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Scottish Power

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Scottish Power provides electricity and gas to homes and businesses. It also supplies boiler cover, repair and annual servicing. The company uses a UK-based call centre for customer services.


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Scottish Power user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by neil from england on 17th Feb 2017
This is an endemic problem. Scottish Power and many others purport to provide an excellent service. They do not. I got a final bill on leaving for £26.00. I was on pay as go. A few weeks later I get a bill for £2000+. I don't think its right but live in fear that they don't really care and will take punitive action without being 100% sure that they have got my bill right. I do not blame the staff as such but you never get a decision there and then because they arent able to. Months ago I queired why i had received a bill that said I owed a few hundred quid and was told that it may have been due to tariff changes. But I am on a pay as you go, they control the rate of charge,how could I ever argue they were wrong when I have no idea how they came to there conclusions. I totally blame the managers and the CEO. They have no chance of getting a grip as they have no idea what is going on our how their system works (if thats the right phrase. awful.

Reviewed by Gill from Kent on 24th Jan 2017
Shocking company to deal with ! No idea what customer service means !

If you value your money - avoid, pay a few pence more ! Even when a complaint is sent to the CEO, they advise they will respond in 5 working day, 8 days later and I'm still waiting ! No wonder they have been fined 18m ! After reading these reviews perhaps they should be closed down? because I'm clearly not on my own !

Reviewed by Jackie from UK on 2nd Nov 2016
Received a gas and electricity bill combined on 21st October and a final demand on 24th October 2016. I have spent 2 years trying to get my bills sorted out and only now, when the financial ombudsman intervened did anything get sorted. In addition, they 'forgot' to bill me for my gas for a year which was over 700 (despite my bills stating it was my gas/electricity bill combined) then sent me a final demand letter and the baliffs around within days. This company is a total shambles and has made my life a misery for past 4 years and caused untold stress to me.

Reply by ruth from england on 22nd Nov 2016
Jackie don't accept their figures....they just make it up..demand proof in writing of any figures they use and what meter readings they have used...let them take you to court...don't go to ombudsman...you'll just waste more energy. Read their Facebook page....1000 customers complaining....I'm scared to leave them now as I can't face their incompetency...dreadful company.

Reviewed by R. K. McEwen from England on 28th Sep 2016
Joined ScottishPower about 6 months ago on quarterly billed fixed price tarrif and it has turned into 6 months of hell and continually revised, updated and erroneous bills. Immediately sent 3 bills within weeks of contract start, all based on widely erroneous estimated readings despite providing SP with exact meter readings at the start of the contract. Complained, and they "froze" the billing process on the account for a month so they could get it sorted. 4 weeks later, received "Final Demand" for unpaid bill, threatening legal action. Finally managed to get them to accept exact meter readings after 6 months and they have now confirmed account is in credit - only to send out 3 new bills, two of which are bad estimates, a day later!

If you are lonely and need someone to talk to all day, every day then they might be providing a community service. As a power supplier though, Scottish Power must be among the worst, if not THE worst, there is. One star because this site doesn't go as low as zero, and since two is "average", zero is much more than they deserve.

Reviewed by H.Rogers from England on 3rd May 2016
Last 13 months with Scottish Power have been horrific. No bill for 11 months then 10 bills together which make no sense at all. Still waiting for March 2015 bill. One direct debit payment they took was entered on my bill as over 40.00 less. Still trying to sort it but they don't reply to my e-mails now. Waste of time phoning as they get rid of you as quickly as they can. AVOID.

Reviewed by Michael Bullock from England on 23rd Apr 2016
One of the worst companies I have dealt with customer services non existent you go round and round on phone neaver again I always now ring customer services to see response now with OVO.


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