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Samsung UE40KU6000

User questions

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I only have coax cable will it olug straight in?

Asked by Graham from England on 19th Apr 2017

Is it compatible with a Samsung UE40KU6000 soundbar?

Asked by Bryan from Scotland on 2nd Apr 2017

Does this have BBC I player app?

Asked by Susan from UK on 15th Jan 2017

I have a Toshiba HDD Freeview Box - a few years old now but working fine with present TV. Would this still work with this new TV?

Asked by christine from england on 8th Jan 2017
Not au fait with technology but know the ariel goes through box and then into TV at present. We have no SKY etc just plain old Freeview which is fine for us.

Only other thing I would like to do is perhaps go to catchup tv and use through TV.


Reply by S21 from UK on 8th Jan 2017
You may have a problem connecting an old Freeview box, as the Samsung doesn't have a SCART connection. It depends whether the Toshiba has a HDMI output. To use the catch-up functions of the TV you will need a broadband router with an ethernet connection, or Wi-Fi.

I'm not techi so can you tell me does this TV allow for headphones and if so how would this worded as such in the spec?

Asked by sue from england on 6th Jan 2017
Many thanks Sue

Reply by Jerry from Dutchieland on 7th Jan 2017
Nope! It does not. It has an optical out for audio but no mini jack! Look at the connectivity of the tv and look for an audio out 3,5 mm jack. If it's not mentioned it does not have it. If a tv (any tv) has one it's mostly called something 1 X 3,5 mm audio out. Thats your headphone jack. None there on the Samsung!

Does it have soundconnect? Bluetooth?

Asked by Rey from Uk on 30th Dec 2016

Reply by Brix from Philippines on 5th Jan 2017
None. But it does have other options to connect. I have a soundbar included in my package (JW250) and it got connected through the digital audio output.

Easy to connect other bluetooth devices on the soundbar, though.

Hope this helps.

No option in device manager to connect dualshock by Bluetooth therefore no point advertising with PlayStation now?

Asked by Dave from Uk on 26th Dec 2016

Reply by chris from uk on 27th Dec 2016
i have the same fault I will let you know if I find out


Asked by JL from Belgimu on 28th Nov 2016
This model only offers HDR Processing but lacks real HDR10 support. How come the test did not reveal this ?

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th Nov 2016
Only relatively few high-end models offer HDR10 support - the Samsung Series 7,8 and 9 televisions. This model is Samsung's cheapest HDR-compatible TV.

Samsung ue40ku6400 Recording facility?

Asked by Pam from England on 26th Nov 2016
Have just, today, had a Samsung ue40ku6400 delivered and cannot find how to record anything. Keep getting asked for an external hard drive. Does this mean I cannot record anything - not what John Lewis said. They said it had a large memory for this. HELP. Have I bought the wrong TV?

Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Nov 2016
Hi Pam, it sounds like you have been misinformed. This TV can record to an external USB drive, but does not have any internal memory to record.

Neither this nor the 43" version appear to accommodate a headphone. Anyone know how I connect one?

Asked by John Hoppy from UK on 12th Nov 2016

Reply by Derek from Engalnd on 4th Dec 2016
Hello John, I bought this TV and was disapointed to find that it does not have a headphone jack. The only way I can see to get around it is if you have a seperate amplifier which normally have a headphone jack on them. If you do not have an amp I would look for a different TV which does have the jack. I am not sure why they are starting to leave them off modern TV's as they are handy to have if it's late at night and partner is trying to sleep.

How does it compare to the LG 43UH610V?

Asked by Pieter from Netherlands on 2nd Nov 2016
Sorry to ask this type of question :P But I am looking to buy a new television, around the 43 inch size. I was thinking of a 4K TV with HDR support due to the new PS4 pro I'm planning to buy, which would support these features. On the other hand I don't want to spend over ~550 euros so I'm looking at the entry level models. So it's primarily used for gaming, and a bit of watching netflix but I'm not really interested in other smart TV options and care primarily about the picture quality. The Philips 43PUS6401 also looked pretty promising but the LG TV seemed more promising.

Any help would be appreciated! Unfortunately I'm really inexperienced with TV's :/ Last time I looked plasma TV's were the new hype.

Reply by S21 from UK on 2nd Nov 2016
Hello Peter, we haven't reviewed the LG or Philips so can't comment on those. With a 43-inch screen, you won't notice the UHD resolution unless you sit about 1 metre from the screen, and on entry-level models such as this the HDR feature doesn't add much, as the screen isn't capable of reproducing 10-bit colour or the peak brightness of 1000 nits that HDR requires. The most important aspect for gaming is therefore screen response times, so look for a TV that has low input lag. The KU6000 is quite fast in this regard and also has good dynamic range, so should be a good option for you.

Reply by Pieter from The Netherlands on 3rd Nov 2016
Alright thanks! It's hard to find input lag values but if this one has a pretty low amount I guess this will be the one :)

Reply by toothless from Cz on 4th Nov 2016
Samsung KU6000 have 10-bit colour panel??

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Nov 2016

Can you get Google play on it?

Asked by Darren from England on 26th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Oct 2016
No, it isn't an Android TV.

Is there Bluetooth connectivity to Bose wireless headphones available through the menu/sound or a headphone socket for a dongle?

Asked by John HF from Uk on 21st Sep 2016

Vesa Screws?

Asked by Jay from UK on 13th Sep 2016
What screw type is used for mounting a wall bracket.?

Thanks in advance.

Reply by robbie from UK on 13th Sep 2016
Hi there you need 20/25mm M8 screws. I got M8 25mm Bolts from BnQ and used 2 of the supplied washers on each to get a better fit.


Reply by Jay from Uk on 14th Sep 2016

KU 6000 Accessibility?

Asked by Alan from UK on 2nd Sep 2016
Does the KU6000 support the voice guide screen reader for the visually impaired under the system accessibility settings?

Waiting delivery of new Samsung 6000 from john Lewis ... My broadband box is upstairs how do I connect TVs wi-fi to it. Do I have to bring BT broadband box downstairs or can I install a unit to do the job ??

Asked by Mike Clowes from U.K. on 22nd Aug 2016

Reply by Dan from UK on 23rd Aug 2016
The wifi signal may be strong enough as it is. if not, you have 3 options:
1. Move the router.
2. Install a wifi booster.
3. Buy a broadband extender that plugs into your ethernet and power sockets.

Reply by Mike Clowes from U.K. on 1st Sep 2016
Decided to use a BT powerline extender as you advised & it works fine. Thank you for your guidance... Mike Clowes

Samsung or Lg or Sony?

Asked by Dan from Israel on 17th Aug 2016
Hi, would appreciate your help.

I want to buy TV in 55 inch
My options are
Samsung KU6000
Lg UH61
Sony W75C
Sony W95B
and I can add some cash for the Lg UH 65 if it's worth it.

From one side I have the new and fresh models, but from other side I have old model without 4K/HDR or Android/Or another fresh smart (Webos or Tizen). But it wasn't Mid range when it came out, so the picture quality might be better.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in Advance!

Can this TV stream content from a NAS device using DLNA?

Asked by Charles from UK on 27th Jul 2016
I have a ton of photos stored on my NAS server, they'd look great on this higher resolution screen if it will connect using DLNA.

If so, it looks perfect. If not, not sure what else to look at??? Thx.

Can we purchase a second remote? If so where from?

Asked by Denise from UK on 25th Jul 2016
Need a second remote appliqué.

Motion and Judder?

Asked by Oliver from Macedonia on 21st Jul 2016
Does it have problems with motion and judder in Movies and Football?

And what type is the panel, I suggest it's VA?

And what about Black and White Uniformity of the screen?

Reply by Zarko from Macedonia on 22nd Jul 2016
Judder - there is a auto-motion plus setting that is reducing the lag and increases the hz rate to around 120 - but everything than becomes as soap series :) in short - achiles heel to this tv is judder, but for this price range i think is acceptable.

Panel is VA, with only +-20-30 degrees perfect view-able area.

Black is perfect, in line with the most expensive tv's, White uniformity is excellent but not perfect.

Reply by S21 from UK on 22nd Jul 2016
We agree with Zarko!

Reply by Oliver from Macedonia on 23rd Jul 2016
Thanks Zarko :) I compared today in Neptun 43KU6072 with some LG models (43 UF 680V, 49 UH 600V).

I saw judder in movies, is't better on the LG models. Also colors were better, richer, deeper on LG models with IPS 4K panels.
Yes, black uniformity is perfect.

I still don't know what to buy, but I think I'll go with LG 43 UH 664V (or 668V), or at least UH650V series.

I am a indian i work in hungary if i buy the 40ku6000, can this work in india because it doesnt say about power supply?

Asked by Mike from India on 14th Jul 2016
Could some one tell me which tv is better ue40ju6000 or ue40ku6000,is both tv has 240 power supply.

Reply by Zarko from Macedonia on 18th Jul 2016
The european version have this specs:
AC220-240V 50/60Hz

Note that JU6000 is 2015 model, ku6000 is 2016 model.

Could someone tell me what is input lag of this tv or its 50" version?

Asked by Sylfa from Poland on 9th Jul 2016

Reply by Zarko from Macedonia on 12th Jul 2016
As all samsungs, input lag is low, cant find exactly for ku6000, but for ku6300 (same family) it is measured as 19.8!

HDR? is it "read only HDR" or it is read/play HDR content?

Asked by Zarko from Macedonia on 8th Jul 2016
It little confusing what with 6000 series regarding HDR. Some reviewers say that it can only read HDR infiormation stored in 4k hdr movies but it can't display?
Also is it 8 bit through whole range of 6000 or?

Reply by S21 from UK on 8th Jul 2016
HDR is very confusing, especially as there are different standards, e.g. HDR10, Ultra HD Premium, Dolby Vision, etc. The best HDR TVs have features such as 10-bit colour, brightness > 1000 nits, etc. Samsung's Series 6 TVs (including the KU6000) don't meet these standards, but they are capable of reading HDR-encoded content. Look at Samsung's KS7000 and higher if you want "full" HDR. But even then, there will be differences in picture quality between different TVs.

Reply by Zarko from Macedonia on 9th Jul 2016
I do own this tv (50 inch ku6072 variant) and yesterday i have tried samsung suhd 4k hdr demo from "demo-uhd3d" site, and i can confirm that the demo is playable - no extreme whites or contrast problems. Even the tv itself reported "playing hdr content" with the message.
I guess this is like HDR on medium setup, not as good as on 10 bit panels on higher classes.

Which one do you recommend to buy among Samsung UE40J5500, UE40K5500, UE43J5500?

Asked by vc from UK on 6th Jul 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 6th Jul 2016
The K5500 has impressed us a lot with its picture quality, but of course the J5500 is cheaper.

It seems not to have BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5?

Asked by Anthony from UK on 30th Jun 2016
Am I right? Have Samsung committed to provide ?


Reply by S21 from Uk on 1st Jul 2016
A full range of catch-up TV apps should be available very soon.

Reply by Craig from UK on 2nd Nov 2016
Just got mine last week to replace a 5 year old 42" series 5 still going strong, was disappointed to find no All 4 or Demand 5 (iPlayer and ITV Hub are installed) even though online documentation seems to suggest they are available. Searched in the apps center not found, checked the firmware is up to date, it was. That is what brand loyalty get you should have gone with the FreeviewPlay LG instead.

Have just ordered the 50" version of this TV. Does this come with the Samsung Smart Remote? And does it have voice control?

Asked by Mike from UK on 17th Jun 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 18th Jun 2016
Hi Mike, you get the TM1240A remote with this TV, which is the standard remote. And there is no voice control.

Which TV would you recommend to buy 40KU6000 or 40JU6400?

Asked by vc from UK on 12th Jun 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 12th Jun 2016
There's not much difference. The KU6000 seems to manage a higher dynamic range, but motion is smoother on the JU6400.

Reply by vc from UK on 12th Jun 2016
Excellent. Thanks for answering my questions very quickly!

This model has no SCART connection. Is it still possible to connect my old SKY box with this TV?

Asked by vc from UK on 11th Jun 2016
I have an old SKY box with SCART connection.  If yes, could you please explain.

Reply by S21 from UK on 12th Jun 2016
There is no way to do this. If you contact Sky they may be willing to give you a new box, or you could try searching for a used or new Sky box on Amazon, eBay, etc. It would be worth upgrading so that you can benefit from a HD signal for this UHD TV.

Reply by antonello from italy on 23rd Nov 2016
I bought the UE40KU6000KXZT and connected my DIVx via the three cables Yellow-Red-White to the composite-in read input, but the TV replies: "AV AV no connection..."
How can I bypass this problem?

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