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Samsung UE49KU6400

User questions

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How do you make movies fit full screen and not have black line at top and bottom?

Asked by Bridget Dorman from UK on 12th Dec 2017

How does the Samsung UE49KU6400 compare to the UE50MU6122??

Asked by Lia from Greece on 10th Nov 2017

How does this one compare to the UN50KU6000?

Asked by Gabriel from Argentina on 27th Aug 2017
The UN50KU6000 is cheaper than this model so I wanted to know why. Im trying to buy a tv with a limited budget but keeping in mind an extra sacrifice is worth as long as it is efficient.

I'm looking to buy this TV with freeview and Freesat tuners can l watch Freesat channels on this Tv ? What the resolution numbers for pixels please?

Asked by Lynn Dutton from U.K. on 7th Jun 2017

Just bought 43ku6400, can anyone advise me on how to fix to wall mount?

Asked by Nick w from Great britain on 29th Mar 2017
Needs 45 - 48mm m8 Vesa rated screws, not supplied by Samsung and not standard with any mounting brackets for sale next to tv in currys. Curry's advice is to buy bolts from diy store but this will invalidate any warranties/ insurances if used, ref users handbook.

Are all catch up channels now available?

Asked by Richard from England on 22nd Mar 2017
I've read reports that all 4 and 5 on demand are missing. Thanks.

Reply by Mark from UK on 23rd Mar 2017
My 5 is showing in the menu. Couldn't find All 4 though..

When using the earphone socket do the speakers cut out?

Asked by Lionel from UK on 2nd Mar 2017
I use headphones but others need to hear as well.

Is the screen 10 or 8 bit?

Asked by Mark from England on 7th Feb 2017
While going to watch a programme amazon my TV asked what i should watch it in 10 or 8 bit.

Reply by ivica from Croatia on 11th Feb 2017
Its a 8Bit panel.

Im looking at buying this TV but before I do I was wondering if it supports bbciplayer, itv hub(catch up) and others like channel 4 on demand ect?

Asked by Dominik from England on 1st Jan 2017

Reply by Ray from Uk on 22nd Jan 2017
Yes it does have iplayer and has a fantastic picture quality.

How wide apart are the rear struts of the stand?

Asked by Vic from ENGLAND on 29th Nov 2016
I understand they aren't as wide apart as the front struts.

How wide is the base stand that is supplied with the samsung 49ku6400?

Asked by paul skinner from uk on 25th Nov 2016

Can bluetooth headphones be used with this tv?

Asked by David from Uk on 22nd Nov 2016
The manual seems unclear but you mention bluetooth under connectivity. Most listings do not mention bluetooth.

How does this TV's web browser compare with the LG webOS which from what I've heard is excellent?

Asked by John from England on 9th Nov 2016

Is this TV HDR 10 compatible?

Asked by Brendan from Ireland on 2nd Nov 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 2nd Nov 2016
No, for that you will need the KS7000 or higher.

Please can you let me know the optimum viewing distance for the 49" 4k tv?

Asked by sarah from england on 30th Oct 2016
We have a small room but would like it to be a dedicated tv room with as large a screen as possible!

Reply by S21 from UK on 30th Oct 2016
It depends what you are used to, but we would suggest 200cm.

I am unable to record any programs without an external hard drive? Is this correct?

Asked by Brian Hooper from England on 23rd Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 23rd Oct 2016
That's correct. The TV has no internal drive.

You recommend this TV for this size screen or all model?

Asked by Andre from Portugal on 3rd Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 3rd Oct 2016
All sizes are good.

Judder reduction?

Asked by Mahesh from UK on 27th Sep 2016
Some people are asking questions about the judder issues on this tv. But does this tv really have a judder issue and if it have judder issues how can i reduce judder?I'm planning to buy a 49" inch tv can you recommend a best 4k hdr 49" inch tv for me...

Reply by Alan Hunter from N.Ireland on 27th Nov 2016
Hi , I'm about to buy the KU 6400, did you buy one and has it got jutted problems?

Can it record a program to a USB disk?

Asked by Chris Erdal from France on 5th Sep 2016
I have a small Samsung tv which can record to a disk, allowing us to watch a film later if we are not around when it's broadcast.

Judder reduction issues.

Asked by Alan from England on 25th Aug 2016
Even if Auto Motion Plus is turned off and is then customised so that the "judder reduction" setting kicks in, it makes no difference, the problem still persists. I've tried the setting on each level from 1 to 10 to no avail. I can't see how you can recommend this tv for watching Sport.

Is it really considered to be the best mid range TV of the year?

Asked by John from UK on 20th Aug 2016
What is the reason that this TV has not been reviewed by any other renowned review website? There are no YouTube videos available on this apart from just one or two. It has been given very poor rating by the actual buyers on online shops like Amazon and the rest. The price of is is coming down rapidly and has become lower than even the older models. It has not been claimed by anyone else besides S21 that this TV is even anywhere near to the best mid range TV of the year.

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Aug 2016
We cannot say why other websites have not reviewed this TV. It is a very popular model. The price of new TVs always falls significantly after launch and this model is excellent value for money now.

Auto Motion Plus is a quality or a drawback of this tv?

Asked by Steve from England on 20th Aug 2016
In you review you had written that it is only 50Hz screen however to overcome that fact, Auto Motion Plus feature is there to optimize the motion giving judder free movement. But later in Q/A you are advising people to simply turn that setting off as the truth is that people are experiencing a lot of judder and blurring on this tv, which makes me believe that Auto Motion Plus is not a quality but actually a big drawback.

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Aug 2016
Mid range screens like this are obviously slower than more expensive models. Auto motion plus uses techniques to compensate but may introduce artifacts of its own. It can be turned off if preferred. Different viewers have different preferences.

I purchased this tv on the strength of your review, however I've experienced some problems with auto motion/judder. What setting would you advise for optimum judder-free viewing?

Asked by Alan from England on 18th Aug 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 19th Aug 2016
Hi Alan, if you're not happy with the default settings, you can change them in Settings > Picture > Expert Settings. Try turning off Auto Motion Plus and see if there's a custom option you prefer.

TV for upscaling of the SD channels?

Asked by Sarfraz from England on 16th Aug 2016
You have mentioned in the review that this TV is not good for watching regular SD TV channels as they will look blurry. We mostly watch those SD channels for dramas and shows during week days, HD movies on weekends and UHD content only very occasionally. Can you please then recommend some other TV that is specially good in upscaling standard definition channels better?

What is the Input Lag time in game mode?

Asked by Anthony James from England on 7th Aug 2016

Im just wondering if the 40" and 43" versions are the same. Im mainly looking for the low input lagg.

Asked by Neale from England on 26th Jul 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Jul 2016
They should all be the same in that regard.

How to get itv player?

Asked by Walter from England on 20th Jul 2016
BBC I player is on bar but not itv.

Reply by Dave from Scotland on 9th Nov 2016
Have a look within the apps section, as it may not have been installed. Once found and installed, you can then move it to the home bar. Had to do this myself for STV Player and Deezer.

How does this TV compare to the UE50JU6800?

Asked by Marko from UK on 9th Jul 2016

Reply by Zoltan from Hungary on 7th Aug 2016
Hi Marko,

Have you got a reply on this? I would have asked the same question myself.


This TV has a "Freesat HD tuner", does this means it has the Freesat EPG or just the standard now & next info?

Asked by Michael from UK on 22nd Jun 2016

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