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Samsung Wave review

 Review: June 2010  

Last updated December 2010

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Wave is a flagship phone running Samsung's brand new Bada smartphone operating system.

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The Samsung Wave is the first phone to use the new Samsung Bada OS and features the world’s first Super AMOLED display, for sharper, brighter images and a super fast response. It's a phone with an awful lot going for it, but at the same time it's hard to see it going head-to-head against the best smartphones.

Let's take a look at the Super AMOLED display first. Yep, it's outstanding and as good as the hype suggests. Samsung are the world's pioneers of Super AMOLED technology, and only Samsung phones will have this for the immediate future. The big thing about Super AMOLED is that the screen itself is touch sensitive, instead of the touch sensitive layer being placed on top of the screen. This results is a brighter display and up to 80% less reflected light, so when outdoors the display is much sharper and brighter than an ordinary TFT display. That's the theory, and we have to say it works in practice! The Wave has a gorgeous 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen, and the result is a pin-sharp display.

While we're talking about appearance, it's worth stopping to mention just how good the Wave looks in the flesh. It looks a whole lot better than in the photo here. What this photo fails to get across is how shiny and metallic the Wave looks, and how tactile it is. It's ultraslim too, at under 11mm in thickness, yet it feels solid and weighs in at 118g. It looks good, it feels good. You want to hold it, you want to own it. And the Super AMOLED screen isn't the only place where Samsung have crammed quality into their new flagship phone. But before we investigate the insides, let's consider the operating system next. For the Wave is also the first phone to run Samsung's new Bada smartphone operating system.

Bada is a multi-tasking mobile operating system designed by Samsung for use in phones and tablet devices. While the Wave has standard apps such as facebook, twitter and email, the number of useful apps available for download is minimal at present. Frankly, we doubt that Bada will ever rival Apple's OS X, Google's Android or Microsoft's WinMobile operating systems for apps.

Sitting on top of Bada is Samsung's usual touchscreen user interface, TouchWiz 3D 3.0. This 3.0 version is the very latest and has been redesigned after user feedback from earlier releases. We've always been fans of TouchWiz, and the 3D 3.0 version is fantastic. Existing Samsung users will love it, and we think everyone else will too! TouchWiz features a number of home screens that are fully customisable, so you can add your own widgets and shortcuts to create an interface that works for you. Looks like Samsung may have picked up a few tips from Android here, which is no bad thing. You also have access to a full-sized virtual QWERTY keyboard, which makes texting and email a breeze. The keyboard changes when you rotate between landscape and portrait modes, with larger keys available when in landscape. The new Social Hub has been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate all major email providers, IM and social networking services such as Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

The web browser isn't the best, with no support for flash, but the AMOLED screen does provide a good platform for viewing at least. You can however watch YouTube videos.

The Wave is a flagship phone for Samsung, and they've packed in the kind of hardware that impresses. Top of the bill is a super-fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor that delivers a lightning fast response to key presses and generally enables the phone to fly. The camera's impressive, with 5 megapixels, autofocus and flash. The video camera is outstanding too and can record in high definition (720p) and in slow motion and the Wave also support video calling. The music player is excellent, with 5.1 surround sound and an FM radio with RDS too. When playing back video, the Wave supports pretty much all formats, including DivX and Xvid. The fast processor and Super AMOLED screen make all the difference here. A GPS receiver is built in too, with Samsung's own proprietary mapping system.

There's plenty of memory for all the multimedia features too, with a full 1GB of memory built-in, plus support for microSD cards up to 32GB. Battery life is good, with the monster 1500mAh battery delivering plenty of grunt, and connectivity is excellent with support for 3G HSPDA 7.2Mbps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB. The 3.5mm audio jack enables a third-party stereo headphone to be plugged in.

Overall we like the Wave very much. It has a few shortcomings, but excels in so many other areas. It's a logical upgrade for users of previous Samsung phones such as the Jet. As a smartphone, we feel that at present it can't compete on a level playing field with phones such as the iPhone 3G S or the Android-based HTC Desire. But if you regard it instead as a high-end non-smart phone with a few extra features, then you'll find it meets your expectations. Remember that the Wave is considerably cheaper than the iPhone 3G S, and has some very impressive features that outperform the iPhone in some ways. Just don't hope for too many apps in the near future!

Samsung Wave features include:

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Average rating from 131 reviews:

Reviewed by ac from france on 15th Jun 2014
I hate this phone with a passion; operation keys change without notice which has triggered an inability to connect to the internet - a very expensive alarm clock/timer (when the battery decided to keep a charge)

Reviewed by Jan from UK on 8th Jun 2012
Hooray, my contract is out this month and I can trade the phone in - its been a long 2 years! Screen feezes, does not pick up signal, DNS failures - the list goes on!

Reviewed by Nour from Egypt on 11th May 2012
I had this phone for 5 month, Camera is good. screen is awesome. Everything else sucks so much. it sounds so poor and its slow and there is no Apps at all it sucks.

Reviewed by lucky from Zimbabwe on 7th Apr 2012
l have had this phone for 6months and I hate it with a passion. its a wave 3 gts 8600 it does not want to connect to samsung app. I even went as far as south Africa to try and get this problem fixed but still no change so I dt have applications l like opera min facebook, nimbuz just to say a few . samsung software's has a proven even my samsung home theatre suddenly wrote a protection error and that was it. so for me nomore samsung products in my house

Reviewed by richard simcox from UK on 24th Mar 2012
great phone but having internet probs as the wi-fi has never worked on it. The phone is supplied by Vodafone and in 12 months of trying and 2 so-called repairs by Vodafone engineers the problem still exists. If it wasnt for this problem it would be a great phone and as a result i cant wait to get rid of it and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone else either. As for Vodafones response and customer service over my problems it has been absolutely terrible

Reviewed by jack from england on 13th Mar 2012
it is an amazing fone great screen resolution and it is really good for facebook and for going online.if you want a decent fone this is it with its amazing camera and hd videos dont listen to wot other people say it is amazing never had a problem and its not to complicated thats why i would rather have one of these than a galaxy any day

Reviewed by Brian from England on 25th Feb 2012
I have had the samsung wave S8500 since Aug 2010 on a 2year contract worst luck and I have to say it's the worst Samsung phone that I have ever owned very poor on the amount of apps availible the screen is forever freezing when trying do most things other than making aphone call and the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the battery every time, It unlocks whilst in your pocke in other words its rubbish roll on August so I can change it.

Reviewed by HOWARD from ENGLAND on 4th Feb 2012
Had my Samsung wave for 12 months. Worked perfectly then the email system stopped working. Orange Technicians do not seem to be able to fix the problem. Samsung Kies software reloaded on the phone then emails started to come through for 3 days, then guess what nothing again. Driving me mad. Has anybody the answer. I am using a Freeserve email address, connected with Orange network. I am not a technical person, but have had many sessions with the Technical guys at 150 Orange network. Do I cancel my contract as I am Orange are not meeting the contractual agreement. Very disappointed it cannot be sorted.

Reply by Sarah from UK on 13th Mar 2012
I have had my phone almost two years (contract runs out in June)and it is the worst phone I have ever had. I am paying for email etc and I have not had email since July last year. I have spent more time on the phone to Orange than my own family, emailed and been ignored and now think I should just change to another provider as Orange is not coming up with the goods! I am doubtful about having another Samsung and am looking at HTC at present. I have been with Orange for years and I have no faith in them - the phone is pretty useless - face book I cannot access. Orangeworld is a waste of memory and I am totally fed up with it all. Anyway - better luck next time!

Reviewed by charl from england on 21st Jan 2012
i have this phone and it doesnt come up with notifications or let to reply to fb messages and thats if it comes up most of the time it says failed to connect to server? it also freezes and i have to take the back out and the touch screen goes and i have to leave it off over nite! i havent had the phone that long either about 5 months if tha! its impossible to download apps on and that is the main reason i got the phone tbh but pictures are good and texting is good not as difficult lik ethe other touch screens and is miles better than a blakcberry!

Reviewed by c hind from lancashire on 13th Jan 2012
i like the phone but it won't go on facebook in both 3g and wifi modes,it says failed to connect to server is there anything i can do

Reviewed by dj from uk on 2nd Jan 2012
do not buy it plays up is very difficult to use at times and i knews apps were low compared to itunes but seriously some decent ones in english would help. samsung- better luck next time

Reviewed by RodtheFierce from Ireland on 7th Dec 2011
I've had this phone over a year now, its by far the best phone I've had. How is it not a smart phone, it may not have all the features of an iPhone but it still does a lot of different things other than phoning people hence the name Smart phone.

Reviewed by Record from UK on 25th Jun 2011
I'm from Nigeria. I haven't used d iphone or d d htc desire, but dis is an incredible piece of a hand held machine. Among all d lots I've used b4(Nokia communicator,htc,xda mini s) etc, dis is d best. I luv it. Can't explain how I feel each time I handle it. Great phone. 7 stars(it is a teddy worth peting).

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 28th May 2011
Loved this phone when i first got it, however after 8 months i cant wait for my contract to end so i can change it. Ok screen is good, but its a nightmare to clean, Phone keeps turning itself off (sometimes 3 times a day) its VERY slippery and easily dropped, key presses are delayed and annoying, and the battery is VERY poor, needs charging every day in moderate use. My 'call' button has stopped working, alarm clock has NEVER worked properly (u have to delete the alarm u have set and set it again for it to work the next day) gonna take phone in for repair of these issues and will NEVER buy samsung again, sorry

Reviewed by lava from UK on 12th May 2011
I've had this phone for 1 year and it is AMAZING. The screen quality is fantastic and texting is easy. The apps are good too.

Reviewed by jon from UK on 2nd May 2011
i have the phone on a two year contract and i am counting down the days till it ends, i hate the phone with a passion and i really wish i had looked into the phone in more detail before i bought it and i would have stayed away, the software is rubbish and i cant update it, the screen is to narrow and the 1ghz cpu is very slow the phone freezes about 1 minute before i get a text and 1 minute after i have sent a text, samsung apps show that i have 6 apps for update and i have not downloaded any apps. my advice stay away from this phone and find something else

Reviewed by Alan Curtis from UK on 23rd Apr 2011
The wave is a good phone, a fresh clear front. the one problem i have is it keeps phoning people mainly if ive just text them, when i foned 02 they thought it hilarious, I hav eto make sure i take the menu back to the home page each time i use it

Reviewed by luke from UK on 8th Apr 2011
I think the phone is decent at time, but it breaks way to easily! My power button and call button dont work, so i had to send it off to be fixed. My mum payed for a 2 year contract which also comes with a type of insurance that will pay for the phone. Well i got it back today and they hadnt fixed it. I then found out it was water damage to the mother board? But it also stated that it would cost; but my mum has already payed for a repair thing for the phone anyway. anyone onto the apps, at first they were pretty.. rubbish, but after a recent update it seems to have got slightly better. And the video calling on it dosnt work for me (if you need a certain type of contract to get that im not sure) but that wasnt a problem anyway. Everything else about the phone is good. Like the super AMOLED screen and the camera. But a warning to buyers, be careful!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 31st Mar 2011
Love the phone and all its features with 1 major failure. The CPU/ processor sometimes gone mad and run 99% when IDLE. Result is as expected: overheat and battery drained within hours.

Reviewed by Monty from UK on 25th Mar 2011
I thought the Wave was a great phone. Well the features are but the Bada operating system is not. There is problem after problem with their firmware updates

Reviewed by paul from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
had the wave 8 months and still more than happy

Reviewed by john from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
Where do i start the worst phone i have ever had, the bada operating system is a piece of junk, non of the things they said it would do work, samsung apps say i have 4 apps for update and i dont, the phone is dropping signal all the time, even though the phone has a 1 GHz processor its very slow and when i get and send a text the phone freezes for 30 seconds. in my opinion if you want a phone get another.

Reviewed by Eckmort from UK on 27th Jan 2011
Bought my gf this phone a few months back. nightmare memory issue She always has to close all widgets etc Bought memory card made no difference. Screen is good - Bada is BAD

Reviewed by Paul Heather from UK on 27th Jan 2011
Looked a various mobile phones,and would have liked the iPhone,however because of the cost I looked at the Samsung wave. I must admit it has proved to be a good bye.When you compare the cost to the iPhone the wave is good value. Two thing I would say are not in it,s favor are the battery life,seem to be charging it every day and the apps are not as good as the iPhone. Overall I would recommend this phone.

Reviewed by martin from UK on 22nd Jan 2011
had this phone for 3 months, and yes it looks good, but i player does not work, you can,t update any apps even when it tells you they need it. wifi and 3g have now crashed, got to send it away and that is not what i expect of a new phone, have spoken to t mobile and the guy in the shop has the same phone and has the same problems, so come on samsung you made a big song n dance about this phone , well live up to it and get these little things sorted and you will end up with a good but not great phone, also port the android to it and it will be GREAT .........

Reviewed by Natasha from UK on 20th Jan 2011
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. I can never access the net as it continually asks for a password which I never have as it's on the back of my home hub. I can never answer calls as you have to hold down the accept key but by the time the phone accepts the call, the caller has hung up. Texting is a joke as the buttons are too sensitive and profile picture spreads across whole screen. Unlock keeps unocking itself too. The list is endless. Worst purchase I have ever made

Reviewed by skippy70 from UK on 18th Jan 2011
had this phone for 6 months now . all in all good phone. but if you want this phone for apps then forget about it as they are rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by MIchelle from UK on 10th Jan 2011
I'm 6 months into a 24 months contract with this phone and really not sure what to do. Even considering taking out another contract or buying a cheap phone to get me through next 18 months. I had to buy a new phone charger yesterday as one i had stopped charging. Battery life is a nightmare, having to re-charge every day. If i have to many aps open, can't view messages as says memory to full. at first switched itselt off and straight back on very rare now it is doing it 5-6 times a time plus. When this phone was advertised as a competitor of the i-phone, think it was just a lie. My friends now have the i phone and nothing like it, its a joke!

Reviewed by Stefan Trujillo from UK on 10th Jan 2011
There's only one place I would like to send this phone! That's to envirofone! Do what you like with this phone atleast give me something for it.

Reviewed by Veronica Williams from Spain from UK on 19th Dec 2010
I bought the Samsung Wave 3 months ago and have had ample time to check it out. I agree with the above review and just want to add, I was a little frustrated that Skype was not available to download for a long time. I was able to download it over a third party software but it was shut down end of October 2010 for no apparent reason. I continued my quest to install Skype on the Wave and about 3 weeks ago was successful. Here the app to download;Skype_s5620. It works however like ICQ, meaning it loses connectivity if you are not on that page, or your phone locks automatically, manual reconnection may be required. Overall, I love the phone,watching videos is a joy, especially when you are stuck at airports. Internet access is overall good and considering it is a fraction of the price of an iphone 4, it is every bit as good in many aspects.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 9th Dec 2010
Does anybody else have the problem the charge is rubbish. I used the phone to make a few texts one day and the next day the phone needs charging again. I'm not using any other features. This is a daily occurrence. The phone needs charging every day? Please help

Reply by Georgie from UK on 2nd Mar 2014
Ditto! - sent it back to service centre and they replaced the battery as it was only 6 months old. Charged one day, flat the next and I haven't even made a call or sent a text. Very disappointing!!!!!

Reviewed by Tayla from England on 6th Dec 2010
well, in all honesty, this phone is a pretty cool smart phone but has a great hd screen. i would highly recommend this phone to people of all ages really the touch screen is fab, the camera is pretty good, all round a great phone for anybody. dont listen to all the bad comments because there isnt a single fault with this phone, many thanks tay tay kitty kat.

Reviewed by shuel from england on 4th Dec 2010
this is the best phone ever. the super amoled screen is the best i have ever seen. the 1ghz processer is suprisingly fast however it does sometimes freeze. the HD video recording is fantastic. i would reccommend you buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Ravin from INDIA on 27th Nov 2010
i bought this phone before 4 mnths it has xcellent features. go n buy it now ...

Reviewed by gunrunner from england on 26th Nov 2010
have had the wave 4 about 6 weeks the problem i am getting is despite the phone lock on the side being activated, the phone keeps turning itself off. instructions say once phone lock is engaged no key or screen can be operated,this is not the case by putting the phone in my pocket, any prolonged pressure on the end/power off key turns the phone off. the phone has been sent away twice and the problem is still there, shame its a nice phone but its no good to me like that sadly i shall be waving the wave bye bye

Reviewed by Hannah from Gloucester on 24th Nov 2010
Got It Yesterday Amazin Phone I Fully Reccommend!!

Reviewed by julie from united kingdom on 24th Nov 2010
ive recentley upgraded to the samsung wave..i was offered the galaxy which i declined as i think its a nice phone but was too big for me..ive had the wave a week now and i love it..love all the features..love the look of the phone..love everything..my only prob so far has been the battery..having to charge it every night..however i have heard from quite a lot of people that smart phones to adjust themselves and the battery life does get better..all in all im a happy bunny

Reviewed by John Kernaghan from Australia on 23rd Nov 2010
I am very disappointed with the battery life of the Samsung Wave loses it charge on standby after only 8 hours

Reviewed by Tony W from UK on 21st Nov 2010
BADA is very BAD. The phone has lots of features but the OS is awful.Screen is nice. B U T Had the phone a only couple of days and problems to now include:- 1 'Memory full' pop up when trying to open sms when another app is running - have to end apps to view sms 2,restricted personalisation of idle menu - can't have 'external' downloaded app on there - e.g gmail, Maps 3,general navigation is a nightmare 4, don't seem to be able to get 'my location' - gps not working? 5. can turn off some keyboard sounds but not all 6. can't induce haptic feedback 7. touch seems inaccurate - have to touch above the key (about 1 o'clock) for it to take

Reviewed by diane from northern ireland on 21st Nov 2010
my daughter asked for the samsung wave for her birthday so i got it for her it cost me loads and its not for kids i asked the person who worked in the shop and they said it was a very good for kids well i think a kid should never touch a phone like that

Reviewed by P Devo from england on 16th Nov 2010
Buyers beware went thriugh 4 handsets until i finally gave it up as avery bad idea phone might look good but that is it

Reviewed by Richard Browne from UK on 16th Nov 2010
On the whole, a very competent little phone. The battery is decent (though I'm not a hound for perpetual apps and browsing). The speed of the device, running Bada, is excellent - all the phone-based features are awesomely quick and game-play for the games provided is excellent. The touch-screen sensitivity is excellent and the display is amazing - easily the best phone I've had from that perspective. The camera is good although I find taking the picture, from press to processing, to be a little slow. The range of apps available for Bada is terrible and that doesn't seem to be changing too quickly. I find the date-entry interface to be a little annoying - not as common-sense as my last Samsung, the Tocco (although the write-on-screen function is funky while the novelty lasts!). The worst point about this phone, though, is the software - believe other people when they say... Kies is nasty - tries to develop a windows-like interface but is clunky and obscure for the most part. Those are the things which prevent from being a 5-star phone.

Reviewed by Paul wellcoat from UK on 9th Nov 2010
Got the 'Wave' on vodafone last week.i have used it non stop and only had to recharge once..I took it down to o% on the battery it took 3hrs to run dry even after the battery showed empty on the screen. i have put the phone on ap/uart mode type using code.!....*#8740# in the keypad.!.this does work.! overall amazing bit of kit..one for the gadget heads.the screen is HD heaven. A couple of cons though....i cannot use 5.1 surround sound after BADA firmware update.!...or load the registration for Divx videos..!!!..no major issue though..i can live with the sound quality as it is and i have 2 kids, so getting a chance to sit and watch a video on my phone is highly unlikely.a last plus is that the camera performs better than the 5mp suggests.! go get one..they rock.

Reviewed by Amanda from India on 7th Nov 2010

Reviewed by avinash from khartoum on 5th Nov 2010
idk wat u guys r talkin about...my dad jus got this phone fr me and i must say it mops the floor with the iphone 4. the UI is amazing and the colors pop out. the music player is awesome. btw for all u guys havin trbl connecting to ur pc jus go to menu>settings>connectivity, scroll 2 the bottom wer it says usb, tap it, and choose mass storage. the phone will appear on ur pc like a usb. the battry is superb(but takes time 2 charge). the screen is crisp(but too small). overall, i think it is an outstanding phone.

Reviewed by e walsh from england on 4th Nov 2010
nightmare bought phone on 2 yr contact had phone 3 weeks now the software is playing up went to samsung centre said was fixed got home now cannot hear any messages or telephone calls it as gone silent and no matter what cannot get back to normal working sound so will have to send back to samsung again waste of money

Reviewed by caroline stroud from uk on 30th Oct 2010
nightmare phone.....beset with software problems that cannot (it seems) be resolved. It will not accept incoming e-mails, nor will it connect to my pc. Have spent hours on the phone to Samsung helpdesk in Cairo without any joy. Been replaced once and second set "repaired" once....ha ha!! Don't touch it with a bargepole....I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. DO NOT BUY!!!

Reply by HOWARD from ENGLAND on 31st Jan 2012
Incoming and Outgoing emails have stopped working on the phone. New software download from Kies resolved the problem for 4 days then the email problem arose again. Been on to Orange my service provider who cannot sort the problem out. Will not buy another. All other features work fine.

Reviewed by yahaya hanif from malaysia on 30th Oct 2010
I just got one samsung wave I love it.

Reviewed by harry from england on 28th Oct 2010
I can't believe people have been saying that the camera is poor on the wave. its awesome and the phone is quality. end of.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 27th Oct 2010
after having this phone for many months i have finally got round to sending it back. The screen looks amazing, the best display on a phone to date. It's really resistant too which is nice if your scared of getting it scratched. The camera and camcorder on the phone are great too and deliver high quality imagery. However the battery is useless even after the firmware update. I didn't buy this phone to keep it in my pocket all day. I want to use it to its full potential. Taking pics and vids drains it the worst. Don't expect to be using the Internet for too long either. Listening to music might just about last 4hrs. Doing pretty much anything on the phone causes the battery to heat up considerably. The app store is useless too. There's a few good games such as need for speed and everybody's golf. But the majority of apps are for a foreign audience. Half the apps aren't even in English. More like Turkish, Chinese and god knows what else. Fancy the App; 'Muslim baby names'? how a bout 'mosque finder'? perhaps you want to find you way around Tehran? well its all possible on this phone. Not very handy for me though. I wish they'd make the store suitable for your own country. But the icing on the cake is that this phone keeps crashing. I get a blue screen similar to that on windows. i then have to remove the battery in order to turn the phone back on again. This may happen when trying to play a song or just closing an application. You cannot utilise this phone to its full potential without it crashing on you or running out of battery. If you want a phone for its WI-FI, mp3 player and multimedia abilities stay clear of this phone. I bought this phone to make good use of it. You cant do that with the Samsung Wave. If you want a hi-tech phone that you know you wont be using very much, you might consider this but then i say to you, you've got more money than sense. Maybe if Samsung truly address the issues with this phone it would be amazing, sadly it isn't . As for those who keep saying its an Iphone killer it certainly isnt.

Reviewed by carl from england on 26th Oct 2010
i think the phone is rubbish its not as good as they say it is, keeps coming up not enough memory so u have to keep turning it off. u need memory card to use navigation, u got to download facebook even thou u already have rubbish version on it. email is pointless having to keep downlaoding and then retrieve it which is totally stupid. only decent thing about this phone is battery life is great, not having samsung again unless they start to change. apps are pointless on here. if people read this dont buy it unless u just wanna call people.

Reviewed by Xena from UK on 18th Oct 2010
On my second Wave in two weeks, this one is better but hard work using Kies on PC! Nice looking but the case a bit slippery and nearly dropped it a few times. But overall a good phone.

Reviewed by barbra from England on 16th Oct 2010

Reviewed by Paolo from Philippines on 14th Oct 2010
My Jet was stolen so I decided to buy this phone. I'm using the phone for almost a month now and it has been superb. Wave is a lot better than the Jet. There are plenty of free/paid applications uploaded everyday on the Samsung Apps so you can just choose the application you want to install to make your Wave more brilliant. The battery is also a lot better than the Jet. Good job Samsung!

Reviewed by Elaine from Scotland on 12th Oct 2010
Like the phone. Very smart. Hate texting from it as almost impossible unless you're sitting down with hands both free. But worst of all it keeps calling people on my list whilst its in my pocket...Infuriating. Such a let down. It also just flashes an illuminous green screen now and again so need to take battery out to reset it.

Reviewed by Ian from UAE on 29th Sep 2010
By the way the Wave DOES have flash support in its browser! The Wave also uses an Apple style system of pinching for zooming and double tapping to select text in the browser - the zooming also works for photos too. It also has another trick up it's sleeve, it can act like a WiFi hub! Using your data package for internet access the phone gives out a WiFi signal which you can connect your other devices to (laptop, iPad, iTouch etc etc)! Always handy if you are in a pickle! It also has an Exchange mail function built in so you can sync contacts, email, calendar and to do lists with Exchange accounts, including Gmail! The Wave is a good phone if you are not worried about many apps, but otherwise the Facebook app and others work fine. A Google Maps app is not preloaded but just browse to the link to use google Maps. The music player has a built in function to sample 10 secs of music from any source you are listening to and via its internet / data connection it will tell you the name of the song and the artist - built in and FREE (other than data charges!). The music player in general is excellent with a great set of equalizer options to choose from. The video player is superb on the AMOLED screen, blacks are black, not a muted grey - Ironman is awesome on the phone! It is a good phone, just don't expect a great set of apps if that is your thing!

Reviewed by Mahmoud from Libya on 27th Sep 2010
Outstanding phone, One of the best phone I ever used.In my opinion it's better than I phone 4. Well done Samsung.

Reviewed by ed from england on 27th Sep 2010
Awsome camera, all round great!

Reviewed by Andrew Moore from Isle of Man on 25th Sep 2010
Bought this phone and absolutely loved using it. Brilliant features, looks amazing. But unfortunately the I had was subject to randomly resetting itself on and off at anytime it felt like it. When I turned the phone back on the back of it felt very hot as thought it had been over-heating. Sent it back and got a 2nd one delivered only to find the same problem happening again after 28 days, even if the phone was just sat stationary on a table! Such a shame I won't be trying a third one beucase the phone is actually very good.

Reviewed by vince from england on 20th Sep 2010
Screen cracked after 2 days just in pocket, my old LG Cookie lasted 2 years. Orange won't do anything so won't go back to them either.

Reviewed by Morrison from UK on 19th Sep 2010
Why oh Why do people have a moan up about the battery life on the Samsung Wave ? Learn how to use it correctly ! Turn of WiFi & 3G & switch it on when needed simple, overall a good quality phone with excellent build quality, camera & outsatnding HD recording, I've recorded some small video clips from the phone & played them on my 42" tv & the video footage is excellent. Had this phone for over a month now, cheap tariffs for this phone of iphone 4 quality.

Reviewed by rev from England on 19th Sep 2010
The Samsung wave is a nice looking slim phone, with a fantastic screen, the best contrast you will see on any phone and not forgetting it has Dolby surround sound. The HD video is probably the best out there, and it's fast too. Not to mention some great features such as fake call and an innovative security feature which allows you to track your phone if you lose it. Now as you can see, I have only given this 3 stars, and this is because while I had the phone I found the signal wasn't too good, especially compared with my older phones. Also using HD video is a killer on memory, for 2 mins of HD youíre looking at 200mb of memory gone, so you really do need a large memory card to make use of this feature and due to the size you can forget about uploading these videos to facebook! The camera on this is quite good, and on its screen, photos look amazing but once there on your computer they don't look as nice but itís still quite a good camera. Another thing is that texting on this phone isn't great, as you tend to make mistakes quite a lot due to letters being so close together; better in landscape mode but nowhere as good as say an iphone. Swype, which is on the galaxy s, is not available on this phone, a shame and I don't believe they will bring this feature as it's not a flagship phone. Moreover, I found having to press the centre diamond button every time to access the menu screen was rather annoying as it felt loose and ruined the feel of the otherwise great build quality. One of the most annoying things about this phone was that it will always make a beeping noise when the battery is low indicating it needs a charge, even in silent mode. This can't be turned off without having to turn the phone off, and as battery doesn't last that long it happens quite a lot, very annoying if it wakes you up in the middle of the night to tell you it needs a charge. In addition to this as most people have mentioned is the lack of decent apps on the app store, yes a lot of the apps are free but most of them are useless, and I don't see this competing with android or apple app stores as Samsung's own flagship the galaxy s is running android. Finally, if youíre buying this phone without a contract, expect it to lose a lot of value compared to say an iphone or blackberry, for example 02 recycle will only buy this off you for £50 compared to £365 for an iphone 4, so it may be a lot cheaper than an iphone but itís also worth a lot less. Overall, however this is a good feature phone and there are some good contract deals out there and it isn't as expensive as other phones with similar features. You may love the wave and it depends on what you need a phone for, but I can't personally recommend this as its not great at the primary features of a phone such as calling and texting and has too many annoying things about it which is a shame as I was initially blown away by it.

Reviewed by bob from England on 18th Sep 2010
The best phone i've ever had. i don't know what everyone else is talking about??? Two words to finish,the best.

Reviewed by Andy from England on 16th Sep 2010
onr word - terrible

Reviewed by Malc from England on 10th Sep 2010
Best phone on the market bar none.

Reviewed by Roundman from England on 9th Sep 2010
Got offered this phone by Orange on a cheap deal with 3 months left until my contract expired and i can see why, Considering it is a Smart Phone there are too many apps compared to the I phone and the Android apps...and most the ones on there are no use nor ornament.. I have taken 3 photos now the memory is full even thought i have included an additional memory card.. after 3 days I have hit the download limit cause i cant switch it off from 3G (instead of using wi-fi).. The transfer of kies is absolutely shocking and once they are downloaded to the phone i can not find them. The phone is very slow to boot up on internet compared to other smart phones that people have at work.. I upgraded to this cause my other phone fell apart 3 months before my 24 month contract expired and i now wish that i waited for the extra 3 months to get a new phone with a new contract with a different provider that might of given me a free TV !!! I am now attempting to get orange to take the heap of junk back so i can get something else !!

Reviewed by Bex from england on 7th Sep 2010
had this phone since friday and its stressed me out wince iv had it, the facebook app WAS workin and now it laods and then switches off, wen i go on internet i sometimes have to turn my phone off cause it says Memorie full ?? battery is rubbish and the book didnt explain much so i really didnt understand it, kep bords too small could do with a pen for touch scree....

Reviewed by Elvis from Burnville on 7th Sep 2010
Please don't buy this phone, camera quality is poor. 5 mp camera is like VGA, not a smart phone and pathetic

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 7th Sep 2010
I have just bought the Samsung Wave and i think it is Fantastic :) i would recommend anyone upgrading there phone to really consider it because it is really that fantastic. As soon as i seen someone with it i thought i need that phone, the looks are gorgeous and it is very slim and all the features on the phone are perfect and suit everyone and every age group. The performance of the phone is amazing and it runs so quickly and i have had no problems with it at all it is just too great for anything to go wrong with it. I absolutely love this phone and i wouldnt swap it at all for any other phone. I was going to get the Iphone but i have really gone off them with all the hype going on around them. I then seen the samsung wave and i instantly thought i need it and now i have it i love it. I would totally recommned this phone and i have had no problems with it at all it is very smooth running just how any phone should be... it gets two thumbs up from me :) and 5 stars for definate :)

Reviewed by Patrick from england on 5th Sep 2010
This phone is exeptional especially for school children. This is the best phone my son has ever had. The battery is great, the screen is crisp, it is easy to make phone calls. however it would be nice to have swype on it, but i guess samsung will do it sometime soon.

Reviewed by Rob Gee from UK on 5th Sep 2010
I got this phone from Orange and I can see why they were so keen for me to have one. In terms of appearance the phone does look very good, the screen is great and the user interface offers lots of eye candy. But, and this is a BIG BUT, the actual performance as a phone is totally lousy. Firstly, the actual sensitivity of the radio section is very poor. For instance, in an area showing full signal strength on a Nokia E51, the Samsung wave showed just 1 bar. Same network, same SIM in both phones. Secondly, the received and transmitted sound quality is very poor. The voice sounds muffled in the Samsung while the called party described the received sound as "tinny". Battery life isn't great but then thats fairly typical for a smart phone. So, putting the bells and whistles to one side, if you want a phone which actually functions well as a communication device, then DO NOT GET THE SAMSUNG WAVE GT-S8500

Reviewed by chris dee from uk on 3rd Sep 2010
i posted something on regarding the battery...ifound on the net...type *#8740# if it says ap uart enabled then thats correct...if it says cp uart then thats wrong...type the code in to get the correct one ap uart enabled. aparntly it doesnt use the battery as much try it av just done mine...mite work mite not????? ta

Reviewed by chris dee from uk on 1st Sep 2010
battery life...why is it so poor??? rang samsung told me to change the backlight to 3mins??? any 1 got any tips...battery drained within 6 hrs and thats hardly any use downloaded few apps and browsed net for 10mins...screen amazing like? they have advertised a good battery but its not the case....i got a nokia 6303 that battery does what it says...

Reviewed by Hassan from Saudi Arabia on 31st Aug 2010
I have had this phone for 4 days and this is my first time to use Samsung Brand,I used to have an Iphone.I strongly believe,if you are looking for a phone which has a good internet options,Buy an Iphone,but If you are looking for a phone with many options and you don't really care about using the internet,Buy Wave8500. For me, I tried many brands( Nokia,SoneyEr,LG..etc) the best phone that I have ever tried is Wave8500

Reviewed by Kim from uk on 31st Aug 2010
Had the wave about a week, still trying to figure out a few things on it, The battery doesnt seem to last to long im putting it on charge every evening,i have to keep my hand dead still when taking a photo otherwise it comes out blurry. But overall a good phone that looks pretty smart

Reviewed by Deanie from England on 23rd Aug 2010
OK just recently upgraded from a Nokia 5800 to the Samsung Wave & WOW screen is superb nearly as good as the iphone 4, Apps are a little sparse but more are being added all the time. Apps for me are no issue. Build quality of the phone is excellent. The battery which is a 1500mah lasts me 2-3 days! Thatís with average use of the internet, making calls & some texts.... All you have to do to prolong battery life is go to Settings/Connectivity/Network/Network mode & change to GSM 900/1800 for the UK, then switch it back to Automatic for 3G simple, since I donít use 3G that much its ideal ! Movies are great to watch on the Super AMOLED screen, Camera & Video are great, though settings take a bit of getting use too... Other than that itís a great alternative to the iphone 4 & costs a lot less on contract as well, plus you get a good signal no matter how you hold it not like the iphone 4. I have never had a Samsung before & I would fully recommend it !

Reviewed by Roberto from ITALY on 20th Aug 2010
THE BEST. I've put down my iphone 4 because i've tryied my samsung wave. Wave outstands ALL. IPHONE 4 too.

Reviewed by Bob from Wales on 19th Aug 2010
Bought this phone as I wanted a similiar but a little better upgrade to my Samsung Jet and after reading reviews of this phone I decided to go ahead and buy it. I have to say the screen is absolutely gorgous and its a very easy phone to use but for some reason I am getting bad signal with it. The Samsung Jet had full reception in my bedroom(i am on o2) as has my wifes LG Cookie(she is on orange) but this only has half,sometimes less signal. Dont know if its a fault on this specific handset because I bought it brand new boxed. Apart from this its a top phone but to me signal is a major part of a phone so hence the 3 stars. Wish I'd kept the jet now.

Reviewed by Ley from England on 19th Aug 2010
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PHONE!!! Wow this is the best quality picture on a phone I have ever seen, even my friend who has the new iphone 4 wants to swap with me!! Seriously nice looking, fantastic quality, feels great and solid, touchscreen is fab and super responsive, took a couple of days to get used to after my previous touchscreen, which was nowhere near as good and now I am beaming at how good this phone is and I don't normally get excited by a phone! Oh and to top it all off the photo quality is also out of this world compared to other phones I have used and seen. All in all really really really mega impressed.

Reviewed by laura from uk on 19th Aug 2010
ive had this phone 4 less than a day im loving it so far but cant get the kies thing t work how do i close the apps that are running??

Reviewed by Joey from England on 18th Aug 2010
Had the Wave for a whole 2 weeks now .Finally sat down and investigated it. I multi -text a number of people at the same time for work based issues cheaper that phoning a less norsing that phone meetings .The results are great im involved with say 4 conversations at once the intergration of converstions is excellent ..nothing worse than texting wrong thing to wrong person. 1)Basic stuff flip phone to the side to inlarge Querty key board it is plenty big enough to navigate. 2) Em Ormy: The Phone screen goes to stand by every 1 or so mins or any operatunity it gets to save battery life. Flick the button on the upper RIGHT hand side to reactivate takes a sec or so .Swipe screen with your tumb and ready to go.Simple a false use deterant. Freezing can be an issue watch the temp of the device warm phone warm hand ,warm hand even warmer phone.Then like a PC it will freeze with a heat issue.Trust me im on it for hours with work let it cool intermitently. 3)Kies is a really basic PC interface Nokia is much better.It does come into its own for media like divx etc .Interface from PC to phone is very simple to use with a 2gb M/card you can hold around 2 x 580mb films and watch with HD quality at a later time.Supurb quality. Study kies and make it work for you.Much easier to download apps to your computer and films etc then to your phone using Kies PC to phone " CLICK ON "pc on the top left of screen works no problem.Your whole computer is btought up transfer what ever you need basic but works better.Install codec pack and you can divx format. Had issues purchasing Apps and then transfering to phone" Not enough space"on the samsung apps shop. I could drive a car through it there s that much space?Cant be bothered with it no wonder there cheap.Just do as above no issues. 4)Battery life is an issue with most Samsung phones bare in mind exceptional amount of graphic s and interface takes some booty power. Generally speaking youtube and msn and face book are fine and browser is quick on wifi.Again i would nt use Kies for its u tube or anything id use pc to download to my phone if i wanted to view it later lets say .Upload to your pc is easy to dont need kies to do hat really.Kies just brings the pc n phone together. Anyway hope this is of some use to somebody.I,ll update as i spend a bit more time on it.

Reviewed by Brad from Australia on 16th Aug 2010
Bought matching phones for myself and wife when we emigrated from UK to Australia 2 weeks ago. My phone still works great but within a week of purchase my wifes phone just froze up and then went dead. Now it won't even turn on at all. Have tried swapping batteries with my phone, so it is not a battery fault. Even worse there is no international warranty so looks like I'm going to have to post it back to UK to get repaired or more likely replaced as this one looks truly a dud. So appears to be a lottery as to what you get.

Reviewed by Claire from England on 13th Aug 2010
Keeps freezing and takes ages to unfreeze, battery life not good either... Shame I was looking forward to a new phone and now fed up already after 1 month

Reviewed by Iroc from uk on 12th Aug 2010
Fantastic phone. All criticisms that I have heard against it are down to an unlucky few with faulty handsets or people just not bothering to do a bit of research on how it works. It has the best and most complete hardware package of any phone in the world, any minor software niggles can be sorted. This is bada version 1, don't forget, and it's not far from perfect now!

Reviewed by peter t from england on 12th Aug 2010
had phone for 2 monts now, dont like kies ( total confusion or what )need more apps . apart from that phone is okish

Reviewed by simon from england on 12th Aug 2010
my last 3 phones were nokia last one being the n85 - fancied a change so went for the wave its an ok phone but preffered the n85. The wave has got old sounding ring and message tones and not much scope for personalising them and hasnt got as many as standard gimmicks (wich is something i like in a phone). the calculator hasn't got percentages. the converter is useless, the 'accept call' button doesn't always work so you have to phone the person back wich obviously costs money I have only downloaded the free apps so far but havent found them to be much good -lots of choice though the delivery report of messages comes back as a text message which is quite annoying I am still exploring all its features as its quite new - not overjoyed with it so far but dont hate it either !

Reviewed by Boratiitibabtunadesugary from Somalia on 9th Aug 2010
Theis fone it tha breast

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 8th Aug 2010
Tip on battery life - there is a high def mode called something like CP UART mode, which drains battery life like crazy. AP UART mode, in which it would appear you get slightly slower internet speeds and can't watch High Def movies, you get double battery life. You toggle between the two by entering a command on the keypad, can't remember it off hand but it is available on the Samsung mobile forums. Users are reporting battery life of 4 days in AP UART mode. I've switched mine and it would seem that (using 2G most of the time) I've doubled mine.

Reviewed by Suygun from Turkey on 7th Aug 2010
Perfect phone better than iphone & others

Reviewed by Al from UK on 4th Aug 2010
The five stars i've given are based on having only owned the phone for 24 hours and being really impressed with what i've seen so far. Compared to my last phone, a G600, this is outstanding. And the G600 was more than good. Anyway, I was only wanting to say to the people who are having problems with the phone shutting down & battery problems,- do yo know about the button towards the top left hand side of the phone? I didn't & it drove me mad thinking it had shut down after every couple of minutes. I was continuously taking out the battery & re-starting it. I was about to take it back to the shop when I found the button that brings it back to life. The phone is designed to shut the screen down to avoid it say, answering a call whilst in your pocket or bag. If the switch-off time was originaly set to 5 hours for example, that could explain the "short" battery life. Hope this helps.

Reviewed by LEWIS from England on 3rd Aug 2010
Thought I would have a change from Blackberry, so considered all the latest models. Most touch screens were too sensitive for my podgy old fingers, as different movement to Blackberry. Choose Wave, and really liked it until I came to the Kies bit. I use and need Outlook for my contacts and calender,and was assured that Kies would work. It's now 1.5 days of my time and long phone calls with Sansung support. Vodafone guys admitted they didn't know what Kies was, so refered me to Samsun. They have tried to be helpful,but failed, so have now refered me to Samsum engineers based in either Kingston and Reading.The numbers provided are at Carphone Warehouse, who didn't answer. Looking at the reviews for the new Galaxy S, Kies is used there as well and does not get a good rating. Pity, nice phone.

Reviewed by David from U.K on 2nd Aug 2010
I've had the Samsung Wave for about a month or so and I've had a very postive experience. The Bada user interface is clear and intuitive, the screen and camera excellent. Call quality and keyboard are great. As a media player it's very effective. Regarding battery life - it's very good .. apart from when I set the alarm clock .. I've found the phone will use about two bars of battery life overnight when the alarm is set. This sounds like it might be a bug which I hope Samsung will address. Has anyone else found this? All said and done this is an excellent phone which I'd recommend. If Samsung can inspire developers to create more and better Bada applications for the app store, it's onto a winner.

Reviewed by Jayne from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
I got this phone on Vodafone as an upgrade. Love the phone - prob 1 of the best I've had and believe me I've tried lots! However, it developed an issue after approx 10 days of 'freezing' when I wanted to open Contacts/write text message/open Facebook etc. Eventually got through to Vodafone and I am now (im)patiently waiting for my replacement to arrive today. Have got fingers crossed that it'll be problem-free. Will do a proper review when I have used it for a few days and hopefully don't get the issue that I had with the 1st phone.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
I'm now on my 4th Samsung wave in as many weeks. All have had the same problem. Shuts down, battery gets hot, screen freezes. Its been a night mare. When it works, great phone, but would never have another one. Waiting on a Nokia to replace it.

Reviewed by Lesley from England on 1st Aug 2010
Very poor battery life. The phone itself it great however you could get caught out with the battery power!

Reviewed by Em Ormy from UK on 31st Jul 2010
Can anyone help...I am on my 2nd Sansung Wave in as many days and the handset keeps turning itself off it doesn't even last 5 minutes on standby?.....what am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

Reviewed by Stanjacko from UK on 28th Jul 2010
WOW, electriceye must have some weird magnetic charge capabilities to get 4 days from his iphone. Ultimately, spare Samsung batteries are available for the princely sum of £7.95 from Amazon, a luxury that is not an option for the "eye"phone!!

Reviewed by electriceye from England on 26th Jul 2010
Hi fellow wave fans, hope this is a helpfull tip. Posted a message on the 20th July saying Battery on the wave is terrible, one maybe two days tops similar to many other people. With this in mind i called in Samsung warranty repair store on Sat 24th & asked if this was normal & was told NO "samsung are aware of problem" & have issued a code-fix. Amazed I requested it & 30mis later picked up my phone free of charge. In the last 49hrs continuous use, my wave has only used 12percent battery. Hope you find this interesting & it helps what appears to be the majority of people with the wave. Ps four other people had brought their waves in the store that morning alone, all with the same poor battery problem. Note this was a genuine samsung warranty store, not just a back street mobile trader, so look up the samsung warranty store for your area. This phone is so good now, but still poor apps, but truly happy now. Good luck & long battery life.

Reviewed by phil007uk from st helens on 26th Jul 2010
i bought this phone yesterday and i think its brilliant,i wanted a phone that was wireless and be able to watch the bbc iplayer etc,and this phone delivers big time,there are short cuts built in it for facebook,you tube etc and its lightning fast to connect,i cant praise this phone enough,very very easy to use and understand,camera is mint etc etc etc . JUST BUY 1 you wont be let down ;)

Reviewed by MATTY from ENGLAND on 24th Jul 2010
Phone exelent features, but too hard to txt as u cant use a pen and signal is terrible on mine. wish id neva bought it. the previous jet was miles beta, wish i didnt smash it and have to buy this one

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