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Samsung X450 review

 Review: August 2004  

Last updated March 2005

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung X450 is a tiny lightweight clamshell phone. Unusually it lacks an external display, but inside the phone is pure quality.



The X450 features a UFB (Ultra fine and bright) LCD screen with 65,000 colours, which offers a bright vivid display for the phone's menu. It's not a small screen either, with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.

Polyphonic ringtones are 40-voice, which is not quite in the same league as the 64-voice ringtones in Samsung's latest releases, but is good enough.

The only real downsides to this phone are the lack of an external display and the fact that there's no handfree speaker. Apart from this, the X450 is a great non-camera phone. The X450 has now been replaced by the Samsung X460 which offers the advantage of a dual display.

Samsung X450 features include:

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Samsung X450 user reviews

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Average rating from 49 reviews:

Reviewed by mohammad asif from saudi arabia on 4th Nov 2013
very good phone

Reviewed by ali raza from pakistan on 3rd May 2010
phone are good quality but some battery problem in place01 not

Reviewed by Steve Hamilton from England on 23rd Sep 2008
I have a Samsung X450, and although they are good little phones, they are not for people who like fast texting. In fact it is sometimes so slow, that if you have typed a long message out, your hand can ache for a while afterwards. No, if you like texting, stick to your Nokia (which I used to use VERY fast)! For all you people who can't hear the phone ringing in your pocket...put it on vibrate/melody and it will work.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Anelo from Nigeria on 16th Feb 2008
I have been using samsung sgh x450 for 4 years without any problem as such common to phone i make call, send sms, browse google wap site.

Reviewed by jan from finland on 14th Jun 2007
bought this off my friend a few years ago~always worked like a charm.(It's a shame there's no camera so I'm planning on getting a k800i since my digi cam's busted). A few minor complaints however: the silver paint on the back has worn off exposing a horrible shiny grey plastic texture as opposed to the matte silver - also, I strongly dislike the texting system(having used almost exclusively Nokias) but it seems all the older samsung models were like that. Absolutely fantastic entry-level phone~rock solid.

Reviewed by Sam from London on 22nd May 2007
After around 3 years I had it, I stupidly threw it and it landed on concrete and snapped in two. Now I'm getting another of the same phone. Now that must mean its good. Kept beautify simple and works outstandingly. Exceptional phone, it really is.

Reviewed by h.s from pakistan on 7th May 2007
wel i hav 4 mobiles but my samsung rockz though it has no features compared to oder mobiles ...iv had it for 3 yearz itz been dropped a gazilion times but it still workz i thnk itz an awesum cell easy to use ans cute to look at :D

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 7th May 2007
Great phone, very long battery life. Only complaint is that the text messaging system is overly complicated.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 18th Mar 2007
Truly a king amongst phones! I've got a motorola v3 something now, and it's got nothing on the X450 :D

Reviewed by Adam from England on 14th Feb 2007
Really good screen and very compact, I have had it for about two years, but the battery is really knackered now.

Reviewed by gaz from uk on 6th Feb 2007
it is a great phone unbelieveable

Reviewed by Yalew Tarkegne from Norway on 12th Dec 2006
I got this mobile from my best friend for free. I do thank him for that. I am now looking for the instruction book he is back to Africa he cant help me. I try this way if possible. Can you then send me the instruction book for hte phone. Thank you Yalew Tarkegne Lyngveien 18A 1430 AAs N-Norway.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 12th Dec 2006
Yalew, you can download a PDF version of the X450 user manual here.

Reviewed by clement from lagos on 25th Sep 2006
well i just want to said that samsungx450 is nice phone and when samebody call u u can hear what that person is saying cleaning than order phone i love it,it is good qulit and nice. i want to greet those people that make they try very well .they should keep it up and doing it,people love it bye Mr Clement.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 19th Jun 2006
Phone was over a year old when it went through a 90 minute wash cycle in the automatic washing machine! This included a 50 degrees C wash and several 1200rpm spins!! Was completely waterlogged and dead on exit. Took several weeks to dry out, but eventually came back to life and works absolutely perfectly. Seems to have shortened the battery life a bit....but I think thats being a bit over critical.

Reviewed by Milica from Montenegro on 1st Jun 2006
This phone is really good! It is easy to use and it has very large screen. I L_O_V_E it. I wish it had camera, but after all, it is just a cellphone!!!!

Reviewed by Herman from Kenya on 8th Feb 2006
I cant beleive the samsung engineers could invest so much time and money in creating such a horrible phone... No one should be allowed to buy this handset.

Reviewed by Andrew from Poland on 26th Dec 2005
I bought it some half a year ago and this is the phone which really suits me best. It's a budget model, relatively cheap yet still up to the standards. It does have some drawbacks though. One of it is message writing, which I find annoying in all samsung models (As i'm an old nokia-user it's hard for me to switch). Although it's quite good-looking, it doesn't fit well in Your hand for writing. If you prefer messaging to calling, I suggest looking for something more fitting. One last annoying issue - you can record pieces of voice and/or music, but you can't set them as ringtones. This is really weird, and I haven't figured out how to go around it yet.

Reviewed by pete from usa on 22nd Dec 2005
terrible phone! Do not buy it!

Reviewed by lee from scotland on 6th Dec 2005
THE BEST FONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Goran from Macedonia on 14th Nov 2005
This is a grait phone for everyone who wants a phone whidaut a camera it si practicle and very small so you can put were you want i have it so i propouse to everyone who havent bay it yet to do it and have fun with him....

Reviewed by Mr Badger from Scotland on 4th Nov 2005
I've had this phone for a year and it's really reliable. The battery lasts for about two weeks and the phone still works after being dropped on concrete and down a flight of stairs! (Being in a case probably helped a bit though.) Only niggle is that the data cable is like gold dust.

Reviewed by rick from netherlands on 4th Oct 2005
this phone is really good..i've this phone a year and i don't wanne lose it

Reviewed by Joao from Portugal on 31st Jul 2005
i've bought phone about an year, great to who's looking for a simple, small, stylish and cheap phone just to do calls and send messages.... sound its not loud enough, sometimes i don't hear it ringing (even with the phone in my pocket)....

Reviewed by Dan from Romania on 23rd Jul 2005
This phone is wonderful if all you're looking for is a simple, sleek, lightweight phone. It is quintessentially a "bare bones" type of phone as it lacks the bells and whistles such as bluetooth/IR and is sans camera. As for reception, its nothing remarkable. Nevertheless, it is a simple to use, solid entry level flip phone. Just be aware of what it is you are purchasing. I enjoy it because it extends a simple approach to what a mobile phone is designed for, lightweight, mobile, which can make and receive phone calls. If you're looking for more... this may not be the phone for you. However, it what you're looking for is simplicity, pure and simple, than look no further.

Reviewed by John from UK on 20th Jul 2005
I've just bought one of these - very impressive. The keys are nice an positive, and the phone lights up in rather a pleasing way when you switch it on. I didn't want to pay £100+ for a new phone, and this is a good mid-range model. The screen is really bright. A couple of negatives though: how do you set up groups to send texts to? The phone feels quite hot when you use it for any length of time. Still, nothing's perfect.

Reviewed by Lala from UK on 15th Jul 2005
The battery time is ridiculous!!! it lasts for 3 days at most even though it says that it lasts for approx 10 days (250/24)!!! The volume is also rubbish as it doen't go very loud and you can't hear it when you are shopping or it is in your bag!!! However the screen is good!!!

Reviewed by Vakarcs Dávid from Hungary on 9th Jun 2005
It is an amazing, cool phone. My only problems are that there is no infrared port and the keys are a little hard to control. My fingers keep on slipping! But don't get me wrong, other then these this is an excellent phone, i highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Sims from Netherlands on 30th May 2005
Excellent phone, Complaints - lacks IR, Lacks Camera.... Cheers Sims

Reviewed by Beastman from belgium on 15th May 2005
Very good cell-phone, highly recommended :D

Reviewed by Lee from scotland on 7th Apr 2005
this phone is so the best coz its small, has a great design and well its just the best.

Reviewed by Josué Morales from Guatemala on 17th Mar 2005
Well this cell phone does it's job. Something that I really like is the colors, it has a good resolution, but there is only two things that I don't like much. Number one: the nav. keys are not to smart at all, you have to go thru 2 steps before you get a name from your contacts list, it should be at just one step not two. Number two the games they included are sooooooo boring, ar least the should had set a racing one, other than that is a GREAT OPTION, really liked it.

Reviewed by Lasse from Denmark on 24th Feb 2005
My ancient T68i (don't buy!) had more features and a much better navigation system which is really poor on x450. The only short cut programming aviable (except for speed dial) is that key up and key right can be associated with an action from a limited action list. To dial a person in your address list, you have to first chose the "Name" function, then press "Search" in order to scroll trough your address list. When you enter a phone number manually, the digits are so large that they line wrap after 6 digits and there is no way to change this. All ring tones are pop/disco/hip hop-music. There are not one single normal ring tone, and you can't compose your own, so I had waste time finding and installing one from the net. When you set mute mode, only the ring tone is muted, the alarms aren't. You have to either turn off your phone or navigate to the alarm functions and turn all of them off. When scrolling trough menu items, there is no delimiter telling that you have reached the end of the list and restart from the beginning. Pretty confusing sometimes. It lacks IR and Bluetooth. It's also hard to open the phone with one hand allthough you develope techniques by time :-) However, the voice quality is really excellent (on GSM 900/1800 - havn't tried GSM 1900) and the display is OK. There are better clamshell phones out there...

Reviewed by vlad from romania on 5th Feb 2005
not bad for it's price. it doesn't have a infrared port or a chronometer (stopwatch). the vibration is ... not enaugh to feel it in your pocket ~ especialy if u are used to a nokia. the battery and the clamshell starts to move after some time in use. other than that, it's a great phone.

Reviewed by Alan from England on 1st Feb 2005
I bought this phone as I did not want a camera phone - I already have a high res mini camera, no phone can compete with that so seems pointless. The look & feel of this phone is stunning and is what sold it to me - it is a pleasure to look at and use. Only problem I have come across is that when sending text messages, to switch between caps and lower case takes 3 attempts on the second letter of the first word. Is this a known bug? Last phone was a Nokia - durable and reliable but, as with all Nokia's, dog ugly - too early to comment on whether this can compete on durabilty so will reserve judgement but by virtue of being a clamshell design I suspect it will struggle. What the hell though - this is fun and equates to comparing a Ferrari to a BMW - the Ferrari looks beautiful and performs brilliantly but may break down more often than the boringly reliable, ugly and twat driven BMW. The price of replacement does not compare however so why worry - need I say more...

Reviewed by grunger from england on 5th Jan 2005

Reviewed by RADDY-DUDE from ENGLAND on 5th Jan 2005

Reviewed by roy from aruba (carribean) on 1st Dec 2004
This is tha phone for the young ones...This is my 6th cellhone ,i had from the smallest phone ever to the bestest color screen ever but to be honestly this is the bestest cheapest phone i had really...it has standard features and the color screen ....WOW.....the ringtones is like it was alive....but the only i didnt give it a 5 is for the external screen....

Reviewed by ayame-chan from Czech Republic on 7th Nov 2004
Well, this is my first phone with LCD colour display and I absolutely love it, cause my former phone was a total disaster (although I wish I could afford one with camera, but that doesn't matter to me that much..~_^) I only have it for one week now and I'm so delighted by its colours and sounds..and as a very playful creature I appreaciate the games, awesome ringtones and a huge amount of my-style pics ^_^ I'm very satisfied with the GPRS, too. But I downloaded so many of pics ang ringtones, that my this month's bill's gonna be..uhhh..-_- (the most is just for the WAP, though..) so be very careful with this phone, for you can become a total addict on it! ^_^

Reviewed by Vee from UK on 29th Oct 2004
Have just bought this phone and really like everything about it. It is small, light, stylish and the menus are easy to use. The screen is a good size and is clear and bright. My only quibble is that when you write a text it splits the word at the end of line rather than move it to a new line - evidently this corrects itself when the other person receives the message and doesn't seem to apply when receiving texts - so only a minor irritation. Overall really nice looking, user-friendly phone.

Reviewed by Suzie from UK on 27th Oct 2004
This was only my second Samsung, and was a little disappointed I couldn't stretch to one with a camera, but, to be honest, it doesn't matter that much - this phone is great! It's as reliable as other Samsung models, has great looks and it nice and slim so it doesn't look like you've got a wierd growth when you put it in your pocket! The only downside is that it doesn't have an external display, which the older A800 had, my previous phone. But that's what you sacrifice as it's so affordable. As all Samsung users will know, all the buttons and functions take a bit of getting used to, but in the end, there's only the Nokias that I think have the edge there. So, my advice? Buy this phone if your looking for an inexpensive upgrade to a colour phone, or your just in the market for one with a stylish 'flip'.

Reviewed by Olcay Bassahan from The Netherlans on 27th Oct 2004
Well A saw the Samsung X450 in the store and I just wanted 2 have it , sow I bought it , and I'm very pleased about it . It's a NICE fone , that's wy I give a 5 for it .

Reviewed by TAYYAB from PAKISTAN on 22nd Oct 2004

Reviewed by Dejan from Macedonia on 18th Oct 2004
The phone looks very good and modern.I was suprised when I saw the LCD for the first time, with all that colors and pictures. The angle of viewing LCD is very wide, more than the other telephones. The sound of the ringtones is great, too.Generally, I am very pleased and happy with the phone, so thank you, Samsung.

Reviewed by PK from Finland on 19th Sep 2004
This is a great little phone. I have a company phone (Nokia 7610) and I also have an own phone, I use during my days off or in the evenings, if I go out. With my own phone I only talk and send SMS. This phone sold itself to mee with its' beautiful looks, small size but nevertheless solid feel. Excellent.

Reviewed by Ken from Cheshire, England on 29th Aug 2004
I thought this phone was everything that I needed. It was the right price, looked good, had a great colour screen and no camera (I am not allowed a camera phone due to my job). Everything about the phone is great except one thing, it is just NOT LOUD enough! In any place where there is any kind of noise (it does not have to be very loud) it just cannot be heard. I would highly recommend this phone to someone who does not need a loud ringtone, but if you are used to the volume of a Nokia, then this phone is not for you.

Reviewed by Toxic11 from Croatia on 27th Aug 2004
Hey!This phone is apsolutley great.One thing though.I cant get DATA cable to work with it.I tried X450 and even e700 DATA cable but easyGPRS doesnt connect.I wasted a month trying to get it work.If anyone can help please let me know.

Reviewed by Mithun from Germany on 26th Aug 2004
Good one! Compact size, good software, good sound n display settings. Quite happy with it.

Reviewed by woody from England on 5th Aug 2004
I am yet 2 get this phone but from wat ive heard about it i cant wait. it looks reel cool and all the features look mint. hope its gr8.

Reviewed by Bushmaster from Hungary on 4th Aug 2004
Hi all! It's simply great! I have never held a phone which is so pleasantly slips into your hand! It's your best choice!

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