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Samsung UE55KU6000 review

 Review: June 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung 55KU6000 Smart TV gives you an enormous 55-inch screen for less than 900, and that's an incredible deal. But there's more to the KU6000 than just a low price. It's a 4K HDR TV with Amazon, Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer all included. Picture quality is generally very good, with high brightness, deep blacks, and excellent shadow detail. But viewing angles aren't the widest, and motion blur can sometimes be an issue.


Samsung KU6000 - a top-value 55-inch UHD TV

HDR and UHD are the buzzwords in TV tech in 2016, but perhaps the real story is just how cheap 55-inch screens have become. Samsung's entry-level 6-Series TV sets a new standard, giving you 55-inches of screen for comfortably less than a thousand pounds, without too many compromises.

The Samsung UE55KU6000 launched at a price of £980, but already it's available for more like £800, and we wouldn't be surprised if the price fell further in the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas. That makes it incredibly good value, and at that price we're willing to forgive a few shortcomings.

In truth, there's not much to forgive. This is a very stylish-looking TV, equipped with superb Smart TV functions, including access to Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer, plus excellent connectivity with support for screen mirroring of compatible smartphones and tablets.

Picture quality from this 4K HDR TV is in many ways very good, with a superb dynamic range and crystal clear viewing. Viewing angles are reasonable, so even if you're viewing from the edge of the sofa, you won't notice too much fading. The only issue we can find is the relatively low-end motion resolution, which can sometimes show itself as blur.

Read our full review of the 40-inch Samsung UE40KU6000 to find out more. If you can afford to spend a little extra, we'd recommend you consider the Samsung KU6400, which costs about £100 more than the KU6000 but fixes the problems of viewing angles and motion blur.

Samsung UE55KU6000 features include:

User questions

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When I'm changing channel on my sky box (cable box) i get the on screen message "channel does not exist do you want to remove it" even though the channel has changed fine. Any help on this?

Asked by Gary from UK on 26th Sep 2017

They are selling this in Thailand for 445 UKP and I am considering buying it to replace my aging Samsung plasma which I have had for around 8-9 years. Will primarily use it for gaming with my PS4 and to watch downloaded movies and tv @ 480dpi. Any problems I should be aware of when connecting it to my ps4?

Asked by MonoXimian from Thailand on 5th Jun 2017

How much bough this tv wlth euro?

Asked by Ety from Maroc on 27th May 2017

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Samsung UE55KU6000 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 4 reviews:

Reviewed by Alex from United Kingdom on 27th Dec 2016
I have a UE55KU6000.
I've used it for about a week so far.
It's installed in a position where no natural light falls on the screen during the day, and the lighting in the room is dimmable at night.
It's been used with a ps4,ps3 and Xbox one S, plus the in-built streaming apps.
I don't use a satellite box or RF antenna, so can't comment on how those perform.

Out of the box, the picture is obviously over-hyped using the factory settings.
Found some useful ones on the internet.
These improved matters significantly.
576i looks subdued and lacking detail, but any resolution greater than that is quite rewarding viewing.
Sound is merely ok, but few TVs sound good.

Connectivity is adequate. 2 USB, 3HDMI, plus composite and component video.

Only one HDMI is capable of receiving 2160p @ 60fps. I believe the other 2 are limited to 30fps, but can deal with 1080p @ 60fps just fine.

Settings have a tendency to jump around if the connected device or the content you're viewing changes resolution. One setting seems to cover up to 1080p, but the colour space changes in 2160p, invoking a different group of settings, irrespective of picture mode. Once you've modified the second lot of settings, it's fine.

Not convinced by HDR at the moment.
Some Xbox one (s) games support it, and there's some Netflix content, but only "Marco Polo" on Netflix really seemed to benefit.
The 4k content is immediately much more impressive, as is the native display of the content upscaled by the Xbox.

Does this set upscale? I still don't know and can't tell! The info button tells you what resolution is incoming, but not what the TV is doing to it! There are no options or settings that relate to upscaling anywhere in the menus.

In summary, then:

Picture, when adjusted, with most processing turned off.
4k performance.
1080p performance.
Smart functionality.
Low lag (20ms) good for gaming.


Not so good:
Off-axis viewing.
Motion blur on fast-panning shots.
Settings changing without warning with colour space changes in incoming signal.
HDR only 8-bit, and gives variable results- but maybe I've missed something.
No 4od catch up app (UK specific)
Only one HDMI can handle 2160p @ 60fps.

It does exactly what I want it to do, but this set might fall short of what others require or expect in terms of performance or features. I got mine at a very competitive price.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 27th Dec 2016
My wife has a hearing disability, and requires the use of earphones!, am unable to connect wireless earphones to this set, which also does not have bluetooth, somewhat disappointed for a so called smart tv!!..

However, picture quality and ease of use are outstanding, just let down by the above!.

Reply by Stu from UK on 1st Jan 2017
Surely you would have the common sense to google whether the TV had bluetooth before blowing 500 on a TV?

Reviewed by Hemanth from India on 6th Aug 2016
There is a problem. Half of the screen one line is occured is any solution is there please explain.

Reviewed by George from Australia on 28th Jun 2016
I just bought the 55" version (my exact model is UA55KU6000W) and as good as a TV is it for the price, size, UHD etc viewing angle is too atrocious. Even if you have a couch in front of the tv, sitting to one side of the couch only slightly off centered reduces color and quality dramatically. I've had mine for a week and am very close to re-selling it. Yes it's bottom of the range but all those top features in a cheap TV become useless anyway if you must sit directly in the center of the tv. Having 2 people on a couch in front of the TV means one or both will have reduced picture quality it's that bad. Samsung didn't think of that. I also think the colors are too cool. Whites are very blue/purple and the predefined Picture settings are all pretty bad and need customizing to get right. Even on the warmest setting you'll get some pictures looking fine but others still bad. It's very inconsistent for example when ads are on, one ad color balance is fine, the next atrocious. And you have to constantly be changing the backlight setting for night and day otherwise during the day the picture is hard to see and then at night the whites kill your eyes. I will say the upscaling is good but that is all.

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