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Siemens CX65 review

 Review: October 2004  


In a nutshell: Entry-level camera phone.


The Siemens CX65 is the next step up from the Siemens C65 and sits in the entry-level camera phone class together with the Sharp GX17 and Sony Ericsson K300i.

Physically very similar to the C65, the CX65 is very slightly larger and heavier, but has a much larger and higher quality screen. The larger screen has been fitted onto the same size phone chassis through clever keypad design. This does mean that the keys are a little smaller than the ideal size, but it's perfectly useable. There are quite a few other improvements, starting with the much improved camera, now including a VGA-quality video camera. There's better messaging support, with EMS and the option of sending email (via MMS). The battery life is still poor, but new features include voice dialling, voice commands and a USB cable port for uploading data to a computer.

The CX65 is a better phone than the C65, but shares some of its problems. As well as poor battery life, build quality is flimsy and the battery cover tends to fall off quite easily. Many users experience problems with the phone freezing or switching itself off randomly. The Siemens M65 is essentially the same as the CX65, but with a robust protective case designed for an outdoor lifestyle.

Siemens CX65 features include:

  • Display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 132 x 176 pixels
  • Integrated VGA digital camera (640 x 480 resolution) with 5x digital zoom
  • Video camera (640 x 480 pixels, 12 frames/s)
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS (with T9 support), EMS, MMS, email
  • Java™ games
  • Screensaver
  • Connectivity: Infra-red, USB
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Programmable softkeys
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice dialling & voice commands
  • Organiser features: clock, date, alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator, currency converter
  • Phone book
  • Memory: 11 Mbytes
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Tri-band
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 108 x 46 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Talktime: up to 330 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 300 hours

Siemens CX65 user reviews

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Average rating from 126 reviews:

Reviewed by NOEL VAN DER MERWE from UK on 19th Aug 2009
My cx 65 has given me nothing but the best. Highly recomended. I only use Siemens phones.

Reviewed by Priyanka from UK on 10th Oct 2008
H this is Priyanka from Sri Lanka.11.10.2008.I udes this awsome cx 65 for the last 4yrs with no problem at all.It's smart ,elegant ,hardy and durable,what else u want from a mobile phone.The only comment against would be the poor battery power.Apart from that the phone is bullet proof.I still have it an never faced a technical problem with this wonderful machine.What I have to say is I love my siemens cx 65 and thats the best phone I've ever seen.

Reviewed by Free unlocking code from UK on 13th Jul 2008
Its batt life ñot good

Reviewed by Azeez kb from UK on 9th Apr 2008
i like the Mobile CX65

Reviewed by Madars from UK on 29th Mar 2008
Mobile siemens CX-65 is cool phone, but it doesn`t have mp3. I think it`s big problem. memoy is too little. It shoud bee bigger. Photos on ths phone is perfect.i have this mobile for abaout 7 month and it never make me sad! The siemens CX-65 is ideal phone tahat people who never had phone.

Reviewed by Amjad Gondal from UK on 9th Jan 2008
i have many problem with this set. Battery problem is biggest.Battery expired with 7 hours. i m using from one year. Its my bad experince. All function is good except Battery.

Reviewed by MICHAEL THE EGYPTIAN from UK on 20th Nov 2007

Reviewed by sean from UK on 20th Nov 2007
best fone of its class, best is the flashing lights that tell you that you have missed a call or have a text waiting without you having to lift your fone and check

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
Junk is the best way of describing this phone ! Sitting in an armchair and trying to operate it regularly gets me into photographic mode, and I now have about 20 photographs of my right foot. Getting out of this mode is not a simple matter, and then it has this nasty habit of going straight back into photo mode (and taking yet another picture of my foot) at the slighest provocation, especially when you try to get into some of the other features. One of the most annoying phoines that I have owned !

Reviewed by Kasper from UK on 20th Jul 2007
I've had the CX65 for one and a half year and it's simply got all I need. Cool design, nice camera and stable. It does, as said in other reviews, fill out the gap between smart phone and old fashion phones without many extra functions. By the way.. not many people has it, which make it special. That's kind of cool too :) I think I will keep this phone for many years, I simply don't need more and it's just cool.

Reviewed by john johnson from UK on 11th May 2007
i also had this phone for one but sometimes i hate my cp bcoz it will just turn off by it self and i cant open the gprs and mms of my cp

Reviewed by amos from UK on 31st Mar 2007
i realy like siemens and i've used them for a long period of time.

Reviewed by cindy from UK on 20th Mar 2007
i had this phone for about 4months i can say its ok,it very cool,but the problm is theres no available cover here in our city,i must go to manila to look for it, but its ok..i find so fun with this phone

Reviewed by Me from UK on 10th Mar 2007
It is an okay phone-you can live with it! If you have it on orange network, you will find that your menu icons are not coloured-they are guess............orange! which is pretty yuck and they don't match the themes on the phone. Not very bright vibrant screen etc Godd points: Charges very fast, an okay camera (wouldn't say excellent) cool design....serously thats all i can think off. Everyone had their own opinions but....I would suggest that you don't buy this phone! :) I give it 4.8 / 10 :)

Reviewed by Amir from UK on 6th Mar 2007
The best Cell Phone that I Used...

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 17th Jan 2007
I love the phone. I can do everything on it. don't need the best camera it takes photos large enough for me to put on my computer and look at and send and use. mp3 player... dont need it i have one anyway. i am happy with this phone. i recently purchased a usb chord and it's going fine until i installed a theme n there must be a problem with it because now when i turn the phone on it starts up and when it should load up the little button in the middle to clik for the menu, it turns off. and it keeps doing it n i dont know what to do. cant find any help online. if anyone knows anything i can do please let me know. but as for the fone i give it a 4 out of 5.

Reviewed by Rosie-poo from UK on 17th Dec 2006
this phone is atcly shokin ! ive have had it for nearly 2 years and i think its jus about time to get a new 1 lol! it turns off on its own after everything ... even when you are just going thru ur inbox .. this can b good thou cz if people are lookin thru ur mesages it just randomly turns off lol so if you have anything you dont want them 2 c..they probly wont lol also nealry all of the buttons on mine have fell off .. including the central joystick button.. the button around it .. the green call button .. the 0 button and now the 2/abc button it also has snapped on the case lol but it is a legendary fone so u decide lol xxx

Reviewed by Jess from UK on 5th Jul 2006
I had this phone for about 9 months (until, about a month ago, someone broke it so I had to get a new phone). It was my first phone, and I loved it! So it didnt have bluetooth or MP3s, but it was really cool looking, had a large, detailed screen and a great camera. I was really sad when it got smashed! It served me well and was very tough. Everyone who says they had problems just obviously had a faulty one - its nothing to do with the actual model. And yeh it runs out of battery quite easily, but oh well - if you use it a lot, charge it every other day or so. It charges really quickly too so you don't need to charge all day! A great phone if you don't need fancy stuff. =)

Reviewed by ollie from england on 13th Jun 2006
The cx65 in my opinion is not a very good phone i had it for about a year and the back cover keeps falling off and then the battery falls out, also the toggle button on the front fell out and wouldnt go back in! when i first bought the phone, i opened the box charged the phone and moved the toggle button and it instantly fell out. i had to send it back and get a new one. its now a year on anyway and i am getting a sony ericsson k700i which i have read the reviews and seem satisfied with.

Reviewed by Martin from Slovakia on 4th Jun 2006
This is the worst phone I've seen. -battery needs to be recharged every day -phone turn itfself off (anytime) -extremely slow -freezing (when browsing internet, applications) Do not ever buy this junk 'cause it will drives you crazy.

Reviewed by Peter from England on 5th May 2006
The CX65 is an excellent mobile. The plus points have been mentioned below. As for the 'phone switching off, I suggest you go to the Siemens website and upgrade your 'phone's firmware. The latest version fixed this issue for me. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you use the correct 'variant' for your network. As for the loose battery covery, wrap some tape arround the cover's tab - the bit which slots into the top of the 'phone. This will reduce the movement significantly. To further improve put some tape on the inside of the cover, base end, to fill the gap between cover and chassis. My phone now has a solid quality feel about it. Good luck.

Reviewed by joe from uk on 13th Apr 2006
Its a great phone ive had it for over a year and i dont see why i need a new phone. It has an ok camera with video. Its gt a big screen and its easy to txt with. Why do you need an mp3 get an mp3 palyer to listen to music.And it has a good organiser/calender

Reviewed by Lawrence from England on 12th Apr 2006
I love this phone! Its got a amazing camra and its menu is clear! The only bad thing is its battry dosnt last long bt overall is a good phone.:)

Reviewed by Stefan from Romania on 9th Apr 2006
Hello. Maybe my review will be useful for you. I have this Siemens CX65 for more than one year ( it is my 23rd phone in 6 years). The general impression is a good one. It's positive points are the display, the menu structure, VGA camera. The negative points: batery cover which is not very stable and the battery itself which lasts for 2-3 days in my case ( I talk around 15-20 minutes/day and another 5-8 minutes of usage). The display is one step ahead of it's competitors ( here I'm refering to Sony-Ericsson k500), it's very large and bright. But it is the one responsible for the poor batery life. The menu of the phone is easy to use, also the softkeys are configurable, you can assign to each button a specific task/shortcut. The images taken with the camera are at an acceptable level for a VGA camera ( a little better quality compared to k500). One more thing about this phone is that it's value of re-sale is reduced. For example I have buyed mine for around 150 euro last year ( april 2005) and now I can sale it for maximum 70 euro. That's all for the moment. If you need other details: dorutu@yahoo.com

Reviewed by mary from Georgia on 8th Apr 2006
I love this phone, because it is very comfortable to use. it is not expensive too. i recomend you to buy CX65 i know this phone's quality i use it myself. IT'S GREAT

Reviewed by ed from england on 27th Feb 2006
just lost this phone on the bus a few days ago - i am GUTTED!! This phone was brilliant! A true work of genius!! The menu was clear and easy to use, it looked great and was amazing value for money. siemens rule

Reviewed by hoangtien from UK on 26th Feb 2006
I don't like candybar phone, but I was attracted by the style of CX65!In fact, the CX65 has all the features I need and there's nothing to complain about this phone! Best mobile forever, thanks Siemens

Reviewed by Vikram Kumar from Pakistan on 18th Feb 2006
This phone is very very good but there is one problem in it tha is battery,the battery of this mob is very poor(we have to recharge it everyday).It has very good VGA camera like Nokia 6600,and et cetra. If you have about 7000 Rs of budget and want to buy good mobile so pleaase buy this mobile.

Reviewed by al from uk on 14th Feb 2006
i am quite annoyed with this phone. the camera, themes, phonecalls and movies are fine. there is just one fundamental flaw in that the SMS MESSAGE inbox is missing! the only way i can read my texts is when i recieve them and then when the sim is full, when i can magically see all of my texts all over again. also the battery cover is a little bit flimsy. other than that it is a great phone!

Reviewed by from England on 30th Jan 2006
I started having problems with this phone within 3wks of having it. The battery life is v.poor, so needs to be charged everyday. It switches off and connects to the internet on its own. Not recommended.

Reviewed by john.l from uk on 21st Jan 2006
hi this phone is ok. the memory is good,battry is rubbish. after a year the camer ect. gets a little bit worse but what do expect.a nice upgrade if your phone has no camera,video. the screen is good+big. the worst thing is that the phone terns off by its self.

Reviewed by Carlos from Brazil on 19th Jan 2006
Its a cheap mobile, and have some cool functions, but the battery goes down too fast (every day is necessary to charge), camera and video quality are average. The LCD size is an advantage. If you want to cheap mobile, this mobile can be a good choice, but Nokia 6200 and Siemens SL55 are better because the battery takes more time and are smaller than CX65.

Reviewed by chrisoOo from llantwit major on 14th Jan 2006
poor, poor poor! it turns off after u make a phone call! battery very poor! i'm getin a new 1 which is motorola l7 (by it btw) it is awesum!

Reviewed by Cosmin from Romania on 7th Jan 2006
The phone is great and the camera is outstanding given the fact that it has only 620x480 resolution. But I don't like the icons in the menu and I don't have a clue on how to change them :(

Reviewed by Lakshan from Sri Lanka on 5th Jan 2006
I'm using this phone almost over one year. The features are pretty good. Sounds of the video clips and recored sounds are not in better quality.I canot satisfy about the camera quality though its a VGA Camera.And this phone is getting stuck after acsess to the internet by GPRS, I had to pay Rs.3000/=(£17) to install the operating system again after its getting stuck.The two dynamic lights giving some atrcaction to the phone.

Reviewed by Vytenis from Lithuania on 1st Jan 2006
Ihave this phone!!!Its the poor phone i had ever.Its serious junk.Siemena had big lag like all siemens.Don't buy this phone never.I know that i say.

Reviewed by Kate from United Kingdom on 27th Dec 2005
I do like this phone, had it a year now. The camera quality is good i rekon, and the video is alright. A few problems though. Sometimes when I tried to read a txt message by pressin the joystick in to select it, it turns itself off, which is very very annoying, and it does this quite a lot. Ive spoken to two of my mates who have this fone and they said that they have the same problem. Also, the joystick fell off a few months ago. I managed to put it back on but it didnt last long and I lost it!! Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement one please? Ive only found foriegn websites that sell them, but obv they are no good as i don't understand them. Other that that, its a good fone, as it stores huge amounts of pictures! Oh yea, it makes calls too, just like real phones do!

Reviewed by Teodor Todorov from Bulgaria on 27th Dec 2005
Firstly I was going to buy C65, but I reconsidered the functionality and especially the battery capacity... and decided to get CX65. Well, this phone has a great functionality for it's price. The organizer is excellent, the display and the camera are nice. But that's all advantages. The sound is loud but awful, as it was from a horn. The battery stands for about 48 hours, sparingly using. I have set it to switch off each night and the brightness is 20%. And set to no vibration. But the antenna stability is maybe the worse thing in this phone. If the signal strength indicator goes under rank 3 it immediately starts searching for a network. And what is even worse - sometimes the indicator shows strength 5 for a long time in fixed position with no things moving around. Just a slight movement with my hand could blow it away to searching state. I made multiple tests, also with other phones side by side, on the same GSM provider. The other phones did not show such weird behaviour at all. I guess that means weak transmitter. The cheap A60 was much much better when talking about battery and range. Shortly - nice design, excellent functionality, fairly good software, low price, awful sound, weak battery and shaky connection.

Reviewed by Polly from Uk on 25th Dec 2005
This phone, which I had for a mere year, was very pleasing at first, but after a short while I noticed the camera decreases in quality, and the time to record a video also decreases!!The sound quality is ok, but I have recently brought a Samsung z140, and the change is outstanding!That phone is only slightly more expensive but yet much more sufficent and almost exciting!!No bluetooth, No mp3, no 3G...this phone should be increased in quality and will then make a much better purchase!

Reviewed by SHOFOL from Bangladesh on 19th Dec 2005
i like this phone.i hv got so...many extra function. but main problem is there...is no function for headphone so..i cant talk comfortably for a long time.moreover its speaker quality is not good

Reviewed by Jhon from bolivia on 1st Dec 2005
ok good...

Reviewed by jordy from netherlands on 14th Nov 2005
i like the phone but the sound sucks real hard... and everywhere i look it says it plays real tones so i download a realtone for it.. and then the probs starting.. the tone is 36 sec long. and it stops playing at 14 sec.

Reviewed by Deejay from UK on 1st Nov 2005
DON'T EVER BUY ONE. The most dreadful phone I have ever owned. Falls apart in your hand; Cuts off in the middle of calls; Freezes in the middle of use . . . I could go on but it would mean spending more time on this awful thing. DON'T EVER BUY ONE.

Reviewed by Syed Kamran Faisal from Pakistan on 27th Oct 2005
I have been using this mobile phone for 1 year and I observed that it is a complete mobile phone which we require, excellent tones, good in shape and marvels camera features.

Reviewed by Shaun from South Africa on 19th Oct 2005
I just love this phone!I have had it for more than a year now and it still keeps on impressing me here in S.A we only hear from Nokia as it is the most common phone but when walking into a crowd mine always gets noticed first.It has sleek looks and ideal to carry in your pocket.The camera functions are great aswell much better than other phones i`ve seen.Everybody wants one but it is very difficult to find one here you can say i was luckey. I see the other reviews people complain about the memory size i mean this is a phone not a playstaion for crying out loud,it rings you answer as simple as that to me all the other functions are a bonus. In the enviroment i work in it is esential to keep notes and reminders and it is quick and simple to make one (if you set the hotkey) and then it reminds me 15min before the time aswell!You won`t get oter phones that will do that.Over all i love this phone,yes it has frozen on me once or twice but i noticed it only happens when the phone`s battery is low.The e-mail works very well aswell and has never failed me.This is great phone and has a costs is ver reasonable. It has this one function dinamic light i did`nt read all the reviews but the one`s i did, did`nt say anything about this function it`s great you can set it to different beats according to sms,phone calls,e-mails etc.So the people who say this is a poor phone are either not used to quality or just don`t know how to use it properly.I am defintly hooked on Siemens it`s a great phone!You guys at Siemens i just want to say keep up the great work I am one Impressed user thanx guys. Shaun

Reviewed by james from uk on 15th Oct 2005
its a good fone but it has a few problems 1) the joystick is quite hard to use, normally u hav to press it down more than once to get it to work 2)da camera is alrite, but nothing special, and video isnt great 3) poor games 4) hard to do simple things that you would think were easy to do, and would be easy to do on a nokia or a motorola there are more problems but i can't remember them right now. the phone looks fragile and flimsy, but in actual fact it is pretty strong, but it is not water resistant, trust me i know

Reviewed by Atif from Pakistan on 12th Oct 2005
Hi, about this phone the good thing is its outlook (realy dashy), excellent joystick as compared to other phones in this category, screen is big enough and telephonic features are very good but on the negative side its battery life is very poor not more than 24 Hours, sound quality is poor, video clips are only for 30sec duration, games are boring, its outfit is very loose due to which its battery may shake and phone get off so i have to use packing for support, and due to loose covers it gets dirty immediately so i have to clean it every week from dust. In short this phone hardly deserves 3 stars...

Reviewed by jre from Slovenia on 5th Oct 2005
I bought this phone in June 04'. At first the software allowed that you could share games using irda with other phones, although the chrases and freezes were often. Then I upgraded it in June 05, the chrases stopped, the camera got better brightnes, but I can no longer share games with other phones. In July 05' the display stopped working and the official Siemens service said that repairing would cost 160¤(!!!) but I got much better deal al the local phone service- new display and service cost me (only) 20¤.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 19th Sep 2005
I've had this phone since January 2005. For the £76.50 I paid for it on Orange pay-as-you-go you'd be hard pushed to find anything better. The camera is great, especially with the optional flash attachment woen on nights out. The camera isn't as high in quality as some of the latest phones, but it's more than enough for casual snapping. The video recorder function is a welcone addition, but it only alows you to record 12 secs at a time, which is disappointing. Aonther feature missing from this phone is bluetooth. I have experienced the phone shutting down on me, Usually when scrolling through text messages, although it's only done it about three times in 9 months, hardly something to worry about. I have had this phone incased in a foneskin since new and it still looks like new. It definitely looks more expensive than it actually is and isn't anywhere near as common as other phones, which is nice. I find the build quality of the phone to be good too and it isn't very big either. The 11 MB of memory isn't huge by modern standards, but is plenty for loads of text messages and pictures. Overall, not the most high-tech phone about, not the most popular phone either, but great value for the spec.

Reviewed by loudenboomer from UK on 16th Sep 2005
Not very good, going to try a Samsung instead now. It kept freezing/cutting out. Someone told me this is due the poor fit on the back of the case allowing the battery to jolt off the terminals and to stick a couple of one inch pieces of insulation tape inside the back cover to pack it up a bit, I did this and it seems to have eliminated the problem but sort it out Siemens. Good screen but poor contrast in some lighting conditions. Also the case fills up with dirt really easily as the fit is quite loose, maybe Germans just dont have dirt like the rest of the world or steam clean inside their trouser pockets but I had to clean this out every 2 weeks. The address book and calendar functions are good, not as strong as Sony maybe but that is the only redeeming feature for this phone.

Reviewed by Will Price from UK on 11th Sep 2005
I hate this phone! It is terrible. The videos are blurry! The ringtones are rubbish. The games are boring! It is torture to own this phone! Do not buy it!

Reviewed by Will Price from Wales on 10th Sep 2005
This phone is a lump of ****. The ringtones r rubbish! The video quality is terrible! The games r boring as hell! The only half-decent thing about this phone is the picture quality. I hate this phone and that's why I'm getting the Motorola V550.

Reviewed by BLING MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! from UK on 9th Sep 2005
This is the most wonderful to ever touch my bare skin, for a second i thought, am i worth the value of this marvellous creation? have i died and gone to heaven... NO im still on earth because i made a lovely call to Mr Siemens the extravagant man. To all of you who DIS this phone, DIS your life, this phone is your life, you smelly old fashion phone people! TRAMPS .............. WORSHIP YOUR SIEMENS AND FOLLOW MY FOOTSTEPS.... I WORSHIP IT 10 TIMES A DAY.

Reviewed by S Hopkins from England on 24th Aug 2005
Where do I start! The worst phone I have ever owned. It is cheap nasty tat!! It keeps switching itself off while in use, when it is switched back on the keys do not work and the case keeps falling apart. It is difficult to navigate the menu's. I will never buy another Siemens again!!!

Reviewed by Furey from UK on 12th Aug 2005
crashes a lot, takes ages to start up and the camera takes very poor quality images, wont pick up anything in bad light. not impressed.

Reviewed by crispo from america on 11th Aug 2005
good overall, the video is rubish, but the menu is really easy to work out!! the wap is also really easy and quick.the camera also has quality picture

Reviewed by OliT from UK on 2nd Aug 2005
At the price this fone does have some impressive features: very good quality camera with photo editor; good battery; video playback; IrDA, and it's got a large screen for it's size. The button size also makes texting easy. HOWEVER, adjusting camera brightness can be frustrating and the video recording is average, lasting only 11 seconds, and the sound quality is complete trash. When you first use the fone, menus can be a nightmare to navigate. The fone may look nice in the pictures, however it feels cheap and plasticky. This may be due to the changeable covers, but trust me these are RARE - the only chance you have of finding one is eBay. But then the fone doesn't cost a lot (about £70 now?) and despite the flaws, it is still great value for money. If this fone was around the £150 mark, you'd be looking at a 2 star fone.

Reviewed by Ricardo from Brazil on 28th Jul 2005
This is just an ok phone. It has an average camera, average sound (doesn't have an mp3 player or a radio, all the others that compete with it at its price range - 6230, k700, e398 and k500 - have at least one of the two), average memory (bad if compared to the others, cause they have a bigger one for the mp3s, but ok for most of the people needs), average OS (user friendly but freezes and tends to turn the cell off by itself), average battery life (a full charge lasts about 3 days), worse than average games (it has 2 and only 1 of them is OK), and worse than average body construction (Battery cover comes off too easily, hard to change covers, cheap feeling overall). But some things make up for the mobile's flaws, like a very nice display (but clearly worse than the 4 above mentioned, except the 6230) and a very nice phone book (this one i found to be almost unbeatable). If u have to pick a mobile from cx65 category dont choose it, instead go for the 6230 (if u want the best o f all of them, but accepts having a worse than average display), the e398 (if u want a mobile and an ipod altogether, but with an unfriendly and slow OS), the k700 (similar to e398 in functions but with a smaller memory and no MC slot, but with radio and a better OS) or the k500 (the cheaper, but still great, only problem being the small memory - can only store 3 or 4 musics).

Reviewed by Damo from Uk on 23rd Jul 2005
Ideal cheap phone with video and camera functions it does crash/freeze now and again and could also do with bluetooth but for the money its worth buying. Its lightweight and of a reasonable size just slightly larger than a nokia 6230 but weighs less. Battery life is a little short for heavy phone users. screen quality is quite good though and is large enough for anyone with good sharp display. If your looking for a cheap and cheerful phone as a spare then this is it.

Reviewed by jord from uk on 17th Jul 2005
this fone is crackalackin its so cool ull never ever want anoother mob again its of da rockers dudes!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Luke salter from England on 16th Jul 2005
This phone is great the camera is awesome it is definetely the best looking phone for me !!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by John from S\'pore on 15th Jul 2005
It is an amazing yet cheap phone. So many functions and cool business-like design. Though it shuts down by itself at times, all the other features sure put it ahead of another phone in its class. Some people have complained about build quality been "flimsy" but it is really as strong as other phones. The bottom line is, just buy it.

Reviewed by Martis from Lithuania on 14th Jul 2005
Very good phone for value.It's cheap,but has a lot of functions,including sharp screen,good camera and also video recorder and playback as well.Personalisation is one of the best i've ever seen.Only motorola can be compared with it.Battery life is average.Joystick is let down,but this phone is absolutely outstanding because of it's functions.And price of course!!!

Reviewed by Imran Naqvi from Pakistan on 13th Jul 2005
Genrally the phone is worth you are paying for it.Software is good,display is good but the camera quality is poor.

Reviewed by sam from united kingdom on 4th Jul 2005
best phone in da world and i can say no more if your looking for a phone priced around 80-100 than this is it, its got good camera and video recording the only down side is that the sound on video is crappy anyway to get to the point BUY IT!!!!! :)

Reviewed by James Baillie from UK on 30th Jun 2005
i like the phone but it keeps freezing

Reviewed by shotta from england on 29th Jun 2005
fones ok u no batry is rubbish but the camera and everythin elses is alroite its worth its value though

Reviewed by Geeza from England on 15th Jun 2005
A really great phone with only one major shortcoming- poor battery life. I am an elder pone user (43!) and I just love this phone. I don't want an MP3 player or radio (my car and laptop have both of these) and I'm not bothered about canera quality (I have a Canon EOS 350). This phone allows me to do what I want - make calls, send the odd text and check out headlines via WAP. I can put the thing in my shirt or trouser pocket - something flip phones and Nokia's increasingly heavy phones don't allow me to do. I have had 'SMART' phones (they aren't - Symbian - too heavy and Windows - don't make me laugh!). This phone just works. The screen is dull - that doesn't bother me. The screen is huge - what a boon, makes Nokia 7250s and 6230s seem like yesterday. The phone is light with an intutitve menu system and a lovely keypad. As mentioned, the achilles heel is battery life - i make 30 - 40 minutes a of calls a day. This just kills the battery. I have two now. I bought mine brand new on E-Bay for 40 quid. I have a spare one 'cos i can't live without it. Do it, buy one, it's the business!

Reviewed by ANDREWS from ENGLAND on 11th Jun 2005

Reviewed by sash from united kingdom on 4th Jun 2005
This phone is a bit cack, it has a very cheap feel to it, the buttons are very plasticy and feel like they will break, and the joystick thing is rubbish. The camera is of average quality but the video camera thing is not even worth having as the picture is grainy and you only get 12 seconds. The phone is also very flimsy. On a positive note it has a few decent features like speakerphone and stuff, you can get this phone for £80, for the price i would reccomend spening an extra £20 or so and getting a motorola v547 or v500 or something.

Reviewed by steph from uk on 2nd Jun 2005
generally this fone is ok, but i would really love to upgrade. firstly it loves turning itslef of at very inconvenitent times. it pauses when takin pictures so action shots are a no go, the vidio is rubbish, it has delays and the sound on it is terrible. i still am unable to use the e-mail option, and i am unable to get the photos i have taken onto the computer. also it connects itself to the internet all the tym wasting my credit-- generally this fone annoys me loads, dont get this fone unless ur desperate or wish to be driven crazy (altough i do like the predictive text which i find is a good version and the screen size is good but ther are better fone out ther 4 that kind of thing) THIS FONE IS NOTHING SPECIAL!!!

Reviewed by Markus from NL on 1st Jun 2005
Too bad for the incredible slow, buggy, constantly crashing (worhtless) software used for connecting it with the pc :/

Reviewed by dave from Uk on 31st May 2005
gd phone- the still camera is quite gd but the video is poor. Randomly turns off quite alot for me, which is annoying, especially on text messages.

Reviewed by suren from sri lanka on 30th May 2005
it's really very very nice phone,

Reviewed by Alex from Poland on 25th May 2005
It`s quite a good phone. It makes better photos than for example motorola v300.

Reviewed by Kris from United Kingdom on 12th May 2005
This phone is a great looker and great perfomer. Its camera is superb in still mode however video is a bit dodgy. It does tend to shut down without warning now and again but not often, maily if you are looking at large images. The menu is ok, takes a bit of getting used to but its fairly similar to Nokia menus. The screen quality is the best I have seen on a phone of this class. Video recording is from 12 seconds (default) to 18 minutes maximum. Great phone!!

Reviewed by dobby from australia on 9th May 2005
this phone is junk. i got mine 3 days ago and already im planning to sell it. my next phone is going to be the good old faithful nokia 3200. that is a great phone, for shame all of you who like this cx65.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 8th May 2005
I bought this phone unlocked when it first came out, costing me £170. The battery life is absolutely terrible, lasting no longer than a couple of days in standby mode. The camera quality is ok but video quality is poor. The menu system isn't overly user friendly, and oh yeah, it seems to love turning itself off. The world's laziest phone! Even if it's now retailing for about £60.00 don't waste your money. Get a SE K500i for the same price and enjoy a quality phone instead...

Reviewed by Phil from Scottieland on 2nd May 2005
Brill!!!! The Video only lasts about 12 seconds, the ringtones are OK. But no Bluetooth!!!! A brilliand first fone!!!!

Reviewed by Ishtiaq Ahmed from Pakistan on 1st May 2005
This phone is pretty good,large screen,easy to browse,excellent camra result even at maximum zoom level.Great message storage capacity.......but it got two problems....it usually switched off while browsing any application.....2nd its speaker phone is not so good...its a little bit hard to recognize the callers voice.....its themes are not so good,.........Any way its camra result is really fantastic...........i love it............

Reviewed by Matt from England on 1st May 2005
This is a gr8 fone you shud really concida buyin 1.Has good video(30) and good cam.Only fault wud be it has no bluetooth. But still a MINT fone!!!

Reviewed by omid from iri on 24th Apr 2005
very nice

Reviewed by Liam from United Kingdom on 22nd Apr 2005
This phone is terrible the video time is 12 seconds not to metion low quality DO NOT BUY IT!!

Reviewed by Chisomo Sakala from Kenya on 20th Apr 2005
Its excellent!

Reviewed by abdulkadir from uae on 18th Apr 2005
phone is excellent,easy to use,but missing bluetooth features,next generation to include additional memory up to 64MB at least and FM radio.

Reviewed by Ricardo from Brazil on 17th Apr 2005
This phone has a bright, colourful and enourmous display, that alouds you to see it clearly even on sunny days. It also has a much better than average VGA camera that can also make sound videos, a beautiful design, a voice recorder that allows you to make memos, a very-friendly OS, a big memory of almost 11mb (that gets even bigger when compared to the other phones of its price), removable faceplates, MMS, GPRS and some smaller qualities that together make a great difference for the user. As for the battery lenght it`s not anything fantastic, but it`s not bad either, especially if you consider the display`s size. Take good care of it, do the initial charge correctly, etc, and you won`t have any problems. About those bugs we have all heard about, i`ve never experienced any of them, even after intense 10 days of use. My final conclusion is: the Siemens CX65 is almost as good as a phone of it`s price can get.

Reviewed by B.Dayhim from UK on 16th Apr 2005
I don,t like to say anythingelse other than the following phrase: CX-65 IS A CROWN ON THE HEAD OF ALL MOBIL PHONES IN THIS CATEGORY.-TERRIBLE!!!!!!

Reviewed by brev from uk on 15th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Stuart Carter from England on 5th Apr 2005
it was a struggle to give this phone a star rating didn't know which one it should be 1 star or 2 so i've decided to be generous and give it two stars. the standy by time is absolutly poor to say the least i have had nothing but trouble with it since i brought it mainly the battery. this is the i had the handset changed and the battery lasted 3 days instead of 2 and now i got a completely knew phone and well looks like nothing was wrong with the battery it's just that poor i was better off with the phone i got rid of to get this phone how i wish i still had my old phone.

Reviewed by brooke from ireland on 27th Mar 2005
I really don't like this phone, the ringtones are rubbish, I was comparing to my old phone and really noticed the difference. I don't like the layout of messages etc. The screen is not bright, even when illumination is up to 100% The only good thing I can say about this phone is that the camera and video are very, very good, but thats it. I wouldn't recommend it but it's up to the individual I suppose, just take a long think about it first... No wonder it's only £80-90!!

Reviewed by Boris from Bulgaria on 24th Mar 2005
THIS IS THE PHONE!!!, this is unique phone I can tell you as software developper, It is a minicomputer, you can do everything with it. The performance of its processor is UNBELIEVABLE. The latest firmware supports MOBILE3D. On this phone can be started EVERYTHING that hangs on the other phones. It worth every penny I gave for it.

Reviewed by ahmin ahmood from pakistan on 23rd Mar 2005
i had the phone for 1 week and it kept on crashing everytime i pressed the button for the camera. i wouldnt recommend buying this phone. i find that the sony ericcson and sharp phones are far superior to the siemens.

Reviewed by Craig Dawes from United Kingdom on 12th Mar 2005
The phone is excellent, great camera but too slow to use, easy menu, just like Sony ericsson. Good internet use too. The phone does switch off when it feels like it and the menus just freeze and lock up. Battery life excellent if you dont use it, batery starts draining quickly during use. I have just sent mine back to Siemens after 2 months due problems. They were good though and said they would repair or replace - no courtesy phone though. I would say stick to Samsung or Sony Ericsson

Reviewed by Jippie from netherlands on 11th Mar 2005
No BlueTooth :(....butt it's a nice phone:')

Reviewed by Taha Farooq from Pakistan on 8th Mar 2005
Its the best mobile I ever had!!!

Reviewed by Ben Frankel from England on 4th Mar 2005
ok i have to first say that i have never done this before and i dont intent to again but this phones shocked me when i droped it in 3 inches of snow and found it three days later and it was completely fine. the camera the screen everything. also i skateboard and it does withstand falls etc well which shows its good workmanship. other than that this phone really isnt anything amaing the menu and the options are still not half as good as in any Nokia but they are useable and the buttons despite being small and flat are supprisingly not that bad to use at all.

Reviewed by That's me! from Romania on 23rd Feb 2005
Hi there! I got this phone yesterday and it's amazing! It really is... Very good screen (in actual fact it is one of the best Siemens ever did :) and good camera, you can also make videos (15 seconds lenght). Due to the lack of the bluetooth and radio, it still is the best phone in it's class. Here in my country the phone costs 200 $, which is a good price, too. GO AND BUY IT NOW !!! :D

Reviewed by Mark from England on 19th Feb 2005
A good-looking phone with some well thought out features. A few negatives to point out though... the camera takes a nice clear picture however there is a two second shutter delay which ruins almost any picture because the subject moves before the phone actually takes the photo. The camera also insists on making a very loud clicking sound when you take a photo, this seems to me to be totally pointless and it cannot be turned down or off (even if the phone is on silent). These downsides make the camera extremely frustrating to use. I have only owned the phone for three months but these flaws in design have annoyed me so much that I am now buying a different phone. A real disappointment because this aside, the phone has excellent media capablities and really is quite classy.

Reviewed by chandole from france on 16th Feb 2005
this phone is the best phone in the market of 15 seconds video recorder it is class and class large screen for class pictures.

Reviewed by goodname from London UK on 16th Feb 2005
FIRST DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THE SPEED DIALS, PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY, AND A QUICK WAY TO CAMERA, AND IS THERE A GRID LIST VIEW, just got the phone, was thrilled with the screen and colour, but my goodness this phone has a mind of its own, and seems to have big attitude, its the worst navigation ever, and the ringtones ha ha what a joke, and dont get me started on their Wallpaper, shame cos its a nice phone all in all, but give me NOKIA any day, I only got this phone because it was cheaper than the latest Nokia on PAYG, come on Siemens improve the navigation on your next phone, learn from Nokia

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