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Siemens C65 review

 Review: October 2004  


In a nutshell: Very basic camera phone.


The Siemens C65 is an entry-level camera phone that retails for under £100. The phone is compact, lightweight and very nicely styled. For the money you seem to get quite a lot of features - camera, 65k colour display, voice recorder, handsfree speaker, etc. However, look closer and you find that the phone is not as good as it seems. Starting with the display, on closer inspection we find that it's not a TFT screen, which means that it's hard to read outdoors. The digital camera is just CIF resolution - that's 0.1 megapixels, whereas most entry-level camera phones have VGA resolution nowadays (0.3 megapixels). The connectivity is infra-red only, with no cable option for transferring photos to a computer.

Having said all that, the good points might just outweigh the bad points, except that the reliability of the C65 is poor. Read the user reviews below for stories of how the C65 may freeze or switch itself off at random. It is possible that the latest firmware upgrades will fix these problems, but in an entry-level phone such problems should simply not be present, and it is not acceptable for Siemens to release a phone knowing that its software is buggy. The Siemens CX65 is a much better phone all round and not much more expensive.

Siemens C65 features include:

  • Display: CSTN, 65,536 colours, 130 x 130 pixels
  • Integrated CIF digital camera (110k resolution)
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS (with T9 support), MMS
  • Java™ games
  • Screensaver
  • Connectivity: Infra-red
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Programmable softkeys
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Organiser features: clock, date, alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator, currency converter
  • Phone book
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Tri-band
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 105 x 47 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 86g
  • Talktime: up to 300 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 250 hours

Siemens C65 user reviews

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Average rating from 158 reviews:

Reviewed by gopi.n from india on 5th Aug 2013
it is a butiful modul very good mobil. i have the mobil but no battery.in india no battery for this modelcan you send it.

Reviewed by sean from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
worst phone ever nutin good about it screen is rubbish

Reviewed by Dawson Dimmy from UK on 5th Dec 2008
I am from Uganda . i got that c65 as a present from my mother in grecce. it it very good ,so i adivise those who have not bought it to get it coz it's really nice.

Reviewed by august from UK on 18th Jul 2008
its good to use siemens c65..

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
i love the siemens c65 and dont want to loose hope in it.i live in zambia and my address p.o box 38102.lusaka,zip code 10101. my problem is that the phone has been disabled coz somone entered a wrong phone code more than three times.got my phone code memorized but no experts in zambia can manage to unblock it.i need help.if you have mercy.please send me a new phone coz am desperate,waz a gift from my sweet loving girl friend and i need it.

Reviewed by koni from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
i just hate this fone.The main reson is that it is one of the slowest fone i've ever seen,and it takes about an hour to switch it on. It keeps getting stuck and even gets switched of automatically. The battery life is really bad,I have to charge the fone every 12 hrs!!and they say that the fone has a 250 hr back up?? In the end I would like to say that even if I donate it to the shopkeeper,he would not take it.

Reviewed by Nandu kuttan from UK on 3rd May 2008
I hate my siemens c65

Reviewed by shahzad from UK on 17th Apr 2008
there is many problems in this.phone lock is big problem.if i give 3 times wrong code then it is block how i unlock it.please tell me

Reviewed by HAAD ALi from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
THIS IS A VERY GREAT HAND SET I LIKE IT VEry much but there is a bluetooth whichis no IN it

Reviewed by Ricardo Verdi from UK on 12th Jan 2008
My wife used this phone for a couple of years. One problem: the keypad lock wasn't very good, & in her bag the # key would get pressed by mistake & dial the last number again. So she always used to key in a free number before putting the phone away. Now I'm trying to prise all the numbers out of it onto the sim card to put into a new phone, & despite what o2 say in their page, there is no option to copy ALL numbers to sim, unless you do them one at a time. Unless the option is somewhere else (I tried address book, click on an entry, options...) And battery life was poor. But it's been reasonably ok. I've get her a new sonyericcson as I'm pleased with my k300i, hers is a Z320i

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
This is a great durable phone. If you're looking for something basic and durable to last you a long time - this is it. I've had mine for three years!

Reviewed by Isilimwe from UK on 1st Dec 2007
Appearance-good Camera-poor Battery-problem Loud speaker-low Sound recorder-poor Diplay-poor

Reviewed by xxnicxx from UK on 29th Nov 2007
This phone has a stylish unique look, but is now quite dated. I have had it for nearly 3 years now lol, but thats just coz i dnt use it that mch. the camera isnt that good really and it's almost garunteed to switch off everyday when your doing anything on it really. It also can take a while to load. The features are nothing special like the games are krap and I always end up pressing the internet button while using it as the buttons are quite close together. I would't recommend it especially for this day and age. xx

Reviewed by Paolo from UK on 18th Nov 2007
Im from the Philippines. I bought mine at August of 2005. It was a good-looking phone with lots of nice features. But the bad experiences I had with his phone will definitely change the way I treat Siemens Mobile. After just a day of using it, the phone turned Off all by itself (I drained it's factory charged battery and later recgharged the phone for 4 hours till full). The several days of using it, I noticed that the fully-charged battery only last a day (Without calls, primarily for text messaging only which is a lot common here in my country). There were also a lot of times it would freeze. I've noticed that the battery cover was poorly designed, it was just a simple snap cover similar to remote controls of most TV sets. The snap cover will eventually wear-out due to constant battery removal because my phone frequently hangs. I cannot remember the total number of visits I had made with the Siemens retail store where I bought it, the phone frequently crashes. They replaced the motherboard, upgraded the Firmware but the bugs were still present. This would have been a great mobile phone if it wasn't for the bugs it had.

Reviewed by viktorya from UK on 1st Nov 2007
camera ia rubbish =(

Reviewed by timothy john egan-newlove from UK on 23rd Aug 2007

Reviewed by Navi from UK on 5th Aug 2007
I naver sceen a bad thing like this !

Reviewed by anna from UK on 4th Aug 2007
hi i have been using this phone for about 2 years i like the feature but i lost one feature on my phone i lost the siemens picture editor i just want to ask how would i get it back?because before i lost the java games feature but afterwards it turn back so im hoping that siemens picture editor will return soon but then it is still unavailabe how could im wonder how could i return it..

Reviewed by bonny from UK on 14th Jul 2007
this phone is one of the best phones i ever had

Reviewed by sajja dusmani from UK on 14th Jun 2007
apparantly good looking.it was gited to me by telenor pakistan.it worked for a year.it was nice to operate.its battery was not good.its camera just a satisfaction.after a year it slept and perhaps it died.i was thinking it is sick.i took it to its doctor.roughly four to five doctors tested it but told that it is untreatable.i being electrical engineer took it to my lab and tried to run it by lab power supply it was still silent and its display was as offas some one is angry and hides mouth in the blanket.after working for two days i was succesful as now it starteddrawing current of 10 milli amperes.it display started blinking but it was momentary.again i took it to its street specialist.he told it is hardware problem.i think i must not waste my time to get it repaired.but perhaps it has become my beloved and you know it is difficult to say good by to ones beloved .

Reviewed by dafydd from UK on 31st May 2007
hey all. this fone is rubbish. It freezes at the most annoying times and the camera is rubbish. I regret ever gettin this fone coz its rubbish.

Reviewed by pooo from UK on 26th May 2007
This stinks

Reviewed by s dante from UK on 25th May 2007
bought the phone in Jan 2005. No regres about the purchase. happ with the way it has performed. still using the original battery. Needs to be rechargedmore often than a Nokia. No damage inspite of having dropped it on innumerble occasions. Neat "Search " function in the address book lets you look for any text combination. Cons:Sometimes the notes you make just disappear. Also when looking at the calendar in the month view there is nothing to tell you which month or even year you are looking at. picture messages sent from a Nokia don't make any sense.

Reviewed by giouly from UK on 23rd May 2007
it is a very good mobile phone and i love it!!! it has high quality!!!

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 20th May 2007
It's an average phone and a good compromise between proce and functionality. I think many problems come from the very buggy old versions of SW. Mine SW is new - 50 and I have only two bugs for sure, when the telephone turns off on its own. It's relatively old right now and maybe not worth buying, but I haven't more money at the time and I don't regret.

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 5th Apr 2007
I would just like to comment on the last review, yes it may not be as good as other phones but it really doesn't matter what phones are like there just like another way of talking to your friends and careers. Also I have this phone and you can see the screen very clearly when outside and if you can't you can go onto Profiles and change it! The settings include: Normal enviroment Quiet enviroment Noisy enviroment Car Kit Headset Aircraft mode But I would recommend the Cx65 I haven't had this phone but it's much better than the C65.

Reviewed by tracey from UK on 19th Mar 2007
Great phone, good features then it turns itself off and never turns on again i had some good pictures on there of my friends so in aid to revive the phone i tryed everything the only way i could turn it on was by sticking the charger as hard up the phone as i could but if i let go a little it would switch off Shame though it had a good life

Reviewed by _magickmon from UK on 11th Mar 2007
it does have a cable option and I have a cable but you need the software to use it, which siemens doesn't have on their website anymore....and I need it to save my photos and addy book but mainly photos

Reviewed by mig from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
very very good phone

Reviewed by David Gray from UK on 10th Feb 2007
I own a Siemens C65...or rather used to. It all happned on a bright sunny morning late october and this is what happened. I was stroling along the path when the pre-set ringtone blared out at me,I picked it out of my pocket and put it up to the side of my head then i dropped it. The cause of this event was the phone had been dropped in Tesco value olive spread earlier that morning. It smashed to the floor with a sickening CRASH. In the afternoon my mother tried to ring me to to tell me that my wife had just had a baby,thanks to this phone the speaker had broken thus failing to connect me with my mother to bear the great news. In conclusion I would rate this phone as off the scale (not in a good way). I have just purchased a brand new Samsung D900 which i am very chuffed with. Thank you for sparing your time to read this and good day.

Reviewed by fatima sheriff from UK on 30th Jan 2007
i like it coz its durable

Reviewed by fathbac from UK on 25th Jan 2007
i love it;

Reviewed by zoqi from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
is is a good mobile fone i liked it very much.

Reviewed by Raihan from UK on 14th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Noor from UK on 12th Jan 2007
It has been 1.5 yrs,i have been using it.the phone is good for simple task,but not enough good as its talktime is low.it can be said as a average mobile with enough options.

Reviewed by toni from UK on 11th Jan 2007
is the best mobile

Reviewed by Armand from UK on 10th Jan 2007
you people shud really calm down its a phone and a ohone is made for calling, rite. now maybe you like playing games on it or tyou like taking picture or any thing else but face it the phone is better than nothing

Reviewed by ryan from UK on 9th Jan 2007
the phone is good just from the camera

Reviewed by emma ball from UK on 8th Jan 2007
it is rubbish i hate it but it has good pics

Reviewed by Nancy- 12 from UK on 6th Dec 2006
I got this phone for my birthday and thought it was great!! But after a while it freezed sometimes when i took photos and i had to take out the battery again and again! And sometimes it just crashes randomly and goes all black! I spent loadz of money on really cool ringtones and set them as my ringtone. But when i get calls they dont work. It is really annoying! But anyhow i love it cause it is my first phone! I will love it no matter how many times it crashes or cracks open! lol

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 13th Aug 2006
i got it and i thought oh wow my first camera phone but i kept freezing and turning off and on its self the camera isnt great aither but its good for phoning people and thats it really i would not recommend buying it because its a waste of money

Reviewed by emma from UK on 23rd Jul 2006
i ave had thios fone now 4 2 years. it started of as an ok fone but has got worse. it switches itself off 4 apparently no reason and will freeze. the camara isnt very gd at all. not enough memory space. its 2 chunky and theres no way u can show it off at all! its been an ok fone but i wouldnt recomend it 2 any1 else

Reviewed by emma from UK on 17th Apr 2006
unfortunately, i too have been burdened with the torture known as the siemens c65. its not expensive and seems to be good value for money at first glance. but beware, scratch the surface and it's hell!!! it freezes for no apparant reason and at other times decides to turn itself off. really annoying. i thought mine was the only one with this problem.......until i read some of these customer review sites and discovered i wasnt alone. completely put me off siemens. save your money for a reliable nokia or something =)

Reviewed by jessica from UK on 19th Feb 2006
i have had 2 siemens c65 's and the 1st one broke but i got it off a mate who had slightly bugged it up. it did start to turn itself off and then it wouldnt turn on. however i got a new one the same and it excellent i have had it for 6 months now and i have had not one fault so i cant complain. i wouldnt go back to nokia as my lst phone a nokia 7610 had many faults such as the camera being faulty and the video not videoing. ok the nokia was a better phone as far as looks concern but i am happy with my siemens c65 and will stick until a better deal comes out that interest me comes out from siemens.

Reviewed by emily from UK on 29th Dec 2005
at first when you get this phone the camera is really good but after a few pictures they get quite bad and the sound recorder is all muffled when you play bac the sounds i have had mine for a year now and they are the only problems really i am getting the siemens s65 now or the sony ericsson k300i

Reviewed by Rika from UK on 10th Nov 2005
This phone is not good at all. I HATE it. I had it for 2 months on a contract, I am going to take it back. They promised me good quality and good phone, yeh write.... it freezes, I cannot even download ringtones, in spite of more than 20 phone calls, e-mails it still not working. The WAP settings has been sent millions of times, still not working. It keeps on going off by itself, the batery up to no good, you charge it now, send one sms, almos a quarter of battery flat already. So please do yourself a favour DO NOT BY THE PHONE. It does not even deserve 1 star.

Reviewed by nath from UK on 24th Oct 2005
got this fone for my birthday, and from day 1 i had problems, in the space of 1 month orange had 2 send me 3 fones because they were all faulty, all the same problems - turnin itself off unprompted, kept freezing, u name it, it went wrong, and the quality was very poor. 1 piece of advice- * NEVA BUY A SIEMENS! * - MY NETWORK SAID THAT THEY WOULDNT SELL ANYMORE SIEMENS BECAUSE THEY WERE MAINLY AL FAULTY! YOU ARE A FOOL IF YOU BUY 1!!!

Reviewed by Colin Gray from UK on 20th Sep 2005
When i brought this phone home i was excited by the thought of having a camera phone but my optimism was soon over. the first photo i took was of poor quality, the second photo i took made the phone freeze. if you use it too quickly it simply turns itself off, the joystick is of poor quality and to be able to say i bought this rubbish for #90 keeps me awake at night. the internet is poor and when you try to find out the credit left it sometimes tells you... but mostly doesn't bother. so to sum this up NEVER EVER BUY THIS PHONE OR EVEN ANY SORT OF SIEMENS!!!

Reviewed by sarah from bolton from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
a few days before my birthday i thought to myself, 'hmm i think it is time for a new fone....' so i went into carphone warehouse and they showed me some fones....they had the cheek to point out that the nokia 3200 is rubbish compared to this fone....so i went along wiv wat they sed and bought this for #100 i took it home switched it on and i thort it looked abit complicated.....i went on the camera....took a pic...then to my disgust....THE GOD DAMM THING FROZE!!!!!!! i took the battery out and turned it bak on agen but evrytime i put the camera on it FROZE AGEN!!!!! To my dissapointment i took it bak and replaced it wiv a Nokia 3200! it is soooo easy to use!!!!! but sadly i think i am gonna get a new 1 sooon cus i think it is time for a lil change!!!!!! NEWSFLASH NEWSFLASH!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS THING....IT WILL MAKE UR LIFE HELLLLL!!! tata xxxxx

Reviewed by werty from uk on 31st Jul 2005
this fone is good but it isnt the coolest to show off with at parties a bit lame

Reviewed by kate from Manchester on 29th Jul 2005
Heya this is a really abd phone i think. I got it for my birthday and had to take it back the next day and buy a new one! it always freezes espically when you are on the camera. Like every time i really needed to use it it froze. bad phone. the camera is ok though.

Reviewed by ralphy45 from UK on 28th Jul 2005
This is a brilliant phone. It has good games with excellent graphics and has a good range of ringtones, wallpapers etc. It has a camera that's quite good and even has frames to go round the pictures taken! It has loads of space for phone numbers and addresses. I would reccomend this for people who want a fun, simple phone.

Reviewed by unknown from canada on 26th Jul 2005
y u ppl expect so much from a phone...phones r for calls not for taking pics n games n all dat ...so be satisfied with whut u hv...da phone is good, it has everi fing needed for me..just takes a lilo while to load everifing..n dats it..i fink dis phone is FABULOUS..

Reviewed by Sharon from Ireland on 25th Jul 2005
Rubbish phone!! I have mine 3 days and already experienced most of the problems mentioned on these posts! Mine was a freebee so at least i havent spent any of my hard earned money on this piece of junk! My first ever mobile, a motorola brick, was better than this!!

Reviewed by ben from canada on 23rd Jul 2005
ok im seetin some things straight. 1. IT IS A PHONE WITH A CAMERA IN IT. NO DUH IT ISNT GING TO BE THE BEST OF ALL! if u want a bettercamera go buy a digital camera good phone tho

Reviewed by Ben from Canada on 21st Jul 2005
This is one of the best phones i have ever owned.I dont no wat everyone is saying it is rubbish.

Reviewed by Keith Ho from Malaysia on 21st Jul 2005
I bought the C65 on Jan 31/05. It was working ok for a few weeks, then started shutting itself off. It got annoying and I went to Siemens for a software upgrade to solve the 1st problem. Once upgraded, the screen dimmed and ringging tone got very soft. I can't see the menu. Went back for service and they said I have to wait for a new motherboard. After 1 month, my new board arrived and the phone worked fine for 13 days. On the 14th day, it completely power off itself! Sent back to Siemens and they said the motherboard died. On July 21, 2005 I upgraded to a CX65. I am glade I did as the C65 have given us nothing but trips to and fro the service shop. I love the CX65 screen size, camera and video and will review it later in the CX65 column if it does not have all the bugs C65 had. If you want a good phone, pay a bit more the for CX65 instead of the entry level, bugged C65.

Reviewed by meg from england on 13th Jul 2005
crappy!!! 5 and 9 keys dont work properly (v bad in an emergency!!) and it sometimes freezes after taking a picture so u hav 2 take the battery out and put it back in again. its my advice that u spend a little extra on something that is reliable! xxx

Reviewed by mel from england on 9th Jul 2005
the siemens c65 is goog but i had to keep taking the battery out when it froze plus and now the things to keep the battery in snapped so i have to keep turning it back on and it is hard to see outside and i dont no how theinfa red works either.

Reviewed by Ollie from England on 5th Jul 2005
The phone seemed to be OK at first, average camera, good menu navigation and an affordable phone which has a colour screen. However, within a short while of having this phone it started to turn off at random times, or if i received a text message. This got worse and worse until sometimes it wouldn't turn on. So i sent it to siemens for repair - on its return it broke within a week. It is extremely unreliable (whether the firmware is upgraded or not) and it is not worth buying - don't let the cheap price trick you into buying this phone. Apart from its looks and ergonomics it is truly awful. XXX

Reviewed by Carterton A.D from UK on 1st Jul 2005
Brilliant mobile phone to start with. I have had it for about 6 months and am still happy with it. But a problem about it is the Camera on it is not even worth taking pictures for. ITS ABSOULUTE JUNK! The sound recording is not top notch but alot of my friends could only record for about 30 seconds a song! This one will carry on till you have no memory left. And the memory holds about 210 minutes of recording!!! The games are okay, well 2 of them are, and the screen size is not bad either. The phone overall is a moderate one and i personally think it is a affordable one at a reasonable price!

Reviewed by Chevy de Mardy from UK on 1st Jul 2005
It's a great phone. With the newest firmware, please wait message for camera last less than a seconds !, and the connectivity with ma620 irda is better then it used to. And the price, you'll get a technology gap if you buy nokia at this price! Very good phone at it's value.

Reviewed by Nathan Timms from England on 29th Jun 2005
The phones features were very good, but orange had to send me 3 new c65s because every1 i had was faulty, would recomend if you dont want hassle, dont buy the siemens C65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dimple from Phils. on 25th Jun 2005
this fone was very good!!!!!!!!!i dunno y many people are saying it has bad features,especially d camera.ofcourse it has no flash so it is dark at night.besides it was very cheap and affordable.It was a VERY GOOD Phone BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!C65

Reviewed by gu$ from indonesia on 22nd Jun 2005
I think you guys..... just can use the small think..... and you don't know about hi-tech on it. I have use it for internet connection for my PC using infrared adapter. No problem. My suggestion, if you can't use your SIEMENS C65 in full features, better you use your old grandma phone. I am living in small village in my country and still can get good access of internet. And now I am the only one techno-man in small village can get access of internet.

Reviewed by Chris W from UK on 20th Jun 2005
Had this phone as a bargain from Orange Shop on PAYG....I was not unhappy at first since this was the first mobile of the modern sophistocated type I had had..it replaced a old Motorola M3788! Quite liked all the features, didn't even mind the poor CIF camera - never had one before. Definitely didn't like like the NON - TNT screen..unreadable in daylight - you have to key-press to light up the screen even to see the time.. But 3 days out and the keyboard started to play up ...the 9 key would only insert 9 if pressed at the edge - press the 9 key anywhere else and the phone went back to the screen and so you couldn't properly dial out ...also problems with SIM card pin..nearly blocked the phone...subsequently other keys also ceased to function.. Rang Orange who offered to replace the phone with one of same model but preferred my money back.... Don't buy this phone...unreliable - for me the faults occurred within the two-week cash-back time but otherwise you would be stuck with a lemon you'd possibly have to pay to repair. No wonder Siemens have packed up in the mobile phone business and sold out to Taiwanese BenQ and I don't fancy the chances of their German factory surviving if this phone was an example of their quality control.

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 13th Jun 2005
This phone is ok bit basic n the camera isnt much good. it turns itself off for no reason! also cant find a signal and is forever saying network search. im on o2 and cant get my balance after a few texts or phone calls so have to switch it off. i suppose overall not a bad phone but i've only had it 5 months and want a new 1.

Reviewed by anonymous joe from england on 13th Jun 2005
this fone sucks!it turns off by itself i hate the PLEASE WAIT thing the camera is useless even when the lens is clean.the battery only lasts 1 day and a quarter. it does not break easily do DO NOT BUY THIS FONE buy a sagem

Reviewed by steph from uk on 10th Jun 2005
i dnt no y ppl r sayin its bad dis is a wel gd! da camera is great n its cheap now every1 shuld b 1 n its cutex

Reviewed by alex from romania on 3rd Jun 2005
hy there,i'm a lil bit confused...my phone iz c65,at least this iz what it sayz on the sticker beneth the batery,but itz booted with a cv65 software.got it from spain probably thaz why it has a cv SW(vodafone)the SW wersion is rather old althoug the phone has only 6 months.the features are good maybe to good for a c class model..its cheap so avalable to a wide range of users...it looks great,very ferm,solid the display is a litle poor(cstn)in light but ive solved tha problem(ive instaled a black theme,white letters on a black fond,and so its easy readable in extremely luminous inviroments)battery holds a lil bit over a day...my old 3510i had a better batery...although the features were crappy.. software iz a lil buggy,sometimes it turns itself off,especialy when i change themes..quite annoyng sometines i should say but inspite of all drawbackz its a nice phone im not sure if i supports data cable connection with a computer,some say it does some it doesnt.SIEMENS says that the SW can b upgraded via data cable(dtc510)i hope theyr right,if not,although i love siemens il will go back to nokia:( IF SOMEONE KNOWS IF THYZ MODEL CAN BE CONECTED TO THE PC OR HAD DONE THIS PLEASE GIVE ME A EMAIL :theforsak3none@yahoo.com ratings: for siemens fans only

Reviewed by Andy from Canada on 24th May 2005
I love this phone, all you dissers, people expect to much outa of a phone, my last one was not even half of what this is. and for 150 bucks you can't expect perfection, i've had it for a day now and i'm satisfied with it. great phone, i would reccomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by sophie from england on 24th May 2005
its not the best phone i have had in past, i have had many problems with this phone and the camera on it is at a very poor quality.

Reviewed by bob from england on 23rd May 2005
i realy like this phone i dunno why every1 is bumming it. it lookes sexy and is easy to handle. the camera is good to all you dumb heads dissing the camera obviously it wont work in the dark its a phone it cant work mirracles!!! i think this phone is good BUY THIS PHONE youll love it!!!!

Reviewed by xXxKaTexXx from UK on 21st May 2005
I had this phone for about 5months and then it went total spazo on me!!!!!! it is the worst phone ever made!! and just to add to that it is ugly!!!! it freezes 24/7 when i rang people it just went of when i got a text it went off!!! COME ON U PEOPLE WHO THINK ITS GOOD!! it is a totally rubbish phone!! a waste of time if you ask me!!! the games + tones + camra!!! who backs me here???? i went from this to the samsung e800 it is the best phone ever never lets me down!!! always works camera is gr8!!! and so are the ringtones and games as a teenager it is a fab phone!! i advise people to get it!! dont make a stupid mistake of getint this siemens

Reviewed by Mortal from Jordan on 19th May 2005
The phone is user friendly, light, and the access to the menues is fast and simple. also the battary stay for about 3 days. One day i have charged it for more than 5 hours, suddenly the phone started to turn off, then i discoverd that a black material was created on the battary. to solve the problem just clean the battary. do not charge it for more than 3 hours.

Reviewed by JAMIL AHMED from PAKISTAN on 18th May 2005

Reviewed by JOHN from USA on 9th May 2005

Reviewed by Todor Videv from Bulgaria on 5th May 2005
That's one of the best Siemens phones ever.It's lightweight design and integrated CIF camera with 65,000 colours makes it a perfect bussiness phone!!!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 30th Apr 2005
This phone is a real hot and cold phone. It has done all the things that the other reviews have mentioned although not too reguarly. One thing that happens to me every time I delete a message in either my out or inbox is the "please wait" screen comes and stayes there, very annoying. When I open up my inbox and press to scross down all the messages move so you never know what your opening!! and the last thing is the 9 key is very tempremental. The camera is poor, people have to stay still for ever to get a good photo. The organisor is very good, I also have an USB Infared thing that works very well with the phone. There are also some good games out there for it. All in all a poor phone that you get the impression was rushed by Siemens and not worth buying in my opinion.

Reviewed by Becky Griffin from England on 27th Apr 2005
I hate this phone. It constanly turns itself off and then on again and phones the internet by itself. Just had a call for 10 for 2 hours. Always phoning people by accident as the phone lock is rubbish. Don't buy this phone. The camera is useless as well and you can't see the screen display.

Reviewed by stillwater from china on 15th Apr 2005
I thing c65 is not too bad.I brought this phone in guangzhoung about a menth ago with 1300rmb .You know ,c65 is entry-level cellphone but its funtion is relative all-side.I have fun in trying my best to make it better,for explem,setting Microread ,seting MME ,setting dictionery.I am really looking forwer to the v47 for C65.Its funtion will be more all-side then.To summarize,c65 is banlant between funtion and price .

Reviewed by Call911 from Romania on 14th Apr 2005
If U care about your money don't buy this piece of plastic. Freezing, battery 2 days, poor quality camera... Even for free don't take it! 1 star is too much!

Reviewed by jag from da uk on 10th Apr 2005
its not that good

Reviewed by leo from england on 10th Apr 2005
this phone is rubbish i have one myself and i was really annoyed when i found out that it didnt have bluetooth. The problems include: .switching off when it feels like it .freezing Oh and not to mention when you try to put peoples numbers in it has a really stupid system when it comes to puttin names in

Reviewed by Vyx from UK on 8th Apr 2005
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! In less than 10 months I've had 3 replacements. The latest handset I've had for 4 days and I'm already having problems with it. Previous problems include:- switches itself off and on : freezes : changes it's settings itself : won't let me answer calls : won't let me disable 'auto off' : won't tell me what my balance is unless I switch it off then on again : the high pitch noise thing is a bit scary! : the screen starts off really clear but after a week or so each phone I've had has lost all clarity : says it's out of memmory? I've haven't even taken any pictures : The list is pretty much endless, luckily I've ordered a new phone on a new network and am awaiting the opportunity to have a ceremonial burning of this latest handset. That will stop this haunted piece of s-crap bugging me!

Reviewed by me from england on 5th Apr 2005
I have been an owner of several siemens phones and they are dreadful i have had to send one of my siemens back 4 times!!! it's raelly discraceful and i will never invest in another siemens i am currently looking for a new phone and i would recommend nokia's or sony erricson! they rock! Regards me

Reviewed by Pedro Deniz from UK on 1st Apr 2005
Niggling freezing bugs when starting up out-of-the-box, reminded me of a Motorola T250 I had before (however they were really bad for dying on you without explanations), but found instead of 'rushing' the phone, what you need to do is treat with a little care and give it time to boot up/register properly. The Organiser and addressbook are top-notch, even a sync link to a 'big boy' like Outlook (via an Exchange server or the like) seems possible. Didn't realise it couldn't connect via a data link cable, that's a bit poor. Camera is an add-on to me, if high-res pics are important than forget it, but otherwise adequate. As a standalone product used in its primary domain, as a phone/mobile messenger I think it's excellent.

Reviewed by Ben Barber from UK on 26th Mar 2005
This phone is terrible, the software within it is so buggy it could have been tested by microsoft. The crashes when using the camera and just randomly are annoying. The handsfree/loudspeaker is a good feature but thats about it. The phonebook is poorly planned and the navigation terrible. Gotta say Im really suprised at this poor phone from siemens.

Reviewed by kalle anka from sweden on 20th Mar 2005
It sucks.. battery-life is poor and it hangs all the time. the bugs are NOT fixed in the latest firmware. and if you play a sound over and over again , in the soundrecorder .. it hangs .. so you must remove the battery. I'll trade it for a big mac any day ..

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 18th Mar 2005
I thought i was the only one having problems with this phone!!!!!!!i got iy for xmas and the first thing it did was freeze!!!!!!!!which meant i repeatly need 2 tak the battery out!!!its useless wen its bright outdoors and its starting to annoy me!cameras not to bad but useles if it 2 dark or to light!its a nice compact stylish phone though and dat wots gets it points!!!!!!

Reviewed by Rob from Southwest England on 15th Mar 2005
I had and still have problems with my phone, as it keeps turning its self off and the screen keeps freezing, other than that, this is the best phone i have ever had!!! It can TXT and make calls!! What more do you need!! I must say.... its a shame that i can get real tone :( But i think this phone is "Top bannana!"

Reviewed by shifat from bangladesh on 11th Mar 2005
this is a great mobile. I just bought it today so i dont know it that well but i can say that its great .i am 17 and a musician and compared wiht other cells, its recording is very good. I have used the nokia 8910i, motorola c350 and samsung a800(of which the a800 was the best)so i have been going back and forth wiht mobiles but i am really looking forward to keeping this one for a longer period of time,ps where else can you get such a good camera like this in such a cheap price?

Reviewed by Bajtalan Hunor from Romania on 8th Mar 2005
First when I heard about this mobile I thought that this is another poor phone from Siemens but I think that the new 65 series are really good and they are really cheap in their category! So Siemens c65 is a really good phone 5 mb memory, integrated camera in a cheap price! If you would like a phone same like this from Nokia you will spend a lot of money. It's battery life is not so good that is the reason why I rate this phone with 4 stars. I think it is a really good phone and it is german technology and everybody knows that german things are very good

Reviewed by x i luv mobs x from scotland on 4th Mar 2005
Im only 12 and i want to say 1 thing THIS PHONE IS TERRIBLE!! my mum sent it back 3 times and it still wouldnt work it kept freezin the only good pictures it would take was if it was really light! its just a discrace! DONT NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by colin crossman from plymouth uk on 28th Feb 2005
You call this a phone ????? i call it the biggest heap of junk i,ve ever had the misfortune to come across and use. My partner and mysaelf bought 1 of these phones each and i thought hmmmm nice looking phone .well thats about the only good thing about it. what good is a phone in yur pocket if its not turned on because every time i took mine out it was off my partner had the same problem. battery life was crud camera was poor and we.ll never ever use a siemans again weve sent ours back got refunds and gone back to the reliability and style of good old nokia Colincrossman42@aol.com

Reviewed by Gary Baker from UK on 26th Feb 2005
well i brought this phone with my very first pay check, what a waste of money! The screen is terrible its useless outside! I took this phone on holliday to menorca with me and i must say i did manage some half decent pictures with it, well i thought they were gd..... the other month i got so fed up with the problems (freezing, bad battery life, restarting) that i invested it a solid phone (samsung d500) and my siemens c65 is now rotting at the bottom of my bin! where it belongs!

Reviewed by Emily Reeve from England on 25th Feb 2005
Oh my god, if I could give it zero stars I would ! I've found this site as I am currently searching for good views on a phone that will actually be reliable for once as I cannot last any longer with this siemens!! 4 of the buttons on my phone are now out of use and wont respond at all, the phone has been looked after well it has just deteriorated. I've now had it 6 months and it's been hell. One night the sound it makes when it turns on and off played all night and even when i tried to turn it off it just turned back on again with a mind of it's own. It was hell, I threw it in the other room and had to take the battery out!It switches off at least once a day during writing a txt message or when it chooses which is VERY frustrating. It has crashed multiple times because it cannot cope at all with the many features it has. battery life - well i charge it every night otherwise it would run out. It just seems like siemens have crammed everything they can of the lowest quality ont o this phone to sound good to make sales! Well I will NEVER be buying a Siemens again and I say they should stick to making washing machines because mobiles is definitely their weakest point !!!

Reviewed by nikki from on 24th Feb 2005
i was havin a few problems with the battery life on my fone only lasting a day, like many of the people who have written reviews. I decided for no reason what so ever to put a screen saver on my phone and now the battery lasts around three days! problem solved!

Reviewed by Shauna from Ireland on 14th Feb 2005
I agree with mark from England!! My phone frezzes and turns off and on to! Other than that though its grand. Dose ne1 know how to get it unlocked.

Reviewed by Soeren from Sweden on 10th Feb 2005
I had a Sony Ericsson T610, but I did not like the small buttons. I tried the C65 and fell for it. Great menu, good buttons!. The camera is not as good as the one on T610 according to the data sheet. But in practice it is much clearer pictures. I have had the phone for 3 month now. I still find smart solutions I did not notice in the first hand. Recomandations from me - all phones has pros and con's. I like this phone!

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