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Samsung UE48H6670 review

 Review: June 2014  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: When it comes to big screens with big value, the 48 inch version of the Samsung H6670 is the one to watch. This top-of-the-range Series 6 TV delivers an excellent performance at an excellent price and is one of our star buys for 2014.



If you're looking for a big screen TV that combines good viewing with good value, look no further than Samsung's UE48H6670. The H6670 is situated near the top of the Series 6 range, and in its 48 inch incarnation it offers exceptional value for money. Previously we've only seen plasma screens this big and this cheap.

The H6670 is a step up from the cheaper Series 6 models, with improved picture quality making it a good choice for the discerning viewer, especially at this screen size. The key improvements are the addition of micro dimming and a faster 600Hz CMR, both of which can be appreciated at the 48 inch size.

48 inches is an excellent size for family viewing, but bear in mind that you'll need to sit a minimum of ten feet away from the screen for best results.

Read our review of the Samsung UE40H6670 for more details, as everything is the same except the screen size. We'll just say here that everything's good, apart from weak audio (in common with most TVs) and this 48 inch beauty would really benefit from a dedicated soundbar or surround sound speaker system.

If you want better than this, you'll want the Samsung UE46H7000 Series 7 TV, which has more sophisticated Micro Dimming Pro, a faster 800Hz CMR, an upgraded four speaker audio system and gorgeous looks. It'll cost you quite a bit more though, which just emphasises what extraordinarily good value the UE48H6670 represents.

Samsung UE48H6670 features include:

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Samsung UE48H6670 user reviews

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Eddy from Netherlands on 8th Mar 2016
It was a great tv, until after about 15 months a dark horizontal "smear" became visible a bit above the centre of the screen.
According to Samsung's technical department, this is "part of the specifications" (in other words "don't complain, you hardly notice it").
It might be a moist problem behind the screen, anyways, the 2-year Samsung warranty does not cover this because it is considered "user damage".
No more Samsung for me; very disappointed with their customer service.

Reply by Matt from England on 17th Aug 2016
I too have this TV, and two large dark horizontal lines have appeared across the screen. I have gone back to the shop I bought it from and complained, they currently have it in their workshop trying to fix it. I will see what comes of it.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 9th Nov 2014
Got the 48" version of Samsung UEH6670 25th Oct 2014. I can report there are no sync problems with the latest updates. Excellent picture quality even on Amazon Prime HD. I upgraded from Samsung UE46F6400 and the picture quality is better, deeper blacks being the first noticeable difference. The Smart Hub is faster with no noticeable lags, almost instant but obviously fast internet speed is needed. Recording HD TV to a 2TB external hard drive is effortless, just go into the guide, browse through the programs up to a week in advance and select to record, it even has series link, the only downside is you cannot make new folders, rename the folders and move the video to it, so all your video are clumped together in a month by month folder, LG tv's are better for the recording orginizing side but the recordings on this tv are top notch quality plus you can watch any channel while recording another with no problems. All in all this is a fantastic tv and at only £550 from currys its a steal. Change your picture settings for the best picture, mine are calibrated to:
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 11
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 45 (or try 46)
Sharpness: 20
Colour: 50 (or try 48)
Tint: G50/R50

Picture Size: Screen Fit

Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: 0
RGB Only Mode: Off
Colour Space: Custom
(Red - R48, G3, B9;
Green - R21, G50, B0;
Blue - R9, G13, B51;
Yellow - R50, G 49, B10;
Cyan - R18, G51, B50;
Magenta - R47, G6, B49)

White Balance 2-Point:
Red Offset +2,
Green Offset 0,
Blue Offset +2,
Red Gain 0,
Green Gain -6,
Blue Gain +7

Gamma: -2

Expert Pattern: Off

Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options
Colour Tone: Warm2
Digital Clean View: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low (If applicable)

Film Mode: Auto2 (If applicable)
Motion Plus: Clear
Black Optimiser : Low

Hope this helps

Reply by Ray from UK on 8th Dec 2014
Detailed settings very useful, thanks.

Reply by Barry from UK on 2nd Jan 2015
Great review. How did you arrive at the settings and do you have any suggestions for the other picture modes?

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 6th Oct 2014
We bought the 6670 to replace a 40" Samsung early 3D TV as we wanted a bigger set. The twin Freesat tuner was a definite attraction and you CAN watch one Freesat channel while recording another. What I've not been able to work out yet is how to set the Freesat dual tuner to record a whole program series like you can with a separate Humax Freesat box?

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