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Secret DJ app

By , 8 Oct 2012

About the author: This guest post is written by music lover Abbi Cox, tech writer at Phones 4u.

Available for Android and iPhone-toting iOS users, Secret DJ puts you back in the driving seat when it comes to listening to tunes in local hostelries, restaurants, shops and more.

So, you're in a bar trying to enjoy a cheeky vino or two with your bestest bud, and the only thing spoiling your get together is the irritating sound of Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe pounding in the background. If only you could influence what your ears are subjected to? Well, now you can with the help of a little app by the name of Secret DJ.

Available for Android and iPhone-toting iOS users, Secret DJ puts you back in the driving seat when it comes to listening to tunes in local hostelries, restaurants, shops and more. Simply download the app and register your details, search for participating venues near you, visit one and 'check in' (just as you would on Facebook), then you can connect to the venue's sound system and choose a song to be played. Cool huh? The app lets you select from over 1,000 tracks, and although this isn't especially expansive, you should find something that you like.

The more often you go to a bar and use Secret DJ, the higher priority your tunes will have over those selected by newbies. And if you spend enough time there and select enough tunes you'll be crowned official 'Secret DJ' of the bar, and get all your tracks on first. Winner! This can bring you major kudos amongst any hipster-type pals who think they're the bee's knees when it comes to picking the latest cuts from hot new bands and DJs.

Secret DJ has a feed that lets you know who's playing what on the jukebox in nearby venues, so you can decide where you want to grab a quick beer dependent on who's in there and the tunes currently on. Also, when you enter a location that is part of the Secret DJ alliance and 'check in' on your smartphone, you can share all the songs, people and places you like via Twitter and Facebook, letting all your pals know exactly where the cool places to be are.

If you hear a song you particularly like in a venue there's also the option to 'Like' the tune, save it to Spotify for later listening, or purchase from iTunes. It's a great way to discover new music, after all, how many times have you heard a great song but not been able to find out its name or the artist it's by? The app is visually appealing too, and looks slick and modern, with an aesthetically pleasing grey and yellow user interface. Album covers from the songs that are playing are also displayed, adding to the sleek look of the thing.

The app is created by c-burn, a collective of DJs, musicians and developers who supply digital music to venues throughout the UK. It's designed with music-lovers in mind and these guys really know their stuff, so if you're into bands, DJs and singers then you'll definitely be into Secret DJ.

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Comment by T from Nigeria on 7th Jan 2015
pls is it good for Nokia asha 210

Comment by nick from uk on 30th Jul 2014
Why isn't it on windows

Comment by Allan from UK on 14th Apr 2013
awesome! just proper music I chose! I missed old style jukebox

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