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Samsung Wave S8530 review

 Review: January 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung Wave S8530 (or Samsung Wave 2) is a souped-up version of the original Wave, with a larger screen.



The Samsung Wave S8530 is a reincarnation of the original Wave. It looks very similar, although it's grown in size to accommodate a larger 3.7 inch screen, and it's put on weight as a result, although it's not so heavy that this is a problem. Everything else remains pretty much the same, so you could view this as an addition to the Wave range rather than a direct replacement for the original wave.

As well as increasing the size of the screen from 3.2 inches to 3.7 inches, Samsung have switched technology from Super AMOLED to Super Clear LCD TFT. We've previously described Super AMOLED as the best possible display on a mobile phone, so is this an even greater step forward? Which is the winner in the Super Clear LCD vs Super AMOLED battle? Well, the difference isn't great at all. But place either of these displays next to a conventional TFT display and the difference is so great that both of the new technologies are clear winners.

Apart from the bigger screen and the bigger overall size, the only significant change that will affect users is the increase in internal memory from 1GB to 2GB.

Here's the bottom line: the Samsung Wave S8530 is a flagship phone with cutting edge features and its only shortcoming is the lack of third-party apps for the Bada operating system. But all the basics are here: mapping, social networking, a document viewer, personal organiser functions, integrated contacts. If the downloading culture doesn't appeal to you, then you might as well stick with the Wave 2 and benefit from the cutting edge hardware at a very competitive price. Read our original Samsung Wave review for more.

Samsung Wave S8530 features include:

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Samsung Wave S8530 user reviews

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Average rating from 27 reviews:

Reviewed by alimousavi95@yahoo.com from Iran:009809133144357-s-ali mousavi on 12th Aug 2012
Hi dear uncle samsung again!I submited my opinion about defects of my cellphone though you wouldn,t like it!I am a friend from Asia the same as you dear hero uncle samsung!I asked about the remedy to cure my phone but you don,t care and let my phone die second by second unfortunately!I,m not able to buy a better smart phone like Ga-s3 and here nobody cares about guarnties and samsung,s obligations or good or bad reputations!?Ofcourse you do care my dear uncle sam!please show me your careness about good reputations and I show and prove to the others!for reply with sms or call my phone:009809367945405 .I am counting on you and waiting for quick responce from uncle samsnung!!!!?thank you very much...,indeed.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 13th Aug 2012
Please note that this is not any kind of support website, and Samsung will never read your comments here.

Reviewed by brian mcgregor from gb on 29th Mar 2012
just had a compulsory upgrade from samsung on my wave 11 my phone is now a piece of junk.do nt buy this phone

Reviewed by raisa from london on 3rd Mar 2012
don't buy because skype is not working
no video chat,fb no working what is this pho

Reviewed by Laila from UK on 22nd Feb 2012
Very good phone! :)

Reviewed by ANDRE from FRANCE on 4th Feb 2012
I use the Samsung Wave S8530 and I am delighted, it is great, and all the applications are very interesting, it also has plenty of power thanks to its service applications (Samsung apps). The quality of the camera is superb. I would not change it for anything. I hope this will help anyone who would like to buy it. [Editor's comment: Translated from the French. Apologies for mistranslations!]

Reviewed by debby antoine from uk on 2nd Feb 2012
hi there I've had this phone for almost a year now . its great I've had no problems at all. except there's no upgrades for it yet. the camera is great and the video is great . I've read up on the galaxy ace . well I'd recommend the Samsung wave 11 to anyone . the wave 11 is far better than the galaxy ace . anyway who needs android . smart phones are just as good .

Reviewed by unhappy tricked customer from Samsung Wonderland on 16th Jan 2012
Yes ...its a nice phone if you want to see only its good parts. One of the bad parts is that the phone may freeze without any decent reason just in your hand while you go through its menu. The translation of the word "scrap" could be "Bada". Do a search on "frozen samsung'' and you will see... for yourself. Hundreds of phones have to do with this issue. Samsung specialists play the "I CANT SEE" .. so as usual the owners get trapped into a jungle of technic issues where the owners are the ones meant to loose from the start. Unfortunately Samsung plays the deaf and dumb with this issue.. No one gets any answer. You should know that when you buy a Samsung wave 2 S8530 even brand new in the box ,you haven't yet finished paying on it. it seems now that I have to throw some other money on it again. Negotiable Wave 2 brick for sale... ...

Reviewed by Kitty from Wales on 14th Jan 2012
Well, i thought this phone was amazing at first, but its not that amazing. The camera is okay, until you zoom in, the quality is rubbish. The video recording is excelent HQ, with Amazing sound and graphics! WiFi wont turn off...rubbish apps...nice design:) very stylish. the facebook app dosent work proply. (many other wave 2 people aggree) The web browser is anoying when reading articals, the adress bar gets in the way all the time. Otherwise good phone.

Reviewed by Kumar Mylavarapu from India on 31st Dec 2011
Using this phone since a month. Good and satisfactory. One feature seems missing - recording facility of a call (while talking). Hope Samsung provides upgrades to Bada 2.0. Price wise this is a good phone compared to other high end smart phones. Overall satisfactory.

Reviewed by luke from liverpool on 25th Dec 2011
good phone

Reviewed by dan from london on 19th Dec 2011
good phone

Reviewed by Jacqueline from Malta on 16th Dec 2011
Brilliant phone! Had it for over a month now. I found the apps that I require from samsung kies. Screen is cristal clear and good response touch. For all those complaining about poor battery life switch to 2g, and it lasts longer. Very stable fast OS that is why I choose this rather than android. Recommended!

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
Easily the best mobile I have ever had & at the price, on Pay & Go was only 99 + 10top up fee.This must be the cheapest 3G phone around.Very good camera & video, free mapping,browsing & emailing excellent.love all the bells & whistles.If you like apps there's not a great deal of choice but that doesn't bother me. On a negative note I would say the battery isn't the best I have had, but there is a more powerful one you can purchase. This must be the cheapest 3G mobile around, really impressed.

Reply by steve from uk on 16th Jun 2012
battery on mine lasts 2 WEEKS on standby- when i first got it, i charged it & deliberately left it on standby, to test the battery. on the morning of the 14th day, it died & needed recharching. even with occasional use (i'm not a heavy phone user) i get a week out of it.

Reviewed by Mohamed Haris from India on 23rd Nov 2011
I love my wave2 mobile phone.. Its excellent performance..

Reviewed by Lawrence from Essex on 10th Nov 2011
If you don't mind the idea of using a phone with Samsung's own Bada OS, which has a limited supply of apps available, everything else about it is of real quality - superb camera, sound and screen and a responsive capacitative touch system. However, the Dolphin browser (which you're really stuck with) is very irritating to use and texting isn't easy for someone with clumsy fingers (like me). Battery is very good for a smart phone, although some say because it's not an Android or Apple phone it's not really that smart. But it is cheap, really cheap by comparison with the other high quality phones it's up against, and it's very solidly built.

Reviewed by kev from london on 6th Nov 2011
good phone

Reviewed by sam from LIVERPOOL on 2nd Nov 2011

Reviewed by zhao luo from london on 16th Oct 2011
i had this phone for 2 weeks now and i love it

Reviewed by Sarah from Norfolk on 10th Oct 2011
I do like this phone eveything apart from the app service I can't get any apps that I would partially like for e.g what's app is not available and sky news. If samsung could update the bada service then the phone would be even better just a shame as the phone is off very high quality

Reviewed by ian from Scotland on 29th Sep 2011
Brilliant phone, excellent value at under a hundred pounds, changed iphone 3 for this and glad i did, loads of features, love the media streaming capability, beat that apple!!

Reply by arve from IRAN on 12th Apr 2012
lol i know that phone is good but its not better than an iphone!!!!! :)

Reviewed by jim from uk on 20th Aug 2011
I have now had this phone for about 9 months and is okay, but I think the Bluetooth is rubbish it will pair to the car but sometimes will not put in contacts very annoying as you have to put in the phone number manually, i would not recommend this phone NOW because there are better options like an htc wildfire or desire s but otherwise works perfectly well.

Reviewed by lissy from UK on 18th Jun 2011

Reviewed by Paul M from U.K on 13th Jun 2011
After 5 phones from Orange I have finally persuaded them yjat I don want a replacement..each one OI had weems to develop faults.... Screen blocks, and unable to charge from my boat or car charger, dialing numbers that were never requested ( favourite habbit dialing my girl friend at 3 am when I was asleep ) No thanks .. no more .. rather have a long piece of string and two tin cans!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kabvuto from Zambia on 23rd Apr 2011
Superb phone - I simply enjoy it's clear lcd screen and it's fast connections to the internet websites. It's a world class smart phone except that I have not succeded in installing applications such as Opera mini where I've always gotten an error message: "certificate error". Don't know how to correct that error.

Reviewed by steve from essex, uk on 26th Feb 2011
got one of these last week on orange PAYG from the carphone warehouse- ace phone! HD quality screen, sensitive touchscreen, loud ringtones. & best of all, no network logo across the middle of the screen to obscure your wallpaper. shoots HD video too.

Reviewed by James from Thailand on 21st Feb 2011
I traded in my Wave for the Wave II and have not been disappointed. I see no difference between one screen and another except that the Wave II provides a bigger screen for watching movies on. Of course, we all want different things on a mobile and no mobile can be all things to all people. Still, I can highly recommend this phone. It's packed with useful features and a real value.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 12th Feb 2011
Owners of the original wave will find this a familiar experience, its identical in virtually everyway to the wave. The biggest difference, obviously being the screen, is something i'm still not sure about. yes its much bigger and yes the SLCD technology certainly is a step above the usual smart phone screen, but is it as good as SAMOLED? certainly not! I miss the oversaturation of the original compared to the wave 2 and i have to say the resolution, though the same as the wave, does'nt look as sharp on the bigger wave 2 screen. It is nice though seeing your content on a bigger screen. i have to say i think the battery life is better on the wave 2 which is certainly welcome on such an awesome media device. I think the choice of retailing the unit at the same price as the original wave was also a smart move. Ultimately though if you have the original wave you should really think hard about whether the upgrade is worthwhile, yes i love the phone, but does it have enough to edge out the original?? hmmm. For those looking for another option to the control freaks apple! I think the bada platform has matured enough for this to be a competent choice.

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