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Sharp GX10 review

 Review: January 2003  


In a nutshell: Flip phone with an integrated digital camera.


The Sharp GX10 mobile phone was one of the first camera phones and includes an integrated digital camera with 110,000 pixels, digital zoom and storage for up to 80 pictures. Whilst the GX1 features a high quality TFT display, it suffers from having a poor quality camera and no easy way of transferring pictures from the phone to a PC. It is also an unreliable phone. Also consider the newer Sharp GX10i which has triband capability and improved camera functions.

Sharp GX10 features include:

  • 16 voice polyphonic ringtones, ringtone composer
  • High resolution colour display (120 x 160 pixels, 65,536 colours) plus external display
  • MMS
  • Downloadable Java™ applications
  • Enhanced animation
  • Wallpaper
  • Caller identification (on external display)
  • Built-in infra-red modem
  • Predictive text input
  • Clock, calendar, games
  • Size: 94 x 49 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Battery standby: up to 250 hours
  • Battery talktime: up to 3.5 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Dual band

Sharp GX10 user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by hate gx10 from UK on 21st Sep 2010
this phone is rubish . you should distroy it for ever .... there is no blue-toth or enought memory

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 10th Jan 2010
Not a very good phone. The battery life is poor and is very hard to get songs onto it as it doesn't have bluetooth.Very ugly and just not very good!

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 10th Sep 2009
Got the GX10 when it first came out, still using it 5 years later, great fone

Reviewed by deffous abdelmadjid Algeria from UK on 8th Oct 2008
i got this phone ( sharp g x 10 ) since 4 years ago , i love it , it's photos are very high definition , but i think to change it , or sell it , i can't transfer photos to my p c , because i have not found it's cable data , sorry sharp !

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 18th Jun 2008
Hello, Okay, this phone will not get you girls, respect or any good friends but it's a cracking little phone and I mean that. About a year ago, I was given this phone for a week to test, and I wrote a short review, but it wasnt published, it is a mighty phone. First one to have a camera, but its only duel band. It's strong hard going and very entertain to damage, as it is made of invincable unbrakeable plastic, and it's completly waterproof. After the tests and experiments I think it's an mint phone, but allas, the one I tested is no more.

Reviewed by EZEHDADON from UK on 28th Dec 2007

Reviewed by IHA from UK on 22nd Dec 2007

Reviewed by Roman from UK on 6th Sep 2007
Had this phone as a gift and it can take a real beating hot sun 42c. in the car. droped it who knows how many times and threw it once in anger and itg works just like new. would like to find acc. cable to download pic. to comp

Reviewed by fasthead from UK on 15th Aug 2007
The mic on them seems to have a problem with it losing connection to the printed circuit board causing it not too function.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 19th Mar 2007
i have a sharp and i think it is good!

Reviewed by mickel from UK on 16th Feb 2006
no regrets when i brought my phone 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! kiked arse then and it still does now

Reviewed by nayth from UK on 22nd Dec 2005
this phone is ok, its good value, a good camera, ( though the gx20 & gx30 are much much better), but all in all this is a good fone, but mine doesnt work anymore, and the microphone has broke, but no complaints as it was 1 and a half years old.

Reviewed by adam from ni on 14th May 2005
This phone is big and bulky it is the size of a brick. it has good games ,internet and good camera.

Reviewed by gal from UK on 6th May 2005
i get a very bad recrption on this phone it is very good for downloading ringtones and games off the internet

Reviewed by Danni from Ireland on 5th May 2005
hey!! ok so i used to ave dis fone nd i was goin crazy wen i saw all des bad reviews lik ok let me jst explain my fone went thru alot nd it stil works but i got a new one only cuz i got it 4 free!! it fell in a lake and was under water 4 about 5 mins....it got shot wit a pellet gun and it fell in a bucket a water!! IT STILL WORKS!! any fone da still works afta dat is un real k so stop being so picky

Reviewed by MAX from NI on 26th Apr 2005

Reviewed by GORDON MCCANN from ENGLAND on 23rd Apr 2005

Reviewed by Ryan Casey from England on 15th Apr 2005
I owned this phone for 2 months and took it straight back. Poor camera, limited features and a dreadful battery time let this phone down. Im now a proud owner of the superb motorola v220. Stay away from the gx10!

Reviewed by EKM from UK on 21st Mar 2005
reading through what people have said, i've owned this phone for 2 years and its NEVER froze and the flip is very sturdy!! i do admit a downside is it doesnt hold many messages but then again, who's sad enough to kkeep texts??!? Anyway, i think the camera is good, better than nokia cameras! what else is there to say? personally i think it is a great phone! im a bit worried! u just ordered a cable and apparently hooking this phone to the PC doesn't work! what a waste of money

Reviewed by luvinyaloadzhunnis from england on 16th Mar 2005
I think the sharp GX10 is amazin, its got a great txtin facility and a great camera with zoom, i dont know y other people think it is rubbish bcoz its brill, ppl hu think its rubbish shame on u, buy this fone its brill!

Reviewed by CLub from Ireland on 14th Mar 2005
My GX10 died after less than two years. Wasn't sorry to see it go. Poor picture quality, poor memory, and would have expected it to last longer, not die once the warranty is up!

Reviewed by Cam D from England on 5th Mar 2005
this phone is quite a good phone except that you can only hold a few messages and txting is hard. however the camera quality is good!

Reviewed by Mr trung from Viet nam on 4th Mar 2005
I'm using one. It's all right, but the camera isn't good enough.The ring's perfect but the talksound's not good.I haven't it's PC suit and can't find it enywhere.

Reviewed by Wendie Tutt from uk on 3rd Mar 2005
Have recently acquired this phone, from my niece ( aged 14 )She got fed up with it- not fashionable enough. I am used to the nokia phones and find this really hard to get the hang of. The text message service is really long winded. Can anyone tell me how to predict text-not in capitals, I can't find this any where. As the manuel is missing. I would like to know also why it cost me 4 quid to download a ring tone thatI did'nt receive. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I might bin it. E-Mail wendietutt@tiscali.co.uk thanks.

Reviewed by Paula from London on 26th Feb 2005
I've had this phone for a year now, and it has been really good. But it has it donwsides as well. The camera is not the best, is hard finding ringtones free, the infrared never worked and it froze once, which seems to be a normal problem with sharp phones. This phone is really easy to use and its big screen really helps. It is kind of out of date now, as it doesn't have mp3, bluetooth and etc; but when I came out I was the best you could get.

Reviewed by SamaEl_ from Romania on 14th Jan 2005
Damn....it's a ugly looking phone....and i've got to say it's rubish...poor battery,poor camera...no flash or night mode.Not even a Mb of memory...after having it for five months i sold it and bought myself an Motorola E398...Don't buy SHARP mobiles...even if they have low prices.....

Reviewed by welch from england on 8th Jan 2005
This fone is a load of rubbish. wen i got it i was dissapointed by the camera quality. bad texting and it looks disgraceful. Samsungs are the best fones. I am advising u to not buy this fone

Reviewed by jenny from uk on 7th Jan 2005
its a good phone with everyting u need but can anyone help me!!! where can i get free ringtones, picture etc. please contact me .....jenny_moore_5@hotmail.com thanxs

Reviewed by Albert Saheed from Nigeria on 6th Jan 2005
Well to me this phone is cool except that it's infrared is incompatible with many other phones and it's accessories are not available in my country.

Reviewed by Sambo!!! from United Kingdom on 11th Dec 2004
I HATE THIS PHONE!!!! Had it for about 4 weeks, too big (when opened), camera- not brilliant..... just an over-all BAD phone!!!! DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tristo from Ireland on 29th Nov 2004
This phone was a big dissapointment. when it first came out it was amazing as there was nothing like it however bugs and problems also dog the phone like many others have found it freezez or crashes for no reason,has no real connectivity to a PC for transfering data and the battery life is a disgrace.Another problem is the number of sms messages you can store, im constantly having to delete messages to make room for more..

Reviewed by assasin from UK on 17th Nov 2004
its da berst fne io hjav ad believe me i av ad loads and ds ios da bst plus the price is great sssssssseeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooook puuuuullllllllllllllllllllll galllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Reviewed by Babie shazz from England on 14th Nov 2004
This phone is da most rubbish phone eva. It totally sucks!!! Plz plz plz if you are thinking of gettin 1 THINK AGAIN!!! Stick with Nokias or Sagems they are the best!!!! My sharp kept cutting out from day 1, the camera is poor quality, you can only store a small ammount of messages and its just not worth the plastic its made from. The BEST thing to do with this phone is RECYCLE IT!!!! I also have a m8 who had a GX30 and returned it as it has the same faults of a sharp GX10. STEER CLEAR OF SHARPS, THEY MAY CUT U!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Olanrewaju Ayoola from Nigeria on 9th Nov 2004
GX10 has really given what i have always desire in a phone and it a phone very affordable with alot of functions to go with. I do recommend it for every phone lovers who enjoy making use of great functions on phones.

Reviewed by jess from england on 3rd Nov 2004
well i have had a GX10 for coming on 3 years , andi think that it is a very useful phone for having a built in camera in it.I also like the fact that it has good ringtones and a resonable amount of games.The internet is in hang for me because i lik to find out imformation on cinema times and important news.At first i thougth the price was at a large amount of value but then i came to terms that it was a very good phone.

Reviewed by Ryan from En-Ger-Land on 27th Oct 2004
A bit late i know, but im gettin my GX10 tommorow! amazing phone iv had one before but traded it for a samsung V200 i regretted it from day 1. SHARP RULES - Panasonic Drools

Reviewed by Dave Cheadle from Engerland on 13th Oct 2004
This phone is pretty poor. I do a lot of Mountain biking and stuff and have found that the phone turns off/goes onto the internet/and pretty much falls apart. the flip is shoddy as it is wobbling. the nice silver finish is finished. the camera is ok quality but lack of data cables i cant use them on my computer. Also the phone looks out of date. oh and the zoom is rubbish. Dont buy it.

Reviewed by Keira from London, UK on 13th Oct 2004
I love this phone. I really love it. I got the Sharp GX 10 two weeks ago and I fell in love. This phone has everything a mobile phone needs. It looks elegant and I like to write messages with it. And of course, phoning with it is easy. So far everything is perfect and I can't understand that anybody has got other experiences with it.

Reviewed by Mueez-ur-Rehman from Pakistan on 26th Aug 2004
THis phone is the best phone one can ever have. Firstly it is so light weight one often wonders whether it is really in his pocket. Secondly it is made in Japan which makes it fer ahead of others. Its resolution is can be compared with any cell existing. Its low price is another added advantage.

Reviewed by Wayne from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
I have had a lot of problems with my sharp GX10 including the screen freezing and very poor reception. If I want to make a call I have to go outside into the garden. With my Sony Ericsson I never had this problem. Its quite big and heavy too, and its battery life is poor. On the plus side it has a big screen and does take decent pictures, but I have a camera for that, I just want my phone to make calls and not break.

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 21st Aug 2004
I have spent a very happy year with my Sharp GX10, but I am looking forward to upgrading to a new model next month. I think it's very user-friendly and great for doing stuff like downloading ringtones, sending picture messages and stuff that can be a nightmare on other makes of phone. The reception is excellent and I have never had any problems with the phone turning itself off or anything like that. It's a small phone that will easily fit into a jeans pocket or a handbag, and it's silver and sexy-looking. The organiser is good, and the camera is still one of the best even when compared to some new phones. I will be upgrading to a GX30 as that has an amazing megapixel camera, just goes to show that Sharp are really at the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Reviewed by Jeff from UK on 18th Aug 2004
About to switch back to good ole Nokia (6230), thank goodness! The GX10 just doesn't work on high ground (reception breaks up) - I spend a fair amount of time on an airfield which is 730 feet ASL at the top and slopes downhill. If I want to make or receive a call when at the top, I have to get in the car and drive down to the other end! None of my mates with Nokias etc. have this problem.

Reviewed by juliet from england on 13th Aug 2004
this fone is awfull if ur thinking of getting 1 plz plz do think agin they are heavy and look so old fashioned.my gx10 loads of things have gone wrong for example the screen freezes it turns its self off all the time it cuts out in the middle of a fone call and it goes onto the internet without me knowing all the time. this fone iz a disgrace thats y i'm getting a new 1 i have had enough

Reviewed by Symon from Fiji Islands on 9th Aug 2004
Overall the fone is fine but I was wondering where I cud find the fone manager for me to manage my pictures and other stuff.. Please if u cud help me. My email address is symon@2die4.com Thanx

Reviewed by G from Rep Ireland on 3rd Aug 2004
Its an alright phone, grand but for the fact you can't put reminders in it, which is a bit of a pain but otherwise its very user friendly.

Reviewed by Karen from US on 16th Jul 2004
An outstanding phone. I've had no problems with this so far. The picture quality is excellent and the screen is really big which is good. The only down fall for some people is its a bit big but then thats not a problem for me as I don't like phones that are too small. You can never find them in your bag and the screen are to difficult to see!

Reviewed by Jules from UK on 14th Jul 2004
i was so dissapointed with this phone, its battery life lasted 8 hours (if i was lucky) the screen kept freezing, certain keys stopped working after about 2 months which made texting near impossible, there is no facility for reminders and the calender isnt the most user friendly.

Reviewed by dino from Australia on 3rd Jul 2004
I rekon that this fone is awesome. However the reason y i didnt give it 5 stars is the fact that the infra-red dunt work and i wish the camera was on the hinge of the fone, therefore u could take piccys of urself and u could c wat u look lyk in the pic. also u cannot get the radio or mp3s to listen 2 on this fone (compared wif some nokias). All round this is a gr8 fone n im happy 2 show it off 2 da pplz @ skool.

Reviewed by dino from australia on 3rd Jul 2004
This isnt a review but an argument 2 K from austalia (look up in the page). Hueva this random is said it was big n bulky - wtf its a small fone n fits easily into the poket of ma jeans (which r gettin a bit 2 small, dammit betty). its a lot less chunk than digital cameras and this fone has many more features compared wif a digital camera. thats about the end of ma rant on this website, but all u international pplz out there dunt think that all australians r lyk k - shes special, unique (in a bad way).

Reviewed by David from Northern Ireland, Belfast on 12th Jun 2004
What a phone! I got it today and I love it already. It has the best photo-capabilities I have ever seen on a phone. High-Res etc. It is very good and very portable. I got a Body-Glove for it which protects it from scratches and bangs. It is a superb phone. I love the organizer and the look of it whenever I am talking to someone on it. It is not too loud, and as I am in school, I need it to be quite and the vibrate/quiet settings are perfect for me + the fact that it is really small it fits in my blazer pocket!

Reviewed by chris from Australia on 30th May 2004
You can't buy this phone in australia new you have to get it 2nd hand but I really really really love this phone and im trying to find one

Reviewed by mr mind you're own buisness from cymru on 27 May 2004
good phone. rubbush java game .othewise good

Reviewed by Adam Waddington from England on 24th May 2004
This phone is terrible. It weighs a tonne and its it massive. Dont bother with it. I am goin to buy the Siemens ST55, thats a better phone altogether!

Reviewed by joseph from on 6th May 2004
ye this is a gdgd phone. u get used to its size. the pic quality is great. hu cares if u have to charge it up often? hu wud ever want more than 10 txts at one time? it can talk to other phones via infrared. 80 pics is enough. makes wicked click noise. the pic quality isn't gd enough for a PC anyway- don't try. i admit mine was free from a friend. it's good as an upgrade from a nokia 3310. i am mouseybrown10@homtail.com bibi

Reviewed by Jonathon from United Kingdom on 2nd May 2004
I think this phone is brilliant, it does everything it should do, and does it well. I've had this phone for over a year now, and I still find it more advanced than a lot of the newer phones coming out. Text messages storage of 15 is not the end of the world, if a text is important to keep then write it down! The camera is designed for a phone, not to be put on a computer, it is designed to be sent to other mobiles, so quit moaning about it not being able to transfer! It is extremely strong in my experiance, it has fallen down my stairs at least twice and been knocked and thrown about hundreds of times and it doesn't seem to even harm it at all. Battery time is great for me, considering the poor battery of phones such as the NEC e606, this is a god-send! The size is fairly small, you can't have a really small phone with a good large colour screen, you guys must think we live in some space age, well, news for you, we don't.

Reviewed by Barry from S E England on 13th Apr 2004
Apart from the camera this phone is not worth David Beckhams wages,

Reviewed by ricky from England on 11th Apr 2004
I've bought three! Yes Three data cables to download and not one of them works!!!! does anyone know how to use them or even where to download the software from. I've been surfing all day and no joy. I even purchased one of those from the vodaphone shop for 30 squid and the earliest model it works for is the Gx10i. The majority of pics i take are in large format and it cost 36p to send one of those with maybe one of small format. Also i've recieved mms pics from different networks (including Gx20) and it says, Data too big. WW-HHHH-YYYY!!!!!!!

Reviewed by David Dooley from Ireland on 10th Apr 2004
The Best Phone Ever. I have had many phones ( Erricson t-10 , Nokia 3210 , Nokia 3310 , Nokia 3410 , Nokia 3510i and then this one ) The Camera on this phone is absolutely brilliant. The Ringtones and stuff like that are really good. Very loud ringtones ( Thats a good thing! ) The Games are very very very very good : ) the best is its design. Not very much different to the sharp gx10i.Its godd that you can hold up to 80 pictures in the phone and since i have had the phone i have downloaded many ringtones. Does anyone know where to get free polyphonic ringtones and games because the one i have they dont really have that much tones. Please e-mail me on daviddooley@easydoesit.com. Excellent Phone (* outstanding*) Go Raibh Maith Agat! ( Thanks )

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 10th Apr 2004
Some really good functions BUT..... battery life is a disgrace, don't leave home without a charger. You can only keep 12 text messages which sucks big time. Random shut down and button failure. I've had this phone 12 months and have been counting the days to change it. DON'T GET THIS PHONE - you have been warned

Reviewed by Aaron from England on 1st Apr 2004
This is awesome! I love this phone. I have ahd it for about 2 weeks now. I have downloaded many polyphonic ringtones and a game. Its great. Mms is amazing and my cousin sends me loads of pictures and ringtones through it. Its a shame the infa-red doesnt work to send pics to your phone though. The camera is excellent and overall this phone rules! One thing the battery life isnt that long!

Reviewed by TonyM from UK on 30th Mar 2004
Not a bad phone, but it's ringtones are indiffent and just not loud enough for crowded environment.....I've missed several calls for this reason.

Reviewed by Crystal from East England on 26th Mar 2004
Better late than never. I bought my sharp gx10 2nd hand so haven't have had it only about 4 months. but initially i was very impressed with many of its features. but far i think the best thing is the camera and ability to be able to store many photos at once. The phone book has a good feature where u can store all the persons number under one name, you can also link pictures to the person. I think the main downfall with the GX10 is the amount of messages (sms) that you can store at once and also the hassle of setting up mms as this is quiet difficult if you dont know a lot about phones. but apart from that a quality and smart phone! ****

Reviewed by Aaron from England on 17th Mar 2004
I think its great. I dont actually have one buy my cousin does. He downloaded loads of ringtones from vodafone lives and they are great. He also got fifa 2004 and its so good. I recomend this to all people. Im getting one!

Reviewed by sarah from england on 6th Mar 2004
this phone seems good so far, good games, alright camera, but the amount of messages sucks. also when i type in the mms settings the i,p address doesnt show and it wont let me type the bloody thing in myself, can anyone help meh??? reply bak to this or email me on sugarbabe89@yahoo.com. thanks (".)

Reviewed by sarah westwood from leeds, england on 24th Feb 2004
can i just say arrrgh the tecnology, ha it scares me to be honest a friend of a friend of a friend gave me the phone and i have had it for 4-5 months now and ive got to admitt i feel i still know naff all about it and its powers great phone great camara but there should be a website with handy tips. or am i just really stupid any one who can help sazcrag@vodaphone.net please

Reviewed by Amz from London on 22nd Feb 2004
It's actually quite a good phone but having the Panasonic GD87 is better. Gx10 better cos pics bigger, however, not as good quality. gd87 is definitely worth getting, TRUST ME, u can store literally 200 sms messages and 900 files!!! infra red cable works brilliantly, can transfer loadssa files, midis(haha ringtones), pics..nething!!! Its faster than gx10, cam makes a sound but still velly good quality, automatic on and off, can choose colour of flash for different people ringing.. it's vreally all u ever need in a fone. very good.. but really, ashamed of gx10. if it could transfer files through cable, it would have been brill.

Reviewed by amz from on 22nd Feb 2004
bit gutted abt not being able to transfer files via infra red port. i would recommend panasonic pd87 cos it is fast, picture quality is excellent and can transfer files. One slight problem.. the pics arent that big. But i still think its a brill fone. Samsung has the best quality stuff, so get stuff from there =)

Reviewed by Michael from England on 25th Jan 2004
This is a good phone with excellent features. But it has broken three times now and it's really irritating. Twice now its turned off and been unable to turn back on or charge and the microphones just gone bust when I've had the replacement for only a few months. Expensive to buy on Pay As You Talk, so im going to switch to contract. The camera is good, but SMS features have been sacrificed for better MMS features.

Reviewed by Hesham from Egypt on 23rd Jan 2004
it's only two days and i'll got my GX10..... i've tried this phone for 7 days "my sister's " and i find it very cool one.i'll upgrade it from nokia 6100.GX10 got a very wonderfull camera with a very gr8 pictures..and an outstanding polyfonic ringtones "downloaded" but still the main pain in the ass is "how to get your pictures out from your phone to a PC" but i think it'll be handeled by MMS it to your mail and then make a download..shortly i've find it a gr8 phone and i recommend it to buy it ... i love this phonr....

Reviewed by Jim Newton from England on 20th Jan 2004
I have had this phone for 11 months now. And lets face it, its now a bit dated, but still what a phone. Texting is easy, phoning people is easy! Thats the basics sorted. The Camera, considering its now a year old and newer models have come out is still one of the best I have seen. The games are ace. The only problem I have had with this phone is the microphone. People were telling me it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel. Anyway I contacted Sharp, they told me they can't do anything as Vodafone bought this phone into the UK, and Sharp therefore do not support it. I did however get the problem sorted thro the insurance company, yeah it cost me 25 but hey I got the phone back fixed. I think this truely is a great phone and I certainly will be sticking with sharp for my upgrade.

Reviewed by Dan from England on 18th Jan 2004
Nice quality, however the phone doesn't actually do that much and I have been constanlty dogged by problems; took about 8 weeks for Vodafone to get MMS working Live is as reliable as the London underground The infrared port does not work I cannot get handsfree to work SMS is stored on the Sim, so the phone can only holds ten or so you cannot specify how long the phone should ring before going to voicemail

Reviewed by Mark from England on 18th Jan 2004
First off, you can fully personalise your GX10. Backgrounds, caller ID pictures and ringtones, animations and a dictionary that learns words for you. The phone looks very sleek with the mirror for self portraits, side volume/scroll buttons and outer LCD display. The phone is very user-friendly, with no confusion as to what you're on. The buttons are easy on the thumbs, unlike the Samsung T100 or Panasonic X70. The only problems I can think of are the fault of Vodafone, and not Sharp. To begin with, MMS tends to be a game of hit'n'miss. Seems that 2 of 3 messages get through. Data cable - very expensive, and Vodafone seems so cut up over the idea of people transferring pictures for free that they soon fixed that! One recommendation - when you want to return to the main screen, press the 'hang up' button a couple of times. If you press the 'back' button once too many (like your mates do when they play with the phone), then the phone connects to Vodafone live - another Vodafone gimmick that I'm sure they were conscious of. If you're a musician, the MIDI polyphonic composer and synthesiser are truly fantastic. 1/2 an hour, and you'll feel like Andrew Lloyd Webber! Only wish list could be: External Colour LCD for self portraits, Video and 3g capability, possibly a little thinner. These features (including 3d picture and video, 100-piece orchestra sound, memory cards, tv satellite tuners, fingerprint sensors and occasionally mini-printers) are all apparent on the mobile phones in Japan. All will come in due course. The GX10 is a great stepping stone towards this, and I'm sure the GX20 is even better. In summary, a very personal non-boring exiting trendy mobile phone that is well worth the money.

Reviewed by Ian from England on 13th Jan 2004
I knew the Sharp GX10 was a complete waste of money the moment I turned it on. From day 1 the battery life was almost non-existent. I was not using the phone other than average usage for calls and very occasionally a picture message. The phone would switch itself off as well when in standby mode. The only benefit was it did have good signal strength. I felt absolutely no value for money and have decided to do away with a camera phone and go back to basics. I have a Nokia 6100 and can honestly say this phone has reminded how good a basic but lightweight and stylish phone can be. All I can say is SHARP PHONES HONESTLY SUCK!!!!

Reviewed by Alex (female) from England on 10th Jan 2004
I think this phone is quite good but the fact that you have 2 use infrared 2 download is annoying as my comp doesnt have it! the alarm doesnt go off if the phone is off the photo quality is great thou

Reviewed by James from Uk on 8th Jan 2004
Not a bad phone, but let down on a few points like only storing SMS on SIM meaning prolly only 10 messages max which is very fustrating if you're not used to constantly emptying your inbox. Camera is cool and does the job, but it doesn't have a flash. Size isn't too bad but it could be a bit thinner. And as for all of you wandering how to get your pics off without sending an MMS, IT ISN'T POSSIBLE!!! The phone does not have the capability, but what do you expect when it's developed with a phone company. It ONLY has an IR port to be used as a modem, but hey it only costs 35p for 3 pics anyway so it's not like it's the end of the world. It's certainly starting to loose it's appeal now and this is reflected in its price. Only really worth while now if you're upgrading from a real brick, and you don't mind not having a really cool phone like the SE P800 (300 SIM Free @ CPW). On the plus side it's easy to navigate (maybe due to a lack of features!) I was still chuffed when I first got it, so you might be too.

Reviewed by jill from uk on 4th Jan 2004
this phone is a disgrace to sharp. I have owned this phone for 5 months and if i could cancel the contract i would not hesitate. Since the phone was 5 weeks old it has had a re-occuring fault in that whilst making calls the other party can hear you but due to a microphone problem you can not hear them. been into retailer many times to complain they just repair it and 2 or 3 days later the same happens again.They wont give a refund and say they are only obliged to offer repairs as the phone is over 4 weeks old,totally unreliable in an emergency situation and is now costing a small fortune in text messaging due to the situation. Contract minutes just keep rolling over as can not make calls. Retailer keeps telling me its a common problem in this phone so be warned save your money do not buy this phone. Vodaphone just keep telling me their only obligation is to supply the sim card which is not faulty and it is the fault of the phone. Roll on july 2004 when i can cancel contract a nd go back to nokia and orange.

Reviewed by gelsie from england on 2nd Jan 2004
phone is great and by the way 'DANNY 5th Nov' your life sounds quite sad I will pray for your soul!!!!!!

Reviewed by tim from uk on 24th Dec 2003
in responce to dan! people on council estates??? IDIOT!

Reviewed by james from u.k on 15th Dec 2003
this phone is the best phone i have eva picked up its high qulity picture message and very clear sound good gomes and so mant things you can do you will never get bord of it it is the best phone in the world for 249.99

Reviewed by Kim from England on 8th Dec 2003
It doesn't turn on properly, it never has any signal, (not due to network.)I is very slow loading, runs out of battery really quickly, and I hate it.!

Reviewed by ella from bristol on 6th Dec 2003
hi im writin about the sharp gx10, i want 2 no if the picture quility is good or bad ? please some1 write back! as im gettin the fone 2mro!! ella

Reviewed by tubby man from holland on 18th Nov 2003
this phone is a complete disgrace.i bought this phone 1 hour ago and now i want a rufund.this bloody phone won't even switch on the damn thing.Do sharp think this is some kind of joke.

Reviewed by Tarek from Egypt on 13th Nov 2003
after I used many phones including Nokia 9210 I reached a conclusion that there has to be a separation between the concept of merging everything in a phone. the sharp offers a digital camera that belongs to phone display if you try to take those images to your pc you wil end up hating your phone. So think of the sharp as aphone compared to other phones, it give great display the best ever i have looked at, great sound, high quality audio and signal, nice responding keys, great phone book memory, so a quality phone for the price of less cabable nokia phones and above all made by a sharp japanese company. on coclusion i love its quality it is different .

Reviewed by bill from England on 10th Nov 2003
good phone

Reviewed by bryn from England on 10th Nov 2003
it is a great phone and great photos

Reviewed by Danny from england on 5th Nov 2003
I should imagine only people who live on council estates find this phone impressive.Very basic and looking outdated already,not worth the money!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 13th Oct 2003
Average phone, and now badly oudated....all phones now allow for easy transfer of data from phone to PC (via bluetooth, infra-red and/or data cable) however (from what I understand) good old vodafone locked the data transfer capability in the GX10, so you have to use the MMS...brilliant!

Reviewed by Sam Phillips from UK on 13th Oct 2003
All in all a great phone, but some points to be aware of are: 1. text input for SMS is not great, fast typing usually omitts the odd character. 2. On Vodafone the only way to get pictures/sounds off the phone is to MMS them (I understand that Vodafone locked data transfer for the phone even with a data cable!!!)

Reviewed by Johnston from Scotland on 11th Oct 2003
What an easy phone to navigate. Its great does everything you want but then you find out you can't download your photos and all of a sudden you think why do I need a clamshell as big as this if I cant retrieve my photos. Very disapointing on what may have been the best phone I have had to date.

Reviewed by Win from UK on 6th Oct 2003
I love this phone! Sure its not got an immediate way to transfer pics to your PC/Laptop (get Data Pack for this phone people if you want to! Comes with cable and software CD to link up your phone!) and it does store 10 SMS messages only (it uses the SIM memory afterall), but all in all this phone rocks! I don't text much anyway, I make phonecalls, as do my not so stingy mates as well! Plus the pics I take are for use on the phone to send to their phones and vice versa, making pics come up when they ring and to use as wallpaper. The quality of the phone is too poor to bother downloading anyway! Looks much better on the phone! So please people before dissing this phone remember it is built for taking pictures not strong immense amounts of SMS messages, and it's one of the first original cameraphones so obviously the newer phones will have the better SMS capacity etc!

Reviewed by sam from uk on 15th Sep 2003
good fone to get it on your computer send it to ur e-mail using mms.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 12th Sep 2003
Looks good, with good screen, good build quality. It does seem rather odd that it has a camera, but no way to download the pictures to a pc. This lets it down badly. I have a lap top with IrdA and I have got the phone and lap top to connect...just can't transfer data. Has anyone found out how to do this yet? So, with it being so difficult to get your pictures from the phone to a PC, I couldn't give this phone any better rating than "good" My wifes Siemens S55 transfers good pictures, easily, on a data cable supplied with the phone.

Reviewed by Mark F from England on 10th Sep 2003
The phone is stylish and comfortable in the hand, it looks and fel very good. It's easy to use. IWhat it does it does pretty well and if you are looking for a phone and the Sharp GX10 has all the features you are looking for, then go ahead and buy it without any reservations. HOWEVER I was very disappointed to find that I can't download pictures to my PC or send pics or ringtones from my PC to my phone, as I could with the Samsung T100. Other negatives are that the battery life is not too good - I have to recharge every other day, the ringtones are not loud enough, and the alarm won't work unless the phone is switched on. Apart from that, it's a good phone - but as soon as my contract is up I will be leaving Vodafone and going back to Orange, and probably back to Nokia as well.

Reviewed by Rahim Shabbir Q from England on 1st Sep 2003
Its a Wicked Phone

Reviewed by Emma from Uk on 27th Aug 2003
In response to Urbaz from england, what would be the point on an active flip on this phone? Coz then assigning pictures to callers would be pointless as you'd have to answer it before you could see the picture!! Anyway.. i think this phone is great, had mine for a month now. No major problems here. Just the annoying thing of the 15 texts in the inbox. The camera is fantastic, & great for catching people in the act, those moments where you think 'if only i had my camera'! The best thing is though, i use mine on o2. Who needs vodafone!!

Reviewed by Adrian from Bristol England on 23rd Aug 2003
I have to say I have had this phone about 6 months now and it is without doubt the best one I have ever owned. There is nothing about the phone I dislike. It does everything you could ask of a phone and more. I have just bought a GX10I for my misses and it will be interesting to see the differences (if any) in the 2 phones. Will let you know in the future.

Reviewed by Zakir Patel from India on 15th Aug 2003
Fantastik, well before this i used nokia but i found excellent but i want to know how to assign pic with phone book name if possible can anybody mail me on hajizakir@rediffmail.com. Thanx

Reviewed by Sue from England on 2nd Aug 2003
Just purchased this phone (second hand). After owning several Nokia's - the latest being the 8310 - what a breath of fresh air the Sharp is. OK so it only holds 10 text messages. but what the hell, the other features of the phone totally blow me away. The camera is fantastic, the menu is easy to navigate, I love the way you can assign a picture of who is calling you, so that when the phone rings you get the pic of the person on the screen. The phone is ok in size and the clam lid has a reassuring click as it opens and closes. Would recommend, especially if you are looking for a change from the boring usual array of Nokias.

Reviewed by coz from jamaica on 30th Jul 2003
im about to get this phone i av looked at loads of deatails about it and it the best phone i seen 4 a while buy this phone its gr8

Reviewed by brent from new zealand on 20th Jul 2003
well after reading all the other reviews it has got me wanting to write 1.... its a phone has a camera,sms,mms,able to have pics of ur m8s come up wen they ring,java,polyphonic ringtones and many more gr8 features,its a gr8 fone.yes the ammount of texts u can store isnt the best,but if u compare dis fone to 1 of 2 years ago u should then appriecatehow good the gx10 is

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