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Samsung Z500 review

 Review: August 2005  

Last updated June 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Z500 is the lightest, sleekest 3G phone ever released (as of July 2005), weighing in at just 95g.

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In fact it's so small and light that you'd never know that it was a 3G phone. It looks and feels just like a conventional clamshell.

There's a high-quality OLED external display with 65k colours, and inside is a very high quality TFT display with 262k colours. The phone is equipped with a megapixel camera and video camera, although there's no flash for night time photography. The phone is capable of video recording and video calling. The integrated MP3 player can handle a range of formats including AAC.

A welcome feature is the expandable memory card (microSD format). The phone has a generous 50 Mbytes of internal memory and comes with a 35 Mbyte memory card, but this can be expanded up to 256 Mbytes. Connectivity is excellent, with Bluetooth, USB and infra-red supported. Battery life is average for a 3G phone.

However, this is not the perfect phone. Users are reporting a range of problems including poor 3G reception, battery life problems and faults with the clock and alarm. It has to be said that 3G coverage in the UK is not yet up to the standard of the 2G network, and in some parts of the country this may be a real issue. Battery life on the 3G network is also poor compared to what people are used to on 2G, but the performance of the Z500 battery is no worse than any other current 3G phone. You should also consider the Samsung Z300 which has a similar specification (although it's a heavier phone), but with fewer reports of problems. The Z500 has now been replaced by the Z510 which is a much better phone.

Samsung Z500 features include:

  • Megapixel camera (1152 x 864 pixels) with 2x digital zoom + VGA second camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Video calling / video camera
  • Internal display: TFT LCD, 176 x 220 pixels, 262,144 colours
  • External display: OLED-LCD, 80 x 64 pixels, 65,536 colours
  • MP3 Player (MP3/AAC/ACC+)
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS (with learning T9), MMS, E-Mail (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
  • Games: Powerinlinex, TheLastAge plus downloadable Java games
  • Wallpaper & animations
  • Phonebook (max 1000 entries) with Photo Caller ID
  • Personal Information Management: Calendar, Scheduler, To do list, Short cut, Clock / Worldtime, Alarm (snooze/once/daily), Currency converter, Calculator, Memo book, vCard, vCalendar
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, class 10
  • Memory: 50 Mbytes internal memory plus 35 Mbytes microSD memory card (expandable)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth™ (version 1.1), USB (version 1.1), IrDa, Sync ML (version 1.1.2)
  • Tri Band (GSM 900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz) plus 3G (UMTS 2.1 GHz)
  • Size: 89 x 45 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Talktime: 3.4 hours (2G) / 2.2 hours (3G)
  • Battery standby: 260 hours (2G) / 200 hours (3G)

Samsung Z500 user reviews

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Average rating from 168 reviews:

Reviewed by CHIHNWI JOSHUA from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
The SAMSUNG Z500 is a very good phone. It has two cameras and can browse through almost all web pages. Also one can download so many applications and games. To add, the MOBILE TV function. However, the SAMSUNG Z500 also has its problems. It usually has the nap problem. Again, the phone usually goes off alone. Generally, it is a good phone.

Reviewed by Tushar from UK on 10th May 2010
Z500 is a very bad fon.It is very old model.

Reviewed by Peacefull from UK on 19th Aug 2009
Love it

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 15th May 2009
I absolutely WORSHIP this phone, I have had it for about 4 years and it has served me so well. It is trusty and faithful and has not failed me once. It can do all the cool jazzy stuff too and is a stunner in my opinion. There is no better phone. Ever. Okay, so it might be a bit of an 'old banger' nowadays compared to all these new touchscreen phones, but trust me it can perform the tasks of all of these phones, and it has a massive amount of memory. It is in a league of it's own and I love it to death :)

Reviewed by jim from UK on 7th Aug 2008
i bought this phone second hand about 12 months ago and it is brilliant , i cant fault it , i have my fave music tracks on it photos and other stuff , the phone needs charged every other day but i can live with that , i have recently looked for a new phone but there isnt anything much better out there unless you want to spend silly money , well done samsung this phone will do me another twelve months and then my son can have it and i will have another samsung

Reviewed by Oliver from UK on 1st Jun 2008
The Z500 is a flip-phone with lots of features. It is a stylish camera-enabled phone with Bluetooth and Infra-Red and lots more. There are 2 cameras which can be switched for either view. The main camera is on the outside of the clamshell (a square lens) and there’s another one in the clamshell which can be programmed to look at the user. It is a round lens. These need to be cleaned not very often. The Camera’s view can be altered with effects such as Sepia, Negative and Black and White, but these are only a few effects. Also, contrast, zoom and White balance are enabled. Within the Camera is a video recorder which works well. It can be set to record Audio Sound or not. This is accessible via Options in Camera Mode. They too can be edited to film effects such as Black and White, including contrast, zoom and White Balance. Note: The Camera/Video Recorder cannot operate when the battery has no bars (almost empty). Bluetooth works well. If you look after the Z500 these functions will effortlessly work with no faults. You can search devices using Bluetooth near and receive items. It can be attached to the PC via a Bluetooth dongle and a Bluetooth-activated Z500. Infra-Red (IRDA) works the same. The Z500, pending on your server, can WAP too. It costs money but can go to any URL website whenever you want. Z500 accepts push messages with HTML/URLS. Perhaps the best features are the MP3 Player and the Transflash Card slot. This means you can insert a MicroSD / Transflash Card with ease and then, by PC downloading, can play MP3s anywhere. The Z500 is a 3-G phone and also a Quadband phone, meaning it can operate nearly everywhere in the world. I think its a brilliant phone with very good Also, those who said there are boring ringtones, you can put MP3 Ringtones on via MicroSD card

Reviewed by fernando from UK on 20th Feb 2008
i love my z500 but its l.c.d. is on wreck right now.. the repair here at phillipines is too expensive.. hope somebody find me any way to re use my z500..

Reviewed by Andru Boy from UK on 26th Jan 2008
is cool this phone

Reviewed by McKenzie from UK on 26th Jan 2008
Its aan ok phone. it doesnt look very nice though and is quite bulky.the memory is small but that issue can be resolved by a memory card. personally i would not recomend this phone if you are looking for something up market.

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 1st Dec 2007
iv had this fone for 1 week and already i h8 it.my old fone was way better(nokia 5300)it had a better speaker,camera. i had no probs with it at all!!!i'd not buy this fone if i had read this review!!!

Reviewed by Theo from UK on 18th Aug 2007
Great phone. Have been using for 6 months, absolutely no problem what-so-ever. Battery lasts at least 2~3 days with constant video calling. Gave me more than I expected at this price range.

Reviewed by jenifer from UK on 17th Jul 2007
love this phone good camera smart looking the only downside is loudspeaker good sound in quiet room but cannot here phone ring outside

Reviewed by John from UK on 7th Jul 2007
...nice phone but has poor loudspeaker for videos and mp3.its batery is resistant.when bought it i thought that it will better but desappointed...

Reviewed by alex spain from UK on 29th Jun 2007
amazing phone love it

Reviewed by sam from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
I have had this phone for almost a year now, and did not have a single problem with it. It has everything that I need, it is small, packed with features, not heavy, and also stylish. Did not have any issues with battery life, and actually it seems to be perfomring better than the one I had before (Nokia 7 series).

Reviewed by Miss Zobz from UK on 21st May 2007
i really like this phone but the camera needs improving and thats all the rest is absoultely fantastic.SAMSUNG IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ifty from UK on 22nd Apr 2007
i think samsung made a excellent phone

Reviewed by Irina from UK on 14th Apr 2007
When I first got my phone, I was really happy. I love his look and everything in it. It is the best. I wouldn't change it for any else phone. I am really connected with my phone. HE IS ONE OF A KIND

Reviewed by Ciocandrel from UK on 27th Feb 2007
is verry good

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 21st Feb 2007
my phone keeps crashing everytme i end a call

Reviewed by hussein from UK on 11th Feb 2007
Superb phone. i am impressed with this phone. Samsung have done a great job in making this phone. Style is impressive, features are excellent and performanc ei s not bad. Im happy.

Reviewed by Mark Paruit from UK on 5th Feb 2007
This phone is very , good with every you need.

Reviewed by Khao$ from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
st8 merking this fone is quite wac its easy 2 brake janoe my m8 knows but besides that its sick

Reviewed by Russell from UK on 19th Jan 2007
Rubbish Phone

Reviewed by salam from UK on 19th Jan 2007
my z500 alwqays freezes when i switchn it on i don't know why.You can't even make a call.even searching the numbers

Reviewed by lil miss sexy from UK on 10th Jan 2007
this phone is good but the blue tooth is not good mine is broke

Reviewed by Baroi from UK on 7th Jan 2007
The software program that runs on the phone is rubbish. It gives lot of problems. All on a sudden the phone freezes. Sometime this freezes in the initiation stage in booting up. I am experiencing this second problem. Could anyone please suggest what to do and how to reinstall the software inside? your help and advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 2nd Jan 2007
dosent take certean mp3 files disspointing

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 11th Dec 2006
The phone has bad battery life. takes pictures in your pocket, changes the time when it feels like it. and is generally anoying. on the other hand it works after being droped in the river and is very robust when throwing it around in the street.

Reviewed by Aj from UK on 1st Dec 2006
I must say, it is a great phone but there are a few time which i had wished for another phone. I never have full signal and the battery keeps running out in about 10hours of use. I need my phone on all the time but it always runs out battery and no one can call me as there is never signal. overall. nice phone, but buy a sony =]

Reviewed by Kane Wingfield from UK on 30th Nov 2006
This fone is great. excellant memory-i think its got summat like 40-50mbytes. it aint very thin- but oh well. good connectivity, its got bluetooth and even infared. fab games although u 'av 2 buy most of them, but there are FREE trials- which r great. Camera is 1 megapixel. video recordin & voice rec. is good- up 2 an hour (60mins). id definately recommend this fone 2 you and all ya mates! BUY IT, IT REALLY IS WORTH IT!!

Reviewed by hollie from UK on 21st Nov 2006
I h8 it

Reviewed by george halford from UK on 10th Nov 2006
I cannot express in words how bad this phone is. Everytime I look at it I want to break it. Nobody in their right minds would want this phone and they should be shot if they did. I am furious Vodafone replaced my old sony ericsson with this naff heap of junk, after I was mugged and had to get another phone through insurance. Absolutely dreadful.

Reviewed by DArkneEss RísiNg from UK on 8th Jul 2006
a truly fantasic phone!! the 1 megapixel camera is more than enough to take detailed photos and with the memory card capability you can save thousands of photos and hours of video. I think the mp3 player is also very good, especialy when you can use a memory card to save all your fav music. i have the phone on vodafone pay monthly and i cant find any thing wrong with it. 10/10

Reviewed by Nessie from UK on 18th Jun 2006
The ALARM has a life of its own. Totally unreliable!!!! All else is fine. Unfortunately a reliable alarm is a must for me so on this point alone I would not recommend this phone. There are better phones out there.

Reviewed by kyle kaye from UK on 16th Jun 2006
very gud fone but alarm has a life of its own goes off when its not set and when it is dosnt go off at all, the battery life is good if you change network to 2g instead of 3g and the camara button on the side gets pressed in your pocket your sdeleting black fotos for hours really anoying i hav had 3 off these now 1'st 1 frooze after5 seconds of turning it on and thn the replacements microfone didnt work from whn i got it other thn tht i would recmmened this fone!

Reviewed by russszero from UK on 9th Jun 2006
I had the x640 samsung about 9mnths before i signed up to Vodafone contract & a free z500. At 1st i thought the all black look of the phone a little daugnting .. but soon got used to it. The keys light up .. well i should say are illuminated by the backlight in a clear off white .. unlike the x640 that gave a kool blue appearance. Anyhow ive read some of the reviews here .. because i was searching to find out how to use the MP3 player on the phone .. & was considering getting a 1Gb card. The reviews seem mixed about the phone. Ive found the picture quality of the two phones are identical on my PC monitor .. except for the largest size on the z500 which still looks simular if u resize it 640x480 .. or whatever that size is.The camera varies in picture quality .. & i think like all cameras its best to rest it firm when u are taking a pic for best results .. but gen im failry happy. I remember my 1st digital camera that was the size of a bar of lard & took lesser quality pics!! I DONT like the way it says DO YOU WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE? .. when u push the shutter .. but maybee thats handy to stop the phone taking snaps of your pockets.. The auto white balance for lo light is really brilliant!How things have moved on. The battery life is very simular on both phones .. most of the time they are sitting on the shelf indoors .. and i get 2-3 days from a full charge of about 3-4hrs of charge. The phone was supplied to me about 6mnths ago .. so far so good. I wanted another Samsung only because i didnt have to RE-LEARN the menus again !!! this is a bonus. Ive sent pics to a friend & vis versa .. & was happy with the results. a kool phone ... (so far) shhhh !

Reviewed by Eilidh from UK on 15th May 2006
I love this phone! i got it in pink and its amazing! the camera is pretty good and the video camera is good too. the media player rocks!! great quality and memory. i tried that thing where you turn off the 3G and supposedly the battery life increases. what a load of rubbish. anyway my battery is fine, i have no idea what these people are on about.

Reviewed by Evie from UK on 12th May 2006
this fone is mintagge its way better then my old one and i haven't had any of the prolems that other people are talking about. the only thing i dislike is on the wallpaper on vodafone it is just white at the top and grey at the bottom o the wallpaper doen't cover the whole screen and i can't work out how to delete the images that came with the phone please can sumone help me!

Reviewed by Sasha from UK on 5th May 2006

Reviewed by lee gillard from UK on 1st May 2006
its not very good is it 1 cant turn off camera so you get 50 pictures of inside pocket and a flat battery no key lock 2 the battery is poor 3 the pc suite is naff you cant do much with it and if your thinking of trading fun movies forget it it cant play many formats cos they want you to buy from thier website not upload from other phones or pc 4 the ringtone volume is pathetic this i belive is because the handset has mp3 player and they want you to buy speakers in sumary the phone looks good but thats it

Reviewed by Andrew Cole from UK on 20th Mar 2006
Make no mistake THIS IS A QUALITY PHONE (I would argue the best). Great design, very strong build and excellent features. If you are experiencing problems I suggest taking note of the following four points (I DID and so far no problems after 6 months): 1. Battery life is v.poor (when operating 3G) 2. Battery life is good (when operating 2G) 3. Barrety life is v.good (when operating 2G AND setting the network to 'MANUAL') 4. Clock is fine (if you switch-off Automatic Update). There ya go - all you need to know in 4 lines!

Reviewed by Ian F. from UK on 14th Mar 2006
A few questions - I hope someone can help me. Apologies in advance for using this review section as a message board, but I've tried several, plus the Usenet group uk.telecom.mobile, with no response. I've given up on the software and USB cable supplied with the Z500 and have bought a Bluetooth dongle to transfer files from PC to phone. When I try to upload MP3s via Bluetooth, I get the message "Invalid FTP Request" - could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Also, where does one store mp3s (not ringtones) on the phone? Also, please would some kind person let me know if it's possible to sync my Outlook appointments to the phone via Bluetooth? Many thanks in advance, IAn

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 14th Mar 2006
I was really happy with this phone to start with but after 7 months it has totally frozen and I cannot access anything. Even before this I was starting to have problems - the battery wouldn't even last one day and the alarm clock never worked. I have since found out that other people I know have had problems with their Smasung phones freezing. A shame because I really liked the phone.

Reviewed by taffy, wales from UK on 14th Mar 2006
biggest pile of junk ever! very unhappy i am now on my 5th z500 after encountering all the usual problems such as terrible battery life, hardly ever a signal at best one bar which cuts out as soon as the phone rings, alarm that never goes off, time that jumps constantly. my phone was sent off twice for "software upgrade" still no better actually came back with more problems, and i have received 3 "new" handsets still no better. hadnt even read reviews on the phone and thought i was the only one with these problems after vodafone had assured me it wasnt a common fault with that model, dont know why they dont stop selling it! on the positive side they have now said i can exchange the z500 for a different model all be it the older model d500. not sure what to do as i feel i should be entitled to a phone of the same value but will probably exchange,just so i can have a phone that works after all this time!

Reviewed by > have bought a Bluetooth dongle to transfer files from PC to phone. When I from UK on 12th Mar 2006
The Z500 is a great phone. Its megapixel camera is good at snapping moving objects. I love the phone, very lightweight and like they all say, its one of, if not the sexiest phone around. No doubt a simple look but still gets people turning the eyes to catch a quick glimps. Video quality though not as great as the D600 but still very smooth capture. All the connectivity is great, with Bluetooth 1.1, USB 1.1 and Infra-Red which some old phones support. I would definately recommend this to any student as myself, teenagers, and all young people. I wouldn't call it business phone but it is great. I would of really liked Samsung to put a document viewer in the phone but that's cool cause it's still great. You will not be dissapointed ...

Reviewed by > from UK on 11th Mar 2006
ive had this model of phone for about 3 months now on a vodaphone contract, not the same one ,this is the third one and it seems to work at last after a fashion. i went over to vodaphone and picked the z500 on the recomendation of their sales people and was told it was a big step up from my old p500. if i said i was dissapointed that would be an understatement, heres some of the things i have had and which in many cases the p500 did remarkably well 1. very poor battery life. 2.no flash on the camera. 3.clock has a mind of its own 4.alarms are extremely difficult to find and set and again have a mind of their own. 5.complicated menus which are not anywhere as user friendly as the p500 6.poor coverage and loss of signal. 7.very poor sound volume on speaker mode. 8. the 14 day period had expired by the time the phone was up and running,vodaphone want about £250.00 to cancel the contract and replace it with something useable. 9.poor ringtone volume resulting in many missed calls. 10.time and date on the main menu is not easy to read at a glance and only legible easily by changing the display picture. 11. voice activation for dialing isnt there 12. these problems are on this particular phone which is a mere 3 weeks old. in short i would urge anyone looking to purchase one of these phones to forget it and look elsewhere.sorry to say samsung have really produced a pile of junk. i really cant emphasise just how strongly i feel about this phone and this site wont let me put in anything less than a one star rating but i had better list its plus points if your still interested 1.it doesnt have an external aerial to get tangled up in your pocket. 2 it has a memeory card to expand its internal memory. 3.its displays seem to be good quality. so there you go ,one review from a very unhappy reader and im stuck with it for another 15 months .when the time comes ,im looking for something better and more user friendly and not with vodaphone. if anyone can tell me how to get vodaphone to agree to something more acceptable before i throw this thing into the nearest river please let me know!

Reviewed by gertie from UK on 28th Feb 2006
this phone stinks its soooooo bad in every way possible for a phone. its been repaired twice and its till going wrong!!!!!!!! i have never hated something soo much in my life THE BLUETOOTH FAILS TO SEND THE CAMERA IS NOW BROKEN AND NONE OF THE FEATURES SUCH AS ALARM CLOCK WORK AND THE TIME NO LONGER STAYS CORRECT DO NOT GET IT

Reviewed by ? from UK on 16th Feb 2006
to those who say turn of the 3g i have tried ity and it doesnt work! this phone is the biggest waste of time and i would not be tempted to have another samsung again. i have had many in the past and they have all been acceptionable untill i got this heap of junk. today it has been sent away for repair for the 4th time and now i am stuck using a 3410! well done samsung for your heap of junk. if you want a 3g phone either gat a nokia or lg!!!!! SAMSUNG YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 15th Feb 2006
I cant believe people who STILL complain about the battery life of this phone .. TURN OFF THE 3G !!! .. people want the toys and gadgets on the phone and of course the battery life will suffer .. turn off 3G and it will be fine ... or stick to Nokia 3210's

Reviewed by DISGRUNTALED GOAT from UK on 14th Feb 2006
after having to put up with this heap of junk for seven months it finally has enough faults with it for me to be able to cancel ly contract free of charge. my faults are: 1. my bluetooth has stopped sending pictures etc 2. the alarm does not work 3. the clock cannot keep time 4. the screen goes black when recieving text messages 5. internal camera will no longer take pictutes MY ADVICE : DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU GET OFFERED IT AS AN UPGRADE TELL EM TO SHUV IT AND CHANGE NETWORK

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 14th Feb 2006
Very poor indeed, if you want a 3g phone don't buy this one. To get decent battery life(in my book at least 5+ days) you have to turn the 3g function off (very useful feature!!!!) even SAMSUNG say you should get 200 hours standby on 3g (in my book thats 200/24hours = 8.33 days - a bit of usage say you get at least 5days?) what a joke I have been getting between 24hour & 36hours. Had a replacment from vodaphone NO DIFFERENT. The auto clock feature means you get different time zones in the uk!!. Alarm refuses to work. I fact while I'am writing this I've just decided to return it to vodaphone on the grounds it is not fit for the purpose it is inteneded. I think this a very poor show by Samsung after previous phones.

Reviewed by mickey (former loyal samsung owner) from UK on 6th Feb 2006
UTTER RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have now sent it back twice. same faults and samsung have assured me that they have "installed a software upgrade that will rectify any problems". DONT BELIEVE SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!! am paying to finish my contract next month n then i am getting the lg u880. 10x better and a better network deal would rather have my nokia 3330 than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! avoid samsung z500

Reviewed by Baliga B S from UK on 3rd Feb 2006
I bought this phone 3 months ago. I am totally disappointed with Battery life. Even the cheapest Nokia phone Battery lasts 2-3 days for average usage with 4-5 days of standby time. Z 500 features are excellent. MP3 songs can be set as ringtones so no need to buy the ringtones.If you are heavy user better avoid this model unless you carry a mobile charger.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 30th Dec 2005
the samsung z500 is a quality fone.it has loads of features and it looks great. i hav had no problems with this fone after 6 months of having it and still not bored with it. battery life is good if the 3G coverage is off and the signal is also increased when 3G is off. to turn 3G off go to SETTINGS then CONNECTIVITY then NETWORK SETTINGS then go to NETWORK MODE and change to GSM 900/1800.

Reviewed by m from UK on 15th Dec 2005
THIS PHONE HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST LOAD OF RUBBISH GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have now had it for 4 months and it worked properly for about the first 5 minutes. I have to charge it twice a day as my battery dies, my bluetooth now no longer works and for the past 2 days my phone as decided to turn itself of every time you close it. NEVER EVER BUY THIS HEAP OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WOULD BE A FOOL AND YOU WOULD BE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by D, south lanarkshire, scotland from UK on 28th Nov 2005
The Samsung Z500 is very good.I bought mine from Orange direct on the web. At first did find the battery life short, however with correct charging procedures and turning the 3g off the problem has corrected itself. I had a motorola V500 before and just bought a spare battery,any trouble and put in a spare. Went to various festivals over the summer and had no problems. So just get a spare battery ! You can expand the memory to 1GB using a micro SD card although a biy pricey, a 512Mb sd will cost you £30. This means you have the equivalent of an ipod shuffle on your phone, pretty cool. Two cameras one inside, one out, mp3 player with data cable included for loading the music, media player- you can watch what you download- full telivision episodes on your phone. The phone is a seriously good buy, It just gets a bad right up from incompetent baboons who only know their nokias.

Reviewed by Chris Brown from UK on 9th Nov 2005
The samsung Z500 is a great looking small 3G phone, but i was glad to return mine to vodafone. As you will see in alot of reviews the battery life is not that great, prob lasts about 2 days max with 3G turned off. I use my phone as my alarm clock and to use it you have to leave the phone on, as it wont turn its self on so this uses more battery life up. And even after leaving it on all night the alarm clock would only go off when it felt like it. It would normally skip the minute that you set the alarm for (late for work a few times). After returning for repair and getting a software update it still came back with same fault. So managed to swap it for the samsung D600, what a excellent phone. Get a D600 instead!!

Reviewed by Ex-O2 from UK on 5th Nov 2005
Battery Life terrible. Don't care about the excuses. No one at O2 chose to mention any issues with battery life due to any reason when I signed my contract. To top it all phone has now failed completely 30 days after to taking delivery. Outside of 28 days, so I have to march to O2 shop to deliver it to them so that it can be sent back to the manufacturer. Avoid.

Reviewed by Simon W from UK on 2nd Nov 2005
Got this phone as an upgrade with Orange. I read all the reviews on various websites. The main problem people seem to find was the battery life !. First thing I did when I turned on the phone was to switch off the 3G function. I am a more than average mobile phone user and I have found nothing wrong with the battery life at all. I normally have to recharge every 3 days. It does take time to get used to a new phone and I was a bit sceptic about at first as I was so used to my previous phone , however I have owned it a month now and I love it. So everyone who moans about the battery life TURN OFF THE 3G !! and you will be fine.

Reviewed by Brindley from UK on 30th Oct 2005
this is an AMAZIN fone. games r ace, and camera is gd quality in the day. got ace features as well.

Reviewed by Markhig from UK on 26th Oct 2005
The battery life on this phone is appaling, although this is only if you are in a poor 3G area. The phone has to work very hard in changing between 2.5G and 3G. this uses about the same battery life as a call, and it does this all day, therefore the battery just dies. great phone if u are in a good 3G area, if not, stay clear. infact stay clear of 3G phones untill all companys have good coverage. the only one that has this is 3. its a pity because i do like the phone.

Reviewed by me agen from UK on 24th Oct 2005
this fone is rubbish! my mate has only had it for 2 months, and already he has had 2 get rid of it, because the screen keeps going white, and the battery dies 2 or 3 times aday,! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE! YOU WILL REGRET IT. i have the samsung e720, and it might not be 3g, but its 20 times better, go for that!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mike from England on 4th Oct 2005
After reading 'every' review on this site - not one person has managed to sum up the 'battery' issue. 1. Battery life is v.poor (when operating 3G) 2. Battery life is good (when operating 2G) 3. Barrety life is v.good (when operating 2G AND setting the network to 'MANUAL') 4. Clock is fine (if you switch-off Automatic Update). There ya go - all you need to know in 4 lines !

Reviewed by Ant from England on 3rd Oct 2005
This phone is fantastic, best screen quality ive seen on a phone. None of the problems previously mentioned by other users on vodafone. no flash and boring ringtones the only thing that stop this phone getting 5 stars.

Reviewed by Jo from Cardiff on 3rd Oct 2005
The main problem I would like to highlight is the alarm. It hardly ever goes off, it will skip the time the alarm was due to go off and forward the time a few minutes. The snooze function has faults too, it claims to snooze every 5 minutes for 30 minutes - this has yet to happen! I've been late for work countless times because of these faults! (I've complained and my handset is being replaced so hopefully these problems will be no more!!) The battery life isn't a major problem, even if it does need charging every day theres no problem doing this over night. The camera and video facilities are excellent, the only down side is when sending a video message there is a limit of 4 seconds. The handset is small and compact for a 3G phone, looks great although does resemble the E720 and the E700. Over all - a smart little phone.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 3rd Oct 2005
After reading all the reviews on here i was abit nervouse about my phone comming,ive had it for a week now(on 02) and im very happy with it indeed. The build quality is exellent and it looks the dogs nads too!Alot of features for such a small phone its got a really clear and sharp main screen and the 2nd screen is good also for its size.As for battery use (which i was worried about after reading these reviews)i charged mine up until the arrow on the charger wire went green and it lasted me from 10am till 3pm the next day,not too good i hear you say but bearing in mind i was constantly playing with it LOL downloading mp3s,taking photos, filling in the phone book,sending texts to let everyone no my new number,transferring videos and playing them back so very heavy use for the 1st charge!With normal use its lasting me 3 days,so i dont know what all these peeps are doing with it to only make it last 1 day all the time????Oh and it is set on the 3G setting although its mainly on 2G because of coverage in the UK.The only thing i can find a bit annoying is every other day i see a black photo in my folder,which im guessing is th e camera going off in my pocket!!LOL maybe i need looser jeans?LOL Anyway anyone thinking of getting one of these dont be put off by the negative reviews on here as i said earlier i was worried about it comming but im glad i got this wicked phone/mp3 player/camera/video player/video phone what else is on this thing?!!LOL GO GET ONE!!!!

Reviewed by att from UK on 3rd Oct 2005
when i had to get a new fone cos my old one broke i found this website. i found the fone i wanted the samsung Z500 when i looked at the reviews on this site i had second thoughts about getting a contract with it however i thought it couldnt be all that bad otherwise they would stop selling it and sort out the problems so i went and got it on a vodafone contract. i imediatly turned the 3G network off and made sure the automatic time change was swicthed off. i have now had this fone for 3 weeks and yeah the battery doesnt last as long as other fones but to be fair this fone has so many accesories using the battery im not suprised. i think this fone is gr8 and vodafone have been even better giving me a rly good contract to suit my needs and helping me with any problems i may have. for any one looking to buy this fone i strongly reccomend it cos its the best fone i have ever had and its well worth the small problems and the high price (unless you go on contract) gr8 fone!

Reviewed by daz from uk on 1st Oct 2005
This phone is excellent i have had it for a month now on o2 and it has been working perfectly. It has plenty of space for mp3's if 256mb isn't enough you can buy as many 256mb cars as you like and take them around with you to use since the phone has a hot swap memory card slot and the microcards are so tiny. I have 4x 256MB cards for this phone. Phone has perfect video that allows you to record upto 1 hour for every 60MB's of memory used i have fitted 2 films on 1 of my 256mb memory cards with over 25mb space remaining the rest have all my mp3's on. Camera is crisp and vivid much better quality than D500 as the D500's picture quality looked washed out. Phone call quality is perfect on this phone unlike the e720 which suffered from voice clarity. i have noticed alot of people have problems with this phone on vodafone i personally wouldn't buy a phone from vodafone as they re edit the phones menu changing the whole look and feel of the phone for the worse. It has become standard practice for vodafone uk to change the menu on all their handsets they sell so they only show the vodafone colours in the phones menu which are red and grey which not only makes the menu look ugly but the phone also becomes unstable. This is why so many people have been having problems with the z500 on vodafone. Vodafone also take features out all their phones such as not allowing you the choice to have mp3 ringtones as they want you to buy ringtones from their vodafone live wap site, disgusting.

Reviewed by smudge from UK on 1st Oct 2005
Have had my z500 now for a few days and i must admit that contrary to most of the other reviews i think it is a fantastic phone which if you FIRST change the 3G to 2G will get brilliant coverage and excellant battery life and THEN follow the advice about the clock as stated before in this forum. Quite simply it is light, well equipped, cheap (on the current vodafone online) and whats best is that the call quality is brilliant and you can download mp3s and all ur pics that you have onto the phone via the supplied USB cable. All in all i can seriously reccommend this to any people looking to upgrade to 3G.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 29th Sep 2005
If you look up information on Lithium Ion/Polymer batteries you will find that you should keep the phone charged up as much as possible. Letting the phone discharge to a low level before recharging will shorten your battery's life. This is the opposite to old Ni-Cad/NiMH batteries which had "memory effect". This, hopefully, should address the battery life issues some people are having. I can attest to the comments below about switching off 3G network access with respect to signal strength. Turning 3G off increased my signal strength considerably. One issue I am having is that the phone's schedule function doesn't want to sound the alarm. Does anyone else have this problem? I've set a schedule, put in a start time and set the reminder to go off one minute beforehand. No alarm sounds. :( Any help?

Reviewed by Harold from UK on 28th Sep 2005
I have been reading all the reviews for the Z500 and here is the thing. Up to now 3G phones have been big and bulky and only tech heads have bought them. Tech heads tend to understand issues like bad network coverage on new networks and battery usage in these circumstances. The z500 is the first mobile/cell that actually seems like a normal phone. So alot of 'normal' people buy it. FACT: 3G networks are not that good. Particularly Voda, O2, tmobile and Orange. They are new and the mobile operators need ADDITIONAL planning permission to supplement cell stations with 2100mhz (3g) masts - thats why progress is slow. The z500 is an awesome phone. I suggest switching off 2100 band (in the network settings) and only switching on when you want to make or expect a video call, or do a download. That will remain the case for a year or two to come. rgds

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 27th Sep 2005
Well was up late again this mornign! i have called vodaphone and because I am within 14 days i am entitled to another handset. Needless to say i have chosen the Samsung e530!

Reviewed by icklep from UK on 27th Sep 2005
If having problems with the time on your phone turn off the automatic update - go into Menu and select the following; SETTINGS - TIME & DATE - then scroll down to AUTOMATIC UPDATE and turn it off (UNTICK). Again this is for vodafone users...

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 26th Sep 2005
I am also having problems with this phone. I am on Vodaphone to. My clock will be ok, then it will just go behind. Ive been up late many a times because of this! it can sometimes be an hour behind. My battery life is poor to. It only lasts a day if that and thats when I am not using it, the Samsung D500 lasted me about 3 days! reception with vodaphone is very poor, One minute I will have a full signal, and the next i will have none! I wasnt even interested in a 3G phone, to be honest i didnt know what it meant!! it was the phone deal that got me!

Reviewed by Jungle from UK on 25th Sep 2005
Disappointed with the coverage - lose coverage where I wouldn't normally with my previous Nokia (I'm with Vodafone) and the clock, how does it keep changing time so dramatically? I've been late on several occasions because of it..very annoying. Also disappointed with the video recording time...only managed 7 seconds so far...am I doing something wrong? Still sussing out the other features. Like the design however! If I thought I could exchange it I would.

Reviewed by icklep from UK on 23rd Sep 2005
Samsung Z500 is a great phone, but has a poor battery life if using 3G - To all those who don't know how to turn off 3G on you Samsung Z500 and are with Vodaphone do the following; goto SETTINGS - CONNECTIVITY - NETWORK SETTINGS - NETWORK MODE and change from AUTOMATIC to GSM 900/1800. This will turn off 3G and prolong the life of your battery.

Reviewed by David R from UK on 22nd Sep 2005
Just got the Z500 a few days ago monday 19th sept I am on vodafone and I must say that I have been very pleased with it. The only thing I can't work out is how to use the e-mail but I have found this tricky on most phones I have had . If any one could tell me how to set the e-mail up that would be great. Many Thanks David (UK)

Reviewed by Pippa from England on 22nd Sep 2005
I got this phone 3 weeks ago. I have always had Samsung due to the execptional functionality, design, flip genre and easy navigation. I like the looked and specs of this phone so much I even changed providers to get it. I did my research, part of which included the plethora of spiels below. In all honestly, it is a fantabulous phone; it has everything. I did as stipulated below, charge my phone fully 4-5 times intially. But still the battery life is not as great as my last Samsung. I note that someone below stated that if you turn you 3G setting off this elongates the battery life. I am no techno-phobe in the slightest but i cannot find the setting to turn this off- can anyone help! My only other qualm is that in order to set photos etc as caller ID you have to save all contacts to your phone book. Not an issue you may think, but when you click on your contacts, it means you have two entries for every name. Rather annoying. But then maybe I am just being too Virgo. Tried to google batteries for this phone (previous makes of Samsung have always had a bigger battery you can buy as an extra) But alas my search has been to no avail so far. Does anyone know of being able to purchase a bigger battery on this phone i would like to know! Otherwise all in all a rather fab, sexy, does everything mobile:)

Reviewed by Rach from Singapore on 21st Sep 2005
Just got this fone in Singapore. Battery life good. Get close to 4 days of juice with maybe about 40 mins calls a day + 10 SMSes. Front photo caller ID display is a bit disappointing though the LED is supberb. The cam quality is great too and is fairly comparable to the 2mp Sony Ericsson for day shots. Night shots still pose a little snowy. Checking of emails seem a bit slow and pose no difference whether its 3G or 2.5G GPRS. Rest of menus are like most other samsungs and are quite friendly and easy to adopt.

Reviewed by Devi from UK on 20th Sep 2005
I am with Vodafone. Battery life is worse than rubbish and also reception is terrible.

Reviewed by Mac from UK on 19th Sep 2005
I have recently taken delivery of the Z500 on O2, and have to say its the best phone I have ever owned!. Excellent features, easy to use.. all in all, a great phone. I have read some of the reviews regarding poor battery life and clock problems, which I have yet to experience. Battery (after a good 10 hour first charge) has lasted 2-3 days will meduim to heavy usage, which is excellent compared to other phones on the market on 3G. Its simple, TURN YOUR 3G SETTING OFF!!. Until the UK has good coverage, all your phone is doing is continuosly roaming for 3G signal, which is why your batteries are draining. Would recommend this phone to anyone who seeks an easy to use flip phone with heaps of features!

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 18th Sep 2005
What is everyone's problem with charging up a phone every couple of days?! I've had this for about a month on Orange and have had no issues with it whatsoever. Video capture/playback is excellent, except for some of the downloads from Orangeworld but thats their problem and not the phone's. Photos are excellent quality too, and the MP3 is astounding. With the memory card expansion it's almost up to iPod shuffle standards!! All in all brilliant little phone, definately the best 3G phone available. And it just looks the business.

Reviewed by Craig from Scotland on 17th Sep 2005
This really is a good phone, despite what people say. Battery life - i have to admit my first thoughts were doubtful. After draining the battery completely and re-charging is completely, i have not had any real problems. Reception, again at first i was a bit doubtful - which isnt right because im on the same network as i used to be and the reception was less (i stress WAS)... all i did was turn off 3g when im not using it (not that i use it anyway)... since doing this, my reception has gone from 2-3 bars to 5-6 bars - which is a dramatic change. Also, this poor little battery has a lot to cope with, mp3's, videos, 3g, photos (even just the viewfinder), lights etc etc... give it a break! Obviously if u use these features a fair amount its gonna only last a couple of days without charge - do you really expect anything else? All in all its a great phone and with a few tweaks here and there it could become everything you wan... if you're on the fence about it, buy it.

Reviewed by Tai from scotland on 16th Sep 2005
The z500 is a real let down, which i expected to be excellent since it was a new samsung product. Based in my experience, - the phone battery has too be charged everyday and using the phone for 3 hours waste the battery complety. --The network is very bad as i only get 1/2 signals. This is not the network fault as i tried my sim card on another phone and the recipetion had extra bars. ---the alarm doesnt work or it goes off at random times. ----hard to get a 3g reciption. -----the phone mp3 audio is not loud enough. good points -nice design (black and sleek) --easy texting ---good function with the sd card (transfer files to and from pc) I had owned many other phone inc. Nokia, nec, motorola and siemen. Therefore, do not take this review lighty as you will regret having the z500. I myself regret owning one but I had it for 2/3 months and wont be able to swap it for another one due to the 14 days trail. ps. am not one of those ppl who cant use mobile phones. i hate reviews when ppl complain this and this whereas its just them who doesnt know how to work it and complains abt the phone.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 15th Sep 2005
Was sceptical about this phone at first due to some reviews, but have found none of the problems described. It is a great phone, does everything my 6230 did but with better screen, camera and in a flip which is what i wanted. I have it on Orange who are without a doubt the best network in the UK. I've never had a samsung before and I am impressed also really glad its got a normal 'ring ring' ringtone as i hate these silly ringtones. What else can i say other than it does everything i need and want without any trouble and it looks great.

Reviewed by Gary Hides from UK on 15th Sep 2005
I've had this phone for about a month now. It is ok, mainly due to having decent features, but the battery life isn't brilliant. I normally have to charge the phone every night. I didn't really want to go back with nokia as everyone has them, but it's easy to see why. I've never had a bad one, they do all the basics very reliably, plus everyone has a nokia charger. Ths Z500 charger connection is totally different to even its predecessor the E720. The clock on my Z500 keeps changing time, I can reset it back to the actual time, but it could be back to a random time within minutes. This is obviously v.annoying! The phone has only just started doing this though. Now my phone has a slight scratch now, so I don't know if I'll be able to take it back - gutted! :o(

Reviewed by Ian Devenport from UK on 15th Sep 2005
I got this phone for my wife in July and was pleased with the size and the look of it. Within the first few days my wife started commenting about having no service. We are on Vodafone Contract and usually have no problem with service, so I put this down to the fact that she was not used to the phone. Over the next month I noticed that the service on the phone was terrible while my phone (Nokia 6230) would have 4/5 bars The Samsung would have none! I decided to use the phone for a few weeks to see how it worked in certain areas and I am afraid it did not improve. The end result is that I am going to return the phone in exchange for a boring but very reliable Nokia.

Reviewed by Casey from UK on 14th Sep 2005
I'm exceptionally pleased with this phone! I don't know what people are whining about with battery life or reception, I haven't had any problems, but you rarely do on vodafone.......... perfect size and weight (not too light or too clunky) and I got a steal on the deal too, so I'm well chuffed x

Reviewed by Ann Marie from Scotland UK on 12th Sep 2005
I have now had 2 Z500 and have switched of 3G I am still having problems with poor reception, battery life I keep getting emergancy calls only signal comes and goes I love the phone and its style but in lots of ways wish I had stuck with my D500 never had the problems I am having orange have said they will onece again swap the phone but I think this is something for samsung so deal with, I know we have bad coverage on 3G in the uk but it works when you get a good signal so come on samsung sort the rest of it out.

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 12th Sep 2005
Haven't had any problems with this phone apart from it apparently not being compatible with O2's video service!! Has anyone managed to view any video clips with this phone on O2 Active?? Whenever I try it says "Your phone is not compatible with O2's video service".

Reviewed by Jon Buchan from UK on 12th Sep 2005
Recently got this phone as I wanted to upgrade from Nokia 7650 but not a lot out there that could compete in my opinion. There are still things I miss about my old phone, size however, is not one of them. Overall I think that I like this phone. The one major drawback at the moment is the lack of support. When I bought this phone, it wasn't listed among Samsung's products on it own web site! There are hardly any games or other programmes you can download for it and I cannot find which phone is the same on the inside (like the Nokia 3650 for the Nokia 7650). The phonebook can be a bit frustrating at times as it only searches in the format it is in, i.e. I have it as first name first so it will only try to match first name when you start to type the name, the 7650 could also try to match surname. The default number is the first number it comes across and it cannot store addresses. One of my major gripes is that it cannot multi-task. Why is this always the first thing to go when I try and upgrade? It happened when I moved from my Amiga (happy days) to a pc and now. The 7650 had a button to switch between the different programmes that were running, this phone also has the same button but it is used for shortcuts instead. There are many shortcuts on this phone, some of which are customisable to an extent. I like shortcuts, but I also like multi-tasking. My biggest problem with the Nokia 7650 is the size of the keys. The key pad was plenty big enough for reasonable sized keys but Nokia in their wisdom decided to have keys you need a matchstick for. This has been put right by this phone - the keys are quite large, especially when considering the size of the phone as a whole. The camera has some good adjustments:- White balance, ISO, Sepia, black and white, brightness, multishot, spot metering... In answer to the battery problem, so long as you don't use 3 you can fix this phone to the GPRS network which saves on battery to the point that it's acceptable to me (charge needed once every three days, approx 5 texts a day and 10 - 20 mins calls each day.) One more thing (for those of you still with us) don't use this as your primary timekeeper as it has changed the time dramatically twice so far to the extent of being about 12 hours out. Sorry for taking so long but I believe in being thorough. As I said at the start, I quite like this phone and I would recommend other people to get one. The phone is the first 3g phone I have seen that can compete with the 2.5g phones on their own turf, namely size, style and features.

Reviewed by Jonathan from South Africa on 11th Sep 2005
Ok so I read basically all of the reviews bout the z500 on this site and....Get a life! i dont know wat the problem is with Englands 3G network but it needs attention. I boutght the fone bout 2 months ago here in South Africa and it is perfect! i have it set on 3G all the time and the battery works for at least 4 days with hectic use. The network im on ( Vodacom ) is affiliated to vodafone. clearly the third world country networks are better. the mp3 is perfect and so is everything else. Maybe you should move here if you seriously want good 3G coverage!

Reviewed by Nuno Mendonça from Portugal on 11th Sep 2005
The phone has all those good points all of you said, but i've made some heavy testing and i cant seem to find the drawbacks you've mentioned. The alarm works perfectly(although i think it lacks a good monotone alarm), and the reception signal is great, although what most people will say. The battery works fine if u turn of the 3g(UMTS), wich was the 1st thing i did after buying the piece. Anyways, i think those reception problems are only in the UK, coz im from portugal (TMN) and havent found anything wrong with the phone except for it's price. Cheers

Reviewed by Tom from England on 10th Sep 2005
To sort out the clock problem, turn off the automatic updates in the time and date menu.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 9th Sep 2005
I checked with Vodafone dealers. They said it is not possible to switch off 3G and use only 2G.

Reviewed by Tom Daly from United Kingdom on 9th Sep 2005
This is an excellent phone. I have had no problems with my phone whatsoever, the battery holds its charge and the time is always correct. I got my phone from Orange and I believe their phones to be unaffected by these problems that many people are reporting. The phone is very well built and is definately more attractive than the V3. It has all the features you could possibly need and has good picture quality. And its 3G yet look at the size!!! Well done Samsung!

Reviewed by paul from ni on 9th Sep 2005
re- clock/ time problems. turn the auto update off. this seemed to fix the problems i was having with alarms etc.

Reviewed by not happy from UK on 8th Sep 2005
Terrible battery life, totally unreliabe, u make two or three calls and battery is practically flat. Vodafone replaced handset, but same problem, in the end changed to ASamsung E530 and at last am able to make calls without worrying.

Reviewed by james doobley from england on 7th Sep 2005
the best phone ever got everything you want couldnt be better recommened you get it

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