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Samsung Z320i review

 Review: April 2006  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The Samsung Z320i is a slide-up design phone that offers both 3G and i-mode.


I-mode is a replacement for WAP, and is a much better way of accessing the internet from a mobile phone. It offers fast access to a range of websites and to e-mail. The Z320i is the first phone in the UK to offer both I-mode and 3G, offering the twin benefits of 3G video calling and fast internet access.

The Z320i is similar in specification to the Samsung S500i, except that it has 3G, making it one of the best-specified of the first I-mode phones. However, the S500i has the advantage of a larger high quality screen and an expandable memory card. It seems weird that the Z320i misses out on these features.

Despite that, the Z320i offers most things that you'd expect from a 3G mobile: video calling, a high-quality camera (although not the best available) and a stereo MP3 player, with the benefit of I-mode too. It's also the first 3G phone to feature the popular slide design common to many of the newer Samsung phones.

Looking at the negatives now, the Z320i can be criticised for poor battery life and reception. The I-mode features itself can be tricky to use at first, and some of our users have complained that it's all too easy to press the i button accidentally. Texting is also a bit slow. Many users have reported that the phone randomly resets the ringtone to the factory default, or even loses contacts or other settings. The Bluetooth connection is also rather temperamental. Really, this phone has too many issues to ignore and is best avoided.

Samsung Z320i features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Video camera
  • Display: 64,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Stereo MP3 player with support for stereo Bluetooth headset
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, e-mail (i-mail)
  • Java games
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Memory: 100 Mbytes
  • Quad band plus 3G
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 97 x 48 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Talktime: up to 300 minutes
  • Battery standby: 200 hours

Samsung Z320i user reviews

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Average rating from 126 reviews:

Reviewed by amaglo ahiagbe from UK on 18th Jan 2011
just bought this phone and the camera wouldn't work.Anytime I try to on the camera,it tells me 'camera disconnected'. Can someone help me out? It's really disheartening.

Reviewed by woody from UK on 7th Nov 2009
3 years i have owned this phone. the quality of this handset, inside and out, is top notch. its been dropped countless times, been thru a washing machine!!!(dont ask), and it still it works like the day i first bought it. no problems with buttons, speakers, screen, freeze up and the rest of it. (unlike other brands i have owned recently). in a nutshell, this is the best phone i have ever used and now i have took up the advantage of upgrading to something else, my son uses it. but as my latest handsets go in and out of the phoneshop for repairs more often than not, the z320i still shines and prospers!! samsung has produced a robust no-nonsense handset here, and although it may not have the all-singing all-dancing twinkling lights that people seem to be attracted to these days, its a shame that the latest generation of phones do not possess the quality that samsung built 3 years ago.

Reviewed by haseeb from UK on 16th Oct 2009
i like it

Reviewed by merry from UK on 2nd May 2009
iv had this phone 3 yrs now and its been brilliant except for the phone randomly resetting the ringtone to the factory default occasionally the battery was always brilliant lasting 1-2weeks off one over night charge!! or lasting upto a week off a few hours... until recently. the battery started playing up not lasting a day without needing charging and it was getting worse having to charge it 3 days for the battery to last 1 was ridiculous the past week or so the battery has been dying and my phone turning off while its been on charge! last night i was having a phone call while my phone was on charge and it died and wouldnt come back on. i left a lil while thinking it would work. tried it again and it vibrated loads till i took the battery off then i put it back on and it kept flashin at me then i took it off again put it back on and it started making noises. the flashing and noises were just from puttin the battery on its ridiculous! now i have to go out tonight with no phone... i look at my phone as a form of safety and i have no other handset to use. thanks samsung.

Reviewed by Connor from Scotland from UK on 30th Jan 2009
got in march '06. the worst fone u can possible buy! IMode never works, slide stiks, buttons fell of and to top it all of within 10 months of havin it, it just decides to stop working! Reply to Daniel from Guildord: i dont think you can buy this fone anymore anyway! lol Dont buy it anyway!

Reviewed by ellie from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
this phone is really boring after a while and it hasnt got a lot of things on it after one week of having it i gave it to my grandad and his phone that he had before it had an orange screen like all the old phones and even he cant stand it altough it has a good battery IT IS BORING, POINTLESS AND TOTALLY RUBBISH!!!!!

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
Excellant phone!!! had it 4 2 years now and i still love it...battery life is good and i have not encountered any of the negatives that have been previously stated. the most impresive thing about this phone is that i have failed to break it at all. iv gave it torture but no - it keeps livin on!!!!

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 14th Jul 2008
I absolutely loved this phone when i first started using it the camera was good the space on the memory was amazing, was disappointed i couldn't multi-task on it :( Internet function sucks! but recently it has started to misbehave! screen goes completely black so i have to take my battery out. Camera stopped working and i just lose patience with the stupid thing. Really want to upgrade to a samsung f700 :D I don't recommend you buy this phone because to be honest it is pretty rubbish.

Reviewed by shona from UK on 22nd Jun 2008
I've had this phone for 2 years now and I have been very happy with it. It has everything I need on it and is simple to use. The battery life is good, so is the camera. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get reception, especially in my area which has very poor signal.

Reviewed by jonney from UK on 14th May 2008
really bad i dunno how you send picture messages

Reviewed by michaela from UK on 9th May 2008
i had the fne for a year and i thought it was a great fne then all of a sudden the screen went white x i was quite upset as i loved the fne

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 6th Apr 2008
OMG.! seriously ive used this phone for 4 years since it came out. When this phone first came it it was one of the highest standerd phones. i could fit 20songs on it and still have enough memory for 300 pictures. i used mine as an mp3 player as well as a phone. ive dropped mine down the toilet n frown it at walls and alsorts and it hasnt broken. i cant believe you guys. The battery life while listenin to music quite a bit can last upto 3days. without music 5 days. The screen you can see perfectly fine. and i need glasses for reading, i sujest you get yours looked at. it only changes when you turn the phone off because you havent saved the settings properly actually. The camera for me has never stopped working. if it has you've done something to it. fuctions maybe simple and boring but isnt every phone? memory isnt bad actually depends on what you want to use it for. the bluetooth, 3g, imode, and reception. your wrong there not just elexecent there amasing. the only reason you lot are greaffing this 4 year old phone is cause you genrally dont it and its not upto date. next time id sujest you to go for the latest addition of phone instead of an old one. 4 years my phone. not one problem. wonder why that is?

Reviewed by abimbola from UK on 17th Mar 2008
this phone seems good but the battery life is so short that i want to ask myself why i got it in the first place. beyond that, we have tried every store that we know (myself and a friend) and cannot seem to get a replacement. think im stuck for now until i can get a replacement. too bad all the positive features cannot be maximised.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 20th Feb 2008
cannot enable cookies in the browser settings so cannot log into my online email, battery life is bloocks when using i-mode, this phone is a total sack of balls.

Reviewed by James from UK on 10th Jan 2008
I like the z320i except for the trauma trying to get it unlocked. I t would appear to be one of the most difficult phones to get unlocked

Reviewed by shaun tyler from UK on 7th Jan 2008
this phone was amazing when i first got it. Though for 250 was well overvalued. The internet on it is very limited and doesn't live up to my expectations. The ammount of music you can store on it though is pretty good. I have actually made my own tunes and ringtones and can put them as my ringtone which is a plus point. Just the other day though my camera and video camera on the z320i stopped working and it says the camera is disconected??? disconnected from what? doing my head in

Reviewed by Jack Wilson from UK on 18th Dec 2007
Not that good it doesn't even have a stopwatch or many things that i would have expected since having a D500

Reviewed by t burnett from UK on 20th Nov 2007
still got 3 months of this rubbish phone left the tune defaults to that whistle song all the time then the camera started to go blurred then it said camera disconnected then the white light background came on for no reason intermitantly draining the batt very quickly .now i have to remove and replace batt to turn on just to get 10 secs of screen display before it switches the screen off then it suddenly works ok for an hour utter waste of time and money back to nokia for me if anyone knows any fixin tips pls e.mail travis97@clara.co.uk

Reviewed by Johnny from UK on 31st Oct 2007
I've been using my phone for the last 14 months and cant complain about it. It gives me good service locally and abroad.Never had any of the problems thats mentioned by other users. Great phone

Reviewed by Ashleigh from UK on 10th Oct 2007
Ive just finished an 18month contract with this phone, i loved the camera, i thought the camera was awesome alot better than my new samsung (d900i, so disappointed with this 1) but for last 3months of the contract it kept turning itself off when it felt like it, always reset ring tone without warning so you'd be in the middle of a crowded area and the whistle song would go off, GREAT FUN!

Reviewed by DANI from UK on 10th Oct 2007

Reviewed by James from UK on 8th Oct 2007
Oh god! This phone was the best phone i ever had, the camra was a 8/10, the memeory was ok, the mp3.......beautiful! the multimedia messages were great, i once sent a picture of me and my mates to my sister and she got it in seconds! its fast and a nice colour, the slide is fun, and the main menu was cool! 2 bad i lost it at pontins in devon, James :(

Reviewed by Stoned Monkey from UK on 4th Oct 2007
Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! This phone has been a thorn in my side for the last 18 months, but my contract has just renewed, so I'm finally free.... Free, I tell you!! I had a D500 on my last go, and was, overall quite pleased with it, and when I got the Z320i, gave the D500 to my partner. BIG mistake! I should have kept the D500 and given him the Z, but he saw the problems I was having with it, and so, kind of wisely, said no thank you. So I was stuck with it. O2, if you are reading this... It's an awful phone, it DOES reset it's self as and when it feels like it, and YES, your standard ring tones are old, boring and embarassing. You can't change the alarm melodies to anything half decent, you can't even turn off the camera shutter sound, so when you try to take an animal picture, for example, when you take the picture, your subject jumps or flee's and all you get is a picture of fuzzy stuff. It's predictive text memory is shocking, it only remembers up to 5 of your own words, and randomly forgets those as and when it wants. And the iMode feature? Don't even get me started.... You can not BUY a game for this phone, you have to RENT them from a pathetic list of suppliers on a monthly basis for around 3!!! The ONLY thing this phone has going for it, is the amount of pic's you can store, and that you can get a few full music tracks on it. That's it, nothing else. Just upgraded to a Sony Ericsson K800i, well, I'll play with the feature's for a week, and see how we go from there. I know it's another iMode, but I checked ahead of time with this one, you CAN buy games for it. A word of warning... Ladies and Gents, when an O2 shop assistant tells you, "Yes, this is the latest, everyone's getting one" STOP, go home, or to an internet cafe, look it up first, don't get stuck with a useless piece of expensive technology like I did. ;o)

Reviewed by Geraint from Wales on 22nd Aug 2007
2 months and im finnaly free of this stupid pointless phone!!!! its totally rubbish!!! but battery life on mine is outstanding, can hardly see the screen because you got like an inch distance from the inner screen to the outer sceen, the fact that it changes back to factory ringtone when it wishes winds me up because it is so embarassing!!! and its old for the time in which it came out. glad it was free with the contract, i think to buy it was 250 something like that, i would have been gutted if i actually paid for this phone!

Reviewed by Robyn from England on 8th Aug 2007
I have this phone on 18 month contract, which ends in December. Its been such a terrible phone that I'm actually buying a replacement phone from my friend tonight because I cant stand to wait the final few months. Randomly, my camera wont work, but then will again when it feels like it. The functions are simple and boring, and I think the memory capacity is poor. The ringtone continually resets itself back to factory settings. One good thing with the phone is the excellent bluetooth and 3g r4eception, have had no problems with either of these things.

Reviewed by Daniel Watson from Guildford, England on 9th Jul 2007
I'm 12 months into an 18 month contract and I'm about to start crying. My last Samsung was the joy of my life but this, is by far the WORST phone I have ever had the misfortune to own in my life. First, there are all the glitches which EVERYONE has, yet O2 refuse to beleive exist: Ringone randomly re-assigning itself to default, T9 dictionary resetting when it feels convenient, diary which clears itself should you turn the phone off. Bluetooth is an absolute nightmare and the signal is poor despite living on the top of a hill in a city. The pc studio is not mac compatible, and even on windows is awkward and quite cheap feeling. Despite buying a bluetooth adapter I'm still no closer to getting my pictures onto my mac. I was unsure about the phone in my trial week, but stupidly I thought I just needed to get familiar with my new phone. I feel like such a mug and have to endure 6 more months. I have it insured and will enjoy swatting it under a bus when my contract is about to expire. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by paul from Leeds England on 6th Jul 2007
I am just coming to the end of an 18 month contract and to be honest i genuinley loved this phone...... for about 15 months it was perfectly fine, but all of a sudden the screen decided to randomly go white, or completely blank, which is incredibly annoying. the music player is fine, camera is ok, its wat u expect from a 1.2 megapixel. all in all dissappointed it started to go faulty but was a good phone for about 15 months

Reviewed by Paul from England on 14th Jun 2007
I agree this is very poor. Have had for about 16months and am about ready to chuck! T9 dictionary forgets everything u add. Turn the fone off and u get that stupid whistle song as yur ringtone (wich is c rap 2 start wif). I put a reminder on it about 10 months ago - turn the thing on and it pops up - look in the reminders and.. der, there are NONE. Would never advise to get it as it is the worst i have had - bring back the brick, at least if u dropped it the screen wouldnt smash!

Reviewed by sue w from UK on 12th Jun 2007
Sceptical at first, but this is a brilliant phone, with loads of on board memory, and fast i mode application. Screen quality is more pixelated than newer models but depends what you want to use it for. Battery life has been very good despite what I had previously read !

Reviewed by neil from uk on 7th Jun 2007
coming to the end of an 18 month contract and this fone has just kept on going. It has a few faults such as it wont send files to motorolas by bluetooth and when you send a text it'll keep vibrating (not constantly) for a while so u think that u have a reply when u haven't but it is very good. it is solid quite good looking and is well specced.recommended.

Reviewed by hobbs from uk on 19th May 2007
this phone is ok! but it randomly resets the ringtones, and also sometimes has a habit of not being able to load jpg if its something like .JPG instead of .jpg! wierd also it has a habit of random doing the sms tone or vibrating so you think you have a text and you dont.. annoying!

Reviewed by Carly Thomas from United Kingdom on 8th May 2007
I have had the Samsung Z3201 for just under a year and am very dissapointed with this phone. I have had a number of problems with this phone. It does not answer promptly and has let me down a number of times when abroad. The quality of the camera is very poor compared to my previous samsung phone. I have had a number of samsung phones which have been very good but i am dissapointed with this one.

Reviewed by tony gaylor from england on 18th Apr 2007
i have the samsung z320i it has been the best phone i have had and i think that the memory on the pphone is good to

Reviewed by ViVitas from Serbia on 12th Apr 2007
This phone is perfect for me!

Reviewed by Zoe from England- Peterborough on 4th Apr 2007
i love this phone fpr me the battery's fine. i love the masses of memory as well i have loads of songs and videos and theres still over 60,000 left!!!

Reviewed by mike from england on 4th Apr 2007
i have only just got this phone today but it is fantastick exelant memory loud music speacker good smoth sliek desighn with 2 cameras 3g and imode

Reviewed by Brioney from Reading on 28th Mar 2007
I have had this phone for a year and i had a samsung before, my contract just ended so i got a free upgrade and again chose a samsung. I think this phone is fantastic, there are no problems with the bluetooth i have never failed to find any of the other devices i have been looking for, plus the memory is fantastic, i have lots of music vodeos and pictures so i need a large memory and i never used it all!!!! As for the battery life i would say it was mroe that satisfactory, even if it wasnt u get suplied a extra battery so you cant really complain about that. I have never had a problemb with my ringtone defulting unless i take the battery out, but that also looses all my saved dictionary words...which i will admitt is a complete pain but its too be expected. I will admit i do prefer the wap to imode as it is expensive cuz you have to subscribe to everything but its not something to hate the phone for it does what its meant to. I have had no manifacturing or electrical faults with the phone and im not the most careful of owners i will admit i have dropped it on a number of occassions :( but it still keeps going. the photos it takes are brilliant and the flash reli helps which other phones dont have. as for allthe scratches ppl say they get the screen isnt exactly easy to scratch its quite durable so good no's what tehy are doing with it??? maybe they shud be more careful PERSONALLY I RECON IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING DONT READ ANY OF THESE REVIEWS GO TRY IT IN STORE IF YOU LIKE IT BUY IT AND GIVE IT AGO EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES AND OPINIONS CUZ THEY ALL TREAT THEM DIFFERENT AND WANT/EXPECT DIFFERNT THINGS!!! I LOVE SAMSUNG!!!!!!!

Reviewed by angela from uk on 23rd Mar 2007
I hate this fone so much im paying the contract still but gave it to my 12 year old to use whilst bought myself a better fone the problems were poor bluetooth and that annoying habit of changing to the factory ring tone when ur in a crowed place,that ring tone is the most embarassing one i've heard,and o2 and samsung denying any problems with this. well only 1 month to go before the contract is up.yipee!

Reviewed by tim h from england on 23rd Mar 2007
i have had the phone since christmas and i think it is brilliant but the only thing i have noticed is it won`t send files to motorola`s. is this a common problem or is it just my phone?

Reviewed by frank from birmingham on 22nd Mar 2007
dis fone is well cul iv had it for 1 month now and i love so buy it now.regards badman frankster

Reviewed by frank from birmingham on 16th Mar 2007
this phone is absolutely fantastic i've had it 4 1 month and i love it and would recomeond it, so buy it now.c ya, peace out all a ma peeps.

Reviewed by Tara Scott from UK on 14th Mar 2007
This phone is great! I've had it for nearly a year and I've had absolutely no problems with it at all. The bluetooth is quick and easy to use, it has a good reception, the battery lasts a reasonable time, the mp3 player is easy to use and very clear, text messaging is easy, i've got some great pictures and its durable. I've dropped this phone so many times and it has never broken. Well done Samsung I love this mobile!!!

Reviewed by frank stevensons from UK on 12th Mar 2007
this phone was absolutely amzing i would happily recomend this phone to any high-tech fan i have this phone at home and i must say it has never let me down. eventhough it hasn't got a memory card slot it's still great, i really like the i-mode on the samsung z320i because you can do practiccaly anything on it and get full plying song tracks and that is great for a non walkmwn phone so i really like the phone.

Reviewed by ssssssssh from uk on 10th Mar 2007
this phone is really good! i have had it for 7 months and no problems! loving imode!

Reviewed by Mark. from Bradford,England on 23rd Feb 2007
Oh how i wish i hadn't changed from my D500.At first the phone looked great and i was very pleased.The longer i had it the more dis-heartened i became.The battery life is terrible, and try blue toothing to any other phone apart from Samsung and you've no chance. The final straw was when it took a slight knock and the screen cracked inside. The phone was sent away and i have now been waiting over two months to get it back. I cant wait to get out of my contract and go back to a tough Nokia.It must be bad as O2 have stopped doing this phone online!!! Come on Samsung, get your act together..

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 5th Feb 2007
Good phone 3/5 - could have been a 4 but it keeps changing the ring toone 2 factory stardard.

Reviewed by farooq from india on 14th Jan 2007
I loove this foone, it is so brilliant and i wish to have it forever. because I know tht samsung is a good name and I wish to hav it forever and day

Reviewed by zoe from UK on 13th Jan 2007
i reli lyk this fone bought it couple of weeks ago but no problems yet :P

Reviewed by jp from england on 5th Jan 2007
this phone is ace its a bit quite tho bit is ace ill give it 4 / 5

Reviewed by hayley (4th review) from on 4th Jan 2007
when this fone works its really good. i'm now on 2 my 5th fone i only recived it 2day and its broken already( after about an hour). wat a load of rubbish, this fone shud burn in hell!! its now decided that it will change the date and time when it feels like this. 02 best give me a new fone or they can stick it up their bum!!! stupid fone! DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 3rd Dec 2006
I've had this phone for nearly a year now and i absolutely love it. Brilliantly easy to use, fantastic camera and so durable! I've dropped it so many times and its fine. Battery life is fine, I use the extra life battery and only have to chaarge it every 3 days. LOVE IT!

Reviewed by jay from england on 26th Nov 2006
Hi after reading some reports on here about this phone i`m in agreement with some that this phone is a poor design not enough features and video is the poorest i`ve ever seen i had a phone 3 years ago with a video on it and its 5 times better than this, could anybody tell me if you can get the person who`s texting you come up on the screen coz i can only get the person who`s calling on the screen also how do i change the font writing when i just want to dial a number without going to the phonebook its coming up in rainbow type colours at the moment?

Reviewed by Mike from England on 21st Nov 2006
If I could give this phone less than one star I would. To start new the phone is ok at best. I don't know why everyone is raving about the imode, it sucks and is costly for everything worth looking at/ downloading. Texting too is also poor, words you add into the predictive dictionary are wiped after the phone is turned off or crashes. Also on top of this the dictionary has words which are absent or mispelt. There are other problems with this phone which im sure i'd be able to remember if it was turned on, but it has ceased to work. at first the screen began to either be blank after it slid up or just completely white. This is after only 6 months and very carefull ownership, no dropping.

Reviewed by Aimee Marshall from England on 12th Nov 2006
Best phone I have ever had, had no problems with n e think so far (touch wood) i mail and imms send fine, quality of pictures it takes r wicked. Bluetooth works fine. It has been scratched but I did drop it so that my fault. No complaints from me.

Reviewed by Rory Goldsbrough from UK on 29th Oct 2006
After having my last Samsung for 3 years, I was sure that Samsung were one of the best phones. However I have turned out to be quite disappointed. The first month was fine, but after geting to month 4, the battery life is considerably lower, the phone freezes, sometimes to end a call, the only way I can do it is to remove the battery as the keys dont respond. The software seems to crash on me, and the phone deleted all of my phone contacts!! I am hoping that I just got a dodgey phone as I have sent it back for an exchange. I am awaiting for the new one to arive and I hope I have beter luck! Texting is very ln winded and you cant set your own personal message alaert tone. You can only use the one set on the phone. Apart from that, it is a good phone, except the finish is not what I would expect from a phone of this price. There are better looking phones for this sort of price.

Reviewed by Sibby from Uk on 24th Oct 2006
What a rubbish phone! Had this phone for at least 9 months... Screen scratched within two weeks, then the scratches mulitplyed... Froze for first time about a month into having the phone. Battery lasted me a day at most.. I-Mode was ok i must say but did take a long time to send. MY last samsung the screen cracked and looked as if a gun shot of colour had apeard.. Take my phone out my pocket what happend?? EXACTLY THE SAME:-) Samsungs are bull..0x!!! If your readin this.. Most people say had my phone for a day BRILLIANT!! Try having it for 9 months:-) Soon be complainin.. Good job i had it insured! Never ever ever going to get a samsung again. :-)

Reviewed by Claggy Toffee from England on 18th Oct 2006
I have had this phone since Feb 2006 on an eighteen month contract, apart from accessing Sky News that I get for free at the moment everything else is RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH can't wait for contract to end or may even buy a another phone for the remaining length of my contract. Battery poor, although you do get a spare. When you add words in text message they are only stored until you switch off the phone, when they are cleared out of the memory. I have had a few Samsung handsets and they have been fine. The 1 star rating was given in the absence of a lower rating. I do wish you could have longer time than a couple of weeks to try out phones before committing to a contracts.

Reviewed by hayley from england on 5th Oct 2006
hi me again got my 3rd fone friday, it's now thursday and it playing up already. different problems this time. Bluetooth wont turn on," bluetooth busy" appears when i try 2 turn in on. all day it has been turning itself on and off again. went to o2 to see if i can change it completly but they said as i've had it more than 28 they will just live me a new one. might see if my dad can do anything he is more persuasive than me. otherwise o2 can stick my contract up the bum!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hayley from england on 26th Sep 2006
I am now waiting for my third z320i which I have sent back twice now. Seem to have the same problem with the alarm clock. I use it to wake up in the moring 1) it doesnt always work 2) if it does decide to work it makes a crazy sounds as if it had been shot and now no sound comes out at all(for the alarm) it does seem to sort its self out when you turn it off and on again but what the point in a new phone when you have to do that all the time. the first z320i i had didnt have signal one day and decided to ring people?? also when trying to ring people this doesn't always work, says connecting for ages its doesnt even have the ringing sound, altho it does acctually phone the person u are ringing but u dont know its goin through and they cant hear you. again it sorts it self out when u turn it off and on. im so glad i got the insurance on my contract this is the last time i send it bac. these are all the problem i have had! everything else is really good and really good to use out of the uk!!! recomend insurance when buy this fone!!

Reviewed by SHAUN from UK on 18th Sep 2006

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 13th Sep 2006
lots of people told me that samsung phones wher brill but wen i got mine,,i dont use it often and my bluetooth is never on permentally and my battery life lasts a day and a half at the most.....

Reviewed by 12 yr old gal hannah from england on 12th Sep 2006

Reviewed by Warren from England on 6th Sep 2006
the fones boss, it has lots of memory considering it hasnt got a memo card, and its great the way u can txt 4 free on i-mail! outstanding!!!

Reviewed by Evan from uk on 18th Aug 2006
what the huck i done to my self i can't wait till my con b ovr fultiz 1.mms 2.imode 3.battry 4.ringing tone chenge. i hate the phone plz don't by it plz.

Reviewed by pete from england on 17th Aug 2006
blootooth doesent work i mode fails all the time looks good but cheap n nasty

Reviewed by stefano from uk on 6th Aug 2006
As an upgrade to a D500, I feel let down by the lack of facilities on this phone. Pros: 1*Take video clips up to one hour long with the option of pausing. 2*More memory than D500 Cons: 1*No countdown timer 2*No alarm setting for different days of the week 3*The alarm on the calendar only alerts you when it feels like it (I schedule everything on my phone as my brain is like a sieve) 4*The ringtone changes whenever it feels like going from my ultracool tone to a naff lullaby. Maybe it is a fault with my particular handset, but I would not recommend it

Reviewed by MartinD from The Netherlands on 4th Aug 2006
As a telecom retailer I received the Samsung Z320i as a gift from one of the Dutch network-providers. Thrilled as I first was about this phone, my opinion became more balanced after a while. - Design:- The Z320i looks nice and stylish. Good position of the keys, although the letters on the keys are somewhat small in my opinion. Compared to other UMTS phones (Samsung Z500 for example) it rather hefty and big. The display however is edible, but sometimes too crowded with 'gprs-symbols' and other pictograms. Nice and clear colors and a 'friendly' appearance. - Functionality:- One of the main downsides I think would be the rather weak battery (and the display-backlight always on when charging). The camera is good enough, but rather slow compared to, for example the D600. Sound quality when calling is varying. Sometimes it's as good as it gets and sometimes it just goes with a lot of backnoise and echo. E-mail functionality is very good compared to other (not smartphones) and easy to configure. Pity they didn't include a external memory-card slot, as the Z320i has a simple and rather good music player and headphone. It does have a great agenda function, perfectly synchronising with Microsoft Outlook (included software is easily installed). Concluding:- A versatile telephone with good functionality. However, it misses that 'extra' to distinguish itself from competing GSM's

Reviewed by some1 from ireland on 28th Jul 2006
dis phone is brill had it 4 2 months now and nothing has gone wrong imode is good and camara is decent good quality sound and easy 2 txt da only let down is the poor battery life but this phone is still a very good phone

Reviewed by some1 from ireland on 26th Jul 2006
dis phone is brill a decent camara and 3g with imode and it looks cool the only let down is the battery

Reviewed by OLDA from ENGLAND on 18th Jul 2006
Phone is very poor. Difficult to use and has an issue with Bluetooth - won't pair with phones that aren't Samsung. Useless - I had it 5 days and sent it back!

Reviewed by Kevin from Dublin, Ireland on 15th Jul 2006
A phone with some great features, but badly let down by it's predictive text - just try entering "hiya" or "galway". It won't let you and you can't add them to the dictionary either (same problem with S400i too). I had to set the band selection to GSM bands only cos it was getting very weak signals when looking for 3g and not making or receiving calls. It's now started giving message alerts even after the message has been read. It's going back today and I'm getting a Nokia. Never again Samsung!

Reviewed by ashley from england on 3rd Jul 2006
this phone is brilliant and hold me up on it for hours i love to play on my phone and i like to pull it out in the middle of the town centre now because before i had a bad phone and so i would hide wilst i was on it........ this phone is very nice and posh and has alot of programs i like and love to use on it so thatnk you samsung for inventing..........

Reviewed by Hellie from London on 30th Jun 2006
This phone is poor. The textin is incredibly slow and i never had signal anywhere. On the few occasions the phone found signal it did not ring with incoming calls and apparatly a few of them have been like this. It comes with 2 batteries and trust me you will need them!!!!!!!!!! Awful phone, word of advice Don't Buy.

Reviewed by ajax mingyhjjh from france on 29th Jun 2006
it is lethel good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by natalie solaru from England on 20th Jun 2006
This phone is a belta!!!! its amazing its so good and you should deffinately get it so please get it, it is so amazing xxxxxxxxxxyayxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Samsung King from United Kingdom on 6th Jun 2006
I have had this phone for a couple of months now and have found to be an extremely good phone. The amount of internal memory allows plenty of music and video files to be stored in addition to pictures and even .pdf files. This is extremely useful if you are continuously commuting like myself. The camera is also a very crisp for a 1.3 pixel camera, however, cannot compare to the D600 camera. In conclusion, this is a very good phone with sufficient battery life. I really do not understand why people find this to be a problem as my phone lasts me approximately six to seven days with normal use.

Reviewed by Hannah Atkinson from England on 1st Jun 2006
Terrible phone. My last phone was a Samsung E720 and I thought that that phone was ok. I can not wait to get rid of this one. The phone keeps freezing, the battery life is the poorest of any phone I've ever had, the menus are slow, it doesn't remember any predictive text and the screen has scrathched extremely easily. camera quality is very poor, makes the pictures all fuzzy and blurry. I have never been as unhappy with any phone as I am with this one.

Reviewed by Jay from Scotland on 30th May 2006
this phone is well good it has a mp3 player nd 1.3 mega pixel camera nd it can take videos. :-)

Reviewed by James from England on 23rd May 2006
Dunno why people think its bad this phone is wicked, battery life is bad when bluetooth is on permanantly just disable bluetooth and only enable it when you use it and the battery life will increase by days :) mine lasts for about 5 days before it needs charing

Reviewed by bob from england on 19th May 2006
People dont understand how to use this phone by the looks of things!! Its a class phone!! Plus i-mode is brill, and you dont have to pay to play the games you download. Dont know what your doing but its wrong!

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 17th May 2006
I fink the Phone is good! Its not really ideal for the older generation but for us young ones i think its good. I looked thru the imode and understand it completly i think its alot bether than wap.

Reviewed by Vicky Mitchell from England on 17th May 2006
I have had nothing but problems with this phone and have recieved four faulty phones and am now awaiting a repcement phone D600, as fed up with the problems on this phone. There seems to be lots of problems with the vibration and battery life. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Dom Adams from UK on 14th May 2006
This phone is amazing. I am confused as to what people say that you cant set mp3 ringtones i have just by going to the file and selecting options then set as ringtone. The phone does not reset itself. If your looking for a good all round phone then this is the one for you. The camera quality is excellent for a phone and when uploaded to PC they look just as good. The PC software supplied works excellently. Memory wise this phone has more than enough its a phone at the end of the day and 2 mp3 albums is pretty good in my oppinion. I love this phone and the contract is great. A must buy.

Reviewed by mCC:L from Scotland on 9th May 2006
I havent yet received my new phone but reading some of your reviews I thought i had better let you know, YOUR ORDINARY SIM CARD WILL NOT WORK IN THIS PHONE, this is why you have no or low reception. Because it is a 3G mobile, you need to get a 3G compatible sim card if not it wont work properly... If sounding 250 on phone remember to ask about that, if you are getting it from a good network provider, like myself, then they will advise you of this.

Reviewed by stuart hopkins from scotland on 2nd May 2006
to put it bluntley this phone is ka ka.i took an 18 month contract out and after 1 month its driving me nuts. where do i start..ok first off all the i mode is stupid and confusing.it has an average mp3 player but with 120mb memory after 1 album watch your memory plummit like a ballast balloon.for sum crazy reason only samsung know the answer to theres no expandible memory which is shocking. reception is bad as well.my old motorola c975 gets full reception in my area but the z320i only gets half that.not much use having a phone that u cant make calls with. if u like texting your in for a shock as it takes about a fortnight to complete a txt.the pre loaded ringtones are rubbish so you will want to download sum new ones!!! only problem is you wont be able to use most of them for sum insane reason which makes bluetooth a waste of time as well.this phone is not very user friendly either and in sum cases downright impossible.it has twin cameras which are average at best.the battery takes a decade to charge but about five mins to run out and the build quality compares to a lada.it scratches very easily and you get the feeling if you drop it,it will self destruct.the z320i is a kids phone and its contradicting with many features and no tools to back it up.you might just be able to put up with it if it had an expandible memory but i cant stress enough how much of an own goal it is by samsung for choosing not to.im counting the days to when my contract ends so i can get rid off this joke im even thinkin of popping my sim back into my old phone its that bad.wouldnt reccomend it to my worst enemy....

Reviewed by Kelsie from England on 30th Apr 2006
I have had this fone for 2 days and it is sooooooo rubbish. Firstly, it is really ugly looking. Secondly, the buttons are unresponsive and extremely tacky. Thirdly, the camera keeps freezing up. Need i say any more?

Reviewed by DerZ from UK on 26th Apr 2006
While reading these reviews, i was becoming more reluctant to buy the phone but once i arrived in the shop and compared the D600 chrome and the z320i, i fell in love with the phone straight away. Its got everything you need and i think its more of a 'teenager' phone in my personal opinion. I do recommend getting the phone although its a heavy blow on your budget! Contract may seem the best option!

Reviewed by Gill from UK on 23rd Apr 2006
Had my phone for 2 days and loved it until i noticed the black paint was chipping away from the metal lip above the samsung name sign. By the third day it had slightly worsened, although it is not a major problem with the actual working of the phone it is starting to look shabby and i expect more for my 250. has anyone else had this problem?

Reviewed by Paddy R from England on 23rd Apr 2006
This phone doesn't compare to the d500 i had! when i got home, i charged it for a few hours, and the phone would not turn on. I went back 2 the shop and got another one, but it happend with that one aswel! I canot figure out how to get mp3 songs onto it and its driving me mad!!! I wish id stuck with the d500, does that phone have a fault ?!?!?

Reviewed by from on 19th Apr 2006
i dnt like the fone tht much, i prefer my old d500, it very slow and the imode isnt tht gd. v disappointed about the message tones but steve how do u transfer the mp3 to play as a message alert!!!!

Reviewed by Stephanie Gordon from UK on 18th Apr 2006
The position of the On/Off switch on the front of the phone means that it's prone to switching itself on when it's in your bag and resting against something. I found out on a flight to the UK a week or so ago when it started rininging. Funnily, no one believed me when I said I definitely switched it off... Other than that, it's quite good...

Reviewed by sandi clarke from uk on 16th Apr 2006
I have just changed my phone from samsung z500 to a samsung z320i and I have no problems. I am still waiting to use the i mode but that is because I have had to change my tarrif on o2 and it won't come into effect until the end of April.As for the video calling I can only get it when I visit big cities as the small towns won't have the 3G masts installed but other than that the phone is brill. The battery life is good too I don't have to recharge that often. The memory is brill too and the sound is great.

Reviewed by Matt from England on 11th Apr 2006
Its an ok phone, cant work out how to do 3G video calls, and imode doesnt seem to work but I dont know if thats because my contract doesnt include it. Also im havin trouble with recording video, It only seems to record up untill the message limit is reached and then stops itself, and I cant seem to change the settings as the phone wont let me. If anyone has cracked this same problem I would very much appreciate some help.

Reviewed by chelsea from wirral on 10th Apr 2006
hi its my birthday soon so i went to the phone shops and i saw this phone and it looked really cool! so i asked the lady to have a look at it and she turned one on and i had a little play with it.....it was amazin! the camera was good and i tried out some of the ringotnes and they ound loud good memory so i wont have to worry about if i have enough room for another song the screen is much bigger and i like the menus....many people are complaining but i like the change! i wont definately recomend it and i am just counting the days untill my birthday now!!!

Reviewed by Sarah from Wales on 6th Apr 2006
I agree with Chris. I was V.disappointed to finally find out that I couldn't play games on it unless it cost me loads of dosh.Have also tried to set my own ringtone with a recorded sound but have been unable to, if anyone knows if this is possible let me know.

Reviewed by Johan from England on 4th Apr 2006
Great phone, good fun to use and a whole lot of extras but I cannont seem to find this phone on the samsung website? I can only get information on where to buy it. Except for that one thing the phone is pretty cool.

Reviewed by Amelia from wales on 2nd Apr 2006
this is a really good phone it stores lots of songs and photos and videos. you can download pictures and videos and songs. it has an mp3. i must admit that the video quality isnt that good but the downloaded ones are. if you have a USB slot in your computer you can transfer photos on to the phone free. also if you have a music downloading program you can transfer those songs onto your phone as well. the good thing is that you can set your videos as a wallpaper. the only thing that really bugs me is that the mp3 ringtones wont stay as what you put it as and it always changes back to the ringtones that were on the phone to begin with. but i think that i have figured it out anyway by locking that song you want to set as the mp3 ringtone. really good phone i'd recommend it!

Reviewed by John from England on 2nd Apr 2006
I've had this phone for over a week now and wierd menus aside it's a pretty decent phone. I've been a Nokia user for years and I got this phone as a pocketable alternative to my Nokia 9500 - my wife has a D600 and loves it so she reccomended Samsung to me. Anyway, as far as it's main purpose is concerned, it makes and receives phone calls and works all the time! What more could you want? As I said before the menus are a little long winded and the ringtones are rubbish, you can't set your own tone as a message alert and the alarm sends me back to sleep! Calendar functions are next to useless as synching with outlook takes far too long, why two batteries in the box? I suspect that Samsung themselves realise battery life is poor, imode is good though but I think my gprs account will be hit hard, camera good enough for a phone - were not taking portraits are we? I use this phone to keep in touch - period. Texting is very long winded but still a whole lot better than my communicator. Overall, nice looking, small, easy (ish) to use and what more do you want from a phone, I think I'll still keep my Nokia 9500 for the serious stuff though. To finish, nice phone, reasonable features, pleasant to use, just above average overall.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 1st Apr 2006
I've been using this phone for around a week. I moved from six years of Nokia. Texting is different and slower to send. Haven't personalised I-Mode enough but it's rumoured to be going free until end of 2006 (for pay monthly at least). I am very concerned with the drop in signal. I have had poor reception phone calls in central london, whilst other phones on O2 have NO problems. The PC connection software is really easy - i've put my own ringtones on & reorganised my phone book in less than five minutes.

Reviewed by andrea from wirral, england on 30th Mar 2006
I recently upgraded from the e720 to the z320i and I'm quite disappointed. The 1.3 mega pixel camera is poor quality as is the video recorder and I've yet to be successful in downloading any ringtones. Is this a common problem with this phone? I really miss my old e720 and would sooner recommend that phone than the expensive z320i.

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