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Samsung Z400 review

 Review: August 2006  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The Z400 is the first Samsung phone to feature 3G technology in a slider design.


The slider design has become hugely popular during the past couple of years, so it's nice to see a 3G slider on the market. At first glance the Z400 looks like a silver D500 - slightly wider and longer, but substantially thinner. It's a little heavier than the D500, but nevertheless quite lightweight for a 3G phone.

The Z400 has two cameras: a VGA camera (0.3 megapixels) for video calling and a 2 megapixel CMOS camera for still shots. It's a shame that there's no flash for night-time photography, but in good light the camera delivers good results. The display is high quality with 262k colours and 320 x 240 pixels.

The music player supports a wide range of formats including MP3, WMA and AAC and is stereo. Best results are obtained using a stereo headset - standard or Bluetooth headsets are available as optional extras. The inbuilt speaker is OK but not the best around.

Memory capacity is 30 Mbytes with support for a memory card, but it's a shame that no memory card is supplied as standard. Battery life is poor, and certainly doesn't seem to live up to Samsung's stated standby time of 13 days.

Bonus features include a document viewer with support for common document formats including Word and Excel, and an offline mode for use on an aircraft or to conserve battery life when playing music. Minor gripes with this phone are that when the slide is closed, the display is blank, so you have to open the slide to see the date and time or missed calls. The D500 displayed this information in standby mode, so why can't the Z400? Generally, the Z400 doesn't seem to be as polished as the D500 - the menus are harder to navigate around, the speaker quality is lower, and the battery life is a real problem. The Z400 is a good phone in many ways, but is let down by these issues.

Samsung Z400 features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • VGA video camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Stereo MP3 player (MP3/ACC/ACC+/e-AAC+/WMA)
  • 64 voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • T9 predictive text
  • Document viewer (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML and PDF)
  • Calendar, To do list, Scheduler, Clock, Worldtime, Alarm, Timer, Calculator, Currency converter
  • Java games
  • Photo caller ID
  • Offline mode
  • Memory: 30 Mbytes plus MicroSD card slot
  • Connectivity: USB 1.1, Bluetooth
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Triband plus 3G
  • Size: 97 x 48 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 107g
  • Talktime: 3.7 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 320 hours

Samsung Z400 user reviews

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Average rating from 215 reviews:

Reviewed by Victor from South africa on 8th Mar 2012
Z400 has been a good phone except , that battery is weak.I would like 2 hav another.

Reviewed by Hanz from UK on 13th Jul 2010
This stupid phone does not change sms tones nd the battery is as low as a banana witch is roten but its an 3g phone

Reviewed by Thebaldone from UK on 31st Aug 2009
I have owned this phone for 3 years and it is as good as the day I bought it. The poor rating it has been given is totally unjustified. ok so you can't set a MP3 for the message alert and it only 1 theme. Messaging IS easy, the camera although not the best does take very good pictures. The menus are not hard to navigate around. All in all a quality phone that you can now buy for about 20 on ebay.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 14th Jul 2009
Loved this phone. My favourite phone I have had so far.It's easy to use and I have never had a problem with it. The only thing I would say is it didn't have much memory capacity. Nevertheless buy it!!

Reviewed by Lisa Lyons from UK on 27th May 2009
I have had this phone for many years and keep coming back to it. Cannot say enough about it's robustness and lure! Only now am I being persuaded to upgrade, so I've gone for the Samsung G600 - We'll soon see if it's worth it.

Reviewed by alister from UK on 30th Mar 2009
This is a good phone the features are gr8,smooth slide,etc,but only problem is the phne plays soft and im wondering if there isn't a code to make it play loud.I've tried a code that works on a D600 but does not work on the z400 i've tried it on my f300 but doesnt work.So my question is there a code for a z400?

Reviewed by Nambeya Enid Ruth from UK on 26th Nov 2008
Love your mobile but i want to know if it has FM because at time i want to listen to our local stations but i can't. Another issue is that my phone does not show missed calls when it had been switched off.Why is it like this?

Reviewed by Terry E. from UK on 17th Aug 2008
This is junk. Also, DC alert volume is so low, you can't hear it and it can't be adjusted louder. Samsung knows about the problems but refuses to do anything. This phone should be recalled by Samsung and replaced.

Reviewed by wtf.. from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
rubbish phone doesn't even charge properly i put in charger and its not chargining. If it charges it beeps then 5 seconds later it beeps and disconecets

Reviewed by Micky from UK on 16th Jul 2008
It's good for the first month or so, but then things start to go wrong. It's not very hardy and breaks easily. The screen quality and photo quality is poor. The most annoying thing is it forgets the words you save in predictive text and you can't use mp3s as ringtones. An overly let-down.

Reviewed by compufix from UK on 5th Jul 2008
the battery life is a problem as everyone else said, but by turning 3G off it did help a bit too. All sounds (voice call and txt message) can be modified by going to phone settings - just selet 'edit' from the left bottom conner of the screen. Charging process does seem a bit doggy, now I'm having a problem when I plug in the charger, the phone goes beep-beep, and the screen lights up by itself, you can see the battery indicator froze for a moment, then the charging goes on, and then beep-beep again... I'm not sure if it's because of the parallel-import charger, or a general problem with the model of the phone. Someone might be able to explain to me. ophute@gmail.com

Reviewed by Ostrich boy from UK on 9th May 2008
I've had this phone a while now.As if you'd care,but for toughness,dont get this phone.I dropped mine,accidently,and the battery has to be cellotaped on.I hate the stupid message tones they give you.All of them....a trocious really.The battery is brilliant.Charging every day doesnt bother me.Every phone i've had needs that anyway

Reviewed by wise from UK on 30th Apr 2008
Excellent phone. I bought mine 2 months ago in USA. It very cheap and has many features.

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 13th Apr 2008
I bought this phone on an 18 month contract and it is now RECKED!! Wen i close the slide on a txt message half of it stays open while my wallpaper was on the other half. Go for a more usable phone!!!

Reviewed by Edgehead from UK on 31st Mar 2008
Pros: -nice and slim -small -good camera quality (in the day) Cons: -won't support java programs you put on (.jad or .jar) -no flash on your camera -weak battery; will die within 2 days -you can't listen to music and browse your phone at the same time -volume doesn't go that high -hardly any themes on the web for it -messaging is too slow -bluetooth is faulty -overpriced This phone doesn't even deserve 1/5. 0.1/5 sounds better.

Reviewed by Stephen Collins from UK on 29th Mar 2008
My initial comment was going to be...take this phone and smash it into a million little pieces!! but seriously, I have owned it for 4 days now and have in that time explored opened and tested every single possible feature it has. A few years ago I owned a D500 and that alone prompted me to move away from my recent Sony W810i (Awesome phone) and return to Samsung. The D500 had only 2 annoyances 1) No text message sound options 2) No memory card option but everything else was great, so now we have a memory card option...cool, 2mp camera...cool, Document viewer...cool. Now the downside, document viewer what a joke! you have to manually zoom it one zoom at a time by pressing a soft key and then the zoom button to see the document, and it takes about 6 zooms to be able to read it ha ha nice one Samsung! they have removed the external display clock and missed text/call icons when slide closed WHY! you can no longer reposition the service provider logo and/or change the t ext size and position on screen, they have removed the very useful led light on the camera? so we seem to have the addition of a couple of useful extras and the deletion of a dozen useful ones, maybe the R&D guys at Samsung had their reasons, but in my humble opinion the phone sucks big time now, I hate it and have now got to try my utmost to return it, God I hope I can. Overall a nice looking and reasonable performing cellphone, but the memory card and 2mp cam aside, it is only a tiny improvement over my old D500. I am disappointed and do not intend to keep it. We all have things we look for in a cellphone so you may love it, but for me I love to change my message tones around, and not being able to do that one thing alone really bugs the hell out of me. PLEASE INDULGE ME THIS ONE LAST GRUMBLE. WHY OH WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER MY BOUGHT FOR CASH CELLPHONES HAVING VODAFONE LOGOS PLASTERED ALL OVER THEM !!!!!! I WANT PAYING IF I HAVE ADVERTISE THEIR NAME ALL OVER MY PROPERTY. THANKS FOR READING.

Reviewed by james cole from UK on 25th Mar 2008
bought this phone massive dissapointment doesnt deserve a 1 star the battery is rubbish the volume is rubbish, messages come in late and it just randomly dies

Reviewed by issam from UK on 14th Mar 2008
hey.i have samsung z400v really it's not good mobile like my friend said that Battery it's big problem in it .

Reviewed by robert of Edmonton north london from UK on 9th Feb 2008
this is the strongest phone I have ever had I have drop it more times then i can recall. I have had this phone for 2 years and i can say its the best phone i have ever had. its got 3G a loud ring tone its small and as a clear screen. its a little power phone

Reviewed by Stacey from UK on 28th Jan 2008
I think this phone is terrific.I don't understand everyone elses whinging. Honestly if you're looking for a good, sturdy, reliable phone, then this is it. With normal, everyday use (camera, calling, texting), the battery lasts between 3-4 days; excellent if you ask me! And the volume is just fine, I assure you. It has the loudest ringtone I've had in my experience. The camera is absolutely EXCELLENT quality. A shot in semi-light was still good enough quality to get it printed at the photo shop. Also, the screen is clear, and the buttons are easy to use: perfect for someone older or technologically challenged. I would reccommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Dan from stoke from UK on 27th Jan 2008
Ive had this phone for well over a year now n i really am sick of it. First disappointment is the sound, its very quiet so not very good when you want to listen to music. Another fault has to be that there is no flash on the camera so is pretty useless for taking it for a night out. As a lot of other reviews have said the battery life is very poor, i believe it lasted about 30 hours or so the other day so this is a phone to avoid.

Reviewed by Adrian P from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
Good phone - does what it says on the packet - I don't have a problem with battery life - but (a) how do you change the ring tone and (b) how can you get an apostrophe on the text ?

Reviewed by becks from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
Hi i've owned my z400 4 a 6 months now, it's poor as it has no flash, battery is poor ,u cannot set ur msg tone as an mp3 and as we like getting high or drunk in the nite and takin pictures for memory purposes this fone has poor quality at nite practically makin it imposible to capture pics. get a N73 I think it's a great phone.

Reviewed by Julie Lakin from UK on 10th Jan 2008
The samsung Z400I is a lovely phone, it is easy to use, small and light. You can access the internet and it also has 3g. The only problem i have found with this phone is the battery life is terrible, i am having to charge it every day.

Reviewed by nikki from leeds from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
got this phone for xmas but having real difficulties turning idle mode off, and getting rid of the symbols down the left hand side, if anybody can help please do! apart from that a good phone!

Reviewed by Ernie tyneside from UK on 30th Dec 2007
Love the z400 but i find the ring tones and the message alert tone very quiet, does anyone know how to turn them up a bit more ?

Reviewed by Ronaldinho from UK on 20th Dec 2007
Everything is pure class apart from the front camera which is poor photos and the battery time is sheer JUNK!!!!

Reviewed by *-/-*/-*/ from UK on 11th Dec 2007
Hve had one for 7 months never gone wrong good camera and stuff.

Reviewed by Ade Santoso from UK on 4th Dec 2007
For all of u despite with samsung z400 just coz of signals or anything,Youre all talking rubbish. For me z400 is not that bad anyway.people who want to use samsung products is people who able to discover it products more than its basic feature.u know that signals is not a problem from z400,but from your country that isnt good with 3g phone! if u say the sound is poor,at least feel it,that it sounds always playing clearly tough. I bought z400 from singapore to my country,indonesia.i dont have problem at all.just unlocked it,and i found a lot of feature that make me proud to use z400 coz z400 is limited edition and precious thing to keep! with a little hard work,im so happy I can do mp3 multitasking,tv out,macro camera,and the other things that basic features werent able to do! theres a store want to buy my silver z400 at price 455us,and i refuse it! Imagine! timsecretfinder@plasa.com

Reviewed by Mladen from UK on 21st Nov 2007
the best phone

Reviewed by Dotty from UK on 16th Nov 2007
I've got z400 and the battery life is pretty long and is no problem as the author stated. I love this phone, i've had it for a year now and every day I discover something new about it ;)

Reviewed by James from UK on 12th Nov 2007
Hi i've had a z400 for about a year now, good phone; bad battery life. But wat makes the situation worse is that it has a vodafone 'operating system' and this has a few minor glitches with settings, does any1 hav an idea on how i could possibly get the original samsung 'operating system' on my phone. Thanks allot! IT WILL BE A BIG HELP

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 6th Oct 2007
i love this phone i think it is the best

Reviewed by reno raines from UK on 30th Sep 2007
the phone is the worst phone i have ever owned,reception is terrible i get drop outs all the time, my missus has a nokia 6280 her phone will have full signal while mine will have none at all i have gone back to a nokia by far better phones.messaging is also anoying you have to press to many times to get your message out ,i would never buy a samsung again.reno raines australia.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 26th Sep 2007
Samsung Z400 - what a frustrating phone! Poor battery life, poor menu structure ... you need about 5 button presses where one or two should do. And the predictive text is so bad I've turned it off! Oh, and the bundled PC software doesn't work. I'm off to buy a Nokia, sigh...

Reviewed by Mark Hardcastle from UK on 20th Sep 2007
I have a Z400 and I am frustrated with the fact that I cannot transfer vis Bluetooth files from my Samsung phone to my Parrot car kit

Reviewed by wally from UK on 16th Sep 2007
i love the phone i just dont know how to download new themes and show Gif's in full screen otherwise excellent phone

Reviewed by jas from UK on 13th Sep 2007
everyone u want the truth then hear it from me, if you want to buy a z400 as i did there r many ploblems. example 1 the battery is the worst ive ever seen, it lastes for one day of use and then it needs recharging again. 2 i hate when i wanna know the time and date and all dat and i have to waste my time again and again waiting for the screen to come up(it takes about 2 seconds till it comes up). 3 the memory card is way too expensive its about $70 for 1 gb, unless u had connections(friends) like me i got it for $50 brand new. 3 the camera is great in light but i gotta say im ****** about night time pictures. so if you wanna buy a z400 think again thanks for readin and for da sxy girls out there (im only 16) msn name is a-z-n-dragon@hotmail.com

Reviewed by aimee from UK on 12th Sep 2007
i don't like the phone , the bluetooth is faulty and always turns itself off and so does the phone. It has really bad memory and wasn't worth 160 !!!!!!

Reviewed by daphne ashton from UK on 12th Sep 2007
i,ve been using the samsung z400 for over 16 months now. i,ve never had any problems of any kind and have found it very reliable, although i was dissapointed that the phone did,nt have a flash light when taking pictures at night. i find the phone easy to use and the battery life has a long run when its in constant use. it,s an excellent phone for daily use and as long as you don,t want any singing and dancing applications, uou will have great use with this phone.

Reviewed by Gangsta G from UK on 3rd Sep 2007
SWEET AS !!!!!!!?!&%!!!!!#!#$%$&^%#!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by H from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
I love this phone, I've had it for just over a year and it has been brilliant. My battery lasts for about three days which is great, and the cameras are good. The samsung Z400 is easy to use and easy to personalize.

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 26th Aug 2007
I got this phone just a month but i could say its really good the camera is great i transfered the photo tp my Pc and its really good quality. Very much handy and not really difficult to use. lots of useful feature.

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
this phone is very good, ive had it since x-mas and ive had ne problems..the only bad thing is the battery and annoying keypad sounds, the camera is brillint 2 MP, put the video camera might aswell be VGA..

Reviewed by jamie from UK on 14th Aug 2007
the phone is good but the volume is not the bst

Reviewed by Bob Nearn from UK on 12th Aug 2007
Battery life is poor and speaker volume is too low. In a noisy environment it is hard to hear phone either when making a call or when receiving. Ringtone volume on maximum is too low unless using basic tones.

Reviewed by liam wise from UK on 12th Aug 2007
I think the Samsung Z400 is ok, but it is terrible compered to the nokia 6120. Get that phone, Samsung are bad

Reviewed by Cameron from UK on 9th Aug 2007
I have had this phone for about ten months now. During this time I have found that the signal quality of the phone has dropped. I dont trek through hills or go to the antartic on holiday, and so in this day and age I expect to be able to talk to someone whilst travelling around LONDON. I also find that the call sometimes drops out for no apparant reason. I have altered the settings on the phone to extend the battery life, but it is still relativley poor compared to other phones that I have had. All in all, look elsewhere for a better phone.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 8th Aug 2007
The battery life on this phone is a major problem. After 6 weeks I got the battery replaced as I was only getting around 15-20 hours. I am now getting a massive 36-48 hours, and that's with low use of the functions. It's a nice-looking phone but too unreliable because of the short battery life.

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 30th Jul 2007
This phone sucks! You can't even run Java games on it except for the ones already installed! How sucky is that? >_>

Reviewed by A from UK on 19th Jul 2007
Phone is terrible do not buy it, the battery doesnt last past 8 months, my phone wont call or send texts to anyone!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 14th Jul 2007
Unfortunately the lowest star rating you can give this phone is 1 (otherwise it would have been 0). I have had this phone for 6 months and there has been nothing but problems. I have had to replace 2 charges due the phone and charging over heating. In the past week alone I have had to have the battery replaced and a new handset. When the handset arrived, again the phone wouldn't charge (surprise). Upgraded from Sony Ericsson K750i and this was the biggest mistake I could have made. If you have any sense about you, you will stay clear from the Samsung Z400.

Reviewed by adele from UK on 7th Jul 2007
dont bother buying it!

Reviewed by Phoenix from UK on 6th Jul 2007
all i have to say is that the z400 battery life really sucks i hate samsung but the z400 has really inspired me

Reviewed by Chris Formaggia from UK on 23rd Jun 2007
I got this phone as an upgrade from an earlier Samsung. I would echo the main review. There is much to admire about the phone but it lacks some polish - one gets the feeling it was rushed out onto the market. The biggest let down is the battery life which on my phone is dismal. I have ordered a replacement (sourcing of which was difficult) because I can not believe the battery I have can be functioning fully.

Reviewed by XXXXXXXXXXX from UK on 19th Jun 2007
i think this phone is quite good although i wish it had a flash but the picz in the day are great i also think that the two camera idea is great coz i can take great pictures of myself. most people say that the battery life is poor and i have to agree it isn't great but it doesn't really bother me having to charge it up a lot. also every one i have shown my phone to have said it was great. i also like how you can use a memory card and have loads of songs and the only think i have to say is that the volume isn't that loud but if you have a separate MP3 player you dont need to listen to the songs on your phone so the battery won't go down

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 16th Jun 2007
This phone is a joke. For someone who is very mobile, and has to have good coverage this phone is definitly not appropriate. The battery life is pathetic in 3G areas, (although it does improve when not in 3G, or when it is disabled) and the phone finds very inconvenient times during the day to suddenly run out of battery(even though i charge it every night). And to top it all off the other day i plugged it in to charge and it just died. Totally bricked. Wont switch on, wont accept a charge. Now had to get a cheapo sagem until my contract renews next month and i can get an upgrade. Needless to say i wont be getting another Z400!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!

Reviewed by Leila from UK on 10th Jun 2007
I bought mine on Ebay and the phone wasnt anymore on guarantee put it worked puuur-fectly!!! top phone

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 7th Jun 2007
Well i think its ok byt i think camera needs a flash n its not all that clear. Also i think that the phonr needs a memory card, if it can install one then it should come with the phone when you buy it.

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 7th Jun 2007
The phone is easy and simple, battery is rubbish but I dont know how to automaticly save music to my memory card when someone sends me something via bluetooth??

Reviewed by me from UK on 6th Jun 2007
not gd at all. go for the d500 cus it may be old but it is great. dis phone has low batery and rubbish camera. it never seems to ave any charge! u can't do alot with the text music either. i now ave to look for a new phone. soni ericsson's look gd.

Reviewed by Alam from UK on 4th Jun 2007
I have this phone and what really annoys me about it is that it has little game formats. This phone could have gotten a lot further if it had not been for the many format restrictions it has.

Reviewed by Diego from UK on 1st Jun 2007
I upgrade from the fabulous D600 which in my opinion its the best phone ever, but I was due an upgrade and went for the Z400, the only thing I have noticed is 2 things: 1st my mp4 downloaded videos run nice and smoothly on my D600 but on the Z400 they are jerky it seems as if they were of too high quality and the phone cant cope with them, an the other thing, can anyone tell me, can u have videos to run on full screen as on the D600? if its not possible, I would be rather annoyed, as its a cool feature on the D600 that I would've though samsung had incorporated in the new Z400, other than that a great phone, battery life is not very good though.

Reviewed by John from UK on 31st May 2007
I have had my Z400v for a week now. My first impressions were good. However a few annoying things have become apparent. Firstly < I cant install Java applications that I had stored on my PC. After reading comments on the internet, it seems that the phone is programmed exclusively for Vodafone, hence the "v". Not a major issue for me. Also the battery life is not as good as it could be. I have also found that if I transfer files to the memory card and then later I want to transfer the files back to the phone's memory, they seem to disappear into a black hole. I still think it is a good general purpose phone, but I would rate it 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by m jones from UK on 24th May 2007
lovely little phone, well chuffed with it, my only two observations about it are, the battery life isnt as good as others Ive owned, and the ring volume isnt either. Im particularly impressed with the quality of the photographs.

Reviewed by OLIPHI from UK on 20th May 2007
RUBBISH!!!!!!!! i got it it broke I took it back I got a new one it broke I took it back.....

Reviewed by Daniel street from UK on 16th May 2007
brilliant!!! buy it! just a shame about the volume

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 12th May 2007
This phone is wicked

Reviewed by aj from UK on 11th May 2007
everybody that has said the battery life is poor, i agree....however....i rang samsung and enquired about the 13 days standby time. they told me that if i turned off the 3g then the battery life would sunstancially incrase...it did!!! it lasts around a week now! i was really impressd. so thers ur anser everyone hus disapointd wi th batery:P! settings > connectivity > network > network mode > GSM 900/1800hope it works 4 u all :D aj

Reviewed by gareth couldwell from UK on 11th May 2007
good butsopund is low neds to be abit laoder

Reviewed by James from UK on 10th May 2007
Overall i would say that this phone is pretty good. I'v had it for nearly a year now and there have been no problems. The battery life is quite poor especially if you leave your bluetooth on all the time. I would also say that the mp3 player is not really that good a quality. A nice allrounder although i prefer the motorolas

Reviewed by jeff from UK on 10th May 2007
Best Samsung phone ever! battery is very good (last 5-6 days in normal use). Display is very bright and clear. only negative is badquality speaker.. good that you can make own sms ringtones!!

Reviewed by Ivan from UK on 8th May 2007
Battery is the worst in the world !!!!!!!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 6th May 2007
I really love my Z400. I've always had samsung phones and have been really impressed with all of them. I have not had any problems with it, and my battery life is brilliant, but then i don't let my battery get flat enough to switch off lol.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 13th Apr 2007
RoJ You can put your message alert onto periodic in the settings,and it keeps beeping periodically to let you know that there's a message.

Reviewed by VICKY from UK on 12th Apr 2007

Reviewed by RoJ from UK on 11th Apr 2007
What a shame my lovely little phone has such useless battery life and reception! To change from 3G and get better reception go to SETTINGS > NETWORK SETTINGS > NETWORK MODE and change to GSM 900/1800. Just wish there was a clock and message indicator when its on standby and not just a blank screen, however, if you just press a button, it uses up less energy than sliding the phone open and turning the brighter light on. I seem to keep getting really loud robotic screaching midway through calls if the reception isn't good. Pretty damn annoying!

Reviewed by darren from glos from UK on 11th Apr 2007
This phone is ok, not the best phone ive had but its ok for a free one. the only problem ive got is it will not work with a 1gb micro sd card in it?.

Reviewed by Hilary from UK on 10th Apr 2007
I upgraded my D500 for this one. I was very happy with my D500, and chose the Z400 because it seemed to be quite similar. It is pretty simple to use, looks nice, and the camera itself is quite good. If I had the choice again, I would avoid this phone completely, purely based on the awful, awful battery life. You really can't rely on it at all.

Reviewed by caz from UK on 9th Apr 2007
i have had problems with this phone. i am about to have the phone replaced for the 3rd time. I have had problems with it switching itself on and off whilst several metres away from me and also being unable to switch it on and off with the button- having to remove the battery instead. whilst i did like the phone when i got it, these problems have meant that i think the phone is infact pretty poor. if it had only been one phone that had gone wrong i would have throught it was nothing, but more than one makes me think there is something wrong with the actual model. also the battery life is really poor. i would not recommend the phone to anyone considering it

Reviewed by conk from scotland from UK on 9th Apr 2007
had this phone for nine months and as everyone else battery life is a major problem. couldn,t change ringtone till i read reviews on this page couple of days ago.so now on with my 2 major problems assigning ringtones to certain contacts and also a photo to a certain contact . on both accounts i press options on ringtone or photo and press set as caller id then a box opens up with a looking glass at side of it with a question mark in it then thats where i get lost can anyone please help as this is driving me nuts cheers

Reviewed by jamie from UK on 8th Apr 2007
i love da phone except it broke twice so o2 sent me a new 1

Reviewed by missy mal 2k7 from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
this is a excellent phonei havent got it but my friend has and the sd card is just the best because you can get different sizes in it and get like 4gb its amazing lol!!!

Reviewed by j edwards from UK on 28th Mar 2007
its absolute rubbish, the battery lasts as long as a candle in the wind!! i have had a replacement battery, a replacement phone and more recently a new replacement handset and battery and it still only lasts a max of one and a half days. DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR PHONE AS IT NEVER LASTS. Highly recommened if you like to leave your phone at home and not use it.

Reviewed by sally from UK on 28th Mar 2007
i had this fone a week ago and its really good ! every one should buy this it is brill and the camera is really good !

Reviewed by Lisa Mitchell from UK on 24th Mar 2007
This is the worst phone i have ever had. The signal quality is shocking the battery life is appalling and the inbuilt speaker is not worth having. The headphones that came with the phone for hands fre use broke within a week.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 23rd Mar 2007
I am quite disappointed with the battery life as I need to charge it almost everynight dispite of average usage. It also take many steps to get to the speakerphone when I tried to use it for an incoming call while driving. Why can they do a one step key that allows calls to be diverted to the speaker phone. I think most motorist would appreciate it. I also tried the recorder and to my horror it cant record telephone conversation. so if someone tries to tell you information over the phone you have to go back to pen and paper! :(

Reviewed by Nancy from UK on 22nd Mar 2007
i like the phone - but i am a little disappointed. i did have the D500 before this one - and i feel that they have taken away many things that was good about the D500. i have only had the phone a week and already missing the stopwatch, camera flash and infrared. also, they have made all the functions more complicated. it is too much hassle to send a message now - you have to confirm the message about 3 times before you can send it off. i think the D500 is a much better phone and i am considering going back to that one..... also - to add to my point before - the volume on this phone is pathetic. i miss every phonecall and hear messages way after they have been sent. the message tones and slide tones were much better on the D500

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 18th Mar 2007
the phone is mint its just the video camare is appauling and the battery runs out.

Reviewed by peter from UK on 17th Mar 2007
the phone is very good.very easy to understand.

Reviewed by Eddie from UK on 10th Mar 2007
Don't bother buying this phone. I have been using it for 6 months now and have missed so many calls because the ringtone is to low or it loses the signal when everbody around me has a full signal. if you want to everyday have to call people back then this is the phone for you. Stay clear

Reviewed by Ali the Gooner from UK on 7th Mar 2007
It's quite a good phone and does what I want it to, but complaints are the battery and the reception. I work on the London Underground and when I come back above ground it does not always find a signal and stays in "searching" mode. Very annoying and the only way you can get reception is ti turn it off and on again and let it reboot. The number of times people have tried to ring me and not been able to because of this is countless. My Motorola V3 never had this problem.

Reviewed by Angela Fraser from UK on 7th Mar 2007
I have had this phone for a few months and i think its one of the best on the market. i loved my old samsung d500 and i dont think theres a better phone out there the picture quality is amazing on it and the memory is quality

Reviewed by serbia from UK on 4th Mar 2007
good fonn

Reviewed by wendy land from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
dont rate the samsungsx 400 you cant hear it when it rings its so low anyone eles haven he same problem

Reviewed by Gerogia Reed from UK on 28th Feb 2007
This phone is no good.

Reviewed by Z man from UK on 25th Feb 2007
i love this phone!!!I've had it for a year and I think it's great!!But I think the volume is a little too soft

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
I've had this phone since last August, I agree the battery life is horrendous... but mine has just decided to pack in... I try to turn it on and the screen stays black (it lights up but no picture shows)... will have to take it into Orange but a real inconvenience. I hate this phone!!

Reviewed by lauzii from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
I have had this fone 4 a few months and its very gd!! It has a very clear screen & good memory. It is kinda dodgy too tho because u cant change the message tone & the battery life is rubbish! But apart from tht this phone is cool! GET ONE! x

Reviewed by M.J from UK on 20th Feb 2007
Very poor battery life, but other than that its lovely little phone, easy to use, and has an excellent camera.

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