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Samsung Z720 review

 Review: February 2007  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: 3G slide phone with 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, video calling, music player, memory card, Bluetooth™ & HSPDA.


The Samsung D900 was arguably the best phone of 2006, and now in 2007, here comes the Samsung Z720, a 3G version of the ultra-slim slider. The Z720 looks almost exactly the same as the D900, but is about one millimetre thicker. Not that anyone would notice! It's the thinnest 3G phone yet, beating the Motorola V3XX and the Sony Ericsson K610i by a couple of millimetres (now beaten by the Sony Ericsson W880i). It's also significantly lighter than the D900, weighing just 80g. The Z720 retains the highly functional keypad and smooth slider action that made the D900 a pleasure to use.

The great new feature that has been introduced in the Z720 is its ultra-fast 3G implementation, known as 3.5G. This uses a new technology called High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which enables downloads at speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps - that's 6 times faster than normal 3G using EDGE technology. The benefit of this is improved quality of downloads, streaming media and video calling. It's the second Samsung phone in the UK to support HSDPA - the first was the Samsung Z560.

The multimedia capabilities of the Z720 are impressive. Let's start with the camera. This is a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and a powerful 13x digital zoom. It's an excellent camera - except that it's lacking a flash. Video recording at a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels in MPEG4 format is supported. A second VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) is used for making video calls. The display on the Z720 is excellent and does full justice to the camera.

The music player has been enhanced to support WMA format in addition to MP3, ACC, ACC+ and e-AAC+ formats, so you can play virtually anything. The player is easy to use with playlists of up to 30 tracks. You can use the stereo headset supplied by Samsung or a wireless Bluetooth headset. It may not be an iPod, but it's a pretty useable implementation of an MP3 player. We do have one minor niggle though - the built in memory. Samsung have been a bit stingy with onboard memory and given the Z720 just 20 Mbytes of user memory. You can expand this with a MicroSD memory card, but it would have been nicer to have had more built in. There's no radio either, but you can stream music via the 3G services.

In addition the phone has some useful "bonus" features - a document viewer for viewing MS Office files, offline mode for use when listening to music on a plane, email and Java games. Connectivity is via Bluetooth or USB. The user interface is very nice and friendly, with Samsung's new "black" menu design.

The Samsung Z720 is a good phone that enhances the hugely-popular D900 with new functionality, however it loses points because of its truly awful battery life, and below-average internal memory. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it seems that Samsung made a number of mis-calculations with the specification of the Z720, resulting in an unbalanced phone that delivered a poor user experience.

Samsung Z720 features include:

  • 3G video calling, fast downloading and streaming
  • 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and 13x digital zoom
  • Video camera (176 x 144 pixels, MPEG4 format)
  • Second video camera (VGA - 640 x 480 pixels) for video calling
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels (2.1 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, ACC, ACC+, e-AAC+, WMA formats)
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, SSL, TLS)
  • T9 predictive text
  • Document viewer for MS Office, PDF and HTML files
  • 3D Java games plus downloadable games
  • Flight mode
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 20 Mbytes plus MicroSD memory card slot
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 1.1, PictBridge
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, HSPDA (1.8 Mbps)
  • Triband (900/1800/1900 MHz) plus 3G (UMTS)
  • Size: 104 x 51 x 13.8 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Talktime: 5.1 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Samsung Z720 user reviews

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Average rating from 120 reviews:

Reviewed by ADEL from UK on 10th Oct 2008
i had this phone for a year now, and its the best phone ive ever had, the internet is brillant, i use to chat in MSN evryday and i never had a problem with the battery or the signal .

Reviewed by Anne from UK on 9th Aug 2008
This phone is really getting me sooo angry. I have it for more than a year now and I have been bearing with it all the time. It has VERY VERY VERY POOR signal and the battery (I think, I think) damages my sim card. I have replaced it once and I am replacing it again. It is giving me a headache. I am buying a new phone! Plus, when I went to another country, the signal just went off. I had to put my sim card in another phone for it to work. It is a major disaster.

Reviewed by David Taylor from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
I've had this phone since February 2007 and have enjoyed using it. This was my first slide phone and I loved it at first. I have had, however, a few problems with it: 1. The charger slot seal is coming lose and sticks out, 2. The signal strength over the last month has vanished, leaving me no choice but to revert to an old nokia. I'm going in to the shops to get this fixed however. 3. The Predictive text dictionary does not hold saved words for a long enough amount of time. I found that when I added a new word to the dictionary, a couple of days later I would need to do it again as it had forgotten it. The phone is a nice design, light, the slider is great, features are good. The camera is ok but if you move slightly the picture becomes fuzzy. I never use the internet so I can't comment on this. My contract was coming to an end so I was going to get a new phone anyway but I would not get this phone again because of the problems with the dictionary and the signal strength. I'm going back to a nokia (6300) becaue of the great reviews on this site.

Reviewed by Nik from UK on 5th Jun 2008
Oh sweet jesus! This is actually the worst phone ever created! Firstly the battery last for about a day! I've had the battery replaced twice and its still as bad as ever! Secondly, the signal (especially on vodafone UK) is rubbish! I originally thought that it was a poor signal in my area, except when i put my SIM card in another phone i got a 5 bar signal everywhere. So far its been repaired twice and its still a pile of junk! Im on a contract and i got the phone for free, i would never have paid £300 for it! which was what Vodafone were asking for it 12 months ago! Another thing, why can't you have a ring tone whicg is in a format other than MP3? Nobody really uses MP3 format these days, they use the ACC format of Itunes. All in all a really bad phone. Seriously, don't waste your money!

Reviewed by Charli from UK on 25th Mar 2008
Not Great. Screen Breaks Easily And Very small memory.

Reviewed by Angry Angel from UK on 18th Feb 2008
The phone not only suck!!! The battery only last me for less than 8 hours without any calls just few mms!!! Especially when I try to send mms, it become worst, the battery will gone totally flat within a few hours!!! Camera and Video Streaming very Horrible + Terrible!!! A nighmare phone for me and all my friends who use this phone!!! Can't do multi-tasks!!! Ringtones is rather soft even though I have set it to the maximum volume!!! I miss most of my calls when I am in the shopping centre, MRT, buses or in the restaurant!!! What lousy I have in my life...!!! Samsung... Why you launch this kind of worst phone in the market...? Most of your new phone almost look alike... You don't have any better design to show-off your latest phone model...!!! Suck!!! Why? Why? Why? I am very sure that I will never consider any Samsung Phone in future...!!! Samsung have to watch out for more complaint about this phone ya...!!!!

Reviewed by sher from UK on 17th Feb 2008
seriously, this phone sucks. the batt life is HORRIBLE. i have to charge it twice a day. it can store is only about a pathetic 200 msgs. my camera can't even be used anymore my phone just turns off and on when i try to take a picture. seriously, i wasted my money.

Reviewed by Sammi from UK on 15th Feb 2008
This is what I able to describe about my present phone...! Pretty phone and also a problems phone as well... Whenever I have send more than 2 sms, the phone temperature rise up... I will be more angry once again... Whenever I can't send out mms or even take 1 hour to send 1 mms... I will be more upset and angry once again... I do not know what I will get at last... But I know that this phone is rather rotten and indeed a worst phone that I ever have in my life... I need to have debate conference with so many strangers...! I need to be upset and depressed with nobody-to-me as I aware that...! As I really don't know how to complaint once again...

Reviewed by Vic from UK on 14th Feb 2008
If you think that you have lots of money to waste and spend for show off... If you just need a beautiful phone, buy this cheap phone now. For your own risk and you will have bad dream everyday. This phone indeed super rotten as I ever have in my life. The camera captured picutre rather slow and blurr and have to give several attempt then you will be able to get a proper shoot and picture. The body of the phone is so hot when taking few photos too... Haha... What stupid and good for nothing phone is this..?

Reviewed by Barbie from UK on 9th Feb 2008
Camera and video features suck! Phone key pad become loosen within 3 months! Phone will turned warm with few minutes of conversation! When sending mms, the phone also turned warm too! Can't upload and download to pc all those photos that I have taken! What type of phone with so many more problems that I have encountered... Why Samsung can launch this model in the market? It rather rot rot rot that I able to comment...

Reviewed by Cika from UK on 5th Feb 2008
Its a terrible and horrible handphone I ever have in my life... I am very sure that I won't be considering buying any Samsung Phone ever after...

Reviewed by Angel on fire... from UK on 1st Feb 2008
This is what I able to describe about my present phone...! Pretty phone and also a problems phone as well... Whenever I have send more than 2 sms, the phone temperature rise up... I will be more angry once again... Whenever I can't send out mms or even take 1 hour to send 1 mms... I will be more upset and angry once again... I do not know what I will get at last... But I know that this phone is rather rotten and indeed a worst phone that I ever have in my life... I need to have debate conference with so many strangers...! I need to be upset and depressed with nobody-to-me as I aware that...! As I really don't know how to complaint once again...

Reviewed by Vistar from UK on 1st Feb 2008
Battery gone flat within 8 hours. Even though you have sent less than 2 sms, the temperature gone up to 37 degree Celsius. The back of the phone is rather hot when I sent just a simple mms too... What type of pamper and silly phone is that...? As the Service Centre will just mentioned that the temperature is still within the specification. No problem about the phone and not many customer complaint until like that...

Reviewed by Luv Vistor from UK on 28th Jan 2008
I got this phone in May 2007 when it was launched... But this phone is extremely poor in battery life as it gone flat within 8 hours without or call but just sms and mms...! Even though I have sent more than 2 sms, the phone temperature heat-up to 37 degree Celsius or more...! To check temperature for this phone just key in... *#0228#... and you will be able to see for yourself as almost everytimes I have to check on my phone when I feel that my hand is really "burning and hurt" I don't know how to comment about this phone now...! This is the Fourth phone I got it since May last year but everything still remained unchanged...! I never really see any good point about this "flower vase" as I able to conclude it...! Somehow the Samsung Service Centre, Plaza Singapura is extremely unprofessional and they don't even know how to handle my phone problems at all...! What I can do now... Wait to renew my contract and dump this phone into the rubbish chute instead coz I really feel frustrated and angry even right now... Z720 phone really ROT...!

Reviewed by Shabi from UK on 14th Jan 2008
This review is great and nincely written but to be honot i think u over exaggerated giving it a 2-5. I think before giving and judging a phone on its F.A.Q its better having it in your hand for a while. I took the risk buying the phone after this review and i can tell u i dont regret buyin it even if its 2 from 5.

Reviewed by Alex from Australia on 29th Sep 2007
I got this phone on Telstra on the NextG been rebadged as the a801) network, after just having Sonys. I love it! Yeah the battery isn't great, but to be honest, it doesn't worry me having to charge it every night. Perhaps the bugs that others have talked about have been fixed. There isn't a lag when taking photos, and come on! if you want a flash with your camera, get a digital. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I love it. Usually I swap my phones after 6 months or so, cos I work in mobile phone industry, but this one I'm going to keep for much longer.

Reviewed by Charley from england on 28th Sep 2007
i had this phone on contract but the mclaren merecedes 1 from vodafone. I had it on contract and it was a ace phone-loved it. Apart from i took it back after a week becasue i didnt want the 18 month contract i only wanted 12 months and vodafone wouldnt let me have it for 12 months!!! how unfair :( other than that its an ance phone. I've got the samsung d900i pink now which is good but i prefer the other phone simply cos its just sexy....twit twooo hehe

Reviewed by Victor Chin from Singapore on 22nd Sep 2007
they should let the phone multi-task~ everything else is given 4 stars out of 5 by me~ the multi-task took the star off~

Reviewed by paul from england on 20th Sep 2007
quite cool, had samsungs for the past 3 years, battery life is a bit short so have to keep it charged up when im driving, its good that the alarm will still work even if the phones switched off coz of low bat. excellent camera and video recorder and easy to connect to the comp, highly reccomend this for business types.

Reviewed by Mike from England on 31st Aug 2007
I got this phone in June and at first because it was a new phone i was fiddling about with the settings trying the camera out and of course this is going to sap the battery so i thought the battery was rubbish! but after i got used to the phone then only used it for the occasional phone call and texts i found that the battery lasts. i had the Sony Erricson W810i and although it doesnt compare to that the Samesung Z720 is still an excellent phone

Reviewed by catherine from england on 27th Aug 2007
I think this phone has great features and looks amazing, yes the battery is poor but you can charge it on a computer and on mains so its not that bigger problem. The cameras great. A couple of weeks ago i spilt beer all over my phone and it stopped working..But it managed to fix its self and its back to it lovel self!

Reviewed by Kurt from England on 18th Aug 2007
had the maclaren macades for 5 days and absalutly love it, the battary problem has been taken care of and all though its the same as the z720 it looks loads better

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 18th Aug 2007
This phone is poor performing in everyway, poor signal strength, poor reliabillity and poor Battery life. I have had four Z720's replaced by Vodafone because of various problems including dialing numbers on its own in the middle of the night and being unable to stop the calls as non of the buttons would work! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE!! I have had it replaced with the U700 this is slightly better

Reviewed by Geoff from uk on 16th Aug 2007
its just a cool phone, that was until yesterday when the screen went blank. I could recieve calls and that was it. Tried the usual things to the screen back. Anyone else had the same problem?

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 31st Jul 2007
If you really want to waste your money ,, buy this phone ..

Reviewed by Jay Hyde from UK on 19th Jul 2007
Well, it was okay(ish) but it felt cheap and a little plastic-like. I got rid of it in the end for an older k750i. At least it was free on fone-shaq

Reviewed by Dale from England on 15th Jul 2007
Stay away! poor phone especially on vodafone UK! I had the phone for 4 months and got increasingly annoyed with the poor battery life, horrible vodafone branded menu, poor build quality and small internal memory. Also my screen cracked 3 times without me intentionally damaging it. Had it exchanged for a new handset twice yet it happened again. All the functions work well and are what you would expect, except for the lack of flash for the camera. Had it on vodafone and even went to the lengths of changing the firmware to the original samsung UI to improve performance this did slightly improve my enjoyment of the phone. Call quality was unstable even after turning the network mode to GSM900/1800 and turning UMTs(3G services) off - thought it was the network coverage in my area but when I put my sim in my old D600 all of a suddden I had 5 bars everywhere! After the screen cracked for 3rd time Vodafone relented and swapped it for a U700 which beats this in every department. You won't notice how bad the z720 is straight away until you compare it to other phones released at the same time. stay away unless someone is paying you to use it. If it was a car it wouldn't be a mclaren-mercedes it would be a FIAT!

Reviewed by Dan from England on 13th Jul 2007
Had the phone for 5 months now and had poor battery, turned off bluetooth and 3g roaming (as standard) and though I don't use it much only have to charge it once every 5 days but then knew that when I bought it as I read up on it first. Simple really, it's a lovely phone, excellent camera (though a little slow but used carefully gets stunning pics) and overall very impressed. If you don't want a phone with short battery life don't buy it, don't say it's rubbish coz you don't know how to get the most out of it. Does what I want and looks great!!

Reviewed by ****A***** from Iceland on 8th Jul 2007
Its got a rubbish battery life as it bearly lasts a day. I think the camera quality is very good and the phone is very nice but I can't download any games. The phone is T.V enabled which is great it's a slim phone and it can be bought in Black or you can by the Mclaren version which is a nice silver it is also easy to use.

Reviewed by parmjit from india on 7th Jul 2007
never buy this phon , not goud

Reviewed by rob from UK on 2nd Jul 2007
wooohoo its da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Barry from Scotland on 30th Jun 2007
The phone is pretty good my only grip is the dealy in taking a picture it is terribly slow

Reviewed by Paul from England on 29th Jun 2007
This looks great but thats the only good thing about it. The D900 which this phone has replaced is far better in terms of ease of use, camera, and signal strength. I sent mine back twice because of poor signal quality and in the end got frustrated enough to sell it. Very happy with the D900 on the same network. My advice if your thinking of buying this phone - DON'T. PS> The camera shutter is awfull and yes the battery life is pants.

Reviewed by Suze from UK on 27th Jun 2007
After having received this phone as replacement for my D900 which took an accidental swim in the pool. I am about to send back the 2nd Z720 that I have received due to the battery being extremely hot to touch on both phones and also the battery needed to be charged each night. No protection or locking facility on texts, so unable to keep any special ones unless you delete them one by one. The camera is awful. I was told this phone replaced the D900 and the D900 was by far a superior phone. Now waiting for the U600 and reviews look pretty good. Only ever had samsung and don't be put off them just don't get the Z720

Reviewed by mwafadfsr from UK on 24th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 17th Jun 2007
I fancied a change from a Nokia, so i went for the Z720, quite impressed with it, excellent camera, no need for a digital one! Bit disappointed with the lack of memory on the phone, if you like to have alot of music on your phone, store pictures etc then you will need to invest in a memory card, battery life isnt the best,but then again i do text & talk on the phone alot! Also one thing that does niggle me is the text emoticons (smileys) are basic!Overall i do like the phone, my younger brother thinks its a great phone, but i do think when it comes to changing it in the future, i will revert back to Nokia, sometimes its best to stick with what you know!!

Reviewed by Víctor from Spain on 17th Jun 2007
Hi! I agree with Paul Quigley, but for the camera issue. I think that the anoying thing about the camera it's the time it takes to turn on... but taking the photo takes so log due to the autofocus (one of the most brilliant features of this impressive camera)... if u dislike it... turn it off! :) Apart from that, the battery is just a piece of ****! (sorry about it, but I can't speak up my mind in a polite way when talking about a 180€ mobile phone who's battery does not last more than 2.5 almost standby days! -> screen brightness lowered / no 3g enabled / no bluetooth --> and still "no mobile phone" for more than 3 days (and it lasts 3 days if you don't use it!!) Anyway, I'll be giving it 4 stars... everything but the battery is astonishingly good! ;)

Reviewed by Rob from England on 15th Jun 2007
I have recently upgraded to the z720 (after dropping my d900 in the sea oops). After reading the reviews below, i was a bit skeptical, but after now receiving the phone, i am impressed. Although it doesnt feature some of the things that made the d900 a pleasure (a flash for example), it is still very impressive. Let me address a few concerns below. 1. The battery life isnt as bad as people make out, are these people to lazy to charge there phone? 2. Yes you CAN set mp3's as message tones, just need to convert them to mmf files first. 3. IF you wanted a camera with a flash, may i suggest buying a digital camera perhaps? All in all, a delightful phone, with lots of style.

Reviewed by Andrea from Leeds, England on 8th Jun 2007
Nice phone, but despite not having the bluetooth on, you can see the battery levels dissappearing before your eyes !!!!!!! Come on samsung, dont spoil your reputation by something so trivial. Produce a good battery - QUICK. Otherwise, brilliant phone.

Reviewed by Nancy from UK on 8th Jun 2007
I have to say I am dissapointed with the phone. I went in for my upgrade wanting a D900 but vodafone have stopped producing the D900 so I was persuaded to have the Z720. I have already sold my old phone Z400 (which I regret now). The time taking a picture is v.poor, and the battery life I am amazed at how low it is. As this is meant to be a newer phone I would also expect the phone to have a flash with the camera. I am seriously tempted to just buy a diferent phone for the rest of my contract

Reviewed by mark joseph from scotland on 8th Jun 2007
my first samsung and very impressed. I have come form a nokia 6310i so for me it was a hard act to follow. battery life is the main issue. I don't really use it to it's potential yet but it is a leap from my last. I returned an Nokia E50 hated it!!! big style!!! this one `i will stick with thanks for your info site

Reviewed by clayton from england on 7th Jun 2007
i have just got the special edition mclaren version of the z720.it looks really sleek and impressive,features of the phone are brilliant.camera quality outstanding,although confused why no flash.still no ringtone settins for sms,which dissapointing.overall good looking,impressive features phone.little things like the flash an ring tones for sms disheartening but incomparesent to phone overall.only real let down is battery life,it goes within 2 days easily an ive only owned it a week

Reviewed by Mobie man from UK on 5th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Paul Quigley from UK on 5th Jun 2007
A note to Shaun. I presume you have sahres in Samsung or are are employed by Samsung? Please let me know how long your battery lasts. If you have no complaints about this phone you are an idiot. I would expect a phone's battery in the 2000's to last a minimum of 120 hours. I don't expect the 300 hours+ advertised by Samsung, but I do expect at least a few days operating life. My first mobile phone had a stanby time of 18 hours, not bad in 1991, (have you been in a coma since then by any chance?) but in 2007, this absolutely atrocious! For your information, my Bluetooth is switched off, as is the 3G function, unless needed. I presume you have the 1 phone that does actually work, congratulations, but please do not insult the intelligence of everyone who has submitted a review on this site! Finally a question. If this phone is as good as you say it is (I do actually like the phone other than the battery!) why did you only give it 4 stars? Also, you say the camera is "Excellent" It takes about 1.5 seconds to take a photo, by the time it gets round to recording the image, what you've taken the photo of has gone! Shaun, in the words of Alan Sugar.... You're Fired!!! Have a nice day, Paul.

Reviewed by Hels Bells from England on 4th Jun 2007
I am extremely happy with this phone. The reviews about the battery life are partly true. The battery goes down to two bars within 24 hours, but also stays there for a long time before going down to one bar! With other phones, as soon as you reach 2 bars, it's time to recharge, but not with this one, so although the battery life could be better, it's not as bad as folk make out. One big niggle is that you cannot choose mp3 tones for the message tone. You can select to have a different ringtone for different callers from downloaded or bluetoothed mp3 tones, but have to choose from the 20 pre-set tones as your message alert. Camera is excellent, phone is easy to use and I'm really pleased with the phone in general.

Reviewed by Helen from Wales on 3rd Jun 2007
I upgraded my phone to a samsung z720 on the 8th may i have taken it back once already due to poor battery life. I was told there must be a fault. I have tried persevering with this phone it does not have nearly as much features as my samsung d600 and the battery life is still worse than ever. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I can not put up with this phone for another 18 months!!!!

Reviewed by Shaun from England on 1st Jun 2007
Right. Let's get a few things straight. I use this site quite a lot for checking out phones and think it's brilliant and helpful. I've just recently taken delivery of the Samsung Z720 (the McLaren Mercedes Special Edition)- DESPITE all the annoyingly useless reviews I see here about the Z720. I have NO complaints about this phone AT ALL. Few tips for you whingers: Battery heats up? WEAR GLOVES. In this country, waking up in the cold and putting the nice, battery-warmed phone in my shirt pocket is NICE! In fact, my battery doubles up as a lock de-icer...lol. Short battery life? SWITCH UR BLUETOOTH OFF WHEN UR NOT USING IT. I spent ages checking out phones, and I'm pleased with this Samsung. Plus points: Excellent 3.0MP camera (no flash, but who cares!), excellent HSDPA (online content/videos are lightning quick!), easy to use applications. VERY LIGHT PHONE!!! There might be better phones out there, but I'm sticking with this. It's a no-brainer: This phone has no software glitches, screen is excellent, design is great. You'd be mad to miss out. But what do i know...

Reviewed by zekie from philippines on 1st Jun 2007
I saw this site right before I bought the phone then I didn’t think that reading the reviews that important. But now I extremely regret that decision seem that im not the only one annoyed by the very very short battery life I was led to believe that it has 300 hr standby time and 5 hr talk time, actually its last only a day. Did Samsung lied about the battery life?? or some just made a very big mistake for me its just wrong for a company as big as Samsung to just give false info. I hope they will change the battery so that it will last more that a day other than that it’s a good phone until you ran out of battery then its just a really expensive paper weight.

Reviewed by james from england on 30th May 2007
the battery is the most annoying thing i have ever encountred. got given this steaming pile of horse manure as a replacement for my D900 that i lost. id seriously recomend anything other phone than this. a Mate of mines just got a U600 ands its the nads

Reviewed by mrc from UK on 23rd May 2007
the best fone. u can not get a better fone than this!

Reviewed by eric Lyon from liverpool on 21st May 2007
I find this phone to be annoying. Lots of people on here say "oh yes but for the battery life it would be a good phone" Well I use the phone for work and once the battery goes, its just a lump off plastic. I would recharge it from my ciggy lighter but dont want to set fire to my van. This phone will burn a hole in your pocket in more was than one. Music memory is poor as is sound quality. The main menu page has 12 items displayed of which I use six. Why did I choose this phone? Luckily for me it was a free upgrade, from my sam 500. Now that was a good phone. Im getting it fixed.

Reviewed by Paul Quigley from England on 16th May 2007
I've now had the phone for over 1 month, and the battery life is still as poor as it was on day 1! I have been in touch with Samsung, they sent me a second battery stating there must be a fault with the first 1, no difference. I have followed the charging instructions, strictly to the letter in the manual but no change. What could be an excellent phone, is totally let down by the battery life. Now I'm stuck with it on an 18 month contract, NOT impressed. I'm going to keep going at Samsung to see if they'll do anything about it. If anyone would like to be kept up to date with any progress I make, please contact me on my e-mail address, paulquigley21@hotmail.com or alternatively, if you have any information regarding the battery, please give me a shout and let me know. Despite my previous review when I first got the phone which was a 4 star rating, this has now dropped to a 2 star rating, it would have been 1 star, but at the end of the day, battery life apart, it's still a canny phone. If I had the choice now to return it, it would be in an envelope now winging it's way back to Samsung. Good luck to anyone who has the Z720, to anyone thinking about it, don't!!!

Reviewed by Unsatisfied customer! from Singapore on 15th May 2007
To Samsung, I was your loyal customer who has been using Samsung mobiles for years. I have again upgraded to purchase Samsung Model Z720 (3G) on 12May07 (Sat). As usual, after charging the battery for 8 hours, I tried to figure out my new handphone and play around with the settings. But the body of the handphone starts getting warmer and warmer in which i have never encountered! Within the short 10 mins it will get warm, and it was getting worse and warmer until i actually could not hold it. Imagine i was just playing around with my settings but not yet talk in the phone. I then went to Century Square Samsung customer service centre to ask what is the problem, next day on 13May07 (Sun) at 4pm. And the Manager (Mr. Liu Jin Zhi) said that the handphone itself has NO problem. It is the Model itself that the handphone body will get warm! He explained that the handphone temperature will continue to go up until 45 degree and it will maintain at that tempurature. He also said that even we submit our handphone to customer service, they will only exchange another handphone to us unless it has problem. However in this case, it won't be a problem because the high temparature is under the specification! If that is the case, one day if the handphone keep raising the temparature until it explode, will the Samsung or the Manager resposible for my death!? The manager even told me that there actually was a number of customers feedback to them that the handphone is very warm! Then did Samsung do something about it? I am very upset and dissapointed about this. I have just bought the handphone for One day and i am very dissatisfied with it. Still your customer service can do NOTHING about it. There were also brochure indicated that Samsung focus on Customer satisfaction, which is So ironic! I never expect that today as so high-tech mobile phone generation there is still production of such unreasonable product. I used to put my hp in the left pocket of my shirt. Is Samsung trying to kill the customer by warming their hearts? This is really ridiculous. I strongly request Samsung to change another model for my handphone. Because this model should not be launched in the first place. If you again mentioned that the warm temparature is under specification.... Please indicate clearly or written with Big words in your brochure or advertisement that "This model has WARM body, if you could stand it, you buy"! Appreciate your immediate attention to look into my issue and act accordingly. It is not cheap and cost me S$700+ to buy without plan! Please do not drag my case until then you tell me that I have bought for too long time. Again i emphasize that i have only purchase ONE day and feel dissatisfied and went to customer service the next day immediately. Thanks.!!!!

Reviewed by Inga from Ireland on 14th May 2007
Charming phone!

Reviewed by navin from england on 14th May 2007
very nice but too expensive for this model.

Reviewed by Tanya from Reading on 13th May 2007
i have used the Z720 at a friends house once & it seemed easy to use & the camera was great (would have been even better with a flash though!). would recommend to anyone who wants a samsung or 3G phone!

Reviewed by Evee from Malaysia on 12th May 2007
I just got this phone and so far the music player is good, LCD screen is good.Very good camera..does not delay too much as other posts mentioned.Battery life is ok if you're not a heavy user.Gets heated up but not seriously..u may say its unnoticeable.only problem is can't set mp3 as message alert and alarm ringtone.I read previous post sayin that this could be done by converting to mmf files.Anyone could pls pls help me with this?Could u tell me how to convert my mp3 files?Thanks.u may e-mail me at ivy_ryc@hotmail.com...would appreciate it.thanks!

Reviewed by Loney Stranger from Estonia on 11th May 2007
Using this for one month after Siemens S55. The new phone is really great !!! To get a full satsifaction you just need to change a little your old habbits first :)

Reviewed by Mike Wallis from UK on 11th May 2007
Vodaphone sent me the phone on business contract but it won't even last a day without making or receiving calls. Absolute waste of time. DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by Ste from UK on 8th May 2007
I've had this phone for a week and am pretty pleased with it. But I agee that the battery is very poor, however I put the phone on charge each night before I go to bed, which ensures that the phone works fine. I like the shape size and style of the phone. I also like that you can create folders to enable you to sort your pics, music, videos etc... You can select your own text tones, but only poly format (mid) and not mp3; you would of thought Samsung would of listened to their customers and sorted it out. Video quality isn't very good, for a mobile which is mobile tv enabled. Those of you who are not happy with the speed of the camera when taking a photo, you do have the ability to do multi shots, (15 shots) I have used it and I have a small child, out of 15 shots I got 3 good photographs.

Reviewed by BBII from UK on 7th May 2007
Well.. havent had phone very long but really dissapointed it freezes all the time and the camera takes ages to take the picture.. The battery life is awful and has had to be sent to the reapair center twice!!!

Reviewed by CHARLES from ENGLAND on 4th May 2007

Reviewed by Paul from England on 4th May 2007
I've just been in touch with Samsung Customer Services, I explained the problem. The operator I spoke to was "extremely surprised" to hear about the poor battery life! Apparently, no-one else has complained, at least not to her,so I must be the only 1! Hmmmmm! Anyway, she agreed to send me a new battery, she told me there must be a fault on it, it's being sent out today. Give it a try, the C/S number is 0870 726 7864. To be honest she was qute helpful and the call only lasted about 5 minutes. I was told that both the 3G and Bluetooth drain the battery, and advised me to switch them off unless needed. Good luck, Paul.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 29th Apr 2007
Nice phone, but insanely poor battery life. I would not recommend getting sucked in by the hype, it functions poorly in terms of talking battery life. An absolute disgrace, its such a beautiful phone!

Reviewed by Peter from Singapore on 29th Apr 2007
This is the world slimmest HSDPA slider! I love the..... 3mp camera w autofocus & 13x digital zoom, good firmware and good tactile feel on the slider keys and number keypad, dual clock, special wallpaper (my screen), good music/media player, uGO / uTrack and Black GUI, HSDPA, faster GPRS, good handsfree speaker/speakers, microSD slot (package comes bundled with 512MB memory card) & bluetooth I hate the..... short battery life (lasts up to 1 to 1.5 days), battery can get heated up easily, (eg. constant SMSing) firmware definitely better than a N-series phone, but I had to send my z720 in to the care ctr to change/tighten the keymat and number keypad before achieving my standard, HSDPA only 1.8mbps which is only 6 times faster than 3G, video camera can only handle up to 176x144pixels - hence bad video quality, no pre-downloaded JAVA games

Reviewed by Paul from England on 28th Apr 2007
Have the vodafone Mclaren mercedes version which looks very smart. Upgraded from D600. Sits in pocket nicely unlike bulky Nokia N Series. Downside - poor battery hoping it improves with a few charges. the camera is rubbish, u click the button and it takes what seems like ages for the pic to be taken!!!! On the whole a good fone and a cheap upgrade.

Reviewed by ddr2 from Greece on 27th Apr 2007
Nice looking phone but... The slider is not as good in the past.... You can not see photos and pictures in fullscreen mode.... no mp3 for sms alert.... Battery life is average... Video recording is very poor... HSDPA only at 1.8 mbps(not 3.6 as most devices)

Reviewed by pamela from n,ireland on 26th Apr 2007
the worst samsung phone,camera useless,phone very slow in every way when you are not in 3g area,really disappointed in every way,sent it back

Reviewed by Cheryl from England on 24th Apr 2007
My partner has recently upgraded to this phone and he previously had a Nokia N70 - he is very happy with it. Much smaller and lighter. I will probably get this phone when I can upgrade (from tomorrow) but I am thinking about waiting for the U700 instead as it looks even better. Does anyone know when the U700 is coming out?

Reviewed by Slider from England on 24th Apr 2007
Got the Z720 through the post just over a week ago and only used it for a couple of days as it started inventing text messages in the in box. I was getting 5 a day and they was all sent by someone called [50]. The battery was only lasted a day so I had to charge it every night so I have gone back to my Z540. Vodafone did offered to send me out a new Z720 but I have lost faith and will probably go for the D900. The Z720 looks the part but lacks a battery that lasts.

Reviewed by Josh from England on 23rd Apr 2007
same old same old looks the same is the same all abit new features keep the GOOD work.

Reviewed by Mark from Wales on 20th Apr 2007
Very, very happy life long Nokia user glad I made the change,a bit worried at first but no worries.This phone is great!

Reviewed by Becky Hopwood from UK on 19th Apr 2007
This phone is one of the best I hav used. Stylish, feels solid, and best of all, the features inside. It's the D900, with major adjustments!

Reviewed by Dan Wright from UK on 19th Apr 2007
When are they putting reviews for the U series??? especially the U600...come on, hurry up plz! Anywayz, this phone is killer, i love it!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 19th Apr 2007
U600 review probably next week!

Reviewed by Mark from Wales on 19th Apr 2007
Had Nokias for years,but this phone is fantastic glad i made the change,just missing able to download and use themes, otherwise very very happy!

Reviewed by Rune from Norway on 19th Apr 2007
I just got the Ultra Edt. 13.8, and when I opened the package, I was stunned by the looks of this phone - It's a masterpiece when it comes to the design! Samsung really did a good job here. It's so thin, a bit wide, but that suits my hand perfectly. But there's a couple of things that keep bugging me.. 1: when you unlock the phone/keypad, there's this message coming up, signifying that your phone is unlocked, which takes forever to disappear, and 2nd: the multitasking button is of no use, except being a shortcut to messages, calling and the Internet, which you all have in standby mode anyways. And you can't keep the MP3-player going while writing sms and stuff. Apart from that, this is an amazing phone. I simply LOVE the looks of it, and the fact that it's so light! Only 80g is barely noticable. If it wasn't for the more or less single multitasking, and the at times slow text editing (when deleting letters, it sort of lag a bit), I'd give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Paul Quigley from UK on 18th Apr 2007
Marvelous phone! 1 thing I'm a bit unhappy with is the camera. It takes about a second to a second and a half to take a photograph! Enough time for the object of the photograph to turn their back on you!!! Any ideas anyone? Or, is this just par for the course for camera phones? Also, I'm charging my phone up every day, despite Samsung advertising 300 hours standby time! Again, any suggestions? Or am I just expecting the impossible?!?!?! paulquigley21@hotmail.com

Reviewed by jordan from mother messes on 18th Apr 2007
i think this phone is one of the best phones out GET THE PHONE

Reviewed by Paul from England on 17th Apr 2007
Ive just received this phone, though impressed with the phone, the battery life is terrible. Can anyone else confirm how long theres lasts ? My battery has gone after 1h 25 minutes talk time

Reviewed by topi maar kumar sharvan from INDIA on 17th Apr 2007
i used this phone,for a month but belive me.using A reliance is one the best for me.good battery life,all the people in the world just have a look with diru bhai ambhani phone u will impresed by the struture and beauti of all the model.and the best part u will get coverage if u buried in grave.excellent network.bye bye bye

Reviewed by Ovie M. A. from Nigeria on 16th Apr 2007
This is a good phone. A very good phone but after 2 months of using it it is only proper that I show you it's shortcoming. 1. the internal memory has been drastically reduced to only 20 megabytes. But one can still argue that there is space to include a removable memory card(micro SD). 2. There is no Radio. A modern phone should have descent Radio. When would Samsung start to include radio in their top model phones? 3. I t cannot play WMA or WAV files. In all it is ok, even sweet. But because of these shortcomings I would give it 4 insyead of 5 stars. Otherwisse I think it is a perfect phone if you do not mind the 3 shortcomings mentioned above

Reviewed by Susie from England on 14th Apr 2007
The phone is just wonderful. I'm a lifelong Nokia fan and i have been converted!

Reviewed by hel from uk on 13th Apr 2007
As a big nokia fan i took the plunge and made a change to samsung and i can say i am very pleased! generally a great phone, though i do miss little things like:-1. not being able to set mp3's as a txt message 2. change the colour of the highlight bar and text in my files and contacts etc (a rather boring grey!!!) a memmory card is a must if your like me and tend to store lots of pic's and tunes.a really nice phone that not only looks good but is easy to use.

Reviewed by Suarez from United Kingdom on 8th Apr 2007
First time I have had a Samsung phone. All other Samsung stuff is great, but I think it is pretty much accepted nowadays that something like a decent battery life is a basic requirement. Not only is it short on standby, even after disabling the 3g reception (recommended by Vodafone), the battery indicator is rubbish. It confidentally displays full until the very last 6-12 hours or so and then dies quite quickly. The other annoying thing, as mentioned before, is the time-delay on the camera and the lack of a flash. Quality is terrible under low-light conditions. Even worse is the video quality under any light conditions, which is not up to scratch and has very poor definition and edges. Menu's and text messaging is far from intuitive, like Nokia's. The only very positive about the phone is its small size and weight. Sure seems to be more comfortable in your pocket than others. If it wasn't for the battery life and video quality, I would have kept it.

Reviewed by Zaf from Uk on 7th Apr 2007
Hi All, Just got the Z720, on the voda site it says it has voice dialling but it doesnt, this was one of the reasons why i got this phone. Phone is nice overall, but battery is rubbish. Looking at Rachs review 4th April. I managed to find a way to set the mp3 as ringtone, you do it from the My Files - Sounds - select the mp3 and click options, dont go into the file to play it, give it a go.

Reviewed by Shannon F from United Kingdom on 6th Apr 2007
i love the sight of this new samsung. it is perfect to me and would be great to have. it may have those 1 or 2 few sidetracks but i love it anyway. it is the next step up from the samsung d900 and as you can see it is so tough to make it any better so it is perfect already.

Reviewed by George from Scotland on 4th Apr 2007
This is the first Samsung Ive ever bought. As a Nokia fan I was unsure if the Z720 would be as simple as most Nokia phones Ive had, but thankfully it was. Navigating from section to section on the phone is superb, not to mantion the nifty central button that gives instant access to all the phones main features. The camera is fantastic and very clear if a little slow at taking pics after the ok button is pressed. Memory card is a must if you use your phone for taking lots of pictures. The speed of the bluetooth is second to none as I was able to transfer a load of pics to another phone in only a few seconds. Cant say Im overly impressed with the battery life, although considering the amount of different fetures on the phone, the battery can still plod along for a couple of days without being charged up. Another tiny problem I have is the slider machanisim, I always end up pressing the central button when I try to open it as well as getting loads of annoyinmg fingerprint s all over the screen. Still, the Z720 deffo gets a tick in my book.

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 4th Apr 2007
Good phone very pleased with it but the battery does go down really quick. Shame that you can't set mp3 as message tone or as an alarm. D Morton (below) said they got round this by converting files to mmf, if anyone knows how to do this please share! Brill camera on it even though it hasn't got a flash. Was going to get a D900 but this phone is more solid and stronger!

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 3rd Apr 2007
I agree. It's a great phone, stylish and easy to use and in many ways very similar to the Sony Ericson I upgraded from. BUT and this is a big but the battery life is terrible. I changed to this phone believing the claim of 5 hours talk time and 10 days standby. This is not remotely accurate. You have to charge the battery every day. For this reason alone I'm giving it a low star rating.

Reviewed by Anony from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
great phone i have just got it. The camera is brilliant and the screen is very clear and bright. Plays my music very nicely. But no document viewer or google feature for the vodafone model? I can't rate the 3G yet as there's no signal in my area!

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 1st Apr 2007
Its a great phone!! Battery life not too excellent, but sky tv on your phone? What more could anyone want??? You can not get 3G that often but when you do...WOW! My bro got a k800i at the same time, but i have an ipod so it doesnt matter! You NEED a memory card for it though! Wish it had a flash though. And whats with the delay between pressing capture and the image actually being taken? Lame.

Reviewed by D Morton from UK on 31st Mar 2007
Coming from a Nokia N70 I was a little worried the Samsung would be a pain to use. Quite the opposite though it's excellent! software on both the phone and PC are easy to use. Does everything I need a phone to do and has excellent pic quality on both cams. I was slightly annoyed to discover I couldn't use an MP3 as a message tone but soon got round that by converting files to mmf format.

Reviewed by David from Merseyside on 30th Mar 2007
Nice phone and easy to use and i do like it BUT... Battery life is terrible, i have to charge it every day! It struggles to get a reception at times and 3G is near impossible even in places where my old LG always got good receptions and the camera is so sluggish its not worth bothering with but i would prefer to use a camera for taking pics anyway.

Reviewed by Gavin from England on 30th Mar 2007
Had this phone a returned it within 2 weeks - terrible camera, slow responses, no flash, some basic punctuation symbols not available when texting, non intuiative menu layout and most annoying of all the "space" function when texting is a different key to ALL the other phones I have had - VERY ANNOYING. I had vodafone and no true web browsing - just vodafone live, all a bit pointless for an HSDAP phone

Reviewed by Tasha from Nottingham UK on 25th Mar 2007
I am very impressed with this phone only got 2 problems, 1st not enough built in memory and when takin a photo it has a delayed function. All in all I think its amazing.

Reviewed by kieran from uk on 24th Mar 2007
great phone, however, when paired via bluetooth to either a Parrot CK3100 or new Citroen factory fitted handsfree kit (I've tried both) you can't send your contacts over so defeats the object as you have to handle the phone to access your phne book (now illegal in the uk)

Reviewed by cathyness from england on 21st Mar 2007
nice phone but video is rubbish , too blurry , 3g none existent but in liverpool thats always been the case anyway. much prefer d 600

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 19th Mar 2007
It's all about opinions, but to me this is a great phone. The wife has the K800i and to me this phone is equal if not better. Agreed it could do with more memory.

Reviewed by madasir from pakistan on 17th Mar 2007
nice fone. easy usability. great fetures. wud expect more internal memory especially for a samsung but overall 10/10.

Reviewed by soso from Singapore on 13th Mar 2007
nice phone but unable to turn off the stupid operator logo. other wise, a pretty decent phone.

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