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Samsung UE55JU7500 review

 Review: August 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE55JU7500 is a premium UHD TV with a curved screen. Picture quality is truly outstanding, apart from an issue with limited viewing angles, but for gamers it's a superb option, with ultra-low input lag and an immersive experience. The audio system is well above average too. It's an expensive purchase, but not over-priced for what's on offer here.


Design & looks

The Samsung JU7500 is a stunning curved TV with great looks. It's not exactly a slim TV, but it has a narrow black frame with a smart metal edge, and a matching curved T-stand and looks amazing.

The curved screen certainly adds to the great first impressions, making this TV a real design icon, but we still have some doubts about the curved design. We'll have more to say about this when we discuss the picture quality.

We like the fact that the TV comes with two remotes too, although that's to be expected at this price.

Picture quality

Samsung assigns a PQI (Picture Quality Index) of 1400 to this TV, placing it above the cheaper Series 6 models, but below its premium SUHD range. We still have no clear explanation of what PQI means, but let's assess each aspect of the screen's quality for ourselves.

As expected, the screen produces some of the deepest blacks on any TV currently available. Samsung's 2015 screens really do excel at this. It also generates bright and vivid images with faithful colours.

The direct LED backlighting system, while making the chassis of the TV a little deep, pays dividends when it comes to screen uniformity. It also enables UHD dimming, which aids with dynamic contrast and shadow detail. The dynamic contrast is very good, with shadow detail picked out very well for a LCD TV.

It's a fast screen, and motion response is outstanding too. In Game Mode, input lag is very low, making this a superb choice for gamers.

When given UHD (4K) source material, the screen is pin sharp and quite breathtaking in the amount of detail it can display. There's not much 4K material available yet though, so most of your viewing is likely to be 1080p or even 720p HD. You might even venture into the world of standard definition TV channels. HD material is upscaled remarkably well to the big screen, although standard def content can look worse on this screen than it does on smaller TVs - a problem caused by interpolating to the 4K pixel resolution and then blowing the image up to 55 inches.

There's just one thing that isn't quite up to the mark with the picture quality, and that's the viewing angles. This is common to many of Samsung's 2015 range, and although it's not as pronounced here as in some other models, it's definitely noticeable. If you move your head to the side, you'll see the image fading in brightness and contrast, and this effect is exacerbated by the curvature of the screen. It's the main reason why we can't stretch our rating to 5 stars.


3D is disappearing from low- to mid-range TVs, but it's here on this premium model. The TV uses active shutter glasses, and the motion response is fast enough to eliminate most crosstalk and other artifacts.

Audio quality

The JU7500 has a premium sound system, with a total output of 40W RMS. There's a dedicated subwoofer for extra bass, and overall audio quality is significantly better than most Samsung TVs.

Note that there can sometimes be lip sync problems with the built-in tuners.

Smart TV

Samsung's new Tizen-based Smart TV has plenty of apps available. The quad-core processor gives a fast response, and there's a choice of remote controls to use.


Connectivity is good, with nearly every option catered for. Wi-Fi and ethernet connections are available for connecting to the internet and the home network, and you can mirror the screen of a compatible smartphone or tablet. As well as 4 HDMIs and 3 USBs, there are also legacy connections including component and composite inputs, plus digital optical output for connecting to an audio system.

Conclusion - almost 5 stars

It would be easy to give out 5-star reviews to premium products like the JU7500. In its 55-inch format it's a stunning product, with excellent picture quality, and a top audio system too. That curve definitely looks nice, but it doesn't quite deliver the enhanced viewing experience that Samsung claims. Add to that the rather restricted viewing angles, and we can't justify awarding a full 5 stars to this TV.

Still, these things are personal, and if the curvature isn't a problem for you, then ignore our criticism and reach for your wallet. The Samsung UE55JU7500 is pricey, but it's not over-priced for what you get.

Samsung UE55JU7500 features include:

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Will this model support HDR with a software update or not? I ask cause of the PS4 i bought! ;)

Asked by Antonios from Greece on 29th Dec 2016

How wide is the stand?

Asked by Lee from UK on 31st Mar 2016

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