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Samsung UE55KU6670 review

 Review: June 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE55KU6670 is a curved 4K 55-inch TV with HDR. It includes Samsung's excellent Smart TV system, with a good range of catch-up TV, plus streaming content from Amazon and Netflix. It's well-priced for such a large TV, although flatscreen alternatives are even cheaper.

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Samsung UE55KU6670
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Samsung KU6670 vs KU6470

The Samsung KU6670 is a curved-screen version of the KU6470. Exclusive to PC World / Currys, it costs £150 more than the flatscreen version, so unless you're convinced that a curved screen adds significantly to the viewing experience, you'd be better off choosing the KU6470 instead.

By the way, the 6470 is itself almost exactly the same as the Samsung KU6400, except that it has a different style of stand, and comes with a TM1680A remote control with support for voice recognition.

Samsung UE55KU6670 features include:

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Samsung UE55KU6670
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Samsung UE55KU6670
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Does this tv passthrough 5.1 via optical out?

Asked by Frazer from United Kingdom on 22nd Mar 2017
Have had the tv for some time now and was looking to get a sound bar but have been reading lots about tv's not passing through 5.1 via optical audio out if input is HDMI. Seems to be very hard to determine which do and don't.
Does anyone know?

Does anyone else's TV suffer from clouding effects on darker screen viewing?

Asked by Sean from Uk on 13th Jan 2017
Hi I have recently purchased the Samsung UE55KU6670 version and have only recently noticed a clouding effect on the darker parts of the screen at evening times in a dark room when viewing. (It is not visible during daylight viewing or in a lightly lit room). It is especially noticeable at the end of a film where the white script is running with a black background, but on my tv it's not a solid black but has random cloudy effects all over the screen. This is also noticeable when playing movies through hdmi from a pc especially when the picture has dark backgrounds. This is the only gripe I have with the TV sofar and was hoping to get help on here before I contact Samsung support. If this is the norm then please also leave a comment so I rule out a faulty TV. Thanks in advance.

Does the tv have hdmi 2.0 (supports 4k/60hz), or regular 1.4?

Asked by Carlo from Italy on 14th Dec 2016
Have a ps4 pro, so just wondering if is the right TV for that setup. Thank you

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Samsung UE55KU6670 user reviews

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Average rating from 2 reviews:

Reviewed by brian from england on 27th Sep 2016
Where do I start,1st tv came up with blue/grey tiled effect & froze when watching iplayer after 20 mins,had to turn off from mains, switched on again 2 iplayer & lasted 20 mins again, this time green tiled effect, try again!!!,& picture quality lowered compared to before for a few minutes,itv hub worked once, took back to currys, got replacement, that now doing the same as other set, & wifi also did tiled effect from film on laptop, no all 4/my5 on tv,as advertised, samsung did remote access & found W.O.fault 11 times, control card failier, great!!!, good job I kept the box, got code to return it to shop for replacement, picture on hd channels 10/10, even with hdr+ other non hd channels 7/10, very nice & easy tv to use, even got a remote each,lol, going to try one last time, lets hope we get what we paid for,samsung were very helpful,as were currys in grimsby.

Reviewed by Liam from Englang on 15th Aug 2016
Bought this tv about 2-3 month ago, everything was working fine up until about a month of having it then as I turn the tv channel over with Sky the to cuts out for about 5 seconds at least, we have insurance for the tv and they came to pick the tv up and ran some tests on it for them to phone back and say everything is ok and working as normal with the tv, just out of curiosity is it normal for the tv to just cut out like that?

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