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Samsung Z130 review

 Review: January 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: 3G phone with rotating widescreen display.



With its rotating widescreen display, the Samsung Z130 is clearly more of a concept phone than a mainstream production model, and it has never really caught on, probably because of the rotating display. The display itself is excellent, but does it really need to rotate?

Apart from the display, the Z130 is a fairly standard high-end 3G multimedia phone, with a megapixel camera, video recorder, video calling, MP3 player and 3D audio. It's a good 3G phone, but not an outstanding one, and apart from the curiosity of the display and the rather poor keypad, there's nothing actually wrong with the phone.

Samsung Z130 features include:

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Samsung Z130 user reviews

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Average rating from 11 reviews:

Reviewed by nii from ghana on 24th Jun 2015
i once used this phone. it's wonderful.
where can i get some to buy?
samsung z130.

my email address : uno_mundo@yahoo.com

Reviewed by sanele from south africa on 22nd Feb 2008
i have had many phones previously but never have i regreted buying a phone for what it has but cant use...i do not advise anyone to buy or even consider the thought of buying the z130. although it is stylish and charming im sorry to say but it sucks

Reviewed by sameeeed from pakistan on 6th Mar 2006

Reviewed by kevin metcalf from uk on 26th Feb 2006
Possibly the most irritating phone on the planet. Battery life is non existant, I literally have to charge it every night and i've only had it since september. predictive text is rubbish, doesn't remember words and selects the last word you used not the most common one. And when I send a message it ALWAYS fails first time, so have to resend! Bluetooth is also useless, can't send/receive files from other phones. You cant put your contacts into groups as it always mixes them up!?!?! Also, it doesn't have a stopwatch/timer, and keeps reminding me of an event that i deleted out of my calendar months ago!! All in all, a right pain! Can't wait to upgrade!

Reviewed by darren from england on 15th Feb 2006
Had this phone for about 4 months now. Not had any problems with it. Display is great, it's very easy to use and has quite a few features including camera, mp3 player, 3D games, video calling. Main drawback has to be the bluetooth which only has profiles for headset and handsfree so no file transfers. You do get a usb cable with it but seems a bit pointless as to why they would retrict the bluetooth after including it. Memory could also have been better.

Reviewed by Dan from England on 8th Dec 2005
its rubbish cant wait 2 get rid of it basiclly

Reviewed by Santiago Crespo from Spain on 30th Oct 2005
Great 3G phone. Display is outstanding; Widesync 2.0 syncronizes with Outlook 2003 absolutely perfect!! - It doesn't work with my Parrot CK3000 evolution car kit (it's something between Parrot & Samsung phones). It's a bit big and heavy however, but on the other hand the phone works great on every face. I've also tried Samsung Z500 and although it's stilysh (z130 looks weird) I'm afraid the Z130 is the best 3G phone for that money you can buy. Recommended.

Reviewed by Gordon Smith from Scotland on 11th Oct 2005
batery life where are you

Reviewed by carrie from england on 28th Sep 2005
this phone is quality anyon elooking for a new phone pick this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Vrikkie from Boksberg, South Afica on 28th Sep 2005
Thim is an amazing phone. Love everynthing about it because it is cool, cool, cool. I ecommend this to everyone who wants a new phone.

Reviewed by scot from england on 19th Sep 2005
Very good 3g phone. Huge and bright display, rotating camera for video calling, screen rotates to become widescreen to let you make 3g calls and play video clips. It also has 3d games which look very cool on the big display. One problem is bluetooth does not let u send photos and ringtones and does not connect to the pc but it works for handsfree sets only.

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