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Sharp GX17 review

 Review: September 2005  


In a nutshell: Candy-bar style phone with video camera.


The Sharp GX17 is un updated version of the popular Sharp GX15 and is a good entry-level camera phone. Like the GX15, the GX17 has a good VGA resolution camera (0.3 megapixels) and supports video recording and playback.

The screen is of excellent quality with 65k colours, and uses TFT technology for a bright vivid display that is clearly visible even in sunlight. The screen is physically large but the resolution is limited at 120 x 160 pixels, so not as sharp as the more expensive models in the Sharp range. However, in the entry-level camera phone class, this is one of the best screens available.

The user interface is icon-driven, intuitive and easy to use.

The GX17 comes with 40-voice polyphonic ringtones that are of high quality and it supports Java™ applications, which means that games and other applications can be downloaded. Like the GX15 before it, the GX17's memory is quite limited for storing video clips, photos, ringtones and games.

Finally, the GX17 has full Bluetooth™ wireless support in addition to USB and Infra-Red connectivity.

This is a good entry-level camera phone, with the small amount of memory being its only shortcoming. The mystery is why Sharp have bothered to release the GX17 when it is virtually identical to the previous model, the GX15. The differences are superficial, with a smart black case and a couple of millimetres shaved off the dimensions, making it even more compact then before.

Sharp GX17 features include:

  • VGA digital camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x zoom
  • Video recorder
  • Voice recorder
  • Display: TFT, 65,000 colours, 120 x 160 pixels
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Ringtone composer
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3)
  • T9 Predictive text
  • Java games
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.1 (voice/data), USB, IrDa
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Triband
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 46 x 107 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 230 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 290 hours

Sharp GX17 user reviews

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Average rating from 142 reviews:

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 27th Nov 2010
I purchased this phone in year 2006 and I am still currently using the phone. (It has been four years already). I have dropped the phone a number of times, been in the raining and it still works fine. If you just needed a phone for txting and calling, this phone is for you.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 10th Jun 2010
Has this as a vodafone courtesy phone and was very disappointe. Very basic functionality and doesn't even have a loudspeaker!

Reviewed by tim from UK on 26th Mar 2010
i have 1 and ive had it for 3 years its a amazing phone and i love but i dont like the chargerend because its hard to get in and out and sadly a week ago the inside bit of the charger on the phone broke and i have to get a new 1

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 18th Jan 2010
rubbish phone no mp3 at all, like 2.2 mb of memory can't do anthing with it, do not buy

Reviewed by Si Sutton from UK on 21st Aug 2009
This is the worst phone i have had, luckly its only a courtesy phone. please hurry and bring me my N95 8gig back!

Reviewed by Lea Morland from UK on 30th May 2009
Whilst having my blackberry storm, Vodafone gave this to me as a temp phone. It got the job done for the week whilst i didnt have my blackberry. But if i had have to have this fone any longer it would have driven me nuts

Reviewed by gap from UK on 5th May 2009
always dies on me, randomly presses buttons, very slow and the camera is pretty much useless. absolute rubbish memory and it doesn't have mp3

Reviewed by tahir ahmad from UK on 6th Apr 2009
love it............. it is compact and stylish and very very simple to use

Reviewed by Sami from UK on 13th Dec 2008
Had phone for about 1/2 year. No memory and boring presentation. Too simple.

Reviewed by $@M from UK on 30th Sep 2008
phone is pritty basic, can not store music and memory rubbish but it is better than some phones i have had. cheers sam in australia

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 11th Jul 2008
this is a good phone i think. it suits what i need perfectly. true, it doesnt have that much memory but you can still make do. the colours are amazing and the screen is huge. iv had mine for over a year now and i am still completely satisfied with it. it hasnt played up at all and is very reliable. i have dropped it so many times and it is still in perfect condition :D

Reviewed by Olivia-Lee from UK on 19th May 2008
For the price of this phone, i beleive its good, but ive had it jsut over a year and im finding it rubbish now. The screen scratches very easily and it gets craters quickly. Just a few hours ago i fell of my bike and it is completely ruined! Works extremely slowly and its scratched up. It has a very good screen though. Good colours! I also do not like the tiny keys, and its not a lovely looking phone. I think its a good camera for a kiddy, but i use my phone a lot and its not doing me justice.

Reviewed by James Watson from UK on 23rd Apr 2008
It was my first phone but the screen broke but its still a really good buy its really cheap for a really good phonr memory not to bad its great how it has a video camara

Reviewed by Dare from UK on 12th Apr 2008
I love this phone

Reviewed by james lee from UK on 15th Mar 2008
it is the most awsome phone i have ever seen in my life!

Reviewed by awais ahmed siddique from UK on 1st Feb 2008
hi wel i found this phone very useful.this phone lacks in two things one is memory and other one is tht it cant play mp3 tunes.i thing this is one the best phone that sharop has ever produced

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 30th Jan 2008
Good phone. Never let me down. But found it hard to put information on. Over all very good

Reviewed by Kouidri from UK on 27th Dec 2007
I love Sharp GX17 but there is a problem is that his memory is so small that I can not even shoot a scene for my child's birthday, which lasts 05 minutes. I apologize for the remark

Reviewed by TokioHotel_fan from UK on 22nd Dec 2007
My mobile phone can hold up to 100 pictures and can do what most of other new mobile phones can't. It is easy to control and when and even though I dropped it lots of times before it still works unlike newer mobile phones and that is what all my best friends that have a GX17 say!!!

Reviewed by jade from UK on 21st Dec 2007
ok guys its a good phone considering the cost and hey you get what you pay for

Reviewed by jack from UK on 20th Dec 2007
this phone is great. . . . what else can I say!

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 17th Nov 2007
Good phone but i've only had it for almost 1 and a half years and the batteries dies all the time and the bluetooth and internet dont work.

Reviewed by Morrie from UK on 1st Nov 2007
I have had the GX17 since May 2005 and have found the camera pathetic (pictures are far to small) and it is playing up now it is out of warranty. Lest than 2 years use is pathetic.

Reviewed by Bramu from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
I think many people totaly disagree about mobile phones because thier use is totally different. This phone isn't meant for those who stay all day long taking pictures and videos. At its low price the camera etc., are a luxury. If somebody wants a really good phone, must go for the top of the range and spend much much higher price.

Reviewed by gx17 hater from UK on 18th Sep 2007
i completly regret bying this phone it cant do anything.1.4mb of memory are you joking!the buttons are so small and it cant store anything the sofware is old you cant download anygames i have tried none of the games work i wish i could even fit a whole song on it not polyphonics like he said rubbish phone

Reviewed by Ken Nightingale from UK on 27th Aug 2007
two things dissapoint me about this phone. 1, the ringer volume is way too quiet even when at maximum. and 2, there is no audible missed call or "unlooked at" text beep. This means you may have a text unnoticed for hours or even days. Unless you look at the phone you will not know. Except for the above it's great

Reviewed by eric kirby from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
i have found the sharp gx17 to be a fantasticly easy to use phone which is exactly what i need as i use it for business and don't want to be messing around!!

Reviewed by Arielle from UK on 5th Aug 2007
The only things i don't like about my GX17 is that you cant use recordings as your ringtone, that you cant chane the casing and that there is hardly any memory but other than that its quite a good phone.

Reviewed by JUSTIN from UK on 3rd Aug 2007
I love it but i got this retarded icon on it that i cant get rid off, on the screen. It looks like an arrow with a flick of strip paper on it. If i dont find out what the hell it is iam gonna throw it AAARRGGGHHHH.

Reviewed by bella from UK on 29th Jul 2007
i thought this fone would be good, and it's okay, although it lack in not having loud speaker, and is quite slow when you text, i.e. he fone cannot often keep up with your fingers

Reviewed by James Hamberger from UK on 27th Jul 2007
Very good mobile. Easy menu.Good quality

Reviewed by Barbara Ridgley from UK on 21st Jul 2007
I am very disappointed with my Sharp GX17. To send a text you have to press buttons about 10 times and that obviously isn't writing just the text. It asks 'Done?' 'Ok?' so many times it is irritating! I wish I had stuck with a Nokia!

Reviewed by stephen noble from UK on 18th Jun 2007
good phone

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 31st May 2007
I bought this phone about a year or two ago, and I bought a nokia about 9 months later. I soon realised that this phone was much better, and bought it back from Voadafone UK for 40. A good buy, and a very well reccommended phone from me

The memory is rubbish because you can't download songs on it or enyfin

Reviewed by dan french from UK on 26th May 2007
this phone is amazing.

Reviewed by U8 from UK on 18th May 2007

Reviewed by JakeCarter from UK on 16th May 2007
Just bought this phone for 40 at Vodafone UK. very reasonably priced with good features, very good for a basic phone. Very recommended.

Reviewed by sembilang from UK on 5th May 2007
If you want to take high quality videos or photos, play games or play MP3 music, buy suitable equipment. If you want to do all that with your mobile, be prepared to spend more than the few dollars this one costs. It's a cheap phone and a good one for the price. Get real!

Reviewed by bennyboi45 from UK on 1st May 2007
rubbish phone

Reviewed by Paul from Malta on 24th Apr 2007
Very lovely phone. Compared with the screen of the Sagen my401 the GX17 is very good.the only thing which i don't like are the keys which are small but on the whole it is a good phone. The previous phones which i had the Nokia 3310 and the Nokia 1100 were unreparable. The Sharp GX17 is very good and also at a good price.

Reviewed by Bogdan from Romania on 18th Apr 2007
Pro: - Nice sharp camera - Clear screen, good contrast - Quite good price Against: - sms management, you have to scroll through the list without any indication on where you are, how many messages are there, how much free memory; if you delete a message, then you get back to the start and have to scroll again. - low memory, you can only take a few pics and you run out of it.

Reviewed by sorin from romania on 10th Apr 2007
i hate it.i can't instale more games on it and it rejects a lot of data

Reviewed by Lana from NZ on 9th Apr 2007
Worst phone I've ever had. I had the GX15 previously and now the GX17. They both froze and took ages to turn on and off and applications froze as well.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 4th Apr 2007
I have been using the Sharp GX15 for the last few years and love it so much, that now is the time to get a new one I have just bought the GX17, Can't wait for it to arrive. The GX15 has never let me down and neither will the GX17, SHARP is such high quality, Oh ye, just bought it on line from Vodafone for 25. Not too bad when you concider I paid 80 for the GX15 Love the SHARP GX range of phones.

Reviewed by Fernando Lopes from Portugal on 4th Apr 2007
I love this phone it's excellent:) very good for the price 59 here in Portugal

Reviewed by Fernando from UK on 4th Apr 2007
Just execellent :)one amazing phone for all

Reviewed by John from United Kingdom on 27th Feb 2007
It makes and recieves calls and texts. Only down side I can find is the lack of car cradle. If I want to take pictures I use my camera, camcorder for videos and PS for games, it's a free phone for goodness sake, what do some people expect.

Reviewed by annabel from malta on 24th Feb 2007
nice mobile

Reviewed by Lindsay from New zealand on 9th Feb 2007
to zoom u go lef and right when your in photo taking ...mode if thats what u call it. iv got one its butie except for the limited memory as people say... but still cheap for what it is

Reviewed by sonz from new zealand on 23rd Jan 2007
have the vodaphone version.. has and still is serving me well. only drawback is the limited memory.. takes great pics! my bluetooth works.. only thing i havent worked out is how to zoom..lol..it cost me $179NZD otherwise i am happy with it:)

Reviewed by marky from singapore on 14th Jan 2007
You cant even have silent mode!!!!!

Reviewed by Giorgos from Greece on 7th Jan 2007
I have the vodafone version of the phone, so things may not apply to the native firmware. Generally I am pleased with the phone except from the fact that I cannot get its bluetooth to work, neither with other mobiles, nor with my bluetooth enabled laptop.

Reviewed by Joseph from Malta on 7th Jan 2007
I have just bought my GX 17 for EUR68 from Vodafone Malta. It delivers its promises and more. Can anyone tell me what software reads the video 3GP file? because MS Media Player doesn't recognise it.

Reviewed by Randy from Malta on 13th Dec 2006
It's A Excellent mobile with a low price just Lm39 Maltese Liri It's A Magic!!

Reviewed by Shahbaz from Pakistan on 13th Dec 2006
This phone is very easty to use, low weight, cute and have good signal detecting quality but drawbacks are its low memory and battery backup.How it is good in such a low price ie 70Euro in Spain

Reviewed by DON from england on 5th Dec 2006
this phone is junk.the only good feature on it is the camera.why make a phone that has only 1.7mb(if that),if i were u dont waste your tyme DONT BY THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by costas from greece on 23rd Nov 2006
i cant understand some people. in greece it costs 95 euros!!!! what else they expect from a mobile with that price?????????????????

Reviewed by Festus Ojo from Nigeria on 13th Nov 2006
For me its just too perfect, just the short time for voice and video recording.

Reviewed by Alex from Romania on 9th Nov 2006
The signal is the best! Nokia sucks, bad signal.! Gx17 rulles!

Reviewed by tommy from albania on 23rd Oct 2006
this mobile phone has an exellent camera .

Reviewed by joe from england on 9th Oct 2006
this is a good phone 4 a kiddy i aint got no mp3 or nothin and i drooped mine the sim card reader scrached now the fone really slow and some times crashes

Reviewed by david from australia on 21st Sep 2006
this phone is alright it does have good memory or long recording or nothing so its good for little kids but its ok P.S im sxy

Reviewed by n/a from england on 29th Aug 2006
HAHA had this phone for about 7 months its a pile of junk, the memory is useless, when on silent it dont vibrate

Reviewed by Rozz from Malta on 15th Aug 2006
Many of you are exsagerating, this Mobile can aontain more than 5 pictures for god sake!! i have atleast 20 pictures or more, the recordings are short true but the detail in the camera isnt bad at all, i think its just a perfect mobile for those who just want a cool looking mobile, easy to handle and at a gd price. Im very happy with mine. And the battery can last very long, it last only for a day for those who just dont stop using it!! mine last about 4-5days with me calling, smsing and fiddling around with it. So dont invent rubbish. If u buy this mobile you would be very pleased, then its ur choice if u want a camera with a very sharp camera and can have a lot of memmorie but this Sharp GX17 is satisfactry.

Reviewed by Mob fone buyer from Australia on 2nd Aug 2006
*laggy cam *Unstable bluetooth *Very Small memory 99.8% of transfers will land you with the "data rejected" sign The only good point is the price, (I found mine for 58$ AUS)but now i wish that i didnt waste my money

Reviewed by Paris from Australia on 28th Jul 2006
it is a sexy phone for boys and girls and i think its features are great tooooo!!!i bought one last week and spray painted it pink and it looked HOT!!!ps this is my favourite website.

Reviewed by Stevie from germany on 27th Jul 2006
Why why why did i get another sharp i had the GX10 and the GX30I before this one and this is the worst,Sharp stick to tv,s because you can not make phones..

Reviewed by david from jamica on 21st Jul 2006
i just got this phone and it is 1 of the best phones i've ever had it has everything

Reviewed by jiddah ajayi from nigeria on 15th Jul 2006
excellent but for the very small memory capabilities

Reviewed by Rachel from Australia on 10th Jul 2006
Pretty good phone for the money

Reviewed by Tiago from Portugal on 10th Jul 2006
I have this phone since december, and it works fine! Irda, bluetooth and camera are in perfect working order. The only thing i dont like about this phone is the low memory... If youre looking for a simple phone, with some good features do not hesitate, besides that it is very light weight, and it is cheap. Im happy with it. Thanks

Reviewed by daniel from nigeria on 8th Jul 2006
it has sharp camera but it only videos and records 4 short time.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 2nd Jul 2006
An extremely stable phone, fast loading and VERY fast text messaging. Very stable. never hada problem. Yes, little memory, but for busy professionals who just want a stable phone for calls, messages and many other useful features (bluetooth, WAP, infrared, good camera etc)

Reviewed by Mike Hunt from NZ on 29th Jun 2006
This phone is junk. Sharps not bad tho the 903 ,904 are awesome just not this.

Reviewed by louis from england on 29th Jun 2006
i only bought this phone because i wanted bluetooth ! thought it was gunna be wicked but its pants the memory is that low the bluetooth doesnt even work ! the camera fare enough is ok but nah not 4 me ! any one wanna buy it ! 40quid..

Reviewed by Danielle from England on 27th Jun 2006
Well what can i say about this piece of junk. it is the worst mob iv ever had, the memory is absolutely pathetic you can only store about 10 songs (if that) and even then the quality is rubbish.also the buttons are extremely small so wen u want to rite a text u cant even press the buttons with ease. im thinking of getting the samsung E350 which i believe is much better from what i have heard. so if i was you please dont waiste your money on this.

Reviewed by Joanne from Canada on 27th Jun 2006
This phone is easy on the wallet and for the price you pay, you get quite a bit of features that are really unexpected in a 60 Pound Sterling mobile phone. First of all, the phone comes with multiple bandwidths that enable the phone to be quite versatile in all parts of the world. I bought mine from Australia and it works wonders in North America. The sound quality is crisp and I have had no battery problems at all. Secondly, the phone has bluetooth capabilities, camera and video functions. Although this may not be the phone's strengths, you cannot and SHOULD NOT complain about these applications too too much because the phone is economical. You really have to hand it to Sharp for trying to provide users with so many options for so little money... For the price you pay, this phone is a great entry level mobile and will suit your basic needs. If you are looking for an advanced phone with high-end quality applications (i.e. over 1 megapixel pictures, mp3 players, etc.), then you are considering the wrong phone and your expectations are much too high and unreasonable. A good analogy would be dining at a McDonalds restaurant and expecting servers to refresh your water while wearing white gloves.

Reviewed by Anthony from Australia on 22nd Jun 2006
i have been use the phone for sometime and now it wont turn on

Reviewed by Jade from New Zealand on 19th Jun 2006
what kind of phone is this resons: *the battery only lasts 1 day!!! *the button are small *the bluetooth does not work well *the camera is mostly blurry and yuck! * can only store up to 5 pics IF YOU ARE GETTING A PHONE WHICH CAN TAKE MOST PICTURES ( 20-30) GET SONY ERICSSON K300I OR K800I!) thanks :D

Reviewed by tom knutson from spain on 1st Jun 2006
The telephone is excellent. With all the features, it is an outstanding telephone in all respects.

Reviewed by Matthew Chapman from England on 24th May 2006
The GX17 is compact and very easy to use. The bluetooth connectivity is very easy to use and pairing to my bluetooth headset took seconds. The screen is a good size and is of good quality. The only drawback is the lack of a voice dialling facility when using the bluetooth facility. If you have bought the phone to play games or as a camera then the memory may be a bit limited. Overall it is a very good phone offering value for money.

Reviewed by Jon from Northern Ireland on 19th May 2006
The only complaint I have have is that I paid to download a game and then was told the phone wasn't compatable. 5 down the drain :'( But thats more a complaint about vodafone. Otherwise the phone is pretty belter. 1.5 Mb is more than enough for me.

Reviewed by Pup from England on 2nd May 2006
battery only last one day!1.4 mb memory!why did i left nokia?i will never buy another sharp just for the battery it has.

Reviewed by Shinobi from Australia on 27th Apr 2006
What a piece of junk!!

Reviewed by Barry O Connell from Norhtern ireland on 25th Apr 2006
Having recently bouth this fone for just over 60 I find it a good entry level camera phone. Its features are good and accessible, but the biggest letdown in my view is the memory it has, which is about 1.5mb, if you are looking to buy a phone to use for taking videos and pictures more than anything then this is not a good buy for that, but if you want a basic camera phone then the sharp gx17 will be a good buy for you.

Reviewed by john meguiy from scotland on 24th Apr 2006
pile of junk

Reviewed by sonia from england on 22nd Apr 2006
well were shall i start? i gt this phone two dayz ago and i think itz the worst fone ever. I gt it for 60 and the bluetooth doesnt even work because itz got less memory so dnt even fink of buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by sharon jobes from united kingdom on 19th Apr 2006
hi i just bought this phone for my sons birthday he is 13 he does really like it but the only thing that spoils it is that he cant get mp3 tunes on, can anybody advise which tunes to put on it thank you

Reviewed by Frank from Spain on 14th Apr 2006
This phone is the worst I have ever seen. It does not turn off without removing the battery, it loses the signal all by itself, it discharges amazingly quickly, it unlocks unexpectedly and decides to dial through to online services withamazing ease. I know three other people with these phones and they all act exactly the same way. Run from this phone as fast as humanly possible

Reviewed by Tilly from England on 7th Apr 2006
I think the Sharp GX17 is a great mobile phone! The only downer is the memory space, But who needs that much space anyway? It had a great camera and I have found no faluts with it so far. Also, It is very hard to break! Best mobile pohne I have had so far!

Reviewed by Andy McCoy from wales on 6th Apr 2006
just plain SAD!!!

Reviewed by john from england on 6th Apr 2006
i got this phone in january and i think for 60 it is very good the thing it has not got is an mp3 player but it is the best phone i have had so far.keep it up sharp!

Reviewed by 32 YEARS OLD from England on 30th Mar 2006
right i had this phone for about 2 weeks and to me after them two weeks i was satisfied. The camera quality was good the internet was working fine but the only thing was the memory! THAT WAS RUBBISH!!!!! I STORED ABOUT 3, 10 SECOND VIDEOS AND ABOUT 10 PICTURES AND MEMORY WAS FULL! WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH MEMORY! dont by it!

Reviewed by gaz, innit from i is from ingland on 10th Mar 2006
the phone is pretty good, nothing special about it though, ive dropped it a few times nd it still works, so good effort sharp

Reviewed by Fearn Mcgurn from UK on 5th Mar 2006
I got this for 55, for that moent this phone perfect, its worth atleast double. If you aren;t too serious about photos and memory but just want an all round good phone then buy this for real. Its robust, looks hot as me, got a big screen, the camera is alrite, maybe needs more colors, battery isn't long lasting, but none of these phones are, about 2 an a half days with moderate use. Its got all the accesories any novice or even serious potential phone purchaser could want. The hardware and layout of the menus aren't as well tuned as nokia phones, but u get used to it and its fine. If you can get it for 60 GET it! 70 get it! 80 get it! 85 think about it, 90+ rip off!. 4.5/5

Reviewed by Luke from Australia on 2nd Mar 2006
Just bought this phone yesterday for $179 AU from Vodafone and it is incredibly easy to learn to use. Have had a Nokia and an LG before this little beauty and this would be the nicest by far. For the price, I have not seen anything of better quality or aesthetics. Remember, it is a relatively cheap phone so do not expect something incredible but it is very very nice...and makes quite a statement!

Reviewed by Nikos from Greece on 2nd Mar 2006
I have the vodafone version of the phone, so things may not apply to the native firmware. The alarm is annoying. When I have the phone in silent mode (at work) the alarm does not sound! It just displays alarm! There are also cases where the alarm may not be able to awake the phone when it is turned off. An other annoying thing is that you cannot install java applications unless you download them from a provider. There is no way to install my custom midlets in to it! If I wasn't using java and didn't depend on the alarm I would like it though.

Reviewed by John from England on 14th Feb 2006
Lost my GX15 so got the GX17 as a direct replacement. Always thought the GX15 was alright but all silver was too shiny when it was new and scratched really easily, still quite tough though, never managed to break it. The GX17 in terms of software is virtually identical and the circuitry looks the same too the case though does look smarter in black and silver an I think it's actually slightly bigger! Not that I think this is a bad thing a thicker tougher case is a good thing when you keep your phone in the same pocket as your keys! THe only bad thing relative to the GX15 is there isn't the mirror for self portraits for vain people on the back. The lack of memory is frustrating but you just have to be selective, and at least it has blue tooth to empty it easily. I'd like an m3 player and a radio but I'm not going to pay for it so I think this represents real value for money definitely.

Reviewed by adam clohessy from england on 14th Feb 2006
this phone is amazing there is no pholts with this phone at all it is a great choice in phone and also has addctive games so ull never be bored.:)

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