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Siemens M65 review

 Review: October 2004  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Rugged phone with extra protection against bumps and water damage.


The M65 is a mobile "designed for consumers with an active outdoor lifestyle" according to Siemens. In practice this means that it has been designed with improved water resistance, shock and dust protection. A protective metal frame and rubber shock absorber have been added to protect against bumps and scratches. As well as protecting the casing from scratches, this should also help to protect the LCD screen from breakage. The rubber also protects the camera lens. Continuing with the outdoor theme, an optional Bike-o-meter enables the phone to be mounted on a bike's handlebars where it displays cyclometer functions and other useful information for cyclists.

In addition to these protective and outdoor features, the Siemens M65 is a well-specified modern phone, with a very similar specification to the excellent Siemens CX65. Thes include a VGA camera with an excellent video recording capability, a high-quality TFT display (which can be seen clearly outdoors), an integrated handsfree speaker and a good size memory. The battery life is claimed by Siemens to be very long (300 hours standby) but doesn't seem to live up to this in reality.

Overall this is an excellent durable phone with a good balance of features. We recommend this phone in preference to the Nokia 5140, although the M65 is a more expensive phone than the Nokia.

Siemens M65 features include:

  • TFT display: 65,536 colours, 132 x 176 pixels
  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with video recording
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS (with T9 predictive text), MMS, email
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • Screensaver
  • Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, reminder, calculator, currency converter
  • Programmable softkeys
  • Vibration alert
  • Connectivity: USB, RS232 cable, IrDa, fax modem
  • Memory: 11.5 Mbytes
  • Triband
  • Size: 109 x 49 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 104g
  • Talktime: up to 5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 300 hours

Siemens M65 user reviews

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Average rating from 128 reviews:

Reviewed by tao from Portugal on 20th Jul 2014
Simply love it.
My only regret is that the screw sockets on the casing tend to crack and there's no replacement cover for that specific part (back).

Reviewed by nicky from uganda on 22nd Sep 2013
excellent internet speed,but once u lock the phone wth a code; u can't put another sim!

Reviewed by yudhi from indonesia on 7th Jan 2012
i love siemens m65,still any that type.....

Reviewed by HUGO from UK on 16th Dec 2009

Reviewed by nick from UK on 5th Oct 2009
i m still using this great phone! solid, stable , <110 gramms, modern design already >4 years he is my partner of my life

Reviewed by mizan from UK on 19th Jun 2009
its a good cellphone i use it about 4 years. modem speed low. all others are good

Reviewed by steven from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
Nice phone but mine has developed some issues. It just switches itself off and refuses to go on. Can anyone help coz I love this phone

Reviewed by Ester from UK on 28th May 2009
I have M65 ,my problem is the Phone was LOCKED !it cant open by other sim...The Phone covers too is not available at stores here in Davao !Sucks Phone cover got broken so the keypads are loosen U cant type well gggrrrr someone can help me

Reviewed by Albee from UK on 31st Jan 2009
to date there are no service center here in the philippines and there are no original batteries sold here too. I bought this last 2006.

Reviewed by poland from UK on 19th Jan 2009
This phone is very god but this camera is total junk.

Reviewed by erich from UK on 15th Aug 2008
I have had this phone since 04 and does not miss a beat. I still get 3hrs talk off the first battery, and wish i could buy another one of them, but not available in Oz anymore

Reviewed by ahmed mahmoud from egypt from UK on 1st Nov 2007
ok ,, its m65 ,,very nice design as it covertable to dust environment ,, nice display colors ,,but the camera good but not excellent ..and worest things (no blutoth and no mp3 player)however its good phone for ppl who dont care about maltimedia >>>>finally bad betarry timer .....thanks :)

Reviewed by Jerry from UK on 14th Oct 2007
It's a great phone but the camera is really gay, the sound recorder is pathetic and its a pretty unattractive phone! But other than those things i luv this phone! It's GREAT

Reviewed by paulo from UK on 13th Oct 2007

Reviewed by john baptist from UK on 12th Sep 2007
i bought this phone since 2004 in dubai but i live in tanzania, since that time i have been using it and i never changed to other phone. i love it because it's strong and good. i suggest people to buy it if they see it in shops

Reviewed by Lin from UK on 13th Aug 2007
Have had a Siemens CX65 for one year. Just as reported the back is flimsy and often falls off and yes, it disconnects itself. It is sometimes difficult to access Address book and will locate beginning rather than name required. Also dialls random numbers on its own if I forget to lock it. Bought leads to download pics to my pc but whereas it worked with the phone's address book, it did not with photos always showing "not connected" when it was. Latest problem is that the screen looks as though a kid has drawn on it with felt tip and now has lines all over so v difficult to read. Haven't dropped or crushed it, so no idea why. It is always kept in leather cover in my handbag and now having difficulty locating another. Any ideas please?

Reviewed by eloc from worcester from UK on 7th Aug 2007
i have had the phone for some time and found it to be very reliable. the camera is very clear and efficient, i have a question though. how do i get the photos and video's on it developed what kit do i need ?

Reviewed by Naveen from UK on 1st Aug 2007
I've used my M65 for 3 years now. Pros - funky looks, rubber seals for battery charge port, Good call clarity, large screen, lens cap. Cons - Screen resolution bad, Shrill playback sound, ruggedness is a bad claim, rubber shock absobers don't do much, metal screen guard doesn't really protect the screen or lower end of the phone. Cannot play MP3s, swapping SIMs is painstaking, you need to pry the SIM out with something..., Summary - The phone is reliable, though it tends to crash occasionally. It certainly is an eye opener with its unusual sci-fi looks. Too bad the ruggedness isn't true to its claim.

Reviewed by Jimmy from UK on 12th Jun 2007
Is there a single person who owns a mobile phone that can spell correctly? I dun tink su !! u spill nbadly orll time yu rR tard !! Hi im in bangledesh i plil bad i got a fone but al you in the banglesghesdfesh R alsooo !!! U REite also bad cnut !! Me liky pfone !! mE LUV U long tiime!!

Reviewed by george rudolf mezzomo from UK on 31st May 2007
I love this mobile!sadly,my LCD is broken,but i'll change it.The email function is nice,as the mms.the cam is poor,as the memory.It's resistance is surprising.

Reviewed by omid from bangladesh from UK on 15th Apr 2007
a good phone. excellent design and long durability!! recommended for average users as it has VGA cam, 10mb memory, usb and infrared, video playback, and supports wav,mid,amr,mmf,srt,etc. however its battery standby sucks dudes!! 1 day only if normally used, and the charge on the bat will instantly start disappearing if constantly keys are pressed!!! only the bat sucks, so 3 stars otherwise the phones OK!!!

Reviewed by OMID from Bangladesh from UK on 5th Apr 2007
The M65 is a good phone. It has normal VGA camera and video record of 30s, a voice recorder, video player, WAP & GPRS class 10, Edge class 10, USB charging & support, infrared and 11MB of internal memory, and a likeable design.It also plays WAV,AMR,etc, although it doesnt have MP3, flash, cam light, bluetooth, exp memory,etc. I used the M65 for 2 years. Now I will buy a Nokia 6630 or SE K750i because I want MP3, bluetooth, expdbl memory,etc. However the M65 is recommended to anyone who does not require an MP3, BT,etc. It also stands pressure, shock, heavy force, I tested a no. of times!! Good Phone!!! RECOMMENDED FOR GUYS WHO JUST WANT AN AVERAGE MOBILE!!! BUY IT AND DONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Reviewed by shapram kuma roy from UK on 17th Feb 2007
Siemens M65 easly handling.and graphical representation is very nice and also rezolation. overall it is good than other.but it remains charging problem.

Reviewed by roky from UK on 21st Jan 2007
xellent fone.i hav dropped it at least 20 times 4 the last 7 months.iam nt at all bored of it. only problem is dat its monitor gets scratched very easily.anyway,its a gr8 fone!

Reviewed by sam from UK on 21st Jan 2007
one thing is ists a bit to big and the camera is rubbish

Reviewed by laaal from pluto on 21st Dec 2006
awesome phone if you compare with the phones which have the same price tag. no other phone of nokia can outstand this one with the same price. the quality of the parts are amazing.[you can check by comparing nokias battery and siemens] this explains it all. it a long lasting phone + you wont get bored of it

Reviewed by brian from england on 22nd Nov 2006

Reviewed by jewel from bangladesh on 12th Oct 2006
this phone is good.sound is clear but cameras picture is not well.It hangged towice during i use for 4 months

Reviewed by adriano from kenya on 1st Oct 2006
the simens m65 is a good phone but the camers is total rubish!

Reviewed by Scooby from Philippines on 23rd Sep 2006
I took this baby on a three-day fieldwork during monsoon season sans charger and (ab)used it as a digicam and calculator. Suffice to say that when I got home, it had enough battery life wake me up after 12 hours of sleep. I've been using it since February 2004. I could buy a new phone but really, I don't see the need for it.

Reviewed by wabalabajubu from mars on 3rd Jul 2006
this fone is soooo rubish i can't even begin 2 explain. Please, for my sake, and the other poor people who have bought this fone, don't waste your money. It. Is. JUNK!!!! Thank you 4 your time, and don't buy...

Reviewed by b.r.e.t.t from EnGlAnD on 26th Jun 2006
it is 2 good 2 miss so get it before they all sell out

Reviewed by shuman from bangladesh on 19th Jun 2006
its 2 good

Reviewed by Trishan from Sri lanka on 7th Jun 2006
Nice phone but very poor battery performance.This phone is realy good and sound quality is good but it can only play 64k wav files no mp3 player,camera is ok.If any one know how to change the screen resolution of this phone ? screen resolution is low 176 x 132 can it be change to 176 x 220 ? Please if anyone knows this mail me at silvatrishan@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Neil B from U.K. on 1st Jun 2006
I have owned a M65 for about a year now. A significant plus point is the rugged case - I have dropped the phone several times on hard surfaces with no apparent ill effects. Conversely, the screen has very little scratch resistance, strange when you consider users are highly unlikely to buy a case for a rugged phone. I would strongly reccomend leaving the plastic screen protector on, unless your the careful type. The majority of phone functions are fine, the screen is good for it's era, the lack of bluetooth is a nuisance for connectivity. There are two serious niggles for me that potential purchasers should be aware of: Firstly, battery life is woeful. You get 3G type performance out of a battery that is not getting a lot of demand placed on it. 2 days without a charge is good going with average use. Secondly, and more ominously, the phone switches itself off randomnly. This has become more frequent with mine, so I have got the provider to change the phone to a CX65 to see if that helps.

Reviewed by Mang Akong Tea from indonesia on 22nd May 2006
Oh Yes, Oh Good !!!! Ilike it, specially for Outdoor activity.

Reviewed by S@$@ from Azerbaijan on 18th May 2006
Yhe best phone.. Koroche, Bomba telefondur!..:))

Reviewed by shahid from oxfordshire on 26th Apr 2006
ive had alot of nokias in my time but this surpasses all of them,i dont think it can ever be outdated it still looks amazing unlike some nokias the last nokia i had lasted me about a year till i got bored, ive had this phone almost 2years ive dropped it countless of times my nefu even threw it 10ft which would have been the end of most phones, its unbrakeable in my mind

Reviewed by N.VASUDEVAN from INDIA on 13th Apr 2006

Reviewed by SHAHYRAJ from BANGLADESH on 18th Mar 2006

Reviewed by kyri from where do u thing on 6th Mar 2006
this the wrost phone in the world it is so crab i dont even know where to start from............ i say if u are thinging of buying it dont u will make the biggest mistake ever.

Reviewed by neily from Scotland on 1st Mar 2006
I loved the cut and paste option for numbers abd texts. Different fro nokia phones. Only lasted 4 months. The screen scratched very easily. The sound went wonky. But I liked it. I am hard on phones ( 5 th one this past 12 months! )

Reviewed by Chris Malone from UK on 14th Feb 2006
This is my second Siemens phone, having previously had the M55. This is a great phone. The durability is excellent, and sound is very good. Have had the phone for almost 2 years and the features do remain good. The only complaint would be that the battery is not great, and certainly does not live up to the statements made by Siemens. If you are looking for a great quality, well built phone, try this. Is a shame that there are few Siemens phones currently on the market.

Reviewed by jennifer from glasgow on 12th Feb 2006
This is the worst phone ever the battery runs out in two seconds. The sound is rubbish so's the handsfree the only good thing about this is the picture quality. Don't buy this phone if you do you're wasting your time and money!!!

Reviewed by moon from bangladesh on 7th Feb 2006
The best mobile for active and outgoing people.

Reviewed by Jogeir Gjersdal from Norway on 24th Jan 2006
I have had this phone for almost two years now. The phone is unstable, NOT unbreakable (doesn't stand more abuse than other phones) and the camera is a joke. The reason that i still have this phone, is because i only use it for phoning and sms. This phone is not better then any other cellphone, just average. By the way, this rating system sucks. [1 - poor] [2 - average] and [3-5 - good, better, best].. that is a stupid rating system. the average should lie on 3.

Reviewed by Andrew Bathie from England on 21st Jan 2006
Worst phone I've ever head. Too complicated for a 16 year old girl to sort out for me! Hands free kit useless resulting in me having to take it out of the cradle so as to be heard. I'd have my old Nokia back any day.

Reviewed by Shaon from Bangladesh on 17th Jan 2006
Hello everyone! 1st of all I want 2 say this phone rock! It's been 3 month from i brouhgt this phone! Phone is working really good. It's VGA cam is the best i have seen in other's phones. Its play audio=wav idpcm, amr, mid, srt,..video= 3gp,mpeg-4.. Its cool. No problem with batarry, 2 & half day long last is good enughf for a coller camera with video phones like this. I dont have any complaine for this phone. Some pepole complain about auto off when u use it after a long stand bay...well the sulaction is, i had that problems too, when i relaige that problem happend cos my phones memorry was full used(10.3mb), after free some memorrys mobile work great and faster, and naver been auto off seens i habe a lot of free memorrys. So i suges that u free ur phone memorry morethen 2/3mb, and it will naver habe any problem. I have 5/6 mb free memorry now, and its work faster then ever. I naver have any problem to connect my m65 with my pc. All u need is download MPM manager from sieme ns website,and a data cable, i use a USB data cable. Now about some Digital camera, The camera is very good, best ever in its type phones, i priented some picture from this phone camera, and it was very good, in day time(outdoor) its give u a very snooth picture, in night time(indoor) u need a lots of light for a good regulaction, I suges u buy a extra flash for night shot. The extra flash work very good at night time. The hands free speaker is very good, but its too much loude when hands free and full voliume, so when u use hands free, u batter lower ur voliume to 2/3, and its give very clear sound. You can use Nokia multimedia player to play amr and u can use Nokia Multimedia Converter to convert wav,mp3 to amr, and video file to 3gp... The coller of this phone is very very good. Thats all i have to for now...and for me battery is very very good, only 2 hrs of full charging and last more then 2 days standby, thats enughf for me.... , and if u use all time like camera,game, and other staf's, the mobile will last more then 1 day, and thats enughf too... ba bye....mdtanviralam_shaon@yahoo.com

Reviewed by kamran from bangladesh on 12th Jan 2006
had this fone for a while now and still think its GR8!!! the best fone in its price range, and 1 of the ever best from siemens. no bad facts about the fone at all!!!!! i would recommend this to anyone!!!

Reviewed by naafiz from bangladesh on 7th Jan 2006
i jst love my m65.. its awsm. but derz no mmc slot. and bluetooth. but i love it

Reviewed by Shoumitro from Bangladesh on 3rd Dec 2005
I got my M65 about a mont ago. It's been great from the date of purchage picture quality, speaker satisfactionally great. But sometime while the video recording goes on it cant stay up to 30 sec. Automatically the recording stops at any moment within 30 sec. The sound recording is not supreme. However, the phone serves enough for my needs.

Reviewed by Alex from Ukraine on 24th Nov 2005
bought this phone a week ago and i still can`t help admiring it. Very nice phone, of course it hasn`t got bluetooth, mp3, mmc cards, but anyway you can sleep calmly without these functions and the total quality is outstanding. This phone can`t open bottles, some features have low quality but this is a real male phone,reliable and really good-looking, i like it much more than cx 65 or nokia the very same thing under different panels. This phone is a success for Siemens, it has its own face, and i`m very surprised with camera quality never expected such from Siemens. Of course battery life-time is not fantastic but it is not so critical due to really huge display which is very suitable for photo review. Not very modern but simple to use and reliable phone, good choice.

Reviewed by Benn from England on 20th Nov 2005
I bought this phone on a whim as I enjoy Mountainbiking and saw it advertised in a magazine (well done Siemens marketing dept...). Very disappointing, didnt like it as soon as I saw it. Where was the sleek black and chrome phone from the advert? The phone is cheap grey and orange, the plastic orange "protection" always falls off, the screen gets really dusty, the menu function cant keep up with your scrolling and the instructions are terrible unadequate. It has been relplaced now but dont even buy a second hand one.

Reviewed by Marshy from England on 9th Nov 2005
this phone is awesome!! everything about it is great, the only slight downfall is the camera which could be justaslight bit better but only just!! the video is still really good. it is great if you are an outdoor person, i mountain bike and it can handle all the rain and mud with no problems at all, it even took a fall from my motorbike jacket at 60mph and survived with just a small scratch on the metal part, thats all!! outstanding durability!! great phone. has a cool red light too which flashes on the side when you get a message or call etc so you can see from a distance. AWESWOME

Reviewed by Lasse Kjus from Noway on 30th Oct 2005
I love my M65. It has only one, HUGE downside. The software is unstable! Sometimes when I surf the web with it, I hear a beep, and the telephone switches off. Other times, the center button on the joystick does not launch the meny, as it is supposed to do. There is 9 icons on the mentioned above main menu. The marked one is supposed to "sparkle", but sometimes it becomes invisible. The marked icon is the one missing! Anyways. Great phone!

Reviewed by Daria from Polans on 29th Oct 2005
m65 is brill ! The best mobile for active and outgoing people.

Reviewed by Dano Mason from UK on 27th Oct 2005
Yip - it is an excellent phone. 1 down side and that's the battery. It IS poor no doubt about it, you really do have to charge once every other night and it's always an idea to have a car charger just incase your out and it dies. The battery warning is terrible!! "Low Batt!" it says, then you've got around 30 seconds to do something about it. B'AH! Try and get hold of the Bike O Meter - it really is good and accurate - great fun. Bluetooth would be nice but hey ho never mind. Mine is less than a year old and has had some SERIOUS abuse and it's in perfect working order. Treat it mean! It loves it!! HAHAHA!! :-) 9/10

Reviewed by Jorge from Portugal on 26th Oct 2005
Its a very good phone. Resistent of course, with styling, good software, and algo a good sound. earing very well. Is a good buy, of course.

Reviewed by Nenad from Serbia & Montenegro on 21st Oct 2005
I had this phone very long time.It's screen is best screen on the market.It is possible to see information on the direct sunlight,it doesn't fade.Functional IrDa is nice thing on M65.Memory pool is 10.3 MB.In the beggining,5mb is only available.This is bad side of this mobile.Battery is avearge,but when you play games autonomy becomes terible.Camera is excellent.Zoom is available,but it is bad.Picture looses quality.3GP video clips can be recorded(lasts max.30 seconds).They are bad.Framerate is low,and picture quality is terible.I think this phone is excellent,if you don't need bluetooth and mp3.

Reviewed by PAntelis from Greece on 8th Oct 2005
1. The signal reception is less than poor. 2. The menu handling is pathetic. 3. The battery is much less than adequate. 4. When u talk, u hear yourself more than the other party. The other party, however hears more noise than your voice. Conlusion: If you like the big screen, the colors and the camera, buy somethin better than the M65. If you need a phone for business use, definitely buy something else. Siemens: your mobiles are worse than your PBX's...

Reviewed by paul Vincent from England on 7th Oct 2005
The M65's Batery life is certainly better with the phone switched off but I was extremely disappointed when I visited america (Vegas, Nevada)and found that the phone would not connect to Cingular network (or At+T for that matter). This resulted in me having to use the Flamingo hotels land-line phone at a cost of $440!- if this happens to you please please ask the hotel what they charge before making your land line calls (I didn't and got a terrible shock). Apart from that there aint much wrong with it though I could use bluetooth connectivity.

Reviewed by Lucie from England Northamptonshire on 2nd Oct 2005
ive had the phone now just under a year!! i didnt even want that phone but mi other one siemensc65.. and its ment 2 b water proof but its not a drink spilt and it goes spako at me... and the batt is poor u ave 2 charage it up every nite at lest.. and the cam is ok.. BUt u cant recive pics properly cus it takes ages n take about 5 quid of ur cred... i want a new one am thinkin of sony ericson walkman one

Reviewed by TANVIRZIA from BANGLADESH on 17th Sep 2005

Reviewed by Peter Humphrys from England on 16th Sep 2005
Overall not a bad phone but the battery life is another matter. I have had the phone a year now and I agreee with a previous review that if you get a couple of days life out of it you are doing well even with careful use. The big draw back is the screen is very easily scratched. This was a replacement for my A50 which still appears as new. The bike functionality is a good feature which means the phone is awarded 3 stars

Reviewed by Andrian from Russian Federation on 15th Sep 2005
People complaining of this phone most likely had the old firmware revision. I purchased mine in February with fresh firmware. No lockups, no slowdowns. Menu is fast. Battery is good - holds up pretty well no less then for 100 hours of active usage even now. About being rugged - M65 took a flight off the 3d floor down to the concrete. Not a scratch - only battery became a little loose. Maybe we are talking different manufacture of the same phone?

Reviewed by janis from renebuss on 15th Sep 2005
Exelent !!

Reviewed by Sandro from Scotland on 10th Sep 2005
Had this phone for a year now. Hasnt been too bad, does its job, phones, texts takes pictures. But the battery is rubbish, lasts no more than 48 hours. i dont use it that often and it still drains down!!

Reviewed by George M from Romania on 31st Aug 2005
Just bought my Siemens M65(used to own a Siemens A50) so the diffrence is huge.Only 4 stars out 0f 5 because I haven't thrown it to any wall yet,. to see if it is shock resistan, haven't had a bath with it to see if it's waterproof. Big screen-good, excelent design-good, the Bike-O-Meter-excelent for a mountain-biking addict :). Be sure to hear from me again if any problems appear or also be sure to see me rating it 5 if no problems.

Reviewed by Noman from Bangladesh on 25th Aug 2005
It is the worst set I have ever seen and used. Although it looks ok, the vendor's claim of the phone being water and dust resistant is a joke. The phone is slow, camera quality is poor, display is worse and the sound quality is rubbish. And don't get me started with the battery life. Even toys work better than this. Please don't buy this for your own sake. At least I will never buy a Nokia again.

Reviewed by luca from Norway on 19th Aug 2005
Im quite disappointed with this phone, it is nice, the software isn't bad, but I've used it 4 months now and lately, after 30 minutes of heavy rain, the keybord works poorly and it swithces of many times per day with a sad bip. Now I must take it to the service, but they should not advertise it as an water splash resistent phone, because, at least mine, was NOT. luca

Reviewed by akky g from england on 14th Aug 2005

Reviewed by XaVier from Denmark on 5th Aug 2005
All you people complaining about battery life-time: Try this: Once a month, let it discharge completely, and then recharge it for 24 hours (or at least 12, if you need your phone badly, and don't have the time in the weekend to let your phone get a day off... ;))... Works on my old Nokia 3510i, and as far as I know, it's the same battery tech used in most modern phones... Correct me if I'm mistaken...

Reviewed by flora from england on 2nd Aug 2005

Reviewed by seppe from belgium on 18th Jul 2005
Anyone saying the Siemens M65 is shock resistant has OR a Siemens not assembled on a Monday OR has never dropped it. This is the worst phone I ever had. Been into repair already twice now because it just shuts down once, twice, ... five times a day. At this moment, even when throwing it on the bed, it just shuts down from the huge shock. Battery life is also very very poor. Anyone saying it's enough for calling doesn't need a phone for business. I'm an outdoor guy having need of his phone 24h a day since I am independent. I have to plug it in every night or the next day my battery is drained fully. Siemens: shame on you for calling it shock resistant, they should sue you for that ! I bought it brand new as one of the first for 349, since I was desperately seeking a shock resistant and splash resistant model. I chose this one for it's shock resistance feature, but that's just a big scam. No more Siemens for me too.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 14th Jul 2005
looks fantastic, fucntions fairly well. problem: battery, doesnt last too long and it often just switches itself off when you get an sms. or is this just me? either way there's a lot of things with this phone that dissapointed me. especially the video playback quality and th actual quality of the camera itself, especially the annoying delay that can mess up pictures easily. i wouldnt buy this again.

Reviewed by Ellie from england on 14th Jul 2005
i think this phone is really good, it does freeze occasionally but i went to a phone shop nd they sed its wen u have 2 many pics on it or youv've used loads of the memory. the camera is pretty good. nd ne1 that dnt know how to use infrared, u av to go to settings then connectivity and then activate it. u can only send pics nd sounds using infrared so when u go on wateva u wanna send click send then via irda nd then put the 2 phones togeva where the black mark is on the side. but overall i fink this phone is really good, its a phone u cnt expect a miracle! xxx

Reviewed by Rodman from Iran on 12th Jul 2005
Pros: It has a great design. Just look at the picture above this page and you will admire the beauty. The camera is decent for a phone and is actually usable unlike many other phones. When speakin, the sound quality is good and the size of the handset makes it comfortable to hold. (I really had a hard time figuring out how to hold my Nokia 2600 comfortably when speaking!!) I have had absoloutely no problem with transferring files with my computer either through cable or infra red. I have also transferred a lot of stuff with other handsets(6600 for example) using Irda. The ruggedness is great for anyone of course. It might not survive a fall from several stories but at least you can treat it as roughly you can with no fear. Cons: negligible. lack of blue tooth and memory card are the only ones worth consideration. It doesn't play mp3s either which is not really important 'cause let's face it none of the handsets on the market offer a good and decent stereo mp3 playback except a few that are at least twice as expensive as M65.

Reviewed by Richard from Sweden on 5th Jul 2005
I was given this phone when signing up for something else. Could choose from 4 different, but fell for the "outdoor" approach. I will make this review short. Anyone above who typed about its excellency outdoors have my agreeal. But the menu system!? Compared to my previous Nokia and Ericsson (really old by now) it is a real shame by Siemens to have that Menu system. I have not tried upgrading the Firmware as someone suggested. I have returned the phone, could barely do anything at all with it. Used it two days and thats it. Someone must have been paid extra to invent such a Menu system! No More Siemens for me, in a while. Just about to receive a Razr.

Reviewed by Balazs from Hungary on 28th Jun 2005
This is a great phone! Not only its design is excellent and so exclusive but its contents are perfect, too. The screen is really huge! I can take really clear pictures and can make great videos. I find the dynamic lights on the sides very useful, too.And it's really tough...a good companion when biking :)

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 28th Jun 2005
First of all you need to ensure you have the latest firmware or you WILL have problems! Second when you use the M65 with a Siemens car kit it is almost unusable as the caller can hardly hear you for background noise and distorted sound. I had a S55 which was fine so this phone is a backward step. Siemens should exit the mobile phone market if this is the best they can do.

Reviewed by max from england on 26th Jun 2005
this a good phone but not the best in the world. if you are interested in it go onto the siemens website.

Reviewed by Ed from Edgland on 20th Jun 2005
Had this phone since christmas, still no problems. It looks profesional yet stylish, feels like a phone yet as hard as a diamond. Its got a huge display to view photo's on, and has a photo editor.

Reviewed by matul from Poland on 10th Jun 2005
This is the most beautifull phone i have ever seen. It makes him to be distinguished from other marks like ordinary NOKIA

Reviewed by A R Howlader from Bangladesh on 28th May 2005
This is my second review on this. Its been a month.. and still no glitch. M65 rocks! :D By the way.. the main reason I'm writing again for the ppl who are having trouble with their batteries. JUST SWITCH OFF THE PHONE DURING THE CHARGING CYCLE. You can do that at night. It will give you atleast double performance from what you get now!! Amazing.. but true! Oh.. one more thing.. try to charge it.. only when it is empty and crying so badly for a recharge! :D Complete recharging will take about 2 hours (just what the manual says!) enjoy!

Reviewed by RTV80 from Australia on 22nd May 2005
This is my second Siemens mobile phone (previously I had an M35i). It's a bit of a shame the interface/menu is bloody hard to navigate and definately not intuitive - I would have though that in 4 years between the two phones that Siemens would have made it more user friendly. The phone is no where near as tough as the M35 or as 'outdoorsy'. Where's the rubber grip pad for when your hands get wet/muddy and you need to use the phone?! The plastic isn't as strong as in the M35 (polycarbonate) and I don't reckon the metal 'jacket' makes up for this. Battery stamina is average..nothing to write home about. Bit of a shame that my old M35 outperforms the new phone in this area! On the good side: It's got an excellent camera, big and clear screen, still is fairly rugged (about to put it through another test when I take it dirt bike riding..if it carks it you'll hear from me again) and its' got craploads of features you can knock yourself out with. Overall, it's a good phone with heaps of useful functions (albeit, delivered via a confusing interface), is somewhat rugged with an average battery stamina. Good thing the M65 doesnt' have many competitors which are tougher and have better battery stamina as this phone might just fall in the ratings. Bring back the M35i and Ericsson R310! They were the true rugged/outdoor phones!

Reviewed by Scott from New Zealand on 22nd May 2005
Of all the phones I have had over the years this is the only one yet to survive the abuse of a building site, constant dust, water, and being dropped (latest fall is three stories), all up a very durable phone. The only problem i have had is the occasional glitch with the software refusing to recognise the phone over the IRdA link.

Reviewed by James from Australia on 17th May 2005
Purchased in Feb. The screen is good and the camera is good enough (for a phone). There are plenty of features on the phone and they all work (email, surfing, java games, etc). Downloaded the MPM software from the Siemens web site and its works a charm with a cheap generic USB cable I bought on ebay. Great system for managing the phone database, uploading and downloading. Downsides are battery life and scrathch resistance. Battery life is not great but its also not terrible (5-7 days in standby is plenty for me). I haven't dropped it yet so I can't test the shock resistance. It would have been nice to have a plastic cover for the screen because its a big bit of glass/plastic and mine has already picked up a few scratches. 4 stars, I'd buy one again.

Reviewed by Emily from Hungary on 15th May 2005
I think this phone is the best phone i have ever had i have dropped it millions of times and not even a mark!!! The camera is so good. It's totally amazing as good as a digital camera. It looks great too!!!!

Reviewed by A R Howlader from Bangladesh on 10th May 2005
This is a great Phone. Don't Doubt it. Those who are complaining, I'm sure they have an older Firmware. I bought this 2 weeks back and found no problem. Those who are using old SW versions or unfortunately bought with an older version preinstalled, please get a FREE upgrade from the SIEMENS Site. Camera is nice (As you'd expect from a Mobile Camera!). This camera will only disappoint you if you are expecting a professional quality Digital SLR from it. Then, My suggestion is Get a DIGITAL SLR and Tape your phone back to that camera! ;) . Regarding Voice and reception quality.. I had no problem till now and it seems I won't ever. Those who are upto games!.. There are zillions of free Java games available on the net. Download and Play!... U'll be bored testing all those... http://www.getjar.com is a good resource for applications and free games. Reegarding Ringtones.. and playback.. it can play 40 polyphonic tones. MIDI files are played great. and it can play .WAV and .amr files too (but only coded with IMA ADPCM converted ones!) When properly converted it playbacks great and compression is great too! U can download free WAV converter from http://www.siemensfreaks.com It also comes with nice games and organizer. And I had no problem syncronizing it with Outlook. Well you'll need latest software version downloded from Siemens Site. Once you've properly installed it'll almost act like a flash USB drive!! those who says it is slow.. must recheck! (I use USB cable to connect to my PC) Regarding Built quality.. I must say this is the most robust phone in its class (or in any category?). All the 65K /262K color phones availabe out today seems so vulnerable to me! If fallen accidentally.. some of them will perish away instantly, especially the flip ones, i fear! What is a good phone means to you if you can't handle it without being afraid of breaking it? That doesn't mean.. you can throw M65 as often as you'd wish to! But certainly it can take some accidental fall off. There are only two things you can complain about M65. Well.. if you really want to complain... 1.It has no bluetooth ... Those guys who really need it.. This phone is not an option for them! 2.Battery could last longer. Well.. With all that big color screen and complex functionality it is not possible to maintain a good standby time these days. However, those who are complaining about batteries.. little tips can help you improve your battery life. Use "Energy Saving" mode for screen saver. and reduce Illumination to 10/20%. This is good for your eyes too! But using all those tips and tricks.. it wont last more than two and half days! But you can always charge your phone.. when you're at your desktop! right? One of the most important feature i found in M65 (well.. All siemens phones have this feature) is call screening! That means.. No one can bother you except they are on the specified groups. You can classify your callers in almost 9 groups! its cool.. nah? Think about that..while you sleep.. only your GF/BF can call you! or you can extend that list to your family members. :D it has all other necessary features like browsing internet, messeging, IM, WorldClock, a built in Photo editor, Video capture.. MMS.... and blah blah Well... from a phone what else do you expect? If you still need more functionality.. there is a reasonable 10.3 MB space to download some application. Reasonable enough! right? I downloaded an application to read ebooks on it! LOL! I read while I'm on bus. :D Enjoy. A R Howlader arhowlader AT gmail DOT com

Reviewed by g-spot from nl on 4th May 2005
It is tuust undestrukteble and the camera looks like a 5MP digital camera and it looks good two

Reviewed by Alex from New Zealand on 3rd May 2005
The signal strength - or should I say lack of signal strength is a joke! Voda phone would have to double their cell site numbers to come close to providing good coverage for this phone. The hands free voice quality is a joke also! The only OK thing about the phone is the it is robust - I have dropped it many times and it just comes back working - unlike most of the other phones I've had. So it gets 1 star only and that is all it deserves.

Reviewed by paul from england on 3rd May 2005
I have had my Siemens M65 for 4 months and it is the best phone I have ever had. All the functions work really well and the camera is out of this world. I used it on my ski trip as it was better than my mate's digital camera. I can not find anything wrong with this phone and if you have an outdoor life you will love it just like I do

Reviewed by Derk Alston from UK on 22nd Apr 2005
Man, this was a mis-buy. The first thing i noticed was that people couldn't hear me to well. This is so, because the 'microphone' is in the BACK of the phone... Handsfree? yes, but also you have to have a noisefree surrounding to hear people in handsfree. It seems the phone takes sounds like cars en elctronics better then human voice, ppl often can't hear you. Battery: 2 days max, and no i am not a 'gamer', i only call about 10 minutes a day. SIEMENS helpdesk: took me 2 months and many mails to find out some things would be better with a softeware upgrade. 'It did', but i lost things to... like modem-use with laptop and the infrared. BLaaRGGHHHHHHHHH!

Reviewed by Tayeb from Morocco on 18th Apr 2005
It's a good phone, the charge can't take over than 2 days... but what i wanna know is where can i get and download application for this ????

Reviewed by George from UK on 5th Apr 2005
Well, i thought id post this review because i wasnt sure i agreed with reviews from other people. I love this fone, iv had it bout 6 months an its been class. The battery doesnt last long, agreed, but a 30 minute charge will give it a boost 2 last all day, it charges that quick! The camera on it is fantastic, about the best iv seen on any mobile an iv seen a few, and Iv had no problems with software, or linking it with my PC. i have been usin infa-red an it has been so fast to transfer pics, sounds, videos the lot. The reason i havent given this fone 5 stars is because the screen (which is amazing quality for graphics) has had a leak an been letting a lot of dust in, annoying for a fone claiming to be 'dust resistant' but appart from that, an i do genuinely think this is just a one off, I would reccomend this fone to ANYONE an will definatly get a siemens again.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 5th Apr 2005
I bought this phone thinking, wow it looks great. But thats about all it had going for it. the thing that really annoyed me was, if you receive two messages at the same time from two different people, you read one, but it marks the one you have read as read! How annoying! my mates thought i was blanking them, but i did not read their messages! the tones are a disgrace, the ABC, 1, key is next to the green key so if its easy to mis-press. If your a siemens lover, and you know no better, then consider this phone, but try and find someone who has one first so you can have a look before you buy

Reviewed by Jenzen from Phillipines on 4th Apr 2005
i buy my M65 just this afternoon...and im so amazed with this fone,...i think its really a good fone esp for the outdoor junkies...the games are rockin good!!!the only thing it lacks is an MP3 player.but thumbs up for this fone!!! get it guys!!!

Reviewed by soundmanjim from UK on 4th Apr 2005
Well. I thought i was getting a winner when i bought this phone; but i should have realised that nothing ever goes smoothly with me, and sure enough, after the statutory 2 week cooling off period from O2 (uk service provider) was over, things started to go wrong. After 3 months, heres a list of problems: If you pick it up after a few hours and press the navi-key, it switches itself off! the interface program from Seimens to upload-download data from your phone to PC just doesent work, ive tried hundreds of different software programs, its a waste of effort.None work. The pc finally reacts with the phone after about half an hour of being connected!!! The sound quality is so poor its embarrasing; try and play a downloaded ringtone, then spend the next ten minutes explaining to everyone what the tune is meant to be - the tiny speaker just isnt up to the job. Horrible and harsh. The auto pickup on answer is freaky- sometimes it doesent even bother to play the ring before you are put through! other times the ringing tone becomes intermittent. On start up, it takes a good 2 Minutes to actually get it up and running, the software is either too slow or the technology is too far ahead of itself to work this phone! Video is rubbish; quality is terrible and i have given up explaining to people what the video is mean to be of....my wife has a naff old Sagem and even that has better video playback than this 'phone'. Battery life...or the lack of it...will rear its head well into your first five weeks of owning it; i hardly use it and it seems to drain so much power just on standby. AND I DO KNOW HOW TO TREAT NICAD BATTERIES! The middle set of keys are a bit awkward to press, and it is very easy to mis-key, as i found out when i locked myself out of the thing when putting in the unlock code. Reception is bad also; my wifes phone on the same network has no trouble in the same room in the house, i lose the network altogether. Lastly, transmitted audio quality. Or the complete lack of it; imagine being told by your boss that he cant understand you, your old phone was better! (nokia 7210, should have kept that) All in all, a vast dissapointment, when it seemed to have so much going for it. What with all the software flaws, lack of after sales service and general unreliability its a great shame as this could have been a great phone...but i think they rushed it. Never mind, and after the fuss i had with a Seimens phone previously (s35) i'll not be buying Seimens again. Nice looking phone though, so it's not a total loss! TAKE HEED! STEER WELL CLEAR!

Reviewed by Peterson from Netherlands on 30th Mar 2005
The nav-key stopped function after it feld on the floor inside the house. Repair took two months. Then the non-changable cover started to get two cracks. After a 1 month repair it is now getting cracks again. Battery life is 1,5 day, only when using the calenderfunction, and one phone call each day of 5 minutes max. and display on energy-saving! When bought the software was awfull. Hangups every day, callist not being updated and so on. Siemens adviced me to sent it to their repair shop (for software update for a new phone!!, and not able to use my brandnew phone for weeks!!!??) So in stead of these weeks I decided to invest 40,- for a pc-cable. Complaining via phone, fax, letters for the total repair time of 4 month!! didn't help. Arogant Siemens. Siemens better stops making phones.

Reviewed by Him from Ireland on 22nd Mar 2005
Give this phone a break. It's Ok.

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