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Samsung Z107 review

 Review: March 2005  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Z107 is Samsung's first 3G phone in the UK and is available on Orange and Vodafone.



Physically the Z107 looks like a classic silver-finish Samsung clamshell with an external aerial, and is the same size as a 2G mobile, but heavier. It's similar in size to rival 3G clamshells such as the LG U8130, but perhaps a touch lighter.

The main features that a 3G mobile like the Z107 offers are video calling, video messaging and video downloads. The camera quality of the Z107 is average, being a VGA resolution camera, but it takes decent pictures with a choice of camera modes and an LED flash for taking pictures at night. The camera rotates so that it can point inwards for video calls or outwards for taking pictures. Unlike most 3G phones, the Z107 lacks an MP3 player, but it does have MP3 ringtones using the AAC format, which enables audio tracks to be compressed more efficiently than MP3.

The internal display is of the highest quality, being 262k colours and a good size with a resolution of 176 x 192 pixels. This is not quite as large as many other 3G phones, but it is of a higher quality than most. There is no Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but connection via USB cable and infrared is supported.

Battery life is good for a 3G mobile, although that's not saying a lot! You should expect to get a few days use from the phone before recharging, although this will depend on how much use is made of features like video calling and content download.

The Z107 is really an entry-level 3G phone, but a good one at that. It's not as fully featured as rivals like the Sony Ericsson V800 or Motorola E1000, but it offers a good basic 3G phone that's compact, not too heavy and with decent battery life.

Samsung Z107 features include:

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Samsung Z107 user reviews

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Average rating from 33 reviews:

Reviewed by Andrew Davis from U.K. on 31st Jan 2012
Great Cell - Phone ... love the style, different from all others that look the same or similar .. boring ! This 'phone is individual with great dispaly features, unique calling sounds .. it is stylish and individual like me !

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 31st Jan 2008
Excellent little entry phone. Despite being thrown around all over the place, it still works 2 years after me buying it! Lots of features, but infrared is PRACTICALLY WORTHLESS. Doesn't send/receive ANYTHING apart from vCards, which store phonebook entries. Also, no true Java, only the games downloaded via operator websites that cost 5 a go. Rip-off.

Reviewed by mahr from indonesia on 17th Oct 2007
this mobile phone is good but battery doesnt have a long life..

Reviewed by mehran from United Kingdom on 27th Jun 2007
It's a good phone & lots of features but the quality of camera is rubish specialy for 3G ( video caling ) you need a good camera to send your image not just some shadow & bloring things so no one can recognise you even your Bird??!!!

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 11th Apr 2007
It's not the best phone in the world. Lots of the features mentioned above do not actually appear on the phone. However the swivel camera in a nice touch allowing you to take pictures of yourself and others and making sure you get you face in.

Reviewed by Bakiri from Tanzania on 27th Mar 2007
I real love this phone cause it is more durable and good to use, But i have the problem with this cause i have lost the usb driver cd so i can not connect my phone to the computer please any one can help me by using myEmail adress this one:- mick_back@yahoo.co.uk please!

Reviewed by wasuppp from england on 22nd Feb 2007
i have never had sch a bad fone in my life ahhhhhhh its so rubbish and boring!!

Reviewed by Jerick Sienes from Philippines on 21st Feb 2007
yeah the phone is nice i like it alot, can u help me how to put my picture on my computer? how can i copy my picture on my phone to my computer?

Reviewed by Amelia from Cardiff on 3rd Feb 2007
Well i've had my phone for about a year and at first i thought it was amazing. I changed my phone to Nokia 6230 after about 6 months having the z107. It has a great camera but i love to share my pictures. Infared doesnt work and it doesnt work if i connect it to my computer. There are so many better phones out so DONT pick this !!

Reviewed by Mark . j . w from U.K on 4th Aug 2006
i think that this fone is totally rubish DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. camera is rubish. infered doesnot work. BUY A BETTER PHONE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Reviewed by john from England on 19th Apr 2006
This phone does the job! It's samsungs first 3G moby and getting old now, but it still shows class and quality and the processor speed is alot quicker than many new and very expensive mobiles i've used very recently! And believe me, i've used alot! Every phone has irritating little faults and the 107 is no exception, but its nothing to loose sleep over. Try avoid one on orange, but if your looking for a cracking deal on what is still a quality phone, go for one!

Reviewed by Graham from England on 11th Apr 2006
Had mine a year. Some good points but hope next phone better! Have 2 (large n small) batteries but if you change them over regularly they become loose and phone can turn off. No counter for texts. Agree with Mark re slow texts on Orange but think that is the phone - other reviews criticise ariel even tho external. Phone often 'goes to sleep' if not full signal, need to turn it on n off then texts arrive! So an ok phone but as 'old' now don't go 4 it on contract

Reviewed by RL from UK on 19th Mar 2006
The phone is awesome. It has everything on there! Shame it didn't come with any games as it says on the Samsung Mobile Website that it comes preloaded with three. Apart from that BRILLIANT phone!

Reviewed by mark webster from U.K on 8th Jan 2006
the camera is gr8 the fone is quite heavy but not to bad the infared only works if u hav a 3g signal dont get it on orange the text messages r slow gr8 flash.

Reviewed by Nat from England on 20th Dec 2005
This is a really good phone, and even though it isn't the smallest 3G phone around, it has good features. The display quality is very good, as is the camera quality. It is quite easy to use, with good sized keys. A downside is the ariel that sticks up, but it doesn't really get in the way. For such a low price, this phone is a good deal!

Reviewed by Mark from England on 4th Dec 2005
it is a gr8 fone camera gr8 lite and lites up gr8 it turns onto vibrate the camera lite is gr8 at nite

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 3rd Dec 2005
i'm tempted to say this phone's poor, but will call it just less than average instead. it's almost like they've cut corners in other areas to incorporate video calling (which isn't even available all over the country!?!). i've had it for 9 months & am counting down the days til my 12 months is up so i can get a new handset. the buttons on this stick which is a pain in the @rse when texting; not to mention the fact that the predictive memory keeps 'losing' words i've stored so i have to CONSTANTLY re-enter them - defeats the object of predictive texting! understandably this is/was only the beginning of 3g phones & things will only get better. given the fact that i had to pay for this handset though i just wish i'd waited til they'd mastered such phones before purchasing. never mind, 83 days and counting...

Reviewed by marmaduke marmalade from england on 2nd Dec 2005
it is a shabby little phone with a rather large areal, that has only a few good things about it. my conclusion of this phone is that it would be better in the recycling bin

Reviewed by sunny from uk on 25th Nov 2005
A nice decent phone,cant go wrong with 50 on pay as you go. Tho how do u mute the key pad tones????

Reviewed by emma from england on 21st Nov 2005
this fone is absoluley amazin its the bomb man !:D

Reviewed by Graham from U.K. on 1st Nov 2005
No text counter. 2 batteries good but having changed them regularly (daily) over 6 months they are loose now and phone has lost power a few times. Sometimes slow to receive texts but thing that's Orange - worst network I've been on.

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 29th Oct 2005
Everyone who has write disappointing reviews on this phone u r wrong. Hear me out this is Samsungs FIRST!!!!!!!!! 3G phone they only want to try what LG & NEC have done and thats gr8 but i think samsung now know whats wrong wiv it and have made betta 1's. (Buy this phone on Vodafone!)

Reviewed by Polly from England on 15th Oct 2005
Really disappointed with mine. It often cuts out in the middle of a call, I receive long text messages as individual texts. For the past month Technical Support are looking into a problem with the handset, whereby the text message service fails and I can't receive messages.

Reviewed by garry from uk on 11th Oct 2005
very good little phone.Good inside display and good outside display very lite and tidy get one its fun

Reviewed by Mags from Scotland on 24th Sep 2005
Absolute rubbish, please don't buy

Reviewed by Upaul from U.S.A on 23rd Sep 2005
Worst phone that i have ever used

Reviewed by Ed from Australia on 8th Jul 2005
Had this phone for 8 weeks now. Bought os to use in Aus and cannot get it to stay charged for longer than 24 hours even on standby. Batteries drain so quickly. Maybe due to being setup for Europe use, dont really know.Samsung very unhelpful.Nice looking but due to battery problems in the draw it goes. Never recommend this phone for businees use to unreliable

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 15th Apr 2005
A good entry level 3G phone. Screen is excellent. Camera is average to good. Several annoyances, one is the fact that SMS messages in your inbox are not identified by the names in the address book, only be number. Another being Wap browser has the annoyance of an empty history window popping up everytime you back out of a wap page. Finally, cannot get the phone to default to T9 predictive. Unfortunately no MP3 player. If you can live with the above annoyances then it's a good phone.

Reviewed by Webster from Scotland on 8th Apr 2005
This phone is banging. It has a great camera for photo's and it's ok for taking videos too. The ability to connect to the computer via usb is great for uploading pics etc. all the features are good (would hve been better with an mp3) but u can download songs onto it which is gd. The screen is gd colour and res and size and the outside screen is good for putting pics on 2. overall i think the phone is really really gd and would advise u 2 look in2 gettin one if ur gettin a new phone! :-D ROCK ON SAMSUNG!!!

Reviewed by stuart agnew from scotland on 4th Apr 2005
DON,T BUY THIS.. The divert to answer phone button on the side is a pain.., pressed easily in your pocket.., picking it up..e.t.c. But more importantly it will not connect to windows xp...! "IT HAS NOT PASSED WINDOWS LOGO TESTING"...You can,t even download a fix, I,m returning mine under the sale of goods act.. Both the orange shop + samsung have been told till i,m blue in the face.. they were unhelpful Voda here i come..

Reviewed by fonemaster1000 from UK on 28th Mar 2005
Dis fne is amazin da polyfonics r da best in da hole world an its rerly gd on O2 coz i got it on O2 a few days ago an its boss!! fanks 4 dat Samsung ur my fav fne MAKER!! cya

Reviewed by CLAIRE from ENGLAN on 10th Mar 2005

Reviewed by claire from uk on 5th Mar 2005
Just got this phone on O2. Have to say i'm really impressed with the size and looks of this phone. I know ppl who have the LG 3g phones and they r huge! Havent actually tried out the video calling yet but i only just got it. It doesnt seem to have an mp3 player but the polyphonic sounds are good and the display is just amazing!!! I luv this phone:))))

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