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Sharp GX29 review

 Review: April 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Sharp's GX29 phone is a mid-range lightweight camera phone.

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The Sharp GX29 is a compact and lightweight clamshell phone. The outer display is very small however and overall the design of the phone is relatively unattractive.

Opening up the phone, you will find an excellent display on the top half and a serviceable keypad below. The camera is just VGA (0.3 megapixels), plus a video recording option, and this is less than you would expect for the price. Ringtones are 40-voice polyphonic, and are reasonable, but far from being the best - many phones in this class now have MP3 ringtones. There is, however, a ringtone editor so you can create your own. There's also a handy voice recorder, but no handsfree.

There's full Bluetooth support, plus a USB connection for exchanging data with a PC. However, one of the biggest letdowns is the tiny amount of memory - just 2.1 Mbytes of user memory, making it the worst in its class. Battery life is average.

Sharp GX29 features include:

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Sharp GX29 user reviews

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Average rating from 50 reviews:

Reviewed by ali abdou from algerie on 11th Mar 2011
excellent telephone gx29

Reviewed by Mel from England on 17th Aug 2008
Had phone now for approx 3 years, battery starting to fade. Phone ok, nothing spectacular but having BIG problems getting photos off & onto my PC. Bluetooth no good, now trying to track a USB cable! Easy to use, not fussed about ringtones or music/games.

Reviewed by Karen from Scotland on 6th Apr 2008
I really like this phone. It's easy to use and easy to find your way around all the different menus. Only gripe would be that you have to hold it REALLY steady when you take a picture.

Reviewed by me from UK on 20th Jan 2008
Just great!

Reviewed by Ben from ENGLAND! on 2nd Dec 2007
really ain't that bad..memory as said is a bit of a let down but i enjoy having it. it texts and phones what more do you need?

Reviewed by Alan from England on 23rd Nov 2007
Had GX25 before and was told this was an upgrade - its not - don't buy!

Reviewed by Dylan from New Zealand! on 26th Sep 2007
this phone is awesome! i mean the camera is great, but if you want really good photos its called a digital camera! and for mp3?? there are ipods now! this phone is great because it is cool and simple and easy to use! large screen that is easy to read and a well made phone! better made than a V3 motorola... pieces of junk!!! hahaha. sharp is the best and cheap! never looking back! buy one now

Reviewed by JD from New Zealand on 14th Aug 2007
I love this phone, previously had an alcatel 735 and this is wwwaaaayy better. I find the camera quality is great and use it often. I'm not too fussed about mp3s and videos so this phone is perfect for me. Overall I think the phone works great, looks good, simple but stylish and considering that their a very resonable price compared to other phones you really cant go wrong I think

Reviewed by miname from UK on 11th Jul 2007
i dont like it ^^

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 27th Jun 2007
I just cannot understand all the negative comments like "absolute rubbish". This is a fantastic little phone. I ordered it to replace my GX20 which, after 3 years, had a cracked screen. It takes adequate pics - if you want a decent camera, then BUY A CAMERA!. It does everything it's supposed to. The small memory is not a problem for me, so why should it be for anyone else? Also, with the fantastic meldy editor, I've written all my own ring tones. Suppose you have to know a lot about music theory to be able to do that though!

Reviewed by Jake from England on 7th Jun 2007
Ewwwww what an awful phone.... disgracefully sold aswell by sales rep telling me it was a top of the range phone.... LIARS. is good if u just want to text and call but other than that.... EWWWWWWWWWW

Reviewed by abin from India on 4th May 2007
why do company releases such useless mobiles??

Reviewed by lara from Malta on 1st May 2007
easy to use, but it takes ONLY about 10 sec of video

Reviewed by Kirsten from Scotland on 16th Apr 2007
I did manage to assign ringtones to contacts, but I can't remember how I did it.

Reviewed by aiMaN from England on 15th Apr 2007
You called that a phone???????????

Reviewed by ash from donny on 15th Apr 2007
hi there i have one of these phone"s they are ok for blutooth everyone this site talks #### a bit

Reviewed by Liz from uk on 10th Apr 2007
Usless phone. Bluetooth doesn't work. can't get hold of USB lead, takes about 10 secs of video. can't wait to sell it. vodaphone shop definatley misrepresented it

Reviewed by Mobo from Greece on 9th Apr 2007
I used to be a tech mobile freak for over 10 years. Now i am bored of this and i decided to sell my Nokia N73 and buy a simple mobile phone. Well, Gx29 is what i wanted. It has a marvelous TFT display, bluetooth, its easy to use, and it is the most beautiful cellphone i ever had. Its compact and stylish like a fashion phone which costs a lot of money. Its the best phone in this category. So, if you want just a phone, and not mp3 player, camera e.t.c, buy it.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 5th Apr 2007
absolute rubbish

Reviewed by hippy.. from england on 29th Mar 2007
this phone is rubbish and is as long as the great wall of china... aaargh..

Reviewed by Md. Fahim Alam from Bangladesh on 27th Mar 2007
Very very poor quality phone

Reviewed by Steve Henley from England on 4th Mar 2007
This phone is fine. Maybe the reviewer is a phone geek, but as a user I can say that it does everything that I need, and in my opinion is not overpriced. It's also very neat and attractive. The Bluetooth worked fine first time, and allowed me very easily to download some extra (free) ringtones as well as a replacement background image, from my (separate) camera. The lack of memory isn't a problem for me, nor is the limited camera resolution. If you want a hi-res camera, get a camera! The optics that will fit into a mobile phone can't possibly be as good as those in a decent digital camera (I have a Canon A80 that does all the serious photography I want). Ditto with an MP3 player. These are cheap enough that you can get one with built-in radio for much less than the price of the phone. So who needs lots of memory in the phone? It's a device for talking to people, and for sending short text messages - not for all the other things.

Reviewed by harrisb@wanadoo.fr from France on 21st Jan 2007
Hi, well where do I start,I have tried to download bluetooth alongside a PC engineer and we find it impossible to do, it just wont accept it?I cant transfer my photos over to my pc because of this reason. I cant send photos to anybody as it wont allow me? Apart from that its a good mobile, but I will be more careful when I buy another, as I am very dissapointed at the moment.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 18th Nov 2006
Just what I want but I've only had it 2 days and haven't figured out all its functions yet. One thing I am having a problem with, how do you remove the little cover where you attach the ear phones. It is very tight and I don't want to break it by forcing it. To the person who asked where you an get an ' in car' charger. There are hundreds on EBay 3-4. Only want it for emergencies, and haven't a clue what Bluetooth does !!! I'm a wrinkly....................

Reviewed by Jenny from England on 15th Oct 2006
this phone is average, i mean its a bit tall but quite thin, good camera and video but the sound sometimes buzzes for me. one of the worst features is the very poor memory, i want my good old nokia back

Reviewed by bjcoles from ireland on 9th Oct 2006
i never actually owned this piece of scrap metal but i have used it on several occasions my mate has it and i have a tendancy of running out of credit so i end up using it i own the sharp gx10 and i have to say its much better than this phone i cant understand why they are making phones with this poor level of picture quality only 0.3 megapixels that is far from any phones you can buy why would you buy a phone like that when ya can buy the sony errickson w810i or samsung phones which are much better if you just but it because you have no interest in camera phones then why not but a nokia 3310 my first phone as they are simple and reliable for me this phone is a waste of time nd money it is also ver very VERY ugly

Reviewed by liz from england west london on 26th Sep 2006
I think its a lovely looking phone and it would suit a lot of people but i am afraid its not for me. THe screen and the colours are great and i found it really user friendly for the most part. But the lack of memory is frustrating and also the fact i can't transfer over mp3's to use as ring tones is not good as well. The ring tones offered on the phone are really bad and the sound is really tinny. The camera takes a reasonable picture for the size of it but you cant keep to many pics on the phone due to lack of storage. I purchased this phone as a replacement for my nokia 6230 after coming off contract and as soon as i can find a suitable replacement i think i shall be buying another phone. probably going back to Nokia. Still at least it hasnt gone wrong as many times as my daughters motorola rzr.

Reviewed by Mrs Christine Wootton from England on 22nd Sep 2006
As a 62 year old pensioner, I have recently purchased the Sharp GX 29 and I am absolutely delighted with it. I love the look of the phone (contrary to the review), and at my age to be able to have the use of a camera and video recorder is marvellous. I am not into downloading music etc. so the functions this phone provides is ideal for my needs. In fact I feel "quite trendy" when I am out and about and using this particular phone. It more than satisfies my needs and at a cost of 62.00 from my local Vodafone dealer (including trade in for my old phone) is, I think, excellent. It is so nice to be able to receive day to day photographs of my three grandaughters and this makes my day. To me a phone is to keep in contact mainly with family members, either by text, e-mail or personal contact and the quality this phone provides is excellent. I cannot fault it.

Reviewed by DiscoDave from Scotland on 21st Sep 2006
got this phone in july, i liked it for about a week then it got boring. there is very little memory and you can hardly get a 20 second video on it, although the camera and the screen resolution is absolutley amazing but it can be a pain to use sometimes. this phone would be okay to get you started if it was your first time phone but i wouldnt reccomend it to people who like downloading music and games and watching videos.

Reviewed by Juls from Uk on 21st Aug 2006
Had this phone for 3 months it was an upgrade from the SharpGX20 wish I had kept my old phone or upgraded to something more reliable. Last few weeks its been turning itself off and not showing my incoming calls which it used to. What a nightmare. Have always been happy with Sharp but this has been one dreadful phone cheap and nasty.

Reviewed by Hannah from New Zealand on 20th Aug 2006
Assigning ringtones to contacts is diabolical - and quite possible impossible. I saw a comment on another site that the contacts have to be saved in both the sim and the handset, then it will work. I tried that - now I have a double list of contacts. Still none of them will accept an individual ringtone. Even assigning the main ringtone for the phone doesn't work. I'm stuck with that ghastly 'Summerdream' - nothing else. Pitiful. Can't even delete it. Vodafone Live in New Zealand is pathetic, I tried downloading some wallpapers - after the excrutiating slow load - merely an eon or two - for each page - I found a pic. Twice the V. Live site crashed during the purchase process, debiting me on one occasion but not the other. A USB cable? V.fone want $99. They've GOT to be joking. Email? Getting email set up on the Vfone site was a pig until I discovered it's not even Firefox compatible. Eventually get to device setup and the GX29 is not even listed as a supported device - only up to GX25. The irony is I now have to go back to the Vfone Live page to get email. And round and round we go. Might try Bluetooth on a mate's laptop next - if I haven't taken the damn phone back to the shop by then...

Reviewed by jd from england on 16th Aug 2006
Should make it very clear when selling this phone that it has no memory and no memory card. Worst phone available for memory but they do not tell you this.

Reviewed by Fiona Myers from england on 15th Aug 2006
i think the mobile iz good, i have one myself and u can recieve mms without goin on the internet like most mobiles have to,and the bluetooth iz gd aswell

Reviewed by some guy hu has this phone from england on 12th Aug 2006
i think this is a gd looking phone with quite a good camera but the downsides of this phone are easy to find they are that it does not have an mp3 player and expandable memory if it did have these 2 qualities. Get this phone if u r lookin for 1 of ur first phones but if u r looking for a mp3 music to listen to phone do not buy this

Reviewed by jen from eng on 30th Jul 2006
nice looking and compact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Unknown from Englang on 8th Jul 2006
It seems to me that this phone is one whitch it for alot of people. I have been looking for a new phone for a long time and the Sharp GX 29 was exactly what I was looking for. It has a brilliant Camera, the ringtones are a bit of a downer, But if you have a problem with them learn to make your own! Thats the whole point of having a melody editor fools. And this isn't just a guys phone, I'm a female and I think it looks fab!

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 5th Jul 2006
Ive only had the phone for 5 days and im having trouble recieveing mms. Every time i get one it says its too big. Can anyone help me please?

Reviewed by ruanah from uk on 14th Jun 2006
l bought the phone two weeks ago,its great the camera is perfect.l wish it had good ringtones tho.otherwise am glad l ditched my nokia for this one wow wow wow

Reviewed by RSB from UK on 31st May 2006
Looks good, but feels cheap! Battery cover comes off very easily and comes with poor ring tones. Might be free but still sent back, got the Motorola V3i miles better!

Reviewed by Jo from U. K. on 27th May 2006
I like this phone very much. I have 1 major problem though, I can't find an in-car charger for it. Can anyone offer help on this? Jo UK.

Reviewed by kel from uk on 26th May 2006
I had this phone as an upgrade from the GX20 i already had -in fact it is a down grade - it has less features on it than my old phone. It is unfortunate but i will be returning this phone. It does look quite good, although the keys are a little uncomfy to text with and without all the features i have got used to, i was quite disappointing.

Reviewed by dave from england on 16th May 2006
Great phone, take your time while setting tones to groups, it works.

Reviewed by Robert l from uk on 13th May 2006
Hi folks , i got this phone yesterday and i think it is absolutly great especialy for the price and the camera quality is wicked but i have a problem !!!!!!!!! when my freind sends me a ring tone via bluetoth it gets to 100% and then says sending failed! why some one help plz plz plz (i can sent pics and that just not tones ) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Norwich78 from UK on 5th May 2006
Good phone, but assigning ringtones to different contacts seems to be impossible. Anybody had any luck?

Reviewed by nek from uk on 22nd Apr 2006
fangtastik style and camera and screen and i like it

Reviewed by louise jack from uk on 14th Apr 2006
Don't like this phone. It's boring, ringtones dire, it doesn't even feel nice. When you open it up it's very black, hardly a girl's phone as it just ain't pretty. I'm sure there are better on the market out there, in fact, I know there are better on the market.

Reviewed by Kirsten from UK on 12th Apr 2006
Maybe I'm just grumpy because I've only had the phone two days and it's proving to be more bother than it's worth, or maybe I'll get the hang of it... The keys are quite far apart which makes texting very slow. The screen gets smeary very quickly. And, worse than all of that, no matter how often I follow the instructions, no matter how often I just try to work it out myself, there appears to be no way of assigning different ringtones to different contacts or different contact groups. I've tried doing it the way the handbook says, over and over again, and it's just not happening.

Reviewed by billy from england on 11th Apr 2006
very big and chunky hard to fit in a pocket alrite features but good be beta taken mine bk to shop for a samsung E530 - its fantastics !

Reviewed by Jo from England on 8th Apr 2006
Fantastic phone and very easy to use.

Reviewed by tweed from ireland on 5th Apr 2006
hot!!get this mofo phone!!

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