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Samsung UE40F6100 review

 Review: May 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The UE40F6100 isn't our favourite telly. Picture quality is fair at best, connectivity is restricted and there's no Smart TV.


Design & looks

The F6100 may be the bottom model in Samsung's 2013 Series 6 range of LED TVs, but it shares the looks of the more upmarket Series 6 models, with a slim design, narrow bezel around the screen and an attractive quad stand. It's a good-looking TV that will fit nicely in any living space.

Picture quality

Picture quality from this entry-level TV is fair but by no means the best.

The PVA LCD panel is capable of producing vividly bright colours and quite deep blacks. For backlighting the screen, the television uses LED edge backlighting, which is very energy efficient (typical energy use is just 61W) and is the reason the TV is so slim, but the backlighting doesn't produce very high dynamic contrast compared with more expensive sets.

Viewing angles are also rather tight, so if you're not sitting directly in front of the screen, you'll notice colour variations and further milkiness creeping into the picture.

On a positive note, the 200 Clear Motion Rate is fast enough to eliminate any observable motion artifacts, and the Game Mode makes this suitable for gamers. Hard-core gamers might appreciate a faster screen, for instance the UE40F6800 with its 400 Clear Motion Rate.


The TV has the benefit of 3D viewing, and two pairs of active 3D glasses are included. 3D image quality is reasonably good on this TV, with active shutter glasses having the benefit of full 1080p high-definition 3D. However, some crosstalk is evident from time to time, leading to a slight ghosting effect. If you're serious about watching 3D content, you'd be better off upgrading to a higher range Series 6 model.

Audio quality

The vast majority of slimline TVs offer fairly poor audio quality and the F6100 is typical. Whilst the TV is equipped with Dolby Digital and SRS TheatreSound HD, the under-powered speakers fail to deliver either high- or low- frequencies. This is OK for listening to the news, but movies lack any real bass and can sound flat.

The solution is not to upgrade to a more expensive TV, as most TVs share the same problem. Instead, adding a sound bar or home cinema speakers will give a better result for watching movies.

Smart TV

Sadly, Smart TV is missing from the F6100, so there's no BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc. However, this won't be a problem if your set-top box or Blu-Ray player offers this functionality instead.


Connectivity options are quite limited here. There are just 2 HDMI ports and a single USB. It is possible to connect AV equipment using the SCART and other legacy connections, but this isn't a good TV if you want to future-proof yourself or if you want to connect say a PS3, Blu-Ray player and a set-top box.

The TV does have a built-in Freeview HD tuner, but not Freesat.


It's hard to give the F6100 a big thumbs up. While it's sensibly priced for a basic 40 inch TV, and it's a nice looker, there seem to be too many cost savings to consider it real value for money.

For starters, the picture quality isn't that good, with the relatively slow 200 Clear Motion Rate and the basic backlighting causing problems for movie fans, sports fans, 3D viewing and gamers. The lack of Smart TV is a serious omission and the few connections for other devices is just plain mean.

You might want to spend a bit more and choose the far superior UE40F6800 instead.

Samsung UE40F6100 features include:

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What is the input lag on game mode?

Asked by Rob from Uk on 20th Nov 2017

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Ramunas from Lituania on 21st Jan 2016
craziest thing not to put in this set audio out for emplifier or wireless phones... bad solutions...

Reviewed by Alpha from Romania on 11th Oct 2013
"Viewing angles are also rather tight, so if you're not sitting directly in front of the screen, you'll notice colour variations and further milkiness creeping into the picture."
For the god sake where do you see tight angles ? it doesnt change the color. jeez

Reviewed by Flo from France on 2nd Aug 2013
Just about 3D:

I've tested, with the same setting, the 3D of the F6100 and the F6500, the F6500 is awfull, lots of crosstalk on gray and black.

The F6100 is pretty great:

Ghosting on white is missing, on gray is had some small reverse gosting on the black, and on the black if you are on front of the TV ghost, are bearly visible on white.

For the 3D, this is the best LCD I've seen, better than Plasmas TV, that have to many ghost with white on black for me (Panasonic ST60).

This is better than my ES700 (2012)

Here is the Crosstalk test:

You can download it on the YouTube page description.

Sorry for my bad english.

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