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Samsung X820 review

 Review: October 2006  


In a nutshell: Ultra-slim phone with 2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player & Bluetooth™.


The Samsung X820 is one of Samsung's Ultra series of superslim phones, and at just 7mm thick it's the thinnest of the Ultra series, and the thinnest mobile in the world at launch! It's now been beaten by its replacement - the Samsung U100.

The rise of the superslim mobile began with the Motorola RAZR in 2004 at 14mm. Before this most mobiles were at least 20mm thick, so the RAZR caused quite a stir. The Motorola L6 replaced the RAZR as the world's thinnest, at just 11mm, and for a while the Samsung P300 was the thinnest, at 9mm. Now comes the Samsung X820, pushing the limit even further - to half the thickness of the RAZR! All this in just two years! The RAZR was hugely popular; the L6 quite popular, although with too low a specification to be a big seller; the P300 was just too weird to be mainstream; but the X820 has got what it takes to be a really popular phone. It does compete with the other Ultra phones however, especially the sliding Samsung D900.

Despite being so thin, the X820 feels solid enough (the casing is actually slightly flexible - this stops the ultra-thin plastic from breaking) and is nice to hold. Several of our users report that their X820's have snapped in half in their back pockets, although we find this hard to believe from what we have seen of the phone - it will take a lot of abuse before snapping! The keypad is large and very easy to use, and the overall styling is very nice. It's worth noting that as well as being the world's thinnest phone, it's also the lightest. This is due to its small volume and the use of plastic instead of metal in the casing. It feels as light as a feather!

Now, not only have Samsung created the world's thinnest phone, but what's equally amazing is the specification of the phone. How on earth have Samsung managed to pack so much into the virtually non-existent space inside the X820? First up, there's a 2 megapixel camera. Whilst this can't compete with the top of the range phones from Sony Ericsson or the Nokia Nseries smartphones, it's still a good camera for a phone and takes excellent pictures. The video camera is also excellent, with a high reolution of 355 x 288 pixels. Images and videos are displayed very nicely on the bright TFT display, which is large at 1.9 inches, handles 262k colours and is high resolution.

The X820 has a stereo MP3 player that supports a wide range of formats and can handle playlists. Output is through the speakerphone or a stereo headset. Memory is 80 Mbytes, which is enough to store a couple of dozen MP3 tracks, but there's no memory card option to expand the memory. High quality MP3 ringtones are supported.

Connectivity options are good, with support for Bluetooth (including a Bluetooth stereo headset), USB and a TV-Out port so that you can view images or video directly on a TV. The X820 supports MMS and email, with a Picsel viewer for viewing attachments. GPRS and EDGE support enable fast downloads. An offline mode is available for using the phone without making or receiving calls. One small complaint, in common with many Samsung phones, is that there's no option for the phone to vibrate and ring simultaneously. Finally, battery life is no better than average, which is not surprising when you consider the problem of fitting a battery into such a small space.

Samsung X820 features include:

  • 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera (355 x 288 pixels - up to one hour duration)
  • Display: 262,144 colours, 220 x 176 pixels (1.9 inches)
  • Music Player (MP3/AMR/ACC/ACC+/e-AAC+ formats) with stereo headset
  • MP3 ringtones (64 voice polyphonic)
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4)
  • Document viewer (Microsoft Office & PDF files)
  • Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Offline mode / Flight mode
  • Memory: 80 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 1.1, TV-Out
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Size: 113 x 50 x 6.9 mm
  • Weight: 66g
  • Talktime: 2.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 260 hours

Samsung X820 user reviews

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Average rating from 178 reviews:

Reviewed by DOMA from UK on 29th Nov 2009
im using this since 2 years no probs at all !! AWSOME

Reviewed by imran from UK on 9th Nov 2009
key paid is bad

Reviewed by THULANI from UK on 2nd Jan 2009

Reviewed by Taylor from UK on 16th Nov 2008
this phone is kinda cool at first i was amazed by the stylish look it had on the display shelve . thats until i bought and yes i was sooo disapointed how can it cost 90 pounds yet it doesnt have a memory slot? what the hell? anyway it was a disapointment !

Reviewed by QAZI from UK on 15th Nov 2008

Reviewed by Joyberth from UK on 30th Oct 2008
Dear, I love so much Samsung mobiles usualy I use, It is type of my but I would like to check the Bettry sometime it is not good. Thank you

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 17th Aug 2008
I've had this phone since january 07,its really easy to use and the camera is decent enough.However the bluetooth has now stopped working,it has cracked in half and it switches itself on and off constantly.I wont be buying a samsung again as the on/off thing has happened to a few people i know who also have samusungs.Its also really irritating if you accidently press 'back' whilst in the middle of a text,which means you have to save it and then go back into it.really annoying!

Reviewed by sumanvarma from UK on 6th Aug 2008
Negatives: 1.) Battery. (If the back light is ON, it consumes more battery power.) 2.) Bad signal receiving. (When I take it from my pocket, no signal bars appear.) 3.)Camera not so good @2MP.

Reviewed by Snapped from UK on 4th Jul 2008
Mine snapped in my back pocket. Orange didn't want to know as it wasn't a "recognised fault" and Samsung wanted to charge me £60 for a repair. I called Samsung head office and they repaired it for free. Samsung deny that there's a design fault but funnily enough they don't make them this thin anymore. There are lots of photos of snapped X820 phones if you search online.

Reviewed by andris... from UK on 28th Jun 2008
best phone... i like it...

Reviewed by wj from UK on 25th Jun 2008
excellent phone fantastic camera video 1 of the best from samsung easy 2 use

Reviewed by issy from UK on 24th May 2008
bad boy phone just got it love it already

Reviewed by Lee Kwan from UK on 22nd May 2008
I take loads of photos, loads of videos, and im on the move all the time, I share bluetooth alot, and I check my facebook alot lol, i havent got small fingers, and i wanted something that fits perfect in a pocket! X820 was the way forward, its coming on to a year since i bought it from o2 in birmingham uk, its astonishingly amazing, excellent vids and photos, holds enough to then load on my laptop and refresh my phone again to do it all over... Whats more important is that its very slim and light, yet big buttons and big screen!! how perfect for that was! basically if there was 10 stars it would still not be enough ratings for such a quality phone... and for all those who have snapped theirs, stop running over them because you had a fight with your love partners!! lol

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 19th May 2008
I've had my X820 since August 2007. I was very happy with the slimness of it, general use and the excellent camera. It worked fine until about 1 month ago, when it started losing signal mid-conversation for no good reason and with no advance warning. The phone seems to get caught in a loop of its own, and although the signal is lost, it maintains some form of connection. No sound to be heard, and when trying to end the call/switch it off, it won't let me. This happens in areas where the phone has a full signal available in a good radius. Then all of a sudden it shows full signal again, and lets me redial. The redial does take ages to get through though. The phone's battery also gets very hot, even for brief conversations. I would not recommend it.

Reviewed by Liezel from UK on 15th May 2008
I have this phone for 21 months and i love it. I'm a big Samsung Fan and is upgrading now to a F250. I belive its a good phone to.

Reviewed by joseph from UK on 10th May 2008
this phones battery lasts for 2 minsmwats the point of havving good features if it is so bad

Reviewed by Dan from Malawi from UK on 2nd May 2008
Nice phone, really nice. But battery is trash. No life at all.

Reviewed by suzy gates from UK on 25th Apr 2008
I took the the samsun x820 on an 18 month contract and found the 2 biggest flaws to be a very hot ear which became uncomfortable afte being on the phone for longer than 2 minutes.to the point I sent it back and they did a software repair and wiped my phone for no reason as it was still having the same problem. The second roblem ws the battery life which was awful but realy sould have thought about this as the phone is so thing the rest of the phone is great. I have no idea what people ar doing to snap the phone as my 1 year old daughter used to play with it and i slun it around in my bag and dropped my bag on the floor enough times and never had a probem its a smart phone ihtpocket handbag friendly but unless you carry a charger with you and have cold ears be a bit wary

Reviewed by Garry from UK on 19th Apr 2008
What a great phone. Just a shame it snaps in half and is not robust. I wish Samsung would make a similar product which lasts. It broke within twelve months. It could be even slimmer without the camera which I don't require. Replaced it with a Nokia, never again what junk!

Reviewed by AB from UK on 30th Mar 2008
had it, was perfect for about four months, until the connection between the screen and phone died, causing white lines across the entire screen - making it impossible to read phone numbers or text messages. still, a good phone, easy to use and with good features.

Reviewed by Pat Kalambaheti from UK on 29th Mar 2008
I had this phone for almost a year now. The few main reasons I decided to go with this phone were; 1. Its thickness : Because it is so thin, you can put it in your shirt pocket comfortably. For the lady, it is so easy to carry even inside of your wallet. 2. Fairly large buttons : The buttons are large and easy to press, except for the * and # due to its thickness. 3. Good outdoor camera : With 2MP camera, I could take some snap shots any time I like. The picture came out quite good. 4. Synchronization : I use Microsoft Outlook as my main contact organizer. So, being able to synchronize the phonebook with my Outlook is fast and very easy via Bluetooth. I love the phone. It has been working quite good so far. My last one was Motorola V3. There is no doubt that V3 is much tougher regarding to the construction of the phone. This X820 is quite easy to get ding and scratch if it falls. It would not be feasible if I put a cover on it. So, I use it bare meaning "no protection what so ever". The built-in memory is suitable for me since I do not use it to store music. The battery would last me more than 10 hour on my working day. Recharge after got home. Thinking about buying a replacement high density battery to compensate the life of the original battery.

Reviewed by Alan C from UK on 13th Mar 2008
Mine snapped in half, not covered by warranty, dont buy samsung products

Reviewed by aLAN cLELAND from UK on 12th Mar 2008
My X820 snapped in half whilst in my pocket. Glued it together until I could get to the shops. Then told I had invalidated my warranty by using glue. Lesson to be learned is dont buy Samsung !!!!!!

Reviewed by zoe from UK on 5th Mar 2008
this phone is the best there ever was thankyou good workxxx

Reviewed by Lungisa from UK on 21st Feb 2008
I love it, but its a pity i lost it, & still dont know how to track it

Reviewed by paul from UK on 12th Jan 2008
Great phone for the two months I used it. Somehow the screen inside is cracked. No evidence of damage. Obviously the flexible design is a pish poor idea. Now I can only use it for phone calls. Reckon I'll get my money back? I doubt it...

Reviewed by Matt Penn from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
I've had this phone for a year... And it's been the best phone I've had so far... Videos amazing and even beats my friends k800i and the pictures arn't bad but it does lack anti shake... It's very stylish and thin but thats where the problem is i was raving last nite and managed to snap it while drunk but oh well it lasted my a year and it is time for a new phone, My new phone will be the LG viewty.... Theres a new version out of the X820 but it doesn't meet the modern demands of a mobile phone so i will not be purchasing it.....

Reviewed by elias from UK on 9th Dec 2007
I was quite satisfied with this phone when i got it around October 2006. Everything was user-friendly and easy to use. However my phone's plastic cover on the outside cracked and then now my phone is on the verge of splitting with a slight twist, and i have to keep it in a spectacle case in my pocket so it doesn't get broken. When i was buying it the salesman assured me that it wouldn't break but now i get this. This is the last time i get a slim phone for the sake of fashion.

Reviewed by Stevie G from UK on 4th Dec 2007
Great phone, Got it for only US$173. would have rated it exellent or outsanding, but one flaw... signal strength is horrible! Got upset after a week of using it and took out the chip and placed it back into my Nokia 1600. Going to try to sell it now.

Reviewed by sandra from Nigeria from UK on 26th Nov 2007
It's the thinnest phone i ever had. The camera is so sharp and the sound is clear. But the battery doesn't last. All the same, i love it.

Reviewed by Sasidhar from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
Very disappointed. you cant set your own ringtone or dialer tone.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 21st Nov 2007
Snapped in half in back pocket, not happy.

Reviewed by Chris 1985 from UK on 12th Nov 2007
NOT SO GOOD!!!! I actually always kept mine in my pocket guess what.... it snapped in half! So i then went to get it repaired and they said that it would cost £135 which is more than i actually payed for the phone, so i went to an alternative a case to hold it together which has worked so far but that set me back £35! the bluetooth has stopped working since it snapped and it cuts out quite alot! features are good, can't put a memory card in it though, battery life is really bad! after having the phone for 6 months now it has to be charged very night but it does only take aroun 2 ad a half hours to charge fully. would not recomend you to buya thin phone as this snapped without any force what-so-ever. overall not vey happy.

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 11th Nov 2007
I love this phone <33 But the only thing is the battery only lasts for a day.=( Overall its a nice phone.

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 11th Nov 2007
Good phone but let down by limited Samsung software. You can't even set anything other than preset tones as an SMS tone. Still though, looks the part and never had any problems.

Reviewed by Joi from UK on 7th Nov 2007
i own one of these and they are excellent ..!!!

Reviewed by Nick From Greece from UK on 7th Nov 2007
the phone have problem with the screen i have the phone and after 2 months the phone works very good with out screen the screen is blank.

Reviewed by a j from UK on 28th Oct 2007
Really disappointed phone went blank after 10 months sent to samsung customer services rubbish left with a 18 month contract and no phone they said it was misused and wanted to charge a fortune i can promise not at all very well looked after never dropped had to buy a phone cheaper than insurance should have stayed with nokia

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 23rd Oct 2007
This phone is brilliant! It does everything i need it too. Battery life is not that bad!! I charge mine every two days and i always use the music player which should run it down fast but it doesnt! The screen quality is excellent the camera is good and the video is good. I love all the frames you can mess around with. After this phone when you buy a new one its going to feel really heavy and bulky compared to this one! Only thing i cant seem to find is somewhere to put a phone charm =P but its not that important. Love The Phone! But they disconnected them so they not for sale in many places any more!

Reviewed by bardeep from UK on 16th Oct 2007
For some reason you can't fast forward music

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 14th Oct 2007
I love it, but the battery life is rubbish, i have 'lost' it about 20 times or thought that it was stolen but really it was in my pocket (it is so small you just loose track of it)but cant really complain about that. My bluetooth has suddenly stopped working, no reason why but the phone looks fit.

Reviewed by miss P from UK on 13th Oct 2007
My Dad got me this phone as a present and obivously i loved it the way it is wafer thin .After 1 day with this phone and having charged it all night , it wouldn't stop turning its self off .The worst thing about was the way i would be half way through a conversation on the phone and it just died it wouldn't turn back on again and it was then dead .If you want a stylish phone though get the LG shine it is so fit .

Reviewed by rach from UK on 11th Oct 2007
rubbish, i have nothing but problems with mine, screen broke after a 2/3 month then would not charge due to "wear n tare" not happy at all dont get a ultra fone too thin and flimsy to be relabile. batt life not that good eitha! and no expandable memory and memory on fone not very good!! worse samsung yet!

Reviewed by julian rogers from UK on 18th Sep 2007
is a safe mobli.....yummy

Reviewed by Patrorian from UK on 12th Sep 2007
Just bought the phone for a day after a thoroughly research. This is the first color display phone that I bought for over 4 years. So far, I have only noticed a few Pros and Cons. Pros: - Slim, Sleek design. - 2MP camera. The camera works great in the bright location. - Nice large keypads. Very easy to push. - Wide screen display with over 200k in resolution. - Friendly user interface in term of synchronizing with my PC. I got all contacts in my Outlook transfered into my X820 in no time. Cons: - Battery life is less than I expected. Only a few phone calls (less than 3 minutes each), the battery already shows 2/3. - The screen does not perform well under the direct sun light at noon. - No vibrate and ring at the same time. - No memory expansion port. But, 80MB internal memory should be enough for me when I use this phone mainly for communicating with others and some snap shots. My conclusion: I think it is one of the nicest phone I have ever owned. Its thickness and design are truly amazing. Will post more opinion later on.

Reviewed by simon from UK on 7th Sep 2007
RUBBISH keeps waving in and out of signal when standing still.Sent it back got an exchange but just the same. Put sim card in an old nokia no problem at all. I cant wait to run it over in my car and get another phone that works.

Reviewed by Dubravka from UK on 5th Sep 2007
I love it! Beautiful,very easy to use,great sound.great pictures...i'm gonna keep it for a very,very long time

Reviewed by Gav from UK on 5th Sep 2007
I like it, exactly what a mobile phone should be like. Iv no idea how people have managed to break it. Iv sat on mine and dropped it and its been fine. Keypad takes a bit of getting used to tho as it takes me double the time to send a message as with my old nokia.

Reviewed by Shashikant Trivedi from UK on 5th Sep 2007
Bought it few days back, its battery is shameless. Samsung guys must think over it. Keylights are sad. Anytime off and on. Samsung must apply brain while producing products. In my town all dealers wants to sell it at half price but no takers.

Reviewed by frikky palmer from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8888888 fone!!

Reviewed by Jimbo from UK on 1st Sep 2007
This phone Very Very Bad and Verry Very Good - Picture is outstanding - but i cant belive the amount of battery life 3/4 of a day and you have to charge it - i am going to sell it - believe me when i say - if you buy one - you will get really annoyed with the amount of battery life.

Reviewed by Buba A. Basu from UK on 28th Aug 2007
I am using this set for 2 years, it is a have good phone and very nices to hold because of its slimness, people love it but the set lack of external memory as other phones has.

Reviewed by Will Malek from UK on 25th Aug 2007
gr8 phone, stylish, sleek, i had both the silver an the black. definite buy, as i read some people had troubles with it so i recommend fully test b4 buy. otherwise this is a must buy phone

Reviewed by simon wright from UK on 19th Aug 2007

Reviewed by 7amoood from UK on 18th Aug 2007

Reviewed by stu pidass from UK on 15th Aug 2007
this is the phone nicole rithcie would use. that might put me off but its still a tremendous cell phone!!

Reviewed by Sy from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for six months now, and it hasn't put a single foot wrong. I specifically wanted (as one writer below succinctly put it) a handset that wasn't an intrusion in my pocket. I have a Blackberry and a SonyEricsson K800i, and whilst the latter has a brilliant camera, it's such a bulk ! Come on guys, it's the twenty-first century ... all phones should be this slim !

Reviewed by kundi from UK on 2nd Aug 2007

Reviewed by Logie from UK on 1st Aug 2007
Love this phone. The photo and video quality are excellent. My only problem is that I'm unable to send any pics via MMS or E Mail. Every time I try to it says "Message Size Too Big". If there is a way of reducing the size of an image I'd love to know. Great apart from this though.

Reviewed by Nazmul from UK on 30th Jul 2007
Samsun sgh-820 model 100% bad.Very very bad than no commands. Thanks

Reviewed by James Hankin from UK on 28th Jul 2007
Maybe I was lucky, but as a Businessman I spend a lot of time on the phone - alking- I do not use txt , but good Bluetooth is an absolute must.The X820 on 02 is far, far superior than my Nokia was as far as clarity of connection with my Bluetooth car audio.Commonsense dictates , that unless battery technology has changed completely, a wafer thin battery of the X820 will not last as long as the brick like size of the Nokia.Camera, great , and easy to use.This phone is amazing for it's size and price, I am very glad I bought it.

Reviewed by NSK from UK on 28th Jul 2007
This thing is great but has some drawbacks. If you ride a motorcycle it iz great because you can have it in your pocket without it sticking out like a bump. While driving a car it slips out of your pocket if you're not wearing tight jeans, This sucks because you park your car walk away while 20min later find out you left your phone in your car.. duh :S I also found out inside newer european concret buildings the signal get really bad and people can hardly hear you so you have to walk over to a window... GET IT FIXED SAMSUNG! IF YOU CANT EVEN RING FROM YOUR PHONE WHAT GOOD IS IT?

Reviewed by Stu from UK on 25th Jul 2007
I have had this phone for 6 months now. Overall I have been impressed with this handset. Reception quality is good and all the features are of good quality. Unfortunately the handset snapped in 2 and is now getting repaired. There appears to be a weak point in the design where the screeen meets the numeric buttons. This snapped whilst in my pocket

Reviewed by chris marshall from UK on 25th Jul 2007
samsung x460, i have had phone for over 2 years, i live in a hot country and after a few months of owning it and after the weater got hot, when i leave an air conditioned building and go outside into the heat, the phone turns off, after major complaints they finally replaced the phone, only to experience the same thing one year later. i complained but nothing happened, then the phone settled down. again the following year the same happened when weather changed. then settled, now weather very hot and humid i am having the same probelms. the phone also used to do this when i had a lengthy call or text message, i think the phone overheats. nice phone but a nightmare when gets hot.

Reviewed by A-dilly from UK on 16th Jul 2007
Very good for its price

Reviewed by marko from UK on 12th Jul 2007
What I liked: -number buttons are big enough and nice to press - Very smart camera (all numbers are shortcuts to basic options, like funny frames, ISO, etc.) (but not * and #, it would be even more handy with those) - very fast menus! - the design - slimness, lightness What I don't like: - Center button could be easier to press (pure flat and too small for 5 buttons) - THE PHONE CAN NOT VIBRATE AND RING AT THE SAME TIME. WHY ON EARTH, DEAR ENGINEERS? That's a VERY BIG MINUS - Text message erase button can only erase one mark when pressed once, or erase ALL marks when pressed a long time. So, if you have typed a 1000-mark message, and wan't to erase 750 first marks, you have to press back space putton 750 TIMES! Or write 250 marks again (maybe written with love and care, but 15 minutes ago. Remember all the words?). Nice choice? :) (I would change that, and set erase button to erase ~20 marks per second, and the red phone button to clear the whole text) I would give 2,5 stars, but because only whole stars are accepted, I give 2, because I would lie if I said the phone is good. Wibration with ring tone is so old, basic and needed function!

Reviewed by Sameer from UK on 10th Jul 2007
I bought the phone 11 months back and boy was it a show stopper!!!Everyone around would just gawk at it!It was truly my pet.Well about 3 months back....it just went kaboom!!!I was speeaking on the phone one very humid day and the phone got covered with my sweat and the screen went blank mid conversation!!!Sweat seemed to have swept in through the circuits.And when i took it to the service centre they are like "No guarantee for water logging".Wat the heck man!!!It was sweat!Now my 14,000 Rs is safely tucked in the cellar!Gotta say the build quality sucks!!!Careful investigation revealed that 2 other acquaintance of mine had the same ordeal with X820!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by hodan from UK on 8th Jul 2007
i hate it!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 28th Jun 2007
Great slim phone, but the battery life is sooo bad. I even bought a more powerful battery but still doesnt last. Thats the only price to pay for a really cool phone , had no probs at all . As for breakages i wouldnt have put my Nokia in my back pocket and sat on it i dont see why i should start now !

Reviewed by Bobulus from UK on 27th Jun 2007
Of course, as far as the ability to slip it into your pocket and forget about it till it rings, it has no competitors. I find the batteries run out too fast for my liking and seems less than advertised. The 3.2mb camera and (hopefully) longer battery life of the latest Samsung thin mobiles seem to make up for their bigger bulk; even though they are still very slim for what they pack.

Reviewed by Calum from UK on 18th Jun 2007
Won't charge - had handset replaced twice, charger and battery replaced twice. useless. Avoid.

Reviewed by ser from UK on 16th Jun 2007
pretty nice phone but firstly, the most annoying thing for me is that the phone rings quitely for some seconds and then with its full volume. and some people say that it doesnt ring and vibe at the same time. mine does

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 13th Jun 2007
Great phone. Very easy to compose a text message, light and unobtrusive. Only problem is that battery needs charged very regularly. Recived a Samsung D900 on my contract which is still in the box as I prefer the X-820.

Reviewed by Rj from UK on 5th Jun 2007
This is the one of the coolest phones I have had. It gets the attention from others and with all the features, its the best sleek phone. Also I have dropped it 100times, and it works fine. Software can be ugraded by samsung with more features like in Nokia. Battery is also good if you carry the extra one with full charge.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
Does what it says on the tin! I like the size of this phone, it is incredibly flat but because it is so thin its also a little wider than other phones so easy to use.The functions are good and Its so light and compact it fits anywhere and you almost forget you're carrying it. Didn't seem to be that popular which was good for me as i don't like having the phone that everyone seems to have. Passed mine on now, but good phone and i would recomend it.

Reviewed by dhaval from UK on 2nd Jun 2007
excellent phone

Reviewed by Dino P from England on 30th May 2007
I've had this phone since Oct 06.I bought it unlocked from a shop in London.It is fine, battery life is about ave.The Vibrate/Melody issue isn't so bad if you remember to use one or the other. Had loads of comments from people about the X820 never happened before.Screen quality is excellent. This was my first Samsung it won't be my last

Reviewed by abud from kuwait on 27th May 2007
it the best telephone good camera and good

Reviewed by Dani from England on 22nd May 2007
Good phone but battery life is awful.

Reviewed by Mark from uk on 22nd May 2007
I love the size and weight of this phone as i like to keep it in my pocket, but it does have 3 main bad points. Battery is 1, lasts well if you dont use it, but i do! reception not as good as the nokia's or sony ericsson's i've had in the same areas is 2 but i hate the fact that it wont ring and vibrate at same time! So, man at samsung, SORT IT OUT!!!!!

Reviewed by charlie from uk on 20th May 2007
its a nice looking phone but it won't charge. had it replaced and this one still won't charge.

Reviewed by nikky from south africa on 20th May 2007
great phone, easy to use extra slim loads of connections and things.. internet acess and loads more in other words its a brilliant phone.. love it

Reviewed by Im from Canada on 19th May 2007
Battery life sucks ---

Reviewed by Matt B from UK on 18th May 2007
Awful, simply awful! Sent it back after 2 days because it kept blanking off, then coming on. Not helpful when in the middle of a text or even worse a phone call! Battery lasted only 7 hours and in that time I only made one 10 minute call! Sent it back, got another one and guess what...exactly the same. Such a shame as it looks great but whats the point when the things doesnt work! Rubbish

Reviewed by S Killingbeck from UK on 15th May 2007
Nice enough phone, very light. Mine snapped. Whilst trying to pull all the contact details off, i found the bluetooth had stopped working. and Samsung will not replace or repair. Terrible Customer services. doesn't ring and vibrate at the same time. camera isn't great on it Great phone while it works, jsut don't keep it in your pocket.

Reviewed by herman from namibia on 10th May 2007
it is a handsome phone i love it very much.

Reviewed by Steve from South Africa on 7th May 2007
It's a nice phone, but I would not buy the same again. I had three problems: it snapped in half while in my pocket - I did not sit on it,- sound quality and signal reception is less than I am used to compared to other phones.

Reviewed by mabbola muungu from zambia on 1st May 2007
i bought x820 phone two months ago. for the past two months, i have had two phone- nec e616 and this one. my nec has lost my love bcoz of It's mass. I sold it today. x820 is really handy. i like everything about it except it does not ring and vibrate simultaneously. the other drawback is that i can't customise message alert tones. it works well though with all our networks here in Zambia.

Reviewed by jane d l from wales on 27th Apr 2007
this phone is two light for my like-ings.. Also i accidentley sat on it and it smashed.. you have to be really careful..also the memory and sound isnt that good

Reviewed by Sarath Kumara from Sri Lanka on 24th Apr 2007
This is a nice,excellent phone.Sound is excellent.The document viewer is unbelieveable.

Reviewed by Andy Grieves from UK on 20th Apr 2007
Excellent mobile phone. I couldn't get one new at the local O2 shop in Durham (lost a sale there boys!), so I bought an almost-new one from ebay. Battery life is a bit short, so I will buy a high power battery this week. love the big keys, except the "C" button which is a bit fiddly. I will not change this one for a long time. I can't stand carrying a phone that feels like it is an intrusion in my pocket. This one ain't.

Reviewed by jeps from finland on 18th Apr 2007
<3<3<3 lovely phone..

Reviewed by Martin from England on 16th Apr 2007
Fantastic phone but never use it with Orange in UK. It requires quality signal for proper reception - exactly what Orange in UK can only dream about. Very unreliable connection anywhere. Any other operator - and X820 is just a pleasure to use.

Reviewed by jayne from united kingdom on 16th Apr 2007
very good phone i have had the samsung x820 for a couple of month and very pleased with it the only down side no memory card and i find that i have to charge the phone most days depending on use otherwise it hold plenty of mp3 and videos

Reviewed by Daco from Serbia on 11th Apr 2007
Nice phone. It has few faults but it is the price of its slim.

Reviewed by JOOLS from ENGLAND on 11th Apr 2007
I recently purchased an samsung sgh-x820. Great phone to use, menus are simple to navigate, although a little more long winded than most nokia's, has all the features I need. So light that I often can't tell what pocket I put it in. Good signal quality and decent camera. Only reservations are the talk time, but thats a comprimise because of it's size. Only annoying feature is that you cant use custom message alerts, only the on phone melodies which are pretty lame. Overall good value and great phone

Reviewed by GaV from England on 5th Apr 2007
Had this phone for a few weeks now, and in my time I have had phones from pretty much all the major makes, and have always gone back to Samsung because there phones are so good. This particular model the system runs very quick, good signal quality and a pretty decent camera as well. The one downside, which is annoying me a bit is they haven't really thought about what keys do, and eveything seems to take a lot more clicks than my old Nokia, which can get a bit long winded. I keep hitting the back button as the delete and it is shutting my text msg down. But getting used to that. Overall a pretty nice phone, and very slim. No problems with breaking or anything else, just don't sit on it!!

Reviewed by tom mcgarry from england on 2nd Apr 2007
bit of a basic fone and mine broke after a week took it back gt it replaced but i think im goin to sell it coz as i say its ok but a lil basic

Reviewed by PHIL from UK on 30th Mar 2007
Must admit, just brought this phone and i'm really impressed. I paid just 99.99 om pay&go and it feels like a phone of 3x the price. The solidality and slimness make it comparable to real high end titanium type phones. you'll think this from the very moment you hold the box in your hand. well, if quality of construction is more important to you than features (not that it isn't feature rich already) then buy this phone as it won't disappoint.

Reviewed by never-you-mind from england on 26th Mar 2007
Brilliant phone, battery contrary to other reviews has average life, very solid for a thin phone and very professional looking.

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