised that some of the comments are unfair to the S65. I have used a lot of mobile phones from most of the leading brands and the S65 is no exception. The S65 lack mp3 and the camera is 1.3 Mega Pixels, if you want a good media player or camera buy an mp3 player like an iPod or a digital camera like a Sony DSC-W1. Don't blame the S65. I have used a lot of phones but as a personal organiser the S65 takes a lot of beating. Synchronising with Outlook is second to none. I can not Sync my K750i with Outlook on my PC because I have other Sync Softwares on my PC but I'm not complaining about my K750i. Every phone has got it's limitation. Emails and internet browsing is good on the S65. Upgrading Firmware for free is also available for free. How many people have been able to upgrade their Nokia Firmware after purchase?. Siemens phones are not for the faint hearted. They are to some extend for people who know and care for their phones. PS. I have in my collection Nokia 6110 / 6210 / 8850 / 8910 / 9500 / 6600 / 3230, SE T681 / T610 / p900 / K75i, O2 XDA IIs/XDA II Exec to name a few.

Reviewed by brad from united kingdom on 21st Dec 2005
i bout the siemens s65 a few months back and i am really proud of the choice of my phone it has a very good camera and good video.

Reviewed by Dr.QQ from Slovakia on 24th Nov 2005
Great phone for it's price (have bought it quite cheap in april 2005). Camera is really great if there is enough light. With additional flash it is great in dark also. Phone directory & organizer are 100% best on market (maybe some smartphones are better). Great feature is possiblitiy to update firmware and personalize phone using patches. Also possible to assign any functions to all keys and joystick moves. Keyboard is bit too small for some people, but I had absolutely no problem with it. 4 stars only for freezing and switching off sometimes and missing voice dialing. Freezing - after update to firmware version 53 it is much better, byt still sometimes happens (once, two times in month)

Reviewed by Ian from Belgium on 8th Nov 2005
Well, I've had my S65 for just about a year and am generally satisfied. It has, on occasions, switched itself off which, I suppose, is not acceptable. I was recently on holiday in Indonesia and, for some strange reason, the "red" (off) key didn't work and the navigation "joystick" was not working in the "left" position. I planned to return it under the guarrantee however, a day after I returned it all worked again! I have another month of guarrantee and I bet the problem returns as soon as the guarrantee runs out!! I have a problem with dust behind the screen - I suppose I could open it up and remove it but I'm worried that this might invalidate the guarrantee. Finally, I can't understand the people complaining that it doesn't have MP3, flash etc - surely they should have checked this out before purchase. Generally, it's an impressive phone!

Reviewed by Craig from Scotland on 7th Nov 2005
Ive not had many phones but this will proably be the worst phone that I could have got. After seeing it on the televison i thoght it looked good and so i choose this phone over the samsung D500. What a mistake that was. Like many of you have said it turns itself off and i keep getting this message up saying to "Eject card" and after doing that several times message never went away.It took a master reset for it to go away and for now it has gone away. I am now in the process of looking for a new phone but it will certainly not be a siemans.

Reviewed by Joe from USA on 7th Nov 2005
I purchase this phone 1 year ago and have had very good luck with it. I like the rich features and the large LCD on this phone. I do not like the WEAK speaker and it seems to have some issues with my Motorola Bluetooth headset. Sometime it iwll not connect with the headset. overall I am happy with the phone.

Reviewed by rafaelo from Bulgaria on 1st Nov 2005
Best phone ever. All of you people complain because you don't have the latest firmware for the phone. I've upgraded mine and modified the themes icons and put some patches. This is the best phone ever. Siemens RULEZZZ best prices great phones, bad software but they always have good firmware. All of you people dan't don't understand a thing about upgrading your phones GO UPGRADE THEM !!! Don't blame it on siemens. They have done their amazing work allready, and don't talk about stupid old girly style nokia. I stick with the black sheep.

Reviewed by Doug from Hong Kong on 31st Oct 2005
I bought this phone last year after seeing how 'good' it was on TV commercial... a good phone initially... then the menu system is clumsy and illogical... the menu response is slow and laggy... then after a few weeks the phone started to 'hang' for no reason and switch itself off!!! Unbelievable for a $3680 phone... and the re-start process was long and frustrating... bluetooth connectivity was patchy with the headset... it would switch from headset back to phone for no reason... then the back light comes on then off at it own will... this phone is SO full of BUGS... make you wonder why Siemens actually did any Product Testing on it at all... and certainly no QA. Thats it... sold it today for $900 a year after I bought it... I WILL NEVER buy another Siemens mobile phone ever again. Period. From now on its back to reliable Nokia for me...

Reviewed by Steven from Ireland on 25th Oct 2005
I'd like to give it zero stars but 1 is the lowest it will let me. Its the most expensive phone I've ever bought and yet is the worst phone I've ever bought. As soon as I started using the phone I was getting application errors and problems with the camera. Then after only 6 weeks the phone started to freeze. I've had the phone sent back for repair due to the freezing and lone behold its exactly the same as it was when I sent it for repair. I most definitly wont be buying a siemens again thats for sure.

Reviewed by badr from england on 23rd Oct 2005
it has a big screen amazing camera you can get it blue or black and it is pretty light

Reviewed by Tom H from Scotland on 18th Oct 2005
An easy phone to set up and use, although the manual is pretty poor and despite the screen being a good size, its quality isn't up to what you'd expect. In good light conditions (such as outdoors) the camera takes very acceptable pics, but can't cope at all well with darker indoor shots - especially in pubs! In 12 months I've had no reliability problems, it connects easily using Bluetooth in my car and to my pc, so I seem to have avoided problems others have had. However, how dare siemens put out a phone of this overall spec without voice dialling! Makes Bluetooth in the car effectively receive only. When I got the phone, it was stated that it did have voice dialling, and even phoning Siemens for help, they said the same.... Due to this, I'd really give it two and a half stars.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 15th Oct 2005
This is the worst phone I have used. The camera is supposed to be good - every picture I have taken looks like there is a snow storm and you can't tell what it is supposed to be! The volume button just fell off. Given the choice I would not have another Siemans - the Nokia and Samsung phones I have had in the past are much better. Unfortunately it is insured and they will only swap like for like.

Reviewed by jared from new zealand on 7th Oct 2005
this phone is alright, because it has good ringtones and to recive messages it is easy but the thing that is bad is that to get in to things it is quite technicall to do things on the phone

Reviewed by Vlade from Yugoslavia on 24th Sep 2005
It has a really bad baterry. It is also bad because it doesn't have mp3, but camera is EXCELLENT so I am satisfied!!!!!

Reviewed by Loz from UK on 14th Sep 2005
What a waste of money! menus are poor to navigate - battery life is terrible - no mp3. The bluetooth was a good idea but siemens must have fallen asleep during the software installation coz it just gives up day after day. Not even the vibrate feature could please the missus so it isnt any good for anything - if you own one, scrap it now and save yourself the embarrassment of being seen in public with it

Reviewed by adi_ses from Indonesia on 9th Sep 2005
Actually i'm a big fan of Siemens!! but when it comes to this 3rd Siemens that i have, i'm quite dissapointed. The features still like other x65, but it has bluetooth and 1.3 megapixels camera. Feel like i'm still using my old M65 but with bad camera (i compare with other brand's 1.3 megpixels camera, it's the worst..). or even my c45 :)) That's why i only give 3 stars; 1 for functionality, 1 for it's nice good looking, and another one for good connectivity. 2 more stars for additional features; camera and media players(mp3). But that is only my expectation. Hope for S75 will be better...i look forward for it's coming to my country.. Most of all, for S series, (that means have high price)I expected the best!! But How can you Measure Style?

Reviewed by dean dundas from uk on 1st Sep 2005
Poor battery life and i mean income support poor, crashes, rubbish menus and turns itself off. It does have a nice cocktail menu though, showing pictures and giving instuctions on how to make them. Plus the worms game keeps me and my girlfriend entertained. But really, best avoided.

Reviewed by jordan godzirovski from croatia-osijek on 1st Sep 2005
No mp3.no radio.bad camera

Reviewed by M.I. Qureshi from UK on 6th Aug 2005
What I do belive that S65 is mush beter phone than the other, and it is not fair to give it the rating of Good only it should be outstanding phonedue to certain facts: -Good connectivity -Excellent camera -Catchy design -Adorable colour -Good speaker -Easy and fast bluetooth -and yes, so economical....!!!! Thank You & Regards

Reviewed by MOHAMMAD AHMAD from KUWAIT on 1st Aug 2005
Its a great phone, I'm using it from last 4 months and there is no problem at all. And I have got it upgraded from the local dealer 50th v. I wish if it has mp3 also.

Reviewed by Emad from Qatar on 29th Jul 2005
This phone has been a disappointment. I bought it for its ability to sychronise with Outlook and its Bluetooth capability. The included applications are very good. Bluetooth keeps crashing (internal Bluetooth error among others) and I find I have to swtich the phone off and on every morning in the hope its Bluetooth functionality will last all day! Without success. I have changed Bluetooth headsets (using both the 1.1 and 1.2 versions) without success. BTW I have the latest firmware (v43).

Reviewed by geras from lithuania on 26th Jul 2005
it is good very good tel.

Reviewed by Tom V from UK on 19th Jul 2005
Its sad to hear that so many people have had such bad experiences with their S65's. I have been extremely impressed with mine. I havent had any freezes, dodgy keypads or connectivity problems. The phone looks beautiful and performs beautifully and at half the price of the samsung D500 I certainly can't complain! This is my 3rd Siemens and I will be sticking with them! The phone quality is gr8 for a phone and the amount of features on this phone is impressive. True the battery is disappointing but if you use your phone as a phone and not always as a camera and stereo then you won't have problems!! My battery lasts about 3-4 days and you can of course buy more powerful batteries off ebay.

Reviewed by Chris from Poland on 6th Jul 2005
This phone appears as very good(MMC support, big memory, Java3D etc) but it is in fact as every Siemens very hard to get used to. The menus are tough to navigate, the software is sometimes more than just silly. Example? When you mark "Disable MMC" you have to remove the card, put it again and restart the phone! Most phones have hot-swap(NGage QD or SE P900), other need to be turned off to gain acces to the card(Nokia NG). It costs as much as the K700i and has NO MP3! Why? A phone with MMC support and no MP3 support is a bit silly. I also dont like the analog, I prefer a "cross" pad or an analog SE T610 style. I strongly advise NOT to buy this phone cause it sucks as you can see from the stuff I wrote above.

Reviewed by Kazoinks from UK on 26th Jun 2005
What a rubbish phone!! Not going to bother boring anybody as i've had all the same problems that other people have stated. I do however find the calender very usefull but alas that one decent feature does not redeem the entire phone, first available opportunity i get i'm moving back to Sony Ericsson!

Reviewed by sameer from Jordan on 9th Jun 2005
no real player no sofet ware suport

Reviewed by Stefano from UK on 30th May 2005
Frustrating ! Should be better than it is advertised. I am using a replacement handset which has the same faults as the first ..: (1) keeps freezing and turns itself off (2) Using Joystick to access camera - no camera - I have to turn the phone off and re-start, which isn't much use when trying to capture the moment (3) Bluetooth is pants too. I cannot get a connection with my headset.

Reviewed by jack from england on 30th May 2005
s65 has a amazing camera and a amzing bluetooth connectivity service very fast.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 22nd May 2005
Have been using this phone for some months now and generally i'm unimpressed. The best things about the phone are the large display and the stylish design. Bad points i've found using this phone include the keys being too small and close together, keypad messing up, camera causing errors frequently (on/off solves this), camera quality itself is pretty awful with all pictures/video being very dark even in good light conditions. You can vary the quality of picture but it just makes them less/more grainy, does nothing to improve the light. The main irritation of this phone i've found is that it's SLOW. It takes a noticable second or two to access most features, even your phonebook. Other phones on the market don't suffer on this very basic task. I would advise steering clear of this one, there are better phones out there.

Reviewed by Gary Walker from uk on 5th May 2005
Had this phone for a couple of months now extremely unimpressed. Siemens is capable of so much more.

Reviewed by John from England on 24th Apr 2005
First of all this is an excellent phone for anyone who just wants a basic phone it has all the functions required. Now the bad points. It would have been a better phone had it had voice dialling, having to manually key in really goes against the grain for handsfree. The Bluetooth also requires you to manually connect after dialling which means that you cannot use this as a handsfree device. I have had problems were the Bluetooth headset wont connect.My overall opinion of this phone is that it is not really for anyone on the move but is of a nice design and fairly easy to use

Reviewed by PAUL from ENGLAND on 23rd Apr 2005

Reviewed by rout from england on 21st Apr 2005
the best phone ever

Reviewed by Hanlot from Egypt on 19th Apr 2005
First of all after reading previous reviews i think most of writers talking about problems in screen, battery, shutting down, etc...have bought phones with problems maybe second hand or whatever. Talking about S65 working phone i think that the only problems are: Picture's colors (very fade) & MP3 Any way even the SonyEr.P910i does not have the full package of our dream phone which i think is the most amazing phone recently except for its size.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 15th Apr 2005
Im not really sure how many stars to give this as i sometimes love it and i sometime dont love it so much. It has a good picture qulity when taking still photo's but when vidioing it doesnt seem as clear or as gooda quality for its '1.3 mega pixel'. I think if you are lookin at camera phones its not just the mega pixel bit to look at, it fools u, other parts to do with cam and screen and phone speed etc all help a lot. Also... the length of the video's can only go to 30seconds (but i found a way to increase it to 1.37, youl find it on the net), but still, i wouldve thought all the talk of the 32 mb card that u can put in it would make it so u can record for longer. Anyway, it is a very very nice lookin phone but only small improvements can be made to make this phone from good to amazing. it feels like they ran out of time after they got the sexy design and still photo takin bit sorted and rushed the rest. other little bits in menu and little options can easily be improved to. But if you look around, ul find this a good buy, i found it for £200 less than the cheapest i culd find D500 for!! (i know D500 better but still) I think the next step in siemens phones is going to be a big step with feedback from the s65. Oh and who the hell wrote this useless manual?!?! lol.

Reviewed by martin from Austria on 5th Apr 2005
the camera has 1.3 Pixel but the quality if its dark is very bad

Reviewed by C Aspinall from UK on 1st Apr 2005
When it works it is a nice phone - but has too many problems and doesn't reliably connect via blutooth. Phone frequently 'freezes' or switches itself off. Keys are a little too small and close together and it is too easy to press the wrong key as a result. Forget trying to connect using Blutooth - it is too unpredictable / unreliable (I have tried several Jabra headsets all to no avail). Siemens support suggested upgrading the firmware but my S65 already has the latest version in it (since new).

Reviewed by Sherif Abourida from Egypt on 12th Mar 2005
What I do belive that S65 is mush beter phone than the Nokia, and it is not fair to give it the rating of Good only it should be outstanding phone.Thank You & Regards

Reviewed by IAIN from UK on 3rd Mar 2005
My first ever Siemens phone...bought it due to its excellent calendar options. First lets deal with some of the points raised by previous contributors... 1. It does NOT have any voice dialling therefore you have to use the keypad to initiate a call...even if you have assigned shortcuts to frequently used nos. This defeats the purpose of bluetooth and handsfree and could you lead you to a brush with the law if driving at the time. 2. The Phone comes with a programme called Mobile Phone Manager for the PC....I had severe problems running this on bluetooth technology although it is supposed to. Tech at Siemens said I had to download the latest firmware....only problem is you have to have a data cable to transfer it to the phone ! Give Siemens their due...when I highlighted this problem they sent me a free one. However even with the data cable connected the computer could not recognise the phone. Well that is the major glitches I have experienced with the phone out of the way. The phone is very good....signal quality is great though I would identify with previous posters 250 hours standby time for the battery is way too optimistic. The screen is big and clear and despite my initial concerns has remained scratch free in 4 months of use. I would concur with previous posters the keypad is not the most ergonomic for texting purposes however. Calendar/schedule functions for which I bought the phone, is superb, easy to use with clear screens and unlimited options regarding alarm reminders etc. The camera is okay.....for a phone camera....and the video recording is also of average quality. In the extras menu is a photo editor package...in addition to a useful foreign phrasebook....and a cocktail recipe programme ! Also included is the emergency nos. for every country you could imagine...so if you anticipate phoning the Police in Albania...this is the phone for you. But be aware the foreign phrasebook does not cover Albanian ;-) The addressbook is easy to use with some nice search functions and you can allocate people by groups and you can also assign separate ringtones for certain groups. All in all a nice and functional phone. Only let down by out of date firmware.....poor bluetooth connectivity...no voice dial and a very poor users manual.

Reviewed by mr anonymity from united kingdom on 3rd Mar 2005
i was given a siemens s65 as a christmas present i loved the phone and got used to it really quite quickly.was impressed with the look of it, always being a nokia man in the past i thought sein as i got it free i would give it a go.well unfortunately i broke the screen and now the fone is useless and i cant for love or money get a replacement screen anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!maybe in the futuer i may be able to repair it

Reviewed by robtom from UK on 2nd Mar 2005
Love the look of the phone, love the functionality. Unfortunately, I've had 3 replacements in one week! Software on all three was totally unstable! After 1 day all three refused to T9 a text, reset themselves to factory settings, the alarm clock didn't go off and the battery lasted about 8 hours....no talk time was there, just sitting waiting for a call. I do love how it looks and works (in between charges) so now I'm giving this last handset a try. So far, so good. Not half way down the charge level - and that's after being on for 8 hours (and two calls of almos an hour)! And it does T9! Cross your fingers for me - I want a phone that looks as though it was designed in the 70s, but to fit into the 21st century!

Reviewed by P Smith from UK on 9th Feb 2005
AMAZING SPEC!! What doesn't it have? MP3 player? Well thats not true, as it has a WAV player and therefore it is the same as MP3 qual. Bit big, but HUGE screen, what more do you want?

Reviewed by John from UK on 9th Feb 2005
Amazing phone for spec and design, I had a Nokia 6170 but it had some problem with it, got the siemens love it, wish it could be a bit smaller though.

Reviewed by Mark from Netherlands on 31st Jan 2005
I just bought this phone, mostly because of its synchronisation capabilities with Outlook. With the included data-cable it is no problem. I haven't tried a connection with bluetooth with e.g. a headset but i'm planning to buy a Siemens carkit, and i'm pretty sure that it will work. But.. it is not the best phone i've ever had. The phone has many options, but the things it is meant for won't work properly. An important thing is the battery, it goes for two days maximum. The phone is also not very ergonomic. When you write a sms, your hand will hurt like hell. I also miss the voicedailing. When i read some comments on other websites it is clear that it is better not upgrade your firmware to version 25, because you will get problems with sms messages on you sim card, prompting that your simcard is full. Then for the less important things. The camera sucks. I've a webcam of 0.3 mp and the quality is the same. It is also too bad that the phone has no mp3 player, wich is very standard nowadays. Maybe they can fix it with a firmware update. It should also be possible that a picture is shown when you get a call from someone wich is in your adressbook with a picture, but that did'nt happen either. Next time i buy a Samsung!

Reviewed by James from UK on 27th Jan 2005
On the face of it a nice phone, but let down by lots of niggles: - battery life is appalling. 2 days from full charge if you're lucky, one day if you have Bluetooth switched on. - email functionality is only so-so. Supports IMAP but not sub-folders (which are the main reason for using it!) - bluetooth won't connect to headset until after the other person answers the call (so you have to dial, wait to connect and then press the button). Not much use in the car as a 'hands free' as you need to keep watching the phone and pressing the buttons. - no voice dial (again, hardly hands free!) But, on the plus side: - camera is good - movie function fun - good support for Java Applets - nice loud ringtones

Reviewed by Hans from Switzerland on 19th Jan 2005
I liked the grown up retro design of it - unfortunately I had to rebood once a day because everything was frozen so I gave it back.

Reviewed by Jack from a Box from Wales on 19th Jan 2005
The worse thing that happend to me in a longtime, simply RUBISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like the sl55 beter, and that phone is from ages ago (pre WW2)

Reviewed by unhapppy from singapore on 16th Dec 2004
I am very disappointed about this phone. I bought it only about 3 moonths back. I am noticing several problems - 1.Very poor reception (display 'no service available', 'searching' etc) 2. Poor sound quality 3. Freezes frequently 4. Gets switched off on its own. I am planning to take it to the service centre this weekend. I have switched to my old Nokia 6610 as the S65 has become un-usable. Nokia 6610 seems such a huge relief.

Reviewed by Dim from Greece on 8th Dec 2004
For this price, it is= just perfect and cool About the Voicecaling... I'm not a Business Administrator or the super famous manager so i don't realy need it... This little baby is the best

Reviewed by Gavin from England on 6th Dec 2004
Great phone. No problems with this one so far (firmware version 25). Attracted to this phone by its appearance and then bought the phone because of its functionality. I agree with Prometheus, in that the phone should have voicedialling, the shocking lack of this basic function means that bluetooth headsets can't be used to their fullest. However, unlike Prometheus I am not so harsh and think that the phone still offers so much that it still deserves 5 stars.

Reviewed by Prometheus from Malaysia on 5th Dec 2004
Everything said as above, a great camera and bluetooth connectivity.. Unfortunately, you can't use the bluetooth headset to its fullest because this S65 does not support voice dialing. But considering it is such an outstanding phone, remember that there are no voicedialing functions on this phone. Any other "el cheapo" phone on the market has voice dialing. It looses 3 starts for lack of basic phone function of voice dialing..

Reviewed by Pepe from Croatia on 3rd Dec 2004
Phone is excelent. I didn't give 5 stars only becouse bluetooth. It is unstable, getting disconnected randomly and after 5 hours of trying I didnt manage to connect to PC over bluetooth....... maybe more luck with nex firmware ( curently using 25)

Reviewed by Vincent from England on 26th Nov 2004
Good looking phone with functionality to match. My phone has software version 20 and I have not had any problems. Siemens must have sorted them out, just goes to show their good product support. Outstanding

Reviewed by Darren from England on 23rd Nov 2004
Have had numerous phones, Nokias, Motorola's, Ericssons, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Sony. This is my first Siemens and I am extremely impressed. Have read the previous reviews but have not experienced any of the aforementioned problems. Very impressed with camera. The whole look and feel of this phone is very good. The colour display is very crisp and like the idea of having Themes and colour skins. Apparantly Siemens are giving free downloads (ringtones, wallpapers, mms animations, screensavers, Themes, Games (none so far though)) every day up until Christmas on their website. Anyway this is truly a good phone and intend to stick with this one for a good while.

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