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Samsung UE55MU7000 review

 Review: May 2017  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE55MU7000 is a cost-effective way to enjoy HDR1000 on a big screen. Cheaper than the MU8000 and QLED models, it still gives you superb picture quality, premium design, clutter-free cable management, and Samsung's superb Smart TV system. Highly recommended!


Samsung MU7000 review

Positioned at the bottom of Samsung's high-end range for 2017, the MU7000 is the same as the Samsung MU8000, but with a different stand and a less effective anti-reflective filter.

The silver branch stand is wider, so you'll need to check it will fit on your furniture, but it retains the clutter-free cable management system of the MU8000 and is just as nice, just different.

The black filter doesn't make a huge difference either, and in fact, you'll struggle to spot much of a difference in picture quality between the MU7000 and MU8000. It still has the 10-bit colour, local dimming, refined motion control and high peak brightness that make all of Samsung's high-end TVs so impressive.

What you will notice when comparing the MU7000 vs MU8000 is that the 55MU7000 costs £200 less, making it a very cost effective and attractive option.

Also check out the Samsung MU7070, which is almost the same as the MU7000, but finished in Titan grey instead of silver.

Samsung UE55MU7000 features include:

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Samsung mu7000 or lgsj850v?

Asked by dave from United Kingdom on 5th Sep 2017
hi guys i wanted to know your opinion im looking at the samsung mu7000 or the lgsj850v tv
its main use will BE console gaming xbox one s and ps4 pro and soon the xbox one x .samsung say the mu has a 1000 peak brightness but reviews suggest half of that also im not sure what the peak brightness is on the lg what tv do you think would be the best choice for gaming and i also want to make sure whatever one i get is RGB not RGBW cheers

Reply by Kashif from United Kingdom on 6th Sep 2017
Hi Dave. I've tried both tellies and in my opinion MU7000 is better in every category. LG uses IPS panel which isn't bright enough. Also Samsung is fast to boot up and I prefer the Tizen OS over LG's WEbOS. Go for LG only if you want OLED which is still expensive. All of their other tellies, ie mid or lower range are rubbish.

Reply by dave from United Kingdom on 7th Sep 2017
samsung say the mu7000 tv is around a 1000 nits peak brightness but reviews suggest only half of that so does anyone know what the actual peak brightness is on this tv also does anyone know if it supports full rgb like the 2017 qleds do

Reply by dave from United Kingdom on 17th Sep 2017
s21 do you ever reply or not

Reply by S21 from UK on 18th Sep 2017
We can't make recommendations for such specific personal requirements.

Reply by dave from United Kingdom on 19th Sep 2017
hows that a personal requirement asking if this model actually gives you the 1000 nits samsung say it does

How does the MU7000 compare to the KS7000?

Asked by Dermot from Ireland on 26th Jun 2017
Hi there,

Just wondering if the UE55MU7000 is as good as last years KS7000?


Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Jun 2017
They are broadly the same, so if you can still find a KS7000 for sale, you can save quite a bit of cash.

Reply by Adam from UK on 11th Aug 2017
You can find the 55 inch KU7000 (OR CURVED 7500) FOR AROUND £850 WITH A 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Samsung UE55MU7000 user reviews

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Reviewed by woz from UK on 21st Aug 2017
It's early days yet but I feel I have to mention the flaw in this TV - the changes in contrast and colour when even a few degrees off-axis are unacceptable for me. It looks good if you are sat DIRECTLY in front, but move not very far off axis and the blacks and colour wash out. I should have taken more notice of the reviews, but I've never experienced off axis black level changes like this on other TVs. Perhaps I've been lucky until now, but the low score is because this problem is a deal-breaker for me because, not unreasonably it isn't possible to sit more than a few people directly in front of the set.

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