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Samsung WW80K6414QW review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: New for 2016, the Samsung WW80K6414QW incorporates an AddWash feature that lets you add items to the wash when the machine is running. It features a hi-tech blue LED control panel, and a good choice of wash options for either economy or speed. The machine comes with a 10-year warranty on the inverter motor, and is efficient and quiet too.

Today's best buy: Samsung WW80K6414QW from Currys (£599.98)



Have you ever set your washing machine running, then realised too late that one of your smelly socks escaped onto the laundry room floor? At S21 we do that all the time. But have you ever thought, "Hey, I wish there was a way I could open a small door within the main door of the washing machine, and stuff that sock inside?" Maybe not, but that's exactly what the Samsung design team thought, and incredibly, the idea didn't get scratched, but was seized upon by the marketing guys, and given the name AddWash™.

Useful? Perhaps, now and then. Life changing? No.

The WW6500 AddWash washing machine incorporates a small porthole in the main door that lets you reach inside and add small items to the wash after it's started. Not halfway through the wash, or near the end, mind you. No, that would be bad. But just after it's started.

Apart from this design innovation, the WW80K6414QW is exactly the same as last year's WW80J6410CW model, but it costs £100 more. Is that a price worth paying to ensure that odd socks don't escape the weekly wash? We don't think so. Let's hope that the price falls quickly.

Rant over, we do actually like the Samsung WW80K6414QW very much. It's a stylish machine, with a hi-tech control panel with audio feedback, and a useful LED display panel. We also like the way the control panel lights up in blue when the machine is on. It's basically a gadget guy's idea of how a washing machine should look. You can even check the progress of the wash from your smartphone, although you can't add socks this way.

Washing and performance

We can't fault the Samsung when it comes to getting the job done. The 8kg wash capacity is enough for a family, and there's a good range of programmes, including Baby Care, Bedding, Wool and Delicates, as well as the more obvious Cotton, Synthetics, Dark Wash and Rinse & Spin. There's also an option for Super Eco Wash and Super Speed Rinse. This latter option reduces the entire wash and spin cycle to just under one hour.

On the other hand, if time isn't a problem, you can use the 30 minute Bubble Soak option to get your laundry extra clean. This is especially useful for low temperature washes. The machine is rated A+++ for energy efficiency, so is a good choice for saving electricity, and the environment.

The 1400rpm spin speed is fast enough to get your clothes reasonably dry, and the machine is rated "A" for spin efficiency.

The machine uses a very efficient digital inverter motor. That makes it very quiet in operation (although Bosch's high-end machines run even quieter).


The inverter motor is reliable too, and comes with a manufacturer's 10-year warranty. As the motor is the most expensive component to replace, this gives us plenty of confidence in recommending this machine. The machine has an overall solid build and Samsung's reputation for reliability is good too, and this machine ought to give many years of service.

Conclusion - gimmicky, but good

We may have had a bit of a laugh about the AddWash feature, but there's no denying that this is a good, well-designed and well-made washing machine. It washes well, and has a good choice of washing options. It's quiet and efficient, and ought to be reliable too, and we like the blue LED display panel.

We do think it's over-priced currently (at the time of writing this review, it's selling for £620), and we hope that the price will fall closer to £500. Then it will be an excellent choice. We'd advise you to look around, perhaps at the super-silent Bosch WAT28460GB or the outstanding Bosch WAW32560GB.

Samsung WW80K6414QW features include:

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Average rating from 1 review:

Reviewed by Justinas from Lithuania on 23rd Mar 2017
Had this washer for more than 6 months. Conclusion in short washing good but not reliable.
Spin cycle was stuck two times at 7 and 9 minutes. It would just keep spinning forever extremely slow. You need to re calibrate drum by pressing two buttons to get washer working again. However, you must take out soaking wet load for it to work.
Second, main program which by default is more than 3 hours is always calculated as 2h7min no matter the load size. Maybe the scale inside is broken or programming is faulty, but it always washes on main program for 2h and 7 minutes. I reached out to Samsung support staff and they mentioned that this is normal, that it is just displaying that time but actually adjusts washing time. However, I set clock to check and no matter the load size it always calculated ans washed for 2h and7 minutes.
My washer model WW80K6414QW.

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