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Samsung X460 review

 Review: February 2005  


In a nutshell: A tiny dual-display clamshell phone with excellent features, but no camera.


The Samsung X460 is an updated version of the X450, which itself replaced the older A800. The X460 weighs just 75g, just a few grams more than the tiny A800, and is certainly one of the lightest phones available. The X460 is an attractively-styled silver clamshell with an internal aerial and a dual display.

The X450 features a UFB (Ultra fine and bright) internal LCD screen with 65,000 colours, which offers a bright vivid display for the phone's menu. It's a good screen, but not quite in the same league as the TFT displays on more expensive models. Still it's better than the STN screens offered by similar phone in this price range and it's a good size too with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.

Other notable features are the 40-voice polyphonic ringtones and Java™ games.

The lack of an outer display was the main problem with the old X450 and this has been fixed with the X460.

Samsung X460 features include:

  • Main internal display: UFB, 128 x 160 pixels, 65,536 colours
  • External display: STN black & white, 96 x 64 pixels
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Messaging : SMS (with T9 predictive text), EMS, MMS
  • Games: 2 embedded Java™ games (Snowball Fight & BubbleSmile) plus space for downloads
  • Wallpaper & screensaver
  • Scheduler, calendar, to do list, world time, alarm (daily/once/weekly), currency converter, calculator, memo book
  • Phonebook (1000 entries)
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 8 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10
  • Dual band
  • Size: 85 x 43 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 230 hours

Samsung X460 user reviews

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Average rating from 95 reviews:

Reviewed by amir from pakistan on 22nd Dec 2010
i just like tht mob 2 muchh n ihave this mob last 5yrs alsoo now i have 1 prblme in ths mob it,s battery go slow down mean not working properly ,now i have not find tht battery mean origional battery in pak plzz do some thing or help mee to make tht mob use 4ever thnk u soo much samsung 4 a lovely mob,,,,regards ,,,,,,,, amiriqbal s/o zafariqbal H,NO,T147,MOH, sikander khan shaheed kohat pakisstan,,,contact no is 00923339646852........

Reviewed by ram from India on 26th Jul 2009
my phone dose not mave bluetooth usb connection nokia 6010

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 1st Nov 2008
I love this phone - it's simple, it's good, it doesn't do magic tricks and that's why I love it. Mine had trouble with the charger though - either the charger broke or the connection between the phone and charger was not recognised. I couldn't find a replacement charger cheap enough so my lovely phone is in a box at the back of my cupboard and I'm back to a nokia 3310, which was in that box my phone is now in.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 22nd Sep 2008
Most basic phone considerately supplied without any extras. Small,light. Put it in your pocket with keys, screws, sand or penknife without worry. Drop it, throw it at the cat, use it as an emergency plumb bob or door stop, perfect design model for your tombstone. Simple. Cheap. Works. All you need. Great.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 9th Jan 2008
Lovely, fits in palm of your hand, easy to use. Had it 3 years, dropped it more times that I can remember and it still works fine - almost wish it didn't so I could have excuse to update it to a similar one with camera!!

Reviewed by harry from thailand/us on 28th Dec 2007
I had this phone until the screen broke. One annoying thing is that you cannot switch off the error sounds. You can switch off the alarm, and when you are quitely browsing the menu in the library, you suddenly get this loud error sound on a wrong option. The screen suddenly broke, i am still looking for a way to get my numbers on the sim card before i throw the phone

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 7th Oct 2007
Great little phone, Had mine 2years, its battered & scratched but still works like new. It dos'nt take photos, play mp3 or make the tea but it does make & recieve phone calls & it does it very well.

Reviewed by trydas from lithuania on 18th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for almost 2 years now. It worked for me without any problems. One thing that is annoying that you can't copy all phone Numbers to sim card. You can only copy them one by one. On the other hand you can copy all phone #'s from sim card to phone memory. Why? No idea.

Reviewed by Sara from England on 13th Aug 2007
I hated this phone so much a poured water on it so I could get a new one. You can get phones for the same price with a decent camera and multimedia text messaging i wouldnt reccomend this phone to anybody.

Reviewed by sophie.s from australia on 5th Aug 2007
I've had my x460 for about 2 years now and it's still going strong. I've dropped it numerous times and it hardly scratches. it is looking a bit dated now though

Reviewed by DT from Be on 23rd Jun 2007
This phone is total and utmost junk; you have to turn off T9 every time you want to send an SMS, the interface when typing is extremely sluggish compared to ancient phones like a Nokia 3310 or any other Samsung model. There's no option to have it ring and vibrate at the same time, what's up with that? The default ringtones and smstones are extremely bad, there's not a single one that's worth using. When you do decide to use one it doesn't play it nearly loud enough, I never hear it. Please, folks, whatever you do, stay away from this phone as much as you can, I wish I had.

Reviewed by Arrigo from India on 3rd Apr 2007
Pretty good phone overall...Have been using it for the last 2 years no problem at all...!

Reviewed by ana from australia on 13th Mar 2007
this pjone rulz

Reviewed by Subramanian Ramachandran from INDIA on 5th Feb 2007
Dearir,Your phones are outstading.But,there is two diffects.One is battery backup is not good,another one is prises are more.

Reviewed by Christine from new zealand on 15th Jan 2007
I have found the samsung x460 very easy to use and is a nice lightweight phone to have around and is very durable as i have droped it many times!

Reviewed by BIESAZ from LITHUANIA on 8th Jan 2007
It's a very good phone and in my country costs only 40eu (used , but working perfectly) , i get my one for 25eu (used , but working perfectly , package includes phone and charger) and i am happy , this phone is small , has external display (clock is useful) , nice main display with 65k colors , plays .mid .mmf sounds , java , wap for downloading stuff , its good for me :).

Reviewed by Danielle from UK on 22nd Dec 2006
Well i was always begging my parents for a phone and on my 12th birthday i got this phone and i was so excited for a very first phone it is perfect even though it doesnt have a camera it is still good but anyway i got this phone and i was literally on the moon i was so excited but then like 5 months later my phone starts picking people from my phonebook and phoning them up and it started wasting all my credit so my mom wouldnt top my phone because of that but othrwise i recommend this phone as a first phone as it is simple and brilliant!!

Reviewed by Emily from Australia on 30th Nov 2006
Great phone!! It's VERY small, light and convienient. Love the design and the external screen is handy. If you're not into all the extra fancy gadgets, this phone's for you. ---Does anyone have the software so i can transfer files to my phone??? I have a data cable, but the CD with the software is scratched and doesn't work.---

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 30th Nov 2006
Emily, you can download software for the X460 from the Samsung website.

Reviewed by Sometimes good from Finland on 15th Nov 2006
Its good phone i can say! Well,My write is SOME TIMES GOOD and this mobile phone its Good but not outstanding. Good side is: 8 mega bytes memory! exelent!!! Sound recording 1 minute. Style its so little so ican put that in my pocket without no body watch. ITS BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Samsung Outstanding!

Reviewed by Mrs. Fisher from Belgium on 6th Nov 2006
Horrible phone. Regret buying it. After a few days keypad locks can't take calls or make them. Can't text. Stuck with it cuz store won't exchange. Sent it back for "repair" came back good as SAME! Sucks big time. Don't waste your hard earn cash people.

Reviewed by Leah from Malta on 10th Oct 2006
Simply terrible! i havent even had this phone for 1 year and the amount of problems are endless. Firstly it randomly selects names from my phonebook and replaces them with ppl who are actually callin me so i never really know who is calling. secondly, whenever i write msgs it jams, my space button doesnt work so if yr a fast typer you just get a load of jibberish. i usually end up re typing a msg about 5 times. it often just turns off while i'm typing a msg too. sometimes it chargers by itself in the middle of the night.. without me actually plugging it in.. but then turns off when i do actually plug it into the charger. the screen is terrible.. my advice dont waste yr money.. you'll have to buy a new one soon anyways!

Reviewed by Hannah from Australia on 30th Aug 2006
The X640 is a good phone. It is deffinetly a phone which i would reccomened in confidence. I am not going to brag on, so i will give you my summerisation you should think of before considering buying the phone: * Its is a great phone if you are not throughly interested in downloading, bluetooth and all the hightech things. * Its a great phone if you want to show people that you have a coloured phone and can recieve mms and things, but not go into downloading and stuff. So if these points appeal to you give it a go, its actually not that bad!

Reviewed by claire brown from england on 25th Aug 2006
Had this phone for quite a while, i didn't want a camera so this was ideal and nice'n cheap! I find it easy to use, a lovely compact size and reliable. My husband used to have an exact same phone, but he changed to one a few models above this one, personally i think his phone is a bit of a black brick to be honest, ugly. I like my little X460, a bit battered and scratched now, but lovely.

Reviewed by enzo from italy on 19th Aug 2006
good phone, very good audio, lightweight, cool. using in a normal way the battery is working for three days. Problems? With the T9 and to introduce new words in the dictionary. Anyway for 90 euros is very interesting

Reviewed by daniel from russia on 15th May 2006
i did not like this phone. the design is old. it looks cheap also old. some features not good either. conclude, dont buy it!

Reviewed by Jelena from Serbia on 24th Mar 2006
I had this phone for about 2 weeks and decided to change it. Couldn't really deal with having to turn off T9 every time I write sms. And the alarm doesn't ring when phone is in silent mode. Unbelievable! To conclude - cute phone but in fact piece of junk.

Reviewed by Sonja from Great Britain on 14th Mar 2006
I love it, just wish the battery life was a bit longer. It needs charging at least twice a week. Definitely a girlie phone, my chap felt it wasn't quite masculine enough for him.

Reviewed by Asif Nawaz Khan from Pakistan on 8th Mar 2006
Its quite a good fone. but no camra,Memory should be more than 8

Reviewed by Brixa_Twixa from ENGLAND on 26th Feb 2006
I got this phone bought me as a present. Its very good if you dont want a camera/video phone and you just want something simple and stylish. It has a small and cute exterior, also has wap and internet connection. Its simple and easy to use. Ive had it for 5 months and it still works! Down sides that ive found - you cant send other people downloaded pictures off the internet via multimedia messages. They always say their too big. You cant send ring tones that you've downloaded either. There is also no inferred and no blue tooth. Sometimes - especially if your a fast texter, the screen can freeze and so does the keypad, then it switches itself off and turns back on again. This has happened to me quite a few times. The battery dies very quickly, even if you have charged it for 8+ hours, it can go down within the same day. Over all its a neat simple phone. But if you want something flashy then i wouldnt reccomend this mobile!

Reviewed by Chris from Eng Yorks on 23rd Feb 2006
It's light, compact easy to use with clear audio and no camera - great stuff and it works all the time with good stanby time.

Reviewed by beatirce muthoni from kenya on 17th Feb 2006
hae my name is as above, and i woiuld like to express how i feel about my phone. honestly i find it to be the most interesting phone that i hasve ever used. coz that it's light and more of feminine than masculine. but one thing that i would like to request you to enhance s to install an fm radio station so that i can be listening. also if it's possible to inbuild a camera facility on this type of phone. also the microphones are somehow inefficient coz every time i try to minimise so that people could not hear what what am saying, you find that the phone produces another voice whinc is not audible enough for the caller to hear. thanx for this opprtunity and i hope that you will be able to work on those suggestions if it is poissible. htank you oncer more. your faithfully beatrice muthoni

Reviewed by John Smithson from Thailand on 16th Feb 2006
This phone is great, small, light, fits pockets nicely and actually works fine. Clear, bright, colourful screen, buttons a little small but what can you expect from a small phone. To people who give negative reports about this phone, be specific and learn to write English instead of garbled rubbish.

Reviewed by Viky from Romania on 17th Jan 2006
Good,nice and cool mobile very light but no camera :(

Reviewed by owais from dubai on 16th Jan 2006
just brought it now seems very cool! affordable price too....i would like to give this phone 4 stars

Reviewed by nicnac man from uk on 14th Jan 2006
its quite a good fone. but no camra

Reviewed by Melanie from Australia on 9th Jan 2006
Great phone - only problem is that I have to enter in all my contacts (with mobile phones) in twice. One as +614xx xxx xxx and one as 04xx xxx xxx because when i receive an sms it adds the +61, although when i receive a call it comes from 04xx. Its annoying because i need to know who's calling me!

Reviewed by toni from philippines on 2nd Jan 2006
nice!!love this phone!!it looks very cool!!

Reviewed by Claire from Lancashire on 31st Dec 2005
I really love my phone its all I need, unfortunatly I have just dropped it in water and now I am hunting for a new one as it is compact, colourfull and has been well worth its money. Its a shame its not waterproof!!

Reviewed by Else from Denmark on 26th Dec 2005
I got this phone yesterday , and im totally in love with it .! the phone is small , perfect , and good to handle .. Ehm , the only thing is there arent CAMERA in it , and there arent BLUETOOTH and stuff liek that , ;( thats the only thing i doesnt like ...

Reviewed by Lauren from U.K on 23rd Dec 2005
This phone is marvellous. It has an excellent sound quality and it is very easy to use. It doesn't have a camera, but i think that's what makes it so good. all my friends bough camera phones and the phones needed to be replaced in 6 months - 1yr because the camera had damaged the phone's memory. I've had mine for 2 yrs and I haven't found a fault in it yet. it is much better than its predecessor because it has an outer screen display. well done samsung!!!

Reviewed by andy from england on 10th Dec 2005
superb,had it since feb 05 no problems at all

Reviewed by james from england on 7th Dec 2005
I had dis fone for about a week and 1 day it just went off,so i charged fully and it never came back on again. RUBBISH!!!!!!

Reviewed by becky!! from AUSTRALIA on 30th Nov 2005
well.. i think this fone is really good you ppl who dont agree suck you dont no what ur talking about if you dont like the fone say why you dont like it dont just leave people reading it saying that it sucked when we dont know how it sucks you need to say what you dont like about it coz thats really gay if ur trying to influence someone not to by it.............the fone rules the ppl who dont like it suk...end of story

Reviewed by bobbie harold from victoria on 19th Nov 2005
i think that this phone is absolutly amazing it has every thing i need on it plus very good colour screening you can see things so clearly and doesnt take long to download stuff its easy to use and weighs 75g its very small and compact to fit in to things

Reviewed by vince from philippines on 19th Nov 2005
this phone sucks!!!!!!!!!! dont recomend for u to buy

Reviewed by Noel from Australia on 14th Nov 2005
Love it.. it fits well in my hand! Love the big keypad. highly user friendly and in a compact stylish design. It has no camera facility, but I don't need one as I have a digital camera that takes better photos anyway. (and so the price is relatively cheaper for that reason!) It's quite durable, I've "accidentally" dropped it many times and apart from scratches, the rest is protected. Organising my phonebook was a breeze when I got a USB data cable for this phone that connected to my PC. SMSing has also been very quick! The battery lasts 3 days when I use the phone occasionally before recharging, so it's great. The only thing I don't like about it is the really weird default ringtones probrably composed by some guy on drugs. But that is easily fixed by getting a ringtone off the net! It's great value for what I paid for it! So thumbs up from me :)

Reviewed by Tom from Australia on 4th Nov 2005
This phone is decent, but I don't know about the price i bought it for. It's a good little slick phone, and stylish shape so fits your cheek bone, unlike those other non-flip ones. Overall decent phone, if you lack alot of money :P

Reviewed by Kylee from UK on 21st Oct 2005
The phone looks really good and it works well. It does what I need it to but i don't feel that the battery life is very good. It has come to the point where i can make one or two calls and it's almost dead and I have only had it not even a year yet. I charge it properly so I know it's not me and I know other people who have this phone who say the same thing. Other than that it's nice, small and easy to use.

Reviewed by John Abraham from INDIA on 14th Oct 2005

Reviewed by Amy from England on 9th Oct 2005
This phone is not too bad it is the worst phone i have ever had and it does not deserve a higher rating than this!!!!

Reviewed by sam from aus on 9th Oct 2005
The best phone ever

Reviewed by amy-lee-ann kinston (please dont laugh at my name ) from new zealand on 6th Oct 2005
ive had this fone for 5 days and its great if you dont have one you should its great

Reply by nic from england on 6th Mar 2012
I really like your name : )

Reviewed by christine from new zealand!!!! on 2nd Oct 2005
Hey,this phone is great! It is the smallest compact fone eva made really that is no 2 big.Its perfect for txting on and very clear when you ring.The only thing is that its not camera and i cant find how to compose ringtones but it says i can so if you hav this fone and know how to do that it will be great and email me here...puppy_dog_luva@hotmail.com plz tell me lol. Any way i recomend that you buy this cause its in and so hot and stylish!!! so a girls one

Reviewed by siddu from india on 7th Sep 2005
hi guys!im using this from 3 months.it is compact, sleek & stylish.its easy to handle. it may not have the features like the nokias| the ericssons. but it really creates a gud impression & its cute. only prob is my friends envy me. jus go get it dude...

Reviewed by MJL from Ireland on 29th Aug 2005
This phone is an ok phone... There are a few problems with it though... First of all, the screen is very bad quality. Its about as good as that of a nokia 3510i. Second of all texting can get quite fiddly as you have to go into the menu to insert some symbols into texts. One thing that really annoyed me was the ring tone quality. I downloaded some because the ones on the phone are AWFUL! The quality of the downloaded tones comes out terrible on this phone. There is loud clicking noises in the background that drown out the tone. Ive had my X460 for 6months and yesterday it broke on me. Ive been having a few issues with it prior to this point (such as the outer screen light staying on all the time even though it hadnt been set to do so and hence the battery went down in about an hour). If you can find this phone for 50 or less then I would advise it, if not then your wasting your money as there are much better mid range phones on the market. I was dissapointed with this offeri ng from samsung... My sister has had an E600 for about 8 months now and it has been an excelent phone with no problems at all...

Reviewed by kk from england on 27th Aug 2005
i absolutely lovw this phone. its fab chic and small. it has a big memory and recieves mms messages really fast . ive had no problems with this phone and i ahve had it ages. although it doesn't have a camera you can recieve picture messages from other people. if you looking for a gr8 fab little phone that doesn't have a camera get this phone.

Reviewed by waqar shah from pakistan on 23rd Aug 2005

Reviewed by Jamie from UK on 17th Aug 2005
Great phone - easy to handle, good quality sound. Only problem is I cannot work out how to remove some images. That's the only fault I can fine or is it just me looking in the wrong place. Excellent phone - no camera which I find a waste of time anyway. Ringtones no of my liking, but I'm of the old type who just wants a normal ring...... Best phone I've had to date. Just the Pics to remove but like I said could just be me...................

Reviewed by LeuvenDude from UK on 16th Aug 2005
In fact I bought it for its looks and I am happy with it in that respect. A few drawbacks, though: - with each contact you can associate a separate ringtone. BUT only from the set of standard ringtones and not from the ones that you downloaded to the phone. Very disappointing! Same with pictures. Samsung, what about a firmware upgrade? - battery life is not exactly excellent - alarms do not work with phone switched off, so when you go to sleep and set your alarm, leave the phone on. Stupid. - user manual does not mention that you can connect your phone to the PC with a separate cable. At least I have not found it, so it may still be hidden somewhere? Not really a problem, but very strange. Good points: - looks/weight - acceptable price - quality of screen - quality of keys

Reviewed by Catflap from UK on 17th Jul 2005
I've had this phone for a few months now and I must say it's pretty average. It's nice and small, yes, but it's painful to type text messages on so avoid unless you have small hands!! The screen is pretty good but the ringtones included are just awful. Has no camera but does have a lot of the other usual nonsense mobiles have these days. As will other Samsung phones it will not let you send certain images with MMS, a limitation in the copy protection firmware, I believe. All in all - cheap but average!!

Reviewed by Sarah from Australia on 10th Jul 2005
I LOVE this phone!!! I got it today and it has everything i need in a basic phone. The screen is great, it is really easy to use, especially considering I used to have a nokia and had never used a samsung before! Its a really good looking phone and works really well. You should DEFINATLY buy this phone!!! I love it!!!

Reviewed by anny from australia on 25th Jun 2005
i love this fone . i have had this fone since december 2004 and my parents wouldn't let me get a phone but after they were concerned about the handsfree the team at optus said you can buy a handsfree kit and the thing theese days is to txt and i sat down and talked to my parents about they don't hardly even use their phone to their ear. and they had bought my brother a ear piece and he doesn't even use it for his 3315. And mum was also concerned about the flip but it comes with a 2 year warranty and i woun't flip it full ball i would do it at a normal spped . I HAV THIS FONE. YOU SHOULD GET IT TOOOO

Reviewed by ane from UK on 25th Jun 2005
i have had this fone since december. but i want you to know that the samsung x460 the flip looks like it will break but i was worried about that two but it comes with a 2 year warranty and i will deffently want you to buy this fone .

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 6th Jun 2005
Great little phone but one problem which I can't seem to resolve...if you have it on silent mode, you still get a little jingle to tell you that you have had a missed call which rather defeats the point of silent mode. I have tried everything to disable this...can anybody help? Apart from this, looks great and easy to use. Would recommend

Reviewed by beidak from london GB on 5th Jun 2005
... just learned from my network that indeed the x460 does *not* have email facility. oh well. still comparing it with the x450 ... the x460's screen in not as clear, menu not quite as easy, does not have way to view "own number" keypad not as robust. also, you cannot even *receive* photo msgs, i mean, what's the point of 8mb memory? samsung should have kept the old x450 design as is and just added the external screen and internal antenna. why manufacturers go and ruin a perfectly good design is beyond me.

Reviewed by Sue from england on 3rd Jun 2005
I just bought this phone two days ago for an amazing 79.99 from virgin mobile. Totally love it. So small and light. Screen is superb and has loads of extra little features such as voice recorder and loudspeaker. You can even take pictures with the flip closed even though there's no external screen which is the only downside to it but for the price i'm not complaining. If anyone's looking for a simple and yet feature packed phone on PAYG i definitely recommend this.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
If you want a really good basic mobile phone then go for this one. It is very compact, attractive, well made, works well and the audio clarity is excellent both on transmit and receive. I highly rate this model, I just wish that Samsung had included a wrist strap, it somehow seems mean of them not to do so.

Reviewed by beidak from london GB on 2nd Jun 2005
just got the X460 it out of the box. first impression: the shape feels like an egg in your hand, very sleek, maybe even "too" small? samsung build quality is evident though does not feel quite as robust as the X450 (keypad, for instance feels weaker). menu more or less same. (mine came in german default language... huh?). good clear screen. why only 3 stars? because although advertised as having an email function, it does not. this was my main reason for considering it, otherwise it does not seem to be much of an improvement over the X450 (esp as I'm not fussed about camera or external display).

Reviewed by Dean from England on 31st May 2005
well firstly shall i start with the fact that i had to take it back to the shop 2 as the battery was faulty which was supplied by samsungteam and the power in the battery was abslutly rubbish it was not lasting 1 day without having to charge the battery up again and that was annoying when i was out. secondly as someone else has mentioned no camera which i was not that bothered with but a bit boring

Reviewed by sarah from northyorshire on 24th May 2005
this phone is great it has many cool things on it

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 18th May 2005
i love this phone. its such a cute design that looks more like an accesorie than a mobile. its easy to use, and got great colour screen. the only problem is the ringtones are pretty bad and that i prefer nokia settings to samsung. but i suggest it to anyojne who doesnt need a camera! go samsung x460

Reviewed by Kate from London, England on 16th May 2005
This fone is really cute with excellent screen quality and has all the important features. I know it doesnt have a camera, which is a shame, but if it did it wouldnt be as light, small and cheap (60). My only other slight problem is the ring tones which arent great but u just have 2 find a tone that suits your fone. Funky Town sounds wicked n u can buy it from virginmoblie.co.uk.

Reviewed by gerald from KENYA on 9th May 2005
A cool phone. All the necessary features are included. The only problem i have is the call cost counters which i have set but somehow they are not working.The memory is fine. Can samsung send the link to PC in their branches so that we can be able to connect this beauty to a computer.

Reviewed by Matty from N Ireland on 23rd Apr 2005
This is a really cool phone! Ive had it for a couple of weeks now and I am really happy with it. It has good graphics, and easy text messaging system and easy controls! I do have 1 or 2 little niggles. When ever I download a tone there always seems to be a little noise which u can hear, but no one else can so it doesnt spoil the tone that much and also the selection of wallpapers which comes with the phone are simply awful. This was a bargin for me at 59.99 on virgin mobile (which I would highly recomend as a network by the way!) and I could have apid a lot more for a phone which was much worse. ok, so it doesnt have a camera but if u r looking for a clolour screen, light weight, slim and sexy phone then I would totally advise the X460!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 22nd Apr 2005
What is wrong with most of the people reviwing this phone. If you wanted a phone with a camera and radio, why buy one without and then complain it does not have them? This is a phone for people who just want a phone, not some stupid poor quality plastic lensed gadget. Anyway, the phone is very good, reception, size, weight, keypad, display are all excellent. Ringtones awful, but managed to download a standard ringtone from samsung site which is OK. Only fault is seems to be no way of disabling the tones for deleting messages etc.

Reviewed by Kieron from UK on 15th Apr 2005
This is a very small phone with really good looks. It fits nicely in the palm of the hand. The colour screen is nice, bright and clear. It does not come with a camera but who cares. The only niggly point I have with this phone are the ringtones. They are some of the worst I have heard. But when a phone looks this good you live with it. I would recommend this phone. For 60 from virgin and with 15 credit it is a bargain. Buy it.

Reviewed by Teo from Romania on 15th Apr 2005
I think it's a cool fone, buy it, virgin mobile 60 :)

Reviewed by aine from netherlands on 8th Apr 2005
Cool phone! definetly worth your money, it's a pitty I don't have a camera but I learned to live with it :). It's a nice working phone, and starts up fast...

Reviewed by Mezzer from England on 3rd Apr 2005
I got this phone in January and have had no problems whatsoever. It holds charge well, has a brialliant colour display and a handy external screen. It is very neat and extremely light. A brilliant phone for the money.

Reviewed by Lewis from England on 28th Mar 2005
I like This fone. Best eva. Hu needs a camera fone wen u can buy cameras cheaper. u need a fone tht txts well. rings and can download interesting stuff. guys u know wot i mean. buy it now its 60.00 on virginmobile.co.uk. but it now

Reviewed by foneman600 from england on 26th Mar 2005
Brill but no camera!!

Reviewed by sbk from india on 25th Mar 2005
hi ! I got the fix for the samsung bug.they gave a software upgrade.The side key also works.Message auto save is not there but that is a rare feature in all mobiles. I will keep the phone after all !

Reviewed by Andy O'Connor from england on 22nd Mar 2005
this phone is the best phone i ever had and even though it hasn't got a camera it is still the cooooooooooooooolest phone ever.

Reviewed by kalyan from India on 17th Mar 2005
One of the stylish & kooool phone i ever had.Much better than any phones in this price range.The only exception is the lack of a camera but the features & its stylish design with external display would make u buy it.Overall a kool & stylish phone.I would give it 9/10.

Reviewed by Hannah Ellis from England on 14th Mar 2005
I got this phone for my birthday and I LOVE IT!!! The internal screen is amazing and it was not too exspensive. I am glad that choose this phone instead of the x450 that little but more in price but a better phone by far. I highly recomend it and it is sooooo light that you would hardly know that it was in your pocket. Buy it.

Reviewed by sbk from India on 10th Mar 2005
I fell for the good looks of this phone but I found many bugs :-( 1. the USSD function doesn't work.Samsung confirmed this is a bug! 2.The side key reject doesn't work.I have ensured Side key is set to "reject" and not "silent" in Phone settings. 3.No option to set default mode for SMS - I prefer ABC mode by default,but it is T9. 4.Once u compose message and click Send option,you can't go back and edit message at this stage.Message is not automatically saved either :( I'm planning to sell this off ! :(

Reviewed by Caron from UK on 9th Mar 2005
Lovely phone if you don't mind not having a camera. Easy to use and great functions. Only problem is I cannot find a personal hands free for it anywhere! Tried all the maind dealers and independent stores, and the internet. No-one stocks them. Any ideas????!

Reviewed by Laura from England on 27th Feb 2005
This phone is fantastic. It is attractivly designed. All the problems with the x450 have been put right. A fantastic phone

Reviewed by Roxanna from Romania on 27th Feb 2005
I really like it because it's little and shiny! It has a lot of cool functions and it's great for people who don't need a camera because they have already one. I'm happy with my new phone!

Reviewed by gemma from northampton on 26th Feb 2005
i think that the phone x460 is very good but is missing some important features which inculded camera radio and more but i aslo fink it sweet and a good price

Reviewed by sam from Ireland on 26th Feb 2005
Cool i lyk it.

Reviewed by marius from romania on 25th Feb 2005
Excellent phone. It has a great clamshell design and good features but its advantage over other phones i think it is the display. The only thing it lacks it's a camera.

Reviewed by J Freeman from England on 20th Feb 2005
This phone is cool - it's an older version of the newly anticipated Samsung e330. There are many cool features...for example, calendar, stopwatch, clock, memory book, games, Interactive gaming, picture messaging, colour screen, 30 polyphonic ringtones (plus downloadable ones) and Samsung music player. It's definitely worth a buy. You can buy it from VIRGIN Mobile for 99.00

Reviewed by Coolio from uk on 17th Feb 2005
Cool i like it

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