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Samsung X640 review

 Review: July 2005  

Last updated December 2005

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung X640 is an entry-level camera phone.

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Samsung have shaved a little off the price by not including an external display, which is a bit of a shame, but if this doesn't put you off, then the rest of the phone offers excellent value for money.

It's a lightweight compact phone, physically very similar to the Samsung X450, which also lacks an external display. In fact, the X640 is virtually identical to the X450, but with the addition of a VGA camera, a handsfree speaker and Samsung's voice clarity technology which first appeared in high-end phones like the Samsung D500 and E720. The voice clarity system monitors the background noise and the loudness of the voice in order to make the phone call as clear as possible.

The camera is a standard VGA camera as used on all Samsung's entry-level and mid-range camera phones and does its job well. The UFB (Ultra Fine & Bright) display is crystal clear and is better than average for this class of phone. Samsung have equipped the X640 with a generous 6.5 Mbytes of memory, which is a good size for storing photos and Java games.

If you can live with the absense of an external display, then the X640 offers value for money if you're looking for a cheap clamshell camera phone. If you want the benefit of a dual screen, then we recommend the Samsung E330 instead, although the E330 is a dual-band phone.

Samsung X640 features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom and night mode
  • Internal display: UFB, 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels (1.7 inches)
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Voice clarity
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS (learning T9)
  • Photo caller ID
  • Games: Snowball Fighter, Bubble Smile plus downloadable Java™ games
  • Phonebook (1,000 entries)
  • Personal Information Management: calender, scheduler, to do list, clock / worldtime, alarm (once/daily/weekly), currency converter, calculator, memo book, stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Memory: 6.5 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: RS232 serial port (cable not supplied)
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10
  • Triband
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 87 x 47 x23 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 220 hours

Samsung X640 user reviews

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Average rating from 144 reviews:

Reviewed by Taff from UK on 10th Jul 2014
I've had this mobile for maybe 10 years, never had any problems with, still used daily, and I still have the original box it came in, i'm about to upgrade to another Samsung mobile.

Reviewed by naman from UK on 23rd Mar 2008
phone is durable, sturdy n good looking

Reviewed by Benny from UK on 9th Dec 2007
Samsung X640 is possibly the best phone on the market for the price. It's virtually indestructable with a high quality screen and really attractive look. The phone is simple to use and has some really great features. I'd definitely recommend it!!!

Reviewed by Aslam Sheikh from UK on 19th Nov 2007
Samsung X640 is not up to the mark . Following are Deficiencies: You can not see detail of group members. Practically Group option is useless. When you receive a call the Set do not prompt to save this new number. When you want to add a miscall / recived call No in your existing phone book, it always add as a new number instead it should ask to add this number as a new or in some existing contact. I m thinking to replace it with some better model and advise the same to all.

Reviewed by Carlos Samuel Fernandes from UK on 26th Oct 2007
Love it. Absolutely one of the best phones Samsung has ever done.Small simple and with all the extras.

Reviewed by Strange_child from UK on 24th Oct 2007
This phone is awful. It has no memory, no bluetooth, no mp3, and no vidio. I wouldn't reccommemnd this phone to anyone because even if it does have a camera, it's an awful one and the battery is drained within two days at the most! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Reviewed by Katie Cha from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
omg i hav this phone and i absolutely hate it thats why i'm getting a LG chocolate!!! ^^

Reviewed by CAPTAIN from UK on 25th Jun 2007
MY girl friend is using this mobile so i like it.

Reviewed by Vuppalapati Deepaja from UK on 29th May 2007
"This is an excellent mobile phone to be used ,the shape and the features are best when one initially wants to use a camera phone, But i bought an samsung DSU9 canble to transfer data to PC as some one suggested,but i ccould not ,i need information as how to transfer photos from Samsungx640 to personal phone?,if any one has that information mail to vuppalapati@sify.com." T got this phone 2 weeks ago, and to tell the truth i didnt quite like it at the beggining. I found it too feminine looking and complicated. but as the time passed i explored the phone and discovered the great "hidden" features. now i really like it. especially since it is a clam-shell mobile. i never had a clam-shell in my life and im glad this is my first one. i had phones like sony-ericsson t290i or philips 355, so this is the best fone i eva had. i felt better when i saw other men having the same fone. too bad it lacks a mini h

Reviewed by Monika from UK on 21st May 2007
Cute little phone - does it's job very well BUT drivers search and software for this phone can drive you crazy!!!!! I have lost the data transfer cable driver CD and now I can't find it on the internet, god damn it! Plus, I have to use a program to convert mp3's to mmf in order to have a song I like on the phone!!!!!!!!! Sucks big time!!!! Never Samsung again, guys!

Reviewed by tom from UK on 20th May 2007
i have had this phone for 20 months now it is brilliant the camra is wicked and so is everything else COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by illumi from UK on 19th May 2007
This is a fantastic fone...looks great, similar to the classic Samsung T100 but slimmer. a solid stylish phone. I have owned many of the recent models, Samsung d900, d600 and SE w810i and K10i...but none looks as god as this

Reviewed by jana tx from UK on 12th May 2007
has anyone had problems with this phone lately? my phone is less than 1yr old and it just quit on me. Samsung will not fix it, they said that i had done something that hurt the inside main board component. i was talking on the phone and it just turned off on me, that is it..... so, anyone else out there with problems?

Reviewed by Frank from UK on 10th May 2007
great value for money fone! camera not the greatest but good for this fones price! except... i really wont to no how to get the pictures from ur fone on mi conputer! on the samsung website it shows the pc link but it dosnt say were u can buy it! if any1 knows were 2 buy it, email me! frank.lawrence@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Stella from UK on 18th Apr 2007
I got this fone 3 years ago still workzz dropped it a couple timezz could be betta wid bluetooth n' if mi cable workzz but neva mind dis fonezz easy n is catching wid itzz features for 2 yearss its stayed on 150 dollarzz when all da oda fones went down by 150 dollarz staright away like afta 2 months that theve beeen on da market n dis fone dosnt even have blootooth so it rokkzzzzzzzz

Reviewed by angel from UK on 3rd Apr 2007
it's a great looking phone. i just don't know how i can activate my GPRS. i know it depends on the network and all but i get frustrated bec it doens't have bluetooth or infrared. i plan to sell mine and buy a more updated one. but really - before these other phones came out. it was really worth the money. it's sleek and compact and it has all the basic you will need in a cellphone.

Reviewed by Abe Singh from UK on 29th Mar 2007
Yeah, the phone is small and lightweight, which I like. The screen is bright and clear and the sound is okay. The VGA camera tends to wash out in bright light, but otherwise its also good. Like the large phonebook entry, so I can store a massive amount of numbers in the phone. All in all, a good value gadget.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 26th Mar 2007
Was very pleased with this phone - nice size, easy to use - but after just 18 months of ownership the microphone failed so I can't speak to anyone. Expensive to fix and generally very poor!

Reviewed by james from gibralter from UK on 8th Mar 2007
it is good strong mobile the camera is a bit blury it is quit cheep and it is good for a first mobile

Reviewed by Bradley from UK on 1st Mar 2007
This phone is great the only thing that neds adding is bluetooth and infared but other than that this is a geat phone. ?? ?? ?? ?????? This phone should be a 5 star. ? ?

Reviewed by P.J. from UK on 21st Feb 2007
This phone has been great until this morning, when i went to use it, none of the buttons work, except the hang up/turn off button. I've tried turning it off and on, and nothing works except the hang up button. Is there some hidden keylock that i've someone accidently activated? Please post help if you know the answer....

Reviewed by Chelsea from UK on 6th Feb 2007
This phone is great i love it !!!! I do wish if it had bluetooth of video recording, (i really want songs) but its still a great phone its cute cool pink colour and it has very cool effects !!!

Reviewed by Anzi Panzi from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
I like this phone but it would be better if it had bluetooth!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by M =] from UK on 21st Jan 2007
I've Had This Phone For Ages, And I Mean Ages. It's Reliable And Although The Camera Isn't Great, It's Okay I Suppose, It's A Shame It Hasn't Got No Video Recorder, O Well At The End Of The Day It's A Phone.

Reviewed by Abduqe from UK on 18th Jan 2007
Its phoooone waw Hi am load many things but java does not open to me wat z problem helpme Tankz

Reviewed by nikki from UK on 16th Jan 2007
this is a really good phone and i recommend it.

Reviewed by David from UK on 14th Jan 2007
Well well well my enemy back from the dead. So heres a bit of a story "Long ago in a faraway land (well actually a year and a bit ago and in a town) I went to the optus shop and voila I bought this phone- at the time it was great for me. But then the upgrades happened, not only were mobile companies releasing fantastic phones- my friends were getting phones with video cameras realtones- the works, but while my friends were off with their video cameras and real tones I was stuck here with an average phone, but thank goodness it broke an excuse for a good phone! But it broke in the worst possible way, it was calling my sister BY ITSELF repeatedly, it would not turn off, I tried everything...my warranty had run out roughly 4 days before, I was happy but sad at the same time- I was phoneless for ages and all of my photos from Queensland were gone I know I know I should've bought a camera...anyway what I'm getting at is this phone was once great but its not anymore because its not reliable and doesn't have the benchmark fetures food for thought:

Reviewed by Marcus from UK on 19th Oct 2006
This is an awesome phone I should know I OWN IT!! AWESOME!! YOU'VE GOTTA BUY IT!! BUY IT NOW!!

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 24th Aug 2006
It is a very good phone, you pay for what you get. The camera is good, it has great features like voice recorder, calender aswell as 2 alright games. The only thing wrong with it is you cannot play or record videos and you can't even put music on it. I thought it was well worth it, I'm now considering a Motorola V360v or another Clamshell Samsung E330. For anyone who can't decide between a plain Nokia or this, trust me, this is much better!

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 27th Jul 2006
I've had this phone since spetember last year (2005) and it has given me no problems! sure it may not have bluetooth or video recording, but its good to give as a first phone, or if you dont really care about bluetooth you just want to send multimedia texts, voice recorder, or have a picture phonebook! I higly recommend this phone! I still have it today!

Reviewed by becca from UK on 9th Jul 2006
This phone is pretty good to start, the camera is great and the phone looked brilliant. but after a while the camera started to go blurry even when i cleaned it, and it scratched so easily, also the internet on mine didnt work and there isnt much entertainment such as bluetooth or mp3.

Reviewed by Rihanna Browne from UK on 6th May 2006
dis is a good phone with good quality sound but i must say its a bit boring and u cnt relly do much with it apart from take self portraits of ur self. Both the games are rubbish snowballfight and bubblesmile i know thosse are the only games , and on the phonebook section its says enter a picture for callerr id but u cant even see the picture when it rings unlees ur phone is open . But i must say it does have sum good bits in the phone such as speaker phone and da camera and dats it , and sometimes when you want to send txt the service is down so u cnt send dem the servise is absoletly rubbish but it does have good battery life. overall i wouldnt get dis phone i swaping it for a nokia 6230i am giving the old one to mi sister but she doesnt relaise it isnt dat good cause shes not in to phones like i am hehehe. anyway i wudnt go for this phone if i were u but if u want it go and get it.

Reviewed by I must say............. I am a teenager and I really love this phone! I from UK on 11th Feb 2006
likin the fone but theres 1 thing keylock! everytime i take it out my pocket its on camera mode and its took loads of pictures. its really annoyin can any1 help me email me chels67133@aol.com thanks chelsea

Reviewed by mickel from UK on 6th Feb 2006
swapped from my rubbish z500 to this and this is the dogs compared to the z500!!!!!!!!!!!! simple to use n it works!!!!!!! well done samsung

Reviewed by Avishay from Israel on 29th Dec 2005
I got this phone 2 weeks ago, and to tell the truth i didnt quite like it at the beggining. I found it too feminine looking and complicated. but as the time passed i explored the phone and discovered the great "hidden" features. now i really like it. especially since it is a clam-shell mobile. i never had a clam-shell in my life and im glad this is my first one. i had phones like sony-ericsson t290i or philips 355, so this is the best fone i eva had. i felt better when i saw other men having the same fone. too bad it lacks a mini screen.

Reviewed by irene from aus on 29th Dec 2005
this fone is tops! i love it its great especially how u can put effects of ur picz! i love it heaps and its small compact and great looking.my advice: go buy one now very afforadable veryy good quality! it would have been even betta with a video camera and infared or bluetooth but dats ok its stil rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Reviewed by Cath from Aussie on 27th Dec 2005
this fone is awesome i love it!!!!! i like the mirror on da outside so u can tak ur own photo. it is very easy to txt coz of da big buttons. very stilish!! the only 2 complantes i hav is 1. u can not lock the side key, i often get it out of my pocket and fing it in camera mode. 2. every time u delete something add somthin or send a message it makes a really anoying ring. this anoys me but over all it is a great little fone!!!!! if any one no's how to turn da oporater logo off plz publish it in here and it would really help alot of people. thankz.

Reviewed by tim from england on 26th Dec 2005
not very good camera very unclrear no video record vice recor dosent go for long colour isnt godd i dnt recommend it

Reviewed by Lewy from UK on 25th Dec 2005
I just got this phone as a Christmas present and it's great - the best phone I've had thus far. I love the feel and the quality of it. I can't put the thing down!

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 23rd Dec 2005
In short, a nice phone without the bling!

Reviewed by Dave from England on 22nd Dec 2005
I have had many phones over the years and when I saw this one it was a must have. It is brill and it is not only a phone but a camera too. I must say Samsung are great phones to have. So go on buy one of these !

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 22nd Dec 2005
Quite simply, this phone is A1+++

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 22nd Dec 2005
Great looking Phone, simple to use, and fantastic clarity when making or receiving calls. I've used Nokia's and Sony Ericsson's for the last 8 Years, and this is my first Samsung. I'm instantly converted. Who cares that it doesn't have an external screen. This phone rocks.

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 22nd Dec 2005
Just got this phone five days ago and it is brilliant. Cannot understand Michael's review saying the phone has no inferred and video etc. Surely he knew this when he made the purchase?

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 21st Dec 2005
This phone is brilliant. It has everything I need in a phone. The build and sound quality are very good. I would recommend this phone to anyone that doesn't want to spend a fortune. Go and buy one now - you will not be disapointed.

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 21st Dec 2005
Primarily, this little no-frills phone is brilliant. What I really don’t understand is all you people out there that complain about the absence of features like… bluetooth and an external screen etc. Don’t you people ever check the phone’s specification before purchasing? I get annoyed at reading things like the phone doesn’t have an external screen – well, you knew that when you purchased it didn’t you? It’s all very simple, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it! That said, I do appreciate that some of you may have received this phone as a present but in the main I suspect most made a personal purchase.

Reviewed by Denis from England on 20th Dec 2005
Here we go... the Samsung X640 is a triband GPRS phone. The weight is 85 grams. The measurements of the phone are 87 mm x 46 mm x 23 mm. The continuous talk time of this phone is up to 180 minutes (under ideal circumstances). The standbytime under these circumstances can be up to 250 hours. The phone is compatible with GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz networks. This Samsung is GPRS compatible. You can send and receive text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (EMS / MMS). It also has a WAP browser. The phone supports polyphonic ringtones. You can also use vibrating call alert instead of ringtones. It also has a Voice Record function. The phone has a 16 bit TFT colour screen (65,536 colours). The main display has a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. You can control the the phone with the device buttons. The phone sports a digital camera, with a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 megapixels CCD chip). The X640 has no optical zoomfunction. The phone has a proprietary operating system and the firmware is upgradable. You can expand the functionality of the the phone by installing JAVA applications. All in all, this is a brilliant phone at an excellent price.

Reviewed by Ian from Ireland on 20th Dec 2005
What a great mobile phone the Samsung X640 is! It has brilliant reception and speaker phone. It also has a voice clarity setting. The camera quality is pretty cool as well. It has a large screen so you're not having to constantly squint at it to see what you're doing. Ring tones aren't too bad either. As it has an internal aeriel the design is neat. It looks good. A great phone, especially as it's at the lower end of the budget range.

Reviewed by Maxine from England on 20th Dec 2005
In short, a superb phone at an amazing price Ė what more can one ask for.

Reviewed by michael from australia on 20th Dec 2005
this was a phone that was not good for me i will admit it is strong but it doesnt have very good colour its doesnt have video recording and bluetooth or infered i wouldnt buy it again

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 19th Dec 2005
My mate has this phone and I was so impressed that I went out and purchased one. As a previous reviewer says, it's an excellent phone without all the bling. You need to hold the phone to appreciate how nice it feels etc. The voice quality is superb as is the battery life. I would strongly recommend this phone to anyone that doesn't want to spend a fortune. Okay, there's no bluetooth or external screen but then how often do you use these features anyway.

Reviewed by kelly from australia on 19th Dec 2005
There is absoulutly nothing wrong wih this phone it rocks.Every thing about it is great.Go ahead and buy it write away. I dont hav this phone but my 2 best friends have and have borrowed theirs i loved it so much i'm buying my own next week

Reviewed by Andrew Muraya from Kenya on 17th Dec 2005
Wazup! to all the people who are complaining that their phone answers a phone call when they open the flap have clearly not read their manual. To stop this simply go to the phone settings then select the ANYKEY ANSWER option, then select OFF. Also select the SIDE KEY option in the phone settings and then select SILENCE. This should prevent the phone from answering your calls when you open the flap. Cheers and to all those guyz who havent bought one WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ITS SIMPLY A DOPE PHONE.

Reviewed by Mathew Riby from Australia on 17th Dec 2005
Although it isnt the highest market fone, this fone has GREAT value. I got 1 and now half my grade at skool want 1 :) I would recomend

Reviewed by Her maistery t from london on 15th Dec 2005
oh, this phone is out of this world, its amazing, BRAVO to the samsung company, i love them i would marry them if i could, i have never i mean never have seen a model like it i mean it is out of this world i mean the quality of the screen is amazing, erm what else is there to say about this phone, BRAVO TO WHOEVER MADE THIS BRILLANT, FANTASTIC MODEL WELL DONE, I PERSONALLY THANK YOU!!

Reviewed by angela from australia on 15th Dec 2005
well i only got this fone 2 day and i have only mucked arround with it for a bit as i am not ment to have it till christmas but what i have done with this fone i really like it yea the camera mite be a bit sucky and the games are real bad but other then those to things i love it it is conpact easy to use and i just love it and to all the people that think this fone is bad i think you should take a good look at yourself i mean i read 1 review and the person was a selfish american that doesnt no a good thing when it hit them in the face so go out buy it and have fun with it!!! love ya all and bye bye

Reviewed by katnbec from england on 15th Dec 2005
this fone is the best thing that has eva happened to me and me m8 bec, it is even betta than sex!! lol, it as got a relli gud camera, high quality screen, buit in loud spker 4 handset, who needs a posh fone wen u av got this, i wud recommed this fone to neone, so why are u still lookin at this screnn go and buy one right now. I SED NOW!!!! ignore all the ppl who say this fone is rubbish they obviously don't no good qulity wen it hits them in the face, to ask me for more details eres my addie kat_smilin_22@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by wojtek from poland on 14th Dec 2005
samsung x640 is great phone

Reviewed by Happy babe from Australia on 13th Dec 2005
Hey guyz when choosing this phone i had 2 pic between this 1 and the nokia 6101, but the samsung x640 being a HOLE LOT CHEAPER i got it and and am happy to say that it is great and is sexy man and i like it how it doesnt have a antanna thing i hope if ya reading this you go out and buy it NOW!!........Hey i thought i told you 2 go buy it

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 11th Dec 2005
This phone is brilliant. It doesn't cost too much but looks expensive. It has good features, including a camera and the battery life is very good indeed. All in all it's a great little no-frills phone that does the job.

Reviewed by Gary from England on 11th Dec 2005
Primarily, this little no-frill phone is brilliant. What I really donít understand is all you people out there that complain about the absence of features likeÖ Bluetooth, external screen and inferred etc. Donít you people ever check the phoneís specification before purchasing? I get annoyed at reading things like the phone doesnít have an external screen Ė well, you knew that when you purchased it didnít you? Itís quite simple, if you donít like it, donít buy it! That said, I do appreciate that some of you may have received this phone as a present but in the main I suspect most made a personal purchase.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 11th Dec 2005
A very good phone. The niggles-it keeps taking pictures in my pocket and the caller ID only gives you a brief glimpse of who's calling. The phone answers as soon as you open it giving you no chance to ignore people you don't want to speak to! Apart from that it's great. Battery lasts well, very clear sound,good organiser and alarm plus a very handy voice recorder - great for memos. Oh yes and pretty indestructable. I wouldn't be without it.

Reviewed by bek!! from australia on 11th Dec 2005
omg this is the best fone eva it has every thing i need on it and for only $199 i luv it it has a really gud camera and the calls are really clear its so cute and small and the design is really kool 2 i just luv it i recommend this fone to evrey 1 in the mother beeping world !!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Reviewed by Dean from England on 9th Dec 2005
Iíve been using this phone for the past 4 months and Iím very pleased with it. Apart from bluetooth and infared, which I would not use anyway, it has everything one could ask for in a phone under £80. The battery life, signal and speech is absolutely superb Ė one of the best Iíve ever had.

Reviewed by urma from scotland on 5th Dec 2005
this is a great phone with lots of good featuers like good camera lots of games etc. the best thing about it is the calls they are soo clear!

Reviewed by smiley from bahamas on 3rd Dec 2005
i like the phone alot it's kind of modest and not to compicated. My only request is that someone e mail me with some tips and tricks for playing bubble smile.... i see alot of room for the extension of time/chances but i have no idea how to get it to it's maximum (there must be a way)if anyone who knows and can share i would be grateful if u e mail me at... thegeneral_2185@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Bre from Australia on 28th Nov 2005
I love this fone its got a great look 2 it and it works perfictly the only dowt i have about it is that is hasnt got an exturnal screen, but it is a small cute fone i recomend it 2 every 1!! BRE

Reviewed by C M Menon from India on 25th Nov 2005
I was using the Nokia 6610 and had no complaints with it at all. I brought the Samsung X640 primarily because I wanted to use a clam-shell phone. I had been using candy bars all along. Nokia's clam shells are lousy. The X640 is a sleek, oval shaped phone, the antenna-less design makes it comfortable to hold or slip into one's pocket. The battery performance is also pretty good. The phone could have been thinner (when compared to the Motorola V3 Razr), but one cannot complain too much about that for the price that one needs to pay for the V3 Razr. The X640's camera is pretty decent. On the negative side, it's sometimes difficult to open the clam shell especially when you are driving. Opening the clam in a hurry also causes accidental activation of the volume switch on the side of the phone causing the volume increase/decrease screen to pop up. This is irritating. When on speakerphone, the menu displays 'Normal' and it displays "Spk on" when in the normal mode. This is a S/W bu g. Samsung could have included the PC cable as a standard accesory. I am used to connecting my mobile to my notebook PC using the Infra Red port on my Nokia 6610 , I miss this feature on the X640. For folks who want to know how to switch off the auto answer feature on opening the clam, here's how you do it. Go to menu, select phone settings and switch off the Active folder option. Overall the X640 is a decent phone provding value for money.

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 23rd Nov 2005
I have been using this phone for the past four weeks and I have to say itís brilliant. Okay, there is no Infrared, Bluetooth or external screen but then what do you expect for the price £80. If you need a straightforward no-nonsense phone then this one takes some beating. The call quality and reception is superb as it the rest of the phone.

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 23rd Nov 2005
I received this phone as a present three weeks ago. In short, it is excellent and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. I admit it is not the most feature packed phone on the market but if you are not too bothered with all those gimmicky things like, MP3, Bluetooth etc. then you will not beat it without spending double of those hard-earned pounds. It feels great in your hand and has an air of quality about it.

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 23rd Nov 2005
Top notch phone without the bling.

Reviewed by Amy from England on 21st Nov 2005
brilll.everything i need it to do it can. It's the best phone i've ever had, and i've had a lot of phones

Reviewed by Bryony from Legg on 18th Nov 2005
I got this phone about two weeks ago, and I'm very pleased with it. However, does anyone know how to turn off that annoying confrmation sound, like when you set an alarm time etc. I don't want it constantly on silent, but can't find another way to get rid of that noise. Thanks guys!x

Reviewed by peter from nwosu on 15th Nov 2005
A very poor fone with VERY VERY VERY VEYR poor service sorry to say!! An absolutely rubbish fone and i recomend anyone to buy a nokia 3330 rather than this samsung fone!!

Reviewed by Sami from Jordan on 14th Nov 2005
Bought this phone as a gift 4 my wife, she preffered it on d Nokia 6630 I was about 2 choose 4 its compact and style. OK! I saved d half of d N6630 price and bought this good phone. In addition to its nice look and cheep price, it has a good display, good camera(with acceptable resolution, camera features like flip, rotate, mirror, adjustable brightness, 4x zoom, solarize, gray sclale, skitch(!!what this for any way?), night shots), good bat. life (2 days average use) on d other hand, what da hell happen to samsung to choose this unbelivable ring tones, I cant find any good one!, what bad games on this phone(Better not include any game if this is all you have), why Fastlink (Service operator) cannot send me the GPRS settings and I hv to visit them??.. AND AND NO IR!! NO Bluetooth??!! why? what a camera phone without sharing your Cam pics to others?? this is dissapointing. Any way, this is a good standard and reliable phone for your money, but dont 4get to turn it silent if you are using it on night.

Reviewed by Kyle from U.K. on 13th Nov 2005
this phone is da best ever it has all the specifications you need for the ultimate phone. i would recommened this phone to everyone

Reviewed by Tracey from England on 12th Nov 2005
I think its a great phone. Had lots of diffrent types before but chose this one for the price and the design. I love clamshell and have no problems opening it - but my little kids do: so a good feature! No external display but hey how hard is it to open to see who is calling? Sound quality good, only have to charge from time to time and photos far better than previous phone (motorolla v600). Don't care that no MP3 player - I have a separate one. Triband - excellent as I need it for my work. No dratted ariel to get in the way so looks sleek and feels good in the hand. Can hear it ring or vibrate no problems so unsure why another reviewer could not. Maybe not the hippest, most expensive phone on the market but for something for calls, SMS, photos and a good size then I think it is great!

Reviewed by Flora from England on 7th Nov 2005
This phone is one of mmy only phones and it is god it has everthing you need eg camera.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 1st Nov 2005
I bought this phone beacause i wanted a good flip phone with a camera, without it being too expensive. the camera quality is very good, much better than many other phones i've had, and my battery lasts forever...i charged it up fully, went to iceland for a week, and when i came back there was still one bar left after it being on for ages...the only thing i dont like is opening the phone..can be a bit tricky! overall, this phone is a fantastic phone...it looks great and it wont break the bank...go for it!!

Reviewed by janzelle from Philippines on 30th Oct 2005
my mother bought me this phone without knowing some of this features... when i saw this, i'm really very happy because it can fold and ite has camera.. but i don't like this phone because it has no infrared nor bluetooth... and i don't know how to open the gprs... so i used it to text my classmates, my mother and others.. who knows how to open the gprs of this phone, can u send it to my email as janzelle1232@yahoo.com... so i can open it... tnx very much...

Reviewed by michael from uk on 28th Oct 2005
this fone is totally da best the camera and everything about this fone is great worth every penny the flip design is brill and the menu is clear and easy to use i would defo recommend it

Reviewed by lora from bulgaria on 24th Oct 2005
i have this phone from 4 months- i like it ,and i haven`t got any problems with it, but i think that the melodies and sounds are really awful

Reviewed by charlotte from england on 23rd Oct 2005
I've had this phone for a couple of weeks and think it's fantastic. It looks good, works brilliantly and does what it's supposed to with great ease. I'd especially recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone just for texting, as thats what this little phone does best. Althongh, phone calls and picture-taking works well, too. I love it!

Reviewed by alan from scotland on 22nd Oct 2005
good fone wi great detale and brill camera and evrythin i love the fone with the voice memo recorder its great

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 18th Oct 2005
ive has this phone 4 3weeks and im very pleased, its the best i use 2 have the a800 which was not better but cool, anyway da only ting is is does not have a screen on the front.

Reviewed by Rehan Ahmad from India on 12th Oct 2005
I bought this phone one months and i m extremely flattered by the performance. It is stylish and it has all the primarily functions, i don't know why the people are complaining about this and comparing this phone with so expensive phones, if you want more functions go for anyother phone leave this beautiful machine for my kind of users, ya offcourse there r some drawbacks in this phone as well i.e. fm and bluetooth otherwise owesome, all in all a good result of your valuabe money.

Reviewed by Varun from India on 10th Oct 2005
Recently i got this mob and seriously i luv it.......Its better than my prevoius LG phones. has a cool camea and looks good and royal.. The phone is light and small...and hav good display... Only thing i dont like in this phone is that it doesnt support blutooth... Can anyone tell me hoe to move pics frm phone to comp..

Reviewed by Connie from Australia on 5th Oct 2005
This phone is very average. It has no display on the outside so to check time or the person calling, you need to flip it open!!Not convenient at all..It's a cheap and plastic-ee!

Reviewed by even from france on 4th Oct 2005
this fone is junk i hate it it is the worsd thing that has ever happend 2 me do not think of buying this phone

Reviewed by ben fletcher from england on 2nd Oct 2005
i bought my x640 just yesterday and allready i think it is the best phone by far. this is the best phone evr

Reviewed by David from Costa Rica on 30th Sep 2005
I bought this phone 2 days ago and... everything is great: the camera, sounds, wap, games... Can anyone tell me how many hours should I let the phone charging? (some people say that 3 hour for a longer battery life, is that true?) PD: sorry for english...

Reviewed by john leech from uk on 30th Sep 2005
i bought this phone on the 29th september 2005 and it is the best phone ever made the camera is class the games are bad but the rest is great so buy this phone

Reviewed by gemm from uk stoke on 27th Sep 2005
i luv my new phone its cool....only prob is i dont no how to reset the call timers??? ne1 no the code?

Reviewed by Upaul from U.S.A on 26th Sep 2005
I completely disagree with lauren , this phone might be beautiful , but has the worst camera and the folding system is bad too . If u guys want to buy a sexy phone that has good camera buy the samsung e730 or e530 or z500

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 23rd Sep 2005
This phone is amazing! I have had it for a few days now. I bought it for £80 including a years insurance which I thought was a good deal. The menu is really clear and easy to use and camera quality is good. I love how you can turn off the operator logo so you can see your picture properly. I dont miss the external screen,I dont see any need for one really. The 'mission accomplished' sound doesnt annoy me that much coz my phone is usually on silent anyway. Its a small and lightweight,stylish phone and I'd recomend it if you wanted a simple,easy to use phone without video capture,MP3 player etc.

Reviewed by Upaul from U.S.A on 23rd Sep 2005
The phone looks good but the camera is so bad that i feel like breaking it ,i have a samsung z500 , e720 , e730 , nokia 6630,3120 , motorolla v3 razr and this phone . By far this is the worst phone i have .

Reviewed by Robbie from england on 14th Sep 2005
The phone is fantastic apart from it doesn't have a mp3 player on it, it is just great.

Reviewed by joanna from malta on 10th Sep 2005
I just got this mobile but am really disappointed by it's sounds and battery. It needs recharging everyday practically. If it is in a bag forgot hearing incoming ring tone for sms alerts or even a call as it is too low even at full volume. I certainly do not recommend this mobile. You cannot even change the tones for sms by mms!. Have a second thought before buying I made a big mistake after reading mostly excellent remarks. Shame shame shame.

Reviewed by Henry2man from Spain on 9th Sep 2005
Up: Good quality voice sound. Average camera Down: After a twice months of use, my movil very is lined!! Tip: Turn off external led. Your battery life will be longer! (4-5 days at least) PD:Sorry about my english level. I wish this review were a little usefull

Reviewed by Siobhan from UK on 8th Sep 2005
This phone is excellent. I dont know why other people are complaining about the camera it is the best camera i have ever seen on a phone. And the people that are complaining about the battery must not have charged it up fully when they first got it. And i dont know why they are complaining about the fact it doesnt have a screen on the outside you knew it didnt before you bought it so stop complaining. This is an excellent phone and if you cant see that then you either need glasses or your head testing.!!!!!!

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