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Samsung Z510 review

 Review: May 2006  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: Super-slim 3G clamshell phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video calling, music player & Bluetooth™.


The Samsung Z510 is an upgraded version of the Samsung Z500 and is the thinnest 3G phone released in 2006. It's slightly heavier than the Z500, but at 97g is still one of the lightest 3G phones around, and it looks fantastic - similar to the Motorola V3X or the LG U880.

The Z510 offers everything that you'd expect from a 3G phone: video calling, video downloads, fast web browsing. There's an excellent 1.3 megapixel camera with a flash and a video camera. The main screen is very high quality and the outer screen is also excellent.

The music player supports all common file formats (MP3, ACC, ACC+ and WMA) and is of very high quality. A digital power amplifier boosts the audio output, and the music player is easy to operate, with dedicated external music keys so that you can use the music player with the phone closed.

Other features of the phone include high quality 64-voice MP3 ringtones, email with a document viewer for viewing attachments, and a choice of Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The memory of the phone is good, with 138 Mbytes of user memory available, but there's no memory card option, which would have been the icing on the cake! Still, 138 Mbytes is enough to store a few albums worth of music and plenty of video too.

As always with a 3G phone, battery life is an issue, and the Z510 is probably worse than average in this respect.

In conclusion, this is a good 3G phone, although let down by poor battery life and is also not the most user-friendly of Samsung's phones. We prefer the Samsung Z540.

Samsung Z510 features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera with flash and digital zoom
  • Video camera (MPEG 4 format)
  • Internal display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • External display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 96 x 96 pixels
  • Music player (MP3/ACC/ACC+/WMA formats)
  • Digital power amp
  • MP3 ringtones (64-voice polyphonic)
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • Document viewer (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Java games (Bobby Carrot, Powerinlinex plus downloadable games)
  • Wallpapers
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Phonebook (1000 entries)
  • Connectivity: USB 1.1, Bluetooth
  • Memory: 138 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10
  • Triband plus 3G
  • Size: 99 x 52 x 14.9 mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 200 hours

Samsung Z510 user reviews

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Average rating from 92 reviews:

Reviewed by Ninja from Ghana on 31st Mar 2011
this phone is de most powerful 3g phone i have ever used n known fast browsing watch live muvies on net but i had a problem with my usb connection.

Reviewed by PANKAJ from INDIA on 1st Oct 2010

Reviewed by Miley =] from QLD-mackay...Australia!! WOOH!! =P on 16th Apr 2008
looks to much like a motorola V3- ughh. they ping me off alot...just the shape. to wide to be that thin...and they should be able to come in PINK!!=P LMAO...well besides that its pretty good and ya better off buying a motorla V3 razr cause they have the same stuff...is only $100/$99 and they come in PINK!! =P as you can tell i Love the colour pink... OMG you never guess what i love more than the colour pink...this one HOT dude at my skool...OMG he is such a sweetie...always polite...but i dunno if he likes me...well he stares at me...only asks me bout what happens in class...always wants to be my partner/in my group...omg...so sweet...OH YEA ALL YOU TRUCK-TARDS WHO THINK THIS IS SUPOSED TO BE ABOUT A PHONE...SHUT UR TRUCKIN MOUTHS AND GET OVER IT COZ i really really like him... have any of u's ever felt like this...butterflies every time u see him...sigh... anyway BIBI i <3 all my besties - DE. NIC. MORGI. BRE. COURT. COBES. LARNI. TAY. ILYSFM... and i <3 sam [the most sweetest guy ever il.him.sfm] [ u no whats even cuter?? he calls me smiley<3...nd i call him samzi or sambo jambo coz it pings him off...awww...lmao...]

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 16th Apr 2008
Hope things work out with you and sambo jambo. We normally delete this kind of stuff, but your story made us smile :)

Reviewed by john from uk on 18th Mar 2008
i thought i was the only person in the world to end up with this rubbish phone, never seen anyone else with one.key pad is rubbish, typeing a txt is !!!! just call its quicker and less fustrating. agree with all ryan from aus says. cant wait till my contract ends and get a new phone, but not a samsung. oh yeah every so often when i delete a txt msg the whole thing goes into freeze mode. so have to take the battery out and re-boot it. this is my second replacement of this phone.

Reviewed by justin from WA on 16th Mar 2008
WELL, to those people who thing the samsung z510 is junk, it is actually an excelent phone all round, all phones are when they have people who know how to use them.

Reviewed by Ryan from Auatralia on 11th Mar 2008
AVOID. Shocking battery life - less than 20 hours with LIGHT use - incredibly buggy firmware, infuriating when texting, camera no longer works, dictionary that doesnt ever remember words, RUBBISH keypad that either doesnt register or double taps, plastic battery cover... the list goes on. I will NEVER buy another Samsung again. It doesnt matter if their future phones are good or not. The blantant disregard they have shown for the people who bought this phone by 1) releasing it full of bugs and with a totally inadequate battery and 2) Not even in the slightest trying to fix any of these problems through firmware updates... shows me that they dont care about their customers and leave them for dead. Stick it right up yours, Samsung!

Reviewed by koukon from algeria on 2nd Mar 2008
hi i am koukon from algeria ; well i have now samsung Z510 but in fact i don't like it specialy the memory _ peopel i was have z170 it's a great mobille if any one want to get a mobille i will told him take z170 his camera quality 1.3 m.p but every one see it he think it 2.0 mp other thing his memory is about 60 MB and with a place for memory card; and the video it have a great quality not like Z510 his video quality so bad mmmmmmmm.....oh yes there is other thing in Z170 he have agreat option ; When you take a picture you can zoom it very very more than z510 and he have good batery and good body and so slim _ actualy he was my best mobille i ever have it.

Reviewed by Justin Dobson from WA, perth city.. on 11th Jan 2008
I have had the samsung z510 for about 9 months, but it looks like i have had it for 3 years because, of the paint quality, it dosent scratch, it chips. the music is clear and it supports all the files i use,,, document fewer. ect,, it is a good business phone, and isnt shy to present,, i thoight the camera would have been a bit better,, but it is steal really clear for a 1.3 megapixle, i would recomend u to buy this phone they are good alroung,,, But they are starting to get a bit old>>

Reviewed by Jordan from Uk on 4th Dec 2007
RUBBISH! A totally rubbish phone. As said about a million times, the buttons are useless and you have to be extremely careful. I had to take mine back to the store to get another 1 because I thought it was a phone fault but it it the whole phone range that has a problem. After a while, my camera stopped working and so the phone was useless. Do not buy this phone!

Reviewed by Mark from England on 25th Oct 2007
Had oe of these for 18 months now. The battery life will last about 3 days if you don't make any calls and all the features are pretty good. BIG problems are the buttons though. You can press one once and eiter nothing happens or the phone thinks you pressed it 2 or 3 times. This is a big problem when it comes to texting and inputting phone numbers. Don't think I'll get another Samsung as I have not been happy with the buttons on this.

Reviewed by Aley from Australia on 24th Sep 2007
Wow, after reading all these reviews I was so surprised to hear over and over again how bad the battery life is! I must have lucked out cos my Z510 can last with no charging for about 5 days!! I love this phone, my previous one was a samsung as well and I loved that one too. Sometimes my buttons stick but it's a rare occasion and I've had my phone for about 2 years now. The screen image quality is fantastic, mobile games look awsome on this phone. Was a bit disappointed that i couldnt put an mp3 as msg alert but not such a big deal. I think it's a great phone and beats nokia by x100000. what's with the godawful ugly phones nokia has been producing. anyway yeah I'd recommend this phone to anyone. and to be fair all mobiles are ^&*% after a few years, the makers design them like that - to break, so that you are forced to go buy another one constantly!

Reviewed by Peter from romania on 16th Sep 2007
The best phone

Reviewed by Sarah from United Kingdom on 18th Aug 2007
This phone is rubbish, after you have had it a while the buttons start to stick so you either press a button and nothing comes up or you press a button once and 5 things come up. The battery is also rubbish it lasts 2 days at the most even with moderate usage. Would not recommend.

Reviewed by JUSTIN from UK on 14th Aug 2007
this phone is rubbish, battery needs to be charged every day, Beeping gives me the fear. DONT BUY 1,but some of the fetures are ok but VERY HARD TO USE EG MESSAGES, BUY A SAMSUNG D600, TEHY ARE BETTER

Reviewed by Justin from wa on 17th Jul 2007
I have had this phone 4 6-8 months its not quiet good as the nokia 6288 but comes close. The sound qulity on the samsung z510 is exelent the videos are good and produces a exelent picture. The menu takes a bit to get use to, and can be difficut to send a mesage. After a few weeks youll gt used to every thing it has to offer. It has every thing i would look for in a mobile. I got mne when they first came out for $599 but you can now buy them or abour $250 at that price it s great value for money, TRUST ME YOULL LIKE IT!

Reviewed by Nicktw from England on 8th Jul 2007
I had this phone and it was terrible. Buttons not working and low battery performance. I have now upgraded and wouldn't even look at another Samsung. Instead I got the Sony Ericsson K810i but not sure I like this with the open keypad. Are all Samsungs rubbish or should I give them another try!

Reviewed by Anna from England on 3rd Jul 2007
I have had this phone for 15 months after up-grading from the D500. I wish I hadn't. I hate this phone. Aesthetically pleasing, but very disappointing battery life. I carry my charger around with me. I don't like the keypads. Texting takes me much longer as predictive text is not reliable and when you press the keys, it enters the letters/numbers in multiples. At least 4 times I have been called and when I have gone to accept, the phone has refused to accept it and I lose the call! I still like Samsung and loved my D500 which was a great phone in many respects but I am sorely disappointed with this phone. It has let me down just when I needed it. The menu is not easy to navigate compared to other phones I have had - Nokia and Motorola. I will be returning to Nokia.

Reviewed by mark from scotland on 13th Jun 2007
i have now owned this phone for over a year ( around 14-15 months ) on an 18 month contract. and at first i loved it.. until i started to actually use it. for instance. if your taking a video i cant get it to full screen which isnt a major thing but is really annoying as you can do it in the photo mode. the photos if you set it to full quality is surprisingly good actually.. it takes very good sharp photos for a 1.3mp camera anyway, but things like the flash is very poor and if its at night then theres not much point in it. i didnt really get much issues with it , just things like the headphones you get with it were great until they broke like a week later, the microphone doesnt work at all very very quiet. also that you have to take the charger out to put the headphones in which in my opinion is a very stupid design fault. which takes me onto another poor thing about this phone. the battery , it was good at first lasting almost a week at a time from normal use, if you used the camera with the flash you'd be lucky to get an hour. but 5 months later.. it lasted like a day during normal use.. and now i have all the screen timers to lowest possible and only use the phone for the odd text and to see the time but it still goes down after a day! the reception is bad in my area.. even though everyone elses phone in my family is good, it like crackles and you need to shake the phone to get it back. the bottons.. are extremely annoying. it has a mind of its own . you need to press a botton more than one or two times harder and harder for it to work then it randomly goes into loads of folders.. and texting.. you need to watch what you type because you will press "3" to get "f" for example and you will only have a "d" .. it is extremely annoying. games that you download dont like to work on the phone you cant put videos or photos onto the phone , or get photos from other peoples phone because of the file size or something the phone runs really slowly the case on the back where the battery is , clicked from teh first day i got it.. it doesnt fit on correctly theres a small raise on one side. i had a samsung phone before this and it was a great wee phone, but this one...and one thing i liked about it was the clock on the outside screen and how it said the number of texts and missed as well as who is calling you at the time.. this one does neither.. the outside screen just turns off after like 10 seconds and then you cant see anything so if you want to know the time you need to open it up. all in all , the phone has been a good phone. but there are major... and minor issues with it. and to someone who is looking to buy this phone, i'd tell you to look somewhere else because i really cant wait until the 18 months is over and i can get a new phone. i'm thinking about putting it down the toilet and getting 02 to send me a new phone, hopefully a different model. hope all that helps. p.s it does have a 4 star rating at the top of this page, but if you read the reviews they all say the same as me, so its not just that i got a bad phone off the line, so you will have the same issues too. DONT BUY THIS PHONE. oh and another thing, the phone book features are really stupid, like you need to physically open the persons name in the phone book before it will give you the option to call or text them. DONT BUY THIS PHONE. mark scotland

Reviewed by Ashley from Australia on 5th Jun 2007
When i got it it was awesome. Since then the keypad is really sensitive and some times makes up its own mind:-( The head set i find really annoying as one of the buds always seems to get caught on sumthing. The fact that you can't listen to the headset (mp3s) while your charging the batt is a downer. The software seems to be slow, you'll hit a key or a few then have to wait for the phone to catch up. The keypad doesn't give you that "click' to let you know that you've pressed the key - that's the biggest prob i have. Otherwise a great phone.

Reviewed by Lauren Bartlett from uk on 23rd May 2007
I loved this phone at first, was after an lg but couldnt find one up to scratch at the time. It has good memory but lack of memory card is quite irritating. The 1.3 mega pixel camera is okay...especially as it swivels! however recently my keypad has started being very temperamental and it is extremely irritating...have opted for buying a cheap replacement as i am bored of it and it is totally uninteresting!

Reviewed by Ian from Aust on 22nd May 2007
this phone is rubbish, the display turned white and unreadable due to the screen dying and the thing turns itself off whilst typing text messages, battery goes flat fast after one bar, alarm clock fails to work, cant use MP3 as text message alert, you would be better off using a piece of string and two cups

Reviewed by kyp from australia on 22nd May 2007
anyone know why z51o wont accept photos for download from pc, states the file is too large, yet it will accept it's own photos back again, is it to do with the quality of the photo or what, as the pictures are no larger or complicated than those taken by the phone, by the way have same problem with nokia 3000, even simple black and white .

Reviewed by kels from United Kingdom on 16th May 2007
I have recently had this phone stolen and I can safely say I have never been so happy to have been a victim of crime! This phone is dreadful, it may look slick but the battery life is abysmal and the keys are over sensitive which makes entering information into automated systems impossible. Half the time it would fail to alert me to text messages or incoming calls and was replaced twice in the 5 months I had it, both replacements had the same issues so it was obviously not a one off problem. I have noticed that many of the larger phone suppliers have taken this phone off their websites which I think is a good warning to anyone thinking of purchasing it.

Reviewed by ozqueen_b from Australia on 12th May 2007
I agree with all the annoyances pointed out by Pip in Dec 06 - I love the design of it and got the phone when it first came out here in March 2006. Although I don't use it that much I feel it is getting more difficult to use as it ages. The buttons either don't work, or if a pressed button does register the phone repeats the letters/ numbers. Also the doesn't always remember the settings attributed to the phone profiles.

Reviewed by marwaan from UK on 9th May 2007
It's really a nice phone for business uses. It's slim and handy.Oh,I nearly forgot,it's such a beauty. it's specifications are good but I'm a bit dissapointed by its low memory; I can hardly manage the mobile with 4 miniclips of 20mb and 5 songs of an average of 5mb memory. But it's a good phone with a good camera and a good design. You won't be dissapointed with it if you get you want a phone that you just "answer and call" a day and listening to some songs while waiting for the TGV.

Reviewed by Calin from Singapore on 15th Apr 2007
Lovely Fone I pay 150 USD for a new 1 and with that cheap price I think It cool for me 5 stars for Z510

Reviewed by gka3000 from sri lanka on 27th Feb 2007
im using this phone at the moment and its a really kool phone that makes people around you look at it twice every one minute lol ... the battery life is always a problem with some 3G phones im agreeing with that even though i have to charge this phone once a day but it still provides the best quality and performance ... the best 3d sounds with the inbuilt power amp the best picture quality and the rotating camera is excellent ... some people say that this phone copies the design of the motorola v3 but as i know if u keep both of those phones near each other u will understand the difference ... the samsung z 510 is a lot smaller and thinner in size and the v3 display brightness and quality sucks compared to it , yes even the sounds lol ... this phone is magic yes truely it is i agree with that ... this phone is different with multimedia ... cuz as most people say it got different multimedia dna ... now u dont hear that everyday lol ... the media player in it is excellent from the top to bottom ... the media player got visuals which you see on the internal display while you play mp 3 , wma etc. files and when you close the phone u will see those same vishual effects in the external display ... oh now you dont see that everyday either lol ... the external mp 3 player buttons on the top cover is excellent to use this phone as an mp3 player or a wma player etc. ... the menu of it is created with a nice look which you can use it really easily ... even the samsung official web site doesnt give all the detials about this phone it got more than u think ... 138 mb inbuilt memory is good enough and fair as i guess but with out an external memory slot ... it supports 3g videos which makes a 60 mb mpeg video into a 2mb video when u convert it to a 3g video file ... the phone got no themes lol who cares its a phone add an animated wallpaper to the front that will be enough for me lol ... at the end i better say ---- 1 . this is one of the lightest , thinnest , 3G phones in the market with Multimedia Dna and performance plus with quality options which u wont see in every phone ... 2 . please handle the phone safely which u wont damage it everytime u have to change it ;-) ... 3 . dont compare two phone models until you use both of the models in real life ... 4 . buy the phone from a certified dealer ... 5 . use a good and an original battery ... 6 . i love it !!!!!! wtg samsung !!!!!!! 7 . lol 8 . sorry for the long review but thats to give u ppl a good idea about this phone thanks ... :-)

Reviewed by bob from scotland on 25th Feb 2007
this fone iz majic had it for a couple of days and nuffin ronw with it i recommened 2 any 1 to get it :D

Reviewed by Roz from Australia on 5th Feb 2007
This phone is rubbis!! Had it only for 4 months and been in twice for repairs!! Terrible battery life, non-existent reception and etc. etc!

Reviewed by James from UK, ENGLAND on 17th Jan 2007
This is the worst phone i have ever had, it doesn't actually work properly. Texting leaves you pulling your hair out as it is impossible. Push a button once as lightly as you can and it thinks you have pushed it twise. Its slow to react too. Even when you press the menu button you have a two econd wait. I'd swap this for a £30 cheapy anyday. I will never buy Samsung again.

Reviewed by Martin Milner from uk,england on 13th Jan 2007
Wow a phone this not only rivals the razor v3 but beats it hands down! after holding a razor in my hands and playing with it the night before i got this phone i knew what i was expecting but the phone is just by far a better phone , ive always liked the samsung menus because they are the easiest to use and this is no exception very similar to my old phone the e350 although that phone was a bit girlier because of the size. The one thing i was looking for after reading the reviews on here was the battery length and yes this did dissapoint as it ran out the day after i charged it, HOWEREVER! Please dont dispair or be put off by this as i used my brain and went on a well known auction site and purchased a 3rd party 600mah (Va Va) brand battery and this solved the problem! now even with heavy use it lasts a good 3 to 4 days so please dont let this put you off getting this phone as i nearly was reading these reviews! this phone is a 5 star phone and for the price you wont get a better one. Hence to say i am a very happy owner of a z510.

Reviewed by pip from Australia on 11th Dec 2006
Ok this phone is absolutely terrible. First I have to say this is my THIRD samsung z510 as I kept getting the phone replaced under warranty. (They were replaced within about a week of getting each one.) The one I have currently I have had for around 5 months, and is absolute pristeen condition externally, so I know that mistreatment(eg dropping the phone etc) isn't a factor in its poor functionality. I have been so disappointed with it and find it so frustrating to use. The main problems with it are:- -battery life is terrible (needs to be charged every 2 days, and i don't use my phone much at all) - text messaging is frustrating for many reasons - 1. the dictionary never "learns" new words that you enter into it. 2. you press the buttons once and it acts as though you have pressed that button more than once, 3. if you attempt to write the letter "I" after a full stop, a 4 will come up which you cannot change, even after entering "I" into the 'spell new word' bit, a 4 will still remain on the screen. 4. when you write words in the middle of sentences it randoms gives the word a capital letter at the start, which is a little bit annoying 5. there are others but im sure you get the picture... - also the phone restarts by turning itself off randomly, very annoying - and i had a problem with the speakerphone hearing volume dropping halfway through a conversation, did check it was still full volume on the phone, but it def sounded a lot quieter.. So basicly I am very disappointed with this phone.... My old workmates at a mobile phone shop have had numerous people bringing this phone back with the same software problems. I don't recommend you buy a samsung z510, unless samsung can prove that the software has been completely changed. Also if you are considering a motorola V3 as an alternative, think again. When I worked in the mobile phone shop that motorola V3 would continually cause customers problems, they were shockers. Anyway thats my rant about the problems about this phone that I can think of at the moment. I'm definately looking to change to a different phone because this frustrates me on a daily basis.

Reviewed by The Beef from Norfolk, England on 6th Dec 2006
I hate this phone. I'm sorry but people need to be warned. I've had samsungs before and they were excellent but this phone fails in the basics. The battery life is awful, 1 day even without use! The text messaging does not learn words! I can't even write I'll in predictive without it coming out I.ll or just I. I've also had big problems getting (and keeping) a signal and have been unable to make calls even in major cities. Also camera seems quite poor. Rant aside it looks awesome and the internal screen is large and clear though the camera is not great. MP3 player is very good but beware, play more than 2 or three songs and bye bye battery! IF YOU TEXT ALOT AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE (unless my phone is faulty!)get a D900.

Reviewed by Lynsey Carr from UK on 2nd Dec 2006
I wanted this phone for ages and upgraded to it in July ... and I wish I hadn't! I have had Samsung phones for around 4 years now and this is the worst phone I have ever had. The battery life is just awful, I have to charge mine everyday (compared to my Samsung E530 which I charge just once a week. You can't keep the "service light" switched on either as this drains the battery even quicker! The front cover screen doesn't display a picture or the time permanently either unlike other Samsungs, where they display the text symbol or at least the date and time. I thought the keypad would be great but its really difficult to use and I have to "thump" down on the keys otherwise they don't work too good. The camera sometimes isn't that good either unless your taking a picture of a "still" image rather than a person. I like Samsung phones but this has put me off them now, they are changing certain features I like and I may not upgrade to another Samsung. Granted, it looks good, is very light but quite awkward to hold and text using one hand (or maybe I've got giant hands!!!). I only tend to use it once a week now if I've forgotten to charge my E530. Sorry samsung but its thumbs down for me!

Reviewed by DonV from Australia on 6th Oct 2006
I have had this phone for 4 months now. It is the best phone I have ever had (and I had a lot – Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Siemens – you name it I had it!) - dropped numerous times - on carpets, wooden floors etc.- works perfectly and looks like new – no scratches what so ever. Awesome built quality, sensational graphics and screen. Writing and sending SMS is easy – just set it up on one of the shortcuts and voila – one touch and you are in writing. I don’t know what other in-duh-viduals here are talking about - pressing 5 or 6 keys to start writing a message etc. – not such thing here. I don’t find it hard at all – just read the manual, or go to phone settings->shortcuts and select create SMS for one of the keys - done. Things can be improved in the T9 area but it’s all minor. For example, you cannot write “Marky”, it stops at “Mark”, pressing 9 (for “y”) does not do anything. The clock was pain in the beginning, but I think it was due to Optus network – now is on the dot – like atomic clock (auto-update is checked, however). The only bad thing is the battery life – but it’s not a major drama – you have to charge it every two or three days depending on usage – to preserve some battery life you can go to network setting->network mode and select GSM instead of automatic (you can’t make 3G calls, however). And that’s that – excellent phone. Love it. Easy gets 5 stars. cheers, Don.

Reviewed by Dylan from Australia on 3rd Oct 2006
it's a excellent phone, accept for one thing.. my girlfriend dropped mine (on the concrete) so naturally it looked like a mess so i got it sent off and it cost me and her $477 just to get the housing replaced! Since it has been sent away about 2 weeks ago it has been sent back several times because the screen is too lose and it wobbles and when you close it it is off centre with the bottom and when you rotate the camera it makes a horrid grinding sound! so, apart from that it is perfect, i would have nothin bad to say about the phone, but, the people at samsumg dont do a very good job of fixing them PROPERLY!! so beware Dylan

Reviewed by kallan from australia on 26th Sep 2006
i think that the samsung is an exellent phone beacsue of the tecnology in the phone and the sound qaulity is brilliant. i suggest you should get this phone as soon as possible it will not let you down!

Reviewed by Dante from Australia on 25th Sep 2006
Excellent phone! I have no problem or issue whatsoever. Everything work perfectly. I just couldn't understand people complaining about this phone. I couldn't see any fault at all. I have been a Nokia and SE person - at first I was hesitant to buy Samsung because of its brand which is not as popular as the Nokia or Sony Ericsson when it comes to mobile phones. But I was amazed using Samsung Z510 - it's durable and reliable. I suppose it is just a matter of how you look after your personal thing such as your mobile phone. Believe you me you will never go wrong buying this phone.

Reviewed by Lez Pearson from UK on 6th Sep 2006
This phone is megga except one thing the battery life is poor. I sent this phone back as I need good battery if it had been 3mm thicker but battery lasted longer it would be perfect. Screen is very good and everything works fine.

Reviewed by Cavalier from UK on 16th Aug 2006
Basically, not impressed at all with the Z510! It SHOULD be great, but once again a few very important negatives spoil it (for me at least). Oh, and be prepared to say "No it's not a Razr, it's Samsungs version" alot too! Like the black finish though...... GOOD POINTS-Superb large, bright, sharp contrasty screen. Lots of customisable profiles. Comes with a USB cable in the box. It's thin. Lovely screen..... NOT SO GOOD POINTS-The keypad is, well, weird! Key presses seem 'stodgy', not a positive 'click'. You'll be typing in slow motion! Terrible battery life, charge it every day. Come on manufacturers, TRY HARDER WITH MOBILE PHONE BATTERY LIFE! The text system in predictive is very UN-predictable! Lots of bugs in that, I think. Mine switched itself off a few times too, that's becoming far too common in phones as well. And finally, the charging port cover seems very weak, you'll be using it LOTS, remember!

Reviewed by debbie from england on 16th Aug 2006
The battery life is very short. The case scratches up within 1 day of normal use. I have found fascias for sale at http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/cat/Z510-Cases.htm?offset=0 However, I have been using this phone since April 06 and was happy with it, until this week, whilst receiving an incoming call the phone turned off and I have been unable to turn it back on. I have contacted O2 who are going to supply a replacement. My friend had the same problem a month ago, she thought this was because she had charged it via an in-car charger purchased from EBay. It appears there is a defect with these phones. Has anyone else suffered with this fault?

Reviewed by Michael Price from Australia on 11th Aug 2006
I've given the phone 2 stars,simply because of the bright screen, but my problem is knowing how to use it! Not having a post-graduate doctorate in astrophysics, more than 100 pages of 'instructions' have me bluffed. Baffled. I have got to the stage of making and receiving calls, but that is about it. The rest of it - well, I would be as well off learning Swahili, or low-caste Javanese, for all the use the handbook is. No clear illustrations, for those of us who are not techno-freaks. Instructions? The handbook says "Insert the SIM card", but it fails to add "under the minute springs, that you will need a magnifying-glass to see"! I nearly wreecked the thing, getting it in, and then it was wrong. Without Telstra's help, I would have been in strife, and the card would have been wrecked. While some people may want and use all those whistles and bells, for those of us who simply want to make and receive calls, this mobile couldn't be more complicated. Why must manufacturers make life so tedious and difficult, when it should and could be so easy? All in all, I am NOTat all impressed! I suppose one must have a mobile, if only in case of emergencies, but if this thing hadn't been free, I wouldn't give it house-room!

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 18th Jul 2006
Terrible phone, I've had samsungs for the past 3 years and this is a terrible phone, the battery life is a joke, I had 2 bars the other day and after one 10 min call the battery was dead. The software is a nightmare to navigate, sending texts has become a chore. Keeps doubling up figures with a single press of a key. Scartched to death after a month and its supposed to have a tough coating, (scratches only caused by having the phone in my pocket). DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE unless you want to buy mine!!!

Reviewed by Crow from Australia on 13th Jul 2006
This phone is a lemon, which has been confirmed by Samsung customer service. The organiser is faulty and doesn't display appointments in order. The T9 text messaging is full of bugs so much so you will be likely give up even using it. The software crashes regularly. I tried 4 phones and found the same problems on all of them. After ringing customer service, all of these problems have been confirmed by Samsung but they said it is unlikely they will ever offer new firmware for the phone. Pity because it would have been a great phone if it worked as advertised. Maybe next model, maybe not !

Reviewed by Nikki from Australia on 5th Jul 2006
For starters id like to say that I love this phone, i just cant stop fiddling with it ... but there are a few negatives being video quality and battery life. Im also annoyed that Samsung has not yet made a clear protective case to protect from scratches. But other than that I LOVE IT. Everyone had the V3, i loved the look of them but with the Samsung z510 im different from the rest. Nikki

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 5th Jul 2006
Had this phone now for over a month and now i can write a proper review.Small and light which is what got me interested at first and it has 3G, only problem is unless your in a city centre you'll not get a 3G signal and until now still haven't made a video call(not samsungs fault). As other reviews the battery life is not good,needs charged every couple of days and if you make a long call you'll need to charge sooner.Sending sms messages is a nightmare,there are so many buttons to go through just to send one.The phone seems to run slow which is annoying. Camera ok but no better than my old Nokia.Internal memory good but no space for storage device.Overall nice slim reliable phone but wish i'd gone for N91/Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by zock from croaia on 5th Jul 2006
Really a nice phone ! Great desing finished well like only Samsung can do ! 140 mb of memory is enough and if you wanna more by mp-3 player or digital camera ! Never had any kind of problem with it,working perfectly . Great sreens with excellent colours .after all it s Samsung ! I have also nokia 6630 but it s not even close to Samsung . Five stars from me . Cya guys !

Reviewed by luke from england on 4th Jul 2006

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 3rd Jul 2006
The Z510 is annoying - Even when not in use the battery runs down within a day. I originally thought that the phone had some sort of fault but unfortunately not.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 23rd Jun 2006
I love this phone, the layout is great and it looks fab! The memory if excellent, as is the picture quality for a 1.3 - Get this phone!

Reviewed by Leanie from UK on 6th Jun 2006
I upgraded from a D500 to the Z510 and I was so dissapointed. The camera is OK on the Z510, but the video is awful, terrible picture quality, could hardly make out what was going on. The battery life is abysmal, I was forever charging the phone practically every couple of days. Just wasn't what I thought it would be and so decided to get rid of it and buy a D600 instead which I think is by far a better phone. Nevermind Samsung, try again!

Reviewed by Ronal Kumar from Australia on 3rd Jun 2006
Excellent phone in terms of aesthetics (slim and sexy phone design, bright and crisp main display) You may have problems with SMS, the phone seems to forget some words added to its word list. The phone is also a bit slow. It seems to have weaker reception in tunnels than other phones, but depending on where you use it, you may never have this problem. The camera is ok, the video is a little jumpy (the sort of sensation you get when a game is lagging). The Bluetooth headset is most annoying, given that the ear pieces are not moulded to fit (thus they fall off easily), and I believe they cannot be replaced given that Samsung has one special connection for the phone (for the headset, charger and usb). The media player is good, but I do not listen to music because of the headset. So if you can overlook the shortcomings of the phone, you will be very pleased holding this phone in your hand. Given my issues with the z510, I still think it is outstanding, given that I demand a sexy looking slim phone, and I will not settle for second best. Ronal Kumar

Reviewed by Sebastian from Australia on 31st May 2006
Overall a Good phone, good but not great. Took me a while to adjust from my e700 as the whole menu system has changed. It takes many more button presses to send SMS which though annoying, i am adjusting. Very annoyed it does not have a stopwatch. Camera and screen quality is a big improvement which is to be expected. Having some problems with automatic time adjustment updates but that could well be Telstra, a concern as i travel interstate a fair bit.

Reviewed by Abdul Aahad from Pakistan on 27th May 2006
Its excelent mobile i rate it 200/100 best in all mobile phones families.

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 26th May 2006
had phone for a week and so far it been brilliant,very slim and light,camera is great,had nokia's all my days so trying to get round to samsung's texting etc... compared to the v3 this is the one to go for,will write another review after a few months.

Reviewed by pj from north england on 25th May 2006
This fone is such a let down!! I got it for good looks & cos it had 3G on, but let me tell you, dont bother! You need to press about 7 keys just to send a basic text message, everything works slow, the case scratches at the back after a day, & if you need to use it at all for any function the battery only lasts for a day. Have gone back to my old faithful Sony Ericcson.

Reviewed by Claire from Scotland on 24th May 2006
Brilliant mp3 player,love the design,excellent features,but how do you set up accessing your email account???Its driving me nuts trying to do it does anybody out there know please??

Reviewed by rob from uk on 23rd May 2006
just upgraded from the samsung d600 to the z510. nice phone can honestly say am very happy. as for not being able to change the skins. well guy's it a phone not a toy you play with who cares?. great phone

Reviewed by mohit from UK on 23rd May 2006
Despite this phone's brilliant looks and build quality it is really let down in terms of software. The menus leave alot to be desired, they tend to lag sometimes, sending SMS is painful, it is a very fussy phone and the designers have not really carried much forward from previous excellent Samsung phones. The Buttons are too flat and not "clicky" enough to be satisfying, it can be annoying initially. Camera is ok, the Sony Ericssons are better. Limited memory at only 144Mb is a bit low, and no support for any other storage medium, SD cards would have been nice. Signal strength may be an issue My biggest gripe with this phone is hands down the SMS part of it, its very hard to get into the SMS menus, and choosing recipients takes ages. The T9 predict text system is not right either, it does not allow words like "I'll" and it often puts in the number "4" instead of "I" which is RIDICULOUS ALthough i'm not upset with my choice, i am upset with SAmsung, considering this is one of their flagship phones (and its not cheap) it really should have been easier to use.

Reviewed by Goalie from Brunei on 20th May 2006
Pros: Slim form factor, Good battery life, 100MB+ RAM, built-in Picsel viewer Cons: Fixed theme, can only download max. 300KB size e-mails, casing is magnesium in front but plastic at the back (unlike Motorola V3), and gets scratched easily, feels hot after video streaming usage Good for: Simple business user

Reviewed by keith from malta on 13th May 2006
very very good phone!! everything is great!!

Reviewed by elvis from england on 11th May 2006
excellent phone, I am a fone freak and when i tell you this is a fone this is a fone however, beware that the camera lacks the sonyericsson finctions but all in all it is 5star. Good work samsung.

Reviewed by Neil Armstrong from England on 8th May 2006
Top quality phone, Slim, easy to use, plenty of memory, quality pictures, fasionable and excellent software package allowing you to back-up phone numbers, texts and pictures etc. My only complaint is that the battery life is poor (1-2 days) but what do you expect with the size of it. Get it on O2 Online free for £19 pcm 50 mins & 200 txt's and excellent service and singnal not like Orange which is a Rip-off. You will not be disapointed...

Reviewed by [[ S a K i ]] from Australia on 7th May 2006
Hectic fone! if ur goin 4 a go0d fone that lo0ks go0d 2, dis is d fone 4 u. lots of memory (over 140 Mb) means u dnt need an mp3 playa. i had a sony-ericsson k50i and it could minimise d media playa while playin, and you could use other functions, like the camera, which z510 cant do. this is d only thing i dont like about this phone, and if u can afford it, id recommend it! 5 starz!!!

Reviewed by trev from uk on 5th May 2006
Best phone ive ever owned & used.

Reviewed by Davian from south Africa on 4th May 2006
This Is DEFINITELY A MUST BUY so go get it NOW YOu Will NOT be sorry

Reviewed by TT from UK on 4th May 2006
This phone is excellent as far as mobiles go, but Iwould like to add that it is just a phone and people who are bored with it because you can not change the skin "I am bored looking at it"). mmmmmmm these people should really get a life and some worldy excitement if it effects them so much!

Reviewed by santosh from india on 3rd May 2006
very nice phone...have it.. dont hasitate to take this mobile.

Reviewed by anFoNi from Australia on 2nd May 2006
Hi, This phone is absolutely awesome. To people saying the phone is rubbish...you bought it...talk to people who have it first to get their opinion...but DONT complain!!!

Reviewed by Xan from UK on 26th Apr 2006
I chose this phone at random, cos I did not want the same one as my friend and I can say I am very happy with it. MP3 is loud and it makes and receives phone calls. For anyone complaining about the size of the memory, it has 138mb its a phone, what more do you people want. Some of the reviews I read before choosing this phone made me laugh, complaining about silly small things. But I like it. Well done Samsung, you took the V3 and put a battery in it

Reviewed by Mac from australia on 24th Apr 2006
love it

Reviewed by joe mangel from austalia ramsay street on 23rd Apr 2006
This phone is fantastic! it has changed my social life in so many ways. i recently upgraded from the samsung d500 and am pleased in doing so. the texture of the phone is smooth and sleek, easily beating other phones on the market. the major impovement on this phone from others is the video recording aspect. I can no film my mum for 4 WHOLE MINUTES while she is cutting the grass!!! Another good thing is the ringtones for messages they really stand out in public places.Ricky you don't know what your on about

Reviewed by William Donelson from UK on 19th Apr 2006
Beautiful Phone, TERRIBLE signal quality on O2

Reviewed by stacey from n. ireland on 18th Apr 2006
i have recently just purchased this samsung and i am pretty disappointed with it, the fact that the skins cant be changed etc makes the phone very boring. i find i get very bored with a phone after so long and i feel being able to change the display colours etc are a good thing. this phone is very expensive and i did expect alot more from it to be honest. it also doesn have a huge choice of message tones. my last phone wat the D500 and i prefere it more as to this z510.

Reviewed by Ang Chu from Australia on 17th Apr 2006
The PC studio v3.0 (comes as part of the package) can not sync the recurrent meetings in the Outlook, which is a problem for people relying on this function for managing their daily schedules (1 star). This is a known problem which also exist in other Samsung phones and PC studio v2.0. Otherwise, it is an exellent phone to carry around in the pocket due to its shape (5 stars).

Reviewed by gonzo from UK on 12th Apr 2006
Excellent screen and size but TERRIBLE menu and small keyboards makes it unpleasant. Will probably be giving it away.

Reviewed by karina from uk on 11th Apr 2006
hi i upgraded my phone from samsung e720 to samsung z510. i had my new phone 4 2 weeks and it completely died on me. it didnt even work when plugged into the mains. i now have a replacement of the z510, but watch this space, if it dies again i shall be changing to a completely new phone, maybe motorola or nokia ? very disapointed, lost everything id downloaded and a few contacts that id personalised with ringtones.

Reviewed by Another Ricky from UK on 8th Apr 2006
Nice review Ricky but I think you mean disgrace - 10/10 for grammar but a spelling failure there I think. Great phone.

Reviewed by Ricky from UK on 7th Apr 2006
Why can people neither write nor speak proper English on these review web pages. You are all a disgarce and should take grammar/spelling lessons asap!!!! No wonder this country is going down the pan. However, excellent phone. Well done Samsung on this one!!

Reviewed by Desert Pete from Australia on 1st Apr 2006
This phone is excellent in all aspects...Having had many brands in the past, I think Samsung have got it right with this one. In Ozzie(land of long distances)..it works so well when I'm talking to my mates 3000km away,it sounds like they are just next door. Also Telstra have got a great package deal going as well with the phone included and calls for just 22cents a minute !!!!!

Reviewed by hamza from pakistan on 30th Mar 2006
i like this mobile phone

Reviewed by blusac from England on 24th Mar 2006
I have had a D500 for 12 months and wanted a change so I bought a Motorola V3i last week and wasn't happy with it so exchanged it for this Samsung Z510. I was excited whilst I was opening the box but to my amazement this soon diminished. Whilst everything works well and is set out well - what happened to nice little animations/pictures to add to texts?... none, and no ready-made MMS's either!! Also no skins or different colours to change the look of your phone. I am really disappointed. I get really bored looking at my phone and like to change it regularly. Maybe its just a girl thing. Samsung have kept the same menu style with a few new additions. Bluetooth works like a dream. It looks just like the V3i except for the keypad which can be a bit awkward to use. Maybe I should have stuck with the Motorola but hey, its a Samsung and should live up to its reputation. I will let you know in a few weeks!

Reviewed by alex from england on 14th Mar 2006
upon first glance, u are reminede of the hugley popular motorola v3, but i have have found it difficult to use, and the hype i have heard about the phone just isnt justifiable. i would steer away, go for the motorola v3 instead

Reviewed by davy j from uk on 13th Mar 2006
samsung are leading the way with phones now well done

Reviewed by trev from uk on 8th Mar 2006
Brilliant design, fantastic 2.2" display, beautiful menu layout, extremely slim, ms office file viewer, large 138mb memory (would have been better with a card slot) and to those saying this phone is made if plastic it is made with magnesium casing and is solid.

Reviewed by josh from scotland on 26th Feb 2006
the phone is to slim and hard to uses

Reviewed by keiren white from packistan on 26th Feb 2006
exelent is all you can say for this phone its as thin as the razr and dose much more

Reviewed by liam from liverpool on 26th Feb 2006
this fone is terrible it has 4 minute recording very poor zoom hardly no space its useless i have taken it back and got my old rokr which is outstanding alot better than this waste of money buy the rokr its alot better

Reviewed by Richard from uk on 25th Feb 2006

Reviewed by ahmed from UK on 23rd Feb 2006
grrrreat fone! nice & slim

Reviewed by assew from uk on 22nd Feb 2006
cool fone

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