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Samsung Z300 review

 Review: October 2005  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: 3G clamshell with 3D stereo sound.



The Samsung Z300 is a 3G clamshell phone with features that are similar to the Samsung Z500 or the Sony Ericsson V800. It's a top-class 3G mobile with features that place it near the cutting edge. The megapixel camera is very good, although not the best available, and the main display too is excellent. Video calling is via a secondary VGA camera (0.3 megapixels) located below the internal screen.

The music player is fully featured, with an equalizer, and stereo output to a headset or to twin stereo speakers for a virtual surround sound experience. With plenty of memory available in the external TransFlash memory card, the Z300 is a realistic alternative to a dedicated MP3 player.

Connectivity is via wireless Bluetooth, infrared or USB cable.

Physically the Z300 is heavier than the Z500 and this may put some people off, but it isn't heavy compared to other 3G phones, and it does pack a lot in. Battery life is quite acceptable for a 3G phone, and is excellent when in 2G mode. Overall the Z300 is an interesting phone that deserves more attention than it has received so far.

Samsung Z300 features include:

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Samsung Z300 user reviews

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Average rating from 28 reviews:

Reviewed by Joe from Scotland on 8th Aug 2009
A very good phone with lots of features. Under rated when it came out, it offers many features than many phones out right now don't have. A decent camera, video recorder/player, blu tooth, infra red as examples. A great little phone!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 11th Feb 2009
Overall good phone but: - cannot put your own message tone...... when will they listen..

Reviewed by rit from Malta on 21st Aug 2008
Overall good phone but: - cannot put your own message tone + very little choice of inbuilt message tones - cannot put your own alarm tone (only the ones that come with the fone can b used..again limited choice) - cannot transfer any games or java applications - short battery life (it lasts me approx 2 days if i dont use any applications, no incoming or outgoing calls, few texts, not listening 2 mp3, no camera etc)

Reviewed by LEO from LITHUANIA on 10th Jul 2008

Reviewed by Nikola from Srbija on 24th Nov 2007
It is cool

Reviewed by Chris from England on 7th Apr 2007
best phone i have ever owned. thats it.

Reviewed by Pedram from Iran on 10th Feb 2007
It is realy good mobile

Reviewed by jim from india on 18th Jan 2007
very nice phone,looking good..but themes......???

Reviewed by Hugo from Portugal on 10th Nov 2006
I canīt install any java games by usb infrared or bluetooth, itīs the only bad thing that i fund in this cell phone, but itīs a shame.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 25th Jun 2006
I have had this phone going on 7 months now and its fantastic!! I have always use Nokias before now and tried a Samsung and I don't think I'll ever look back. The only drawbacks I would say are the battery-life and the screen does scratch quite easily but apart form that this phone is great.

Reviewed by john tomar from africa on 22nd May 2006
Yes i would highly recomend this phone do everyone who comes across it i just love samsung phones and this website has helep me find the best phone ever i thank you so much, the phone makes you smile when you loook at it its just brilliant

Reviewed by DON from Romania on 11th May 2006
The phone is perfect for me, but y don't know how to put java on the cell phone?? Can anyoane help me???

Reviewed by Kel from Great Britain on 11th Apr 2006
Hi, I have got this phone and it is absolutely super !!!! It has everything on it, GREAT !!!

Reviewed by Aaron from Scotland on 23rd Mar 2006
this is by far the best phone i've ever owned. The sound is brilliant when listening to my mp3's and the storage space is fantastic. Picture quality is good but could be better.

Reviewed by Leo from England on 5th Mar 2006
As mentioned by someone earlier this phone is identical to the Samsung ZM60 found on T-Mobile. It is an outstanding phone with brilliant features: 1.3 megapixel camera with excellent flash, lots of built in memory, good video quality (not so great in low light) Stores and plays MP3's, very fast Bluetooth, superb high res screen, and of course, 3G. Only thing is, I wish I could get this phone on Vodafone to take full advantage of their coverage! There are however a small number of draw backs, the battery life is very very poor, but then, It would seem that any 3G phone on the market suffers from this. Another thing I find frustrating is that you can only set MP3 tones as a ring tone and not a msg alert or alarm. And lastly (I don't know how relevant this will be to many) If you travel about a lot and check train times on WAP, the phone will not allow you to save the page to the phone (or any web page to the phone in fact), instead you have to store the page on the web, and log on each time you want to refer to it, so you end up paying more money on your bill.

Reviewed by rodri from Portugal on 29th Jan 2006

Reviewed by Vera from UK on 1st Jan 2006
My friend has one. Its great.

Reviewed by Carl from england on 27th Dec 2005
Great phone. Brilliant design and top quality display. The external speakers are surpisingly loud and the sound is very clear even on the loudest setting. 3G reception is ok but the phone works better when it's set on 2G only so i only change it to 3G when i need to. Finally samsung have decided to add expandable memory and my 256mb card works perfectly. So does the bluetooth. My only complaint is that the camera is just 1mp and samsung should really have included a 2mp resolution if they want to compete with the likes of V3x and 6280. Still, u cant have everything...

Reviewed by bobbi-jai from leicester on 24th Nov 2005
nice phone nd all bt it aint ma fone so i tink its a bit big if ya no wt i mean

Reviewed by Corey from South Africa on 2nd Nov 2005
This Phone RULES If You Looking 4 A Phone Get The Z300

Reviewed by Andrew from Scotland on 25th Oct 2005
Just got this on T-Mobile (T-Mobile version is actually called the ZM60). Not as small as the Z500, but this has better specs than the Z500 as it has flash for the camera and external stereo speakers. Plus, being bigger than the Z500 it also comes with a larger internal screen which is good for a 3G phone.

Reviewed by joker from poland on 27th Sep 2005
the best phone!

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 26th Sep 2005
If the battery lasted longer than half a day then it would be 5 stars. In general it is a top class phone.

Reviewed by Upaul from America on 31st Aug 2005
Ok , now everyone before me has given it 5 stars . Because they haven't used the samsung z500 . If they use that mobile phone then they will know what is the better phone . But this handset is good too.

Reviewed by Per from Sweden on 3rd Aug 2005
The Z300 model from Samsung is an amazing cellphone with an totaly excelent display. It is quick and easy to use and the 1,3 Mpixel camera produces "good enough" pictures if the light is okey. It is way better than a usual VGA camera, the next step of quality must be a "real" digital camera. I do like the clam-shell function with the extra display on the outside, even if it mabye eats more battery? The Z300 comes with a USB-cable + software for the communication between the phone and a PC or MAC. This is easy to use and the interface works well. In the box you will also find ear phones to talk or to listen to MP3 music. The 50MB internal memory is not much but it is just feed the phone with an extra trans flash card with up to 1GB memory, that should satisfy your demand of space for music, videos, pictures and so on. My last phone was a Sony-Ericsson T610. Even if Iīm from Sweden I have always used Nokia as before was my favorite. SE seems to have som problems with slow phones, sometimes needed to be restarted to work at all. Bad display and camera also belongs to the T610. The Z300 has been mine for a week, and everything with this phone has impressed on me, except the battery, which could have been a litle bit better. Here I think that the Sony-Ericsson still rules the market.

Reviewed by megan from uk on 1st Aug 2005
I think this phone is amazing, the picture quality is excellent and if you are looking for I new phone I recomend you buy this phone.

Reviewed by Leeya from uk on 8th Jul 2005
Great phone if you are looking 4 a fone get this 1.

Reviewed by Matt from Australia on 8th Jul 2005
This is an AMAZING phone and i think everyone should get 1... :)

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