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Scottish Power

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Scottish Power provides electricity and gas to homes and businesses. It also supplies boiler cover, repair and annual servicing. The company uses a UK-based call centre for customer services.


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Scottish Power user reviews

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Average rating from 36 reviews:

Reviewed by Lynda Toner from England on 13th Jun 2018
The worst customer service I have ever known!
I have been trying to get my warm home discount applied to my account for the last 3 months! I am on the core group listing as I receive the guarantee part of pension credit. I have been passed from one incompetent customer service provider to another after phoning them every week since March! Now I have taken it to the Ombudsman to help me to get what I am entitled to from the government!
My advice is, do not go with this energy company if you want good customer service!

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 14th May 2018
Absolutely dreadful company. When you speak to them , they say they will do something but instead they just pretend that the call or convo never took place.

On several occassions there was an issue with trying to set up payments, at which point they assured me that while it was being fixed, they would put the payment on hold, instead. I receieved a letter demanding payment, spoke to them again, they apologised. Said they would put the account on hold while it was fixed, this time I got a letter from the debt collectors. At this point my frustration had reached new levels, I decided to change provider.

When trying to change supplier they sent me a bill and requested that it be paid by a specific date or they would prevent the switch over. I paid the amount with a few days to spare, however they kept the objection on my account, so the new provider could not take over. I then contacted them again to enquire as why this was, they apologised, said they would put the fee on hold and put a "no objection" on my account.

A month later and this still has not been done, my new provider cannot take over my power and they are tell me there is an objection the account due to the outstanding fee, that they promised they would sort.

I do not recommend this supplier, they are the worst of the worst.

Reviewed by Vicky from England on 11th May 2018
first can I state me and my boyfriend NEVER once agreed to changed to Scottish power there was no contract, we signed nothing. An annoying little man on a stall in the town centre interrupted my boyfriend while on his break at work banging on about Scottish power with him being in a similar field he stupidly gave him the time of day rather than walking away and ignoring him being polite, the man went on to say he would give him a leaflet with information, again THERE WAS NO TALK OR AGREEMENT TO CHANGE TO SCOTTISH POWER he simply took the leaflet gave him the address and name and left we then recived a key and card which got put in the bin as we never wanted to switch my boyfriend was just being polite and letting the man explain the benefits of changing. So this was June 2017. We left the property in the November of that year. Then jan 2018 we got a letter saying we owe them 150 pound to which we responded how and why we have never agreed to be with yous our gas and electric was on a key and card and we binned there’s and didn’t stop using the original British Gas one. So we left it now we have a bailiff saying they are taking over the case and we now owe 250 because we didn’t tell them when we were leaving the property... WE WERE NEVER WITH SCOTTISH POWER THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT OR CONTRACT NOR WAS THERE ANY VERBAL AGREEMENT they claim they took over our card and key and apparently brisitsh gas knew about this regardless if they did we did not agree to this at all not once MY ADVICE AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAUGE. Scottish power you are not getting a penny out of me :)

Reviewed by K pollard from Uk on 10th May 2018
Awful customer service - idiots working there.

Reviewed by Alan Issler from England on 19th Apr 2018
Scottish Power Mater Class in Appalling Customer Service.
Boiler leak 13 March though heating and hot water still working. Hot water disconnected 15 March
Delays with parts, two engineer visits-second one with parts 26 March. Engineer decided damage worse than realised- additional part needed to be ordered for job hopefully to be completed before Easter. Left existing parts at house. March 27 I phoned Call Centre to check situation- informed parts on order –eta March 29. March 28 we were phoned to say job permanently cancelled- boiler had been declared ‘beyond economic repair’, this was within terms and conditions, could they send someone round in the next hour to collect the parts left by the engineer. No mention at all had ever been made of any possibility of ‘beyond economic repair.’ (BER). Complaint stage 1 made.
No call from Customer Services to offer any help despite numerous requests. Finally very unsatisfactory discussion with complaints when I phoned them on April 4. Said BER decision could not be challenged. Acknowledged there had been communication issues and offered £60 in terms of ‘goodwill’ which I did not accept.
Complaint at stage 2- being looked at ‘from April 16”
‘Beyond Economic Repair’
Terms and conditions state a boiler to be beyond economic repair ‘ (ii) in our technical and professional opinion the cost of carrying out a necessary repair to (a) your boiler is more than the residual value of your boiler by reference to its age and condition;’
As Scottish Power continued to offer no help I consulted the Boiler Manufacturer Alpha Tec who attended on April 6. Using one of the parts left behind by the Scottish Power Engineer he safely reconnected the hot water in about 15 minutes and ordered additional parts to complete the job and future proof the boiler.
The full cost of the boiler repair from Alpha Tec is £255. I am advised the residual value of the boiler is around £875.
I have paid out something like £600 in Boiler cover premiums plus £255 to repair a boiler that clearly was NOT beyond economic repair.
I have asked for my boiler service record history and Scottish Power’s figures of their technical and professional opinion of the cost of the repair of my boiler as opposed to its residual value with no indication whatsoever that they are prepared to provide this information, to which I have been advised I am entitled. Therefore, on the advice of the Information Commissioner’s Office I have put in a formal Subject Access Request for this information.
I have spent a large amount of time trying to get through on phone lines that take 45 minutes plus to answer, emailing asking customer service to phone, with no response, to losing work opportunities in the initial two week period due to cancelled appointments. The fact that Scottish Power clearly does not have the staffing resource it needs to deal with the level of complaints it receives does not make me feel any better.
The one thing I will credit Scottish Power with is unintentional comedic timing. They recently sent me a letter asking me to renew my boiler cover for another year saying ‘we hope you have been enjoying all the great benefits of our boiler care.”

Reviewed by BARRY KENDALL from england on 10th Apr 2018
what an absolute joke they are 8 weeks on still no response to complaints
chased for 5th time today told will call me back next tuesaday
they are all brain dead as mentioned in earlier post.
avoid like the plague is my advice.
seems have lost the £1409 on previous credit meters ?
absolute shambolic organisation

Reviewed by Ana from England on 10th Apr 2018
The worst provider ever, we have been on the property for almost 6 months. No welcome pack sent to as they’ve promised like 6 times already.
Jept sending us from day we moved in with names on the letter.
I cannot wait for our bills so i could py it off and switch to Utility warehouse because they are still the best provider.

Reviewed by D. Findlay from England on 6th Apr 2018
Do not use any gas other than my heater pilot light, in a month they say my gas meter reading is 791, charged me over £48. Only joined Scottish power in January, can't wait to see the back of them.

Reviewed by Angus from UK on 2nd Apr 2018
To sum up my time with Scottish Power (since October 2017):
Two failed attempts to set up my account, with no one contacting me on either occasion to rectify the situation.
Advised the wrong time on the phone for an electricity related job which resulted in it being missed
One missed all-day gas job with no phone call until afterwards by the gas meter installer
One gas-related job that didn’t go ahead because it had not actually been booked, despite one person booking it for me and then someone else confirming to me (but with a different timeslot) the day before when I phoned up to check
Two promised call-backs that didn’t happen
Lots and lots of time spent on hold and a bunch of days taken off work only for me to be stood up repeatedly.
I am still waiting for my gas meter to be installed, and this is severely holding up other works going on with my flat. I just can’t wait for it to be over with, needless to say I will be swapping supplier immediately after!

Reviewed by David Cockburn from United Kingdom on 11th Feb 2018
ET Come Home/Scottish Power Go Away

Scottish Power erroneously transferred (an "ET") my daughter's supply and cancelled her direct debit with her contracted supplier-all done wholly without her knowledge. Then they stayed totally quiet for 18 months-no welcome letter, no bills (monthly, quarterly or annual review), no actual readings or requests for readings, no tariff info. She thought her Direct debit plan with her contracted supplier was happily operating throughout and thought nothing of it.

Then Scottish Power contacted her by way of a letter threatening her with registering a credit default and demanding 18 months of unpaid bills. In the complaints process, Scottish Power then "misstated" the legal/regulatory position and also advised her that she could not switch back until she paid her bill. Needless to say, their bill was based wholly on their estimates and on the highest tariff rate that they had unilaterally applied to her account.

After much battling and unpleasantness, Scottish Power has now handed the accounts back to the original supplier and expressed their apologies for any concern caused. Nevertheless, my daughter, who is on a low income, now has two years of energy bills to pay-all due to Scottish Power. To date, no offer of compensation has been offered by Scottish Power for such appalling mis-service, mistreatment and deep upset this had caused. Nor have there been any repercussions for their numerous breaches of several energy/consumer codes.

In these environmentally sensitive times, I hate to think what these guys at Scottish Power are smoking?!

Reviewed by Robert Edwards from United Kingdom on 30th Jan 2018
Absolute nightmare! Wish I had never contacted this company to supply my electricity. Have been trying to have my single phase meter registered on the national database. Since August 2017 I have contacted SPower on a regular basis to no avail. In November 2017 I opened a case with Ombudsman service, but they tell me they are powerless to do anything. I was sent an email from Graham Taylor complaints Advisor Scottish power on 29Jan 2018 that my meter had been updated ECEOS. Again back to square one it had not been done. Contacted SPower asked for Taylor, guess what he is never available for comment. No apologies received! Rang again today Scottish power told me there is nothing more they can do to resolve the matter. I'm been held to ransom as I can't switch supply to another company because my meter is not registered on the Database. I'm paying top rate too. This government keep telling people to switch suppliers and save £'s. Scottish power are a bunch of crooks I advise anyone to avoid this company at all costs.

Reviewed by Dave Richard from England on 23rd Jan 2018
Absolute useless had new gas line and box installed outside booked an appointment for meter installation (4wks later) only to receive a card saying unable to fit meter due to no one home. I was never told that they needed access to house. Rang through eventually spoke to someone who said I should of been informed of this and would rebook apppointment (another 4 was later). Organised someone to be at property and wait for 7hrs for nobody to show up. Rang again eventually speaking to guy who said the revised appointment had not been confirmed with their meter contractor and raised a complaint saying that the complaints team would contact me the next day. 5 days later had a missed call from complaints team and when I rang back was told the complaint had been shutdown! So yesterday my 3rd appointment I organised with in laws to give entry to property ( they live 2 doors away) they put a4 notices on door and meter saying knock on them. But after checking they were greeted by a card saying unable to gain access.

1 star is too good for this shower of !!!

Reviewed by David Sheldon from England on 9th Jan 2018
Scottish Powers smart meter installation service is beyond a joke. At the end of the installation, their approved installer could not get our boiler , which was operating perfectly before, to work. He then left, saying it was our problem not his, although he did say he often had problems with our type of boiler. Presumably then, he had left other customers without heat/hot water although he did not mention it as a risk before he started and there are no warnings in Scottish Powers smart meter leaflets. Please be warned if you are about to have smart meters forced on you by Scottish Power that based on our experience,, they could and will leave you with no heat or hot water after installation.
Incidentally, I telephoned Scottish Power to complain and was told they were too busy to answer but would phone me back with an hour. This folks is just a Scottish Power ruse to get rid of you - they did not of course phone back.
Will be taking whatever action I can to recover my costs for getting a proper engineer out to fix the boiler, and be moving to a provider with better customer service - if indeed I there is any provider in this most awful of industries who cares about its customers as much as it does its profits.

Reviewed by Debbie welsh from Scotland on 9th Dec 2017
Scottish power is a joke of a company twice now in the space of a week and a half I have had no gas supply. Phoned up to get someone sent out because of this waited and waited no one turned up so phoned next morning and they said that it was not put through proper so had to re book visit in total I waited over 24HOURS for someone to come they put £10 emargancy on meeter and said new card be in post new card comes and not working so phone up and tell them this and said I think meeter needs replaced they said it will just be the card. Ye ok then there a problem with 3 different cards but hey ho you know best. Man just been out after 3 HOURS waiting in FREEZING COLD and says u need new meeter this one goosed well yes I did say that. So had to phone again and now have to wait a an other 4HOURS in FREEZING COLD for some one else to come out and replace meeter I have TWO young kids in this ICE BOX OF a house.

Anyone thinking of changing to Scottish power DONT THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT U AND UR KIDS.

Reviewed by Chantel Chapman from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2017
WORST Company. Does not even deserve a 1 Star Rating.

No Customer Service, employees are all brain dead and have absolutely no clue what is going on. I have had a complaint thread for over 2 months about being over charged. I have submitted actual meter readings and have still gotten no where. I get the same e-mail back about striving to provide customer service ... which is currently non existent. No one has taken the time to read through the e-mail thread to understand the issue I had with changing names on an Account as my flat mate moved out. The credit on our shared previous account was not moved over to the account in my name, even though it is the SAME property. I have therefore, been over charged. I'm in the process of closing my Electricity account with Scottish Power. EDF is a much better provider, exemplary customer service.
Biggest Mistake was registering with Scottish Power. I hope they close down soon as no-one should have to put up with their rubbish and rude, clueless staff.

Reviewed by Sarah Crabb Smith from UK on 18th Nov 2017
If I could give them a minus I would! Final bill on an account in my HUSBANDS name, which was discussed and agreed THREE TIMES with SP has been paid. Husband even confirmed 3 weeks ago the balance is zero. Now, we have their debt collecting dogs 01527 419134 hounding us about our non existent debt. They have breached data protection laws, got my name from somewhere and have been hounding me with 'debt' calls. Scottish Power can't talk to me and I cant raise a complaint because my name is not known to them! They should be fined by the ombudsmen for this stunt!!! Beyond disgusting.

Reviewed by Lee Beddoes from United Kingdom on 15th Nov 2017
DO NOT choose this company for Gas /Electric. They are quick to answer their phone when you show an interest in choosing them as your supplier, but when you have signed on the line they can take up to 40 minutes to reply and even selecting the option to be rung back later,if and when they ring back you listen to music and apologies before anyone actually speaks. They give out incorrect information relating to Smart meters in the form of emails they send you if you have requested to have a Smart meter installed, saying 'turn off all electric and gas prior to Engineers arrival- you are given a 4 hour window and sitting in the cold for possibly 4 hours is not good. The company doing this work on behalf of Scottish Power is Providor, who when contacted by me stated quite clearly that the supplies should NOT be turned off as their engineers need to see that everything that should be working is working prior to meters being changed. Scottish Power say that Providor is wrong, hope no one dies pf Hyperthermia whilst waiting for the meters to be changed. Their customer Service(sic) is terrible argumentative, talk over you, don't listen and talk a load of rubbish I have now changed suppliers, and if I could select rating of a minus figure in reviewing this company I would.

Reviewed by Luke Fletcher from Uk on 1st Nov 2017
Do not go with Scottish Power, with them for 4 years in total paying direct debit each month for a resonable amout... of course cheap when your first join... however, when trying to leaving Scottish Power... I informed them around 3 months before I was leaving they then told me I owed them £1000 without any notification because I have been under paying... during that call for whatever reason they change my payment to quartily... I argued the £1000 is incorrect... that changed to £220 I called the pay then end bill and then that change to £400 even though I have been on a fixed DD for 4 years.. I’m not sure they know what i owe them. just seem to try and take as much money from you before you leave....... AVOID DONT BE FOOLED BY LOW PRICES AT 1ST

Reviewed by Kimbom from United Kingdom on 15th Aug 2017
So, we were due our boiler inspection today and were waiting patiently for the knock on the door. None came but we did receive a voicemail from "Leon" who apparently had been knocking on our door for the past 38 minutes and not getting a reply. We said that nobody had knocked on our door as we were waiting for them to call. So, we have very good, very expensive CCTV plastered all over the front of our house which even captures every number plate that comes onto and off of the street. We confirmed that no one had knocked on our door, however, somebody, a big bald bloke in a white shirt and black tie did park up on our street, even got out, had a look at our cameras then proceeded to get back in the van. He sat there for a further 7 minutes and 9 seconds then pulled up around the corner on the next street while as it turns out he was speaking to my husband on the phone telling us that he did try to gain access to perform the inspection but no one was at home? Scottish power employs subcontractors in your area to do all the boiler repairs and inspections and there are too lazy to even bother knocking on the door to carry out the work. We have just told them to shove their boiler care where the sun doesn’t shine. Take my advice, tell them to do the same.

Tried reporting this shoddy outfit to Scottish power, guess what? Not interested.

Reviewed by David from UK on 1st Jun 2017
Its the Spanish Takeover. Alliance and Leicester are now Santander and Iberia Power now owns Scot.Power.
I find both very good and always top of the class for online service and prices.
The trick is to make sure you are always on their cheapest rate,as they change yearly.

Reviewed by Val Davies from United Kingdom on 1st Jun 2017
I can only confirm all the comments listed, through identical experiences. They are a total and complete nightmare. Please, please, please, avoid Scottish Power.

Reviewed by victor middleton from England on 29th May 2017
We inherited Scottish Power (dual fuel) after purchasing our current property. In our experience this is the worst performing utility experienced so far. In brief (but it was a very long story of complaints) their computers could not understand our monthly usage although meter readings were always provided as requested; monthly direct debits were several times adjusted downward in spite of several attempts to have them increased. When we finally got our final bill having switched suppliers Scottish Power levied a final charge of £419.47 - equivalent to 65% of what they had charged over the whole of 12 months. There was no indication at any stage that a bill of this size was likely to be due. Buyers beware. AVOID Do not be taken in by the advertising gloss on what in our view is a grossly incompetent firm.

Reviewed by Kevin from Buckinghamshire on 12th May 2017
Poor service do not use, will cost you more in the long run.

Reviewed by Keith Wallace from Scotland on 9th May 2017
Why can't you give them no stars?

"We are a shambles" say their own staff.

Been trying to sort out our Solar PV tarriff for over a year now, but that pales into insignificance having gone 11 weeks without gas. A litany of broken promises, incompetency and outright lies when all we wanted to do was move our meter.

"Gas is a luxury, this is not an emergency."

Well it is when you are trying to heat showers fro 80 players in a rugby club.

Have tonight got my MSP involved again, and written to their Chief Corporate Officer since he does not respond to email.

Don't expect anything soon.

Reviewed by Alan from Uk on 2nd May 2017
They are the worst supplier. Very poor service. Left them because i had so many problems that were no resolved.

I will never go back and strongly recommend against them.

Poor service never resolved problems.

Reviewed by Phill from United Kingdom on 27th Apr 2017
Left Scottish Power after a year when the price soared.
After three months they wrote to say I had a cash surplus...and I had to call them to get it.
Considering that They took the money by Direct Debit on the first place why did they not refund it once I left them? Because it could stay in their bank account for a full three months perhaps?

Even then they paid it back by cheque, to gain another week in their account.
Totally untrustworthy. AVOID.

Reviewed by John from England on 27th Mar 2017
I tried to switch my dual fuel supply to Scottish Power in January this year. They switched the electricity but they cancelled the gas switch of supply. I was then coerced into taking an different more expensive gas tariff because the original one they had offered and confirmed 'did not exist anymore'. This has been the subject of an on-going complaint that they simply do not intend to resolve or are incapable of resolving. They make promises to resolve the issue and then move out the end date for resolution by a month. Promises to phone back are never kept and a number of times their staff have told blatant lies. Rather than saving me money this switch of supplier has cost me money and wasted time and effort and has cause anxiety. I would now have been much better off staying with my original supplier and paying their higher tariffs. Customer support and customer care are non existent in this company. 1 star rating is several stars too many. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

Reply by judith cossins from england on 22nd Jan 2018
I'm having exactly the same problem. They managed to switch electricity but not gas - they've "tried" three times now over a period of three months and still failed. They say they don't know why. I told them it's not happening by magic - there must be a reason and they should be able to solve it. I am not getting the benefit of dual fuel prices and will only get this backdated when they manage to get the gas switched, which is looking like a very unlikely thing to happen. So I am losing out by being with them. I'm not impressed and will probably change from them in the near future.

Reviewed by Jules from England on 21st Mar 2017
I am appalled at Scottish power for the way they treat customers. Since changing energy suppliers last year because my monthly dual fuel payment was going up, I have tried to get back some rebate on my account. I live in a one bedroom flat and only have my heating on twice a day and use a minimal amount of hot water, but yet on one bill they reckon I used over 2,000 units of gas in three months. ( On my statement it said I had used 183. They really need to sort their billing team out. They don't deserve even 1 star.

Reviewed by MRS KAZAPUA from Scotland on 17th Mar 2017
I'm appalled at Provider SCOTTISH POWER my mum has been a loyal customer for over 30yrs we have had no hot water no heating for days now n all they gave us was 2 small temporary heaters the guy from Scottish power came out n told us we need a part so for him comin out n part altogether costing around near £300 so far he came out yesterday n said the board won't work with the other one so will need another part so is this gonna cost again n he doesn't know hw many parts the boiler will need he hadn't a clue just was fobbing us off, could of told us that at start or could of sent someone who wasnt incompetent the senior engineer was suppose to call today n never bothered to call so without heating in house my 2yr old daughter is ill now coughed all day brought on her Asthma, i am ill now too I think it's a disgrace how we been treated n i advised anyone to change provider.

Reviewed by Simone tesfamichael from United Kingdom on 8th Mar 2017
I'm a single person moved to 1 bedroom flat last year on February and first quarter elettric bill have received was nearly 1.200£. I couldn't believe it and after they missed couples of appointments with engineer they correct the bill to 94£. The second bill instead,to be cheaper( because in summer don't consume a lot) or same was nearly 500£.so i decided to install a pre- payment meter and Since I booked over 10 appointments(all failed ) for the engineer ,they sent twice the same ingeener, which he wasn't qualified for my type old school meter. He even made picture of meter and he said he was going send it to the Scottish power but no one of them knows. After all these times they been messing around and i spoke with ombudsman, the news is that I can't install a prepayment meter after I've been waiting 7-8 months for it. Ok now what I wanted it's a correct bill and I sent a meter reading on December last year as they requested. They said it was wrong so I asked them again to send an engineer again and he comes after he failed one appointment. He comes on the 10/1/17 and he took the meter reading and picture too, so I foned the bad costumers service again and they said that the bill will be ready in 9 working days. I foned them up again because at the end of February didn't receive any bill or fone calls to clear the situations and they still said to wait at the most 1 wk and half. Today the 08/04/17 I foned me again ( instead of them to let me know something )and they asked to have meter readings again and again for 3/4 wks . Plus I asked an explanation about what the engineer sent to them and they have not clue and they hang up me on the fone too. It's a big shame ,costumers service is so bad and after 10 months they still have not been able to make me the correct bill.

Reviewed by neil from england on 17th Feb 2017
This is an endemic problem. Scottish Power and many others purport to provide an excellent service. They do not. I got a final bill on leaving for £26.00. I was on pay as go. A few weeks later I get a bill for £2000+. I don't think its right but live in fear that they don't really care and will take punitive action without being 100% sure that they have got my bill right. I do not blame the staff as such but you never get a decision there and then because they arent able to. Months ago I queired why i had received a bill that said I owed a few hundred quid and was told that it may have been due to tariff changes. But I am on a pay as you go, they control the rate of charge,how could I ever argue they were wrong when I have no idea how they came to there conclusions. I totally blame the managers and the CEO. They have no chance of getting a grip as they have no idea what is going on our how their system works (if thats the right phrase. awful.

Reviewed by Gill from Kent on 24th Jan 2017
Shocking company to deal with ! No idea what customer service means !

If you value your money - avoid, pay a few pence more ! Even when a complaint is sent to the CEO, they advise they will respond in 5 working day, 8 days later and I'm still waiting ! No wonder they have been fined 18m ! After reading these reviews perhaps they should be closed down? because I'm clearly not on my own !

Reviewed by Jackie from UK on 2nd Nov 2016
Received a gas and electricity bill combined on 21st October and a final demand on 24th October 2016. I have spent 2 years trying to get my bills sorted out and only now, when the financial ombudsman intervened did anything get sorted. In addition, they 'forgot' to bill me for my gas for a year which was over 700 (despite my bills stating it was my gas/electricity bill combined) then sent me a final demand letter and the baliffs around within days. This company is a total shambles and has made my life a misery for past 4 years and caused untold stress to me.

Reply by ruth from england on 22nd Nov 2016
Jackie don't accept their figures....they just make it up..demand proof in writing of any figures they use and what meter readings they have used...let them take you to court...don't go to ombudsman...you'll just waste more energy. Read their Facebook page....1000 customers complaining....I'm scared to leave them now as I can't face their incompetency...dreadful company.

Reviewed by R. K. McEwen from England on 28th Sep 2016
Joined ScottishPower about 6 months ago on quarterly billed fixed price tarrif and it has turned into 6 months of hell and continually revised, updated and erroneous bills. Immediately sent 3 bills within weeks of contract start, all based on widely erroneous estimated readings despite providing SP with exact meter readings at the start of the contract. Complained, and they "froze" the billing process on the account for a month so they could get it sorted. 4 weeks later, received "Final Demand" for unpaid bill, threatening legal action. Finally managed to get them to accept exact meter readings after 6 months and they have now confirmed account is in credit - only to send out 3 new bills, two of which are bad estimates, a day later!

If you are lonely and need someone to talk to all day, every day then they might be providing a community service. As a power supplier though, Scottish Power must be among the worst, if not THE worst, there is. One star because this site doesn't go as low as zero, and since two is "average", zero is much more than they deserve.

Reviewed by H.Rogers from England on 3rd May 2016
Last 13 months with Scottish Power have been horrific. No bill for 11 months then 10 bills together which make no sense at all. Still waiting for March 2015 bill. One direct debit payment they took was entered on my bill as over 40.00 less. Still trying to sort it but they don't reply to my e-mails now. Waste of time phoning as they get rid of you as quickly as they can. AVOID.

Reviewed by Michael Bullock from England on 23rd Apr 2016
One of the worst companies I have dealt with customer services non existent you go round and round on phone neaver again I always now ring customer services to see response now with OVO.


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