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Samsung X600 review

 Review: August 2004  


In a nutshell: A candy bar design phone with digital camera.


The X600 includes most of the features that you would expect from the current Samsung generation: VGA camera, 65,000 colour screen, polyphonic ringtones, Java games and multimedia messaging. What's different about the X600 is its shape: a straight design, not a flip or slide opening design. Presumably Samsung aims to appeal to as wide a market as possible, but it has to be said that the external aerial looks rather old-fashioned in this style of phone. However, it's a super-lightweight phone and that does make up for the ugly aerial. The phone also benefits from a camera flash, making it possible to take photos after dark.

Problems with this phone are the lack of a data cable for transferring photos to a PC, plus the small size of the display. There are also reliability problems with this phone, which is unusual for a Samsung - the main problem seems to be random freezing or shutting down of the phone. This phone cannot be recommended.

Samsung X600 features include:

  • 65,000 UFB display (128 x 128 pixels)
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with digital zoom, photo effects, multishot function (up to 15 pics) and flashlight
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Java games
  • Wallpaper & Screensaver
  • Messaging: MMS, EMS, SMS (with learning T9)
  • Data transfer: fax
  • Memory: 9 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Dual Band (900/1800 Mhz)
  • Size: 102 x 43 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Talktime: up to 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 250 hours

Samsung X600 user reviews

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Average rating from 151 reviews:

Reviewed by DHIRAJ KUMAR JAIN from INDIA on 21st Dec 2013
I love this mobile,I like only samsung.

Reviewed by zahir shah from pakistan from UK on 7th Jan 2009
it is a very terrible

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 7th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Lauren Lamecore from UK on 14th Oct 2008
I had this phone a few years back... i thought the problems were just with mine!!! i have to say when it worked i thought it was a fab little phone. i got some really good pictures with it, it had lots of options & settings for that... just a shame i couldn't transfer them :(

Reviewed by theheathen from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
i've had this phone for about 4 years now, and apart from a broken camera (because i kept rolling it with my thumb) i've had no other issues with it. I managed to get a third party usb connection cable for it too. Out of all my mobiles, the x600 has lasted the longest. I've also dropped it almost everyday, and have thrown it at walls, and stepped on it and it still works fine. Actually quite a hardy phone, does the job. it'll do for another 5 years, hehe. p.s. i've never had it freeze, i don't know what everyone is going on about, it's never happened to me not once!

Reviewed by Monii from UK on 17th May 2008
I had this phone a few years ago and it never gave me any trouble! I was really sad when I lost it too and even though there are all them brilliant new phones out I am still considering buying another one of these phones!

Reviewed by Trevor from UK on 25th Apr 2008
im very happy with this phone and never freezes. one phone thats a serious waste to buy is the samsung c300!

Reviewed by sheila cotgrave from UK on 23rd Mar 2008
i have a samsung x600 and i love it to bits and i cant bring myself to throw it away, it freezes quite a lot and just wont stay on, im currently trying to install update softwear in hope that it will solve the problem, i wont hold my breath, im sad that my dinky little phone is broken im actually gutted id give it a five star rating but for it breaking down in this way but as it stands now

Reviewed by Belawal from UK on 4th Jan 2008
Personally i loved the phone, mine hardly ever had any glitches and i was definately unique with it all features were great

Reviewed by richardson from UK on 31st Oct 2007
its a goodfone but lakes the ability to record videos

Reviewed by Ugur Azeri from UK on 13th Jul 2007
I had no problem with this phone until last 3-4 months.. Every part of it were working excellent. But now as usually it gives preview error when i try to capture an image...the best part i loved on this phone was its charming FLASH and its Battery lasting lifetime...But everything change to its bad or the worst form when they gets older...So i say it was good to have it.

Reviewed by Donnalou from UK on 6th Jul 2007
Loved this phone, great camera, great everything.....until...........it starts sutting down for no reason....WHAT A LETDOWN SAMSUNG......you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Abhijeet from UK on 4th Jul 2007
bad,very very bad

Reviewed by dwy from UK on 20th Jun 2007
dwy sukmana from indonesia on 20th juny 2007 I had been using thus phone since 8 months but is giving problems from last 1 months very much

Reviewed by naingyadana from UK on 23rd May 2007
the battery life is so short for me bcause our electricity supply is also so short.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 11th Mar 2007
i like it! its always worked!

Reviewed by Motorola>Samsung from UK on 25th Feb 2007
I have a Motorola SLVR L7 and I can honestly say it's not the best phone ever but it sure is a much better phone then the Samsung X600... ALtho the phones ages differ allot he specs arent that different with Motorola lacking being, still having a VGA Camera in Megapixel world :) I had to send in my Moto to get repaired, took a drop and speaker broke or something. So I borrowed the Samsung X600 from a friend... The phone itself looks nice, aerial doesnt bother me, feels good BUT... The biggest problem is the phone freezes, restarts for no reason.... The phone is unreliable!!! Also the keys are to small for my liking... I dont think Ill ever get a samsung because of jsut this phone... how can a company release a phone with such a huge flaw in it's software? NIce idea (I like bar phones) but software lets it down...

Reviewed by tam from UK on 13th Jan 2007
Except for the looks and the appeal at first its a worst of money samsung should compensate all those that have this awful phone

Reviewed by bronally from UK on 11th Jan 2007
I believe that the samsung X600 is an extremely reliable phone. The appearance and features of the phone are high quality. Personally, I would reccomend this phone for everyone.

Reviewed by Stefan from UK on 5th Jan 2007
same problem here, after 10 months the phone freezes all the time... sended it in for repairs (even 5 times !!!) but problem was never fixed... dont buy it ..

Reviewed by Jeff from UK on 30th Nov 2006
Had mine for 2+yrs & I can't see what all the complaints are about...You want a decent digital camera? Don't buy a 'phone...Want a phone to last? Treat it like the delicate piece of electronic machinery it deserves to be...I got mine 'cos it's better than my old T39m...Downsides; the battery doesn't last long enough - whatever happened to longlife batteries...? It serves me well, so I got nothing to moan about..

Reviewed by AMIE from UK on 17th May 2006
I HAVE HAD THIS FONE 4 BOUT 1 AND 1/2 YRS NOW, & IT HAS NEVA FROZEN ON ME 1CE!!!!! Wateca ppl say, it must av been a faulty battery, mine is da best fone eva!!! It had a really gd camera, & the ringtones r da best! I wud recommend this fone 2 every1

Reviewed by maths from UK on 3rd Feb 2006
my fone az been goin GOOD for a yr and a half bout todai no sound is cominn out of it...MEANING DAT I CNT PLAY RINGTONES, da conncetion tone is still dery but i cnt ere wen i get a call or a txt messg dey n e fing i can do to help dis or is it tyme i gt a new fone??? thanks maths

Reviewed by Devegowda from UK on 7th Dec 2005
It is one of the worst mobile phone available in that segment. More over its initial version of software had some major bug. Problems like freezing while making/receiving call/sms/mms/gprs. Lacks lot of features required at present. My suggestion for buyer is remove this model from your list.

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 8th Nov 2005
Ive had this phone for a year and a half. Recently its been giving me a bit of bother - constantly switching on and off. My friend has had one for just over a year also and she is experiencing the same problem. Although (when the phone stays on) the camera is great and takes brilliant pictures - but i find it really hard to send the pictures especially via infa-red. I would like the pictures on my computer but cant send them this way - HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Reviewed by Rahul singhania from India on 6th Oct 2005
I had been using this phone since last 8 months but it is giving problems from last 1 months very much.

Reviewed by akin from nigeria on 16th Sep 2005
the phone is a terrible let down. being a fan of samsung products for ages am terribly disappointed. am seriously considering not ever buying a samsung phone ever again- i mean the way the phone shuts down is terrifying!!!

Reviewed by Anton Turk from Croatia on 15th Sep 2005
Don't by it. After 6 month it just starts to freeze. Awful phone.

Reviewed by Archie from Scotland on 13th Sep 2005
It was bad!

Reviewed by kps bisht from india on 12th Sep 2005
it is the worst mobile phone i hav ever used .. Also customer support of samsung is tooo poor . They asked me to pay for reapiring while it was in warranty period , & they asked for the amount which is neat to cost of tat phone.

Reviewed by Reinhel angelo from phillipines on 11th Sep 2005
it is so annoying as in duh?!? when my dad borrows my fone and contact sum1 it resets and it already took out my patience yes its very cool but if it took time like 4-5 months it will hang up or it will reset here in the phil it costs 14,000 pesos ipt reasonabele ayt? because of its features rotating cam, flash/torch voice recorder and everythng now i have it and its so awful

Reviewed by Joy Anne Esguerra from Philippines on 7th Sep 2005
I first thought that this phone is excellent... with its rotating camera, flash, great screen display and nice audio... i thought i had the best phone! But errrrrr... my goodness... in just 6 months, the camera broke (it says "preview error"), the battery gets very, very warm... (maybe it has a fever or somethin') it freezes very frequently! The worst phone i've ever had! It is really just a waste of money! RUBBISH! Now it lays useless in my drawer! GRRR!

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 6th Sep 2005
I had this phone not too long ago and loved the quality and zooming capabilities of it along with the amazingly bright flashlight that was no match for the sony ericsson k700i. But, the external aerial is ugly and uncool, getting in the way all the time and causing the phone to keep shutting down when you use it, so all in all if you are anything like me you will like this phone for a couple of months if you do not want much from one until you get so annoyed with it you will put it on a concrete floor and mash it until it is no more! (buy the samsung e350 or d500!!!!)

Reviewed by matthew from england on 1st Sep 2005
this phone is awful my coisin swapped a e700 hundred for it!!!(big mistake)cuz the camera wasnt working very well on the e700 i have said nothing to him yet but when he reads this he'll realise hes made the biggest mistake in his mobile fone history!!! by matthew steane!!!

Reviewed by AMLagonda from Australia on 29th Aug 2005
Itís a shame, I had this phone for 10 months (even wrote a great review here) now it lays dead, unusable, even though Iíve kept it in like new condition. It seems that every time it uses the aerial, the power it draws shuts it down and the phone resets over and over till you remove the battery, must have very weak circuitry. So every time somebody calls, I make a call or message it just resets itself. It is still my favorite phone as now I have a second hand Nokia 6610i (cant afford a SE K750) and thereís just no comparison the X600 is faster and better in every way I even have a Motorola E365 which just doesnít feel right cause the software is not user friendly compared to the x600. I even got the Data cable for it and it really does take excellent photos for a cheap phone, itís a pity I couldnít add games to it as the built in ones were very bad. Oh well may the Samsung X600 R.I.P. as youíll find that this particular phone is not even on Samsungs web site any more, looks like they have written it off as well.

Reviewed by Ishtiaq from Pakistan on 27th Aug 2005
This is the best phone if i compare it with other phones the same era.Its cam is nice rotating and multishot facility also zoom is good.Voice recoring lovely.As a whole nice and good looking phone.

Reviewed by Zaheer from UK on 19th Aug 2005
I purchased it and it is junk. It hangs and hangs quite often. The persons talking high of its features need to wait a little and I am sure they will use the same language the other day.

Reviewed by nicole from Australia on 14th Aug 2005
This is a great phone. Hasnt froze once. Camera is still in great cond and its been a whole year. No probs yet. I cant seem to find then many places tho. Great colour screen and a huge 10 MG in memory!! so much for such a lil fone!, i can fit like 130 fotos on it before its full. Data cable works perfectly, very easy to use and ultra fast transfering. I can even make my own walpapers with image editor etc its so cool. Great ringtones aswell. If u need to get a data cable, get EASY STUDIO!!! it works fine.shame it doesnt have a radio but o well and u cant use the vioce recorder and put it as ur ringtones but it doesnt matter. Still great and reliable for me anyway!

Reviewed by Sam from England on 9th Aug 2005
I bough this phone off a friend since they recently bought a new phone, i can now see why. the samsung x600 has a very good camera, its very stylish and very easy to use, HOWEVER, it breaks down frequently when recieving calls, texts can take 5-6 hours to get to teh phone, the internet is terrible, and in order to get the whole thing working after freezing, u have to take the battery out, do not buy this phone from anywhere, not even if its cheap

Reviewed by Gaz from GB on 3rd Aug 2005
this is an ok fone. i had mine 4 about 8 months an then it got robbed so sum1 must of liked it. i was impressed with it wen i got it. it only cost 110 pds and it had a camera which was good in august 2004. the bad thing about the fone tho is that white dots appeared on the screen afta bout 5 months, they looked like a smudge but it was on the inside and this affected the picture quality wen u took a picture. another bad thing was tha it didnt have bluetooth or infared and the internet was rubbish. it was a good fone last year and the rotatin camera looked really good but i wouldnt reccomend it 2 any1 now cos fones wit blutooth and video cameras r the best an ya cud get the 4 bout 120 pds wereas the x600 will still cost 100.

Reviewed by Leeyadabest from UK on 25th Jul 2005
This phone is the worst phone ever it breaksdown which is really annoying no one should get this phone i reapeat t is the worst phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by Rahul from India on 17th Jul 2005
Well I always used to wonder why people used to say negative things about this phone, now I know, after using it for 1 year the camera has gone dead, and the funnist part is that Samsung serice center is charging Rs 2500 for the camera change while a brand new phone costs Rs 6500, rally funny, now I have a phone without camera and no third party softwares that can keep u preoccupied (without the camera) like a Nokia series 60, overall a good phone, but you will get very bored of it within months!!

Reviewed by James from NA on 11th Jul 2005
ive got a question. How many people have taken their X600 in for repairs- trust me ALL of you will and they found liquid damage on the camera connector ?? I feel since the camera is not sealed off from the external enviroment general corrosion will occur due to tempreature fluctuations. No my warranty is void cause of a manufacturing flaw??

Reviewed by Freddie from Scotland, UK on 10th Jul 2005
A nice phone by Samsung, i've had my model for about a year now. The good points are the camera, you don't get many camera phones with a camera as good as that for about £150. Good storage and games etc. Bad points are arial at the top, the ability to not be able to download games. I would recomend this phone to anybody it's excellent and I will keep on using it, I was jelous of my freind when he got his Nokia 3200 which I like a lot and was planning to buy but this phone changed my mind!

Reviewed by Noor ul Amin from UK on 6th Jul 2005
This phone is simply an abuse. I bought it for PK Rs 12,000 and it was the biggest mistake of my life. No need to talk about the features as it is unreliable and hangs quite often. And see the extence, when I tried to claim the warranty from United Mobiles, I got nothing but rubbish. The dealer is well aware of the manufacturing fault of this mobile and seems to have been told to use delaying tactics and pay no attention to the 'fooled' people. I would suggest not buy this mobile at all rather not to buy any Samsung mobile as they, all, are to fool us.

Reviewed by Simone from Wales on 4th Jul 2005
Hi i've had my phone for just over a year now and i have never had any problems with it. it is the best phone i have had to date. if your looking for a phone with just a camera because it hasn't got video etc i'd suggest u get this one because the camera is superb for a phone. i paid £180 for mine over a year ago but i dont regret it! Its so durable and reliable, for starters my daugher has thrown it in a hot bath, its been in a boiling hot cup of tea! over night on a towel on a radiator and it was working fine both times! i wouldnt recommend it throwing it in a bath however!!lol. u can pick these up so cheap on ebay now 2. the only bad point id say is that i haven't got a cable for tranfering pictures but apparenly u can buy them for a fiver on ebay. I'm upgrading to a Samsung E530 tomorrow because its time for a change lets hope Samsung have done just as good a job with that one! Well Done Samsung!!

Reviewed by Saad from Pakistan on 3rd Jul 2005
this phone is very good, but I hv no information abt. the software which transferes the fotos from phone to computer, plz if any one knows give me ths information to " energicsaad@yahoo.co.in ", or send me software to this address, plz plz, I shall be very gr8 ful to him.

Reviewed by amit purohit from india on 28th Jun 2005
handset is good if you are not using as a phone , I am saying that battery consumption is high , antenna efficiency is not so good , you will often see network rejected etc. It's anteena needs a lot of attention .

Reviewed by UMAIR from INDIA on 26th Jun 2005

Reviewed by chydee from Nigeria on 25th Jun 2005
The pone is okay. it has all that is needed in a pone.

Reviewed by Faizan ahmed from Pakistan on 19th Jun 2005
This phone has very very outstanding performance,but now it hanged up frequently at least three time in a week. I went for repair of it, but concerned experts are asked that it is not repairable. any person plz inform me any solution at this email address: faizanahmad12@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Mukhtiar Ali from Pakistan on 19th Jun 2005
This phone had outstanding performance from one year, after this the said phone samsung x600 hanging frequently, I repaired it four time, but in vain and autorized warranty delear asked that this fault of hanging is irrepairable. Now this Samsungx600 is lying idle.

Reviewed by Helly from England on 6th Jun 2005
i LOVE this phone. the camara is wicked, the amount of space is awsome, totally loving the tones and games, good battery life. what more could you ask for? it said that it didnt have a data cable at the top of the page. i found one for mine and it works like a dream, its really quick once u get it started. took a little while to settle down, but thats on my part from changing from a nokia 3310 to my very sexy samsung. never had any trouble with it appart from its in repair at the moment because it had whisky spilt into the camara, but even then it was only the camara that messed up, rest of the phone still worked perfectly. i highly rate this phone, its very very VERY sexy, it looks really cool compaired to other more common phones - a real head turner. go buy one now!!!!

Reviewed by Milica from Serbia and Montenegro on 6th Jun 2005
The phone is OK,because of camera,which can rotate!I transfer my pictures to PC trought IrDa and I have no problems!The pics are great,like they are shoted with a real photo!I transfer pics with Easy studio PIMS and File Manager!The bad side of phone is that there is no video record,when I record some voice I can't put it like my ringtone,there is no handsfree,when I mute it,the sound when call is ended can't turn off!I have absolutely no problems with freezing and stuff you are talking about!Design is cool,but the color of the mask is bad!No proplem with Internet!Resolution is OK!Vibration is loud!However the phone is OK,and I recommend it for younger people!I am 15 years old and I am happy with the phone!Price is great for this quality...and so.Buy the phoneeee!!! :)

Reviewed by AMLagonda from Australia on 4th Jun 2005
I have not had any of these problem the others speak of, I mean what do they do, drop it all the time and expect it to work? The Camera is very good and CAN take close up shots very clearly, Its a camera, on a Mobile phone, do you expect it to be fantatic, its better than the Nokia of the same period. Down side was that it didnt come with data cable, I got one of Ebay so all is good but I cant seem to change the games (no options to do so), but at least I can down load the pics. The phone is very good quality FOR the price and I like it better than my old Nokia 3315 and battery life is very good. SMS to me is no problem what so ever once you learn to use the phone :P

Reviewed by Freddie from UK on 31st May 2005
I have had my X600 for a about 8 months now and I rate it as a very good phone. There are a lot of features on it, when i lost my own for a week I went mental! The only let down are the games! They get a bit boring after a while and its hard to find good one's for it. Over-all a brilliant phone, I love it! Also the camera is a very good little gadget.

Reviewed by zamilahmed@yahoo.com from UK on 24th May 2005
samsung x600 is good to use.but the camera is not working properly.it shows "preview error".how the problem will be solved?please enlighten me.

Reviewed by jimmy from afghanistan on 22nd May 2005
the x600 is a aewsome phone i regret selling mine for the sony ericsson z1010 althought the z1010 is still good the samsung x600 had a very good camera and flash along with zoom it also has bluetooth and other features its well worth the money and very cheap get one while you can !!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jack from UK on 20th May 2005
this stupid phone is a big fraud from the samsung...its just a piece of junk..dont go for it!! it's images are not transferable to the PC and the infrared never works!! its freezing after 2-3 months of purchase..the image quality is also not good..the dumb stick gives it an old and stupid look! and the java games in it are very stuipd! go for sony ericsson or nokia instead..in 5 words i'll say that this phone is a "STUPID PHONE FOR STUPID PEOPLE!"

Reviewed by Avinash Mishra from India on 19th May 2005
I am very upset after purchasing the set. Images are not transferable to PC. Infrared is not properly working and only Addresse book is transferable. Another problem is voice recorded through set can't be converted to ring tone and set is hanged frequently. Battery backup is also poor. It is the worst model, which I have seen. I have never recommended the set to any one.

Reviewed by Stacey from England on 19th May 2005
my gran brought me this for ma 15th b-day and it sux i mean hav u seen da size of da ariel da camra quality sux aswell HI H8 IT

Reviewed by Saghir Khan from UK on 19th May 2005
a good phone but in pakistan in cammera problems are not solved here pl tell me my set is giving problem in previw err help me pl.

Reviewed by Vasilen Yordanov from Bulgaria on 15th May 2005
Okay, I bought this phone a year ago and I loved it cause of the camera and the vivid display but...afterwards it turned out it wasn't that good, or at least mine is very dim. I persuaded a friend of mine to get one too, and the thing is that now they crash during calls, or I just end up without a phone cause it won't turn on and loses network. I don't get my SMS immediately but after like 6 hours or so :( Another drawback is the DRM, which doesn't allow you to send any content you've downloaded via WAP and the lack of photo ID. Overall, like already said, it woulda been great if it just worked...But since it doesn't here in Bulgaria you can get a SE K500i for the same amount of money, less than $150 and it would be a better choice

Reviewed by Pete from England on 9th May 2005
This phone has given me no end of grief.. It is constantly crashing and I've received several new phones that all do the same. If it worked, it would be a cool phone but it doesn't, so I've given it one star.

Reviewed by Gotty from England on 6th May 2005
it is a really great phone and really easy to use.the camera is a bit rubbish sometimes but the phone is worth it!!

Reviewed by Kathryn Groves from England on 2nd May 2005
I bought this phone in May 2004, and it worked really well to start off with, did everything I needed, and if anybody would have asked i would have recommended it to buy, and the camera was really good too. However it was only in August when I started to experience problems. First the camera stopped working altogether. I took it back to the shop and they repaired it. At the moment in time the camera is broken again: says "preview error" even when I turn it on! Half way through a call it will just cut off, stating "call failed" even when I have full signal. SMS's will only send when they feel like it. I am on the same network as another member of my house and they have no trouble, however my boyfriend has a samsung phone and he is experiencing the same troubles, so maybe it's samsung altogether. getting a new phone on saturday, and it wont be a samsung!

Reviewed by Bec from Australia on 30th Apr 2005
This is the coolest phone ever. It looks fantastic. You'll be the hippest kid in school when you go to take a photo and you turn the camera around. It's so good because the lense stays inside the phone while not in use so it won't get wrecked. I love it. Hi Kate and Jane!!!

Reviewed by Zack from UK on 24th Apr 2005
i hate that phone :@ i bought it for my ex ... and she sold it the next day &

Reviewed by Hillary from Kenya on 13th Apr 2005
I;ve had dis fone 4 months now.It has ggod featrues, cammera,WAP etc but ts a fone full of troubles. My ringer just went dead two weeks ago. Replaced it at samsung dealerbut still doesnt function well.Vibrator is Ok. Poor quality, reliability but nice looks and features.Not recommended.

Reviewed by Samantha from England on 10th Apr 2005
i have had this fone for a while, and got it when i first came out. i have had to send the phone back 4times because after about 6months of having it, the phones decideds to freeze and reset itself. it sometimes wont turn off my the button u press, you have to take the battery off instead. this was my first camera phone and thought it was good, untill it started restetting itself!! so if you want a realiable phone that dosnt turnm off then don't go for the samsung x600. im now having the phone replaced with another one and mines been back too O2 4times

Reviewed by Sara from UK on 7th Apr 2005
The phones not rubbish but its not great it came out a while ago n i know a couple of people who bought it refurbished i checked it out n i fink da camera is wicked cuz it flicks so u can take easy pics of urself but the samsung e600 is pretty brill at doin that and its a flip phone u dont even have to unflip it to take a pic just a button n the picture coems up on the external screen...

Reviewed by Firoz from India on 3rd Apr 2005
Samsung X-600 is a nice phone in matter of quality and ease of use. Its camera is best in its class. It has many drawbacks too like no video recording, fm radio or mp3 player. I am having it for last 8 months and i am happy with its performance. Its battery standby is ok and it lasts for 4 days maximum. If anyone wants to buy a phone for camera only then go for X-600 otherwise i would never suggest anyone for this phone. If anyone wants to know more about this phone then e-mail me at firozmohd@gawab.com

Reviewed by walid from algeria on 2nd Apr 2005
hello ; i have a big problm in my samsung x600 , this samsung is by o2 ; he restart lot off thank u Mr

Reviewed by faizan ali from pakistan on 1st Apr 2005
its the worst phone of all the samsung products.its a total waste of money...its camera sucks and after 1 month its software starts to give u problems........just simply ont even think to buy this set...

Reviewed by pat from australia on 1st Apr 2005
Really good phone, good camera, easy to use, but after 6 months of use it randomly freezes and wont turn on for 10 minutes or so. good phone but unreliable

Reviewed by Wes from England on 27th Mar 2005
at first this phone is really good.you can easily find your way round and the functions are really good.but after a couple of months the phone juss switches itself of and freeze when sendin a txt and it gets really annoying.u then spend ages tryin to turn it back on and when you do it juss freezes agen.overall it is a good phone but be prepare it can be unreliable.

Reviewed by Prakash from India on 26th Mar 2005
I have a very strange problem with this particular handset. Ever since i've got this phone i've been charged a lot of money for downloading stuff from my service providers site! I've complained many many times but everytime my wap provider has proof for the downloads taking place. My provider has informed me that maybe my browser is faulty and its making connections on its own!!! I'm not sure where excatly the fault is but the bottom line i've had to pay money for using this handset....

Reviewed by GIzzMO from UK on 14th Mar 2005
just as a note regarding another review, to record sounds you go to... Messages > Multimedia Messages > New Message > Sound > Record New

Reviewed by kimberley hayden from england on 7th Mar 2005
Before buying this phone in april 2004 i thought it would be so good and when i first got it it was outstanding in quality however a couple of months later the camera was borken and everytime i tried to take a picture it wouldnt let me and the picture would go green and blury and i had no idea why, as it was on guarentee i thought i would take it back to the shop so it could be repaired they said they were sorry for the inconveineince and that they would fix it. 2 weeks later they fixed it and it worked good for the next couple of weeks or maybe a month but after that my phone would randomly truen itself of or restart itself or reset r the settings and sometimes if someone rang me my ringtone would play all wrong and go relly high and wierd, so i went back to th o2 shop and they fixed my fone the day after i got it back it was broken even more, so i took it back andthey tried to fix it but they couldnt so they gave me a knew phone but the same model, however this one still re sets the settings on its own and sometimes half of the screen will just go off and do strange wierd things. So overall i think its a gisgrace to the Samsung name and i dont recommend it to anyone so if you are looking for a knew phone look elsewhere then the samsung x600!!!!

Reviewed by Ajmal from Pakistan on 3rd Mar 2005
The set is very good, nice tones, nice signals and camera, but slight disappointment with transferring pics to PC. Could someone tell me whether PC cable does work????? and could someone email me a pic taken by X600??? ajmal@cuonline.net.pk

Reviewed by vinay from tanzania on 3rd Mar 2005
my phone is good but i want download pictures and ring tones to my phone using computer. can some tell me how to do that

Reviewed by Joe from England on 28th Feb 2005
Keeps turning itself off and freezing which is pretty rubbish. I took it back once and got a replacement and now its doing it again 2 months later. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by d d spliting from great pakistan from UK on 19th Feb 2005
it is a very good phone and i like it. its camera ,games,flesh etc. are desirable fetures

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 13th Feb 2005
I had this phone for 4 weeks and until then it worked fine i loved it but then it kept knocking itself off and freezing on me. This isn't good as i need my phone allot. I had it sent off and they replaced most of the parts in the phone and so far its working fine again. But this has happened to a number of people and so isn't very reliable!!!

Reviewed by sara from uk on 12th Feb 2005
my phone as nva turnd off its alwayz bin chargd n it wrkz great - i dont fink u luk afta ure fones veyr well bcuz this phone is fantastic, it has evry cool feature needed and altho the look is a bit old, it has grea features and i love it, all my matez r jelus

Reviewed by Dodoli from Georgia on 5th Feb 2005
I like this mobile it takes good photos but has low voice but it isn't very important for me because I am young girl and I hear everything well.

Reviewed by ADRIAN from ROAMNIA on 4th Feb 2005
Specifications: the camera VGA is very good ,the sounds very low.My problem is the mechanism, It constantly turned itself off, not a handy thing when you cant ring people or send texts, shame :(((

Reviewed by Rehan Khan from Pakistan on 2nd Feb 2005
ncie phone, its very light hand set.

Reviewed by Prakash from UK on 1st Feb 2005
Samsung X600 is very good phone with camera. having high zoom capacity. but one thing is missing that is viedo capturing, and photo display on incomming alert. Pls make sure that it will be available in next comming version.Orelse give updates for the software used in the X600 version. Thanks Prakash.

Reviewed by deepak soni from india on 30th Jan 2005
samsungx600 is a good phone but ring tones is very slow and camera is also good

Reviewed by Rehan from Pakistan on 29th Jan 2005
nice phone

Reviewed by Ant from UK on 28th Jan 2005
At first i loved this little stylish phone. I got it when it first came out and it was my first camera phone. However only 5 months into my ownership i found a problem with it. It constantly turned itself off, not a handy thing when you cant ring people or send texts. It got worse so i decided to get it fixed as it was still under the warranty. 2 months later and it does the same thing again. I have heard off loads of people that they have the same problem. SO although the phone looks good, i really would waste my money on it, its not worth it if it is going to keep on going off every 2 minutes.

Reviewed by seandaman from gb on 14th Jan 2005
hello ,my freind got this fone for christmas and was tricked in to thinking it was one of the best digital cameras around well i have taken a few picks and it is terrible it is absoulutely terrrible

Reviewed by chris from england on 13th Jan 2005
I dont have this phone but my freind sophie does. I think that rotatable camera is great. this phone has style and lightweight appearence. The screen is clear and exeptable £99.94 is just right 4 this phone!!!!

Reviewed by djminutka from lithuania on 11th Jan 2005
nice phone nice poly nice camera:)but where is samsung x600 codes?

Reviewed by ABUZAR from PAKISTN on 20th Dec 2004

Reviewed by A.F.M.Anshath from Sri Lanka on 16th Dec 2004
nice camera,nice display,nice phone, nice pack of memory...

Reviewed by shahzaib from pakistan on 11th Dec 2004
although the fone is gud and has good features as well but its cam is so poor that what can i say it has given up with in 2 or three weeks and now is not functioning is there any solution of this prob.

Reviewed by Dennis from INDIA on 9th Dec 2004
You either like this phone or hate it. I like it and think it is a Good value for the money you pay. The 640X480 pixel images captured on the phone are of good quality, mine even beats the high-end nokia's on quality. The colour display of 65K is absolutely superb and the display is good for even bright lights. Navigation through menu is good. The phone to PC connectivity is a breeze through the infrared using Samsungs Easy Studio software. I even got a pc cable, but prefer the infrared for connectivity and transfer on the fly. The battery backup and reception quality is excellent. MMS, SMS are good and typing is a breeze. Polyphonic ring tones absolutely ROCK! Ensure you get good quality ring tones... Straight design, not a flip or slide opening design. Its USP of Camera flash is good for those really close shots, or be innovative and use it as a torch... quite powerful at that... and very handy. Huge Memory Bank - 9MB is big time for a phone in this category, I get around 150 ring tones in it, 100 or 50 (HIGH res.) pictures and much much more I am not a nokia buff having had some bad experiences with a few handsets before and my alternative in Samsung works for me well as like I had already mentioned, they give good value for the money you pay, especially when I keep changing my handsets every year or so. But I guess, I will hold onto this x600 for awhile as it has got features that will hold good for more than a year. There are drawbacks in the x600, every phone does, just that in my case the postives outweighed the negatives. The drawbacks are most visibly the external antenna!!! How I wish, I could get rid of it. And the software is not very user friendly, but I have learnt to get over this soon enough. No Bluetooth, but I don't have one in my laptop anyway, so it was OK. Java games, which will bore you sooner. Download away and have fun. You can also download games of the pc cable, just google to find out how. The standard toolsets in the phone are very useful, if you use it. I don't usually write reviews and a long one at that, but I see a lot of people complain about this phone because they buy it for the wrong reasons and don't read the manuals or configure it properly, The phone is as good as the person using it and I think my phone x600 is excellent.

Reviewed by Jovan Cekic from Serbia and Montenegro on 9th Dec 2004
nice camera,nice display,nice pack of memory...good day.

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